Iron Belle Trail Fund grant awards history

Project ID Grantee Project Project Type County Max Grant Amount
IBTF 2019-001 Plainfield Township Loon Lake Park Construction Iosco 50,000
IBTF 2019-002 North Country Trail Assn Echo Drive Reroute Construction Newaygo 47,500
IBTF 2019-003 North Country Trail Assn Canyon Falls Boardwalk Construction Baraga 10,000
IBTF 2019-004 North Country Trail Assn Laughing Whitefish Falls SP Engineering Alger 50,000
IBTF 2019-005 Jackson County Jackson IBT Planning Planning Jackson 35,000
IBTF 2019-006 City of Albion Albion IBT Engineering Engineering Calhoun 50,000
IBTF 2020-001 Calhoun Co Trailway Alliance Calhoun Co Trail Accessibility Project  Construction Calhoun 9,000
IBTF 2020-002 Tittabawassee Twp Freeland-Kochville Path Construction Saginaw 100,000
IBTF 2020-003 AuSable Township Trailhead for Ph.4 Iosco Exp. Trail Acquisition Iosco 29,000
IBTF 2020-004 North Country Trail Assn Bush Creek Bridge Engineering Engineering Ontonagon 20,000
IBTF 2020-005 North Country Trail Assn Craig Lake State Park Ped Bridges Construction Baraga 30,000
IBTF 2020-006 Plainfield Township IBT - Kokosing Rd Shoulder Paving Construction Iosco 30,000
IBTF 2020-007 North Country Trail Assn Multiple Project Oversight Construction Kent 20,000
IBTF 2020-008 Michigan DNR Belle Isle Loop Phase 1 Construction Wayne 100,000
IBTF 2020-009 Acme Township Acme Connector Trail Construction Grand Traverse 300,000
IBTF 2020-010 Huron Waterloo Pathways Initiative Border to Border Hydro Park Segment Construction Washtenaw 100,000
IBTF 2020-011 Kochville Township Kochville Township Pathway Construction Saginaw 100,000
IBTF 2020-012 Village of Homer Homer Linear Park Trail Expansion Construction Calhoun 29,000
IBTF 2021-001 Midland County Road Commission Smith's Crossing Bridge Renovation Construction Midland 450,000
IBTF 2021-002 North Country Trail Assn Naomikong Puncheon Replacement Construction Chippewa 23,500
IBTF 2021-003 North Country Trail Assn Bear River Bridge Boardwalk Construction Emmet 5,000
IBTF 2021-004 North Country Trail Assn Seeds EcoCorps Construction Ontonagon 5,000
IBTF 2021-005 North Country Trail Assn Seeds EcoCorps Construction Baraga 5,000
IBTF 2021-006 North Country Trail Assn Seeds EcoCorps Construction Newaygo 5,000
IBTF 2021-007 North Country Trail Assn Spring Creek Swamp Pan Boardwalk Construction Ontonagon 4,000
IBTF 2021-008 North Country Trail Assn Warner Creek Swamp Pan Boardwalk Construction Antrim 3,500
IBTF 2021-009 Jackson Co Parks and Rec Mike LeVine Lakelands Trail Extension Construction Jackson 100,000
IBTF 2021-010 Genesee Co Parks and Rec Comm Perry Road Trail Connector Construction Genesee 100,000
IBTF 2021-011 Oscoda Charter Township Iosco Exploration Trail - Phase 3 Engineering Iosco 50,000