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Storm damage forces temporary closure of boating access site in Menominee County

Storm damage is shown at a DNR boating access site near Faithorn in Menominee County.

A Michigan Department of Natural Resources boating access site along the Menominee River at Faithorn will remain closed for several days for storm cleanup after numerous trees were felled during a severe thunderstorm earlier this week.

“Dozens of trees will need to be removed from the road and parking lot to reopen the site,” said Joe Frieberg, unit supervisor at the Menominee River Recreation Area. “I believe it will take our construction crew 2-3 days to accomplish that.”

Heavy equipment is needed to complete the cleanup. Those crews are not expected to begin their work until Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. Crews hope to reopen the boating access site by June 24.

However, a vault toilet building destroyed during the storm will eventually be replaced, but no time frame is currently available for that project.

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Note to editors: An accompanying photo is available below for download. Caption information follows. Credit: Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

Damage: Storm damage has forced the closure of a boating access site along the Menominee River near Faithorn in Menominee County. Crews plan to have the site reopened late next week.