Questions and Answers About Conservation Stewardship Awards

How do I get involved with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment, natural resources scouting stewardship program?

Check out our website at to learn about the program and the requirements for the different levels of scouting. On the website, we have provided forms for you to keep track of the scouts' efforts. Decide if you would like to participate and get working. The Boy Scouting award will be available in early 2010, with the Girl scouting award following shortly after.

What award am I eligible for?

Through the Boy Scouts of America program, Cub Scouts and Webelos are eligible to receive the stewardship patch. Scouts and Venture Scouts are eligible for the medal and pins.

Through the Girl Scout USA program, Brownie and Junior levels will be eligible for the stewardship patch, while Cadettes and Seniors will be eligible for the pin and medals.

Can we earn the service time for the medal and pins all at once?

Service time for the medal should be earned separately (on separate days) than for the pins. Service time for the different pins can be earned in combination.

How do I find out about DNR service activities, and what are some examples of projects?

Check out the DNR scouting website at

Can younger scouts earn the medal instead?

To make it easier for the younger scouts to participate, we have created the patch to be awarded upon completion of the service requirements. The medal and pins have been reserved for the higher levels of scouting.

If I earn a stewardship patch as a scout at one of the lower levels, do I need to redo the activities to get the medal when I qualify?

Requirements for the patches and medals or pins are separate. If you earn the patch at a lower scouting level, you must complete the requirements of the higher level to earn a medal or pin. One exception is the World Conservation Award - if earned at the lower scouting level, it will fulfill the upper-level requirement.

Can I earn this by myself or do I have to do it with my troop?

We encourage participation by groups of scouts, but you can participate as an individual scout.

What if I have completed the merit badges before?

The DNR will give all scouts a six-month window in which they can apply awards (merit badges, IPP's etc.) earned prior to the release of the Conservation Stewardship Award.

Who can I contact for further information on this program?

For any additional questions, please contact Raymond Rustem, Marketing, Education and Technology Division, Department of Natural Resources, 517-284-6070 or