Argo use on state land

The following addresses only Michigan's state regulations. To determine the regulations on federal properties, you should contact the appropriate federal agency with jurisdiction over the areas where you wish to operate.

An Argo is regulated as an Off-Road Recreation Vehicle (ORV) under Michigan law. In the Lower Peninsula, an ORV may only be operated in areas open to the public on designated routes, trails, or areas that are posted as open to ORVs. However, ORV trails are limited to vehicles that are less then 50 inches in width, so an Argo cannot be operated on designated ORV "Trails". An Argo can be operated on designated ORV "Routes" and Scramble Areas in the Lower Peninsula with a valid ORV license.

In the Upper Peninsula, ORVs in general may be operated on State Forest Roads that are not posted as closed. An Argo may be operated in the Upper Peninsula on State Forest Roads that are not posted as closed and on designated ORV Routes, but not on designated ORV Trails because they are restricted to vehicles less than 50 inches in width.

Cross-county travel by ORVs in areas open to the public is prohibited in both the Upper and Lower Peninsulas with very few exceptions (such as to retrieve a legally taken deer at minimal speed).

If an Argo is used as a vessel, it is also regulated under the Marine Safety statute. An Argo is required to be registered as a vessel if it is used on the water. If you do not use it on the water, it does not have to be registered as a vessel.

You may use an Argo for duck hunting, with certain restrictions. The Argo may not be driven down the bank of a river or stream and into the water. You may access surface waters at boat launches. You may not operate in a wetland or in a manner so as to create an erosive condition. While transporting a firearm, it must be unloaded in chamber and magazine, and enclosed in a case. And, of course, it must be registered as a vessel.

If your disabilities meet the qualifications, you are allowed certain privileges, but cannot operate cross-county to hunt.

Persons with disabilities are allowed to operate ORVs, including Argos, at places and times that would otherwise be closed. You are allowed to operate on state forest roads, including those not posted as open, and are exempt from the quiet hours during firearm deer season in November.

You are still required to have an ORV license on an Argo. An Argo is still not allowed on ATV trails, since only vehicles less than 50 inches in width are allowed on a designated ORV "Trail".

To meet the requirements you need one of the following: a valid temporary or permanent handicapper parking permit issued by the Michigan Department of State, a Permit to Hunt From a Standing Vehicle, or a completed Physician Certification ORV Privileges For Persons With A Disability form.