• centennial logo

    Logo usage guidelines:

    • If using at a size smaller than 150px use the simplified versions.
    • If using greyscale, use the black or white line art versions.
    • For all other purposes, use the normal full color logo.
    • Logo should always be used in full, do not take elements out of logo and use them individually.
    • Do not distort logo.
    • CMYK colors are C:14 M:84 Y:87 K:4 (Red) and C:80 M:64 Y:25 K:7 (Blue)
    • RBG colors are R:204 G:76 B:54 (Red) and R:72 G:95 B:137 (Blue)
    • PMS colors are 7619 C (Red) and 2374 C (Blue)