Pigeon River

Pigeon Natural River Map
Pigeon River Map

The Pigeon River is located in the north-central part of the southern peninsula of Michigan. Its headwaters are located a few miles northeast of Gaylord. The river then flows in a northerly direction to its mouth at Mullet Lake, a distance of 42 miles. The Pigeon River system drains a surface area of approximately 88,000 acres and include 80 linear miles of stream.

The Pigeon River Plan Full Text (986 KB)

Below are individual sections of the plan:
-Cover Sheet, Preface and Table of Contents
-Watershed and Study Area
-Existing Uses and Recreational Opportunities
-Preliminary Natural River Plan
-Appendix A - Part 305, Natural Rivers PA 451 of 1994
-Appendix B - Natural Resources Commission Policy and Procedures Regarding the Natural River Act of 1970
-Appendix C - Related Laws
-Appendix D - Pigeon River - Designated Stream Mileage
-Appendix E - Log - Sod Covered Docks

Natural River Zoning Rules - Zoning standards for the Pigeon River system are found on pages 1-21 and 43-46.