Hunters: Deer movement study under way in Ingham and Clinton counties

Agency: Natural Resources

Sept. 13, 2018

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Boone & Crockett Quantitative Wildlife Center at Michigan State University are researching the movements and survival of white-tailed deer in south-central Michigan. This past winter, deer were captured in Ingham and Clinton counties and fitted with radio-tracking collars, ear tags or both. 

If you see one of these deer, they are legal to hunt during regular deer hunting seasons. If you harvest a collared or tagged deer, please register the deer at the nearest deer check station ( and provide the head for CWD testing. Staff at the check stations will collect the collars and tags and provide you with contact information for someone who can tell you more about the deer. 

For additional information about this research project, contact Jonathan Trudeau (MSU) at 517-432-4440 or Dwayne Etter (DNR) at 517-284-4725.