DNR seeks snowmobile trail sponsor for important central UP trails

Agency: Natural Resources

Aug. 9, 2018

To avoid the loss of vital trail connections, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources is looking for a local club or other non-profit organization willing to assume snowmobile trail grooming responsibilities, over roughly 60 miles of trail in Marquette County.

The areas in need of grooming sponsorship include 23 miles along Trail No. 8 between the "Crossroads" area in Sands Township and Little Lake; 7 miles southwest of Gwinn on Trail No. 32, and 32 miles of Trail No. 33 between Gwinn and Arnold.

"Without a grooming sponsor for these areas, we would lose connection between the Little Lake-Gwinn and Marquette-Negaunee areas," said Rob Katona, central U.P. trails specialist for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

Trail No. 8, the primary east-west trail across the northern Upper Peninsula.

"There would also be no trail connecting Arnold to Gwinn and Gwinn to Republic over Trails 32 and 33," Katona said. "Gwinn would be completely cut off from the snowmobile trail system."

Contact Rob Katona for more information at 906-228-6561 or katonar@michigan.gov