Wildfire Protection and Information

Approximately 500 wildfires are reported in Michigan each year. Although overall responsibility for wildfire suppression and prevention in the state rests with the DNR, personnel from the U.S. Forest Service and local volunteer fire departments provide significant assistance to this effort.

The backbone of the wildfire suppression operation is a force of highly trained firefighters equipped with modern specialized heavy equipment. The majority of these wildfires occur during April, May and June with minor occurrences the rest of the summer and fall.

Aircraft are used for fire detection purposes. These detection aircraft provide early warning of fires and an accurate description of its location and behavior. This offers an additional measure of safety to the firefighters on the ground.

Aggressive fire prevention efforts are targeted at many areas. A computerized program allows fire personnel to focus these efforts in areas of high fire occurrence and high property values.

A growing nationwide concern for fires in areas where cities and wildlands meet is of similar concern in Michigan. Every year buildings are lost due to wildfire.

Use the interactive graphs below to learn more about the number of fires the DNR responds to every year. Use the arrows in the bottom right corner to expand the graphs.