8/11/2019 - 8/24/2019


Conservation Officer (CO) Viau and several other officers worked at the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Pocket Park during the Upper Peninsula (UP) State Fair in Escanaba. The officers talked about their jobs with people of all ages, helped kids who were learning how to fish, and answered many questions about conservation and recreation laws.

CO Viau assisted the Iron County Sheriff’s Office and a Michigan State Police (MSP) trooper with a mentally confused individual at Bewabic State Park. After helping the individual figure out where she was and where she was supposed to be, CO Viau and an Iron County deputy escorted the individual to her residence and ensured she was safely secured inside.

COs Ariel Corr and Anna Viau were just coming back from an investigation on a complaint when a side-by-side vehicle passed them on a Michigan highway. The COs were able to catch up to the individual who also was not wearing a seat belt. CO Corr questioned the driver and the driver was aware that he was not allowed to be on the highway and was not aware that he needed to wear the seat belt on the side-by-side. CO Corr issued a citation for operating on the state highway and gave a warning and brief safety explanation for the seat belt issue.

COs Ariel Corr, Zach Painter, and Anna Viau assisted the Iron County Sheriff’s Office, Iron County Search and Rescue, and the MSP with a search for a lost camper. The man and his wife were camping in the Ottawa National Forest when the man decided to go for a ride on his Honda Enduro motorcycle. He had told his wife he would be back in just a few hours, but he did not return. The search went through the night and into the next day in Iron and surrounding counties. Unfortunately, the man was eventually found deceased by a few ORV riders on a small national forest two-track. An autopsy is pending to determine the cause of death.

CO Ariel Corr was invited to instruct at a local hunter safety course in Menominee County. There were approximately 20 students and they were all very attentive in class and asked great questions. CO Corr participated in the field day held the next day and helped the young shooters at the .22 rifle range. The day was a success and all the students passed their test.

COs Cody Smith, Josh Boudreaux, Anna Viau, and Sergeant (Sgt.) Brian Bacon attended a human/non-human bone identification class with local first responders and medical examiners at Northern Michigan University. The class taught the officers what to look for when bones are found to determine if they are human and if they have forensic value for an investigation.

COs Dave Miller and Cody Smith attended a hunter education class put on by the Ottawa Sportsmen’s Club where they went over the law portion of the class with the students. They discussed how to navigate a hunting digest as well as common violations they encounter while in the field.

COs Josh Boudreaux and John Kamps responded to a residence after being requested by Ishpeming Township Fire Department for follow up on a burn pile containing tires, plastics, refrigerators, and other prohibited materials. COs interviewed the suspect who admitted to burning the materials and observed the burning debris. The individual was educated on the items he can and cannot burn and a citation was issued for an illegal burn.

COs Dave Miller, Brian Lasanen, Doug Hermanson, and Sgt. Marc Pomroy conducted a group patrol with the Houghton and Keweenaw County Sheriff’s Departments, and the National Park Service (NPS) on Isle Royale. Numerous contacts were made during the patrol. The COs observed one vessel with two occupants that quickly reeled in one fishing line when they spotted the CO vessel. The vessel was contacted and found to still have seven fishing lines in the water. The individuals also had not registered with the NPS. A citation was issued for fishing with more than three lines, and the NPS ranger gave them a verbal warning for not registering with the park.

CO Dave Miller received a complaint of a fawn struggling in the waters of Keweenaw Bay and barely able to keep its head up. Upon arrival, several bystanders had the fawn out of the water and covered up with a blanket. The fawn had a cut on its front leg and was in shock. CO Miller loaded the fawn and turned it over to UP Wildlife Rehabilitation. The fawn was taken to a veterinarian to have the wound closed and it was returned to the area two days later where it was released in good condition.

CO Josh Boudreaux received a phone call from Marquette County Dispatch regarding bonfires on the beach at Little Presque Isle Recreation Area. The pristine area is well posted with signs stating fires are not allowed. CO Boudreaux and a Marquette County deputy approached the area and observed two separate fires with large groups of people standing around them. The officers contacted the individuals and two citations were issued for having bonfires on the beach.

CO Cody Smith was on patrol when he received a call from the Report All Poaching (RAP) room. They informed CO Smith that a bald eagle had been hit by a motorcyclist and was injured at the scene. Upon arrival to the scene, the motorcyclist informed CO Smith that the eagle had a visibly broken leg and had flown over some trees and appeared to land behind them roughly 100 yards from the roadway. CO Smith along with an Iron County deputy searched the area but failed to locate the injured eagle.

CO Byron Parks was on marine patrol near Lake Gogebic when a call came over the radio regarding a vehicle rollover on M-64, a few miles south of Silver City. CO Parks arrived on scene and worked with the MSP troopers while local fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) worked to extricate the driver from the vehicle.


Corporal (Cpl.) Mike Hammill and CO Mark Zitnik were patrolling Grand Marais Bay when they observed a kayaker without a personal floatation device (PFD). The two officers contacted the kayaker and issued a citation.

COs Andrea Dani and Mark Zitnik were patrolling on Lake Superior when they received a call from local dispatch. An anonymous caller informed them of a person currently baiting deer out of season. The COs responded and located the subject at his residence, who had just returned from baiting. His four-wheeler was still warm and had a corn bag still sitting on it. The COs received a full confession and they were shown the early baiting spots. The subject was issued a citation.

After a several week investigation, CO Robert Freeborn conducted interviews pertaining to the early bear baits he located this summer. The subject admitted that they were his and that they were started July 1. Charges are being sought for tending a bear bait prior to 31 days of open season.

CO Robert Freeborn received a call from local dispatch late at night involving a side-by-side vehicle with four occupants that were stuck/lost in a remote area. CO Freeborn was given an approximate location by dispatch and immediately knew the old grade they were more than likely stuck on. Once CO Freeborn went as far as he could in his truck, he walked on foot until he found them. The subjects were cold and shaken up but unharmed. CO Freeborn walked them back to his truck where he transported them to an MSP car that was waiting by the highway. The subjects were then transported back to their cabin.

COs Andrea Dani and Mark Zitnik were patrolling AuTrain Lake. The officers contacted a couple fishing from a rental boat. Neither angler had a fishing license. A citation was issued for fishing without a license.

CO Andrea Dani responded with MSP and EMS to the call of a suicidal male. After speaking with officers, the man was transported by EMS without incident to Marquette General Hospital for treatment.

CO Michael Evink assisted Detective Elton Luce, from the Department of Environment Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE) on South Manistique Lake. There was a complaint of a sewage discharge into the lake with a no contact order issued. CO Evink used his patrol boat and assisted Detective Luce in locating a possible pipe that had been reported. The pipe was an intake pipe for a resident’s sprinkler system, not a sewage discharge pipe.

COs Chris Lynch and Michael Evink conducted a patrol of Big Bay de Noc. The bass fishing is picking up and the COs had numerous good contacts. While most anglers were pleased to see the officers and thanked them for their service, there were tickets issued for fishing without a license, fishing with too many lines, and possessing an undersized bass.

CO Breanna Reed was patrolling Delta County when she witnessed three anglers fishing. When CO Reed contacted the anglers, she recognized one individual who she had previously written a citation for fishing without a license. The anglers stated that they did not have any fish. At this time, CO Reed asked the anglers if she could see their fishing licenses. The one individual who did not have his license in the past stated that he was not fishing. CO Reed informed him that he was fishing and that she watched him cast the fishing pole and reel it in. The individual then confessed to fishing without a license. A citation was issued for fishing without a valid 2019 fishing license.

CO Breanna Reed was on patrol in Delta County when she noticed some individuals shore fishing. When approaching the subjects, CO Reed could hear the male subject telling the female subject to put down the fishing pole. Upon contact, the female had told CO Reed that she was not fishing and that she was trying to get the pole unbroken. CO Reed informed the angler that she had been watching her fishing, at which time the female admitted that she always buys a fishing license but had not yet bought one for this year. A citation was issued for fishing without a license.

UP COs tended the recruitment booth at the Pocket Park during the UP State Fair. COs answered numerous questions for patrons. COs also assisted with the hunter education booth and the pellet gun range.

COs Chris Lynch, Steve Butzin, and Breanna Reed conducted a marine safety patrol on Little Bay de Noc and Big Bay de Noc. During the patrol, the COs issued citations for no PFDs, operating unregistered watercraft, and fishing without a license. Several marine safety verbal warnings were given as well.

CO Chris Lynch recently had an illegal bear case adjudicated in court. The hunter pled guilty to shooting the illegal bear, was fined $325, ordered to pay $3,500 in restitution, and their hunting privileges were revoked for the remainder of 2019 through 2020.

COs Colton Gelinas, Calvin Smith, Michael Oleson, Sgt. Robert Hobkirk, and Cpl. Kevin Postma assisted with the Swim the Mackinac event where entrants swim the length of the Mackinac Bridge. The event had 400 swimmers who started the swim across the Mackinac Straits in Mackinaw City and finished in St. Ignace.

COs Colton Gelinas and Todd Sumbera held a Hunter Safety Class in Engadine throughout the week.

COs Colton Gelinas, Justin Vinson, and Cole VanOosten with assistance from volunteers from the Hiawatha Sportsman’s Club held a Hunter Safety Field Day. Approximately 25 students participated in the field day learning gun handling, trap shooting, rifle shooting, and tree stand safety. One lucky student won a firearm that was generously donated by a member of the Hiawatha Sportsman’s Club.

COs Justin Vinson and Cole VanOosten were patrolling the Big Manistique Lake for marine activity. The officers contacted a group to see how the fishing was and checked for fishing licenses. One of the occupants was found to be without a license. A citation was issued.

COs Justin Vinson and Cole VanOosten taught a hunter safety class of 25 students at Newberry High School.

CO Justin Vinson had been investigating an early bear baiting complaint. The baits were observed, and evidence was collected. When officer Vinson contacted the group tending the baits, the members confessed to the violation. Charges are being sought through the Luce County Prosecutor’s Office.

CO Mike Olesen was patrolling up the lower Tahquamenon River when he came upon an angler fishing for muskellunge. Upon contacting the angler, he was unable to provide his valid fishing license and was operating an unregistered vessel. The individual was cited for the marine violation and was given a warning for the fishing violation.

CO Mike Olesen was on patrol when he observed a group of All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) operating down the side of M-28. Contact was made with the operators of the ATVs and they were informed of the dangers of operating on a state highway. Enforcement action was taken.

COs Calvin Smith and Todd Sumbera responded to a domestic disturbance on Drummond Island. Following the assistance to MSP with the domestic assault complaint, the COs stopped an Off-Road Vehicle (ORV), and an investigation lead to the COs finding open intoxicants in an ORV. The individual on the ORV was cited for the open intoxicants violation.

COs Calvin Smith and Todd Sumbera were on marine patrol when they noticed an individual operating a personal watercraft (PWC) while not wearing an approved PFD. A stop was made and, after further investigation, not only was the operator not wearing a PFD, he did not even have one on board. A citation was issued for operating a PWC while not wearing a PFD.

COs Justin Vinson and Cole VanOosten were on marine patrol of Big Manistique Lake when they observed a modified kayak with a trolling motor operating in an area with heavy boating traffic. Upon contact, the officers noted that the boat did not have a registration and the operator did not have a PFD on board. The officers educated the individual about the registration requirements for watercraft with motors and issued a ticket to the operator for no PFD.

COs Justin Vinson and Cole VanOosten were finishing up a shift when a call came out of a wildfire near Newberry. The officers responded to the scene and worked with local and state agencies to address the fire. The officers discovered that a Tahquamenon riverboat tour train with approximately 200 tourists aboard was attempting to return to their base, bringing them directly through the area where the fire was burning. CO VanOosten was able to unload a four-wheeler and drive down the tracks, through where the fire was burning, to meet the train. CO Van Oosten provided support to those on board until the fire could be brought under control. CO Vinson was able to stage on the Tahquamenon River and act as an emergency evacuation route if needed. After several hours, the fire was suppressed to the point that the train and passengers could be returned safely to their destination.


CO Andrea Erratt and Sgt. William Webster assisted with a hunter safety class at the Alba Sportsman’s Club. CO Erratt discussed DNR laws, conservation officer’s duties, and how to become a conservation officer. CO Erratt displayed antlers from illegal deer cases and her fur kit explaining where different animals came from and why they were seized.

While assisting with the field day at the Alba Sportsman’s Club, CO Andrea Erratt received a complaint about a side-by-side ORV being driven in the Jordan River Valley. CO Erratt stopped the ORV operator on Pinney Bridge Road who said he had driven to the valley from Mancelona on snowmobile trails. The driver said he had seen the “No ORV” signs at some of the intersections with the snowmobile trail and on Turner Road where he entered the Jordan River Valley. CO Erratt ticketed the ORV operator for operating an ORV in a posted closed area on state land.

CO Andrea Erratt assisted with a diver in distress on Torch Lake. CO Erratt arrived as Torch Lake Fire and Rescue brought the boat to shore. CO Erratt and a fire fighter waded into Torch Lake and held the boat while an emergency medical technician checked the distressed diver who refused further treatment.

COs Ethen Mapes, Chad Baldwin, and Adam LeClerc conducted a kayak patrol on the Boyne River for the purpose of contacting anglers and recreational kayakers/canoers to inform them about aquatic invasive species (AIS). The COs made multiple contacts and gave advice on ways to prevent the spread of AIS as well as how to prevent the transfer of them from one body of water to another.

CO Ethen Mapes was working in East Jordan when he contacted a group of anglers who were fishing on the marina docks. When CO Mapes asked for their fishing licenses, all but one provided their license. The lone angler who could not provide a fishing license promised that he had bought one weeks prior from a gas station. As CO Mapes ran the individual’s information through Station 20, the man continued to cast and reel. Station 20 advised that the man had never bought a fishing license in his life. When the subject was advised that he didn’t have a license, he still insisted that he did. After a walk back to the patrol truck with the suspect, the man admitted that he had never bought a fishing license and just didn’t want to get in trouble. CO Mapes issued the man a ticket for fishing without a license.

CO Ethen Mapes was patrolling Walloon Lake just after sunset when a boat with no navigation lights passed him. Through his binoculars, CO Mapes determined that there was no one driving the boat. Instead, CO Mapes witnessed a boat full of young females dancing on the seats, drinking beer, and posing on the bow of the boat. CO Mapes conducted a stop on the boat and, after sobriety tests were performed, he issued the “driver” of the boat a ticket for operating after sunset without navigation lights as well as operating greater than “no wake” speed with a person on the bow.

CO Adam LeClerc investigated a firearm safety zone complaint in Emmet County. Neighbors were concerned after they heard numerous shots fired and found dead birds in the suspect’s driveway. CO LeClerc responded and found evidence of several dead sparrows left in the driveway, along with numerous aluminum cans with holes in them. An interview with the suspect revealed he was shooting a pellet rifle and had a good backstop. He also had a valid base license needed for taking nuisance sparrows. He said that he would stop shooting the pellet rifle on his property since his neighbors were concerned.

CO Adam LeClerc attended a meeting at Petoskey City Hall regarding the removal of the dam on Lake Street on the Bear River. Numerous speakers were present including DNR Fisheries Division, Trout Unlimited, and Little Traverse Bay Band of Odawa Indians. CO LeClerc voiced concerns over the current illegal fish snagging that happens at the current dam and that the next structure should have some way of preventing snagging.

Sgt. William Webster was patrolling Torch Lake in Antrim County when he observed a PWC occupied by two males come out of the sand bar location at a high rate of speed near people in the water and other parked vessels. The PWC navigated through a congested traffic area zigzagging around boats and over toward Sgt. Webster. Sgt. Webster activated the emergency light on the patrol boat and attempted to stop the PWC. The operator pretended not to see emergency lights and made a quick turn back towards the sand bar. Sgt. Webster proceeded to follow the PWC and watched as the operator got off the PWC and tried to hide by laying in the water with only his head sticking out near a pontoon boat. Sgt. Webster got the man to stand up and, after interviewing him about his operation and carelessness, the man understood he was in the wrong and putting other people in danger. The operator was issued a ticket for operating within 100 feet of vessels and people in the water. The operator was also given warnings for no boater safety card, operating in less than two feet of water, and careless operation.

Sgt. William Webster and CO Duane Budreau were patrolling northern Emmett County when a dirt bike came over a hill on a county road that had an operator that was not wearing a helmet. Sgt. Webster stopped the operator and issued him a ticket for operating without a helmet. He was also given warnings for no driver’s license on his person and failing to transfer title.

While patrolling Lake Huron, COs Eric Bottorff and Matt Theunick found a dingy adrift. The dingy did not have current registration information on it. Through phone calls, the previous owner was contacted who said that it had been sold last year. The previous owner did have a phone number for the new owner. This person was contacted, a description was received, and the boat was returned.

CO Eric Bottorff responded to a complaint of a blue heron that was shot and killed at a local campground. After an investigation and interview, a confession was obtained. Charges are pending through the prosecutor’s office.

Otsego and Cheboygan COs worked the Top of Michigan Outboard races on Burt and Mullet Lakes. The COs helped to ensure all racers and spectators had a safe and enjoyable experience.

CO Tom Oberg was on patrol down a gravel road when a vehicle came around a corner sideways at a high rate of speed in front of him. CO Oberg conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle. The driver of the vehicle had just left court that same morning regarding a speeding ticket. The subject was issued another ticket, this time for careless driving.

CO Kyle Cherry was patrolling on Mullett Lake in Cheboygan County when he observed a boat towing a person on a tube without having an observer in the boat. CO Cherry stopped the boat and discussed the issues with the sole operator. A ticket was issued.

CO Kyle Cherry received a complaint that a pontoon boat with a 40 hp motor had launched on Cornwall Flooding in Cheboygan County, which is a lake that prohibits the use of all gas motors. According to the complaint, the caller had informed the operator of the boat that he was not allowed to use his motor, but he disregarded the warning.

Upon contacting the boat, the occupants stated they did not see the signs, and no one had approached them regarding the issue. The operator was issued a ticket.

CO Kyle Cherry was on patrol in Otsego County when he was dispatched to assist an MSP trooper with a possible domestic violence call. However, before arriving at the residence, a call came out that there was a male that fell off a canoe and was in the water screaming for help on Lake Louise. CO Cherry diverted to the possible drowning call. When CO Cherry arrived, the man was coughing on the bank but was safely onshore. A resident of the lake had heard the screams and launched his boat and was able to get the male as well as his juvenile daughter out of the water. The man was turned over to Otsego County EMS and transported to Otsego Memorial Hospital for treatment.

CO Kyle Cherry was on patrol in Otsego County when he observed a large amount of black smoke billowing above the trees in the distance. CO Cherry was able to follow the smoke to the source, believing it to be a residential fire. CO Cherry discovered it was not a residential fire and that a man had lit a large, fiberglass boat on fire in an attempt to dispose of it. In addition to burning illegal material, the man was burning on a prohibited burning day due to high fire danger. A ticket was issued.

COs Kyle Cherry and Tom Oberg assisted Cheboygan COs with Operation Northern Strike. COs utilized patrol vessels in attempts to evade targeting of circling military helicopters in a variety of practice scenarios.

COs Kyle Cherry and Tom Oberg responded to a complaint from DNR Parks staff that a side-by-side ORV had entered a no ORV area to launch a boat on a closed lake. COs responded to the area and found that a group of four juveniles, the oldest being 14, had illegally driven down a road while trailering a boat, bypassed a closed gate, were operating an ORV without an ORV safety certificate with no adult supervision, and were operating a boat at night without navigation lights. The COs contacted the juveniles’ parents who were aware of what their children were doing and had given them permission. The parents were ticketed.

COs Kyle Cherry, Tom Oberg, Tim Rosochacki, and Sgt. Mark DePew conducted a saturation patrol on Cheboygan River focusing on boating while intoxicated and wake violations. Overall compliance was noted.

CO Tom Oberg was on patrol when Otsego County Sheriff’s Department requested an additional law enforcement unit at their location regarding a dog complaint. Upon the deputy’s making contact at the residence, the owner appeared highly intoxicated and had a bloody face. The subject then became combative and tried kicking and punching law enforcement and EMS personnel. CO Oberg responded to the scene to assist. The subject was taken into custody and transferred to the hospital for evaluation before being lodged in Otsego County Jail.

CO Tom Oberg was on patrol in Otsego County when he observed two dirt bikes on a closed snowmobile trail that was heavily posted “No ORVs.”  CO Oberg initiated a traffic stop on the dirt bikes. CO Oberg explained to them that the trail is off-limits to ORVs. The riders also failed to have ORV licenses on their dirt bikes. A ticket was issued to each rider.

CO Jessie Curtis attended Safari Club Internationals (SCI) Wish Fish Event in Alpena. The SCI members, who also happen to be charter boat captains, volunteer their time and boats to take kids with special needs out fishing for the day. CO Curtis presented to the kids and their families about what a CO checks for when they check a boat of anglers and spoke about AIS.

CO Paul Fox reports that a subject who took an illegal bear in Presque Isle County during the fall of 2018 pled guilty and was assessed $3,500 in restitution, not including fines and costs associated with the violations. CO Fox also reports that a subject involved in a case involving a felon in possession of a firearm and multiple illegal deer from Presque Isle County was recently found guilty and assessed $3,000 in restitution, not including fines and costs.

CO Paul Fox was travelling on I-75 near Gaylord when he observed a vehicle in front of him with two passengers in the rear bed area of the vehicle SUV. The passengers had the rear window open and were heckling other motorists. In addition, the CO observed the passengers pass around what appeared to be a liquor bottle. CO Fox got behind the vehicle and was astonished when the vehicle accelerated up to speeds nearing 100 mph. CO Fox conducted a traffic stop and contacted the driver who was quite surprised to see the CO. The passengers admitted to having an open container of vodka in the vehicle. A brief discussion was given on the responsibilities of the driver and passengers. The alcohol was seized, and tickets were issued for numerous violations.

CO Curtis received a complaint that several people were fishing and may have been in possession of over-limits of bass and pike at Fletcher’s Pond in Alpena County. COs Curtis, Jon Sheppard, Sidney Collins, and Dan Liestenfeltz patrolled to Fletcher’s Pond. The COs observed the area for several hours and waited until all the anglers were off the water. COs Sheppard and Curtis contacted two men in the fish cleaning station while COs Collins and Liestenfeltz contacted the rest at the cabin. The COs were given consent to search all the coolers and freezers in and out of the cabin. After an extensive search, the COs determined that the fishermen were within their possession limit.

While waiting for boats to clear out of a launch in Presque Isle County, COs Jon Sklba, and Paul Fox observed a boat power loading. The party was contacted who admitted to knowing they should not have done it, but they were frustrated because they had to wait for the launch. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Jon Sklba was in Rogers City when a call of a capsized kayak on Lake Huron was dispatched. CO Sklba was able to quickly respond with a boat while other officers were able to get eyes on the subject from shore. While CO Sklba was motoring to the kayaker, the kayaker was able to make it to shore with the help of his friend in another kayak.

CO Sidney Collins responded to a domestic assault in progress in Montmorency County. A couple was arguing when things got physical. After further investigation, it was determined the owner of the residence did not physically touch the other subject, but they punched the walls and furniture in the residence. The couple was separated and plan on remaining apart.

COs Sidney Collins and Dan Liestenfeltz served an arrest warrant for Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) on an ORV. The subject was lodged at the Montmorency County Jail.

CO Dan Liestenfeltz was patrolling rural Montmorency Township in Montmorency County when he saw a vehicle go past him with multiple vehicle violations. A traffic stop was initiated, and it was determined that the driver did not have a driver’s license, the vehicle did not have insurance, and the license plate had been expired for over four years. CO Liestenfeltz took the driver into custody and he was lodged at the Montmorency County Jail.

CO Dan Liestenfeltz was patrolling Briley Township in Montmorency County when a vehicle drove past him with no license plate. A traffic stop was initiated, and it was determined that the driver was driving on a suspended license. CO Liestenfeltz took the driver into custody and he was lodged at the Montmorency County Jail.


CO Josiah Killingbeck responded to an ORV crash in northern Lake County. CO Killingbeck was first on scene along with the recreational deputy from the Lake County Sheriff’s Department. It was found that an ORV was driving too fast for conditions and failed to negotiate a curve. The driver rolled the ORV and was ejected. The subject was found to be in serious condition. CO Killingbeck provided first aid to the victim until EMS arrived. The subject was transported to a down state trauma center by helicopter for his injuries.

CO Brian Brosky assisted Mason County units on a radio call to attempt to locate an overdue motorist. CO Brosky was able to use the information obtained by the local dispatch from an Illinois police department to narrow down the search area in Mason County. Shortly after arriving in the area, CO Brosky was able to locate the vehicle and occupants. The overdue persons did not have good cell reception and needed assistance with driving directions from the maze of roads they found themselves in to get back out to the main road.

COs Brian Brosky and Kyle Publiski were patrolling for ORV activity in Mason County when they encountered an ORV being operated on a county road with seven people on board. The ORV was not licensed and none of the occupants had helmets or eye protection. As CO Publiski approached the operator to advise him of the violations, the operator became irate and told the COs that it was a golf cart. CO Publiski pointed out the obvious modifications to the “golf cart” and told the operator it was considered an ORV. The operator refused to accept the explanation and reluctantly accepted two citations for the offenses encountered.

CO Josiah Killingbeck did a joint ORV patrol with the Lake County Sheriff’s Department during the free ORV weekend targeting OWI operation. While on patrol, CO Killingbeck and Sgt. Meyers of the Lake County Sheriff’s Department observed several ORVs operating at a high rate of speed on a county road. Sgt. Meyers was able to catch up to the group and get them stopped for careless operation. When speaking with the subject, CO Killingbeck detected intoxicants coming from the driver. CO Killingbeck asked the subject how much he had to drink, who responded, “Only two,” but they were almost back to the hotel, so it did not matter. CO Killingbeck asked the subject to submit to sobriety testing, which the driver was unable to perform. A preliminary breath test was given, which resulted in a 0.12 blood alcohol content. The subject was arrested for OWI and lodged in the Lake County Jail. While arresting the subject, another subject in the group began complaining that they were almost to the hotel and that they were just celebrating the arrestee’s birthday. The subject also told CO Killingbeck that they couldn’t see what harm the subject was doing if he was driving an ORV while intoxicated because it’s not an actual car. The group was educated on ORV regulations and that drunk driving of any kind is not acceptable.

CO Josiah Killingbeck, working with Sgt. Robert Meyers of the Lake County Sheriff’s Department were sitting on top of an illegal hill climb when they observed an ORV climb the hill right in front of them. As CO Killingbeck began walking towards the ORV and motioning them to stop, the ORV began acting as if it was going to flee. After using loud verbal commands, the ORV stopped, and CO Killingbeck contacted two very nervous occupants. CO Killingbeck determined that the driver was in possession of open intoxicants and was driving on a suspended driver’s license. The subjects told CO Killingbeck that they had no idea they couldn’t create their own roads through the forest. The driver was arrested and lodged in the Lake County Jail for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI).

CO Josiah Killingbeck, while on patrol, observed an ORV operating in a group of dune buggies with no ORV license. CO Killingbeck contacted the ORV driver and discovered that it was operated by a 13-year-old who had not completed an ORV safety class. Contact was made with the father who said it was his first time riding the trails and he had made no attempt to educate himself on any ORV regulations. CO Killingbeck discovered that the father had warrants for his arrest over unpaid child support. The subject was educated on ORV regulations, issued a citation for allowing a juvenile to operate without ORV safety, and arrested and lodged in the Lake County Jail for the warrant.

CO Scott MacNeill was on patrol of the Manistee River near Hodenpyl Dam when he observed two individuals fishing. After making contact, it was discovered they had kept several undersized trout. After a short investigation, the two men were cited for possession of the undersized fish.

CO Mike Wells was on marine patrol at a Newaygo County lake when he observed an adult male towing a juvenile with no observer on the PWC. CO Wells observed the operator looking back several times attempting to observe the juvenile being towed while operating the PWC. CO Wells contacted the subjects and the father on the PWC who advised CO Wells that they were getting ready to leave their cottage to go back home and his son just wanted to go for a ride before they left. CO Wells asked the subject if anyone was at the cottage that could have been a spotter. The subject advised his wife is present cleaning the cottage before they leave. CO Wells explained the safety issue of not having a spotter and a citation was issued to the father for towing without an observer.

CO Mike Wells of Newaygo County made use of the hunter safety laser shot trailer at the annual family day in White Cloud. CO Wells assisted multiple juveniles and adults in correct shooting situations and safe firearms handling.

CO Tim Barboza of Osceola County came across an individual with a broken down moped. CO Barboza stopped to see if the subject needed help with anything and recognized the individual and knew that the Sheriff’s Office had been looking for him for months on multiple warrants, and he was known to be dangerous and carry a firearm. CO Barboza detained the subject until back up from Evart City Police Department and an Osceola County Sheriff’s deputy could arrive. The subject was taken into custody without incident on the outstanding warrants.

COs William Haskin and Micah Hintze, along with local instructors, conducted a hunter safety course graduating 16 future hunters. The students were able to shoot firearms and bows and learned outdoor survival skills.

CO William Kinney received a litter complaint in Grand Traverse County. Suspect information was obtained by digging through the discarded trash. Upon following up with the suspect, he admitted to dumping the trash on state land to clean up his yard and house. A citation was issued to the individual for littering, and the trash was later cleaned up from state land.

COs William Kinney and Rich Stowe received multiple complaints of an individual storing a large boat trailer at a busy boat access site in Grand Traverse County. After several days of investigating, the owner was located. The owner admitted to storing the trailer at the launch for several weeks. A citation was issued for storing property on state land for more than 24 hours.

COs William Kinney and Amanda Lake conducted a patrol on the Platte River in Benzie County. Numerous citations were issued for individuals who did not possess the required PFDs. Later that day, the COs were on ORV patrol and stopped two individuals on dirt bikes who did not have visible ORV licenses. A citation was issued to one of the operators for failing to obtain an ORV license.

CO Amanda Lake assisted other conservation officers at Grand Haven State Park with the annual Coast Guard Festival. Dozens of COs from across the state worked alongside the MSP, the United States Coast Guard, and the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office to enforce state park rules for the thousands of attendees at the festival.

COs Troy Ludwig and Amanda Lake conducted an ORV patrol throughout Wexford County. They focused their attention on problem areas where people have been operating off the roadway causing damage to the surrounding environment. The COs encountered one individual who was operating a side-by-side without a seatbelt, helmet, or proper eye protection. A citation was issued for the lack of a seatbelt and verbal warnings were issued for the other violations.

COs Patrick McManus and Amanda Lake assisted the NPS Law Enforcement rangers and Benzie County Sheriff’s Office on a search and rescue call from concerned parties near the Platte River along Lake Michigan. After several hours of questioning individuals in and around the area and hiking several miles, the officers were able to locate the missing person. No medical attention was needed, and they were reunited safely with their family.

CO Patrick McManus assisted Detective Holly Pennoni with EGLE and Specialist Ivan Perez with the Marine Safety and Regulatory Section within Law Division with a marine presentation. CO McManus brought a local patrol boat to the class held in Cadillac and was able to review laws, safety, and responsible vessel operation.

COs Patrick McManus, Amanda Lake, and Justin Vanderlinde spent two days at the Cedar Rod and Gun Club assisting local volunteers and instructors teaching a Hunter Safety Education class. There were over 100 students with their parents and guardians who participated in the annual event, and the officers were happy to report continued enjoyment, safety, and success with the program.

CO Richard Stowe investigated a littering complaint on railroad property in Grand Traverse County. The suspect was identified by mail left at the scene. The suspect cleaned the site and received a citation.

CO Justin Vanderlinde observed two anglers who were fishing in closed waters of the Betsie River. Both suspects were cited for the violation after being identified.

While patrolling a local lake, CO Justin Vanderlinde observed a vessel that did not have a registration displayed. Upon contacting the operator, CO Vanderlinde learned that the owner never registered the vessel after purchasing it 16 years ago. The operator was cited for the violation.


COs Charlie Jones and Ben McAteer noticed a group of anglers fishing from a pontoon boat on Higgins Lake in Roscommon County. Before contacting the vessel, the operator began to motor toward shore. The COs conducted a stop on the vessel to verify fishing licenses and check for marine safety compliance. During the investigation, the operator showed signs of impairment and sobrieties were conducted. He was found to be operating while intoxicated. The man was arrested and lodged in the Roscommon County Jail. A warning was given for fishing without a license to one of the passengers onboard.

CO James Garrett located numerous illegal bear baits in Oscoda County. All were established prior to August 15, the legal date in the Red Oak Bear Management Unit. Due to the large volume of baits, he requested the assistance of COs Jon Warner, Jesse Grzechowski, and Sgt. Bobbi Lively to aid in catching the suspects. CO Garrett made contact and cited a hound hunter at one of the baits, while COs Warner, Grzechowski, and Sgt. Lively contacted and cited hound hunters at two additional baits.

While patrolling Lake Lancer in Gladwin County, COs Mark Papineau and Joshua Wright contacted an angler who was in possession of 13 panfish. The COs recognized the angler as a subject for whom they had numerous complaints for taking over-limits of panfish. Soon after the check, the angler loaded up and left the area. Later that day, COs Papineau and Wright returned to Lake Lancer and checked the same angler again. The angler seemed agitated to see the COs and immediately declared that he was “not over-limit.”  After a short interview, the angler confessed to taking an over-limit and then voluntarily led COs Papineau and Wright back to his residence. At the residence, the COs located 19 panfish from the morning catch in addition to his 24 panfish from the afternoon. Additionally, the COs located more filleted panfish in several freezers. In total, the subject was over the possession limit by more than 1,400 panfish. During the interview, the subject further confessed to taking multiple limits in a single day throughout the summer. In all, 74 packages of frozen panfish were seized as evidence and charges were issued for a daily over-limit as well as a possession over-limit. Restitution will be sought through the Gladwin County 80th District Court.

COs Joshua Wright and Craig Neal were on patrol when they encountered two subjects operating ORVs without helmets on a rural county road in Clare County. CO Wright recognized the subjects because he had given them warnings earlier in the summer for the same violation. A traffic stop was conducted. The subjects remembered CO Wright and remembered getting warnings for not wearing helmets. COs Wright and Neal stressed the importance of wearing helmets for safety reasons. Tickets were issued for the violations this time.


While checking on lake water level statuses due to a dam, COs Adam Schiller and Josh Russell were passed by an off-road vehicle. The COs noticed that the ORV did not have registration and the individual operating the vehicle was not wearing their seatbelt. The COs conducted a traffic stop on the ORV. Upon initial contact, the COs observed an open beer container in the back. The COs questioned the driver about his alcohol consumption and then proceeded with field sobriety tests. The individual failed the tests and was administered a PBT. The driver was arrested for operating an ORV under the influence.

COs Josh Russell and Adam Schiller were on patrol in Montcalm County when a call for a suicidal subject was dispatched over the radio. The COs were the closest unit and responded. As the COs arrived at the residence, they witnessed a subject hurry into the woods. A female subject on scene advised that he had a knife and was going to harm himself. The COs ran down to the woods announcing who they were to the subject in the woods. As the COs entered the woods, they witnessed the man stab himself in the side and fall to the ground. The COs stabilized the subject until EMS arrived. The subject still had a knife in his side and had cuts on his wrist. He was taken to a nearby hospital to treat his wounds.

While contacting anglers fishing on the Chippewa River in Isabella County, CO Mike Haas encountered a gentleman that was acting nervous when approached. The angler was being evasive with his answers when questioned by CO Haas, but eventually stated he had kept a few rock bass. CO Haas asked where the angler’s fish were and eventually the angler brought CO Haas to his bucket containing his fish. There were several rock bass in the bucket just as the man had stated; however, there were also numerous smallmouth bass and walleye that were well under the legal possession size. The undersized fish were seized, and the angler received a citation for the violations.

While conducting an ORV patrol in the Flat River State Game Area (SGA), COs Mike Haas and Jason Smith witnessed an ORV operating down the middle of the roadway at a high rate of speed. When the COs attempted to stop the ORV, the operator accelerated and cut through a food plot planted by the DNR Wildlife Division. The operator of the ORV then entered the woods and his machine became stuck on a large log; the COs were able to apprehend and speak with the gentleman. Various violations were addressed including operating in the middle of a public roadway, operating over 25 mph, operating off the designated roadway, destruction of vegetation, failing to stop for a police officer, and driving with a suspended license. Citations were issued.

Responding to complaints of illegal off-roading activity on the state forest land in Midland County, COs Mike Haas, Dan Robinson, and Adam Schiller encountered a group of Jeeps that were operating on the state forest roads. Multiple owners were cited for expired registration and no insurance and were instructed to tow their vehicles back to private property. During the ORV patrol, the COs also contacted groups that were issued citations for no helmets on ORVs and warned for operating on closed trails.

CO Dan Robinson closed several weeks of investigation on an illegal tire dump involving 70 to 80 tires. While working near the property where the dumping had occurred, CO Robinson witnessed a truck pull out of the driveway, noticing that the subject was not wearing a seatbelt and the plates on the vehicle appeared to be invalid, a traffic stop was made. The subject driving was the possible suspect in the tire dumping case. A roadside interview was conducted, and the subject admitted to placing the tires there with the hopes of using them for a paintball course and admitted that he did not have permission to use the property. The subject said that he would have the tires removed within a month. The vehicle he was driving was impounded for no insurance or registration and for having an improper plate.

CO Jay Person was the first on scene for a report of a 56-year-old male choking. CO Person arrived within a minute of the 911 call. CO Person found a male sitting in the front seat of a vehicle who was conscious and breathing upon the officer’s arrival. The male was acting disoriented and had no control of his legs or arms. CO Person kept the male awake until EMS arrived. It was determined that the male had been to the emergency room (ER) earlier in the day for pain behind his eyes. While at the ER, he stated he felt better and left with family members. Upon arriving home, the male started acting strange. A family member got him a glass of water and that is when he began to choke. It is suspected from EMS the male was having a stroke.


CO Anna Cullen received a complaint of an individual keeping a fawn at their residence. CO Cullen responded to the complaint and located the fawn in a fenced in area near the individual’s residence. They advised they had been keeping the fawn for a couple months due to the mother being hit by a car. CO Cullen explained that wildlife, including fawns, cannot be kept as a domesticated pet. A citation was written for the illegal possession of a whitetail fawn.

CO Zach Bauer was on patrol when dispatch put out a call of a possible overdose at a local residence. CO Bauer responded to the location with the Berrien Springs Police Department. The officers located the victim who did not have a pulse at the time the officers arrived. Narcan was administered and the victim became conscious and alert. An ambulance arrived on scene for the victim.

COs Travis Dragomer and Zach Bauer conducted a patrol along the St. Joseph River in Berrien County. COs Dragomer and Bauer observed an angler fishing in the St. Joseph River in the city of St. Joseph. The COs conducted a check on the angler and located a walleye floating in the angler’s bucket. The walleye measured 13.5 inches long and the angler was issued a citation for possessing a walleye less than 15 inches long.

CO Richard Cardenas received multiple complaints of vessels exceeding speed limits and sound levels on Gun Lake in Barry County. CO Cardenas responded to Gun Lake, located several of the vessels and was able to position himself in a location which enabled him to record vessel speed with a handheld radar unit. Multiple large vessels were stopped, and citations issued for exceeding the 55-mph speed limit.

CO Carter Woodwyk had just pulled into a public boat access site in Allegan County when he observed a PWC operator approaching the launch not wearing a PFD. CO Woodwyk attempted to wave the operator into shore; however, when the operator spotted the officer, he turned away and left the area. CO Woodwyk was able to identify the registration numbers and located the PWC’s registered owner’s residence on the lake. He went to that residence and located the operator of the PWC who admitted to leaving the area only when he observed the CO’s truck and boat in the parking lot. A citation was issued for operating a PWC without a PFD.

CO Carter Woodwyk was patrolling Allegan County when shortly before dark a call came over the radio of two subjects who were missing in the Allegan SGA. CO Woodwyk arrived in the area where the Allegan County Central Dispatch believed the subjects were on foot. The CO turned on his emergency siren to give the hikers a noise to walk toward. With communication by phone between the missing subjects and the Allegan Central Dispatch, the CO, along with an Allegan County Sheriff’s deputy, were able to walk down a two-track trail a short distance and locate the subjects.

CO Carter Woodwyk was patrolling a remote lake in Allegan County when he observed two anglers on the lake fishing from an unregistered watercraft. One of the anglers was observed smoking marijuana. When the anglers came back to shore, he observed only one PFD in the vessel. Additionally, one of the subjects had an active warrant out for his arrest. Enforcement action was taken for not having enough PFDs and the subject with the warrant was lodged at the Allegan County Jail.

CO Sam Schluckbier received a complaint of a snapping turtle being killed illegally in Allegan County. A Facebook post was uploaded by the suspect after he struck the turtle in its shell with a hatchet. The post was quickly taken down after much displeasure from social media onlookers. CO Schluckbier interviewed the suspect that same day. He confessed to killing the turtle and posting the photograph online and claimed he didn’t realize it would upset so many people. The carcass was confiscated, and evidence was collected during the investigation. Charges for unlawfully taking a snapping turtle are being sought through Allegan Prosecutor’s Office.


COs Andrew Monnich and Eric Smither were working an area with a lot of late-night ORV activity when the vehicle next to them decided to speed up to almost two times the speed limit and cut in front of the patrol truck. The COs conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and upon contact smelled the odor of intoxicants on the driver. After the officer’s investigation, the operator was placed under arrest for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and lodged in the Lenawee County Jail.

COs Andrew Monnich and Eric Smither were traveling on US-223 when they observed a moped on the highway with a small toddler hanging on to the driver. The COs stopped the moped and, upon contact, it was determined that the driver had a suspended license. The child was picked up by a relative and a citation was issued for Driving While License Suspended, and the moped was towed home by the driver.

CO Nick Wellman was off duty, getting ready to start his shift, when a personal injury hit and run accident came out from Branch Central Dispatch. The accident was only about a quarter mile from CO Wellman’s house. CO Wellman notified dispatch that he would respond, and they advised him that he was the closest unit by several minutes. CO Wellman responded and located the victim who was riding a bicycle and was struck by a vehicle. CO Wellman provided patient care to the victim and updated incoming units. The man was airlifted to Bronson Hospital and is expected to survive. The vehicle that hit him is still at large.

CO Nick Wellman assisted Branch County Sheriff’s Department when a man fled a deputy in a vehicle and then on foot. CO Wellman assisted with the K9 track until the track was lost approximately a mile and a half into the woods. A short time later, CO Wellman received word that a man fitting the description was just spotted north of his location. CO Wellman and an MSP trooper responded to the area and saw the man trying to head back south across the field. CO Wellman initiated a foot pursuit with the man and, along with the MSP trooper, chased him across a large field into a section of woods, through a small pond, and then back up into another section of woods where CO Wellman caught up to the suspect. After a short struggle, the man was taken into custody. He was lodged on several felony and misdemeanor charges in the Branch County Jail.

CO Shane Webster was patrolling the Waterloo Recreation Area when he encountered two individuals in a vehicle parked on state land. CO Webster spoke briefly with the individuals who asked if it was ok for them to hang out there. CO Webster advised them it was and continued his patrol. Due to their suspicious behavior and believing the subjects may have been up to illegal activity, CO Webster circled back and found the subjects were engaging in inappropriate relations in an area open to the public. CO Webster returned and made a second contact with the individuals and identified both. One subject was found to have an active child support warrant. He was arrested and lodged in the county jail.

COs Chris Reynolds and Ed Rice interviewed a hunter who is suspected to have shot a large 9-point buck while hunting under a crop damage permit for antlerless deer in Hillsdale County. The officers were able to get a confession from the individual on shooting the buck. The officers gained consent to check the property to search and try to locate the deer’s carcass and antlers. Since it was later in the evening and low light conditions, the officers were unable to locate a carcass or any parts from the deer. The next day Officer Reynolds called in the assistance of COs Nick Wellman and James Nason and once again received consent to search the farm for any parts of the deer. The officers spent several hours searching the farm and were able to locate a carcass from the deer but were unable to locate the head and antlers. Officer Reynolds has been calling several contacts in the area and has several leads as to where the head and antlers are located. A search will be conducted in areas for the head and a report will be submitted for charges for taking an antlered deer out of season.

COs Todd Thorn and Pete Purdy were preparing to start a marine patrol in the Lansing area when a Be On the Lookout (BOL) came out over Ingham County Central Dispatch. The BOL was for a silver Grand Prix being driven by a man who had allegedly committed a felonious assault against a woman at her home. The COs were near the location and drove through the area. CO Thorn spotted a vehicle matching the description parked in a parking lot at a local dollar store. CO Thorn then saw that the plate was a match and called the information out over Ingham County radio. COs John Byars and Pete Purdy, as well as local law enforcement, arrived shortly afterward to assist. CO Thorn contacted the driver, who was found to be the suspect. A stolen handgun and narcotics were found in the vehicle and the driver was lodged at the city of Lansing jail on multiple felony and misdemeanor charges.


CO Nick Ingersoll assisted the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department with an individual who was having family troubles at his residence. CO Ingersoll and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department responded to the location in which the individual had fled on foot behind the residence. CO Ingersoll and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department located the individual after a few minutes of searching behind the residence. After a file was run on the individual, it was determined that the individual had several warrants out for his arrest. CO Ingersoll along with the help of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department arrested the individual on one of his DNR warrants. The individual was lodged at the Monroe County Jail on the DNR warrant and his several other warrants.

COs Joe Deppen and Dave Schaumburger worked a late-night marine patrol when they saw a few people fishing from shore in Detroit. The COs pulled up to the seawall and CO Deppen checked a few anglers. CO Schaumburger looked behind them and saw three people walking away from a fishing pole and yelled at them to come back. One of them walked back, and CO Deppen followed the other two. The one angler talked with CO Schaumburger and after questioning, he stated he was fishing without a license. CO Schaumburger noticed a large bulge in his pants pocket and asked what was in his pocket, to which the angler replied, “My pistol.”  The angler did not have a Concealed Pistol License and was unlawfully carrying a concealed pistol. The pistol was seized as evidence and a warrant request will be submitted for carrying a concealed weapon.

While on patrol in Oakland County, CO Tom Peterson conducted an ORV stop on five ATVs. While speaking with the operators, an additional ATV and side-by-side were contacted and told to pull off to the shoulder of the road. Out of the seven vehicles, two did not have a valid ORV permit and one operator was not wearing a helmet. The two individuals without ORV permits were issued citations for failing to license their ORV and the one not wearing a helmet was issued a citation for operating without a helmet. All seven were issued warnings for operating ORVs on a public highway.

While on patrol in Oakland County, CO Tom Peterson heard a report of a suicidal man over the radio. CO Peterson was first on scene and approached the individual who was determined to be intoxicated and threatening to take his own life if he didn’t get help. CO Peterson cleared the scene to determine if any weapons were present. Once the scene was determined to be safe, EMS was brought in and the individual was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment.

CO Justin Muehlhauser and Sgt. Jason Becker were ending a marine patrol on the St. Clair River and noticed Port Huron Police officers around the dock where the patrol boat is stored. The COs assisted Port Huron Police with a possible “shots fired” situation in an apartment building across the river from the boat dock. The COs assisted by taking up observation points to cover Port Huron Police Department as they cleared the apartment.

While working the St. Clair River Float Down, CO Jaime Salisbury, Cpl. Patrick Hartsig, and Sgt. Jason Becker spotted an unconscious subject floating on a tube next to shore. With the aid of COs Nick Ingersoll and Keven Luther making a path with their PWCs, the COs maneuvered their patrol boat through the tubers to get to the subject. The subject was pulled from the water and Cpl. Hartsig and CO Salisbury administered first aid. Sgt. Becker assisted EMS workers getting equipment to the patient and loading the patient into the ambulance. The subject temporarily regained consciousness but was still incoherent and was transported to the hospital for further evaluation.

COs Joseph Deppen and Justin Muehlhauser conducted a slow/no wake patrol along the St. Clair River system. Warnings were issued for failure to display valid registration and various slow/no wake issues. Citations were issued for 100-foot rule violations and slow/no wake violations.

CO Joseph Deppen was finishing up a slow/no wake patrol and headed back to Macomb County. CO Deppen noticed a vehicle approaching at high speed. The vehicle passed CO Deppen and accelerated to 100 mph in a 70-mph zone. CO Deppen conducted a traffic stop and the driver was given warnings on no insurance in his vehicle and illegal window tint. The driver was cited for 100 mph in a 70-mph zone.

CO Joseph Deppen was checking anglers along the lakeshore in Macomb County. One of the anglers did not have his fishing license on him. When checking his fishing license, it was discovered the angler had a felony firearm warrant out of a neighboring county. The angler was taken into custody and the warrant was confirmed. The angler was lodged at the local jail and is awaiting transport for his outstanding warrants.

CO Joseph Deppen was checking for marine activity along Lake St. Clair. CO Deppen noticed a person drive into the launch at a high rate of speed and he was not wearing a seatbelt. The person dropped their boat in the water and parked their vehicle. The person entered their vessel at the docks and started to motor away when CO Deppen conducted a stop. The vessel returned to the dock and the driver did not have any identification on him. CO Deppen asked about driving a motor vehicle without a license, and the driver said, “I live just down the street. I forgot it.”  He gave CO Deppen a verbal name and date of birth. CO Deppen had a photo of the name given and the registered owner of the vehicle sent to his computer for verification. The information and photos that came back matched a brother of the individual. The driver was shown the evidence, and said, “Okay, that’s me, I have a suspended license and warrants.”  The driver was detained, and the warrants were confirmed. The man was cited for operating a vehicle with no seat belt and operating a vessel with no Type IV PFD. Warrant requests and reports were submitted to the prosecutor’s office for driving with a suspended license and giving false information to a police officer. The driver was not picked up on his outstanding warrants and he was released.

CO Joseph Deppen received an ORV trespassing compliant in Macomb County. CO Deppen made the scene and found eight individuals trespassing on private property and there were four vehicles being ridden. CO Deppen cited the owners of four ORVs for operating unlicensed ORVs and they were given warnings on ORV trespass without written permission.

CO Jaime Salisbury was patrolling the Holloway Dam in Genesee County. While checking anglers, CO Salisbury noticed several individuals standing near fishing equipment with lines in the water. Upon contact with the individuals, CO Salisbury asked to see their fishing licenses. One of the individuals informed CO Salisbury that he did not have a fishing license but that he wasn’t fishing so he didn’t need one. CO Salisbury told the individual that was fine but that if he wanted to fish, he needed to have one. While walking away CO Salisbury noticed the individual watching him and waiting for him to leave so he kept a watch of him. Once the individual thought CO Salisbury had left, he began fishing. CO Salisbury snuck up behind the angler and confronted him about the recent conversation they just had. When CO Salisbury ran a file on the individual, he found out that they had an active warrant in Genesee County. CO Salisbury informed him of the warrant. The individual told CO Salisbury they were “surprised they had a warrant already because they didn’t go to court earlier that same day because they wanted to go fishing instead.”  CO Salisbury arrested the subject for the warrant and issued a citation for fishing without a license.


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