Interpretive Programs

We have many different programs to choose from. Some are available only at certain times of the year, so please check the table below for seasonal availability.

Educators and group leaders interested in arranging a visit to the Saginaw Bay Visitor Center for an interpretive hike or program should contact the park interpreter at 989-667-0717, or by e-mail at


Program Fall Winter Spring
Archery in the Parks yes   yes
Batty about Bats   yes  
Bluebirds, Bring Em Back   yes  
Butterflies are Blooming   yes  
Discovering Our Watershed yes   yes
Exploring Freshwater Ecosystems yes   yes
Exploring Freshwater Fisheries yes   yes
Fall Ecology Hike yes    
Feathered Friends yes yes yes
Fishing For Fun yes   yes
Forests are More Than Trees yes   yes
Hurray for Herps! Frog Frenzy yes    
Ice Fishing   yes  
Invasive Species yes yes yes
Lessons Learned from the Bald Eagle (Classroom pre-visit) yes yes yes
Michigan's Endangered Species   yes  
Owls of Michigan   yes  
Prairie Restoration Project yes yes yes
Predators! Birds of Prey   yes  
Predators! Wildlife Discovery   yes yes
Saginaw Bay Beachcombers yes   yes
Sens-Around yes yes yes
Snowshoe Hike   yes  
Spring Beauties     yes
Spring Ecology Hike     yes
Survival Skills yes yes yes
Trees are Tre-mendous yes   yes
Water Watchers yes   yes
Wetland Friends yes yes yes
Wetland Neighbors yes   yes
Wetland Wildlife yes yes yes
Wetlands for Wood Ducks   yes  
Wetlands, Waders & Waterfowl yes yes yes
Winter Ecology Hike   yes  
Winter Feathered Friends   yes  
Winter Wetland Wonders   yes  
WOW! The Wonder of Wetlands yes yes yes