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Accessible Recreation - Making the Outdoors Inclusive

A bird's eye view of a river running through a fall forest with an accessible pathway leading up to the water

Accessible Recreation - Making the Outdoors Inclusive

Accessible recreation opportunities

We have a strong focus on making Michigan's natural resources available for people of all ability to enjoy. You will find a wide variety of accessible recreation opportunities at our state parks, campgrounds, boating access sites, state game areas, trails and more.

Upcoming accessibility-focused events

More ways to explore accessible recreation

Muskegon Luge Adventure Sports Park

Located inside Muskegon State Park, the Muskegon Luge Adventure Sports Park offers unique winter experiences you won't find anywhere else.
Muskegon Luge Adventure Sports Park website »

The complex offers the following accessible features:

  • Adaptive sleds with a bucket seat and skate blades affixed to the bottom.
  • Specially designed, adaptive skis that allow skiers to sit on a seat and glide by pushing with ski poles.
  • Ice bikes operate like regular bikes and allow skaters to sit while moving around the ice.
  • Ski trails are graded and groomed to best accommodate adaptive skiing.
  • The track is one of only four "kunstbahn-style" tracks in the country and is universally accessible.
  • Accessible walkways located throughout the complex and lowered counters and tables inside the lodge.

Recreation Search website

You can find additional accessible recreation opportunities by using Recreation Search. Here you will find more detailed information about accessible features available by clicking on the "Accessible" button on the home screen, then clicking on "Filters" at the top of the next screen. From here you can choose from many different activities and facilities with accessible options. Please note, choosing more than one option will search for only those locations that have ALL the options, not locations that have either/or.

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About the Accessibility Advisory Council

The Accessibility Advisory Council consists of private citizens, appointed by the DNR director, who demonstrate a clear interest in improving accessibility to Michigan’s natural resources. The council provides guidance to help the Department of Natural Resources develop, manage and plan opportunities for those of all abilities to enjoy Michigan’s natural resources.

Accessibility Advisory Council