2/24/2019 - 3/10/2019

Law Enforcement Division, Bi-Weekly Report

District 1

Conservation Officer (CO) Cody Smith was on patrol when he noticed a vehicle parked on the side of the road with the hazards on.  After approaching the vehicle, CO Smith learned that the vehicles fuel had gelled up and they were trying to get a tow through their insurance company.  CO Smith waited with the vehicle being that it was -7 degrees and dropping, to ensure the occupants did not freeze.  CO Smith continued his patrol when a tow company responded to the scene.

CO John Kamps and Sergeant (Sgt.) Mark Leadman responded to numerous complaints of a large moose lying in the middle of snowmobile Trail 5 in northern Marquette County.  The officers located the moose in poor health and unable to stand up or get off the snowmobile trail.  Wildlife Division personnel were informed of the situation and the moose was euthanized and removed for safety reasons.

CO Josh Boudreaux followed up on a snowmobile trespass complaint in Ishpeming Township after being contacted by a Michigan State Police (MSP) trooper who took the initial complaint.  The complainant stated snowmobilers had been riding the powerlines directly behind their residence, even though they had signs posted stating “No Trespassing”.  CO Boudreaux snowshoed down the powerlines and discovered the snow was so deep that the signs, which had been placed 4’ above ground level, were completely buried in the snow.  CO Boudreaux relayed the information to the complainant who stated he would get new signs in place so that they were visible.

CO Dave Miller and PCO (Probationary Conservation Officer) Cole VanOosten responded to a call around 11:30 p.m. Thursday of a stranded couple who had made a wrong turn down an abandoned snowmobile trail near Moose Mountain in the three lakes area of Baraga County.  The couple had gone a couple miles before realizing they were not on a groomed snowmobile trail when they tried to turn their snowmobiles around in a cedar swamp.  Both snowmobiles got stuck in waste deep snow left from the recent blizzard.  The COs collaborated with local search and rescue volunteers and MSP.  The officers rode their sleds down a powerline until they found the lost couple’s tracks.  The officers followed the tracks until they came across the couple who had been walking for a short time.  Walking in the deep snow was nearly impossible.  The officers were able to give both subjects a ride back to Ruth Lake Road where searchers were staged.  The couple sustained no injuries and were returned to their hotel by the search and rescue team.

COs Jennifer Hanson, Zach Painter, Brian Lasanen, Doug Hermanson, Cody Smith, Dave Miller, PCO Cole VanOosten and Sgt Marc Pomroy patrolled Houghton and Keweenaw Counties during the Copper Dog 150 Sled Race.  The officers patrolled the groomed snowmobile trail system in both counties for safety issues with snowmobiles and the dog race teams that were jointly utilizing the trail system.

CO Boudreaux attended a special event at Lakeview Elementary School in Negaunee where community members came to classrooms to read to students and tell a little bit about what their jobs entail.  The students were very engaged, enjoying the books, and had a lot of great questions and stories to share throughout the afternoon.

COs Smith and Boudreaux patrolled Keweenaw Bay for fishing activity.  Many anglers were contacted throughout the afternoon, with little fishing success to be seen.  In addition to the anglers, COs contacted a few individuals working to chip their permanent shanties out of the slushy ice prior to the March 31st deadline for shanty removal in the Upper Peninsula.

CO Smith was on patrol when a call came across the radio of an in-progress breaking and entering.  CO Smith responded to the scene, along with Keweenaw Bay Tribal Police as well as an MSP trooper.  The individual had fled the scene after causing significant damage to the resident’s vehicle.

COs Lasanen and Hermanson conducted a snowmobile patrol in Keweenaw County checking several snowmobilers enjoying the off trail back country riding.  Good compliance was found with multiple groups checked in remote areas.

While on patrol in Gogebic County, CO Painter observed a snowmobile fail to yield at a stop sign.  When he attempted to stop the operator, he fled at a high rate of speed.  CO Painter got the snowmobiler stopped at an intersection approximately one mile down the snowmobile trail and asked him if he saw his emergency lights and he stated that he thought he was just being given a warning.  Enforcement action was taken for careless operation of a snowmobile, no trail permit, and failure to stop for an officer.

CO Painter was on patrol in Ontonagon County checking ice anglers on Lake Superior.  CO Painter observed a subject catch a coho and throw it on the ice.  CO Painter contacted the subject and asked him for a fishing license.  The subject was found to be fishing without a license and had a misdemeanor warrant for his arrest.  CO Painter lodged the subject in the Ontonagon County jail and enforcement action was taken for fishing without a license.

CO Painter was on patrol in Ontonagon County and responded to a snowmobile vs. vehicle accident.  CO Painter assisted on the scene until Emergency Medical Services (EMS) arrived to transport the operator of the snowmobile to the hospital.  The operator of the snowmobile sustained minor injuries.

District​ 2

CO Justin Vinson and a deputy from the Luce County Sheriff's Office patrolled Luce County for snowmobile activity.  The two officers were monitoring an intersection when they heard what sounded to be like sleds racing on a nearby road.  Upon investigation the officers observed a man, not wearing a helmet, doing doughnuts on a snowmobile in the roadway.  The man was stopped and it was discovered that he was also operating on a suspended license, was under the influence of alcohol, and had an outstanding warrant from the 92nd District Court.  Law enforcement action was taken.

COs Robert Freeborn and Mike Evink were called out in the middle of the night to search for a missing snowmobiler.  At approximately 3:15 a.m. a group of snowmobilers contacted 911 stating that they lost one of their snowmobile party members.  They believed he had missed a turn on the trail.  The group stopped for a break and when their cohort didn’t arrive, they choose to continue and not look for their buddy.  They continued 20 plus miles to where they were staying and contacted dispatch.  Dispatch was able to ping his phone from three hours earlier and were able to use the information to determine a direction of travel.  As the officers prepared to launch their sleds, they received a call from dispatch stating that a gas station clerk arrived at work to find a man sleeping on the ground in front of the gas station doors.  His description matched that of the abandoned snowmobiler.  MSP was able to respond to the scene and confirm the snowmobiler was safe, but cold.

CO Calvin Smith was dispatched to a single snowmobile accident in northern Chippewa County.  CO Smith was the first to arrive and rendered first aid to the victim who was suffering from a broken left arm.  The snowmobiler had been operating off-trail when he hit a hidden object under the snow and was thrown from his sled hitting a tree.  CO Smith stayed with the victim until EMS arrived and transported him to Helen Newberry Joy Hospital for further treatment.

Lieutenant. (Lt.) Skip Hagy attended a Snowmobile Advisory Workgroup meeting in Sault Ste Marie and along with Corporal John Morey from the Recreational Safety Section gave a presentation of the Division’s snowmobile enforcement efforts for the season.

CO Steve Butzin was patrolling the Hyde area when he encountered several lost snowmobile riders.  CO Butzin assisted the riders in getting to their destination.

CO Colton Gelinas received a call from Mackinac County Deputy Jeremey Gagnon referencing a lost snowmobiler on Big Manistique Lake in Mackinac County.  Due to blizzard conditions the snowmobiler was separated from the group on the lake and could not find their way back to shore.  CO Gelinas and Deputy Gagnon canvassed the shoreline in hopes of finding the lost snowmobiler.  Deputy Gagnon was able to locate the snowmobiler at a vacant summer home on the lake.  The snowmobiler was reunited with the group and advised to stay off the lakes until the storm passed.

COs Gelinas, Vinson, and Cole VanOosten met with fifth and sixth graders at Engadine Consolidated Schools.  The COs answered questions the students had and explained the job duties a conservation officer has in the State of Michigan.

COs Gelinas, Smith, and Vinson patrolled Mackinac Island on snowmobiles.  The COs contacted numerous snowmobilers regarding trail permit issues, registration violations, and fishing without a license.  Law enforcement action was taken.

CO Gelinas was on patrol in Mackinac County when he observed two snowmobiles without trail permits or registration.  CO Gelinas stopped the snowmobilers who explained they had custom registration stickers coming and did not want to put the registration stickers they had on their snowmobiles.  The snowmobilers also failed to attach their trail permits to their snowmobiles.  Law enforcement action was taken.

Sgt. Jerry Fitzgibbon was headed to a training session in Marquette when near the Alger/Marquette County line he came upon an MSP trooper beginning Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) on a female that he made a traffic stop on.  Sgt. Fitzgibbon immediately pulled over to assist the trooper as he was administering CPR.  Based on their training and experience, the officers suspected it to be related to a narcotic overdose.  The trooper administered Narcan, continued CPR, and by the time paramedics arrived and began their transport the victim had a pulse and was breathing on her own.  It is believed she will likely survive.

District​ 3

CO Andrea Erratt patrolled over 110 miles on her snowmobile and checked snowmobilers in Antrim, Charlevoix, and Cheboygan Counties.  One snowmobile owner had attached the bottom half of a snowmobile trail permit, which consisted of placement instructions, onto his windshield.  He said he knew he needed a trail permit but had not gone to town, so he stuck the orange sticker above his headlight.  Another snowmobile operator had an expired 2017 trail permit.  Both snowmobile owners were ticketed for operating their snowmobiles without trail permits.

CO Adam LeClerc was on snowmobile patrol in Emmet County when he came across multiple ice shanties flipped on their sides due to the recent wind storm.  CO LeClerc was able to gather the information off the shanties and contact the owners to notify them of their condition.

While working a group snowmobile patrol in northern Emmet County, COs Duane Budreau and Chad Baldwin stopped a group of snowmobilers for operating off the designated trail.  After contacting the operators, the COs determined that one of the machines was not registered.  The owner of the snowmobile immediately blamed the dealership and service department for not renewing the registration prior to releasing it from summer storage.  Enforcement action was taken, and a citation was issued for the expired registration.

COs Erratt, Andrea Albert, Budreau, Baldwin, Adam Leclerc, Ethen Mapes, PCO Jackie Miskovich, and Sgt. William Webster conducted a sound enforcement patrol in northern Emmet County.  The COs made many stops during the patrol.  During the sound enforcement patrol, 11 citations were given for exceeding the allotted noise level.  The local community in Pellston were very pleased to have the COs in the area enforcing the noise issues.  There were citations issued for other violations with a total of 21 citation being issued.  The COs also gave 17 warnings for multiple other violations.

COs Budreau, Baldwin, and Sgt. Webster were patrolling the Chandler Hills area on snowmobiles when the COs stopped near a large open area, they noticed a coyote running across the field.  A second later they heard two gunshots, but they were not able to see the person who was shooting.  The COs checked the area and located hound hunters and the hunter who was shooting was wearing snow camouflage.  When the hunter was questioned about not wearing hunter orange, he said she forgot it and didn’t have any.  Enforcement action pending.

CO Mapes and PCO Miskovich gave a presentation at Baker College to a Criminal Justice in Society class.  They presented about who Michigan conservation officers are and what they do.  PCO Miskovich also talked about the hiring process for becoming a conservation officer and what academy life was like.

CO Matt Theunick was checking snowmobiles near an intersection in Cheboygan County when he observed a snowmobiler operating carelessly.  The snowmobiler failed to stop at several stop signs while operating at a high rate of speed.  Enforcement action was taken.

Area 2 COs conducted a snowmobile noise patrol in the Wolverine area.  Snowmobiles were checked for excessive noise.  Approximately 400 snowmobiles were contacted throughout the patrol.  Tickets for excessive noise, expired registration, and no trail permit were issues.  Several warnings were issued as well.

COs Eric Bottorff and Theunick patrolled the Pigeon River State Forest on snowmobiles.  The COs conducted a surveillance patrol at Inspiration Point, which is a closed area frequented by elk with a history of snowmobile complaints and violations.  Six subjects entered the closed area, driving within several feet of ‘No Snowmobile’ signs.  The subjects were all stopped and cited for the violations.

CO Bottorff responded to a deer complaint in Cheboygan County where the deer had been injured by coyotes and worked its way under a resident’s porch before dying.  The deer was located and removed from the property.

CO Kyle Cherry was dispatched to check on a woman in Otsego County who had not been heard from by her sister for an unusually long time.  The woman lived in a remote area and the sister was worried about her safety after the severe blizzard weather Otsego County had experienced.  CO Cherry responded to the home and was able to contact the woman.  CO Cherry verified that she was in good health and discovered she had just been without power for a considerable time.

CO Cherry and Sgt. Mark DePew responded to several snowmobile accidents both on the Otsego County trails and at the local hospital.  No crashes were life-threatening but several included injuries such as broken bones.

CO Tom Oberg was on patrol when central dispatch advised of a suicidal subject.  CO Oberg happened to be only minutes from the address.  CO Oberg arrived on scene and was able to make entry into the residence.  CO Oberg located the subject lying on a couch, who was still slightly conscious.  CO Oberg requested EMS to the scene.  The subject stated she had taken a whole bottle of sleeping pills.  CO Oberg continued to talk with the subject attempting to keep her from falling asleep until responding agencies and EMS arrived.  The subject was transported to Otsego Memorial Hospital.

CO Jon Sklba responded to a complaint in Montmorency County by a land owner who had evidence that someone trespassed and harvested an animal from his property.  CO Sklba responded to the area and was able to determine that a deer had been shot and taken from the complainant’s property.  CO Sklba was able to track down the responsible party, approximately a mile away, who admitted to shooting the deer the day prior.  The subject stated that he and his father agreed that they could use more deer meat to have a taco salad bar for a graduation party.  The subject along with a friend had trespassed on the property of another and shot a deer in March.  Charges are pending once approved by the prosecutor’s office.

COs Sidney Collins and Jessica Curtis were first on scene to a rear-end vehicle accident in Otsego county.  The subjects were uninjured.  It was found that one driver was distracted and did not provide for enough stopping time.  The same driver also had expired license plate registration.  Enforcement action was taken.

CO Collins assisted Wildlife Division with inspection of a decommissioned Privately Owned Cervidae facility.  There were no Whitetail deer present in the enclosure.  The ranch will continue the decommission process by taking down the fence.

CO Paul Fox attended a large career fair in Gaylord.  Hundreds of people were in attendance.  CO Fox provided information about careers as a conservation officer as well as other career options within the DNR.

CO Fox was on patrol near Atlanta when he observed a snowmobiler lose control of his snowmobile in a ditch and collide with a tree.  Fortunately, no injuries were sustained.  CO Fox took the report for the accident and damaged snowmobile.

CO Curtis received a tip of a subject feeding deer at his hunting blinds in southern Alpena County.  Upon further investigation, CO Curtis found multiple snares on the property, due to recent snowfall it was apparent that the snares had not been checked within the last two days.  The snares were also left out past the season end date.  The subject had two different trapper’s information on the trap tags of some snares.  CO Curtis located the trappers and enforcement action is pending.

District​ 4

CO William Haskin was investigating an individual who was thought to purchase an over-limit of deer combination hunting licenses.  A check was done showing the purchases.  CO Haskin was able to find that the individual shot a deer and then purchased two more tags.  CO Haskin was also able to find that the individual shot an antlered whitetail deer in bow season with a muzzleloader.  Charges are pending in the Wexford County and Grand Traverse County Prosecutor’s Offices.

CO Haskin had an individual suspected of shooting a deer on the opening day of deer season and then purchasing a license.  After an investigation and interview were completed, the individual admitted to shooting a deer on the opening day of firearm deer season and then purchasing a license.  Charges are pending at the Grand Traverse Prosecutors’ Office.

CO Rebecca Hubers attended the Benzie County Ducks Unlimited fundraiser and met with approximately 50 members of the constituent group.

CO Hubers responded to a complaint of an owl that had entered a bird pen on three consecutive nights and killed several of the complainant’s doves and pigeons.  CO Hubers inspected the enclosure and was unable to find an obvious entry point.  CO Hubers removed the owl from the enclosure and contacted the local raptor rehabilitator for relocation guidance, to reduce the likelihood of the owl returning to the pen to prey on more captive birds.  The Barred owl was released without incident on the other side of the county.

CO Patrick McManus assisted the Leelanau County Sheriff’s Office with numerous rural policing complaints.  First, CO McManus was requested to assist in locating a suicidal subject who had left their home with a weapon and walked into the woods, wearing nothing more than pajamas and tennis shoes.  The subject was finally located after two hours of searching and agreed to comply with local law enforcement to seek treatment.

CO Rich Stowe participated in a career day event at the Traverse City High School with 95 students in attendance.

CO Stowe attended the Lake Trout Regulations meeting in Grand Traverse with 120 people present to provide input.

CO Stowe made a presentation to 40 Boy Scouts who were attending the annual Merit Badge Tech Workshop in Traverse City.

CO Stowe attended the National Wild Turkey event in Williamsburg with 110 people in attendance.

COs Josiah Killingbeck, Kyle Publiski, Ryan Andrews, Scott MacNeill, Sam Koscinski, PCO Josh Reed, and Sgt. Grant Emery conducted a very productive joint snowmobile/ sound enforcement patrol with the Lake County Sheriff’s Department.  Over 300 snowmobilers were contacted throughout the day; 72 warnings were given for various snowmobile violations, along with 35 citations for excessive noise, careless snowmobile operations, trail permit, and snowmobile registration violations.  In addition to the three individuals who were lodged in the Lake County jail for operating a snowmobile with their driver’s license is suspended.

CO Killingbeck and PCO Reed received a call from Lake County Dispatch of a snowmobiler that was having a medical emergency on a snowmobile trail in rural Lake County.  The snowmobiler was reportedly unresponsive, and EMS was unable to get near the patient due to inaccessible roads.  The COs learned while responding that EMS was attempting to hike an unplowed road towards the patient.  CO Killingbeck and PCO Reed, knowing that the unplowed road was not passible due to deep snow, used their knowledge of the area and drove down a snowmobile trail that led to the area where the patient was located.  The COs were able to locate the victim who had regained consciousness but was having difficulty breathing and chest pain.  The COs loaded the patient into their patrol truck and drove him several miles to meet EMS where the patient was transported to the hospital.

CO Killingbeck and PCO Reed were participating in a group snowmobile patrol when a snowmobile was observed with no registration decal displayed.  Contact was made with the operator, and upon further investigation, it was discovered that the snowmobile had been purchased several months ago but the ownership had not been transferred.  Upon requesting a driver’s license, the operator handed the COs a driver’s license that was expired.  PCO Reed asked the subject if he had a valid driver’s license and the subject said, “I think so.”  It was discovered that the subject’s driver’s license was suspended.  The operator was arrested and lodged in the Lake County jail.

CO Killingbeck and PCO Reed were on patrol when they observed several snowmobilers disregard a stop sign.  Contact was made with the operators and one subject produced an identification card.  The COs asked the operator if he had a valid driver’s license and the subject said that his license was suspended but that did not matter because he knew he could operate a snowmobile.  The COs discovered that the subject was driving on a suspended driver license from numerous drunk driving convictions.  The subject was arrested and lodged in the Lake County jail.

CO MacNeill patrolled a snowmobile trail in Manistee County that parallels a county road, checking for snowmobile speed violations.  While enforcing the speed limit on the county road, multiple snowmobilers fled when CO MacNeill attempted to stop them after tracking speeds near 80 mph with a radar unit.  CO MacNeill was able to contact one of the operators and obtain identification information on the other snowmobile operators that fled the area.  Charges are being sought through the Manistee County Prosecutor’s Office.  Enforcement action was taken, along with several other snowmobile related violations throughout the day on this stretch of trail.

CO Jeff Ginn contacted a snowmobile at a local gas station that was operationing without a valid trail permit.  The operator of the snowmobile saw the CO and immediately purchased a valid one.  A verbal warning was provided to the operator. 

CO Ginn immediately responded to a Report All Poaching (RAP) complaint late in the evening about a tree that had fallen across a designated snowmobile trail in Newaygo County and was at head height.  CO Ginn immediately contacted the snowmobilers that made the complaint.  They were from out-of-state but provided CO Ginn with excellent directions to the location.  The snowmobile operator informed CO Ginn that he was able to duck under the limb, but it destroyed his windshield.  CO Ginn responded by snowmobile to the location and was able to locate the fallen tree.  CO Ginn utilized an axe to remove the hazardous tree from the trail.

District​ 5

While patrolling on snowmobile in Kalkaska Township, CO Mike Hearn observed four snowmobiles operating on the railroad tracks in a remote area of state land.  The four out-of-state operators were contacted after being observed riding on the tracks for nearly two miles.  The operators were cited for railroad trespass and appearance bonds was secured.  Additionally, during the investigation it was found that one of the subjects had a suspended license and an out-of-range warrant for not appearing in court on a previous suspended license arrest.  That individual was taken into custody for Driving While License Suspended and lodged in the Kalkaska County jail.

After sunset, CO Hearn passed two snowmobiles headed in the opposite direction in Coldsprings Township of Kalkaska County.  When they passed, CO Hearn observed one of the machines had no taillight.  Upon turning around to make a stop, the lead machine started rapidly accelerating.  Using radar, the snowmobile was found to be operating 73 mph in a 55-mph area.  A traffic stop was conducted, and a subsequent investigation found the lead operator to be under the influence of both alcohol and drugs.  The second snowmobile was being operated by the suspect’s 12-year-old son.  With the assistance of Kalkaska County Sheriff’s Office, the juvenile was taken to a friend’s residence for the night.  The suspect was transported to the Kalkaska County jail where he refused a chemical test.  A warrant was secured, and blood samples were obtained at Munson Hospital.  The suspect was lodged for Operating While Impaired.

COs John Huspen, Chuck McPherson, and PCO Nathan Beelman participated in a career day at Roscommon High School.  They made six presentations to groups of high school students on how to become a conservation officer, the duties for the career, and answered many questions from the students.  The groups seemed very interested in the career field with some stating that they wanted to be a CO in the future.

CO McPherson and PCO Beelman assisted in a bear den check with Wildlife Division.  The COs assisted in removing the bear and three cubs from the den.  The radio collar was changed, and measurements were taken of all four bears.  All four bears were healthy and were returned to the den without incident.

CO Charles Jones was dispatched to a stranded ice angler on Lake Skegemog in Kalkaska County.  Due to blizzard-like conditions the angler was unable to navigate off the ice.  CO Jones and MSP Trooper Jason Darling responded to the lake boat launch.  CO Jones used his patrol snowmobile to retrieve the angler off the ice.  With almost zero visibility, Trooper Darling used his overhead emergency lights as a reference point back to shore and angler was transported safely back to shore.

CO Jones was on patrol near Fife Lake in Grand Traverse County when he observed a snowmobile operator driving at a high rate of speed across the lake without a helmet or trail permit.  CO Jones contacted the individual at the boat launch.  After running the subject through dispatch, it was determined that the subject had two outstanding arrest warrants out of Grand Traverse County.  The subject was taken into custody and transported to the Grand Traverse County jail.

CO Kyle Bader and PCO Timothy Barboza observed a snowmobile jumping snow banks on the shoulder of a somewhat heavily traveled road in Ogemaw County.  The snowmobile operator crossed the road multiple times before he decided to just drive down the center of the roadway for a few hundred yards.  The road surface in this area was dry pavement.  The operator nearly rear-ended a car that was traveling on the road.  The COs activated their emergency lights and siren.  The operator turned around to look at the patrol vehicle, then sped off down a side street.  The COs followed for a short time, and then located snowmobile tracks in the snow, leading to a residence.  COs, along with Ogemaw County Sheriff deputies, tried to talk the man out of the residence.  When the COs left to secure a search warrant, the man finally decided to come out and talk.  Enforcement action was taken.

While patrolling Ogemaw County late one night during an ice storm, CO Bader and PCO Barboza came up on a car that had slid off the road and was stuck in a field.  The COs stopped to check on the driver.  When they approached the vehicle, they could see that the interior lights and windshield wipers were on, and the vehicle was running.  Closer observation revealed that the front wheels were spinning.  The side windows were iced over, but the COs expected to find a driver inside trying to dislodge the vehicle from the snow.  When the COs checked closer, they were surprised to find a completely vacant vehicle, in gear, with the doors locked.  To make matters worse, the falling snow had all but covered up any tracks leading away from the vehicle.  The vehicle was turned over to MSP.

CO Brad Bellville and PCO Todd Sumbera responded to a snowmobile accident in Ogemaw County.  The COs were the first unit to arrive on scene and began assessing the victim’s injuries as well as the crash scene.  The victim had been drinking alcohol with friends and attempted to travel back across the frozen lake when the crash occurred.  While operating at a high rate of speed, he lost control of the snowmobile which rolled onto its side.  He was thrown from the snowmobile and suffered extensive lacerations to his head with major bleeding.  Paramedics transported the victim via ambulance to Mid-Michigan Hospital in West Branch.  A blood draw was conducted before the man was eventually transported to a Midland County hospital for emergency plastic surgery.  A thorough investigation revealed careless/reckless operation of a snowmobile and possible operation while intoxicated.  The COs are awaiting lab results before finalizing charges with the Ogemaw County Prosecutor’s Office.

CO Ethan Gainforth conducted a fur kit presentation at the Clare Primary School for multiple fourth grade classes.  Approximately 60 students attended the presentation.  March is reading month at the school and the students had picked invasive species to research and conduct reports on.  CO Gainforth spoke about the importance of education and how it directly impacts hunting and fishing in Michigan while protecting against invasive species.  Other topics of discussion included trapping and how it is a very valuable management tool.

CO Phil Hudson and PCO Noah Thompson were contacted late in the evening by the Arenac County Sheriff’s Office requesting assistance.  Deputies were investigating a breaking and entering complaint and could not reach the cabin due to its remote location and the amount of snow cover.  The COs picked up their patrol snowmobiles and responded to the area.  They escorted the deputies to the location on snowmobiles and assisted them with collecting evidence.  The deputies have identified a suspect and charges are being sought through the Arenac County Prosecutor’s Office.

CO Mark Papineau completed an investigation regarding several deer that had been taken without licenses since 2017.  CO Papineau received a tip regarding a subject that had been hunting without a license for several years and each year he had reportedly shot deer without a license.  The investigation lead CO Papineau to an 8-point buck that had been shot during the muzzleloader season in 2017.  Investigation revealed that the buck was shot on private property in Iosco County, and after numerous taxidermy inspections, records were discovered for the deer.  With assistance from CO Bellville, the records were reviewed and revealed that the buck had been tagged with another hunter’s license.  In addition, records were discovered revealing a 9-point buck shot in 2018, also without a license.  An interview was conducted, and confessions were obtained.  According to the subject, the 2017 buck was shot on private land in Iosco County without a license and a tag was borrowed.  The 2018 buck was shot on private land in Ogemaw County and a license was purchased after the fact.  Numerous warrants are being sought through both the Ogemaw and Iosco County Prosecutor’s Offices.

CO Steve Lockwood was patrolling rural Gladwin County when a vehicle passed him at an extremely high rate of speed.  Thankfully, the operator slowed down for a stop sign a couple miles down the road and CO Lockwood was able to catch up to the vehicle.  The operator was estimated to be travelling at well over 100 mph.  The operator explained to CO Lockwood that he was running late for a union meeting.  Enforcement action was taken.

District​ 6

CO Josh Jackson was patrolling state land in the Edmore State Game Area (SGA) for Off Road Vehicle (ORV) activity.  The local COs have noticed several ORV tracks recently in the area and on state lands.  CO Jackson hid his patrol truck along a utility trail and waited for activity.  Within an hour of waiting, two ORVs entered upon the lands and began riding on the state property.  The CO made contact with the operators and advised them that they were in violation of a state administrative rule.  The riders were cited for operating ORVs within the SGA.

CO Josh Russell was on patrol in the Edmore SGA in Montcalm County when he observed a subject urinating near a parked vehicle.  While the CO made contact, he observed the subject remove a beer can from the dash of the vehicle.  CO Russell asked about the beer can and was given permission to check the vehicle.  When CO Russell located the beer can, the subject insisted he was on his way to his fishing spot and had to urinate.  A citation for open intoxicants in a motor vehicle was issued.

CO Russell and PCO Dan Liestenfeltz were checking anglers on Big Whitefish Lake in Montcalm County when they encountered subjects fishing next to an unregistered ORV.  The COs asked the operator if he had an ORV sticker for the machine.  The subject stated he did not and that the machine was his father’s.  He knew he needed the sticker but risked it until he got caught.  A citation for failing to license the ORV was issued.

COs Jason King, Quincy Gowenlock, Adam Beuthin, Jill Miller, and PCO Adam Schiller conducted a group snowmobile patrol on the Kawkawlin River and Saginaw Bay in Bay County.  Citations were issued for no snowmobile trail permits, failure to register snowmobile and no ORV sticker.  Verbal warnings were issued for improper display of snowmobile registration and riding double on an ORV.  Good contacts were also made throughout the patrol.

COs Robert Hobkirk and Kyle Bucholtz checked multiple anglers on Saginaw Bay.  One subject was found to be in possession of an over-limit of walleye.  Through an investigation, it was determined the subject was in possession of his limit and a second subject’s limit.  The second subject was found to be having snowmobile issues and turned his limit over to the first subject for transportation to shore.  The anglers were educated on the possession law and given a verbal warning.

COs Hobkirk, Jason Smith, Mark Siemen, Seth Rhodea, and PCOs Jon Sheppard and Tom Peterson conducted a plain clothes patrol checking coyote hunters.  In an unmarked vehicle the COs contacted several groups of hunters.  Two uncased guns in a motor vehicle violation were found as well as a loaded firearm in a motor vehicle.  Citations were written for the three violations.

While conducting an ice fishing patrol on snowmobiles at Vanderbilt Park, CO  Hobkirk and PCO Sheppard contacted many anglers on the ice.  They found one person who was fishing with too many lines and another that failed to purchase an ORV sticker.  Citations were written for both violations.

While conducting fishing checks along the Saginaw Bay shoreline, CO Rhodea and PCO Peterson made contact with a group of individuals who were returning from fishing.  One angler was found to not have a valid fishing license.  The individual was in possession of six yellow perch; he was cited for the violation and the perch were seized.  During the same patrol another group of anglers were contacted.  Multiple violations were noted.  One individual was in possession of one perch over his legal limit and one undersized walleye.  The angler was cited for the undersized walleye and warned about the over limit of perch.  The two other individuals in the group were cited for no helmet on an ORV and warned for riding double on ORV.

While conducting fishing checks in Tuscola County, CO Rhodea and PCO Peterson made a stop on an individual for expired snowmobile registration.  Upon further investigation the COs discovered the individual was operating on a suspended license.  After running the vehicle identification number on the snowmobile through LEIN the officers discovered that the snowmobile was in fact stolen in 2015.  The individual was cited for operating a snowmobile while suspended.  The snowmobile was seized, and further charges are pending investigation.

CO Rhodea and PCO Peterson were on patrol in Bay City when they came across a motor vehicle with an expired registration.  The COs activated their emergency lights to initiate a traffic stop.  Upon contact with the driver, he notified the COs that he had multiple warrants, was currently suspended, and had no insurance on the vehicle.  The COs obtained his license, expired registration and confirmed the suspension and warrants with dispatch.  The individual was checked for weapons and gave consent to search the vehicle.  The individual was cited for driving while license suspended and expired registration and was turned over to Bay City Public Safety for his warrants.

While checking coyote hunters in Sanilac County, CO Siemen stopped a vehicle because the driver was observed not wearing a seat belt.  During this contact, CO Siemen explained to the driver that he still needs to wear a seat belt when hunting for coyotes.  After a short conversation CO Siemen asked the driver if he had a firearm in the vehicle.  The driver stated he did and that the firearm was uncased in the back-floorboard area of the truck.  CO Siemen located the firearm and explained to the driver that he cannot transport a firearm uncased in a motor vehicle.  The subject was issued a citation for having an uncased firearm in a motor vehicle, was issued a warning for not wearing his seat belt, and for not having his base license with him while hunting.

While on patrol in Sanilac County, CO Siemen, saw a vehicle stopped at an intersection and could see a subject outside the vehicle working on the front tire.  CO Siemen stopped and asked the subject if he needed any assistance to which the subject replied that he had just purchased the vehicle.  CO Siemen asked him if the vehicle had a license plate and insurance in which the subject replied no to both.  The driver insisted he had 72 hours to get the vehicle home and that insurance was not needed because he had just purchased it.  CO Siemen asked him if he had the title to the vehicle and the driver produced a title that had not been completed and did not show a purchase date.  During the conversation, the subject stated he was only going a couple of miles to get the vehicle home and would park it until he gets all proper paperwork for the vehicle.  CO Siemen gave the subject a warning and advised him to go straight home with the vehicle.  However, 45 minutes later CO Siemen encountered the same vehicle several miles away and initiated a stop.  This time the driver stated he decided to go to his friend’s place in Deckerville.  CO Siemen advised the driver that he was warned about taking the vehicle straight home and asked to see his driver’s license.  It was then revealed that the driver did not have a valid driver’s license and he was issued a citation for not having a valid driver’s license and for no insurance on the vehicle.  A relative was called to drive the vehicle home.  Two days later while patrolling Sanilac County, CO Siemen saw the vehicle again in Carsonville, this time being driven by a woman.  When the driver saw CO Siemen in his patrol truck the driver immediately pulled into a private drive.  CO Siemen observed the passenger exit the vehicle and walk up to the residence.  CO Siemen recognized the passenger as being the subject that was driving the vehicle earlier in the week and who was cited for not having insurance on the vehicle.  CO Siemen asked the female driver for her driver’s license, insurance, and registration.  The driver stated she took the vehicle for a test drive a couple days ago and had just bought the vehicle.  CO Siemen asked her for the title, which was the same title as a few days previous and it had not changed since then.  CO Siemen issued the driver a citation for no insurance.  CO Siemen had the vehicle towed and the driver was advised that she needed to have all the proper paperwork complete and legal before driving the vehicle.

CO Siemen received a complaint from Station 20 about a coyote hunter who had shot at a coyote across the road from a residence and within the homeowner’s safety zone.  CO Siemen responded to the location and while conducting the investigation located two spent shell casings and received photos from the caller of the subject and his truck.  CO Siemen spoke with multiple coyote hunters until he was able to identify who owned the vehicle.  CO Siemen received a call from a subject stating that he heard that a CO was looking for him.  CO Siemen questioned the subject about hunting in the home owner’s safety zone and he stated that it was him and he did not even think about the house when he was shooting at the coyote.  CO Siemen is seeking a warrant for the safety zone violation.

During a group snowmobile patrol along Saginaw Bay, CO Siemen along with other COs in District 6 patrolled the Saginaw Bay checking ice anglers.  During the patrol CO Siemen had contact with many anglers using snowmobiles and ORVs on the ice.  During these contacts CO Siemen issued six citations to ORV operators for not having a valid 2018 ORV license.  Other ORV operators were given warnings for not having the license displayed on the machine.  Additionally, multiple snowmobile operators were given warnings for improper display of the Michigan Registration stickers on their snowmobiles.  Also, during this patrol, CO Siemen stopped and spoke with many anglers that were catching walleye and perch when he observed a tip-up that did not have any information written on it or attached to it.  CO Siemen spoke with the angler and gave him a warning for not having his name and address on the tip-up.

CO Chad Foerster received a RAP complaint referencing an individual who ran down and killed a coyote with his snowmobile.  A full confession was received, complaint and warrant request have been turned into the county prosecutor for review.

CO Joe Myers took the stand this week for an arrest he had back in September of 2018 on an individual who possessed methamphetamines.  The CO was on patrol when a call for a careless driver was dispatched over Gratiot County Central Dispatch.  The vehicle was described as a logging truck with very descriptive markings.  CO Myers located the vehicle, contacted the driver, and noticed a pipe commonly used for methamphetamines.  The driver of the truck was ultimately taken into custody, the vehicle impounded, and an inventory search of the vehicle was conducted exposing several bags of methamphetamine.  The suspect was found guilty by a jury of his own peers.  Sentencing is set for April 2019 via the 29th Circuit Court of Gratiot County.

CO Dan Robinson received a phone call referencing a dead Bald eagle in Gratiot County.  CO Robinson contacted Fish and Wildlife Officer Jeff Hunter and they met at the location to talk with the individual who located the eagle.  It’s believed that the eagle was killed as a result of colliding with overhead power lines.  The bird will be sent for a full necropsy to officially determine the cause of death.

During a snowmobile patrol on the Saginaw Bay, CO Michael Haas and PCO Brandon Vacek witnessed an ORV being operated in an unsafe manner.  The operator of the ORV was performing “doughnuts” around two other individuals that were standing on the ice.  All three gentlemen then hopped on the ORV and sped across the ice.  The COs contacted the men and discovered that none of them had on a required crash helmet, the machine did not have a valid ORV license, and the three men were riding on a machine designed for only one rider.  The group was educated on multiple safety issues and a citation was issued to the operator.

CO Haas and PCO Vacek recently responded to a RAP complaint of a deceased deer strapped to a vehicle on the Central Michigan University campus.  The COs searched the area and were unable to locate the vehicle.  Further investigation of the registered owner turned up an address in nearby Midland County.  The COs contacted CO Myers who interviewed the vehicle owner at their residence.  The deer was determined to have been legally harvested under a crop nuisance permit on the family farm.

CO Haas and PCO Vacek conducted an interview with a hunter who failed to register his harvested bobcat by the mandated deadline.  The interview revealed the young hunter was not aware of many of the requirements for hunting furbearing animals in Michigan.  The hunter was issued warnings and given an education on the hunting laws and registration requirements.

CO Haas and PCO Vacek conducted an ORV patrol on central Midland County state land.  The COs contacted a group that was operating their vehicle through a creek and issued the driver a citation for operating through a wetland.  During the same patrol the COs observed a group of Jeeps stuck in a frozen marsh.  The drivers were issued citations for operating their vehicles in a prohibited area.  Later that day the COs observed a group of snowmobilers who were operating without helmets.  After contacting the group, the COs determined that all the snowmobiles were operating without trail permits and several had failed to transfer their registrations.  Multiple citations were issued to address the various snowmobile violations.

CO Haas and PCO Vacek conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle that passed the officers at a high rate of speed.  The driver failed to produce valid insurance and after a check of the vehicle’s registration, it appeared the plate attached to the vehicle belonged on a different vehicle.  The driver stated the vehicle in question was recently leased.  Further investigation revealed the plate was valid but had not yet been transferred in the system.  The driver was issued a citation for violating the posted speed limit.

COs Haas, Josh Russell, and PCO Vacek contacted a group of dirt bikes operating on Sanford Lake.  The COs ensured all riders had the appropriate safety equipment and ORV licenses to be operating on public property.  Numerous citations were issued to operators that failed to purchase an ORV license for their dirt bikes.

While traveling off duty, CO Haas witnessed a snowmobile operating down a public roadway in western Isabella County.  The snowmobile appeared to be lacking the required snow trail permit and was also displaying expired registration.  CO Haas retrieved his patrol truck and gear and caught up to the operator.  The man on the snowmobile admitted to acquiring the machine years prior and never transferring the title.  The machine hadn’t been registered since 2016 and did not have a current trail permit.  A citation was issued for the license and permit violations.

District​ 7

CO Sam Schluckbier and PCO Anna Viau received a deer feeding complaint from the RAP line.  The complainant was able to provide specific details regarding the deer feeding activity, including a video posted on social media.  Contact was made with the suspect, who stated she had just found out it was recently made illegal to feed deer in the lower peninsula.  The COs educated the subject on the reasons for the baiting/feeding ban.  The subject was compliant and apologetic.  The feeder was subsequently removed, and a warning was issued for the violation.

While patrolling Gull Lake in Barry County one evening, CO Schluckbier and PCO Viau checked a large gathering of smelt anglers.  Most anglers were having success and were enjoying the evening on the ice.  One individual was found to be fishing without a license and another individual had failed to license his ORV.  Citations were issued for the violations.

During a late-night patrol, CO Schluckbier and PCO Viau investigated a vehicle stopped on an interstate on-ramp.  Upon initial contact, several empty beer cans were discovered in the vehicle, CO Schluckbier ran the driver through Standardized Field Sobriety Tests.  PCO Viau ran the driver’s file and the return confirmed the subject had a current Personal Protection Order (PPO) against him.  Upon identification of the passenger of the vehicle, it was determined that the passenger was the protected party of the PPO.  The subject was arrested for the violation and lodged at the Allegan County jail.

CO Schluckbier and PCO Viau checked several individuals on Swan Lake in Allegan County.  When running one subject’s file, the COs discovered the individual had a current misdemeanor warrant out of Van Buren County.  The individual was arrested and turned over to Van Buren County Sheriff’s Department.

COs Carter Woodwyk and James Zellinger were patrolling Allegan County by snowmobile when they observed a vehicle parked on the side of the road and a subject got out of the driver side wearing hunter orange.  The COs stopped to see what the hunter was pursuing, and they noticed there was an open beer can in the center console cup holder on the driver’s side.  Further investigation revealed two firearms in the back seat of the truck were uncased.  A citation was issued for the safety violation.

CO Woodwyk was patrolling the Allegan SGA when he observed a truck parked on the side of the road.  The CO approached the vehicle and observed the driver in the vehicle with an uncased shotgun in the passenger seat area.  Further investigation revealed the shotgun was loaded in the chamber and magazine, and a second firearm that was cased up, but still loaded in the chamber and magazine.  A citation was issued for the safety violation.

CO Richard Cardenas and PCO Andrea Dani checked numerous anglers on Thornapple and Jordan Lakes in Barry County.  The COs encountered one subject quickly packing up and attempting to leave the ice before they could find he had no license and another subject in possession of an over-limit of sunfish.  Citations were issued for both violations.

CO Casey Varriale was in the Rogue River SGA in Kent County where he witnessed an ORV driving at night.  The operator was operating the ORV in a closed county, did not have a helmet on, no headlight, and had a revoked driver’s license.  The individual acknowledged the responsibility for all the violations.  A citation was issued for operating an ORV without a helmet and a warning was given for the other violations.

CO Ivan Perez received a RAP complaint indicating that a subject ice fishing on a local private lake was keeping bass out of season.  The complainant stated that the bass was on a stringer, attached to a white bucket.  CO Perez arrived at the location and surveyed the area and located the suspect.  CO Perez walked out to the suspect’s location and found the white bucket with the stringer attached.  When CO Perez pulled the stringer out of the hole in the ice, he found only crappie attached.  The suspect stated that he did not live on the private lake but had permission from one of the residents to fish there.  There was a total of three tip-ups out, and the subject was already close to his limit of pan fish.  The subject stated he had been fishing out there on prior occasions with good success.  When asked to produce his fishing license, the subject produced a license from 2017.  When CO Perez checked with RAP regarding his license purchases, it showed he had not purchased a license for 2018.  The subject was issued a citation for fishing without a license and given a verbal warning for not having his information on the tip-ups.

During a patrol of Ionia County, CO Jeremy Beavers and PCO Ariel Corr investigated the shooting of two does during firearm gun season in 2018 without a license.  Contact was made with the subject and the officers confirmed that the subject was the shooter of the two deer.  When questioned, the subject first stated that he had bought his licenses before going hunting.  PCO Corr informed the subject that it was not possible based on the information the officers had regarding what time licenses were purchased and when the deer were killed.  After further questioning, a confession was obtained that he did purchase the licenses after shooting the deer.  The investigation is pending.

CO Justin Ulberg and PCO Jim Nason were on patrol within a designated state game area in Kent County when they noticed a truck pulling up a two-track.  The COs pulled up next to the truck and the subjects advised that they were out coyote hunting.  Consent was gained to check the firearms in the vehicle.  During the contact the COs observed the driver trying to hide something in the door.  Further investigation revealed there to be an open container of alcohol.  A citation was issued for having an open container of alcohol in the vehicle.

COs BJ Goulette and Perez received a complaint of coyote hunters possibly trespassing on a property in northern Ottawa County.  CO Perez had received another complaint in the area a few days prior and already had an idea that it may be the same group he had dealt with.  When the officers arrived in the area, they spotted a truck parked on the side of the road and made contact.  The passenger of the vehicle was moving around a lot down by his legs when the officers approached as if he was trying to unload a gun before the officers could see it.  When CO Goulette got up to the subject’s window, he had a rifle laying in the case by his legs that was unzipped almost all the way, but the rifle was unloaded.  CO Goulette also saw a pistol lying the back seat that appeared to be loaded.  The passenger and driver both denied owning the pistol or even knowing that it was there.  It was later determined to belong to another hunter in their party that left it there when he went into the woods.  The passenger with the rifle in an open case claimed he was having problems with the zipper closing on his case.  CO Goulette worked the zipper without any issues, opening and closing it several times.  A citation was issued for having an uncased firearm in a motor vehicle.

District​ 8

CO Andrew Monnich has been working a litter complaint where three mattresses and a dresser were dumped on a road in northern Lenawee County.  CO Monnich worked a handful of leads, which included video from a trail camera of the suspect’s vehicle as well as gas station video but was still unable to get a plate number.  A few weeks later an employee at the gas station saw a vehicle matching the description and recorded the plate.  COs Monnich and Eric Smither, armed with this information, located the vehicle and were able to stop it for a traffic violation.  They obtained a confession from the driver who collected donations from drop boxes at stores and gas stations, and simply didn’t want the mattresses and dresser.  He was escorted back to the litter site where he cleaned it up.  Charges are being sought through the Lenawee County Prosecutor’s Office.

COs Smither and Monnich received a complaint about individuals fishing with too many lines on Lake Madison.  Upon arrival the COs observed multiple tip-ups set up across the ice and multiple fish near some of the tip-ups.  The officers contacted two individuals who stated the tip-ups and fish were theirs.  Upon further investigation the COs located four short Northern pike and approximately 14 tip-ups.  Citations were written for fishing with too many lines, possessing undersized pike, and fishing without a license.

CO Chris Maher received a tip from CO Chris Reynolds (Hillsdale County) about a possible illegal deer taken in Jackson County during the 2018 season.  During the initial investigation, CO Maher found the suspect bought a deer license 10 minutes prior to the end of shooting hours on the day he took the deer.  CO Maher interviewed the suspect who originally claimed he had a license when he shot the deer, but eventually admitted he did not.  Charges will be submitted to the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office for review.

CO Shane Webster and PCO Byron Parks were conducting a follow-up investigation on a possible illegal deer taken during the 2018 deer season, along with a possible illegal turkey taken during the fall of 2018.  The officers contacted the subject who confessed to allowing his 7-yearold grandson to shoot the deer before purchasing a mentored youth license.  The deer head and antlers were seized.  The same subject confessed to shooting the illegal turkey during the fall when he had no fall turkey license.  A report will be submitted to the prosecutor’s office seeking charges against the mentor for allowing the 7-yearold to hunt and shoot a deer without a license and another charge request for the illegal turkey.

CO Reynolds was patrolling Hillsdale County and observed in the distance what appeared to be a group of coyote hunters.  As the officer approached, he observed one hunter place an uncased gun in his vehicle and begin driving along the field edge.  When the officer made contact, the hunter immediately tried to distract the officer away from the vehicle.  The hunter stated he was coyote hunting and forgot that his hunting license was in the vehicle.  The officer followed the hunter to the vehicle and observed the uncased firearm which was still loaded from hunting.  The officer discussed the uncased firearm with the hunter stating that he was in a hurry to get to the next hunting spot.  A citation was issued for having a loaded, uncased firearm in a vehicle.

CO Shannon Kritz received a RAP complaint about an active deer feeder on township property in Eaton County.  CO Kritz investigated the area and found the active feeder along with a deer stand but no recent footprints indicating where the suspect was accessing the location from.  After a long weekend and a fresh snowfall, CO Kritz patrolled the area again.  This time, the suspect had been into the feeder to refill it and put out fresh hay.  CO Kritz followed the tracks back to a local cemetery where it appeared like the suspect parked to access the feeder.  CO Kritz followed up with the township and talked with local cemetery workers.  Township employees had observed the suspect park in the cemetery in the past and they remembered the license plate of the vehicle he was driving.  From that information, CO Kritz was able to identify the suspect and follow up with an interview.  The suspect confessed to feeding deer and a report will be submitted to the prosecutor for charges.

District 9

COs Joseph Deppen and Ben Lasher were checking for ORV and snowmobile activity on Lake St. Clair.  The COs noticed a snowmobile without a trail permit operating on the ice.  The COs stopped the rider and during the investigation, it was revealed the rider did not transfer ownership of a snowmobile after he purchased it.  A warning was issued for failing to transfer ownership and operating an unregistered snowmobile.  A citation was issued for no snowmobile trail permit. 

While returning home from a fisheries patrol, CO Deppen observed a vehicle traveling fifteen miles below the posted speed limit and failing to maintain his lane.  CO Deppen pulled up alongside the vehicle and noticed the driver was watching a movie on a mobile device.  CO Deppen observed the activity for over a mile and conducted a traffic stop.  The driver was issued a citation for distracted driving and given a warning on careless operation.

CO Deppen was patrolling for ORV activity in Macomb County when he noticed fresh tracks leading into a known troublesome spot for ORV trespass.  CO Deppen entered the property and observed individuals riding a dirt bike around without any helmets or protective equipment.  Two subjects were cited for ORV trespass and operating an unlicensed ORV.  The third subject was issued verbal warnings.

While on fisheries patrol on Lake St. Clair, CO Deppen was driving his ORV near a group of anglers when a gust of wind opened a shanty and CO Deppen noticed four holes drilled and a fishing line in each pole, with an additional line in the fourth hole.  CO Deppen stopped and questioned the angler who was reeling all five lines up quickly and tangling them as he went.  The angler said he was just trying to switch out rods and baits.  CO Deppen advised the angler he was fishing with more than three lines.  The angler said, “Ah, Okay, you got me, I’ll take my ticket now.”  The angler was issued a citation for fishing with more than three lines.

While returning home from patrol, CO Deppen was passed at a high rate of speed by a white Ford Fusion.  CO Deppen noticed the driver was texting and driving as he passed him.  CO Deppen clocked the vehicle at 99mph in a 70mph zone.  A traffic stop was conducted.  The driver was cited for speed and distracted driving. 

CO Lasher responded to a vehicle that had gone through the ice on Lake St Clair.  The owner reported the accident at approximately 2:30 a.m. but the salvage company could not respond until daylight for safety reasons.  The 2019 Dodge RAM was roughly a half mile from the Fair Haven Access Site with the front end sitting in about five feet of water.  The vehicle was removed without incident.  The owner/driver was written a careless driving ticket for failing to stop before hitting the pressure crack in the ice.

CO Brad Silorey and PCO Breanna Reed were out on Lake St. Clair Metro Park checking fishing, ORV, and snowmobile activity.  The COs noticed an individual operating an ORV without an ORV license.  The individual was stopped, and the violations were addressed.  A citation was written for operating an unlicensed ORV.

CO Silorey and PCO Reed were checking marinas in Macomb County when they noticed an individual fishing with five lines in the water.  The COs watched the angler check all five lines that were being used before they approached him.  Upon contact, CO Silorey and PCO Reed asked the angler how many lines he had in the water, he stated that he had five and that he knew it was too many.  The violation was addressed, and the angler was cited for fishing with more than three lines.

CO Silorey attended court this week on several snowmobile citations that were issued several weeks prior.  The defendant who was operating an unregistered snowmobile, with no trail permit, was found responsible on the civil infraction, and plead guilty to the misdemeanor charge.

COs Silorey and Deppen patrolled the ice of Lake St. Clair this weekend on ORVs.  Many contacts were made, and multiple citations were issued for operating an unregistered ORV, operating an unregistered snowmobile, and multiple warnings were given throughout the weekend.  COs Silorey and Deppen patrolled approximately 20 miles on the ice.

CO Robert Watson was patrolling Hewitt Pit on a busy Saturday and had contacted multiple people shooting firearms.  CO Watson watched a group of shooters for approximately 30 minutes until the shooters packed up their firearms and began leaving the area.  CO Watson met the shooters at their vehicle and asked to see their spent casings and targets that they should have brought back up with them.  The shooters admitted to leaving the empty casings in the woods “for the old timers to come around and pick up for reloading.” A ticket was issued for littering in a state game area.

CO Nicholas Ingersoll was patrolling Pointe Aux Peaux SGA when he observed an individual without a helmet pass him on a three-wheeled ORV.  CO Ingersoll initiated a traffic stop and asked the individual why he was operating his ORV without a helmet and on the roadway.  The individual stated he was just riding some trails in the SGA and thought he was okay to do so without a helmet.  CO Ingersoll advised the individual that Monroe County has no ORV trails and that he was operating in a SGA and was not allowed to be riding his ORV in there.  CO Ingersoll advised the individual on the multiple violations that included, no ORV license, no helmet, operate in a closed area, and operate ORV on roadway.  CO Ingersoll issued a citation to the individual for operating an ORV without a helmet and gave multiple warnings for the other violations.

COs David Schaumburger and Dan Walzak were patrolling around the ice in Grosse Pointe checking anglers when they came upon two anglers with seven tip-ups between the duo.  Upon seeing the COs walk up, one of the anglers told CO Schaumburger that he was just about to pull the seventh tip-up because his friend just left within the last five minutes.  CO Schaumburger told the angler it was too late to give him a warning for fishing with greater than three lines and a citation was issued.

COs Christopher Knights and Danielle Zubek conducted a snowmobile patrol on Union Lake in Oakland County.  While checking anglers, the COs noticed a light from an ORV on the other side of the lake.  Both COs met up with the ORV on their snowmobiles and conducted a stop.  After having the individuals remove their helmets, they noticed both were juveniles.  Both stated they were fourteen and their parents were home a few blocks away from the lake.  The COs followed the boys to their residence and spoke with the mother.  The COs explained to the mother the boys didn’t have ORV safety and were not old enough to be unsupervised.  The COs issued the mother a citation for the ORV violations.

CO Knights was checking ice anglers on Pontiac Lake when he witnessed a snowmobile headed towards him.  CO Knights finished the conversation with the angler and was able to stop the snowmobile.  After checking for the snowmobile’s registration, CO Knights noticed the individual failed to purchase a trail permit.  CO Knights advised the rider of the law and issued him a citation for failing to purchase a trial permit.

While patrolling the Flint River, CO Justin Muehlhauser and PCO Edward Rice observed an individual fishing.  The COs contacted the angler, and it was determined that he did not have a fishing license in his possession.  He was adamant he purchased one for 2018.  A check of the retail sales system revealed he did not purchase a fishing license; his last purchase was in 2017.  The angler acknowledged the violation and a citation was issued for fishing without a license.

CO Muehlhauser and PCO Rice observed a dirt bike traveling in the center of the roadway.  PCO Rice activated lights and sirens, and a traffic stop was conducted.  The subject stated he just finished maintenance on the bike and took it out for a joy ride.  The bike did not have a license plate.  PCO Rice explained that the vehicle had to be registered through the SOS for operation on the roadway.  A citation was issued for operating an ORV on the roadway.

Belle Isle

CO Angela Greenway and CO Christopher Reynolds were assigned to work Belle Isle in Detroit, and were doing traffic enforcement for speed, when they were able to witness a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed through the park.  CO Reynolds was able to obtain a speed of 50 mph on his assigned radar.  The vehicle was stopped, and the operator was found to have an outstanding warrant from the 36th District Court.  Bond money was secured for the outstanding warrant and was turned over to the court.

District​ 21

Detective Kennedy responded to a Pollution Emergency Alert System complaint made by the Eaton County Drain Commissioner's Office.  The Drain Commissioner's Office reported that "approximately 50 gallons of waste mixtures of water, chemicals, and wax dumped into storm drain on school property that leads to county storm drains."  The investigation revealed that a company involved in a carpet and cleaning services, was refinishing a gym floor nearby.  An employee of the company dumped a five-gallon bucket of floor stripper/wax directly into the sewer drain, a violation of MCL 324.3109 of the Natural Resources Environmental Protection Act.  The owner subsequently pleaded guilty and was sentenced in Eaton County to pay $175 in fines and costs, $14,230.25 in restitution, with no jail time or probation.

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