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Mi Trees - Plant a Tree!

Image of a shovel being pushed by a gardener's boot into soft soil

Mi Trees - Plant a Tree!

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Plant trees, grow community

Plant a tree and tell us about it! Planting a tree is the first step to setting the foundation for conservation of the forest and freshwater ecosystems we share with the generations of today and tomorrow. Now is the time for trees – plant it forward!  

Plant a tree and add it to the map

This application contains a complex map. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact

Communities: Get started with the USDA tree planting campaign guide

Our pledge: Doing our part to help plant a trillion trees across the globe

The DNR will be a cooperative partner in achieving a global goal of restoring and growing one trillion trees by 2030 through the global Trillion Trees campaign. To further this goal, the DNR has pledged to plant 50 million trees by 2030 and aims to inspire people to plant trees.

But it’s about more than just tree planting – it’s a spark to raise awareness about the importance of trees, reflect on Michigan’s rich forest history and build capacity to grow forests and communities together.

See our tree planting pledge 

Closeup of tray of conifer tree seedlings

Tree planting resources

Colorful map of growing zone regions by temperature

Find your growing zone

Find your growing zone to determine which tree species is best for your area.

Image of a shovel and rake


Request to have underground lines and pipes marked for free before digging – it's the law.

three people planting a tree

Tree planting guide

Tips to plant, mulch and care for your new tree so it will thrive.

Three children ride bikes down a paved path flanked by green trees

Urban and community forestry

Learn how community trees provide environmental benefits and natural beauty. 

Pick your trees


Recommended trees for community planting

Use our tree sorters to pick the right tree for your location and avoid invasive selections.

Monarch butterfly on white wildflowers

Plant trees for pollinators

Support bees, birds and butterflies with flowering trees.

Closeup image of rosy redbud blooms in spring

Learn about native Michigan tree species

Native trees are adapted to our state's climate and ecosystem.

Squirrel eating a samara

Plant trees for wildlife

Trees provide food, shelter and cover for wildlife.

Find trees to plant

Young conifer trees grow in a greenhouse

Michigan Conservation Districts

Michigan's 75 Conservation Districts assist local communities with natural resource management services. Many host tree and plant sales in the spring and fall to provide communities with healthy plants that will grow well in that area.  

Plant Michigan Green

Homeowners can use Plant Michigan Green to find professionals, seedling nurseries and landscapers from the Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association. 

Plant Michigan Green provides a community where Michigan gardeners can share ideas on social media.

Directory of Michigan seedling nurseries

View a list of Michigan nurseries that grow and sell seedlings for forestry and wildlife plantings. The list is organized by region, but all nurseries ship statewide.