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Scouting with the DNR

Scouting with the DNR

Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts organizations are among the oldest of our partners in improving habitat and supporting outdoor recreation. Scout projects have improved and maintained trails, protected sensitive areas, improved shooting ranges, provided nesting habitat for birds and increased accessibility to outdoor users.

As important as these service projects is the organizations' commitment to getting kids outdoors. Scouting has long encouraged a healthy relationship with the outdoors. Both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts can earn advancement and awards for many different areas of natural resources stewardship or outdoor recreation activities. Scouts can earn awards or recognition for events like hiking, fishing, archery, shotgun and rifle shooting, canoeing and kayaking.

Conservation Stewardship Awards

To honor scouts who make a commitment to participating with the DNR in stewardship of Michigan's natural resources, we have created a Conservation Stewardship Award. By completing activities and other scout achievements and providing conservation stewardship service hours, younger scouts can earn a stewardship patch and older scouts are eligible to earn a stewardship medal. Older scouts are also eligible to receive pins to attach to the medal after completing additional achievements and stewardship hours.

Questions and answers about Conservation Stewardship Awards

Boy Scout Conservation Stewardship Award requirements and application

Girl Scout Conservation Stewardship Award requirements and application

Stewardship opportunities for scout service projects

Browse DNR volunteer stewardship opportunities that your troop, pack or den may want to participate in, under "Restore & Clean Up" on our Get Involved page.

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