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Fire management

Two firefighters walk along a smoky burn line in a field

Fire management

Preventing and putting out wildfires in Michigan

The Department of Natural Resources maintains a nationally recognized wildfire program that is charged with protecting state and private lands. DNR firefighters share fire safety tips, create fuel breaks, conduct prescribed burns to improve wildlife habitat and respond to hundreds of wildfires each year.

Burn permit (Permission to burn)

Find out if you are permitted to have an open burn in your area today.

Fire safety tips

Learn how to safely enjoy campfires and prevent wildfire.

Prescribed fire explained

Learn why wildfire and wildlife experts sometimes plan fires, called prescribed burns. 

Morel mushroom hunting

View a map of wildfire and prescribed burn locations - great locations for morel hunting!

Federal Excess Personal Property program information

Connecting local departments with equipment and resources

The DNR can help local fire departments obtain excess federal equipment for firefighting and emergency services. The equipment is free; departments just have to cover the cost of putting it into service. Certified volunteer, municipal and city fire departments can request equipment.

Learn more and request fire equipment

Roscommon Equipment Center

Forging the future of firefighting

Tools for the future of wildland firefighting are being shaped at the Roscommon Equipment Center and Forest Fire Experiment Station. The REC provides fire agencies across the nation with specialized wildland firefighting equipment from its cutting-edge design and fabrication shop.
Learn about the Roscommon Equipment Center

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