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CO Training Academy: Week 13 - Oct. 7-12


Recruit School #9 of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Conservation Officer Academy started the week learning about emergency preparedness. Sgt. Jason Hoogstra from the Michigan State Police covered topics such as responding to explosions, gas leaks, and nuclear and other contamination events. The recruits learned how all first responders (fire, law enforcement, paramedics) work together in these situations and the roles each team may play when responding to a large-scale emergency situation.

Sgt. David Buck from the Michigan State Police taught the recruits about explosive devices Monday afternoon. Sgt. Buck discussed the implications of drones, improvised explosive devices (IED) and pipe bombs at public events. Conservation officers provide law enforcement and security at a variety of public events around the state of Michigan. This training helps recruits recognize signs of IEDs so they can be vigilant when patrolling large-scale events.


The recruits spent most of Tuesday in the classroom, learning about the proper use and handling of the Taser X-26P conducted electrical weapon. Specific emphasis was made to ensure that each recruit understood how to safely operate the device, as well as the legal parameters of when it can be used. The Taser can be a valuable and effective tool if an officer is dealing with a resisting and aggressive suspect. In many cases, the Taser can eliminate or reduce the injuries often sustained during a physical confrontation. When used properly, the Taser can help end a potentially prolonged physical confrontation.


Wednesday was spent performing practical exercises and scenarios with the Taser. Each recruit fired several Taser cartridges at both static targets and instructors wearing protective suits. The intensity and stress levels of the exercises and scenarios increased throughout the day, giving the recruits a greater respect for what the Taser is capable of when used by a competent operator.

taser practice, recruits

Wednesday photo 1: A recruit practices firing a Taser X-26P at a static target.

Wednesday photo 2: Recruits stand in a line and practice drawing their Taser X-26Ps.


The Michigan State Police Emergency Support team spent Thursday with the recruits, teaching them about tactical operations. This team is trained and responsible for high-risk/dangerous law enforcement situations. Recruits learned about clearing rooms and extracting injured officers and/or victims. In the afternoon, the recruits were put through four scenarios that covered the morning's topics.

tactical operations, recruits, tunnels

tactic operations, recruits, tunnels tactic operations, recruit, basement

Thursday photo 1: Recruits review emergency support tactical operations before navigating tunnels in the Michigan State Police Academy basement for scenario training.

Thursday photo 2: Recruits work as a team to practice emergency support tactical operations during scenario training.

Thursday photo 3: A group of recruits navigates basement tunnels during an emergency support tactical operations scenario.

Thursday photo 4: Two recruits approach a closed door after hearing shots fired during an emergency support scenario.


On Friday, conservation officers from the DNR Law Enforcement Division's Special Investigations Unit taught the recruits about suspect interview techniques. Conservation officers need to be skilled in conducting criminal interviews to successfully make cases. Recruits were taught how to prepare for suspect interviews and Miranda rights. Recruits then worked in pairs to practice their newly learned suspect interview techniques.

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