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    Director Dan Eichinger discusses the history of the department and celebrating 100 years.
    With WGVU Morning Show Host Shelley Irwin, March 9, 2021

100 Years of the DNR

  • 100 years of taking care of Michigan's great outdoors: from reintroducing elk, moose and turkey to protecting wild places like the Pigeon River Country State Forest, to bringing salmon to the Great Lakes, we are proud to celebrate and share our story.

    To help tell our story we have put together an interactive timeline of some of the DNR's major milestones and accomplishments over this past century.

    100 years of the DNR: a journey through time ยป

  • Centennial story map on desktop, phone and tablet

100 ways to celebrate

Telling our story

  • In celebration of the department's centennial anniversary, the Showcasing the DNR feature series will highlight one story each month during 2021 that recalls various accomplishments of the department or historical highlights over the past century.

  • A young family taking in the sunset on the beach at Van Buren State Park in South Haven. Despite pandemic, much to celebrate in outdoors, history

    By any measure, it's a pretty big deal: one hundred years and counting. Though COVID-19 threw the DNR's planned centennial celebrations to the wayside, we found ways to help people safely connect - or, in some cases, reconnect - with Michigan's natural and heritage resources.

  • Black and white photo of CCC workers planting trees Michigan's forest stewardship heritage

    At the turn of the 20th century, some of Michigan's greatest conservation minds focused on a very important issue: turning vast, logged-over stump fields back into forests. Nearly 120 years later, foresters are still carefully studying Michigan's forests to determine the best ways to help them thrive well into the 22nd century and beyond.

  • Mooselift The Michigan moose among us

    The Michigan DNR traded moose provided by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources for wild turkeys. The "moose lift," as it was nicknamed, was a translocation project undertaken to restore the Upper Peninsula's population of the large, roughly 1,000-pound browsing herbivores that today call the region's mature forests, ponds and wetlands home.

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Centennial Merchandise

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