DNR conducting herbicide treatments in eastern UP

Contact: John Pepin, 906-226-1352
Agency: Natural Resources

Aug. 8, 2019

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is applying herbicide treatments at six sites in the eastern Upper Peninsula this week in preparation for red and jack pine tree planting.

DNR pesticide applicators are licensed and trained in the safe use of these herbicides. All herbicides used by the DNR are EPA approved for use. Because herbicides have recently been used in this area, the DNR suggests that berry picking be done elsewhere this summer.

The herbicide is being applied from a logging skidder. DNR personnel remain on site to ensure no one enters the treatment areas during herbicide applications.

Signs have been posted at each of the sites – located in Chippewa, Mackinac and Schoolcraft counties – 24 hours in advance of spraying. Signs are posted at every access point to the treatment area on roads and recreation trails.

In areas where there are adjacent private lands, attempts to contact landowners have been made, with many of these properties involving camps or cabins with absentee landowners. Signs will remain in place for at least 48 hours after the herbicide applications.

Here is a list of the site location details:

Carp River Truck Trail area (T43N R06W, Sections 2 and 3) – There are two sites at this location, totaling 63.2 acres. These sites were sprayed Tuesday, Aug. 6. Signs were placed on the Carp River Truck Trail as well as the ORV trail that entered the sites. Spraying was completed on these sites as of mid-afternoon Aug. 6.

Rexton – Streeter Road (T44N R08W, Section 35) – There is one site at this location, totaling 21.2 acres. This application was started Wednesday, Aug. 7 and was scheduled to be completed by noon Thursday, Aug. 8. Signs were placed on Streeter Road north and south of the treatment area.

Paradise – Widewaters Road (T49N R06W Section 5) – There is one site at this location, totaling 12.4 acres. This site is planned to be sprayed on the afternoon of Thursday, Aug. 8. Signs are in place both north and south of the treatment area on the Widewaters Road, as well as at one access point (a two-track road) into the treatment area. The treatment will be completed by early afternoon on Thursday August 8 if all goes according to plan.

Seney – Fox Road and County Road 451 – Schoolcraft County (T46N R14W Section 11 and 12, and T47N R13W Section 24) – There are two sites in the Seney area, totaling 75.1 acres. The plan is to spray these sites Friday, Aug. 9, to be completed by mid-afternoon. Signs will be in place Thursday, Aug. 8 on both sites at all access points.