Fox River

The Fox River Map
Fox River map

The Fox River system is located in Alger, Schoolcraft and Luce counties in the eastern half of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The mainstream of the Fox flows south from northeastern Alger County through flat sand plains and lowland hardwoods to its confluence with the Lake Branch of the Manistique River, which continues on the Lake Michigan. The Fox's East Branch, West Branch and Little Fox are its main tributaries. The East Branch joins the Fox River Mainstream about a mile above the Manistique River and is nearly equal to the Mainstream in length and discharge. The basin is approximately 26 miles long and 10 miles wide.

The Fox River Plan Full Text (968 KB)

Below are individual sections of the plan:
-Cover Sheet and Table of Contents
-Physical Features
-Cultural Resources and Existing Uses
-Fox River Natural River Plan
-Appendix A - Part 305, Natural Rivers PA 451 of 1994
-Appendix B - Natural Resources Commission Policy and Procedures Regarding the Natural River Act of 1970
-Appendix C - "Alteration of Rivers" Laws
-Appendix D - Designated Stream Mileage
-Appendix E - Log-Sod Dock Design

Natural River Zoning Rules - Zoning standards for the Fox River system are found on pages 1-21 and 62-64.