Process overview

Public land strategy sprint team

The goal of the public land strategy sprint team is to comply with the requirements of PA 240 of 2018, which requires the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to create an updated strategic plan for the 4.6 million acres of public lands and 6.4 million acres of mineral rights the DNR manages.

Where we are:

  • The current land strategy, created in 2013, was approved by the Legislature and adopted by the governor in 2018. It expires in 2021.
  • The sprint team completed an assessment of the 2013 strategy, including evaluating which components – goals, strategies and measurable objectives – should be kept, modified or removed and why. The results of this assessment are the foundation of the updated strategy.
  • Engagement efforts to date include email notifications, press releases, creation of the dedicated website and email address (, online posting of draft outline and strategy components for review and comment, facilitated stakeholder sessions, virtual public meetings, and presentations to several boards and councils.
  • The sprint team incorporated, as appropriate, comments received from these engagement efforts and through internal DNR review to develop a comprehensive draft land strategy document.  
  • The complete document is now available for public and stakeholder review and comment. Feedback will be accepted until Feb. 12.

Moving forward the sprint team will:

  • Ensure a comprehensive revised strategy by continuing public engagement through multiple methods, including press releases, web postings and email notifications, that will include conservation organizations, friends groups, industry, state and local units of government, the public, tribal entities and internal DNR staff.
  • Evaluate feedback and input received from the public and stakeholders by Feb. 12 for incorporation into the final land strategy document.
  • Complete the final updated land strategy document for submission to the relevant legislative committees by May 1 and to the Legislature by July 1.

Benefits of project completion:

An updated public land strategy will highlight the value of a robust public land base. It will provide measurable goals, strategies and objectives to guide the DNR in protecting and preserving our state’s natural and cultural resources, providing spaces for quality outdoor recreation opportunities and performing responsible natural resources management in Michigan.


Updated land strategy must be submitted to the Michigan Legislature for consideration and approval by July 1.