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Campfire Storytelling Project

  • Envirologic logoThere is something special about stories around a campfire. The stories always seem authentic, honest and, often, heartfelt.

    To help capture state park stories through an emerging and engaging art form, we are hosting Campfire Storytelling Project events across the state. These stories will allow visitors to catch a glimpse of many of the lifelong memories made in Michigan’s most beautiful places.

    Up to five seasoned storytellers will share their stories, while attendees are welcome to give two-minute anecdotes. These stories will be captured and distilled into a podcast shared on social media and this page here.

    Do you have a compelling story to tell? Auditions are being held statewide in late April and May. RSVP for centennial storyteller auditions.

    The Campfire Storytelling Project is supported by the generosity of Envirologic.