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Timber harvest will take place near DNR's customer service center in Cadillac

Timber harvest activities will begin Monday around the Michigan Department of Natural Resources’ customer service center on Mackinaw Trail in Cadillac.

Here's what's local folks should know:

The DNR buildings are surrounded by about 26 acres of land that is part of Michigan’s state forest system. The harvest involves 15 acres and has been carefully planned to remove invasive trees such as Scotch pine and black locust as well as invasive shrubs like honeysuckle. These aggressive species can prevent native trees and shrubs from growing.

"We retained several pockets of native tree species including mature oaks and pines," said Mike Aksamit, DNR land use specialist who planned the timber harvest. "The removal of invasive species from the 15 acres in the harvest area will be a net positive for the local landscape."

Since invasive species often resprout from roots, the harvested area will be treated with herbicide next year, then replanted as soon as possible with more native red pine seedlings. Some hardwood trees on the property also will remain.

Timber harvests are among many ways the DNR manages Michigan’s nearly 4 million acres of state forest land. Michigan’s state forests are certified as sustainably managed by two independent agencies. Harvests are part of that management. They can help clear out undesirable invasive species and prevent the spread of pests and diseases through the forest.

A local forest products company is expected to begin harvesting this week and conclude all activities on the site by mid-April.