3/24/2019 - 4/6/2019

Law Enforcement Division, Bi-Weekly Report

District 1

Conservation Officer (CO) Brett DeLonge conducted a presentation for a fisheries and wildlife class at Northern Michigan University (NMU) about the responsibilities and role of a Michigan conservation officer.  CO DeLonge discussed the application/hiring process, answered several local specific regulation questions, and explained the different divisions of the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and how they work together.  Over 30 students attended the class, and many stayed after to ask questions about how to complete the hiring process.

COs Jeremy Sergey, Josh Boudreaux, Dave Miller and Probationary Conservation Officer (PCO) Cole VanOosten worked the DNR booth at the Upper Peninsula Boat, Sport and Recreational Vehicle Show.  Numerous people stopped by the booth during the three-day event to ask questions ranging from hunting and fishing to boating and Off-Road Vehicle (ORV) use.  Several people were also interested in the requirements necessary to become a conservation officer.

CO Brett DeLonge responded to a complaint of a dead moose along the Michigamme River.  The young moose was located and found to be covered entirely in ticks.  The head and several organs were removed to be sent for testing at the DNR Wildlife Laboratory in Lansing.

CO Dave Miller and PCO Cole VanOosten observed an ORV drive past them in the town of L’Anse.  They were unable to see any ORV permits and began turning the patrol truck around.  The driver of the ORV looked back, then proceeded to pick up speed traveling out of town on the snowmobile trail.  The officers tried to intercept the ORV at two points along the trail but were unsuccessful.  CO Miller thought he recognized the individual, so they drove to where the trail comes out near the subject’s house.  Moments later, the ORV was observed coming out to the road crossing.  The subject stopped this time and admitted he had not purchased an ORV license.  A ticket was issued for failing to license the ORV.

CO John Kamps checked a boat returning from Lake Superior in Marquette.  The small boat had been out in one to two-foot waves with large chunks of ice floating nearby.  A check revealed the boat did not have any Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs) for the passengers onboard.  A ticket was issued for no PFDs on the vessel.

CO Jared Ferguson was a guest speaker at a Kingsford High School’s environmental science class with junior and senior students.  The class was very involved in asking questions regarding what conservation officers do and what was the best part of being an officer.

CO Josh Boudreaux patrolled Lake Independence on April 1st following the deadline for shanty removal.  CO Boudreaux located large quantities of garbage and debris left by various anglers’ shanties.  CO Boudreaux contacted one angler at his residence who had simply cut the top from his shanty, leaving chairs, fishing equipment, and other odds and ends frozen into the ice.  CO Boudreaux explained that the shanty next to his, which had been frozen under nearly 14 inches of ice, was removed by the deadline without issue, leaving no excuses.  Multiple shanty owners were contacted with several citations issued for litter.  Charges are pending for several subjects for fail to remove shack by April 1st.

CO Cody Smith responded to a domestic violence call in Baraga along with Baraga Police Department (PD) and Keweenaw Bay Indian Community (KBIC) Tribal Police. The individual fled the scene on foot and was quickly apprehended by the involved officers. KBIC Tribal Police are seeking federal charges for possession of marijuana and domestic violence.

CO Jeremy Sergey attended an annual “Coffee & Conversation” meeting with Fisheries Division at the Bay College West Campus.  The meeting informed the public of Fisheries Division accomplishments and future plans.  CO Sergey answered specific fishing questions to those in attendance.

CO John Kamps was driving through a residential area when he noticed a subject standing at the tailgate of his truck.  The subject threw what appeared to be a fish further into the bed of the truck when he noticed the CO.  CO Kamps stopped to investigate the suspicious activity and questioned the subject, who was holding a fillet knife and had blood on his hands.  After several denials, it was soon discovered the subject was in the process of cleaning two salmon and one brown trout.  The subject admitted to catching the fish but did not have a Michigan fishing license.  The subject was issued a ticket for possessing fish without a license.

CO Brett DeLonge inspected a new wildlife rehabilitation facility in Marquette that will take orphaned or abandoned fawns along with other small mammals.  The facility is a welcome addition to the area.

CO Brett DeLonge attended a large career fair at Bay College in Escanaba.  Approximately 30 people approached the recruiting table to inquire about becoming a conservation officer.  Several of the subjects have already begun the hiring process by taking the Civil Service Exam.

While on patrol in Iron County, CO Ferguson and PCO Viau received a complaint of parts of an ice shanty left on a lake after the removal date had passed.  The complainant was able to provide name and address information from the shanty.  The owner of the shanty was located, and the subject was issued a citation for littering.

CO Jenni Hanson was invited to speak at the Protected Area Management Class at NMU.  She discussed the difference between state land, county land, and federal forest lands.  CO Hanson also discussed the daily tasks of a conservation officer.

CO Jenni Hanson was interviewed by 8-18 Media, a journalism and leadership program for kids ages eight to eighteen, put on through the U. P. Children’s Museum.  The young adults interviewed CO Hanson about safety tips, DNR regulations, and being a female conservation officer.

CO Zach Painter assisted in teaching hunter safety to the Bessemer sixth grade class.  CO Painter taught the law portion of the class and assisted in administering the test.

District 2

CO Justin Vinson and (Corporal) Cpl. Kevin Postma responded to a call of an armed suicidal male subject located at the Upper Falls of the Tahquamenon River along with Michigan State Police (MSP) troopers, Luce County Sheriff’s Department, and U.S. Border Patrol.  The officers secured the scene for over two hours, while local dispatch remained in contact with the male, resulting in the man turning himself over and taken into custody.  The subject was transported to a nearby hospital for evaluation.

While on routine patrol COs Robert Freeborn and Michael Evink checked two subjects cutting firewood on federal land.  When asked if they had a permit, they stated they did but they forgot it in their other truck.  It was then determined that one of the subjects had a warrant for failing to appear for an Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) charge last year.  The subject was able to post the $750 bond, released, and given the next available court date.

CO Calvin Smith investigated a carcass dumping complaint in southern Chippewa County, were over a dozen road killed deer were dumped in a farmer’s hay field.  CO Smith interviewed nearby residences and quickly developed a suspect.  Contact was made and the suspect confessed to placing the carcasses in the field so he could take pictures of eagles and other raptors.  CO Smith addressed the violations of trespass, litter, and possessing road killed deer without a permit.  The suspect personally apologized to the farmer and removed the carcasses from the field.

Cpl. Jon Busken, CO Calvin Smith and PCO Cole Vanoosten attended a lecture class at Lake Superior State University and talked to the class regarding the everyday duties of a conservation officer.  PCO Vanoosten also presented the class information on the hiring process and what academy life is like for a conservation officer recruit.

CO Calvin Smith was contacted by Chippewa Central Dispatch regarding an injured bald eagle on I-75 that was struck by a vehicle.  CO Smith located the eagle that was suffering from a broken wing.  The eagle was brought to Chocolay Raptor Center where it can be rehabilitated to be returned to the wild.

Cpl. Keven Postma and CO Calvin Smith were first on scene of vehicle fire at a local gas station in Sault Ste. Marie.  The COs used fire extinguishers and pushed the vehicle away from the gas pumps.  The COs then secured the area while fire fighters from Soo Township Fire Department arrived to extinguish the fire.

CO Calvin Smith and PCO Cole Vanoosten received a litter dumping complaint in Luce County.  The COs located envelopes with addresses leading them to a local home that was for sale.  The COs contacted the real estate agent who had hired a person to clean out the house.  Contact was made and the suspect denied dumping the garbage on state land but volunteered to clean up the litter.  The investigation is ongoing.

CO Steve Butzin was on patrol in the Stonington area.  CO Butzin observed a vehicle drifting from the center line to the fog line multiple times and onto the gravel shoulder of the road.  A traffic stop was conducted on the vehicle and further investigation found the driver to be under the influence of alcohol.  The driver was arrested for operating a motor vehicle with a high blood alcohol content and lodged at the Delta County jail.

CO Steve Butzin was patrolling the Hiawatha National Forest in the northern portion of Delta County.  CO Butzin came across two individuals who had become stuck on a forest two track.  The two stated they had tried for some time to get the vehicle unstuck but were not having any luck.  CO Butzin assisted the two in digging out their vehicle.  After a short time, the vehicle was freed and the two were on their way.

CO Colton Gelinas was on patrol in Mackinac County when a two-car personal injury accident occurred on US-2.  CO Gelinas was the first law enforcement officer on scene.  CO Gelinas checked both victims involved in the accident and requested Emergency Medical Services (EMS) for one victim that complained of neck and back pain.  After gathering both victims’ personal information, as well as vehicle information, CO Gelinas turned the accident investigation over to an MSP trooper.  CO Gelinas remained on scene, assisting the trooper with traffic control.  Both victims of the accident were okay, however one vehicle was totaled.

COs Colton Gelinas and Justin Vinson were on patrol in Mackinac County when the COs observed a vehicle with its four-way flashers on.  The COs contacted the driver who stated that their vehicle ran out of gas.  Being a few miles from the nearest gas station, the COs aided with getting a gas can to the disabled vehicle.  The COs put enough gas into the vehicle for it to make its way to the gas station.

CO Chris Lynch and PCO Michael Olesen were on patrol when they observed an ORV doing a wheelie down a state highway without an ORV permit attached.  A stop was conducted and contact with the operator was made.  The operator recently received a citation for not having his ORV licensed.  This time the operator was issued a citation for operating an ORV on a public highway.

District 3

CO Ethen Mapes assisted Boyne City High School’s senior class by performing mock interviews.  Each student was asked generic interview questions for roughly ten minutes.  After the interviews were concluded, CO Mapes, along with other local professionals, debriefed with each student.  Students were given advise on how to prepare for future interviews.

CO Andrea Albert responded to a complaint of a skunk with its head stuck in a jar.   The reporting person stood by and waited for CO Albert’s arrival due to his concern for the animal.  CO Albert was able to cover up the skunk with a blanket and slide the small plastic mayonnaise jar off the skunk’s head.  The skunk ran off unharmed and the reporting citizen was contacted and advised of the skunk’s successful release.

CO Andrea Erratt located an ice shanty left at a Lake Bellaire access site over two weeks with only a last name and Bellaire written on two sides.  CO Erratt located the angler at his parents’ house who said he had pulled the shanty off the ice on March 15th, but he had not been back since.  CO Erratt told him she had driven her truck right to the shanty that was sitting in front of a sign that explained it was illegal to store ice shanties on state land more than 24 hours.  CO Erratt ticketed him for storing his ice shanty on state land more than 24 hours and warned him for failing to put his name and address or driver’s license number on all four sides.

CO Andrea Erratt stopped to check an elderly woman who was parked in the middle of the road facing the wrong direction.  She said she was checking on her husband who was hauling firewood, but he would not let her help.  CO Erratt walked out to the man who was dragging a sled full of wood, a chainsaw, gas and oil cans through the snow-filled woods back to their house.  CO Erratt talked the gentlemen into letting her help him drag the heavy sled to the road.  She put the chainsaw and fuel in the back of her truck, and they took the sled back to their house.  The couple was happy for the help because he had run out of firewood and temperatures were supposed to be in the teens that night.

While in Newberry assisting as a First Aid instructor for District 2, CO Andrea Erratt received a call from a homeowner in Boyne City who had accidentally left his garage door open overnight.  At 6 am, he noticed something dark in his garage and walked out, turned on the light, and was looking at a bear.  He dropped his coffee cup and ran to his house in time to see the bear head out his driveway and down the street.  CO Erratt contacted Wildlife Division, COs Chad Baldwin, Ethan Mapes, Sergeant (Sgt.) William Webster, and Boyne City PD Assistant Chief Kevin Spate to advise them about the nuisance bear in town.

CO Andrea Albert closed out a turkey case and the subject was sentenced one-year probation, three days jail and four days community service in lieu of eight days in jail.

CO Andrea Albert checked two anglers casting from a dock.  When one of the anglers observed CO Albert, he stopped fishing.  Upon contact, he admitted he did not have a fishing license.  He also stated he had bought a new fishing pole that day from a local sporting goods shop.  CO Albert was aware that this shop sells fishing licenses.  When asked why he did not buy a new fishing license he stated he believed they expired in May but did not attempt to show CO Albert his 2018 fishing license.  A ticket was issued for fishing without a license.

While patrolling Boyne River, CO Duane Budreau and PCO Jon Sheppard contacted two anglers that had apparently just gotten out of the river.  When asked to produce their fishing licenses, the two anglers stated that they had only been fishing for 20 minutes and that they did not have a current license.  The two anglers were given warnings and advised to purchase new licenses.

CO Duane Budreau and PCO Jon Sheppard responded to a complaint of an illegal burn on the side of the road in Brutus.  When they arrived, there was a pile of burning debris on a snow bank on the side of the road.  They noticed ORV tire tracks and trailer tracks near the location and followed them back to a residence.  The owner of the property was burning material in a large water trough in his driveway.  After further questioning, the subject admitted to dumping the burning debris but could not explain why he dumped it on the side of the road.  A ticket for litter was issued.

COs Tom Oberg and Kyle Cherry received a complaint of a large amount of litter and debris that was left behind on a lake from an ice shanty in Otsego County.  The COs were able to locate and contact the suspect who was a juvenile and admitted to leaving the litter behind.  It was very apparent by the COs that the juvenile was impacted by their contact with him.  The COs educated the juvenile on the importance of proper litter disposal.

CO Tom Oberg was on patrol when central dispatch advised of a suicidal subject not very far from his location.  CO Oberg responded to the address and contacted the subject who stated he was dealing with bad thoughts and wanted to harm himself.  CO Oberg made sure no weapons were present.  EMS arrived at the scene shortly after and transported the subject to Otsego Memorial Hospital for an evaluation without incident.

COs Sidney Collins and Jessica Curtis attended Alpena High School for career day offered by the Alpena Optimist Club.  The COs teamed up with DNR Fire employees to teach kids about hunter safety and fire safety.  A fur kit was utilized for kids to learn about different animal’s pelts.  Smokey Bear was in attendance.

While inspecting a taxidermist operation in Presque Isle County, CO Jon Sklba located a suspicious badger.  The badger was brought in to be mounted the previous summer and evidence suggested it was shot.  CO Sklba checked the owner through the retail sales system and discovered that he had no history of purchasing a fur harvester license.  CO Sklba went and interviewed the owner who advised he saw the animal digging in his yard and that he didn’t know what it was.  He admitted that he shot the badger and took it to the taxidermist.  CO Sklba sought a warrant for the charges and an arrest warrant was issued.

CO Paul Fox was on patrol in Presque Isle County when he observed a plume of black smoke in the distance.  CO Fox followed the smoke to a residence.  CO Fox contacted a subject who had just started a couch on fire.  The subject was in the process of cleaning out a residence.  CO Fox advised the subject, who was unaware he could not burn a couch, to extinguish the fire and take the rubbish to the local landfill.  Most people are unaware it is illegal to burn such material.  In addition, fines can run upwards of $1,000.

CO Jessie Curtis received a complaint of a subject feeding deer in Alpena County.  Upon further investigation, the subjects had been feeding deer all winter and had many active feed piles around their property.  CO Curtis is seeking a warrant for illegal feeding.

CO Jessie Curtis assisted MSP with conducting a criminal search warrant in Montmorency County.

CO Jessie Curtis assisted MSP with a domestic violence call in Alpena County.

District 4

CO William Haskin took a complaint in Grand Traverse County of a Jeep that was on Consumers Energy property and stuck in a small creek.  CO Haskin investigated and was able to locate the owner and explained to the owner about damaging wetlands.  Charges are being requested through the Grand Traverse County Prosecutor’s Office.

CO Rebecca Hubers was the third individual responder to an escaped open burn near Frankfort, Benzie County.  The fire spread quickly through an adjacent field and threatened two nearby homes.  Before fire personnel arrived, CO Hubers and Benzie County Deputy Blank determined both homes were unoccupied.  CO Hubers found a garden hose and took measures to protect and outbuilding and a residential propane tank from oncoming fire.  One private parked vehicle on the property did sustain damage before responders could control the burn.  Approximately three acres of private property – not belonging to the individual burning – was subjected to fire. The subject burning was treated on-scene for smoke inhalation.  A citation for failing to prevent the spread of fire was issued.

CO Rebecca Hubers and PCO Daniel Liestenfeltz patrolled several miles of closed and open trout streams and drowned river mouths.  Several contacts were made, and a few citations issued for fishing without licenses.

CO Amanda Lake received a call of a fire that had escaped control in Leelanau County.  She responded to the area and found that nearly an acre of hillside had burned which included several trees and part of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.  Cedar and Leland Fire Departments had spent nearly two hours extinguishing the fire.  CO Lake met with the property owner who had lit a burn pile and lost control of the fire due to high winds.  A citation was issued for allowing the fire to escape.

COs Bill Haskin and Troy Ludwig obtained a confession from a suspect who took a deer with a firearm outside of firearm deer season.  Charges are being sought with the Wexford County Prosecutor’s Office.

CO Troy Ludwig assisted county and state law enforcement units in attempting to locate a suspect who fled into the Manistee National Forest after wrecking his vehicle while attempting to elude authorities.  The suspect was also wanted for a breaking and entering that had occurred early in the day.  The suspect was later apprehended after attempting to seek help from a local residence.

CO Patrick McManus was requested for assistance by the Leelanau County Sheriff’s Department with a suicidal subject who stated they were experiencing episodes of “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder” from previous experience in the military.  CO McManus, along with a Leelanau County Sheriff deputy, were able to contact the subject and convince him to seek help at a local hospital.  Upon follow-up with the subject over a week later, they expressed their appreciation for the officers’ actions and the time they took to not only listen to them, but also care for their safety.

CO Rich Stowe participated in a career day event at the Traverse City High School, with 95 students in attendance.

CO Rich Stowe attended the Lake Trout Regulations meeting in Grand Traverse with 120 people present to provide input.

CO Rich Stowe made a presentation to 40 Boy Scouts who were attending the annual Merit Badge Tech Workshop in Traverse City.

CO Rich Stowe attended the National Wild Turkey event in Williamsburg with 110 people in attendance. 

CO Kyle Publiski and PCO Breanna Reed were on foot patrol in Lake County working the Pere Marquette River when they noticed three individuals walking away from the river.  The COs asked to take a quick look at the fish, and it was determined the angler was in possession of two Brown trout.  The season for Brown trout is currently closed until the end of the month.  A positive identification was not readily available with the information the suspect produced.  It was later determined that the suspect had come to the US on a work visa many years ago, which had long since expired, and he had never left the country.  The suspect was placed under arrest for possession of Brown trout out-of-season and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) was notified.  ICE has placed a hold on the suspect and will be picking him up.

CO Steve Converse and PCO Noah Thompson followed-up on a complaint of snowmobiles and ORVs trespassing on private property.  There had been approximately fifteen different incidents when the snowmobile had been caught on a trail camera pulling dog boxes and investigating bobcat sign in the area.  Using the snowmobile registration that had been captured in a trail camera photo, the COs were able to track down the individual and questioned him, obtaining a full confession of trespassing to hunt bobcats in that area using both his snowmobile and ORV.  Charges are being sought through the Manistee County Prosecutor’s Office.

While patrolling closed trout streams in Manistee County, CO Steve Converse and PCO Noah Thompson came across an individual fishing in a closed trout stream.  Upon contacting the individual, he said that a friend had recommended the stream.  After further investigation, it was found that this same individual had previously been convicted for fishing in a closed trout stream.  The angler received another citation for fishing in a closed trout stream.

CO Brian Brosky was patrolling in Mason County when a vehicle passed the patrol truck at a high rate of speed.  CO Brosky noted and observed as the subject’s speed increased to 20 miles per hour (mph) over the speed limit, while using his radar unit.  The driver of the suspect vehicle then passed another vehicle in a no passing zone.  The driver was cited for operating at a speed greater than the posted speed limit.

CO Josiah Killingbeck, while on patrol, observed an ORV driving through a utility right-of-way that is closed to ORV traffic.  CO Killingbeck began attempting to catch up to the ORV who was now operating on a county road at a high rate of speed.  CO Killingbeck reported speeds up to 80 mph and witnessed the ORV go through another closed area.  CO Killingbeck was able to get the ORV stopped, and upon contacting the operator, asked the driver if he knew what the rules were for operating an ORV.  The driver replied, “I just bought this and it’s my first time here I don’t know any rules.”  CO Killingbeck educated the subject on ORV regulations and issued a citation for Operating an ORV in a Closed Area.

CO Josiah Killingbeck and PCO Josh Reed were on patrol in Mecosta County when they observed a vehicle with no working brakes and an expired registration.  Upon stopping the vehicle, PCO Josh Reed noticed the driver showed signs of OWI.  The driver failed the field sobriety test offered to him and was arrested for OWI.  During the investigation, it was also determined the driver’s operator’s license was expired, the plate he had taken from another vehicle had expired in 2014, and the vehicle was also being operated without insurance.  The vehicle was impounded, and the driver was lodged in the Mecosta County jail for OWI.

While checking anglers on the Pere Marquette River, CO Kyle Publiski and PCO Breanna Reed noticed three individuals across the river trespassing on property that multiple complaints have been received from and the landowner wanting all individuals found to be trespassing to be prosecuted.  The subjects walked past eight no trespassing signs before returning to the river.  They were contacted, and citations were issued for recreational trespass.

While checking anglers on the Pere Marquette River, CO Kyle Publiski and PCO Breanna Reed noticed a drift boat with no visible PFDs, the anglers told the COs that they didn’t think they needed them.  The COs explained the importance of having PFDs.  One citation was issued for not having a PFD for every passenger aboard the vessel.

COs Ryan Andrews and Brian Brosky checked several areas along the closed waters and tributaries of the Pere Marquette River in Lake County.  The COs contacted several anglers fishing in closed waters and recreational trespassing on private property.  Citations were issued for the violations encountered.

CO Josiah Killingbeck, CO Kyle Publiski and PCO Brianna Read were on patrol along the Pere Marquette River in the flies only section, when they observed a subject fishing with spawn.  Contact was made with the angler who said he had no idea on fishing regulations for the Pere Marquette River and admitted to never looking at the Michigan Fishing Guide.  The subject was educated on regulations pertaining to the Pere Marquette River and a citation was issued for using illegal gear in the flies only section of the Pere Marquette River.

PCO Barboza and CO Koscinski patrolled the Manistee River by boat to check fishing and marine activity.  While conducting a marine safety inspection on a group of anglers to ensure they had the required number of PFDs, it was found that the anglers were one PFD short.  The COs explained the safety concern to the anglers and a citation was issued for failure to provide enough PFDs for everyone aboard the vessel.

CO Jeff Ginn observed three ORVs operating along a roadway not wearing helmets.  Upon conducting a traffic stop on the subjects, one ORV was found not having a valid ORV sticker.  The operators were cited for the violations.  The subjects called family to respond with a trailer to haul the ORVs home due to not having helmets for riding.

CO Jeff Ginn and PCO Andrea Dani contacted a charter boat on the Muskegon River that had gained access to the river from the Pine Street Boating Access Site (BAS).  The captain was not permitted to use state land boat access sites.  The captain was also found to be short PFDs at the time of contact.  Interviews were conducted by PCO Dani and the captain was cited for failing to provide PFDs and for using state land BAS without a permit.

CO Mike Wells and PCO Josh Reed were on ORV patrol and observed a vehicle with a trailer carrying two ORVs parking in the closed area and unloading the machines.  The subject was contacted and educated on the closed area.  The subject became upset, stating that he has operated his ORVs in this area for the last 30 years.  CO Wells informed him that US Forest Service lands have been closed to ORV operation for the duration of CO Wells 22-year career.  The subject was given the opportunity to load the machines and leave the area.  He unhappily complied.

CO Ben Shively was patrolling along the White River in Oceana County when he located two vehicles parked near the river.  As CO Shively was walking towards the river, he heard three subjects walking back along the river.  When the first subject saw CO Shively he quickly turned around and ran back towards the river.  CO Shively ran towards the subject and saw him rip a walleye from a stringer and throw it into the river.  CO Shively ordered the subject to retrieve the walleye which was floating down the river.  The subject retrieved the walleye from the river and was cited for taking walleye during closed season.  Reimbursement will be sought for the walleye.

District 5

CO Mike Hearn and PCO Byron Parks responded to a report of a collared/tame deer in a residential area in Kalkaska County.  Upon arrival, the COs were able to approach the deer and read the tag found on the collar.  The name was associated with a residence over two miles away.  Contact was made with the owner of the residence.  An interview determined that the deer was being kept as a pet after the owner had saved it from a coyote attack when it was a fawn.  The deer had escaped two days prior, and the subject had been unable to locate it.  The owner was warned for illegally possessing wildlife, and the deer was taken to a rehabilitation facility.

CO John Huspen received an anonymous complaint of someone burning a recliner in Crawford County.  CO Huspen contacted two people who were trying to clean up their residence.  The couple advised they were burning a three-piece sectional.  A report has been submitted to the Crawford County Prosecutor’s Office for the violation.

CO Charlie Jones checked a couple of ice anglers at Bear Lake in Kalkaska County.  Upon contact, CO Jones observed five trout in an angler’s bucket.  After checking the fish for the minimum length, CO Jones asked the angler for his fishing license.  The angler could not provide a fishing license.  A citation was issued for possessing fish without a fishing license.

COs Mike Hearn, Chuck McPherson, and PCO Nathan Beelman conducted surveillance on individuals who were taking undersize Brown trout from a Kalkaska County lake.  The COs made contact and found the anglers were in possession of two undersize Brown trout.  A citation was issued for the violation.

COs Matt Zultak and Ben McAteer were on patrol in Roscommon County when they came across a side-by-side they observed pull off the road and make a hand gesture toward them.  When the COs stopped to see if everything was okay, they noticed a strong odor of marijuana.  The driver explained that he was simply making a “0” with his hands so the oncoming vehicle would know there was no one behind him.  Upon further investigation, the driver was found to be operating under the influence of alcohol.  The driver was arrested and lodged in Roscommon County jail.

CO Jeremy Cantrell received a complaint from the DNR Customer Service Center in Cadillac.  The complainant had self-reported that a deer had been shot with a .22 caliber rifle in Missaukee County near the City of McBain.  The complainant stated he attempted to scare deer off his crops by firing a .22 caliber at the animals.  CO Cantrell responded to the complainant’s address to interview the man.  The subject admitted to shooting at the deer five to six times and he knowingly had a fatal shot on one of them.  After further investigation, the subject took CO Cantrell to the deer.  The antlerless male deer was seized, and charges have been submitted to the Missaukee County Prosecutor’s Office for review.

COs James Garrett, Jesse Grzechowski, Tyler Sabuda, Casey Pullum, Brad Bellville, Kyle Bader, Jon Warner, Jeff Panich, and Sgt. Bobbi Lively were working a group float patrol on the Au Sable River in Oscoda and Alcona Counties.  The river in that area is a Type 2 trout stream and is closed to all fishing from the last Saturday in April through September 30th of each year.  The COs observed two individuals fishing from a small boat floating down the river.  They contacted the two anglers and issued both citations for fishing a closed trout stream.

CO Phil Hudson and PCO Noah Thompson were conducting a patrol along the Rifle River during the fish spawning closure when they observed a subject running through the woods.  The COs watched the subject run toward the road, jump over a guard rail, and throw a walleye into a vehicle.  Then the subject jumped into the car and peeled out down the road.  The COs ran to their patrol truck and initiated a traffic stop on the suspect vehicle.  PCO Thompson asked the subject if he had any luck fishing.  The male subject stated that he caught one fish but wasn’t sure what kind it was.  The subject stated that he thought it was a sucker.  The subject nervously retrieved the fish from the passenger seat and asked PCO Thompson if he would identify the fish for him.  PCO Thompson advised the subject that it was a walleye.  Then PCO Thompson asked the subject why he left in such a hurry if he thought it was a legal fish.  The angler stated that his buddy told him to “get the fish out of here and take it to your house.”  A citation was issued for possession of a walleye during the closed season.

CO Craig Neal was using binoculars to observe anglers on the Rifle River in Omer when he witnessed an angler catch a large walleye.  After landing the fish, the angler looked around and then sprinted over to his truck that was parked a short distance away.  After a short time, CO Neal worked his way over to the angler who was standing near his truck.  CO Neal asked about his luck fishing and the angler stated that he had caught several suckers and that they were all down by the river in a bucket.  Then CO Neal asked the man if he had caught any incidental walleye.  The angler responded that he had only caught suckers throughout the day.  When asked about the fish that CO Neal had seen him running back to his truck, the angler again stated that it was a sucker and that it was down by the river in a bucket.  Further questions led to the angler admitting that he caught a walleye.  The angler retrieved the walleye from a cooler behind the seat of his truck.  A citation was issued for possession of a walleye during the closed season.

District 6

While on patrol near the Cass River in Tuscola County, CO Josh Wright and PCO Adam Schiller observed an angler on the shoreline.  When the COs were attempting to make initial contact, the angler threw an object under a row boat.  The COs asked the angler for his fishing license and the subject stated he did not have a valid fishing license.  The COs then questioned the subject about what he tossed under the boat. he subject stated that he threw a snapping turtle under the boat.  The COs informed the subject about the closed snapping turtle season and issued a verbal warning.

While on patrol in Tuscola County, CO Josh Wright and PCO Adam Schiller heard a “Be on the Lookout” come out for a vehicle that fled from Genesee and Lapeer County deputies.  The COs were closest to the last known location and posted in a position outside of town to watch for the suspect vehicle.  Shortly after the vehicle passed the COs, they attempted to initiate a stop.  The vehicle did not stop, and the COs continued to pursue.  A Tuscola County deputy attempted to deploy a spike strip, to which the suspect avoided.  Local police departments picked up the pursuit and the COs continued to help by blocking roads along the route.  The suspect vehicle hit two spike strips during the pursuit and eventually stopped at a dead-end street.  The subject then began to flee on foot where the Tuscola County Sheriff’s Department and Vassar PD apprehended the suspect.  The COs continued through the woods to support the local units. Suspect is awaiting charges.

CO Josh Jackson assisted the Environmental Investigations Section (EIS) with a complaint they received through their Pollution Emergency Alerting System.  An anonymous call shared concern of a tractor stuck in a creek.  The complaint stated the tractor had gotten stuck in a creek after heavy rains flooded the nearby area.  The CO made contact with the responsible party who explained how the tractor got stuck.  They advised that with the recent snow melt, the ditches and creek often flood the roadway; they were trying to keep the ditches deep enough so the water would not build up and erode the road.  The CO sent the information to a EIS detective and the responsible party agreed to remove the tractor.

CO Josh Jackson received a call regarding a deceased eagle.  The CO contacted the caller who stated his workers located the eagle as they drove the dirt roads.  The CO located the eagle and transported it to Michigan State University’s diagnostic center for a necropsy to determine cause of death.

COs Josh Russell and Mike Haas were on patrol in the Flat River State Game Area (SGA) when they observed a vehicle in a parking spot next to the creek.  The COs contacted one vehicle when another tried to leave the parking lot.  The COs stopped the vehicle and could smell burnt marihuana when they rolled the window down.  The subjects admitted to smoking when the COs pulled in the parking lot.  A citation for disorderly conduct on state land was issued.

COs Josh Russell and Mike Haas were on patrol in the Flat River SGA when they located a vehicle in a turn around.  There were two young children under the age of three in the vehicle with no parents visible.  The COs stopped their vehicle and heard a whistle from the other side of the berm.  The subject stated he was using the bathroom. After a few seconds the individual stood up and put his clothes back on.  A moment later a female subject stood up putting her clothes back on.  Both subjects were warned for indecent exposure.  Citations for disorderly conduct on state land were issued.

COs Josh Russell, Mike Haas and PCO Brandon Vacek were on patrol in a section of state land in Midland County when they located subjects gathered around a fire in a parking lot.  Several of the vehicles were covered in mud and one did not have license plate.  While CO Russell was speaking with the owner of the vehicle, CO Haas back tracked the vehicles track that led to a mud hole off the road.  The subject admitted to operating in the mud hole.  Citations for fail to register vehicle and operate vehicle in a prohibited area were issued.

CO Adam Beuthin was on patrol in Saginaw County when he observed several subjects fishing on a tributary of the Saginaw River.  When he contacted the first group of anglers, the CO noticed they were fishing with artificial lures in an area that was closed to using that type of lure during the closed walleye season.  The CO asked for their fishing licenses and identifications and proceeded to check another angler.  The CO noticed this angler fishing with an artificial lure as well.  Tickets were issued to both for fishing with artificial lures in closed waters and one angler was also issued for fishing without a license.

While on patrol near the Cass River in Saginaw County, CO Quincy Gowenlock and PCO Adam Schiller noticed a vehicle trespassing on federal property.  The COs initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle.  The suspects stated they were attempting to fish.  The COs educated the two subjects that they were on federal land and trespassing.  The COs informed the subjects that their information was going to be passed off to the U.S. Wildlife Refuge officer in the area for enforcement.

CO Quincy Gowenlock received a complaint from the Report All Poaching (RAP) hotline regarding subjects fishing and keeping walleye in Bay County on the Saginaw River.  While en-route from Saginaw County, CO Gowenlock was called by District 6 Supervisor, Lieutenant (Lt.) Jeremy Payne, regarding this complaint and he would be responding from the office to assist.  Lt. Payne arrived on scene and began observing the suspects in a boat catch and keep several fish although they were too far away to determine what kind of fish they were catching.  As CO Gowenlock arrived on scene, the suspects began to motor upstream toward the Bay City Yacht Club.  Environmental Investigations Section (EIS) Detective Dan Lee assisted Lt. Payne at the yacht club to flag down the suspects.  A license and fish check were conducted, and the suspects were found to have an over-limit of perch.  CO Gowenlock was called to the scene and a citation was issued.

CO Jason King was checking anglers along the Saginaw River when he came into contact of a mentally handicap teenage subject that was asking to check other anglers’ licenses.  As the CO made contact with the subject, he noticed a pistol sticking out of the subjects front right pocket.  After securing the firearm it was discovered to be a toy airsoft gun.  After speaking with the subject, he stated that he wanted to make sure people were following the rules.  When the CO asked about the toy airsoft gun, the subject said that he likes to shoot it into the water.  The CO transported the subject back to his address where his guardian and caretaker were.  The CO explained the severity of the subject’s actions and the danger that it poses.  The CO informed the guardian and caretaker that the subject needed to be more closely monitored and supervised.

While patrolling central Isabella County, CO Mike Haas observed a side-by-side operating down a public roadway displaying an expired ORV license.  The CO stopped the ORV and while speaking with the operator noticed an uncased pistol in the front seat.  CO Haas educated the man with the laws concerning “concealed carry” laws in motor vehicles in Michigan and issued a citation to address the violations.

COs Mike Haas and Josh Russell recently conducted a late evening ORV patrol in the Flat River SGA in southern Montcalm County.  The COs caught up to a group of side-by-sides speeding down a county road that passed through the state land parcels.  The operator of each machine admitted to speeding well over the 25-mph limit, but thought it wasn’t an issue since it was in the middle of the night and no one else was on the roadways.  A passenger in one of the machines was also observed with an open can of beer and admitted to discarding the can into the woods.  The COs explained the safety concerns and issued citations to the operators for exceeding the speed limit, operating down the middle of the roadways, littering, and for having open intoxicants in a motor vehicle.

CO Mike Haas was checking activity in the Edmore SGA when he witnessed an ORV operating in a closed area.  CO Haas contacted the operator of the ORV and noted the ORV was also displaying an expired license.  The ORV operator stated he was driving off the main road in order to relieve himself and he wasn’t aware his machine needed an ORV license.  The man said he didn’t know there was an ORV license on his machine and that the dealership must have put it on.  CO Haas looked up the gentleman’s ORV license purchase history using the DNR license sales system and noted the man had purchased his ORV licenses in the past, suggesting that he was aware that he needed an ORV license.  He was issued a citation for the ORV violations.

CO Jay Person was called to a local river from a RAP complaint of subjects using illegal fishing gear.  CO Person responded to the Tittabawassee River in Midland County and found no one at the location given in the complaint.  CO Person checked the area and found a group of teenagers walking down the rail-trail with fishing poles and tackle boxes.  

Contact was made and all subjects were educated on the gear restriction in effect this time of the year on the river.

District 7

While patrolling state land in Allegan County, PCO Anna Viau and CO Sam Schluckbier came upon a suspicious vehicle.  When approaching the vehicle, the driver jumped out and began walking towards the officers.  Thinking the driver was hiding something, CO Schluckbier asked if he was in possession of anything illegal.  The driver was surprisingly honest and advised he was drinking beer and doing cocaine.  A search of the vehicle was conducted where indeed, cocaine was located.  Charges are being sought through the Allegan County Prosecutor’s Office.

CO Chris Holmes was at an access site checking for activity when Portage PD put out a radio dispatch of a subject actively breaking into vehicles.  CO Holmes responded and apprehended the subject.  The subject was turned over to Portage Police officers and was subsequently lodged on several offenses.

CO Carter Woodwyk received a complaint from the RAP hotline of a subject catching and keeping a walleye at the Allegan Dam.  The CO responded to the area and located the described suspect.  The suspect stated he caught a walleye and released it back into the water.  The CO asked the suspect to see any coolers or containers in the suspect’s vehicle.  The suspect brought the CO to his vehicle where a consent search revealed a walleye on the floor board of the vehicle.  A citation was issued for possession of walleye out of season.

CO Matt Page received a complaint of a male and female fishing in a closed stream.  CO Page was in the area and able to observe a male subject fishing in the closed stream and a female subject holding a net on the bank.  Both subjects, although local, stated that they were unaware that the stream was a Type 1 closed stream.  CO Page educated both individuals and issued a citation for fishing a closed stream.

CO Tyler Cole was patrolling closed Type 1 streams along the Black River in Van Buren County.  While watching a group of anglers walking along a path to an open section of river, one angler left the group and proceeded to fish in the closed section.  CO Cole observed the angler fish for approximately 15 minutes before the angler packed up and headed back towards his group.  Contact was made with the angler and he stated that his friends told him it was closed, but upon seeing so many fish in the closed section, he couldn’t resist.  A citation was issued for fishing in a closed stream.

CO Kyle McQueer overheard radio traffic from St. Joseph County central dispatch of an ORV riding down the road for the past several hours.  CO McQueer patrolled to the area in Leonidas Township and observed an ORV riding down the roadway.  CO McQueer conducted a traffic stop.  There were two individuals on the ORV that was not designed to ride double, they were operating on a prohibited roadway, neither individuals were wearing helmets, and the ORV did not have an ORV permit.  While CO McQueer was in the middle of completing a citation, he observed another ORV in the roadway doing donuts, but could not observe who the individual was on the second ORV.  CO McQueer told the operator of the ORV he pulled over to head back to the property.  When CO McQueer pulled into the driveway, he was met with around 30 individuals who confronted CO McQueer and started to use expletives towards him.  The operator of the second ORV was already off the ORV and mixed into the crowd of people.  CO McQueer immediately called for backup. As soon as backup arrived, CO McQueer completed the citation for the ORV he pulled over.

District 8

CO Shane Webster and PCO Tom Peterson responded to a complaint of a vehicle that had gotten stuck while trespassing in a swamp beyond a farmer’s field.  The officers responded along with a Blackman Leoni Public Safety Officer and located the operator and his female companion still in the vehicle attempting to be towed out by a local tow company.  The tow truck driver was not aware his customer was trespassing and was unable to free the stuck vehicle.  A second tow truck was called and was also unsuccessful in freeing the vehicle.  The operator was found to be driving on a suspended license and the female passenger had an outstanding misdemeanor warrant from Milford.  The female was advised of the warrant and released.  The male operator was given tickets for ORV trespass at the request of the landowner and driving while license suspended.  The operator was required to work with the landowner in removing the vehicle when the area dried up enough to access with a tow vehicle.

CO Jeff Goss investigated an illegal deer complaint that occurred on April 5th.  CO Goss’s investigation revealed that four men were coyote hunting when they saw a small deer in front of them.  Unsure as to what the animal was none of the hunters shot.  Soon one of the hunters clearly identified the animal as a deer.  Despite having been told twice by other hunters in the party, one of the hunters shot the animal anyway.  Upon walking over and looking at the animal he discovered his friends were right, it was a deer.  The man chose to leave the deer in the field to rot.  A full confession was obtained, the man’s rifle was seized, and charges are being sought for taking deer out of season.

COs Nick Wellman and Kyle McQueer conducted an interview regarding a possibly illegally taken deer during the 2018 firearm season.  The COs contacted the initial suspect at his home in St. Joe County and questioned him.  After a short time, the man admitted to killing two bucks on opening day of firearm season and never purchasing any deer licenses.  In fact, the man had been hunting since 2009 without hunting licenses of any kind.  The COs seized evidence and then went to the home of the individual who tagged the deer for the suspect.  The individual was very forthcoming and admitted that he had tagged one of the deer for the suspect.  While interviewing him, the COs noticed a nice buck skull and antlers hanging in a tree in the yard.  The COs asked him when he had killed that buck and the individual stated it was from 2017 and he killed it at first light on the 15th of November.   A quick Retail Sales System check found that he had not purchased his licenses that year until after 9 am on the 15th.  When faced with this, the man admitted to not having a license before killing the deer.  Again, evidence was seized and documented.  The interviews yielded three illegal deer over two years, in both St. Joe and Branch County.  Charges are being sought through both counties.

CO Matthew Neterer and PCO James Nason were checking anglers at the Brenke Fish ladder in Lansing when they heard a call from dispatch of a carjacking with a knife that had just occurred near their location.  The victim was following the accused in a different vehicle.  CO Neterer and PCO Nason were the second unit on scene and the accused was taken into custody by Lansing Police.  CO Neterer and PCO Nason assisted the Lansing Police canine locate the knife which the accused threw under the porch of a nearby residence.

CO Todd Thorn and PCO Nathan Beelman attended a preliminary hearing for a felony OWI arrest made by CO Thorn this past winter.  This would be the subject’s seventh OWI conviction, and third felony OWI.  CO Thorn testified on the stand for about an hour and the suspect was bound over to Circuit Court for trial.

CO Shannon Kritz received a RAP complaint about a bobcat that was stuck in a chicken coop in Eaton County.  CO Kritz arrived at the location and observed a bobcat in a chicken coop surrounded by a large pile of feathers and dead chickens.  CO Kritz was able to encourage the bobcat out of the chicken coop using a catch pole.

District 9

CO Justin Muehlhauser and PCO Edward Rice checked an angler fishing the Flint River in Genesee County.  PCO Rice contacted the angler and asked for identification and fishing license.  The man produced a State of Michigan identification card but stated he did not have a fishing license.  PCO Rice contacted dispatch to verify the man’s statement.  Dispatch advised the man had multiple warrants out for his arrest.  Dispatch confirmed the warrants to be valid.  The man was taken into custody without incident.  CO Muehlhauser was able to set up a meeting with the MSP to turn the suspect over to them.

CO Justin Muehlhauser and PCO Edward Rice observed one angler with four lines in the water in his immediate area at a well-known fishing location.  PCO Rice observed the area for additional individuals and none were located.  PCO Rice contacted the angler who was able to produce a Michigan Driver’s license and fishing license.  PCO Rice asked if all four lines belonged to the angler, who stated yes.  The angler also stated he always fishes with four lines.  PCO Rice explained to the angler per the law he could only fish with three lines.  A citation was issued for fishing with too many lines.

COs David Schaumburger and Joseph Deppen conducted a dedicated patrol along the Detroit River targeting walleye anglers.  Multiple vessels were contacted throughout the day.  Multiple warnings were given for various marine safety and fishing violations.  Multiple citations were also issued to American and Canadian anglers fishing in American waters without a fishing license.

CO Joseph Deppen received a complaint about anglers catching and filleting fish along the Clinton River in Macomb County.  CO Deppen responded to the location and found anglers in possession of two buckets of fillets.  The fillets were unidentifiable.  CO Deppen had the anglers take him to their fishing location.  The anglers pointed out multiple carcasses and skins of fish they gutted, filleted, and thrown on the riverbank and into the water.  CO Deppen issued one angler a citation for littering.

CO Raymond Gardner was on patrol in Lapeer County, when he noticed a vehicle parked in the Norway Landing parking area.  When he pulled into the parking area, CO Gardner noticed the glow of flashlights in the woods down by the river.  CO Gardner contacted three subjects, one of them was carrying fishing gear, as they were returning to their vehicle.  When CO Gardner asked the subject carrying the gear if he had any fish with him, the subject said that he had been there for about two hours and didn’t catch any fish.  After CO Gardner asked the subject if he had the new fishing license for 2019, the man said he did not.  The man told CO Gardner that he forgot to buy it but usually buys a fishing license each year.  When CO Gardner checked the man for prior violations and his purchase history, he found that the subject had no priors and consistently bought a fishing license each year since 2008.  CO Gardner gave the subject a warning and explained that he needed to purchase a fishing license if he was going to fish.

While on patrol at the Mini SGA, in Macomb County, CO Kris Kiel and PCO Jesse Grzechowski observed a pick-up truck that was stuck in a muddy area that was closed to motor vehicle traffic.  The Mini SGA has had a problem with trucks and other off-road vehicles making ruts and tearing up the area.  The COs contacted the driver and passenger who were attempting to get the truck out of the mud.  The driver thought it was okay to drive back into the area based on the previous tire tracks.  The driver received a citation for operating a motor vehicle in a closed area of state land.  The Wildlife Division was contacted to estimate the cost to repair to the area which the driver will have to pay for.

CO Ben Lasher received a RAP complaint about a gill net in the Belle River.  CO Lasher responded and found the net.  With help from the caller, four of the five fish caught in the net were able to be returned.  The investigation continues for possible suspects.

COs Pat Hartsig and David Schaumburger were working on the Detroit River when they observed two people dump a cooler into the river from shore.  The COs observed something brown and orange go into the water.  The COs contacted the anglers and they stated they were just washing out a rancid cooler, using the Detroit River water to clean it.  The COs then noticed a large non-native fish swimming in the water in front of the subjects.  CO Hartsig entered the water and removed the fish from the bottom.  It turned out to be a larger species of aquarium fish from South America, from the Cichlid family, known as an “Oscar”.  The fish was removed from the environment and a ticket was issued for littering into the Detroit River.

CO Dave Schaumburger was checking numerous anglers at Belanger Park and Wyandotte Boat Ramp returning from a day of fishing.  Some anglers only caught a few fish, others were bringing limits of walleye.  It seemed the only difference was the location the anglers were fishing.  A few citations were issued for failing to provide the proper number of PFDs and for having an inoperable fire extinguisher.

CO Dave Schaumburger came upon three anglers fishing at Riverside Park in Detroit.  One of the anglers did not have a fishing license and one of the anglers had two warrants out for his arrest.  The subject was placed under arrest and CO Schaumburger transported him to a Waterford police officer.

CO Nicholas Ingersoll was checking anglers coming in from trolling for walleye in Lake Erie at Sterling State.  While conducting a safety inspection on one of the vessels it was determined that they did not have enough PFDs on board the vessel for the two anglers.  CO Ingersoll asked if the vessel was registered to the angler and he advised that it was registered to his father, but he did not have the registration with him.  CO Ingersoll checked the vessels registration and it was determined that the vessel was not registered to the angler’s father, but the angler had failed to transfer the registration into his name.  CO Ingersoll issued the angler a citation for failure to provide enough PFDs on board the vessel and gave a warning for not transferring the registration into his name.

CO Nicholas Ingersoll was checking anglers coming in from jigging walleye on the Detroit River.  After CO Ingersoll conducted a safety inspection on one vessel it was determined that the two anglers failed to equip their vessel with PFDs before heading out onto the river.  The two wearable PFDs were in the back of the angler’s vehicle.  The anglers also stated they did not have a Type IV/Throwable on board the vessel.  CO Ingersoll issued a citation for failure to Provide a Type IV/Throwable on board the vessel and issued a warning for failure to equip their vessel with wearable PFDs before heading out.

CO Kris Kiel and PCO Breanna Reed were stopped at a red light when a BMW, at a very high speed, drove through the red light in the lane next to the CO’s patrol truck.  A traffic stop was conducted, and the driver stated that he could not stop in time for the red light. It was found that the driver had a long history with speed violations and OWIs.  A citation was issued for disregarding a traffic control signal.

CO Joseph Deppen observed seven anglers fishing along the Clinton River utilizing a local fishing pier.  One angler was using illegal fishing gear during a spawning closure.  CO Deppen made contact with the angler and asked him if he knew about the gear restriction that was written in the fishing guide.  The angler said, “Who the hell reads the fishing guide.”  CO Deppen advised the angler he should start reading the fishing guide and issued a citation for using illegal fishing gear during the closure.  After CO Deppen issued the citation, the angler responded, “you’re not cool man.”

CO Watson attended the Thumb Area Walleye Club Board Meeting, introduced himself and answered many questions pertaining to the upcoming fish runs.

CO Pat Hartsig assisted the US Coast Guard with locating an individual who had let a barge partially sunk on the bottom lands of Lake St. Clair near a busy boat ramp.  The barge was unmarked and was deemed a hazard to navigation.  Plans were made with the owner to properly mark and remove the barge before any accidents happen.

CO Raymond Gardner received a complaint from the Lapeer County Central Dispatch about a deer, stuck in the ice on Potters Lake.  CO Gardner located the deer, that was laying on top of the ice.  As CO Gardner approached the shoreline, the deer struggled to get up but, was able to get off the ice and onto dry land.

CO Nicholas Ingersoll was checking out of service for the night when he received a complaint of someone shooting a doe near his residence.  CO Ingersoll was provided with a description of the vehicle and was able to respond to the area of where the complainant heard the gun shots.  CO Ingersoll located two individuals sitting in their vehicle in the back of the field.  CO Ingersoll advised the two individuals why he was there and asked why they were shooting at a doe, when the hunting season is closed.  The two individuals said they were not shooting at a doe, but they were testing out their shotgun.  They said they were instead shooting at the geese that were in the nearby creek.  CO Ingersoll located the firearm in the back of the Sport Utility Vehicle.  The firearm was uncased and had one spent round in the chamber.  CO Ingersoll asked how many geese they have shot so far, and the individuals stated that they did not kill any of them and or injury any.  They said they were just out shooting things for fun.  CO Ingersoll checked the surrounding area to verify their story, and no signs of injured geese/wildlife were located.  CO Ingersoll advised the individuals of the multiple violations which included hunt waterfowl closed season, hunt waterfowl without a hunting license, littering, and possessing uncased firearm in a motor vehicle.  CO Ingersoll issued the individual who was shooting at the geese a citation for uncased firearm in a motor vehicle and warned him on the other violations.

COs Keven Luther, Dan Walzak and Nick Ingersoll patrolled the lower half of the Detroit River for marine and angler violations.  Several verbal warnings were given for minor marine violations.  CO Luther issued three citations while on the marine patrol one fish no license, one non registered vessel, and one for not having an adequate number of PFDs.

COs David Schaumburger and Joe Deppen worked a marine patrol on the Detroit River on a busy Saturday in April.  The fishing was not very good, but the volume of anglers was very high.  The COs encountered many anglers, including many Canadian citizens fishing the American waters.  The COs made approximately 25 contacts with Canadian citizens and issued 12 citations for fishing without a Michigan fishing license.

CO David Schaumburger worked the Detroit River and encountered a Canadian citizen fishing near the US seawall.  The angler did not have a Michigan fishing license and stated he did not realize he was in US water even though he was approximately 10 yards from shore.  A citation was issued for fishing without a license.

Working a group patrol for walleye anglers on the Detroit River, CO Dan Walzak contacted a vessel that was displaying expired registration.  When first asked about the expired registration, the vessel owner alluded to him having the registration but forgetting to apply the current decal.  CO Walzak then requested to see the vessel registration certificate but the owner stated that he did not have it with him.  Running the vessel numbers through dispatch revealed that it was, indeed, expired and owned by an individual other than the subject CO Walzak was contacting.  When asked how long he had owned the vessel, the subject stated that he had purchased it over a year ago.  The subject was issued a citation for operating a motorized vessel with expired registration and given a verbal warning for failing to transfer the vessel registration into his name.  During the same group patrol, CO Dan Walzak contacted an 18-foot vessel with five persons on board.  Checking safety equipment, the vessel owner stated very confidently that he had everything that he needed.  When the counting was done, he found that he only had four wearable PFDs instead of the required five.  The subject was issued a citation for insufficient number of PFDs.

Belle Isle

CO Todd Thorn and PCO Jaime Salisbury were driving the side by side ORV over the MacArthur Bridge at Belle Isle Park after refueling it at the local gas station when PCO Salisbury, through the rearview mirror, observed a man standing along the railing of the bridge looking down at the water and boats.  Something appeared out of the ordinary about the man standing there so PCO Salisbury kept watching the man as he drove over the bridge and saw the man climb over the railing.  PCO Salisbury turned the side by side around and approached the man from behind.  CO Thorn and PCO Salisbury exited the side by side and climbed over a barrier, approaching the man from behind without his knowledge.  They grabbed the man under the arms and around his chest and asked him what he was doing.  He stated, "I am going to jump off the bridge."  The man kicked out his legs and began to struggle, and the COs were the only thing keeping him on the bridge.  CO Thorn and PCO Salisbury lifted the man over the railing, and after a brief struggle, sat the man on the sidewalk and called for EMS.  As the man was seated on the sidewalk two family members arrived on scene.  They said the man told them on the phone he was going to jump off the bridge and they were trying to get there before he did.  The man was found to have many warrants out of Detroit.  He was turned over to Detroit PD at the scene.

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