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Heat with wood? It's time to stock up

Market forces have shifted loggers’ attention to harvesting building-friendly softwood tree species this year, and with new, competing demands for firewood-friendly hardwood material, fuelwood supplies in some areas are coming up shorter than usual.

Combined with predictions for more traditional winter weather than recent mild winters, it’s time to stock up if you heat your home with wood.

“Demand for firewood pulp logs is strong,” said general manager Tim Neff of AJD Forest Products in Grayling. “We have a waiting list from large firewood processors for production.”

If your local sources have waiting lists, there are different options available to purchase or harvest fuelwood. Some sources include:

If possible, use wood sources close to you to avoid transporting firewood over long distances, which can spread damaging forest pests and diseases.

Questions about fuelwood collection in state forests? View our Fuelwood permit FAQ document or contact Michigan Department of Natural Resources timber program foresters Jake Reid or Brenda Haskill.

If you or someone you know encounters a hardship in heating costs this winter, relief is available through resources from the Michigan Energy Assistance Program.