Thank you to our #Give100 donors

Thank you to those that gave $100 to your favorite (or a few of your favorite) Michigan state parks. As a “Give 100" contributor, you're part of a team whose generosity will help launch the next century of magical, Michigan-made memories.

Give 100
Carol Abbott
Curtis Abert
Abramczyk Family
Jason Adams
Thomas Aitken
Grant Allard and Anzac
Suzie Allard and Roo
Wayne Andersen
Bob and Carrie Andree
Larry and Penny Andress
Gary Anglebrandt 
Judy and Paul Arnold
Carolyn B.
Mrs. Richard Bagnall
Arthur Bates
Adam Beach
Thomas Beck
Belle Isle Art Fair
Bendes Family
Karen Bensen
Lynn Bergren
The Boaks
The Brown Family
Charles Bordner
Bob and Jean Botting
Brian and Debra Bowman
Mindy Brandenburg
David and Lisa Bromer
David Brooks
Mark Burns and Jennifer Linderman
Scott and Karen Bury
Paul and Deb Bush
Nick and Dayna Carpinelli
Mike Case and Ronda Barnes
Patrick and Danice Chartrand
Jon D. Chinnery, Sr.
Mike Cieslinski
In Memory of David Clark
John and Mary Ann Click
Carmen and John H. Corbin
Alex and Michelle Coss
Jeff Coughlin
Daniel and Ruth Cox
The Cues
Paul and Brenda Curtis
David D'Agostino
J. Dainty Jr.
Emmett Dalton
Davanzo Family
Albert DeBoni
Jill and Edward Dedic
Kyle and Shelley DeHaan
Tony and Melissa Dennis
Leroy and Barb Derr
Gail Diebolt
Zach and Xue Dietrich
Susan Digue
Marion Doan
Bethany Dolan
December Family of Ann Arbor
The Dennert Family
Dolecki Family
Alyce Downer
George and Maryann Duffy
Sue and Larry Duncan
Andrew and Lauren Dunn
Sandy and Mark Ehlert
Darlene Elden-Lane
Catherine L. Ellis
Gary Elrod
Patrice and Peter Emmerson
Trent Endsley
Matt, Becky, Evan and Abe Ferber
Jim and Sharon Ferguson
Angie Fernette
Dennis and Denise Fiems
Duey Flinn
Carolyn J Folk DeMates
Greg and Kathy Forzley
Gene and Barbara Frane
Frey family
Jason and Kathleen Frink
Ed and Donna Fromhagen
Jody and Sara Frost
Mary Alice Galloway
The Gage Family
Bryan Garchar
Garratt Family
John Gault
Bruce Geffen
Brian R Gentner
Richard Gillett
Jerry Gillissen
Patricia and David Giuliani
Brian Erickson
Colleen Erva
Michael and Debbie Fabbro
Charlie Goff
Rosemary Goins
Nathaniel Good
Kenneth A Gorski
June Grabemeyer
Christopher Graham
Linda K. Graham
Patti Grigsby
Neugene and Sandra Hall
Janice and Wayne Hallquist
Mary and Kent Hancock
Randall and Therese Hansen
Theresa S Harris
Glen H Hastings
David Hendricks
The Heinrich family
The Henderson Family
The Highe Family - Michigan
The Hood Family
Harold and Nancy Herta
Jim Hewitt
Dakota Hewlett
Alex and Anita Heyman
Mark Hoffman
Gene O. Hofmeister
Jim and Tammy Horn and Family
Barbara Hosmer
Denise Hurd-Meyers
Thomas and Darin Inda
Cynthia Jessup Sewell
Cindy Johncox
Joseph Jonika
Tina Joy
Jeff and Jess Keller
H. Kent and Sylvester Families
Louise Klarr
Dennis Klein
Jim and Barb Knight
Karl Kowlyk
The Kruegers
Gale Krueger Family
Paige and Greg Kruse
Dennis Kubas
The Kukor "family"
George Laetz
Sarah Lapshan
Scott and Ann Larson
Steven Lawrence
Wade and Kim Lawrence
Cora Lescelius
The Lindsay Family
Lauren, Jay and Nathan Lozon
Tom and Terri Lozon
Paul Luber
The Mackela Family
Edward Mahony
Kasey Mahony
Christina Malcolm
Daniel Maloney
Joe and Becky Mammel
Anne Marsan
Max Martin Family
Tyler Mathews
Betty Mayberry
Steve and Jennifer Maynard and family
Mike McCullough
Ed McKee
Fred McKinney
Chris and Heidi Meier
Lynn Melzer
Rodney Metzger
The Michiganographer
Dan and Shawn Miller
S R Miller
Adam Miller and Andrea Zimmer 
John and Brenda Minicuci
Jamie Mitchell
Ronald T. Mitchell
Susan Morlik Kern
Motomax Motorcycle Club
Mike and Marianne Muehmel
Kathleen Mular
Tom and Brenda Muraski
Ron and Debra Murden
Daniel Murray
Jacqueline Muzyl
Rosalyn N Nedry
Tim and Rebecca Nelson
Greg and Cathy Nofs
Susan Northuis Liang
Emily and Loren Nyquist
Timothy O'Connor
Barb O'K
Steve and Gretchen Olsen-Barney
Ron Olson
Timothy O'Neil
Order Out Hiking Club
Dick and Shirley Osburn
Ann and Todd Ousley
Jim Owens
Jobie Patrick
Lance and Heidi Peterson
Jeffrey and Suzanne Petrous
Steve Poppe
Douglas B. Porterfield
Michael R Potts Family
Debra Puff
Larry and Sheila Ransom
Charlene Rauen
Dave Renwick
Kathy Renwick
Angela Rhein
Robert Richards
Addison A. Riffle
Jaxon T. Riffle
Kurt and Sally Rivard
Scruff Roberts
Maggie Robinson
Roelofs Family
The Sack Family
Steven and Elizabeth Scarlett
Matthew Schaut
The Scott Family
Larry and Joyce Schramm Family
Barb Schuelke
Glenn Seekings
Sherry Seelhoff
Grandma and Grandpa Sheffer
S and L Sikkenga
Rabbi Ariana Silverman and Justin Long
Michael Sitkowski
Allan Skoropa
Steve Sliver
Joe Slowins
The Smith Boys
Amy Jo
David Snearline
Nick Snow
Kelly Somero
Shannon Sorenson
Spencer Girls
Teresa Spruill
Paul and Maureen Stanley
Karl and Linda Stearns
Steven Steenwyk
Michael B. Stewart
Andrea Struble
Steve and Michele Strzelecki
Bruce and Teresa Sutherland
Swamp Dog
Anna Sylvester
Tremberth Family
George and Stella Thelen
The Thola Family
Charlie and Chelsea Thomas
Janice Tower
The Turek Family
Katie Turuc-Hahner
Ami and Mike Van Antwerp
The Family of Peter D. VanVliet
Mark and Clara VanderWeide
Greg VerVeer
Angela Violet and Rich Vogel
David and Lauren Vitale
Phil von Voigtlander
In Memory of Gareth Weiss
Brian and Linda Westphal
Colleen Whaley-Wisser
Whelan Family
Beth and Doug White
Phil and Kim Whittier
Bob Wiescholek
Barry Willer
Gwen and Ray Williams
Jackie Williamson Family
John and Gina Wilson
Thomas A Wilson
Brian and Chris Wirgau
Michel Witkowski
Patricia Wojtowicz
Allan Woloskie
Tim Woodcox
Robert Woodhouse
Joan Woods
Patricia A Yaney
John and Mary Lu Yardley
Paul and Joette Yauk
Rebecca Young
Marjorie Zachwieja
Eugene D. Zelmanski
Dave C. Zenner
Zoltowski Family
A Friend of Michigan State Parks
Lee and Penny from Grand Haven
Deb and Gary