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State Park Centennial Geotour

  • Join the world's largest treasure hunt! Utilizing coordinates posted on, you will join one of 3 million geocachers looking for millions of caches located all over the world. 

    The Michigan State Parks Centennial Geotour, kicking off May 23, is your opportunity explore Michigan state parks while seeking out 100 new caches that have been created in honor of the 100-year birthday of Michigan state parks. Once you complete a portion of the geocache tour, you will be rewarded with cool swag from the Michigan Geocaching Organization and the DNR. Stay tuned for more information!


  • Get acquainted

    Utilizing your handheld GPS unit or the Geocaching app, you navigate your way by using the listed coordinates. Once you’re at the location (GZ or ground zero), write your name/date in the log book, exchange swag and log your find at and – BOOM – onto the next cache! 

    • Watch the video 
    • Go to and download the app on your phone
    • Find your favorite outdoor explorers (all ages welcome) and let this worldwide scavenger hunt help you explore the places you love!