Advance nonresident daily Recreation Passport for Warren Dunes State Park

To help reduce weekend wait times for vehicles entering Warren Dunes State Park in Berrien County, the DNR has introduced the option for nonresidents to purchase a daily Recreation Passport in advance. The option is available for Saturdays and Sundays (only) May through September. Purchases are nonrefundable.

The program was created to speed up entrance into the park for both residents and out-of-state visitors and reduce traffic congestion on Red Arrow Highway. The park has three traffic lines for entering the park – one ‘show and go’ line for residents and nonresidents who already have the Recreation Passport, and two other lines for those that still need to buy the passport. The advance purchase works much like a “fast pass” option.

Advance-sale daily nonresident Recreation Passports for Warren Dunes State Park will work as follows:

  1. Visit If you don't already have an account you will be prompted to set up an account. You can then click on the "Parks and Trails" tab and then "Warren Dunes Daily Recreation Passport." 
  2. The vehicle license plate number, make, model and color must be provided at time of purchase.
  3. Purchases are date-specific, nonrefundable and cannot be transferred to another day or vehicle.
  4. The advance-sale passport is available for Saturdays and Sundays only through Sept. 26/27.
  5. The advance-sale passport doesn't guarantee a parking space inside the park, but helps reduce the number of people waiting in line to purchase the passport. There still may be a line at peak visiting times.
  6. A limited number of advance-sale passports will be sold. This number may fluctuate depending on a few factors, including anticipated visitation.
  7. A printed or online receipt is required for entry.