Pine River

Pine River Map
Pine River Map

The Pine River watershed is located in the northwestern portion of Michigan's lower peninsula. It has a drainage area of 265 square miles, and ultimately discharges to Tippy Dam Impoundment in Manistee County (Figure 1). The watershed includes parts of four counties: Wexford, Osceola, Lake and Manistee. The mainstream is approximately 49 miles long and is formed by the confluence of the North Branch and East branch of the Pine River near Tustin in Osceola County at an elevation of 1,102 feet (336m).

The Pine River Plan Full Text (552 KB)

Below are individual sections of the plan:
-Cover Sheet, Preface, Table of Contents and List of Tables
-Pine River Watershed
-Proposed Pine River Natural River Plan
-Appendix A - Natural Rivers Part 305 of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, 1994 PA 451
-Appendix B - Natural Resources Commission Policies and Department of Natural Resources Procedures Regarding the Natural Rivers Program
-Appendix C - Log/Sod Dock Design

Natural River Zoning Rules - Zoning standards for the Pine River system are found on pages 1-21 and 50-53.