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2/23/2020 - 3/7/2020


Conservation Officer Shannon Kritz attended a game dinner at the Free Evangelical Church in Carney. As part of the event, CO Kritz presented sportsmen about updated game laws affecting Menominee County and answered any questions. There were over 100 people in attendance at the event.

CO Anna Viau responded to a call of a bear cub hanging around a residence outside of Iron River. Upon arrival, CO Viau was spoken to through the window of house by the homeowner. He said that the bear was eating by the back door of the house. As CO Viau walked around the house, she noticed that the homeowner had placed some food on the ground for the bear to eat and the bear yearling was happily enjoying his free meal. After a short time attempting to chase the bear out of his yard, the bear climbed a nearby tree. CO Viau advised the homeowner to clean up the food he had placed outside for the bear and remove access to any other tempting garbage or animal feed so that the bear would find a more suitable place to await spring.

COs Jeffrey Dell and Christopher Lynch interviewed a subject suspected of taking a deer without a valid license during the 2018 deer season. A confession was obtained, antlers were seized, and the case is pending prosecution.

Lt. Ryan Aho and CO Shannon Kritz attended a job fair at Forest Park High School in Iron County. They were joined by Fisheries and Parks Division personnel and presented information about their various careers in the department to over 80 students.

CO Jared Ferguson received a complaint regarding concerns from local citizens over an individual who had set up a snow fence with steel garden rakes, hoes, cultivators, and a pitch fork facing towards snowmobile traffic to stop snowmobiles from trespassing through his yard to get to the nearby bar and gas station. The property owner was upset because snowmobiles were running over his septic and crashing into his utility box. CO Ferguson was able to convince the property owner that wasn't safe for anyone and he removed the garden tools and set up plastic tomato sticks with zip ties to secure the fence instead. CO Ferguson the following day brought him an arrow sign and no trespassing sign to help direct snowmobile traffic off his property. The days following CO Ferguson and Sergeant (Sgt.) Brian Bacon were in the area and observed no trespassers. The property owner was happy with the outcome.

CO Josh Boudreaux responded to report of a snowmobile accident with injuries on snowmobile Trail 5 in northern Marquette County. CO Boudreaux and a Marquette County Sheriff’s deputy responded to the scene and devised a plan to access the patient. Due to poor accuracy on GPS coordinates, CO Boudreaux transported the paramedic via snowmobile through a back-route and upon locating the patient updated the deputy on best access with the rescue sled. After stabilizing the patient, who had suffered significant lower extremity injuries, they were loaded into the rescue sled for transport up the trail to a waiting ambulance. Due to unusually icy trail conditions, the snowmobiles were unable to pull the weighted rescue sled up some of the hills on the trail. Due to the foreseen delay in extrication, CO Boudreaux ran ahead to retrieve more supplies from the ambulance and ran into a trail groomer from the Big Bay 550 Snowmobile Club along the way. After explaining the situation, the groomer immediately agreed to drop his drag and assist with pulling the patient out of the woods. Once hooked to the groomer, officers were able to get the patient to the ambulance without further delay.

CO Jeremy Sergey attended a career fair at Finlandia University. Approximately 400 students participated in the career fair from various schools in the copper country area.

CO Dave Miller obtained warrants from the Baraga County Prosecutor on two separate illegal deer cases from the 2019 deer season. A third warrant was obtained in connection with one of the cases for a separate individual on a related charge.

CO Josh Boudreaux was working on paperwork in his truck near a snowmobile trail crossing in Marquette County when a snowmobile came flying through the intersection without stopping. CO Boudreaux activated the lights and siren on his patrol truck, causing the snowmobile to pause, then take off down the trail. CO Boudreaux quickly drove to the next snowmobile trail crossing where he intercepted the snowmobile. After a long discussion, the rider from Missouri was issued a citation for careless operation.

CO Ethen Mapes responded to a possible overdose in Ontonagon. CO Mapes was able to determine that the subject had most likely taken prescription medications. CO Mapes secured the scene until EMS arrived.

COs Byron Parks and Ethen Mapes attended the predator round up in Kenton. Hunters checked in coyote, bobcat, and fox. COs Parks and Mapes answered questions and visited with attendees.

CO Brian Lasanen was on patrol when he approached a snowmobile trail road crossing. CO Lasanen was familiar with the area and knew that many times operators failed to stop at the road crossing. CO Lasanen slowed his patrol truck as he approached the crossing. As he entered the crossing, a snowmobile blew through the required stop and nearly hit CO Lasanen’s patrol truck. The operator was cited for failing to stop at a road crossing.

CO Brian Lasanen was called to assist Houghton County deputies and Michigan State Police (MSP) in locating two youth runaways who fled into the woods on foot. The runaways would walk along the highway and when they observed a police car, they would run into the woods. CO Lasanen used his snowmobile and located the runaways’ foot tracks. CO Lasanen followed the foot tracks and located the runaways trying to hide in a tree. After a brief talk with the runaways, they climbed down and walked out to the road to meet officers and their parents.

COs Zach Painter, Ethen Mapes, and Byron Parks responded to a complaint on Lake Gogebic of a side-by-side chasing a coyote around the lake. The COs searched the lake for the side-by-side and eventually located one matching the description. The COs interviewed the subjects and obtained a confession. The subjects stated that they were just chasing the coyote and never intended to kill it. A report has been forwarded to the Gogebic County prosecutor’s office for review.

Multiple District 1 COs conducted a patrol along the snowmobile trail system in northern Houghton and Keweenaw Counties to assist local law enforcement agencies with the Copper Dog 150 sled dog race.


CO Andrea Dani attended the North American Snowmobile Show and Races on Munising Bay. Attendance was high and despite high winds, riders were able to enjoy nice weather.

CO Chris Lynch successfully served two multiple count arrest warrants without incident on two different hunters for illegally taking a deer this past fall.

COs Colton Gelinas and Jackie Miskovich attended a recruiting training held in Indianapolis. The training was centered around the hiring and retention of minority groups into a law enforcement career. The COs took valuable information and ideas away from this training, in hopes to implement these ideas into the recruiting efforts for future academies.


COs Andrea Erratt, Andrea Albert, Duane Budreau, Chad Baldwin, Adam Leclerc, and Sgt. William Webster conducted a snowmobile sound enforcement patrol in Alba to address complaints of loud snowmobiles running the trail that parallels US 131. Almost 1,000 sleds passed the COs’ location and five snowmobiles that were tested for excessive sound were over 90 decibels (DB) and the loudest one was 97 DB. Five tickets were issued to the riders of the loud snowmobiles. The riders that received tickets commented that they were aware their snowmobiles were loud, and one rider said he has to wear earplugs while riding.

After leaving a group snowmobile patrol, CO Andrea Albert received a complaint about a backpacker in distress with a sick dog at the Pinney Bridge Campground in the Jordan River Valley. CO Albert called CO Andrea Erratt for assistance. CO Albert snowmobiled up to the campground and picked up the hiker and her dog while CO Erratt carried the hiker’s backpack and other gear on her snowmobile. The COs transported the very grateful backpacker to her vehicle at the Jordan River Fish Hatchery where she gave them both big hugs before heading home.

CO Tim Rosochacki was responding to assist a group of three distressed snowmobilers who had become stuck in deep snow while riding off-trail near the Cheboygan/ Charlevoix County line. After unloading his snowmobile and gathering equipment, CO Rosochacki was waiting for CO Matt Theunick to arrive when a subject at a residence in very close proximity exited the home and discharged a pistol several times and went back inside. CO Theunick and Cheboygan County Sheriff’s deputies arrived on scene and the intoxicated male subject was contacted. During the investigation, it was determined that the subject had discharged the pistol in an effort to “encourage” the vehicle parked near the residence to move along and, had he known it was a conservation officer, he would just come down to see what was going on. As a result, the male subject was arrested and lodged in Charlevoix County Jail on numerous firearm-related charges. After resolving the situation, COs Rosochacki and Theunick located the snowmobilers to whom they had initially been dispatched finding them in good spirits.

COs Tom Oberg, Kyle Cherry, Matt Theunick, and Sgt. Mark DePew conducted a snowmobile sound enforcement patrol near Otsego Lake State Park. Throughout the day, many contacts were made with snowmobilers. An assortment of tickets was issued for sound violations, trail permit violations, registration violations, and operating a snowmobile with a suspended driver’s license.

COs Kyle Cherry, Tom Oberg, and Sgt. Mark DePew responded to a snowmobile personal injury accident in Otsego County. When the COs arrived, they observed a rider who had lost control on the trail, struck a wood post, and was ejected from the snowmobile. The rider appeared to have a fractured leg. The COs assisted EMS in removing the injured rider from the trail for further treatment.

CO Dan Liestenfeltz was patrolling Albert Township in Montmorency County when he witnessed a snowmobile disregard a stop sign at an extremely high rate of speed. CO Liestenfeltz stopped the snowmobile and issued the operator a ticket for careless operation.

CO Dan Liestenfeltz contacted a group of anglers on East Twin Lake in Montmorency County. After talking with the anglers for a while, CO Liestenfeltz asked everyone for their fishing licenses. One subject stated that he was only 16 years old and did not need a fishing license. CO Liestenfeltz asked the subject if he had a driver’s license, which he stated, “No.”  CO Liestenfeltz then asked the subject what his date of birth was. After thinking about it, the subject stated that his birthday was in August of 2004 which would make the subject only 15 years old. CO Liestenfeltz then asked the subject why he stated he was 16 when he was in fact only 15. The subject’s answer was that his birthday was “right around the corner,” so he just rounded up to 16, even though it was six months away. After further questioning, the subject admitted that he was 17 years old and did not have a fishing license. CO Liestenfeltz issued the subject a ticket for fishing without a license.

CO Dan Liestenfeltz interviewed a subject that had a successful bobcat harvest. According to records, the subject trapped a bobcat in Montmorency and trapped another bobcat in Chippewa County. There were multiple discrepancies with the information on record. After interviewing the subject, CO Liestenfeltz was able to get a confession from the subject stating that he did trap both bobcats in Montmorency County and made it look like he legally trapped the second bobcat in Chippewa County. CO Liestenfeltz seized the illegal bobcat and charges will be submitted to the Montmorency County Prosecutor’s Office.

COs Sidney Collins and Jessie Curtis attended Hillman Elementary School career day.

COs Jessie Curtis, along with COs Sidney Collins, Dan Liestenfeltz, and Jon Sheppard executed several search warrants in an ongoing illegal bobcat investigation. The case is still under investigation.

CO Paul Fox attended two Bovine Tuberculosis and deer management meetings between the public, local farmers, Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, and Department of Agriculture. CO Fox answered questions and presented on law enforcement issues pertaining to special harvest permits, baiting enforcement, and management issues.

CO Jon Sheppard assisted MSP troopers with a traffic stop involving narcotics. A traffic stop was made, and a subsequent search of the vehicle located a substance suspected to be methamphetamines. The driver of the vehicle was arrested and lodged.

CO Jon Sheppard was called to assist the Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy with an investigation of a subject dredging wetlands and shorelines. Contact was made with the subject who was advised to cease all dredging. The incident is still under investigation and possible charges are pending.


While on an early morning patrol of Pentwater Lake for ice anglers, CO Micah Hintze observed three tip-ups that were seemingly unattended. CO Hintze activated the tip-ups and watched to see who would check the lines. Twenty-five minutes later the angler who to whom the tip-ups belonged, arrived and began chipping out the over one-inch thick ice that had set up in the holes. CO Hintze contacted the angler who initially claimed the tip-ups were set that morning at sunrise, but after CO Hintze pointed out the ice thickness, the fisherman’s story changed to the truth that they had been out overnight. The fisherman was cited for unattended fishing lines and possession of open intoxicants in a motor vehicle.

While patrolling Hart Dam for anglers, CO Micah Hintze observed two fishermen. After watching the two for some time, one fisherman caught a brown trout and after unhooking the fish, the man quickly walked to a nearby shrub and placed the fish underneath them. CO Hintze contacted the group after watching this take place. Initially the fisherman explained he hadn’t caught any fish that morning with little to no bites. At this time the land locked brown trout began flopping vigorously catching the fisherman’s attention. CO Hintze explained that that wasn’t a rabbit making the noise in the brush and the fisherman finally admitted to what he had done. The trout was taken during closed season and well undersized. The fisherman was cited for taking brown trout during closed season.

COs Ben Shively and Micah Hintze attended and presented at the Oceana County Career Fair held at the Shelby High School. The career fair is for juniors in high school from surrounding schools. The COs spoke with 50 students with potential candidates contacted.

CO Josiah Killingbeck, while on patrol, stopped a vehicle for motor vehicle violations. CO Killingbeck discovered that the driver had two warrants for his arrest. CO Killingbeck and a Lake County deputy went up to the suspect vehicle to recontact the driver after confirming the warrants. The driver was very emotional and knew he had the warrants for his arrest. CO Killingbeck asked the subject if there was anything illegal in the vehicle. The subject said he had a sawed-off shotgun and began reaching for the gun. CO Killingbeck ordered the subject to not reach for anything and opened the door and ordered the subject out. A short struggle ensued, and the subject said, “Sorry man, I can’t,” and put the vehicle in drive and began driving away while CO Killingbeck was attempting to remove the subject from the vehicle. CO Killingbeck was able to get himself out of the way of the vehicle and a pursuit ensued. The pursuit went approximately 25 miles with speeds up to 110 mph. The pursuit ended at the suspect’s residence where the suspect ran into a house. After over an hour of having a perimeter set up and negotiating with the suspect, he surrendered. The suspect advised CO Killingbeck that he had thrown the shotgun out his window during the pursuit. CO Killingbeck located another pistol inside the vehicle after taking the suspect into custody. After lodging the subject in the Lake County Jail, CO Killingbeck began following the route of the pursuit and located the sawed-off shotgun. CO Killingbeck found the gun to be loaded. The subject will be charged with resisting and obstructing, flee and elude, felon in possession of a firearm, possession of a short barrel shotgun, carrying concealed weapon, possession of a firearm while committing a felony, and possession of a loaded gun in a motor vehicle.

CO Josiah Killingbeck while working late one night stopped a vehicle for several motor vehicle violations. CO Killingbeck discovered that the driver had a suspended driver license and that there was no insurance on the vehicle. While speaking with the driver, CO Killingbeck observed a passenger attempting to hide his face from CO Killingbeck. CO Killingbeck was able to get a partial name on the passenger and discovered that the passenger had numerous felony warrants for breaking and entering, possession of stolen property, larceny of a vehicle, and drug related charges. CO Killingbeck impounded the vehicle and the driver was arrested for driving while suspended and the passenger was arrested and turned over to Osceola County for his warrants.

CO Troy Ludwig responded to a snowmobile accident with MSP in Wexford County. The snowmobiler had injured his ankle in the accident. During the investigation of the accident, it was discovered that the snowmobile was reported stolen out of Illinois.

CO William Haskin assisted MSP, Cadillac City Police, and Missaukee County Sherriff’s Department in the pursuit of a felon who fled on foot. The suspect was arrested and taken to Wexford County Jail.

COs Troy Ludwig, William Kinney, Charlie Jones, and Amanda McCurdy provided emergency response and enforcement at the 5th Annual Empire Snowmobile Drag Race. This was a snowmobile race established in memory for Roy Taghon and included a series of races for all age groups. The COs provided emergency services at the event and enforced laws on the trails between Benzie and Leelanau Counties. The event went smoothly without any major incidents or medical emergencies.


COs Jeremy Cantrell and Mike Hearn targeted illegal snowmobile use on the Great Lake Central Railroad tracks in Kalkaska County. Multiple snowmobilers were contacted that had been observed operating on the rails or crossing in an illegal manner and were cited for operating on railroad tracks.

COs Ben McAteer and Charlie Jones followed up on a Report All Poaching (RAP) complaint that involved suspects living on state land in Crawford County. CO McAteer has had multiple contacts with the group and knew that two of the suspects were convicted felons who were unable to possess firearms. The COs interviewed one of the suspects about weapons in their trailer. The suspect advised all weapons had been removed. When the COs asked to look in the trailer, the suspect admitted there was a pistol in the trailer that belonged to his wife. A search of the trailer yielded two loaded pistols and rifle ammunition. A file check of the suspect revealed he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. The subject was arrested on the warrant and the pistols were seized as evidence.

COs James Garrett and Casey Pullum responded to a snowmobile accident in Oscoda County. The section of snowmobile trail was impassable to all other first responders. The COs rendered aid and transported the patient in the bed of their patrol vehicle to a waiting ambulance. The COs determined the patient was under the influence of alcohol and obtained search warrants for blood at the hospital. An arrest warrant is being sought through the prosecutor’s office for operating a snowmobile under the influence of alcohol. In addition, the COs determined one of the other snowmobile drivers on scene was operating a snowmobile under the influence of alcohol. The second operator was lodged in the Oscoda County Jail.

CO Tyler Sabuda, along with the assistance of COs Jeff Panich and Sgt. Bobbi Lively, contacted a total of six anglers fishing a closed section of a trout stream in Iosco County. All the anglers were targeting steelhead and were issued citations for fishing a closed trout stream.

COs Craig Neal and Joshua Russell were patrolling Secord Lake in Gladwin County when they noticed an angler on the ice. As the sun went down, the angler jumped on his snowmobile and ran up to a cabin leaving at least one tip-up out on the ice. COs Neal and Russell walked out onto the ice in the dark to check the tip-up. While on the ice, the COs found two more jig rods where the angler had been fishing. The lines were still baited and in the water. Additionally, they located another tip-up inside the angler’s open shanty. COs Neal and Russell waited for over 30 minutes before the angler came back out on the ice to check his lines. The angler was issued a citation for fishing with unattended lines and given a warning for fishing with too many lines.

CO Josh Russell was at the Gladwin Field Office when he overheard a breaking-and-entering complaint come over his portable radio. Realizing the complaint was only a couple blocks from the office, CO Russell responded to the scene. CO Russell and a Gladwin City police officer entered the house and located an intoxicated male subject asleep on the couch. The officers took the subject into custody and he was transported to the Gladwin County Jail.


CO Seth Rhodea contacted two anglers fishing in a marina in Bay City. When the CO asked the anglers how their luck had been, they advised they had caught a few. When the CO checked the angler’s buckets, he immediately observed multiple undersize walleye and what appeared to be an over-limit of perch. Upon checking the perch in both buckets, both anglers were found to be over their limit. In addition to the over-limits of perch and almost one dozen undersize walleye, both anglers did not have valid fishing licenses. All fish were seized and both anglers left with empty buckets and multiple tickets.

CO Joshua Wright was patrolling in the Murphy Lake Game Area of Tuscola County when a vehicle went by him and he noticed there was not a plate on it. He stopped the vehicle and discovered that the driver was not licensed, and the vehicle was not registered. CO Wright could smell burnt marijuana in the vehicle and the driver admitted there was some in the vehicle. An MSP trooper, who is a drug recognition expert, assisted CO Wright with sobrieties and it was determined, by a new oral swab test, that the driver was under the influence of several drugs. During the search of the vehicle, two stun guns were located next to the driver’s seat. The suspect did not possess a concealed weapon permit. The suspect was arrested and charged with felony concealed weapon and three misdemeanor traffic charges.

COs Adam Beuthin and Joshua Wright were on patrol in Saginaw County when they observed a car parked on the edge of a corn field. Noticing the vehicle looked out of place, the COs stopped and made sure the driver of the vehicle was secure and nothing was wrong. When the COs approached the vehicle the driver and passenger were observed trying to put things into the center console in a quick manner. When the windows were rolled down, the smell of freshly burnt marijuana was coming out of the vehicle. CO Wright asked the passenger of the vehicle what they were doing out in a corn field, the passenger responded that they were just watching the sunset. The COs looked at each other, turned around, looked at the sunset, turned back around and notified the occupants of the vehicle that the sunset was behind them and they were facing east. Citations for possessing marijuana under the age of 21 were issued and a sober passenger drove the vehicle out of the corn field.

While patrolling through the Stanton State Game Area (SGA), CO Mike Haas encountered a truck displaying expired registration and operating off the designated trail. CO Haas conducted a stop and spoke with the operator of the truck who stated he was simply testing out his new truck’s off-road capabilities. It was also discovered that the gentleman had failed to transfer the vehicle's title to his name. CO Haas issued the operator of the vehicle a citation to address the numerous violations.

CO Mike Haas located a pile of household refuse while patrolling state land in central Montcalm County. While searching through the pile of garbage, CO Haas located a customer rewards card from a local retail store. CO Haas stopped at the store and used the card’s account number to obtain a suspect's name and address. The suspect’s residence was only a few miles away from where the garbage was located. CO Haas visited the suspect at his home and addressed the litter pile. The suspect admitted to being at that particular state land area but was unsure how the trash ended up there and suggested that it must have fallen out of his truck at some point during his visit out there.  The man received a litter citation and was instructed to pick up and remove the garbage at his earliest convenience.

COs Josh Jackson and Adam Schiller were working the Saginaw River system as hundreds of anglers made their way to the water in hopes to catch their limit of walleye. During marine/fishing checks, the COs stopped a vessel that was travelling too fast in a “slow no-wake” zone. While CO Schiller was issuing a citation for creating a wake, another vessel entered the zone travelling at an excessive speed, creating a wake. The second boat captain was also stopped and given a citation.

COs Josh Jackson and Adam Schiller were walking property along the Tittabawassee River owned by Dow Chemical. The property was recently posted with “No Trespassing” signs. As the COs made their way back to their patrol truck, they witnessed three anglers along the river, just beyond the posted signs. The anglers were confronted and checked for fishing licenses. One angler stated she was 16 years old but when CO Jackson asked for her driver’s license, he discovered she was 18. The woman was cited for fishing without a license and all anglers were warned of trespass.

While on patrol CO Adam Schiller heard central dispatch advise of an accident on US-127 northbound. CO Schiller was close to the scene of the crash and responded to assist. Once on scene the CO responded to an individual that had been ejected from their vehicle. The CO gave medical attention to the individual until medical personnel arrived on scene. The individual was in stable condition when they were transported to the local hospital via ambulance.

While on patrol near the Gratiot-Saginaw SGA CO Adam Schiller witnessed an ORV operating in the oncoming lane. The CO conducted a traffic stop on the ORV. While on the stop, the CO asked the operator if there were any firearms on his person or in the ORV. The subject stated that there were two loaded pistols in the ORV. The CO secured the handguns and cited the operator for possessing loaded firearms upon a motor vehicle.

While on night patrol near Saginaw County, COs Adam Schiller and Josh Jackson came across a vehicle parked in the roadway in the oncoming traffic lane. The COs activated their emergency lights and inspected the vehicle that was parked in front of them facing the wrong way in the lane with no one occupying it. An individual that lived at the residence came out to see why there were emergency lights in front of the house. The individual stated that their grandson was supposed to move the car out of the way so an aunt could leave the residence. The grandson had moved the car into the roadway and went back inside the residence. The driver of the vehicle was issued citations for his actions.


CO Tyler Cole was patrolling Type 1 trout streams in Van Buren County and saw a subject actively fishing within the closed stream. CO Cole made contact and, while speaking with the first subject, he spotted a second fisherman actively reeling in a steelhead from the closed stream. It turned out the two were together and both subjects stated that they had no idea the stream was closed to fishing, despite both growing up in the area and stating that they were avid trout anglers. The fish were released, and citations were issued to both subjects for fishing in a closed trout stream.

CO Justin Ulberg received information that good numbers of panfish were being caught in a bayou along the Grand River in Ottawa County. CO Ulberg responded to the area and checked anglers as they finished fishing for the day. CO Ulberg contacted one angler and asked how many fish he ended up with. The angler stated that he wasn’t sure because he wasn’t counting. CO Ulberg counted the fish and discovered the subject was 11 fish over his daily possession. Further investigation revealed that the subject had been charged two previous times for taking over-limits of fish. The subject was issued a citation and the over-limit of fish was seized.

While patrolling the Grand River in Kent County by boat, COs Casey Varriale, Richard Cardenas, and Justin Ulberg contacted two anglers in a small rowboat. The anglers did not have any Personal Floatation Devices (PFD) on board the vessel. The COs explained the importance of having the required PFDs in the cold, fast-moving water. A citation was issued for the violation.

CO Anna Cullen was checking ice anglers on Muskegon Lake when she observed an individual exiting the ice with a large amount of perch. CO Cullen contacted the individual and determined that they were well over their 25 perch limit. A citation was issued for the violation.

CO Anna Cullen responded to a report of two stranded ice anglers on Muskegon Lake. Both anglers were on a free-floating piece of ice that had separated from the main portion. The ice break was found to be the result of warming weather conditions and strong winds. CO Cullen, along with other area officers, responded to assist the Muskegon Fire Department in safely retrieving the individuals from the ice.

CO Kyle McQueer received a complaint from the RAP hotline of an individual fishing with more than three lines on Campbell Lake in Kalamazoo County. Upon arrival, CO McQueer saw an abundance of tip-ups on the ice. After contacting the single individual on the lake, it was determined that the angler was using a total of 17 tip-ups and caught one pike. A citation was issued for using more than three lines and a verbal warning was given for unlabeled tip-ups.

CO Kyle McQueer observed a side-by-side ORV operating in a prohibited area and passed a sign posting it closed. Upon stopping the ORV, it was determined that the ORV was unlicensed. After contacting the operator of the side-by-side, it was determined that he knew he needed to have an ORV license to operate his ORV. A citation was issued for operating an unlicensed ORV and a verbal warning was given for failing to wear a seat belt and operating an ORV in a closed area.

CO Carter Woodwyk was patrolling Allegan County when he noticed a heavily damaged vehicle pulled off into a parking area on the side of the roadway. The CO stopped to make sure everyone was okay. Upon contacting the driver, he learned the driver of the vehicle was reaching down for an object that fell on the floorboard and swerved, hitting two parked vehicles. All the vehicle owners were located and advised of the damages.

CO Carter Woodwyk was patrolling a bayou of the Kalamazoo River in Allegan County that had been producing limits of perch and panfish for a few days straight. The CO checked three subjects that had just come off the lake. Two of these subjects were over their limit of yellow perch. The CO continued checking anglers still on the ice and located one angler that was over the limit of yellow perch and still actively fishing. Citations were issued for possessing over-limits of perch.

COs Carter Woodwyk and Samuel Schluckbier conducted multiple patrols on the Kalamazoo River in Allegan County over the weekend and reported a large number of steelhead and walleye anglers. The patrols resulted in multiple citations for undersize walleye, unregistered vessel, expired registration, and one vessel with three occupants and no PFDs struggling to get upstream back to the launch. The COs assisted the vessel to a closer landing to be picked up. In all instances the subjects were aware of the law.

CO Sam Schluckbier located an abandoned hunting blind that was left on state land in Allegan County. The portable blind was marked with a name and address of the owner but was littered with a variety of items. The blind was completely caved in due to the winter elements. CO Schluckbier was able to meet the owner nearby. The owner was cited for leaving the items on state land and ordered to clean up the litter.


CO Nick Wellman met up with an Indiana conservation officer to investigate a deer that had been brought to an Indiana taxidermist that was killed in Michigan and was very suspicious. The COs met up and interviewed the suspect and his wife. It was found that the man had killed the large 8-point buck with a crossbow behind his house and then several days later purchased his license. Charges are being sought in both Michigan and Indiana.

COs Ed Rice and Chris Reynolds conducted an interview related to a suspicious deer license purchase. CO Rice contacted a woman to ask how her deer season went. The woman stated she shot a 6-point buck but continued to give vague responses to other questions asked by the COs. The woman agreed to allow the COs to see the antlers when asked. While inside retrieving the antlers, the woman’s husband came home. CO Reynolds contacted the husband who gave conflicting information from what his wife had said. The husband ultimately admitted to shooting two bucks opening day of firearm season. The husband stated he only purchased one single deer license, so he contacted his wife and had her purchase a combination deer license, which he then used to tag the second buck. A report will be completed and submitted to the Hillsdale County Prosecutor’s Office for review.

CO Larn R. Strawn received a complaint of a sick or injured deer in Ingham County. CO Strawn responded to the location and quickly located the deer in a grassy yard behind a gas station on Grand River Avenue. CO Strawn contacted members of Wildlife Division and they quickly assembled a team and responded to the location. CO Strawn secured the scene and assisted Wildlife staff as they safely tranquilized the deer. The deer was then transported to the wildlife disease lab for a necropsy and testing.

CO Daniel Prince and State Park Interpreter Katie McGlashen held a spring turkey hunting clinic on Saturday, March 7, at the Eddy Discovery Center in Chelsea. Twenty participants attended the class. Topics included turkey hunting safety, regulations, hunting tactics, wild turkey behavior, blinds, turkey hunting shotguns, decoys, calling, and history and hunting opportunities available in the Waterloo Recreation Area.


On March 8, COs David Schaumburger, Brad Silorey, and a US Border Patrol agent conducted a group marine patrol along the Detroit River. Several minor marine safety warnings were given. CO Keven Luther issued one citation for fishing without a license. After clearing the Detroit River Marine patrol CO Luther patrolled for ORV activity. CO Luther issued one citation of no ORV decal.

CO David Schaumburger attended court for two defendants who each are accused of taking two limits of walleye in one day during the course of two different trips, advertising/operating an illegal charter boat, and using a computer to commit a crime. A final pre-trial was scheduled; however, not before the CO requested some very strict bond conditions. The judge granted the CO’s request of no fishing, no boating, and not leaving the country.

COs Ariel Young and Danny Walzak were patrolling near Lake St. Clair on the lookout for anglers. A few anglers were checked near Grosse Pointe and the anglers were not having any luck. The COs decided to patrol back toward Detroit and while en route to the city, were the first on scene of a two-car accident. The COs provided support and scene control to the victims and the accident. CO Young attended to the victims and CO Walzak coordinated getting EMS on scene before local agencies came and took over the scene. The COs remained at the scene until they were no longer needed.

COs Ariel Young and Dave Schaumburger patrolled the Detroit River near Belle Isle due to an increase in the fishing participation on the river. COs contacted several boats and the bite was slow. COs contacted one boat whose anglers were from Ontario and had small luck, having landed one nice sized walleye. Upon further investigation, it was found that none of the three anglers had Michigan fishing licenses. The walleye was seized from the anglers and citations were issued to two anglers for fishing with no valid fishing license, and the third angler was issued a citation for possessing a game fish without a valid fishing license.

CO Tom Peterson conducted patrols in Oakland County and during the course of his patrol, CO Peterson encountered multiple violations. CO Peterson encountered two individuals on the ice with an unlicensed ORV. When the individual was contacted, it was discovered he was operating the ORV while his driver’s license was suspended. The CO warned the individual about operating the ORV with a suspended license and issued him a citation for failing to license the ORV.

CO Tom Peterson was on patrol in Oakland County and discovered an excessive number of tip-ups set on an Oakland County Lake. When the CO checked the tip-ups, it was discovered that none had been labeled. During the course of the check, an ice angler met the CO on an ORV. There were nine tip-ups set with only two individuals fishing. The angler claimed seven of the nine tip-ups stating that two of them belonged to his friend. The CO discovered that this individual was operating an unlicensed ORV on a suspended license and was also observed riding double on the ATV earlier in the day. The CO warned him about riding double, operating with a suspended license, unlabeled tip-ups, no fishing license on person, and failing to license ORV. The individual was cited for four lines over the lawful amount.

CO Tom Peterson conducted a patrol focusing on walleye in the Flint River system. The CO observed an individual retain a foul hooked fish. The CO made contact after continued observation and seized the walleye and issued the individual for retaining fish not hooked in the mouth.

CO Joseph Deppen was working on computer issues in Wetzel Recreation Area when he noticed a snowmobile with two persons on it riding through the area. CO Deppen stopped the snowmobile. The riders were issued a citation for operating of a snowmobile without a trail permit. The riders were given verbal warnings for riding a snowmobile without helmets and civil drug charges. The snowmobile was loaded on a trailer and the riders were released.

CO Joseph Deppen was on wildlife patrol when a vehicle passed him at a high rate of speed. Two Dodge Chargers got next to each other and started to accelerate. The speedier of the two vehicles reached 100 mph. A traffic stop was conducted. The driver was cited for speed 100 mph in a 70-mph zone.

CO Bob Watson was returning from a District 9 meeting and approaching a four-way stop/intersection. CO Watson observed vehicles approaching the intersection from all directions. CO Watson then watched as a minivan blew through the four-way stop without slowing down. CO Watson conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and discovered it was a young driver with a friend who admitted to not paying attention. CO Watson issued a civil infraction citation for disregarding the stop sign.

CO Nicholas Ingersoll responded to a call where an individual had thought they found a dead body lying on the shore in the River Raisin. The Monroe City Police Department was able to locate an individual who was deceased near the bank on the River Raisin. CO Ingersoll assisted the Monroe City Police Department, Monroe County Sheriff’s Department, and Frenchtown Fire Department with the recovery of the body. The individual was later identified as an angler who had drowned back in December of 2019.

CO Nicholas Ingersoll was patrolling Monroe County for ORV activity when he witnessed a Polaris Ranger pass him in Maybee. CO Ingersoll initiated a traffic stop on the Polaris Ranger and advised the driver that Monroe County is closed to ORV use. CO Ingersoll also advised the individual that he did not have an ORV license. CO Ingersoll issued the driver a citation for no ORV license, and warned him for operating an ORV on public roadways when closed.

COs Brandon Vacek and Sgt. Jason Becker were working a Belle Isle shift together and received a complaint of subjects in the old zoo, which is closed to the public because it is unsafe. The COs contacted three subjects, two of which were spray painting the structures inside the zoo. The subjects had gone past multiple signs stating the area was closed and squeezed through a hole that was cut in the fence to access the area. The subjects were educated on the dangers of the dilapidated structures and issued citations for entering an area closed the public.