***LIST of boating access sites temporarily closed due to recent rainfall

Due to recent rainfall, a handful of boating access sites have temporarily closed due to high water levels. Ramps and parking lots may be under water and it is predicted that water levels could rise even higher over the coming days. The DNR is attempting to list the boating access sites that have been impacted below; however, a complete list may not be available at this time.

Dickinson County

  • Eddy Lake boating access site 

Kalamazoo County

  • Eagle Lake boating access site - If the weather cooperates, the water will begin to be pumped out of Eagle Lake in the next week or two. The boating access site will be reopened once the water recedes and water levels are restored to a safe and usable condition.

Montcalm County

  • Rainbow Lake boating access site 

Presque Isle County

  • Ocqueoc Rivermouth boating access site - As a result of fluctuating water levels that are dependent on the wind/wave action in Lake Huron, the boating access site may be open one day and closed the next. The area is still open to fishing if anglers access the area by walking down the road or using the stairs.

Otsego County

  • Lake 27 boating access site 
  • Lake Manuka boating access site

Ottawa County

  • Lake Macatawa boating access site  - The boating access site has been reopened; however, the site will be monitored closely in the case that the water rises again.

St. Clair County

  • Snook boating access site
  • Lake St. Clair, Deckers Landing boating access site 

Van Buren County

  • Lake Bankson boating access site  - It's anticipated that the boating access site will be closed all season.