White River

White Natural River Map
White River Map

The White River is located in Newaygo, Oceana and Muskegon counties, in west central lower Michigan. The White River rises from the extensive Oxford Swamp in north central Newaygo County and flows in a southwesterly direction into White Lake then Lake Michigan, near the towns of Whitehall and Montague. The White River system drains a surface area of approximately 300,000 acres and includes about 253 linear miles of streams.

The White River Plan Full Text (295 KB)

Below are individual sections of the plan:
-Cover Sheet, Preface and Table of Contents
-The Study Area
-Existing Uses and Recreational Opportunities
-Preliminary Natural River Plan
-Appendix A - Part 305, Natural Rivers PA 451 of 1994
-Appendix B - "Alteration of Rivers" Laws
-Appendix C - Related Laws

Natural River Zoning Rules - Zoning standards for the White River system are found on pages 1-21 and 25-28.