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Macomb County conservation officer recognized as waterfowl officer of the year

Michigan Department of Natural Resources Conservation Officer Brad Silorey was recognized as the 2022-23 Mississippi Flyway Waterfowl Protection Officer of the Year for Michigan, a Mississippi Flyway Council award annually presented to a CO who promotes, educates and exemplifies exceptional waterfowl enforcement.

“Silorey patrols important waterfowl areas because many of these species are going back and forth from Canada, which impacts federal migration,” said Lt. Todd Szyska, DNR Law Enforcement supervisor in southeast Michigan. “Silorey has made it his job to own this topic and enthusiastically passes along his knowledge and skills to new officers and waterfowl hunters.”

Silorey, assigned to Macomb County, has been a conservation officer since 2015, and each year advances his patrol efforts as one of the top waterfowl officers in the area.

In 2022-23, Silorey issued 35 waterfowl citations, including 11 for priority violations – such as using toxic shot while waterfowl hunting, taking waterfowl out of season, hunting before or after legal hours and taking protected migratory birds.

Examples of Silorey’s waterfowl investigations from the season include a group of hunters who were in possession of 50 or more rounds of toxic shot, and another that resulted in $5,000 in fines for a subject who illegally took multiple Cooper’s hawks. These patrol efforts require advanced planning, long hours and strong dedication to the resource.

Michigan is one of 14 states in the Mississippi Flyway Council, a multiagency international organization that coordinates waterfowl hunting seasons and regulations. Unlike resident fish and game, waterfowl migrate at a faster and greater distance throughout different states. States coordinate effort with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service biologists and wardens to ensure hunting seasons and regulations are in sync.

Michigan conservation officers are fully licensed law enforcement officers who provide natural resources protection, ensure recreational safety and protect residents through general law enforcement and conducting lifesaving operations in the communities they serve. Learn more at

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Silorey: Conservation Officer Brad Silorey was awarded as the 2022-23 Mississippi Flyway Waterfowl Protection Officer of the Year for Michigan; the award is sponsored through the Mississippi Flyway Council to a conservation officer who promotes, educates and exemplifies exceptional waterfowl enforcement. Pictured left to right, from the DNR Law Enforcement Division: Lt. Todd Szyska, Capt. David Malloch, CO Brad Silorey and Chief Dave Shaw (retired).