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MSU revamps spongy moth website with help tips for homeowners

A well-known invasive pest has a new name but brings the same old challenges for oak, birch and many other trees. Michigan State University has revamped its website to help Michiganders deal with the spongy moth (formerly known as gypsy moth) and its destructive caterpillars.

MSU spongy moth site ►

The season for spongy moths is underway, and caterpillars are hatching this month. They can defoliate oaks and other trees for a six- to eight-week period.

“We’ve had many calls from many people in the previous season who want to know more about spongy moths,” said James Wieferich, forest health specialist with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. “This MSU website is the perfect spot to answer most of their questions and give people experiencing an outbreak on their property some options on how to reduce the nuisance.”

The DNR also provides spongy moth information.

Media contact: Media representatives interested in setting up an interview with a DNR forest health expert, please email Kathleen Lavey.