12/30/2018 - 1/12/2019

Law Enforcement Division, Bi-Weekly Report

District​ 1

Conservation Officer (CO) Johnathan Kamps completed an investigation for tagging a deer with a base license. Upon investigation and interview with the suspect the CO determined that the individual still had an unvalidated deer combo tag in possession. CO Kamps also found out the suspect shot two bucks during the 2018 season that were in violation of Upper Peninsula Antler Point Restrictions (APR). Evidence was seized, and law enforcement action was taken.

CO Jared Ferguson and Probationary Conservation Officer (PCO) Noah Thompson were checking western Iron County lakes for fisherman when they observed two vehicles parked on the roadway adjacent to private property. PCO Thompson found a trail with drag marks from an ice sled.  The COs followed the tracks through private property and found three anglers with lines in.  One of the individuals did not have a license, and all nine tip-ups in did not have owner identification on them.  Enforcement action was taken.

CO Brett DeLonge and PCO Breanna Reed were working a snowmobile trail crossing in Marquette County when they noticed several registration violations in a group of snowmobiles that approached their location.  The officers addressed the violations that included failure to register and failure to display registration decals. Several citations were issued, and the group was informed that they needed to properly register/license their machines when operating in Michigan.  

COs Josh Boudreaux and Jonathan Kamps were patrolling Lake Antoine in Dickinson County when they encountered two late night anglers with a couple of perch and a lot of empty cans on the ice. When asked to produce fishing licenses, one angler stated he didn’t have one and didn’t have his driver’s license on him either. Officers took his information and discovered he had a warrant out of Dickinson County for an unpaid traffic ticket. The individual was placed under arrest and transported to Dickinson County jail with the help of a Dickinson County Sherriff’s deputy who provided a transport vehicle. The COs gave the individual, who was already having a bad night, an opportunity to make things right and purchase a fishing license. Upon following up, the individual did not purchase a license as agreed upon. Enforcement action was taken for fishing without a license.

COs Josh Boudreaux and Jonathan Kamps patrolled the snowmobile trails in Marquette County over the busy weekend following the recent snowfall. The COs contacted a large quantity of riders who were enjoying the wonderful weather and great trail conditions. Most riders were compliant, but many violations were encountered throughout the weekend for expired registrations, no trail stickers, and various equipment violations. Enforcement action was taken on multiple occasions and warnings were given when appropriate.

CO Josh Boudreaux was returning to his residence when a call was aired for a domestic assault in progress in Champion. Being the closest unit, CO Boudreaux responded to the scene and separated both parties until another unit from the Marquette County Sherriff’s Department arrived.

CO Josh Boudreaux and a Michigan State Police (MSP) trooper contacted numerous individuals having a bonfire party near the Greenwood Reservoir. CO Boudreaux approached the party on foot while the MSP trooper staged at the end of the road to intercept fleeing vehicles. After standing amongst them for a while around the recliner they had just set on fire to kick off the party, CO Boudreaux contacted the individuals. After the initial surprise, everyone was very compliant and agreed to extinguish the fire and come back the next day to clean all the debris left by past fires. Enforcement action was taken. The MSP trooper arrested an individual on multiple charges who, while on his way to the party, saw the patrol vehicles and turned his truck around.

CO Jared Ferguson and PCO Noah Thompson were working  a local inland lake in Dickinson County when they observed two anglers tucked into a small bay away from the large crowd in the middle of the lake. CO Ferguson and PCO Thompson walked across the ice and made contact with both individuals. PCO Thompson noticed the snowmobile registration was expired and asked the owner if he realized it was expired since 2012. The owner stated he got a ticket for the same thing last year. During the contact CO Ferguson asked the second angler for his license and he stated he did not have one. CO Ferguson asked him for a drivers’ license and he did not have that either. After several attempts to get his real name the individual reluctantly gave CO Ferguson his name. The individual came back with a state-wide pickup felony warrant. He was arrested for the warrant and fishing without a license.

CO Dave Miller conducted an ice angler patrol in Baraga County to check anglers coming off Huron Bay.  A check of a group of anglers found success with a 42-inch pike.  The anglers explained that they were fishing on approximately one inch of ice, and the ice was cracking as they pulled the fish through the ice.  CO Miller educate the subjects on the dangers of fishing on thin ice.

CO Brian Lasanen and PCO Byron Parks assisted the Houghton County Sheriff’s Office with locating a runaway from the RICE house in Stanton Township. The subject was court ordered to be there and fled on foot into the woods. Both CO Lasanen and PCO  Parks were able to locate the area where he fled into the woods and called for a K9.  The suspect was located about two miles away after he flagged down a car. The driver of the car called 911 and reported they just picked up a person who was running through the woods. A deputy responded and transported the subject to the hospital for a mental health evaluation.

COs Brian Lasanen, Doug Hermanson, Dave Miller and PCO Byron Parks conducted a sound meter patrol on Trial 17 in Houghton County.  The COs contacted approximately seventy-five snowmobiles and tested four for possible sound violations.  Two were found to test over the legal decibel limit of 88 decibels.  Enforcement action was taken on the two loud sleds.  Throughout the rest of the patrol numerous violations were addressed for registration and trail permit violations.

COs Doug Hermanson, Cody Smith and Sergeant Marc Pomroy conducted a snowmobile sound meter patrol in Houghton.  Snowmobile traffic was heavy and multiple snowmobiles were tested for sound levels.  Five operators were cited for operating snowmobiles with modified exhaust systems above the 88-decibel level.  Other violations addressed included failure to register and failure to purchase trail permits.

CO Cody Smith was on patrol when he noticed two snowmobiles off the shoulder of US-41 traveling against the flow of traffic. CO Smith stopped the two operators and quickly realized they had missed their turn on Trial 8 coming from Michigamme.  CO Smith assisted the riders in finding the trail, so they could continue their ride to Copper Harbor.

CO Zach Painter worked a planned patrol with US Forest Service Officer Josh Lopac targeting snowmobile activity in Ontonagon County.  The officers took enforcement action with eight snowmobile operators for careless operation.  Enforcement action was also taken for failure to obtain registration and failure to provide proof of registration.

CO Jenni Hanson assisted the Area 2 officers with a security detail for the Department of Environmental Quality public hearing regarding the Back Forty Mining permit.

CO Brian Lasanen and PCO Byron Parks noticed a vehicle in the rear-view mirror crossing over the fog line and center line. CO Lasanen pulled over to the side of the road and let the vehicle pass and  performed a traffic stop on the vehicle. After contacting the driver CO Lasanen determined that the driver was not intoxicated, the driver stated he was running late for work.  The driver also advised CO Lasanen that he was cutting his finger nails.  After running the driver thru LEIN the driver came back with suspended driver’s license.  Enforcement action was taken.

COs from District 1 conducted a sound meter patrol in the Bergland area of Ontonagon County.  COs contacted over 200 snowmobiles and tested seven snowmobiles for noise level emission.  Of the seven sleds tested two tested over the 88 decibels reading.  COs encountered several other violations throughout the evening including no helmet, failure to register, failure to attach trail permit, careless operation, fail to display registration.   Three other subjects were arrested for operating a snowmobile while intoxicated.

District 2

CO Mike Evink and PCO Todd Sumbera were on routine patrol when a call came over the radio of a possible domestic violence situation that evolved into a possible abduction.  The COs were first on scene, which they secured, then gathered further information until the Mackinac County Sheriff’s Department arrived.

CO Mike Evink and PCO Todd Sumbera assisted the US Fish and Wildlife Services and Great Lakes Enforcement Unit with a search warrant on Big Bay De Noc fisheries.  CO Evink and PCO Sumbera helped in clearing buildings and worked the security detail at the entrances to the facilities.

COs Steve Butzin and Chris Lynch were patrolling Garden Township and encountered an individual operating a motor vehicle down a county road with a loaded firearm.  The individual had already received a warning from CO Butzin earlier this fall for having an uncased firearm in a motor vehicle and had a prior citation for having a loaded firearm in a motor vehicle.  A citation was issued.

CO Steve Butzin was patrolling Garden Township when he observed a vehicle stopped alongside a county road.  When CO Butzin attempted to contact the individual for defective equipment, the vehicle drove off.  CO Butzin had his emergency lights and sirens activated but the vehicle did not stop.  After a brief pursuit of the vehicle came to a stop in a field.  The individual was arrested and lodged at the Delta County jail.  A report has been submitted for charges of fleeing and eluding a conservation officer, altering and forging a license plate, having an improper license plate, operating a motor vehicle without valid registration or insurance, and possessing open intoxicants in a motor vehicle.  The individual also had five outstanding warrants, one of which was for an unpaid citation which CO Butzin had issued earlier last year.

COs Chris Lynch and Steve Butzin successfully served an arrest warrant without incident on a subject for illegally taking two 8-point bucks and borrowing a deer tag.

While patrolling Little Bay De Noc, COs Rob Freeborn, Mike Evink, Steve Butzin, Chris Lynch, and PCOs Todd Sumbera and Michael Olesen encountered several violations. Citations were issued for fishing with too many lines, and expired ORV registrations.

COs Chris Lynch and Steve Butzin successfully served an arrest warrant without incident on a subject for illegally taking an 8-point buck deer.

CO Mark Zitnik was on snowmobile patrol in Alger County when he observed a passing snowmobile with an expired registration.  A stop was conducted, and the CO addressed the violation.  The rider said his wife takes care of their paperwork and she should get the ticket.  Enforcement action was taken.

CO Robert Freeborn and PCO Michael Olesen received a report of a potential illegal deer being taken by a youth during the 2018 rifle deer season.  Further investigation along with a Retail Sales System (RSS) check were completed to determine that there was a high probability that the offense had occurred.  Contact was made with the father of the youth and  during the investigation he confessed to his son taking a 3-point buck during rifle season without a tag.  The firearm used to take the deer was seized and a report has been submitted to the local prosecutor.

CO Robert Freeborn and PCO Michael Olesen received a complaint of an individual fishing with too many lines on Big Bay De Noc.  The COs, along with assistance from COs Stephen Butzin and Chris Lynch, contacted the ice angler on the bay. It was determined that there were multiple violations among the anglers on the bay. One angler had 12 lines and enforcement action was taken by COs Butzin and Lynch. ORV violations were also present for which enforcement action was taken.

COs Robert Freeborn, Michael Evink, Stephen Butzin, Chris Lynch and PCOs Michael Olesen and Todd Sumbera performed sound meter testing in Alger County. Throughout the day several hundred snowmobilers were contacted and four citations were issued for excessive noise, four citations for careless operation, two citations for no trail permit, three citations for expired registration, and two citations for improper registration. Over 30 warnings were also given. 

CO Robert Freeborn and PCO Michael Olesen were on routine patrol in Schoolcraft County checking ice anglers on McDonald Lake.  Upon contact with one angler it was determined that he had too many lines in the water.  Enforcement action was taken.

COs Colton Gelinas, Mark Zitnik, Justin Vinson and PCO Ariel Corr were patrolling northern Luce County on snowmobiles.  The officers pulled off the trail in an area that receives heavy traffic.  Shortly after they stopped, they observed a group of riders with one rider operating on the extreme left side of the trail coming around a blind corner.   The group was stopped, and law enforcement action was taken for the snowmobiler operating in a careless manner.

CO Colton Gelinas received information that a doe was shot with a bow in Mackinac County. The taking of an antlerless deer during any season is closed in this part of the Upper Peninsula.  CO Gelinas found a dumped hide with the attached doe head and interviewed the suspect.  After further investigation the suspect confessed to the killing of the doe and taking the deer without a deer hunting license.  A report has been submitted to Mackinac County Prosecutor’s office for review.

CO Colton Gelinas was on patrol in Mackinac County following a vehicle that appeared to be road hunting.  CO Gelinas continued to follow some distance behind the vehicle for a few miles on a two track.   The two subjects then shot a doe out of the truck window.  The suspects were contacted and provided tribal licenses and were turned over to the Sault Tribe conservation officer for enforcement. 

CO Justin Vinson was inspecting a local deer processor, when the processor notified him that they had received a deer from out of state that morning. CO Vinson gathered the information of the individual that brought the deer to the processor and seized the deer for testing.  After interviewing the individual who brought the deer in for processing it was revealed that he received it from a friend who had been hunting in Iowa.  At the residence of the suspect CO Vinson discovered the man had brought back three field dressed deer, two of which were still in his possession.  Law enforcement action was taken, and the deer were seized.  All three deer tested negative for Chronic Wasting Disease at the DNR laboratory. 

CO Calvin Smith and PCO Ariel Corr responded to a single snowmobile accident in Chippewa County.  The snowmobiler lost control of his sled when he applied his brakes causing the snowmobile to slide sideways and turn over.  The snowmobiler was thrown from the sled and suffered a broken collar bone.  The COs assisted with first aid and handled the investigation at the scene.

CO Calvin Smith and PCO Ariel Corr came across an angler  that had six tip-ups out.  The angler told the COs that his friend had just left to visit his grandfather who was also fishing and would be right back.  After five minutes the friend returned on his snowmobile without wearing a helmet.  The COs educated the angler on leaving his lines unattended and law enforcement action was taken for operating a snowmobile without a helmet.

CO Calvin Smith and PCO Ariel Corr came across an angler on Munuscong Bay who was fishing with four lines.  The angler also had a 14-inch walleye at the bottom of his five-gallon bucket.  Law enforcement action was taken for fishing with more than three lines and the fish was released to swim another day.

CO Calvin Smith and PCO Ariel Corr contacted an angler on Munuscong Bay that had two tip-ups set just outside his ice shack.  The individual greeted the COs but was trying to hide one of his jigging poles inside his ice shack.  When CO Smith asked the fisherman if he had one too many lines out, the angler replied, “Yeah you got me.”  A check of the catch revealed a 12.5-inch and 13.5-inch walleye.  Law enforcement action was taken.

CO Calvin Smith and PCO Ariel Corr were on snowmobile patrol when they came across a snowmobile that was not displaying a valid trail permit.  A stop was made and at first the snowmobiler said he had purchased one, but it must have come off his sled.  When CO smith asked if he was sure that was the case the snowmobiler replied, “No, I didn’t purchase one and thought I would take my chances.”  Law enforcement action was taken.

CO Calvin Smith and PCO Ariel Corr were on snowmobile patrol when they approached a sharp corner in the trail and had to take evasive action from an oncoming snowmobile.  The snowmobile operator was on the inside of the corner and was traveling at a high rate of speed.  A stop was made, and a citation was issued for careless operation of a snowmobile.

District​ 3

CO Chad Baldwin responded to a complaint of a deer running loose inside of a residence in Charlevoix County. The homeowner’s daughters were walking the family dogs outside when they spooked a deer and gave chase. The dogs chased the deer through a pond and around to the front of the house. The homeowners witnessed the commotion from inside and ran out of the front door to call off the dogs. The deer made a 90 degree turn and ran through the open front door and into the residence. The residents used the kitchen table, chairs, and stools to try to confine the deer to the large living room. They opened the double doors leading out to the back porch hoping the deer would run out. Unfortunately, the wooden floors were not conducive to deer’s hooves and the deer flailed around as if on ice, taking out the Christmas tree, ornaments, furniture, and damaging a piano. When CO Baldwin arrived, he could not believe the scene inside of the house. Broken ornaments, couch cushions, blankets, and pillows were strewn about the floor. The deer was exhausted and stressed. It was resting on the floor between the Christmas tree and wall. CO Baldwin armed with a blanket and catch pole, stepped into the makeshift corral. CO Baldwin was able to cover the deer’s head with the blanket and drag it out from behind the Christmas tree. CO Baldwin was able to better cover the deer and he utilize his catch pole to control the deer. CO Baldwin dragged the deer out to safety onto the back porch where it was released.

CO Chad Baldwin responded to a snowmobile accident on the first busy snowmobile weekend of the year.  The accident occurred about a mile from the nearest intersecting road.  The rider of the snowmobile was not able to negotiate a curve, left the groomed trail, and hit a tree.  Fire rescue personnel and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) were staged at the road while the fire department utilized an ATV with sled to reach the victim. CO Baldwin drove a medical technician in his patrol truck to the site of the accident.  Emergency personnel worked together to stabilize, secure, and remove the victim from the area.  The rider suffered major injuries and is recovering at a local hospital.

CO Chad Baldwin was on his way home from a late evening shift when a call came out to first responders to intercept a vehicle heading towards the hospital.  The passenger in the vehicle was hallucinating and was being combative towards the driver.  The driver refused to stop the vehicle and the passenger started kicking her, as she drove, until she had to stop the car on the highway.  CO Baldwin, along with a nearby sheriff’s deputy, arrived at the scene a few minutes later.  CO Baldwin and the deputy were able to remove the passenger and get him medical attention from the EMTs who were standing by.

CO Chad Baldwin responded to a two-car personal injury accident in Charlevoix County.  A passenger car was attempting to turn left and pulled out into traffic.  The car was hit by an SUV traveling at approximately 57 mph and directly broadside into the car’s driver side door.  Miraculously, both drivers suffered only minor injuries and were both treated and released at the scene.

CO Ethen Mapes was patrolling near East Jordan when he was dispatched to a vehicle roll over.  The rollover was the result of speed, poor conditions, and even worse decisions.  No injuries were reported.

COs Chad Baldwin and Ethen Mapes conducted a processor inspection near Charlevoix.  The two officers inspected over 100 animals. No apparent violations were found.  

While checking a group of anglers on Bass Lake, CO Andrea Albert and PCO Andrea Dani discovered two anglers with five undersized pike.  It was determined that one of the pike was given to them by a neighboring angler.  Tickets were issued for the undersized pike and warnings were issued for no name and address on tip-ups.

While on snowmobile patrol in Antrim County, CO Andrea Albert and PCO Andrea Dani were dispatched to a snowmobile injury accident.  A driver and his passenger crashed into a tree while trying to negotiate a corner on the snowmobile trail.  Officers assisted both injured subjects until Emergency Medical Services (EMS) arrived on scene and transported them to the hospital. 

CO Andrea Erratt reports a hunter who shot a 4-point buck, trespassed onto private property to track and gut the deer, and then loaded the untagged buck in his truck has pled guilty in court.  The hunter paid $2,225 in fines, costs, and reimbursement to the state plus lost his hunting privileges until 2024 for shooting the deer in violation of the APR law. 

While on patrol, CO Adam LeClerc and PCO Anna Viau were observing ice anglers on Crooked Lake.  When contact was made, it was discovered that one of the anglers was utilizing more than the legal limit of fishing lines.  The angler admitted to using four lines.  Upon further observation, CO LeClerc discovered that the subject failed to mention the use of a fifth line.  Enforcement action was taken.

CO Adam LeClerc received a complaint from a local gas station about a deer head left at a pump.  Video was obtained from surveillance cameras and a suspect was identified.  Through interviews, the suspect confessed to leaving the deer.  Enforcement action was taken.

COs Tom Oberg and Kyle Cherry were on a snowmobile patrol when they stopped a group of snowmobilers for having expired trail permits.  After further investigation, it was found that one of the subjects had an outstanding warrant out for his arrest for failing to appear in court originating from an assault charge out of Niles, Michigan.  The subject was placed into custody and transported to the Otsego County jail.

COs Tim Rosochacki, Adam LeClerc, PCOs Jon Sheppard, and Anna Viau were on snowmobile patrol on Otsego Lake when they witnessed two snowmobiles riding across the lake at a high rate of speed.  As they reached the shore, the two snowmobilers crossed private property and a railroad Right-Of-Way to access the snowmobile trail.  The COs made a traffic stop and enforcement action was taken.

While patrolling snowmobile trails in Otsego County, COs Tim Rosochacki and Adam LeClerc with PCOs Jon Sheppard and Anna Viau saw two snowmobilers riding together with no visible trail permits.  A traffic stop was made.  One of the subjects had the trail permits in his pocket.  A file check of both subjects showed a No-Contact Order between the two subjects.  A follow-up report is being forwarded to the 61st District Court.

CO Tim Rosochacki and PCO Jon Sheppard were on Weber Lake in Cheboygan County checking ice anglers.  Two anglers did not have their fishing licenses on their person, so the COs checked the RSS to see if either had purchased a license.  One of the anglers did have their license while the other was a non-resident who had purchased a resident fishing license.  Enforcement action was taken.

While monitoring snowmobile activity in Cheboygan County, CO Tim Rosochacki and PCO Jon Sheppard responded to a snowmobile accident near their location.  The COs tended the snowmobilers minor injuries until they were transported to the hospital by EMS.

COs Tim Rosochacki and Paul Fox with PCOs Jon Sheppard and Daniel Liestenfeltz attended a Quality Deer Management meeting at Hillman Community Center.

CO Paul Fox and PCO Daniel Liestenfeltz were on patrol in Presque Isle County when they observed a vehicle all over the roadway.  A traffic stop was conducted, and it was determined the driver was distracted by their phone.  A warning and education were given about the dangers of distracted driving.

CO Paul Fox and PCO Daniel Liestenfeltz responded to multiple complaints of trespassing and hunter harassment on Hunter Access Program lands in southern Alpena County during the January late antlerless season.

CO Paul Fox and PCO Daniel Liestenfeltz attended a local deer cooperative meeting in Hillman.  Several hunters were contacted as the COs were available for questions. The members were happy to see their local conservation officers in attendance.

CO Jessie Curtis received a call through Alpena Central Dispatch of a male and female who had fallen through the ice on snowmobiles on Long Lake.  CO Curtis arrived on scene while other first responders had rescued the male subject.  CO Curtis helped recover the female subject who was transported to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.  Both snowmobiles were removed from Long Lake and ice conditions remain unsafe. 

CO Jessie Curtis received a complaint of untagged traps in Alpena County.  Upon further investigation, the trapper was found to be trespassing on railroad property and did have in his possession an untagged trap.  Enforcement action was taken.

CO Jon Sklba helped assist a hunter who shot a deer that ran onto a neighboring property in Alpena County.  The hunter was unable to figure out the owner of the property the deer went onto.  With the use of the OnX hunt application and the help of local dispatch, a family member of the deceased property owner was contacted, and permission obtained. 

CO Sidney Collins responded to an incident where a coyote was continuously attempting to attack a family dog in Montmorency County. CO Collins responded to the area, but the coyote was out of sight. CO Collins was able to locate a predator hunter to assist with removing the coyote.

District 4

Snowmobile trail conditions in Benzie County are poor. CO Rebecca Hubers patrolled Trail 3 during the last good snowfall. CO Hubers patrolled from Benzie County into Leelanau County to an area of complaint regarding off-trail traveling. The ongoing complaints of off-trail use along Trail 3 in Leelanau County has put the trail lease in jeopardy. No contacts were made in this area during the patrol.

COs Patrick McManus, Amanda Lake and Rebecca Hubers worked an annual snowmobile drag race event in Leelanau County.  There were over 200 racers and crew entered in the competition, with more than 350 spectators and fans that were in attendance during the event.  On top of answering numerous snowmobiling, hunting and fishing questions, the COs were involved in first aid incidents, issuing citations to snowmobiles who attended the race from the public trail, as well as crowd control in and around the sanctioned ‘beer tent’ on the property.  All in all, the annual race was a success and COs from the area plan on attending the event again next year. 

The Wexford County Prosecutor’s office issued charges to an individual who committed multiple state land violations.  CO William Kinney has been working the case since mid-August.  The suspect had established an early bait site, committed several violations with a tree stand and ground blind, and had even used a tractor to build a food plot on state land.  Enforcement action was taken.

CO William Kinney was patrolling a seasonal road in Grand Traverse County near a snowmobile intersection.  When CO Kinney approached the intersection, he observed two snowmobiles failing to display valid trail permits.  A stop was made on the snowmobiles and multiple other violations were discovered.  One snowmobiler even had several outstanding warrants for his arrest.  Enforcement action was taken.

CO Josiah Killingbeck while on patrol was cresting a hill when he observed a snowmobile coming at him in his lane of travel.  The snowmobile was stopped for operating against the flow of traffic.  The operator told CO Killingbeck that there was more snow on this side of the road than on the right side.  The driver said that he was only going a half mile, so he figured it was not a big deal . CO Killingbeck educated the subject on snowmobile safety regulations and proper lane usage.  Enforcement action was taken.

CO Josiah Killingbeck, along with a Lake County Sheriff’s deputy, stopped a group of snowmobiles and ORVs for numerous violations including: careless driving, operating against the flow of traffic, and registration violations.  CO Killingbeck spoke with the driver of a snowmobile that displayed an expired 2003 registration.  The operator told CO Killingbeck that he was going to get the snowmobile registered, but the Secretary of State told him to get his snowmobile registered as a Historic Snowmobile.  The operator claimed to have sent in his paperwork for a Historic Snowmobile Registration.  CO Killingbeck ran the Vehicle Identification Number of the snowmobile and discovered that there was no current registration of any kind for the snowmobile.  CO Killingbeck advised the operator of his findings and the subject confessed that he had not yet sent in the registration paperwork in for the snowmobile and normally only uses the snowmobile for one weekend a year.  Enforcement action was taken.

While on patrol in Lake County, CO Ryan Andrews was patrolling area lakes for ice angler activity.  CO Andrews stopped at a small lake and observed several anglers fishing.  After a short time, two anglers began packing up their gear to leave.  CO Andrews contacted the anglers near their trucks after they left the lake.  Upon checking their daily catch, it was determined that one angler was several fish over his daily bag limit of panfish.  The angler with the over-limit then asked his partner if he would like to have his extra fish.  CO Andrews then educated the anglers on legal possession and daily bag limits.  Enforcement action was taken.

CO Brian Brosky was checking deer processing records when he noticed that an individual listed on the form, he shot a 3-point deer in Mason County; which is in the northwest Michigan APR area.  CO Brosky checked the subject’s Facebook account to see if the antlered deer met the requirements for the APR area.  The antlered deer did meet the point restrictions having three points on one side, but unfortunately the antlerless deer he shot and posted on Facebook four minutes prior to his first deer was shot without a license.  CO Brosky contacted CO Charles Jones in Kalkaska County, who assisted CO Brosky with interviews.  The subject admitted to shooting the antlerless deer without a license.  During the follow up, CO Brosky requested the subject produce his unused kill tags and show them to CO Jones so that they could confirm no other deer were taken unlawfully.  The subject was only able to produce two of his three remaining licenses and he lied about the third license and its whereabouts.  Upon further follow-up, the subject also admitted to CO Jones that the third license was loaned to a subject later during this same firearm deer season and she had also shot a deer on the same piece of property without a valid license.  Both subjects have charges pending for taking a deer without a license and for loaning/borrowing licenses.

CO Troy Van Gelderen and PCO Josh Reed received a tip of a married couple in Mason County shooting illegal deer.  CO Van Gelderen and PCO Reed gathered  enough evidence and went to interview the couple.  The COs discovered that the couple had shot several deer and used whatever deer tags were available.  They also recovered an antlered buck head with an antlerless license on it.  It was also discovered that some of the licenses were bought after the deer were shot.  A report was sent to the Mason County Prosecutor’s office for the appropriate charges.

CO Jeff Ginn and PCO Timothy Barboza were working Newaygo County when they located an angler ice fishing on Hardy Pond.  The subject was observed by other anglers keeping an undersized walleye.  PCO Barboza observed the angler fishing for a short time prior to him packing up to leave.  PCO Barboza contacted the angler and his friend while approaching their vehicles.  PCO Barboza conducted an interview and a consent search of his equipment revealed one 14-inch walleye.  The angler was cited for the violation.

District​ 5

During a recent patrol on Bear Lake in Kalkaska County, CO Mike Hearn contacted a group of anglers that were packing up their fishing gear at the end of the day.  Everyone in the group was heavily intoxicated.  During the contact, multiple violations were found including using excessive lines, possession of undersize trout, and using a snowmobile without any helmets or registration.  A sober person from their lakefront cabin was used to retrieve the snowmobile from the ice and citations were issued for the fishing violations.

While on a snowmobile patrol in Kalkaska county, CO Mike Hearn and PCO Jesse Grzechowski witnessed a snowmobile trespassing on posted private property.  A stop was made for the violation, including no trail permit or registration displayed.  The rider stated even though he didn’t have permission to be on the property, “Everyone has been riding there for years.”  The operator was warned for the trail permit and registration violations but received a citation for recreational trespass.

While on patrol at Bear Lake in Kalkaska County, CO Mike Hearn and PCO Jesse Grzechowski observed a group of anglers catching multiple fish on the ice.  After a lengthy surveillance, contact was made with the anglers.  After checking for licenses and counting tip-ups, it was determined that there were too many lines.  One angler stated two of the lines belonged to his girlfriend and she was away getting more bait.  Several tip-ups did not have the owner information on them.  The CO and PCO checked the fish that were caught and found two brown trout that were both one inch too short.  The anglers were warned about not having their tip-ups marked and not having their licenses in possession. They received citations for fishing with too many lines and being in possession of undersize brown trout.

While on patrol near Starvation Lake, CO Mike Hearn and PCO Jesse Grzechowski responded to a snowmobile accident at a local business. On scene, the COs separated each group to conduct the investigation and document the damage that was reported.  It was determined that the rider was traveling too fast down a steep hill, lost control, and crashed into a group of parked snowmobiles.  No injuries occurred but extensive damage was inflicted on all the machines involved.  An accident report was taken, and the rider received a citation for careless operation.

COs Charlie Jones and Will Kinney were checking ice anglers on Fife Lake along the Grand Traverse/Kalkaska County line when a call came out of an individual slumped over the wheel of his vehicle.  COs Jones and Kinney were the closest units at the time and responded to find a male driver sleeping with his vehicle halfway in the roadway.  The individual was not responsive but breathing.  The COs managed to wake the man and investigate further.  CO Jones conducted field sobriety tests and it was determined that the driver was heavily intoxicated.  He was arrested and taken to the Kalkaska County jail.

CO Charlie Jones received a call from CO Brian Brosky of Mason County with information about an individual who possibly shot an antlerless deer without a license. CO Jones interviewed the individual who confessed to shooting the deer without a license.  During the interview, information about a second illegally taken deer was discovered.  The individual stated that he loaned his antlerless tag to another person to tag the other deer.  A follow-up interview was conducted with that individual and the second deer was located.  The venison was seized, and a report will be submitted to the Mason County Prosecutor’s office for review.

COs Chuck McPherson and John Huspen received a complaint of a live raccoon caught in a foot hold trap in Roscommon County.  The complainant stated that the raccoon had been stuck in the trap for the last couple of days.  The COs were able to release the animal and identify the trapper.  Other traps were also found in the area without any identification on them.  Contact was made with the trapper and enforcement action was taken.

CO Kyle Bader followed up on a suspicious deer tag that was located during a commercial deer processor inspection in Ogemaw County.  After a few interviews, the husband confessed that he killed the deer and used his wife’s kill-tag.  He admitted that she purchased the tag for him because his kill tags were not valid for the deer he shot.  Charges are being sought through the Ogemaw County Prosecutor’s office.

CO Ethan Gainforth was recently checking ice anglers coming off a lake in northern Clare County. The first angler he contacted did not possess a fishing license.  He stated that he had been written a citation for fishing without a license last fall in Manistee County.  CO Gainforth ran a file check and DNR priors on the subject.  The DNR priors check confirmed that he received a citation from CO Jason McCullough for fishing without a license.  The LEIN check revealed the subject had a felony warrant for possession/distribution of methamphetamine.  CO Gainforth advised the subject of his warrant and placed him in custody.  The subject was transported and turned over to MSP and  was eventually lodged in the Wexford County jail.

District​ 6

CO Quincy Gowenlock received a call from Saginaw Central Dispatch regarding stranded hunters on the Shiawassee River within the Shiawassee River State Game Area (SGA). Three hunters had launched from the Saint Charles Field Office to go waterfowl hunting and had apparently run out of gas somewhere on the river.  An exact location of the hunters was unknown, and dispatch did not have any emergency services that could respond to the area.  Due to the below freezing temperatures and approaching darkness, CO Gowenlock responded with the assistance of US Fish and Wildlife Services Officer J. Hunter.  The officers launched a jet boat and traversed down river.  A short while later the officers located all three hunters who were extremely cold from the weather.  A tow line was rigged, and the three hunters were towed back to the field office.

COs Jason King and Adam Beuthin attended the Shiawassee Flats Citizens and Hunters Association January 2019 meeting at the St. Charles field office. Topics included harvest reports, crop experiments, moist soil results, and wildlife statistics. There were approximately 20 attendees at the meeting.

District​ 7

CO Sam Schluckbier conducted an investigation on a family who was sharing deer tags during the 2018 hunting season.  Each family member was interviewed separately regarding the allegations.  The suspect’s mother admitted to buying a deer tag after her son had killed a doe with his crossbow.  The deer was illegally tagged before it was taken to the processor.  While interviewing the son, CO Schluckbier discovered he was a convicted felon and had a warrant for his arrest.  Enforcement action was taken, and charges are being sought through the Allegan County Prosecutor’s office.

CO Richard Cardenas encountered a group of individuals cutting wood along the roadside which appeared suspicious.  When CO Cardenas stopped to investigate, he noticed that the ORV they were using had been freshly painted and the ignition had been tampered with.  While he was attempting to identity the subjects, one of them repeatedly provided false information and grew increasingly agitated.  While CO Cardenas was attempting to pull a photograph of the subject on his computer, the subject jumped onto the ORV and fled down the road.  CO Cardenas pursued the subject for several miles until the operator left the roadway, attempted to cross a field, and became stuck.  After a short foot pursuit CO Cardenas took the suspect into custody. When the suspect was identified it was revealed he had multiple arrest warrants and was on probation.  Further investigation on the ORV revealed it was stolen several months prior.  The subject was lodged on the warrants and charges related to the pursuit.  The stolen ORV investigation is continuing.

CO Casey Varriale received a complaint from CO Justin Ulberg regarding a deer that was shot with a gun within the city limits of Walker in Kent County.  CO Varriale interviewed witnesses in the neighborhood and eventually made contact with the suspect.  The suspect stated he commonly practices dry firing his rifle on the deer that walk around the neighborhood.  The suspect stated he commonly puts the crosshairs of his scope on a deer and will “dry fire” the rifle.  The suspect admitted on this particular day he did not check if the gun was unloaded and shot a live round at the deer, killing it.   The investigation has been submitted to the prosecutor’s office for possible formal charges. 

District​ 8

CO Mike Drexler responded to a Livingston County Dispatch complaint where a subject shot two antlerless deer from his residence. CO Drexler and a Livingston County Sheriff’s deputy responded to the scene and located two freshly killed antlerless deer.  Contact was made with the shooter who stated he had licenses to take the deer.  CO Drexler pointed out that the season ended ten days prior and the subject was hunting within several safety zones.  The deer were seized and donated, and the case will be submitted to the Livingston County Prosecutor’s office.

CO Mike Drexler observed a vehicle in Washtenaw County pass three vehicles in a no passing zone and attempted to initiate a traffic stop.  The vehicle continued at a high rate of speed eluding CO Drexler. Shortly into the pursuit the vehicle crashed and rolled several times.  The operator was ejected, and the passenger was not injured. The operator was taken to University of Michigan Hospital and was stable but in intensive care with many broken bones.  A search warrant was obtained for blood to determine blood alcohol content and served at the hospital.  The case will be forwarded to the Washtenaw County Prosecutor’s office for felony flee and elude, reckless driving, etc.

CO Mike Drexler responded to an anonymous complaint of a subject keeping a wild opossum as a pet.  When CO Drexler arrived, the mother of the listed suspect stated they had a squirrel they were rehabilitating as it was caught in their friend’s basement.  CO Drexler contacted a licensed rehabilitator in Washtenaw County for guidance and the squirrel was released in the subject’s back wood lot.  A verbal warning was issued for possessing wildlife in captivity.

CO Andrew Monnich received a call from a local land owner who stated that they had two trail cameras stolen and had a picture of the suspect.  CO Monnich recognized the individual and contacted the suspect who was angry and defensive.  After the suspect was shown the picture, he denied the trespassing, but during a fit of rage admitted it was him and then stopped talking.  Charges will be requested through the Lenawee County Prosecutor’s office.

CO Wellman was patrolling when he noticed a small beagle on the edge of the road.  CO Wellman got out of his patrol truck and saw two additional beagles.  All three dogs looked very tired and dirty.  CO Wellman followed the dogs on foot for a distance and finally was able to get the dogs to come to him.  CO Wellman called the person listed on one of the dog’s collars and located the owner.  A local hounds-hunter had been missing the dogs and met CO Wellman to retrieve his lost hounds.

CO Nick Wellman was following a truck on a road in north-eastern Branch County when the driver of the vehicle blew right through a stop sign.  CO Wellman initiated a traffic stop.  As CO Wellman approached the vehicle, the driver was yelling that his wife was having a heart attack.  CO Wellman looked into the vehicle and could tell the passenger was most definitely having health issues.  CO Wellman called for EMS, took vital signs and attempted to stabilize the female until the medical personnel arrived on scene.  The woman was transported to Coldwater ProMedica Hospital and was in stable condition.

CO Nick Wellman assisted Coldwater Police Department (PD), MS, and Branch County Sheriff’s Department with a search of a man who had stolen property early in the morning and then ran from police when they attempted to make contact.  MSP’s K9 was brought to the scene and located the subject who had slipped while running in a warehouse’s back yard and fallen in between heavy rolls of plastic.  The man had been down in the crevasse for several hours and was unconscious and hypothermic.  The man was wedged in a manner that he couldn’t be immediately removed.  After some short deliberation, it was determined that the man needed to be removed quickly.  CO Wellman and an officer with Coldwater PD, got down into the gap and were able to eventually pick the man out of the gap and handed to officers above.  The man was airlifted to the hospital where he was treated and later release to the county jail.

CO Shannon Kritz was patrolling the Tamarack SGA in Eaton County when she came across a parked truck in a secluded area.  The truck appeared to have been there for a while, so she ran the vehicle’s Vehicle Identification Number through dispatch.  The truck came back stolen out of Lansing and had been missing for approximately two weeks.  CO Kritz coordinated with Lansing PD and was able to reunite the truck with the registered owners.

CO Katie Stawara investigated a complaint of an individual suspected of shooting three antlered deer during the firearm season.  At the residence, the CO located three deer matching the description of those provided by the complainant.  Two were tagged using combo tags while the third was not.  Unable to contact the suspect, CO Stawara returned the next day only to find the untagged deer had been removed.  An interview was conducted, and the suspect stated she was suffering from vertigo and could not remember the details of the day the third antlered deer was shot.  She admitted it could be a possibility that she thought the buck was a doe and shot it on accident.  A warrant is being sought for an over limit of antlered deer.

District​ 9

CO Brad Silorey and PCO Jaime Salisbury conducted a taxidermy inspection this week in Macomb County.  After inspecting several hundred antler racks and other wildlife, CO Silorey and PCO Salisbury identified ten racks that require further investigation.  The following day CO Silorey and PCO Salisbury interviewed two different subjects who both confessed to illegally taking the deer without having kill-tags.  Seven different subjects are still under investigation, and charges are being sought with the prosecutor’s office on the two subjects who were already interviewed.  

CO Nick Ingersoll was just starting his shift when he observed a vehicle pass him at a high rate of speed. After CO Ingersoll caught up to the vehicle is was determined that she was going 95-mph in a 70-mph zone. CO Ingersoll stopped the vehicle and questioned the driver on why she was in such a rush, and she stated she was late for work. After CO Ingersoll checked her driving status it was determined that she was also suspended out of Michigan and Ohio. The driver also had multiple warrants for her arrest. The driver was lodged by Huron Township PD for her warrants.

CO Christopher Knights was on patrol in an area frequented by ORVs on International Transmission Company property.   CO Knights noticed halogen lights on the trail headed his way.  After a few minutes, two side-by-sides approached CO Knights.  Just before they got to him, CO Knights activated his emergency lights and attempted to stop them.  As soon as CO Knights activated his lights, both side-by-sides turned around and took off.  CO Knights was able to stop one ORV.  CO Knights advised the operator of the trespassing and the ORV laws he was violating by operating on the roads.  CO Knights issued a citation for recreational trespassing and warnings for operating on the public highway. CO Knights was able to get a name for the other ORV operator for follow up investigation.

CO Jacob Griffin and PCO Brandon Vacek received information regarding a hunting site with a large amount of bait and a blind illegally placed on state land in Oakland County.  The COs investigated the hunting site to discover an illegally placed ground blind, an unmarked tree stand, several cut trees, multiple devices screwed into various trees, illegal tube style feeders, and multiple bait piles all exceeding the bait limit.  PCO Vacek and CO Griffin contacted the responsible subject the following day while the subject was in the act of hunting.  The subject admitted he knew he was responsible for two of the violations.  PCO Vacek educated the subject on all the violations present and enforcement action was taken.

CO Jacob Griffin was traveling through a village in Oakland County when a vehicle approached very rapidly from behind.  The subject in the vehicle accelerated and passed CO Griffin in a no passing zone in the village while exceeding the speed limit.  Upon witnessing this, CO Griffin conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle.  During the traffic stop, the subject admitted to CO Griffin she was late for work and what she did was irresponsible.  The CO educated the subject on the safety concerns regarding her actions and enforcement action was taken.

Belle Isle

While on Belle Isle COs Richard Stowe and Joseph Deppen received complaints about dogs running loose on the North end of the island.  COs Deppen and Stowe met the complainants and they gave a description of the dogs and their owner.  The complainants were also upset that one of the dogs stole his lunch.  COs Deppen and Stowe conducted a foot patrol and found two dogs running around and an owner not far behind.  The dogs nipped at other leashed dogs and the owner had a difficult time getting her dogs under control.  After thirty minutes, the dogs were back on leashes and enforcement action was taken. 

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