7/14/2019 - 7/27/2019

Law Enforcement Division, Bi-Weekly Report


Conservation Officer (CO) Jeremy Sergey received a report of an individual who killed a snapping turtle when the turtle season was closed. CO Sergey interviewed the individual and obtained a confession as well as photographs of the individual holding the dead turtle. Charges have been filed with the Menominee County District Court for killing a turtle out of season.

CO Jeremy Sergey and a Wisconsin conservation warden worked together on a case involving an individual who had 200 bluegills in his possession. The aggregate limit for pan fish is 75. The fish were seized, and CO Sergey filed charges for over-limit of fish with the Dickinson County District Court.

CO Josh Boudreaux patrolled the Dead River Basin over the weekend. Multiple violations were observed including marijuana use in public, expired boat registrations, and personal watercrafts (PWCs) pulling tubers without an observer. Tickets were issued for the unregistered vessels and for allowing a minor to operate a PWC without marine safety and not having an observer. During one of the expired boat registration contacts, the owner said they just purchased the vessel and the paperwork was in their truck at the boat launch. CO Boudreaux agreed to meet the couple back at the boat launch to review the bill of sale. CO Boudreaux checked several fishermen along the way and just as he arrived at the dock, he overheard the female subject onboard the vessel state, “Well, where did that idiot go?”  CO Boudreaux was standing several feet behind her and replied, “That idiot is right behind you!”  The embarrassed female quickly began to praise CO Boudreaux for the work that COs do and said she always watches Northwoods Law. The couple had the proper paperwork and were free to continue their outing.

CO Josh Boudreaux assisted a Michigan State Police (MSP) trooper with a reckless driving complaint in Champion. CO Boudreaux photographed the tire tracks left in the roadway and later matched them to the suspect’s vehicle at his residence during the interview. The MSP trooper is seeking charges through the county prosecutor’s office for reckless driving.

CO Boudreaux noticed aquatic plants hanging from the trailer of a boat he was following. CO Boudreaux conducted a traffic stop on the subjects and learned they had left a lake in Forsyth Township earlier in the day after fishing. The pair stated they were very aware of the increase of enforcement on aquatic invasive species (AIS) and said they checked their boat when they pulled out of the launch. Further inspection of the boat revealed water in the live well and numerous aquatic plants attached to the trailer. A civil infraction citation was issued for failing to remove aquatic vegetation from a vessel/trailer before leaving a body of water.

CO Josh Boudreaux conducted a presentation on AIS at the Lake Independence Lake Association meeting in Big Bay. CO Boudreaux answered many questions throughout the presentation and received a lot of positive feedback on the increased patrols of Lake Independence. Shortly after leaving the meeting, CO Boudreaux heard a report of a medical emergency at the park at which the meeting was being held. CO Boudreaux responded to the scene and rendered care until EMS arrived.

COs Josh Boudreaux and John Kamps received a complaint of an individual burning tires and other garbage in Marquette County. The COs had been made aware of this individual in the past and multiple officers from various departments have responded to this individual’s residence and issued citations for illegal burns. At the residence, COs immediately noted the overwhelming odor of burning plastic as the suspect assured the COs it was only wood he was burning. Examination of the pile revealed remnants of furniture, oil containers, and other assorted debris with no wood to be found. The suspect was placed under arrest for an illegal burn and unlawful disposal of solid waste. He was then transported to the Marquette County Jail.

CO Jenni Hanson was the first to arrive on scene of an Off-Road Vehicle (ORV) accident in Gogebic County. Two riders were operating on a closed trail when one of the riders took a turn too fast. He flew off his four-wheeler, slamming his back into a tree. CO Hanson provided medical aid until the paramedics arrived with a rescue sled. The responders extricated the patient out of the woods and brought him to the Aspirus Ironwood Hospital.

Sergeant (Sgt.) Marc Pomroy and COs Doug Hermanson, Dave Miller, and Cody Smith worked an Isle Royale patrol targeting subjects reported to be taking over-limits of lake trout. The COs worked in conjunction with the US Coast Guard and National Park Service rangers to conduct surveillance of a fishing group staying on the island. Contact was made with the group when they left the island and were found to be in possession of an over-limit of lake trout. CO Miller cited the boat owner for possessing the over-limit of lake trout.


COs Andrea Dani and Mike Evink patrolled Lake Superior from Munising Bay to Grand Marais Bay, and into AuTrain Bay. The officers were called to a medical issue at the Devil’s Log Slide but were called off while en route. While passing the north end of Grand Island, the officers were waved over by a group of boaters. The boaters were stranded on a pontoon boat with a dead engine. The officers towed the boat back to shore in Munising Bay.

COs Steve Butzin and Michael Evink assisted Corporal (Cpl.) Michael Hammill with a marine patrol of Lake Michigan south of Manistique. The three checked 40 plus vessels participating in a salmon derby. One ticket was issued for fishing using too many lines. The COs then assisted Cpl. Hammill grapple for a hazard that has been accumulating anglers gear. The officers located and recovered a tangled mess in 150 feet of water.

COs Chris Lynch and Steve Butzin attended Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement training. This training will help the COs become more proficient at detecting, apprehending, testing, and prosecuting impaired drivers on boats, snowmobiles, ORVS, and motor vehicles. The course covered impairing effects of drugs, alcohol, and/or the combination of both.

COs Todd Sumbera and Colton Gelinas responded to a call from Central Dispatch of a vehicle in the ditch along US-2. Upon arrival, it was found that the subject had put his truck and 23-foot boat in the ditch. Further investigation revealed that the subject was under the influence of alcohol and drugs. COs arrested and lodged the subject in the Mackinac County Jail.


COs Andrea Erratt and Adam LeClerc patrolled Round Lake, Lake Michigan, and Lake Charlevoix for the Venetian Festival Fireworks. CO Erratt ticketed one lady for fishing without a license who said she had purchased a fishing license. A Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Retail Sales System (RSS) check revealed she had never purchased a fishing license. CO Erratt ticketed another woman who they contacted in 40 feet of water who had crossed Lake Charlevoix in a small kayak with no Personal Floatation Device (PFD). COs Erratt and LeClerc warned other vessels being operated with improper navigation lights.

While patrolling an area of regulated dispersed camping in northern Emmet County, CO Duane Budreau encountered a subject that had driven his motorcycle between the barriers onto an area closed to camping. After getting the subject out of his tent, CO Budreau was informed by the individual that he did not know the site was closed to camping. CO Budreau explained the sign at the entrance stating that camping was allowed in marked sites only, and the large rocks and posts blocking off access to the area he was in should have been a clear indication that camping was not allowed in this site. The camper was ticketed for the violation.

COs Chad Baldwin and Ethen Mapes responded to the report of two overturned kayakers in Lake Michigan near Fisherman’s Island. The sun was setting, and the lake was very rough. COs Baldwin and Mapes neared the area and glassed through binoculars to locate the individuals who were clinging to one of the submerged kayaks. Upon contact, the kayakers were found to be very cold and frightened. A marine deputy boat from the Charlevoix County Sheriff’s Department arrived on scene and assisted in the rescue. The kayakers were recovered and covered in dry clothes and given hand warmers as they were evaluated for possible hypothermia. The kayakers did not seek further medical attention once they returned to shore. In all, the kayakers were in the water for over a half hour and, if not for a PDF and a throwable floatation device, this outcome would have been much different.

CO Tim Rosochacki was the host of the Topinabee Library Story Time. The theme of the story time was “What’s That Sound?”  CO Rosochacki brought in numerous animal calls for the kids to hear and guess what animal made the sound. CO Rosochacki also read several books to the preschool aged group and brought in furs for the kids to handle. Smokey Bear made an appearance which was a big hit with the group.

CO Tim Rosochacki responded to a boating accident on Silver Lake in Cheboygan County. Two subjects on a tube were pulled into another boat and sustained injuries. CO Rosochacki assisted EMS on scene and conducted an investigation. The report was forwarded to the Cheboygan County Prosecutor for review and possible charges.

COs Tom Oberg and Kyle Cherry were the first ones on scene to an ORV accident that occurred not very far from their location. The COs located a rider who went off the roadway and hit a tree. The COs evaluated the individual and waited for EMS to arrive on scene. The subject was transported to Otsego Memorial Hospital for injuries.

CO Sidney Collins was parked on a drive off M-33 when a subject walked toward her patrol truck. CO Collins contacted the subject who was looking to get a ride home. After further investigation, the subject told CO Collins that he was in a heated argument the night before and walked away from the home to avoid further argument. The subject told CO Collins that he had been walking since the night before. When the story was not adding up, CO Collins was able to figure out that he had taken his truck the night before and it broke down somewhere on state land. The subject had no wallet or identification on him. CO Collins ran the subject through the Law Enforcement Information Network (LEIN) system, and the subject was found to have several warrants and a suspended driver’s license. He was transported to the county jail.


COs William Kinney and Troy Ludwig assisted the Wexford County Sheriff’s Department with the recovery of an individual who drowned while tubing the Manistee River in Wexford County. The fast current had pushed the individual into a logjam, causing her to be swept under and unable to free herself.

CO Josiah Killingbeck responded to a report of an overturned kayak, where the kayaker had failed to resurface, in northern Lake County. CO Killingbeck arrived on scene just as fire department personnel had located the subject. CO Killingbeck assisted in removing the subject from the river and began cardio-pulmonary resuscitation. In a joint effort with EMS and fire personnel, the victim’s heart was restarted, and CO Killingbeck was asked to drive the ambulance to the hospital while EMS personal continued with life saving measures. Unfortunately, the subject later died at the hospital.

CO Josiah Killingbeck, along with the Lake County Sheriff’s Department, responded to a report of a personal injury crash with several injuries reported. CO Killingbeck arrived on scene and found two victims pinned inside their vehicle. CO Killingbeck assisted with first aid of the severely injured victims. CO Killingbeck assisted with scene investigation and traffic control.

CO Josiah Killingbeck responded to a report of ten overturned kayakers in the Pere Marquette River after heavy rainfall. CO Killingbeck, along with Sgt. Nixon of the Lake County Sheriff’s Department, responded to the area where the subject’s cell phone was pinging. CO Killingbeck and Sgt. Nixon located the subjects but discovered one of the subjects was on the opposite side of the river. After several attempts at getting the subject across the river, CO Killingbeck and Sgt. Nixon were able to get another deputy on the opposite side of the river within ear shot and the subject followed the sounds of sirens to safety. CO Killingbeck and Sgt. Nixon transported the subjects back to their vehicles. The subjects were very thankful to be out of the dangerously high Pere Marquette River.

CO Brian Brosky assisted Mason County law enforcement and fire departments with responding to calls during heavy rain and thunderstorms. Several roads, bridges, and culverts were washed out due to high rainfall over a short period of time. CO Brosky responded to one call where a subject was driving, and the roadway gave out underneath him. His vehicle became trapped in a large sinkhole in the roadway with large amounts of water flowing underneath the vehicle. The subject’s vehicle was able to be removed from the sinkhole with the help of a local tow company.

CO Angela Greenway and Sgt. Mike Bomay were first on scene of a grass fire along US 131. Sgt. Bomay utilized his issued fire extinguisher to slow the fire, while CO Greenway advised dispatch of the location. Upon arrival of the Big Rapids Fire Department, CO Greenway took one of the fire hoses and continued to extinguish the fire, while Sgt. Bomay utilized the fire department’s water extinguisher. The fire was put out safely. Additional fire personnel arrived to secure the scene.

CO Josh Reed assisted the Mecosta County Sheriff’s Office, along with Probation and Parole, at a residence north of Big Rapids. The Sheriff’s Office had requested assistance with a fawn they had discovered in a bedroom during a probation violation complaint. The deputies had discovered the fawn after locating and searching for methamphetamines in several other bedrooms. Upon arrival, CO Reed was able to capture the fawn and investigate why the fawn was in the residence. The suspect advised that he believed the fawn was abandoned, even though a doe and second fawn were seen hanging around the property surrounding the residence. The suspect and several other subjects began feeding the fawn and it would not leave the residence. The suspect advised he would leave the sliding door open for the fawn and it would enter the residence when it wanted to. All the subjects involved were arrested on drug related charges by the Sheriff’s Office. Charges for the fawn were sent to the prosecutor’s office for review.


CO Mike Hearn received a complaint from a motorist that observed a large live trap that had been set in a wooded area of private property along a road near her home. CO Hearn located the trap, which was being monitored with a Wi-Fi trail camera and a laser toggle system to activate the door. CO Hearn contacted the property owner to question him about the trap. The property owner had no knowledge of the trap and had not granted anyone permission to be on the property. A subsequent investigation led CO Hearn to a local houndsman that had been hired by a neighbor to catch a domestic dog that had escaped. CO Hearn contacted the property owner and advised him of the situation. The property owner did not want to pursue trespass charges, but requested the equipment be promptly removed.

CO Charlie Jones was on marine patrol in Garfield Township of Kalkaska County when he observed a pick-up truck fail to stop at a stop sign near the Manistee River. CO Jones conducted a traffic stop and standard field sobriety tests (SFSTs) were conducted. The driver was taken into custody and transported to the Kalkaska County Jail for Operating While Intoxicated (OWI).

CO Brad Bellville received a Report All Poaching (RAP) complaint of a deceased fox in a live trap next to a cabin in Ogemaw County. CO Bellville arrived on scene to find there was no one home. He photographed the trap and deceased fox and began attempting to locate the owner of the cabin. After a few hours of investigation, CO Bellville was able to contact the property owner via phone. CO Bellville obtained a full confession; however, the landowner stated that the trap was set to catch raccoons living under the cabin before he left to go back downstate. In further discussion, CO Bellville determined that the trap had not been checked in several days violating the 24-hour trap check law. Charges are being sought through the Ogemaw County Prosecutor’s Office.

CO Kyle Bader assisted local agencies with multiple motor vehicle crashes that occurred in very remote locations across Ogemaw County. One involved a Jeep that burned completely before the fire department could get to the scene. No one was injured in that incident. The second one involved a Buick Crossover that crashed on a snowmobile trail. The elderly and intoxicated driver was trapped in the vehicle. She was transported to the hospital after CO Bader and MSP troopers we able to dislodge the ambulance that had become stuck in the deep sand.

While on patrol in Clare County, CO Josh Wright made a traffic stop on a Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) that was operating on a public highway. The operator pulled into a party store and attempted to walk inside when CO Wright ordered him back to his vehicle. Upon talking with the operator, CO Wright detected signs of intoxication and ran the subject through SFSTs. The man refused to take a Preliminary Breath Test (PBT) and was also determined to be operating on a suspended and revoked driver’s license. He was arrested and lodged in the Clare County Jail for Driving While License Suspended and OWI.

CO Mark Papineau investigated a complaint of a large amount of litter scattered in an area of an abandoned camping site on state land in Gladwin County. During investigation of the site, CO Papineau was able to discover a credit card receipt for a local purchase from a store in the City of Gladwin. During review of the store’s surveillance footage, CO Papineau was also able to discover a second possible suspect that made a separate purchase. After obtaining additional information from the store, CO Papineau executed a search warrant for banking information pertaining to the two credit cards used for the purchases. Interviews were conducted on both suspects and CO Papineau learned that seven people camped at that site over the 4th of July weekend. The suspects confessed to leaving the trash at the site and were instructed to return and clean it up. After the site was cleaned up, five people were issued civil infractions for littering on state land.

CO Mark Papineau assisted the Gladwin County Sheriff’s Department with an intoxicated subject lying in the roadway in rural Gladwin County. Deputies arrived on scene and contacted the highly intoxicated subject who informed them that he was out “mudding” and got stuck. The subject led the deputies to the location of the vehicle, which was stuck in a closed wetland area of state land. CO Papineau investigated the damage to the wetland, and with assistance from the DNR Forest Resources Division, an approximate restitution value was determined to repair the damaged area. Warrants are being sought for the malicious destruction of a wetland.


COs Josh Jackson and Mike Haas were checking local lakes in Montcalm County for marine activity and entered Clifford Lake public access. The COs noticed two vehicles with boat trailers that were obstructing traffic flow at the access site. Neither vehicle had a recreation passport, and one vehicle was parked in a no-parking zone. Citations were issued for parking violations.

COs Josh Jackson and Mike Haas received a tip of illegal campsites on state land and responded. The COs were searching along Wabasis Creek when they witnessed a man shore fishing. The two COs parked their patrol vehicle and set out on foot to contact the angler. As they approached, the subject was walking along the river but had no fishing gear in sight. The COs asked the man about fishing and found that he had thrown all his gear, including his fishing pole, into the nearby weeds. The subject told the COs he was worried about a possible warrant and did not want to go to jail. The subject did not have a current warrant for his arrest, nor did he have a current fishing license. Subsequently, the angler was issued a citation for fishing without a license.

CO Adam Beuthin was patrolling the Patterson Road public access on the Saginaw River checking vessels coming off the water. He observed a vessel being held on the dock by a female subject with a male subject sitting in the back of the vessel. When he walked up to the vessel, he observed several empty cans of alcohol in the bottom. He asked the two subjects who had operated the vessel to the dock. The male subject told the CO his friend who was backing the trailer up. The CO observed the driver of the vehicle having difficulty backing up the trailer with others in line. Immediately upon contacting the driver, the CO could smell the odor of intoxicants. The CO had the driver exit the vehicle and began SFSTs. After the tests and PBT results, the driver of the vehicle was arrested and taken to jail for OWI.

While on patrol in Isabella County, COs Dan Robinson and Mike Haas heard MSP units on the radio responding to a hit and run accident. A gentleman was seen fleeing on foot into a farm field from the scene of the accident where the victim had to be transported by ambulance. The COs were nearby and assisted with setting up a perimeter around the large mile block of woods and farm fields as an MSP K9 trooper tracked the suspect. The COs positioned themselves based off the direction of travel called out by the K9 unit and eventually drove their truck down a two-track bordering a bean field and wooded area. After a short time, the COs spotted the suspect attempting to hide in tall weeds. The COs quickly exited their patrol truck and apprehended the suspect. The COs brought the suspect back to their patrol truck and turned him over to the responding MSP units.

While off duty at his residence, CO Mike Haas received a call from Isabella Central Dispatch late in the evening. A complainant had called dispatch and stated he witnessed two individuals catch and retain undersized walleye while fishing on the Chippewa River. CO Haas was able to respond to the area quickly and meet deputies that were already at the river where the suspect vehicle was parked. After a short time, a kayak returned to shore where the officers were waiting. The officers greeted the angler and asked how the fishing was. The gentleman stated he had caught a few fish, but he had thrown them all back; he also stated he had been fishing alone. After a short time, another individual was located and eventually admitted to fishing with the man in the kayak. The two anglers were acting nervous and suspicious, CO Haas then walked upriver and located a fish basket hidden in brush along the river. There were seven walleye in the basket and five of the walleye were well under the 15-inch minimum size. CO Haas asked the anglers who the fish belonged to and the first angler stated that the basket was his and he had caught and retained all the walleye. The other individual admitted that he did not have a valid fishing license. CO Haas issued a citation to the man that was in the kayak for not having a required PFD and seized the man’s fishing poles, fish basket, and fish as evidence. Charges are pending with the Isabella County Prosecutors Office to address the over-limit of walleye and possession of undersized fish.

COs Dan Robinson and Adam Schiller taught a Boater Safety course as part of the Mt. Pleasant Youth Academy. The COs spent three days on the material and testing. On day four the cadets had the chance to spend time on a variety of patrol vessels. The cadets operated the boats, demonstrated rescue skills, “man-overboard” drills, and experienced being stopped by a patrol boat. COs Mike Haas, Josh Russell, and Josh Jackson assisted with the activities on the water and provided their patrol vessels for the day’s activities.


COs Sam Schluckbier, Rich Cardenas and Carter Woodwyk assisted Allegan County, Kent County and the MSP dive teams on a drowning victim recovery effort on Green Lake in Allegan County. Officers were able to locate the victim who had went into the water a few days earlier.

CO Sam Schluckbier assisted local law enforcement agencies on a hit and run accident. The passenger inside the vehicle that hit a building in Allegan County fled the scene into the woods. Officers searched the area on foot and set up a perimeter around the area. Eventually, the suspect was apprehended and arrested for outstanding warrants.

While checking a public launch in Allegan County, CO Sam Schluckbier observed a PWC being driven full speed toward the dock and shoreline. CO Schluckbier stopped the driver and found him to be a juvenile that had not taken a boater’s safety class. The juvenile’s father was nearby but was not aware of the law requirements for PWC operation. A citation was issued to the father for allowing a juvenile to operate without a safety certification. Directions were given to the subjects on how to complete the class.

CO Carter Woodwyk was patrolling Allegan County when he observed an ORV operating on the public roadway contrary to law. The CO caught up to the ORV and initiated his emergency lights to stop it. When the driver saw the CO’s emergency lights, he fled at a high rate of speed. The CO terminated the traffic stop, notified local officers who were in the area and started following the tracks left in the dirt roadway by the ORV. The CO followed the tracks back to a residence where the suspect had just stored the ORV in a barn and was attempting to leave the area by vehicle. The CO stopped the suspect in the driveway who stated he ran because he knew he was not allowed to be on the roadway. Charges are being sought for the violations.

CO Kyle McQueer was patrolling St. Joseph County when he observed an individual fishing a channel, Prairie River, off Lake Templene. After contacting the individual, he stated he did not have his fishing license on him, but he did buy one. After an RSS check was run, it was determined he had not purchased a fishing license since 2013. A citation was issued for fishing without a license.

CO Justin Ulberg observed two anglers fishing in a boat from a distance on an inland lake in Kent County. After a short while the anglers headed towards the boat launch. CO Ulberg contacted the anglers to check for fishing licenses. One of the subjects advised that he was only out for a boat ride and was not fishing. CO Ulberg informed the angler that he had observed him fish from a distance. The subject admitted to fishing without a license and was issued a citation.

While on patrol in Ionia County, COs Jeremy Beavers and Cary Foster checked angler and marine activity on Morrison Lake. While patrolling the lake, the officers spotted a subject fishing from a small boat near the island. The officers approached the boat and contacted the angler and his passenger. The officers asked the subject for his fishing license and asked to see the required safety equipment for the angler’s boat. After seeing the necessary equipment, the subject searched for his license and stated he does not think he has one. CO Beavers told him that the he could check but needed his driver’s license. CO Beavers then asked the subject if he had current registration for the boat, since the sticker on the boat expired in 2018. The subject stated that he did not and has not renewed his registration. It was learned after checking that the subject had not purchased a fishing license since 2016. The subject was issued a citation for the violations.

During a patrol of the Flat River State Game Area, CO Jeremy Beavers checked for illegal ORV activity in an area commonly referred to as the playground. This is an area known for large amounts of illegal activity. During his checks, CO Beavers noticed items he used just two days prior to block a trail had been removed. The trail is used to get to the playground. CO Beavers followed the trail and saw signs of recent activity of both trucks and ORVs. While checking the area, CO Beavers contacted two subjects on a side by side. The operator was cited for operating in a closed area.


COs Daniel Prince and Peter Purdy issued two citations to subjects wakeboarding and water-skiing on a Livingston County lake without observers. One of the subjects asked if their dog counted as an observer, saying the dog barked when they fell. The answer was, “No.”

CO Nick Wellman was assisting a disabled pontoon during the Corn Roast festival when CO James Nason radioed him and advised him of a PWC that was operating from the island and the operator was not wearing a PFD. CO Wellman took his patrol boat and located the PWC and the rider who was now operating in a careless manner near another PWC, still not wearing a PFD. CO Wellman conducted a stop on the PWC and immediately smelled alcohol coming from the driver. CO Wellman advised the operator of the violation and then took the operator to the public access for SFSTs. COs Jeffrey Goss and Nathan Beelman assisted with taking the PWC back to a residence. Upon running the operator through SFSTs and a PBT, the operator failed several portions of the test and blew a 0.236. The operator was lodged in the Branch County Jail on BUI. CO Wellman was assisted by all officers from the group patrol.

While patrolling through Branch County, CO James Nason witnessed a Chevy Impala pass multiple cars in a no-passing-zone at a high rate of speed. CO Nason caught up to the individual and conducted a traffic stop. Once contacting the driver, the subject stated that he was traveling to a relative’s house and admitted to passing the other vehicles on the road while traveling up a hill, not knowing what could be coming in the other direction. CO Nason explained how dangerous the violation was, the driver agreed. A citation was issued for careless operation of a motor vehicle.


CO Nick Ingersoll was patrolling the north end of Monroe County for ORV activity when he stumbled upon a Yamaha Banshee operating down one of the back roads in London Township. CO Ingersoll initiated a traffic stop on the male driver for operating his ORV on a public roadway. CO Ingersoll explained to the driver that Monroe County was closed to ORV activity and they were not allowed to be driving on the roadway. CO Ingersoll also advised the operator that his ORV was unlicensed. A check of the operator’s driving status came back that the individual had two warrants out for his arrest out of Washtenaw County. CO Ingersoll lodged the individual for his warrants and issued the driver a citation for fail to license his ORV, he issued a warning for operating on the roadway.

CO Nick Ingersoll was conducting a marine patrol on Lake Erie when he observed a jet ski and boat traveling on plane creating wake in a slow/no wake zone of Swan Creek. CO Ingersoll stopped both vessels and advised them Swan Creek was a slow/no wake zone. During the safety check it was determined that the operator did not have a boater’s safety certificate and did not have the paper registration for the vessel. CO Ingersoll issued the boat operator a citation for operating at greater than slow/no wake and issued warnings for failure to carry the registration on the vessel and no boater’s safety. The jet ski operator was also issued a warning for operating at greater than slow/no wake.

COs Nick Ingersoll and Brandon Vacek conducted a marine patrol on Lake Erie when they observed a vessel traveling back to the launch approximately 25 minutes past sunset without navigation lights. COs Ingersoll and Vacek stopped the vessel and asked why they did not have their navigation lights on, and they advised they were having a few issues coming in and it took longer to come in than planned. COs Ingersoll and Vacek then asked to see the vessels navigation lights, and that is when the vessel operator advised they did not have them on the vessel. The COs issued the operator a citation for no navigation lights and advised them of the safety issues traveling on the waterway without lights after sunset.

CO Nick Ingersoll was checking anglers near Paul’s Bait Shop on the River Raisin when he contacted one angler with two bass. CO Ingersoll asked the angler if he knew the size limit on largemouth bass, and the angler stated he was unsure. CO Ingersoll advised the angler that the bass appeared to be undersized. CO Ingersoll measured the angler’s bass, and it was determined to be a half inch short. The angler was advised he was fishing next to a bait shop that has fishing guides and if he didn’t know the size limit, he should have picked up a fishing guide. The individual was issued a citation for undersized bass, and the bass was released.

CO Nick Ingersoll was checking for ORV activity around the railroad tracks on Sandy Creek Road in Monroe County when he observed three ORVs operating along the railroad tracks at the intersection of Sandy Creek and Yax Road. CO Ingersoll conducted a traffic stop and asked the individuals what they were doing. They said they have been riding the tracks in Monroe County since they were young and did not know what the problem was. CO Ingersoll explained to them the importance of staying off railroad tracks and advised them that their ORVs were not licensed. CO Ingersoll issued all three individuals citations for failure to license their ORVs and gave them a warning for operating on the railroad tracks.

CO Keven Luther received a complaint from DNR Station 20 about an individual in possession of a fawn white tail deer. CO Luther contacted the suspects and after a short interview took possession of the fawn in question. The female suspect was advised of the violation and given a verbal warning. The fawn was then turned over to CO Dan Walzak to be dropped off to the Monroe County wildlife rehabilitator.

COs Dave Schaumburger and Dan Walzak conducted a marine patrol in the midnight hours and came across a vessel that was operating without forward navigation lights. Contact was made with the vessel operator who decided to operate the vessel knowing the lights were not working. A citation was issued for not having operational navigation lights.

CO Dave Schaumburger, while conducting a marine patrol in Wayne County, located a stringer of smallmouth bass at a popular shore angling spot. The CO asked the angler to hold up the stringer of fish, when CO Schaumburger saw what appeared to be an undersized bass. The CO measured the fish and it was only 13 inches. A citation was issued for possessing an undersized bass.

CO Justin Muehlhauser was working Lake Fenton on a marine patrol. As severe weather was moving in, a kayaker capsized right in front of him. The kayak quickly filled with water and the operator needed assistance. Fighting the wind, the CO assisted the stranded kayaker. The CO was able to get the woman onboard his vessel and brought her and the swamped kayak safely to shore. The woman was very appreciative of the help. She drained out the kayak and went on her way.

CO Luke Robare was patrolling the Holloway Dam and checked a group of anglers with a five-gallon bucket of fish. The bucket contained several pan fish and what looked to be a smallmouth bass. Upon further inspection by CO Robare, he confirmed that it was in fact a smallmouth bass. The bass measured to be nine inches long. When asked who had caught and kept the short bass, one of the anglers claimed that the bucket was his, but the bass was not his. He stated that prior to CO Robare arriving, a woman was fishing next to him and gave him her fish, which included two bluegills and the smallmouth bass. CO Robare explained to the fisherman that even simply possessing a bass under the legal-size limit was a violation of the law. CO Robare issued the fisherman a citation for possessing a smallmouth bass under 14 inches long.

CO Justin Muehlhauser worked a complaint regarding several geese which were found dead on a pond at an apartment complex. The CO sent a carcass in for a necropsy and toxicology. The toxicology came back negative and the necropsy showed evidence of trauma to the head and neck. The CO interviewed residents who observed a man harassing the geese on multiple occasions. In one instance, the man was observed snatching a gosling up by the neck and throwing it into his vehicle. Another time he was seen allowing his dog to attack the geese while he held the leash. The CO interviewed the suspect who admitted to harassing the geese on multiple occasions. He stated that he never killed any geese. He felt that the geese are becoming to accustom to people, and someone needs to instill fear into them and felt that he was doing it for their own good. CO Muehlhauser will be requesting charges for harassing wildlife to the local prosecutor’s office.

CO Justin Muehlhauser and CO Luke Robare worked a marine patrol on the Holloway Reservoir. CO Muehlhauser spotted a PWC pulling a tube without an observer. The COs stopped the PWC and advised of the violation. The COs also inquired about the operator’s boater safety status. The operator stated that he just bought the PWC and the dealer told him he didn’t need it. The operator was cited for towing without an observer and warned for the boater safety violation.

While checking anglers at the Holloway Dam, COs Justin Muehlhauser and Luke Robare spotted an ORV driving through the parking area. The COs approached on foot and were able to stop the vehicle. The operator was evasive toward questions but eventually advised that he rode from a friend’s house down the road. He was not wearing a helmet and did not have an ORV permit. Further, he was operating on Genesee County Parks property and he showed signs of impairment. The operator agreed to a series of SFSTs and agreed to take a PBT. The operator was just under the legal limit. Due to the many violations, the ORV was impounded, and the operator was cited for operating an ORV on the roadway and operating without an ORV permit.

CO Robert Watson was patrolling the local state game area in St. Clair County and observed two parked vehicles that appeared to not have been recently moved. CO Watson was familiar with the area and knew there was a campsite nearby that people frequented. CO Watson was able to locate the owners of the vehicles at the campsite, who admitted to camping for the past several days. The campers also admitted to cutting down a very large pine tree for firewood. CO Watson issued one of the campers a citation for camping between May 15 and September 10 on a state game area and a warning for cutting down the large, standing tree.

CO Robert Watson responded to a call about two ORVs tearing up a local farmer’s field in St. Clair County. The farmer had gathered the suspect’s information and released the riders. CO Watson contacted the first rider who was 14 years old and had failed to obtain an ORV safety certificate. A warning was issued for trespassing and riding without a certificate, and the mother of the suspect grounded the young man. The second suspect was unable to be located.

COs Pat Hartsig and Brandon Vacek patrolled the St. Clair flats area of St. Clair County, for boats exceeding slow/no wake. A 38-foot speedboat was operating within 200 feet of residences on the water. The COs patrol boat couldn’t catch up to him while going over 50 mph. The driver eventually stopped. Tickets were issued for operating on plane within the slow/no wake area.

COs Brad Silorey and Joseph Deppen were checking anglers along Muscamoot Bay in Lake St. Clair. COs Silorey and Deppen contacted an angler that had a bucket of fish and the angler nervously asked for a measuring tape. CO Silorey recognized the angler from a previous encounter where his friends were cited for keeping undersized largemouth bass. COs Silorey and Deppen looked in the bucket and saw what seemed to be an undersized bass. The angler said, “I was just going to let that one go before you got here.” COs Silorey and Deppen positively identified the fish as a largemouth bass and seized the bass. The largemouth bass was measured less than 14 inches. The angler was cited for possession of an undersized largemouth bass.

CO Joseph Deppen was in route to a local access and traveling on I-94 when a vehicle passed him at a high rate of speed. CO Deppen clocked the driver at 101 mph and conducted a traffic stop. The driver was cited for driving 101mph/70mph and given warnings on no insurance in vehicle and no registration in the vehicle.

CO Brad Silorey was on patrol when he received a RAP complaint through DNR dispatch. The caller stated that he observed an individual actively attacking ducks with a large stick and hitting them. They also stated that they watched him cripple one duck and found another floating dead in the water in front of the suspect’s residence. While CO Silorey was in route to the suspect’s residence, he discovered that the suspect had done this in the past and had multiple other complaints through the county dispatch. CO Silorey arrived at the suspect’s residence and contacted him on his dock that extended into the river. CO Silorey asked the suspect if he had got into it today with some ducks on his property. The suspect responded with, “Oh, you mean the ones I shot?”  After further questioning, CO Silorey discovered that the suspect had shot and killed one mallard and crippled a second. The suspect stated that he shot them through the window of his house. After shooting the ducks, the suspect stated that he went out and threw the one dead duck in the river, and then attempted to “chase off” the other that he crippled with a large stick, which was still laying in the grass. CO Silorey informed that he was facing multiple charges, and that a report was going to be generated and submitted to the prosecutor’s office. The suspect stated multiple times that he knew he should not have done it, and that he was “guilty as charged.”  CO Silorey obtained written statements from the witnesses, photographic evidence of the dead mallard, and an air rifle. The suspect will be charged with taking waterfowl out of season, taking waterfowl without federal stamp and state hunting license, taking waterfowl with single projectile, and taking waterfowl with toxic lead shot.

CO Brad Silorey was on patrol at a local boat access site in Macomb County when he observed an individual fileting a fish under a tree near the water’s edge. CO Silorey looped around and contacted the individual. Without saying anything to the man, he stated, “It’s a bass!”  CO Silorey acknowledged the man and asked him where he had caught it. The angler stated that he had caught it earlier out on Lake St. Clair, and it was the only fish they had caught all day. CO Silorey asked the angler if he knew what the size on it was, to which he stated he did not know. CO Silorey told the angler that he would measure it for him. The largemouth bass measured 13 inches. The out of state suspect stated that he thought it only had to be 12 inches to keep. A citation was issued for possession of an undersized bass.

COs Jaime Salisbury and Brad Silorey patrolled the start of the Port Huron to Mackinac sailboat races working in conjunction with the US Coast Guard (USCG), St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department, US Customs and Border Patrol, as well as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. During their patrol, COs Salisbury and Silorey helped maintain a wake free zone for the sailboats as they exited the Black River into the St. Clair River to begin the race. Many contacts were made with boaters who were unaware that there were special regulations in place for this event.

COs Ben Lasher and David Schaumburger conducted a directed patrol for slow/no wake violations in the St Clair Flats. Numerous contacts were made, and two tickets issued for vessels over 26 feet in length violating the 600-foot rule.

COs Ben Lasher and Robert Watson assisted the USCG with a security detail around the St. Clair Power Boat Racecourse in the City of St. Clair.

CO Kris Kiel was checking vessels at an access site for walleye limits and educating people about the AIS regulations. One angler was about to leave the access site and the CO stopped to talk with him about his luck. The angler showed the CO his one walleye in the live-well, which was still full of water. The CO explained the AIS laws and told him that he needed to the drain the live-well. When asked to see the angler’s fishing license, the subject stated that he did not have one. He was written a citation for possession of a walleye without a license and warned for the AIS violation.

COs Raymond Gardner and Nicholas Ingersoll conducted a slow/no wake area marine patrol due to high water levels. CO Gardner and CO Ingersoll made multiple contacts with boaters during the patrol. During the patrol, four citations were issued for slow/no wake violations and five verbal warnings were issued for lesser slow/no wake violations, non-legible registration numbers, and failing to display a paper registration.

COs Jaime Salisbury and Raymond Gardner patrolled the Holloway Reservoir with Sgt. Jason Becker. Many marine safety and fisheries contacts were made, and several warnings were issued for operating without proper registration displayed, violation of slow/no wake zones, and operation of a PWC without boater safety certificate in possession.

CO Jaime Salisbury was patrolling at the Holloway Dam to check anglers fishing from shore. While checking one of the anglers, CO Salisbury found an individual in possession of a 13-inch smallmouth bass. CO Salisbury asked the individual to see his fishing license and was handed an expired license from 2018. CO Salisbury asked the angler if he knew what the legal-size limit is to keep bass. The angler replied, “I don’t know, 12 inches or something?”  CO Salisbury informed the angler that it was 14 inches and issued the angler citations for fishing without a license and possessing an undersized bass.


Detective Cerny reports that on July 23, 2019, a Kalamazoo gas station owner pled guilty to one count of violating Underground Storage Tank rules under Part 211 by filling an underground storage tank that was in noncompliance with tightness testing requirements.  The plea was made in the 8th District Court in Kalamazoo; the court fined the man $275.  Testing was completed and repair efforts to the tank system were made.   The charge stems from an investigation that started in April of 2019 when a Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Tank Inspector complained that on April 21, 2019, a gas station owner had gasoline delivered to his noncompliant 12,000 bulk station tanks in Pavilion Twp.   The tanks had been placed out of service five days before for not conducting required tightness testing and notice of ineligibility for fuel delivery had been made to the owner.


COs Jeff Ginn and Josh Jackson were patrolling Belle Isle state park when they spotted a vehicle parked in the fire lane. As the two COs inspected the vehicle, they noted open beer cans in the front cup holders. Two subjects approached the car and asked if they could move the car into the nearby parking lot. One subject had a cup in hand. When asked what was in the cup, the subject admitted to pouring a beer into the cup, then walking to the beach. Furthermore, the subject had an outstanding warrant issued in 1998. The subject was issued a citation for having alcohol in a closed state park and was lodged for the warrant.

COs Katie Stawara and Joseph Deppen were on general patrol on Belle Isle when they noticed anglers on Lake Takoma near the casino. There were five anglers and they had two buckets of fish. One bucket appeared to be overflowing with fish. As COs Deppen and Stawara made contact, all the anglers pulled in their lines and one angler picked up her bucket and fishing pole and walked behind some bushes. COs Deppen and Stawara told her to stop and come back. The angler appeared moments later with nothing in her hands. COs Deppen and Stawara then asked for fishing licenses and identification. None of the anglers could provide any fishing licenses. When COs Deppen and Stawara questioned the angler about her gear and bucket, she denied having any fish or fishing equipment. COs Deppen and Stawara walked over to the bushes and found a bucket overflowing with fish and a fishing pole. The angler said she did not have a fishing license and she was scared, that was why she hid the fish. CO Stawara assisted the other anglers in getting their gear and belongings. As the anglers walked away, they left another bucket of fish behind. CO Stawara said, “You forgot this.”  The anglers provided two stories about the bucket of fish. They said, someone gave that bucket of fish or that it was there before they started fishing. Eventually, one angler confessed it was their bucket of fish. The buckets contained, bluegills, largemouth bass, perch, and catfish. Some fish were photographed and released back into the lake and others had to be thrown in the trash. The group tried to say they did not know they had to purchase fishing licenses to fish, but a check revealed everyone in the group had purchased licenses in previous years. Multiple warnings were given to the group for fishing without a license. Anglers were cited for an over limit of bluegills, possession of undersized largemouth bass, and fishing without a license.

While patrolling Belle Isle, COs Joseph Deppen and Katie Stawara noticed a man urinating in public behind his vehicle. When COs Deppen and Stawara confronted the man, he had no identification and provided the officers with misleading information about his identity. COs Deppen and Stawara eventually obtained his correct name and date of birth and confirmed it with a photo from an MSP trooper on the island. The man had multiple outstanding warrants. The man was advised on his warrants and their active status and he was cited for disorderly conduct.

CO Joseph Deppen was headed home from a patrol on Belle Isle when he noticed a vehicle speeding in and out of traffic. A traffic stop was conducted, and the driver was unable to provide registration or insurance for the vehicle. CO Deppen asked about drugs or weapons. The driver said, “I have a firearm in the center console, but I have a permit for it.”  CO Deppen told the driver to step out and the firearm was secured in CO Deppen’s patrol vehicle. The driver said they didn’t know they had to disclose they had a firearm in the vehicle, only when it was on their person. The driver was given warnings on no registration in the vehicle, no insurance in the vehicle, and fail to disclose to a police officer they were a concealed pistol license holder and they were carrying a pistol. The driver was cited for speed 75mph/45mph.

COs David Schaumburger and Tyler Sabuda were clearing Belle Isle park during a patrol and located three empty trucks near the abandoned zoo. The COs shut the patrol vehicle down and could hear multiple people in the abandoned zoo and ordered them to leave the zoo. In a few minutes, the COs contacted five young adults who were "urban exploring." The COs issued tickets to all of them for occupying state land when posted against.


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