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3/22/2020 - 4/4/2020


Conservation Officer (CO) Cody Smith, Michigan State Police (MSP) troopers, and Bay Emergency Medical Services (EMS) responded to the scene of a deceased individual found on a snowmobile trail. A group of off-road vehicle (ORV) riders were out for a ride when they passed an unoccupied vehicle that was stuck on the trail. Shortly thereafter, they came across a deceased individual on the trail. The individual is suspected to have gotten stuck and then passed from exposure to the elements. The investigation continues.

CO John Kamps was patrolling for anglers on a closed trout stream when he contacted an individual walking with a fishing pole and a net. A fishing license check determined that the individual did not possess a valid fishing license. A citation was issued for possessing an illegal device on a closed trout stream.

CO Josh Boudreaux received report of multiple individuals trespassing and fishing a closed stream in Marquette County. The group had left by the time CO Boudreaux arrived, but the caller was able to provide pictures of the individuals fishing in the river, as well as the vehicle license plate. CO Boudreaux followed the foot tracks past multiple “No Trespassing” signs to the river where they fished and back again past multiple signs on the way back to their vehicle. After documenting the footprints, CO Boudreaux located the anglers nearby, who after multiple denials finally admitted to knowingly trespass and fish on a closed stream. In addition, one of the anglers who turned 17 a few months prior did not purchase a fishing license. CO Boudreaux had a long discussion with them about the blatant disregard for the regulations, private property, and their violations of the executive order (due to them all living separately but carpooling). The angler without a license was directed to purchase a license immediately and charges are pending with the Marquette County Prosecutor’s Office for trespassing.

CO Josh Boudreaux responded to a residence in Humboldt Township to assist Marquette County Sheriff’s Department with a situation in which a dog was guarding its deceased owner and wouldn’t let first responders near the body. CO Boudreaux was able to use his catch pole and some dog treats to gently guide the dog away from his owner and into the back of a waiting patrol car which transported the dog to a nearby family member for care.

CO Dave Miller watched as two individuals got out of their vehicle and walked a closed trout stream with a spear and a net. The two walked right past numerous “No Trespassing” signs on their way upstream. As CO Miller approached the two individuals, one of them speared a steelhead and buried it in the snowbank and continued upstream. CO Miller retrieved the fish from the snow and waited for them to return. Upon their return, the two started frantically looking for their fish as they stated out loud, “Maybe it jumped back in the river.”  Right then, CO Miller tossed the fish back on the riverbank and asked if that was what they were looking for. Both individuals were extremely startled and nearly fell over. CO Miller issued both subjects tickets and confiscated their fish and spear.

While off duty, CO John Kamps witnessed a domestic abuse incident occurring in Marquette County and notified Central Dispatch. The suspect fled on foot into a wooded area surrounding the suspect’s house. CO Jeremy Sergey, along with MSP troopers and the Marquette County Sheriff’s deputies, tracked the suspect down who was hiding in the woods and arrested him for domestic abuse.

CO Jeffrey Dell responded to a domestic violence call in which one subject was believed to have a firearm. The victim fled the home while the suspect remained inside. A short standoff ensued between the subject and local authorities before they peacefully surrendered.

COs Jared Ferguson and Jeff Dell combined efforts to serve an individual who shot two 8-point antlered deer in the 2019 rifle firearm season. CO Dell was able to track the subject down at his place of residence and serve him his misdemeanor warrants.

While on patrol in southern Iron County, Corporal (Cpl.) Dave Painter and CO Anna Viau followed some ORV tracks to a secluded part of the Michigamme River. From the shoreline, the COs observed two anglers ice fishing near their four-wheeler. The men had driven their ORV across Wisconsin Electric property, which the company does not allow. Wisconsin Electric is a power company owning land surrounding that body of water. As the COs walked out to check the men, the COs counted nine lines being used between the two anglers, seven tip-ups, and a jigging pole for each man. After counting the perch caught by the anglers, CO Viau issued each man a citation for using too many lines and the owner of the ORV received a verbal warning for ORV trespass.

CO Shannon Kritz and Menominee Police Officer Mark Kropf patrolled fishing activity in the city of Menominee after receiving multiple complaints of anglers failing to follow social distancing protocols that violate the Governor’s Executive Order. Menominee Police issued a warning to all anglers via social media that fishing hotspots could be closed if social distancing protocols were not followed. The officers observed high compliance with the Executive Order since the warning was issued. Many anglers expressed concern about social distancing and were thankful that others were practicing it. The officers also checked many successful walleye anglers with the largest fish measuring 29 inches.

During the “Stay Home Stay Safe” Executive Order, CO Jenni Hanson was asked to join with multiple first responders in Gogebic County and pay a visit to a Wakefield resident celebrating her 8th birthday. The officers sang ‘Happy Birthday” over their PA systems to the birthday girl, who had to cancel her birthday party due to the Executive Order. The responding agencies consisted of personnel from the DNR, MSP, United States Forest Service, Gogebic County Sheriff’s Department, and the Wakefield Volunteer Fire Department.

CO Jenni Hanson received an anonymous tip regarding two five-gallon buckets overflowing with engine oil left behind on a recent logging site. CO Hanson investigated the spill and was able to determine the company and contractor who left behind the mess.

CO Jenni Hanson conducted a patrol of the last ice anglers in Gogebic County. A check of Lac Vieux Desert found violations for an over-limit of panfish, failing to display a fishing license, and failure to remove an ice shack by the required date.


CO Robert Freeborn received a complaint of a deer carcass that was dumped in a popular walking place. The caller stated that there was still a tag on the deer. CO Freeborn located the deer and was able to read the tag. After tracking down a name and phone number, CO Freeborn was able to contact the suspect who admitted to dumping the carcass a few days prior. The suspect stated the deer was from this past season and wanted to get it out of the camp property. A citation was issued for litter.

CO Steve Butzin interviewed an individual regarding a 5-point buck that appeared to have been illegally taken. A confession was obtained for taking the deer without a license. A report is being submitted through the Delta County Prosecutor’s Office.

CO Todd Sumbera responded to a call of a deer stranded on the ice in Moran Bay. Due to unsafe ice conditions on the bay and a boat launch that was frozen solid, CO Sumbera contacted the Mackinac County Sheriff’s Department.  Mackinac County was able and willing to supply their hovercraft.  From the hovercraft, Michigan DNR Wildlife Biologist Dave Jentoft was able to tranquillize the deer and CO Sumbera used a catch pole to capture and bring the deer aboard the hovercraft. CO Sumbera and Biologist Jentoft relocated the deer to a safe location; the deer was able to make a full recovery.


CO Andrea Erratt received a Report All Poaching (RAP) complaint about a huge pile of household garbage dumped on a state land well site. CO Erratt found a name and address in several of the bags. CO Erratt went to the lady’s house and observed similar trash bags in the front yard and by the porch. The woman initially said American Waste picked up her trash, but after further questioning, she admitted dumping the trash on state land. CO Erratt ticketed the woman for dumping approximately a dozen bags of trash on state land and she agreed to clean it up.

CO Andrea Erratt received a complaint about unattended tip-ups left out on Lake Charlevoix. CO Erratt used a shovel to chip out three orange tip-ups with no names on them and talked to the closest lakeshore homeowner who said they had been frozen in the lake for a month. He also said he had observed footprints going through the snow in his yard coming from a street behind his house. CO Erratt patrolled to the street and was unable to locate the owner of the tip-ups but did observe a woman spreading corn in her backyard surrounded by dozens of turkeys. While CO Erratt talked to the woman’s husband who was in his driveway, several deer ran right by them toward the backyard. After asking for and receiving the man’s consent, CO Erratt walked into the backyard and was able to walk right up to turkeys eating corn spread on the ground while equally tame deer ate corn out of a trough. The man and his wife said they were not hunters and did not know it was illegal to feed deer. CO Erratt explained the reason for the baiting and feeding ban due to the existence of chronic wasting disease and tuberculosis in Michigan’s free-ranging deer herd and warned the couple for feeding deer.

COs Dan Liestenfeltz, Sidney Collins, Jessie Curtis, Jon Sheppard, and Casey Pullem assisted the Montmorency Sheriff’s Department and MSP troopers with the search of an escaped inmate from the Montmorency County Jail. The officers searched the nearby area and local state forests. The suspect was found the next morning and additional charges are being sought.

CO Jon Sheppard was patrolling Alpena County when a call came out regarding a suicidal subject. CO Sheppard responded to the scene and assisted MSP troopers with the armed, suicidal subject. The subject fled his residence and left the area in a vehicle. CO Sheppard assisted in locating the subject and backing up the troopers on a high-risk traffic stop.

CO Jon Sheppard responded to a verbal altercation involving possible gunshots. CO Sheppard helped secure the scene. The situation was verbal only and no assault took place. The incident was turned over to local law enforcement.

CO Jon Sheppard received a littering complaint near Devil’s Lake. CO Sheppard responded to the area and located several trash bags containing household materials dumped on state land. CO Sheppard investigated the contents and discovered a name in the trash. Contact was made with the subject and the subject admitted to dumping the trash. A ticket was issued for littering.

COs Dan Liestenfeltz and Jon Sheppard responded to a complaint of a lost hiker in Montmorency County. The COs went to the hiker’s last known location and were able to track down and locate the lost individual. The COs led the hiker out of the woods and to his vehicle. No medical attention was needed, and the hiker was very appreciative of the COs’ efforts.

CO Dan Liestenfeltz was working with other COs from District 3 processing a scene of three dead elk. CO Liestenfeltz was moving his patrol vehicle to load up one of the elk when he observed a van parked sideways in the middle of the road, and the driver’s head resting on the steering wheel. CO Liestenfeltz contacted the subject and it was eventually determined the subject was extremely intoxicated. CO Liestenfeltz arrested the driver for operating while intoxicated and lodged the individual in the Montmorency County Jail.

CO Sidney Collins made a traffic stop on a vehicle that had an expired license tab. The subject had been driving the vehicle for a year without purchasing the new tab from the Secretary of State (SOS). The subject stated they were on their way to purchase the new tab when CO Collins made the traffic stop. The SOS office was in the opposite direction the subject was driving. The subject received a ticket.

COs in Presque Isle, Montmorency, and Alpena Counties were busy with fire related complaints and violations. A total of nine complaints and fire investigations were handled; nine verbal warnings and six tickets were issued for violations ranging from burning without a permit, fail to prevent the spread of a fire, and unlawful disposal of solid waste.


CO William Haskin was patrolling on the Wexford County and Missaukee County line when he observed a Jeep covered in mud on state land. CO Haskin followed the vehicle and watched him go off the main road and then start doing donuts in an intersection of state land. A traffic stop was made, and a citation issued.

CO Troy Ludwig was patrolling near the Manistee River and Anderson Creek when he noticed a Jeep parked in an area that was off trail and had been blocked off by boulders to prevent vehicles from entering. The area was blocked and closed to prevent erosive conditions to the Manistee River and Anderson Creek when off-roaders find it fun to drive through the creek and hill climb the area. CO Ludwig contacted a man who was standing by the river and he stated a couple had driven through the woods and parked the Jeep, then went for a hike. CO Ludwig contacted the driver upon his return. He stated that he had seen the boulders and had gone around them through the woods. A citation was issued for operating a wheeled vehicle in a closed area.

CO Richard Stowe assisted the Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Department in locating a reported suicidal subject. CO Stowe located the subject’s vehicle with the subject inside, was able to talk with the subject, and keep him calm until county deputies arrived. Once the subject was removed from the vehicle, CO Stowe provided direct pressure to the subject’s self-inflicted knife wounds to stop the bleeding. The subject was taken into protective custody by Grand Traverse County deputies.

CO Richard Stowe responded to a reported illegal burn in Benzie County. A subject was found to be clearing a lot and burning the trees in a large hole. The subject was reminded of the no burn status at this time and ticketed for burning without a permit.

CO Justin Vanderlinde assisted the Benzie County Sheriff’s Department with a felonious domestic assault. When the suspect was contacted, he rammed the front of CO Vanderlinde’s patrol vehicle and fled the scene. The suspect was arrested and lodged after crashing his truck into a tree.

CO Angela Greenway observed a vehicle run through a stop sign at a high rate of speed causing two other vehicles to slam on their brakes to avoid a collision. CO Greenway was able to follow the vehicle until a stop could be made. The operator pulled over abruptly and put her vehicle in a ditch. The driver indicated she was in a hurry to get to her boyfriend’s house, who was a felon on parole, and was getting ready to get into a fight with someone that sold him stolen property. CO Greenway issued a citation for reckless driving.

CO Josh Reed was dispatched to a brush fire in Mecosta Township southwest of Big Rapids. Upon arrival, the Mecosta/Austin Fire Department was on scene speaking to the property owner. The property owner was not pleased that the fire department was there and stated that he was unaware of a current burn ban in the county. Upon inspection of the fire, CO Reed noticed building materials, painted metal, wire, and fence posts mixed in with the brush and trees. CO Reed inquired with the property owner why he was burning this material. The owner stated he picks trash from the side of the road and burns it. The property owner was advised that the trash looked identical to the fence posts and building materials that he had on his property. The fire was put out and charges will be sought with the prosecutor’s office.

CO Josh Reed was contacted by CO Josh Wright from Clare County. CO Wright advised that a boat had been located by a subject out walking on state land. The MC numbers came back to a boat stolen out of Mecosta County. CO Reed contacted Sgt. Pippin of the Mecosta County Sheriff’s Office and advised him of the boat being found. Due to the county being short staffed, CO Reed advised Sgt. Pippin that he would handle getting the boat back to the county. CO Reed responded to the scene where CO Wright was already waiting. The fire department responded with a side-by-side to assist getting the boat out. The boat was able to be retrieved without any damage. The boat was then transported back to the Mecosta County Sheriff’s office and placed into the jail sally port for processing by Sgt. Pippin. The owner responded the next day and retrieved his boat.

CO Micah Hintze was patrolling the White River near Hesperia late at night and observed a single angler wading the river and fishing. After a couple of hours, the angler was unsuccessful and began packing his gear. As he waded down the river toward his vehicle, he used a headlamp to scan the shallow waters and was attempting to net the spawning walleye that were abundant in that stretch. The angler ultimately was successful netting a large female walleye before exiting the river. As he gained his footing on the bank, he was contacted by CO Hintze and was still holding the walleye in hand. The suspect was cited for taking/possessing walleye during the closed season and taking fish by illegal method.

CO Jeff Ginn was requested by the US Forest Service in Newaygo County to assist on a wildland fire. Upon arrival, CO Ginn conducted interviews with the suspect who admitted to lighting a small brush pile on fire. He stated the fire quickly escaped and spread into a nearby cattail marsh. CO Ginn educated the suspect of the COVID-19 statewide burn ban. Charges will be requested regarding burning when prohibited and allowing a fire to escape.

CO Jeff Ginn was working Newaygo County when he was requested by Newaygo City Fire Department to investigate an illegal fire which had escaped into the nearby woods. Upon arrival, CO Ginn met and interviewed the suspect, who admitted to lighting a pile of leaves on fire several days prior. He stated the fire must have rekindled and escaped without him knowing. After interviewing neighbors regarding the explanation, CO Ginn was able to obtain statements indicating the suspect had been actively burning the leaves earlier in the day. He then left to go fishing. Charges are being requested for open burning during the COVID-19 statewide burn ban and allowing a fire to escape.

CO Ben Shively was conducting a midnight patrol when he observed three subjects that were using a cast net on an inland body of water in Oceana County. CO Shively contacted the subjects and discovered them in possession of tadpoles, crappie, bluegill, and a sucker in a bucket. Citations were issued for take fish/amphibian by illegal method-cast net and fish no license. A warning was issued for taking amphibians during the closed season.


CO Matt Zultak was on patrol in Roscommon County when he observed a truck pulling a trailer operating on a closed road. CO Zultak followed the truck at a distance and observed the truck pull off to the side of the road. The subjects got out of the vehicle in a patch of cedar trees. CO Zultak used the wood line for concealment and approached the subjects. CO Zultak witnessed them grab a chainsaw and begin cutting down live cedar trees. Upon contact, the subjects stated they were using the cedar to build furniture. CO Zultak issued a citation for cutting live trees. Warnings were issued for state land trespass and collecting firewood without a permit.

COs Matt Zultak, Chuck McPherson, and Sgt. Brian Olsen responded to a complaint of malicious destruction of property (MDOP) on snowmobile Trail 6/7 in Roscommon County. Three trucks and a side-by-side were using tow straps to pull out guard rails in order to cross a small bridge that runs over the Muskegon River. The bridge was not designed to hold full-size vehicular traffic. A traffic stop was conducted on the vehicles involved in the incident. Violations included MDOP of state property, operation of a motor vehicle in a prohibited area, creation of erosive conditions, and driving while license suspended. Charges are being sought through the Roscommon County Prosecutor’s Office. The COs were assisted by Gerrish Township Police, MSP, and the Roscommon County Sheriff’s Department.

CO Josh Russell was on patrol when he noticed a large plume of black smoke. CO Russell followed the smoke and located the fire and discovered a couch, chair, old bench, and a tire engulfed in flames. The subjects stated they did not know they could not burn couches and that the tire was burned on accident. A citation was issued for illegal disposal of solid waste.

CO Josh Wright responded to a complaint of an angler fishing during closed season in a Type 1 trout stream. CO Wright was able to approach the angler without being seen and observe the angler actively fishing. CO Wright contacted the angler and discovered that he had three brown trout in his possession. The angler tried telling CO Wright that he was confused about the maps. CO Wright took the time to explain the maps and rules. The angler was issued a citation for taking trout during the closed season.

CO Josh Wright received a complaint from Clare County Central Dispatch of a boat that appeared to have been stashed or hidden on state land. CO Wright called the complainant back and gathered specifics on the boat’s location. CO Wright was able to locate the vessel and his investigation determined it was stolen out of Mecosta County. The local township fire department assisted with retrieving the vessel with the aid of a side-by-side UTV. CO Josh Reed from Mecosta County responded to assist and towed the boat back to the Mecosta County Sheriff’s Department for further investigation.

CO Josh Wright responded to a complaint of a subject that had posted a picture of himself holding a dead muskrat on Facebook. The posting had captions of the subject stating he had shot the muskrat in the eye with his 9mm handgun as it was swimming in the water. CO Wright contacted the man who tried to lie about the circumstances. The subject eventually admitted to the violation and told CO Wright that he didn’t know it was illegal to shoot a muskrat. He also told CO Wright that after posting his picture to a sportsman’s forum, he began to get a lot of negative feedback. Charges will be sought for the violations through the Clare County Prosecutor’s Office.

COs Phil Hudson, Ethan Gainforth, and Sgt. Jon Wood responded to a RAP complaint of numerous dispersed camps along the Rifle River in Omer that were in violation of the Governor’s Executive Orders. Numerous camps were contacted and instructed to clear camps from state land. Follow-up the next day revealed all campers had packed and left the area.

CO Jesse Grzechowski responded to an ORV accident and located the injured operator on an ORV trail using GPS coordinates given by Alcona County Central Dispatch. CO Grzechowski was the first person to arrive on scene and provided first aid to the operator who suffered serious head, neck, and back trauma. Charges for the driver have been requested through the Alcona County Prosecutor’s Office for being under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crash.

CO Jesse Grzechowski located a truck parked near a Type 1 closed trout stream while on patrol in Alcona County. CO Grzechowski followed footprints downstream and located two anglers fishing. When asked why they were fishing a closed trout stream, one of the anglers said he didn’t want to read the fishing guide. The anglers received a citation for fishing a closed trout stream.

CO Kyle Bader received a complaint from the Roscommon Customer Service Center that some men had located an injured bald eagle in Ogemaw County. While attempting to locate the bird, CO Bader encountered two men with shotguns walking away from the reported location of the eagle. They said they were small game hunting and had called about the eagle, but their friend was still with the injured bird. One of the men could not locate his base license and wasn’t wearing the required hunter orange. CO Bader took their names and said he’d meet them by their vehicle. CO Bader located the third hunter and captured the injured adult bald eagle. They drove out of the woods to meet the rest of the party and the man without hunter orange was gone. His friend said he went back home to retrieve his base license and should be right back. The two hunters still present called the third man multiple times and told him he needed to return. Finally, they gave the phone to CO Bader who explained he would be seeking warrants for hunting without a license and not wearing hunter orange. The man returned promptly and showed CO Bader a base license that was purchased 15 minutes earlier. He was issued a citation for hunting without hunter orange and a verbal warning for hunting without a license.

CO Kyle Bader received a tip from the Ogemaw County ORV deputy of possible careless driving and minor in possession of alcohol on some state land two tracks. CO Bader was close to the given location and patrolled for the suspect vehicle to no avail. CO Bader met the deputy not far away and while talking about the case, the unmistakable suspect vehicle, a Ford Explorer without doors, drove past at an excessive rate of speed. CO Bader stopped the vehicle for multiple traffic violations. The driver was cited for unregistered vehicle and warned for no proof of insurance. The front seat passenger was violating his conditional bond and a report was made to the respective jurisdiction.


CO Adam Beuthin was on patrol in Saginaw County when he observed an individual operating a four-wheeler down the middle of a road, without wearing a helmet, at a high rate of speed. CO Beuthin stopped the ORV and asked why the operator wasn’t wearing a helmet. The operator told CO Beuthin he knew he needed to wear a helmet but just didn’t want to wear one. CO Beuthin asked the driver why he had a full case of beer on his four-wheeler. The individual told the CO he was just going to the corner store to get some smokes and beer. The operator didn’t show any signs of intoxication. A citation was issued to the individual for operating an ORV without a helmet.

After receiving a call from Midland County 911, CO Jay Person responded to the Sanford Dam to investigate several people fishing. The Sanford Dam area is closed to fishing until the last Saturday in April due to the walleye spawning. CO Person arrived to find six juveniles 16 years old and younger bank fishing at the dam. CO Person pointed out the no fishing signs and educated the young men on the closed area. The subjects left upon request with a warning.

CO Joe Myers was on patrol in Bay County when he noticed a large amount of smoke. CO Myers discovered that a field was on fire during the burn ban. He had the local fire department put the fire out. Later the same evening CO Myers received a complaint from RAP that another field was on fire in Bay County. CO Myers also had that fire put out by a local fire department. Both cases are having reports submitted to the Bay County Prosecutor’s Office for charges related to the COVID 19 Executive Order burning ban.

CO Seth Rhodea contacted two anglers fishing near Saginaw Bay. When the CO asked if they had any luck, one of the anglers advised he had caught a walleye. The area the anglers were fishing was inland from Saginaw Bay and is an area that is closed to walleye fishing. Upon asking for the anglers for their fishing licenses, both anglers advised the CO they did not have valid fishing licenses. Both anglers were issued citations and the walleye was released back into the water.

While on patrol in western Midland County, CO Mike Haas encountered a vehicle traveling well below the posted speed limit and was missing a license plate. CO Haas conducted a traffic stop and discovered that the man operating the vehicle did not possess a valid driver’s license and did not have any insurance or registration for his vehicle. It was also discovered that the subject had multiple confirmed warrants from downstate. CO Haas was instructed by the issuing agencies to advise the gentleman of his warrants and release him. The subject’s car was towed and impounded and he received a citation to address his numerous driving violations.

CO Mike Haas witnessed a vehicle parked in an area along the Chippewa River that had numerous recreational trespassing issues in the past. CO Haas walked the area along the river until he encountered an angler fishing from “posted” private property. After witnessing the gentleman catch and retain a walleye during the closed season, CO Haas contacted the angler. The man had six walleye in the grass around him and immediately admitted to fishing without a fishing license and claimed that he had caught all the fish. The walleye were seized and the man was issued a citation to address the violations of trespassing, fishing without a license, possessing undersized walleye, possessing an over-limit of walleye, and possessing walleye out of season.

While working the Sanford area in Midland County, Midland County’s Central Dispatch contacted CO Mike Haas and passed along information concerning an ORV complaint. The complainant stated there were numerous juveniles operating dirt bikes carelessly on the public roadway. CO Haas responded to the complaint area and witnessed an operator on a dirt bike that lacked the required ORV license. CO Haas contacted the operator and discovered that he was under 16 years old. The young man stated that he normally operated on his family’s property, but he was on the roadway to test his new bike and admitted to operating too fast and attempting to do wheelies. The boy pushed his dirt bike home while CO Haas issued his mother a citation to address the unsupervised ORV operation by a minor, failing to transfer the title of the machine, and failing to license the ORV.

CO Mike Haas responded with fire personnel to a grass fire in northwestern Isabella County. The subject had ignored the statewide burn ban and attempted to burn various overgrown areas in his backyard. The fire spread across a grass field and started a large pile of yard waste and debris on fire. Local firefighters were able to contain the fire and extinguish it before it spread onto the neighboring property. The man that started the fire received a citation to address the violations of burning without a permit and failing to prevent the spread of fire.

CO Mike Haas received a complaint of dumped refuse on a roadway and private property in central Isabella County. There was a large truck topper, clothes, cans, bottles, and other debris thrown into a pond on the complainant’s property a few feet off the roadway. The complainant assisted CO Haas in recovering a bag of debris from the deep pond and items in the garbage provided a suspect’s name. After a visit to numerous addresses, CO Haas discovered that the suspect did not have a permanent address and none of his family members knew where he was, but they were able to describe the suspect’s vehicle. Later during his shift, CO Haas witnessed a vehicle matching the litter suspect’s vehicle description in a gas station parking lot. CO Haas contacted the suspect at the gas station and after a brief discussion, the man admitted to discarding the debris in the pond and stated he would clean it up. The subject received a litter citation and collected the items from the pond.

COs Dan Robinson and Mike Haas were working closed ORV trails in Midland County when they encountered a large group of riders. The COs had tracked the group over a berm and through a closed, marked trail. The group had several violations including riding double, juveniles operating without ORV certificates, unregistered machines, no helmets/eye protection, and riding in a closed area. The group stated that they were just trying to get out of the house. Understanding their intent and that the group had not done extensive damage to the trail, the COs only issued citations for operating in a closed area, civil infractions compared to the several misdemeanor violations present. Verbal warnings were given for the other violations.

CO Dan Robinson was less than a mile from where a drug overdose/possible suicide had occurred and was called in by family. CO Robinson responded and arrived to find a female who was unresponsive and was abnormally breathing. CO Robinson checked her vital signs and kept her alert enough to take an occasional breath. A rescue employee arrived several minutes later and NARCAN was administered. Together they continued primary care as additional rescue units arrived and she began to recover from the overdose. The patient was taken by ambulance and transported to the hospital for evaluation. Evidence was seized by the Isabella County Sheriff’s Department for processing, though charges are not being sought.

While on an ORV patrol, COs Adam Schiller and Josh Jackson heard through Central Dispatch that a deputy had made contact with three individuals on state land. The COs were near the deputy and responded to assist. Once on scene the COs were informed that the individuals stated they were out looking to buy a piece of property that they were told about. The COs let the individuals know that the state owned all the property they were walking on and that it is a part of the Gratiot-Saginaw State Game Area (SGA). The individual’s stories did not line up with each other when individually questioned by the officers. Two of the individuals were under the influence of alcohol. The deputy ran the individuals and one individual came back as having a felony arrest warrant. The COs assisted in the arrest of the individual and the deputy transported the individual to jail.


While on patrol along various closed trout streams in Berrien County, CO Travis Dragomer observed an angler fishing a closed Type 1 trout stream in Watervliet, Berrien County. CO Dragomer issued the angler a citation for fishing a closed trout stream.

COs Jeff Robinette and Travis Dragomer assisted Fisheries Division in Berrien County after being notified that there had been a large crowd gathered around the stocking truck during a fish stocking operation in Berrien Springs the previous day. COs Robinette and Dragomer responded to the location and maintained a visible presence for day two of the operation while the fisheries personnel stocked the St. Joseph River with approximately 29,000 Coho Salmon. During the stocking operation only a few people were present, none of whom were in violation of the Governor’s Executive Order.

While patrolling Kalamazoo County, CO Jim Nason received a complaint of an injured bald eagle in the median of I-94 at mile marker 19 in Berrien County. With assistance from a passer-by who is employed through Michiana Wildlife Trapping, CO Nason was able to capture the eagle. Once secured, CO Nason took the bald eagle to a rehabilitation center that specializes in federally protected raptors. The eagle is in good hands and is expected to make a full recovery.

CO Jim Nason was checking river anglers throughout Kalamazoo County when he encountered four kayakers in a group. After conducting a marine safety inspection, he discovered three of the four failed to carry personal floatation devices (PFDs). Citations were issued for the safety violations.

CO Jim Nason responded to a single car accident in Kalamazoo County to assist in the search for the driver who had fled the scene on foot. After a few minutes of patrolling the area, CO Nason observed the suspect running towards him and about 50 yards ahead of an MSP trooper and Kalamazoo County K-9 officer. CO Nason was able to catch the subject and bring him into custody. The suspect is facing five counts of resisting/obstructing a police officer and OWI.

Area 1 COs have seen a dramatic increase in illegal ORV activity on state lands in Barry and Allegan Counties during the COVID19 “Stay at Home” Executive Order. Numerous citations have been written for operating where prohibited, safety violations, and licensing violations. Area COs continue to ramp up patrols to address the environmental damage caused by the illegal use.

CO Chris Holmes received information that several anglers may be taking over-limits of perch on a Kalamazoo County lake. CO Holmes watched the anglers for approximately three hours gathering information resulting in citations for taking bass out of season and an over-limit of perch.

CO Sam Schluckbier made contact with two subjects small game hunting without hunter orange. Further investigation revealed that one subject had not bothered to purchase any licenses since 2016. Citations were issued for the safety and licensing violations.

CO Sam Schluckbier responded with MSP to the Hamilton Dam on the Rabbit River on a report of a loud argument occurring between anglers. While conducting interviews with the subjects involved, it was determined that one of the aggressors had a current felony warrant out of Allegan County. The subject was arrested by MSP ending the argument.

COs Robert Slick and Justin Ulberg responded to an ORV trespass complaint in Ottawa County. The COs were advised that several dirt bikes and four-wheelers were operating in a gravel pit owned by the Ottawa County Road Commission. COs Slick and Ulberg, as well as an Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department deputy, contacted the group and addressed the violation of ORV trespass. Several of the ORVs were not properly licensed. Citations were issued for the violations.

CO Justin Ulberg received information from an informant about “set lines” in the Thornapple River. Per the informant, the unattended fishing lines were set using boat bumpers and had a name and phone number of a possible suspect. CO Ulberg responded to the area but discovered the lines had already been removed from the river. CO Ulberg proceeded to the nearest boat launch and located a vehicle that belonged to the suspect. After a short wait, the suspect arrived at the launch in his boat with several boat bumpers with fishing line attached. When CO Ulberg asked the subject what he had been doing, the subject stated that he just checked and pulled his “set lines.”  The subject seemed surprised when CO Ulberg informed him that “set lines” were illegal even though he had watched a video on YouTube on how to use them. When CO Ulberg asked where this was taking place, the subject stated in Louisiana. CO Ulberg educated the subject on different states having different fish and game laws and verbally warned the subject for the violation.

CO Justin Ulberg responded to an ORV complaint of an individual operating a four-wheeler in the Middleville SGA. Upon arrival, CO Ulberg observed the subject doing “donuts” in the roadway. CO Ulberg contacted the subject and a citation was issued for operating in a closed area.

CO Anna Cullen received a complaint regarding people riding dirt bikes on Consumers Energy powerlines in Muskegon County. The specific powerlines were posted and gated with no trespassing signs. CO Cullen was able to locate the trespassers in question and found that they didn’t have ORV licenses either. Two juveniles were with the group and investigation revealed that neither had taken an ORV safety class which is required for their age. The adults in the group were held responsible and issued citations for failing to have ORVs properly licensed and were given warnings for the rest of the violations.

CO Anna Cullen was patrolling White Lake when she observed multiple anglers actively fishing the shoreline. CO Cullen made contact and began to check fishing licenses and ask about the fishing activity. Upon contacting two individuals, both advised neither of them had fishing licenses. They continued to explain that they were under the impression they didn’t need them due to recent closures. A single citation was issued for fishing without a license.

CO Anna Cullen was patrolling in a known ORV location. While pulled over on a public roadway, CO Cullen observed an individual in a motor vehicle traveling at a dangerous rate of speed on the roadway next to her. CO Cullen immediately began to pursue the individual; she paced them at near 90 mph in a residential neighborhood. CO Cullen activated her emergency lights and initiated a traffic stop. When contacted, the driver advised he was in a rush to get to his brother’s house, but admitted he was going very fast. Due to their disregard for the public’s safety, a citation was issued for reckless driving.

CO Casey Varriale and Sgt. Jeff Rabbers were on patrol at Rockford Dam in Kent County where they witnessed an individual fishing. Contact was made, and the individual did not possess a current fishing license. The individual stated he did not think he needed one because another angler told him he did not need a license to fish. The individual was cited for the violation.

CO Jackie Miskovich was on patrol when she received a call about people tearing up township property that is closed to unauthorized vehicles and were actively out there. Arriving at the property, CO Miskovich could hear a dirt bike on the property, and she called for assistance from the Muskegon County Sheriff’s Office to help her track down the bike as there were multiple tracks made on the property. Once locating the individual, it was found they were trespassing on the township property as well as private properties, the individual did not have a current ORV license or trail permit, and they had also driven their vehicle back into the property. A citation was issued for the violations.

CO Jackie Miskovich received a call from the Muskegon County Sheriff’s Office that an officer had seen some anglers on a closed trout stream. CO Miskovich patrolled to the location and contacted two individuals. It was found that one possessed fishing equipment and both subjects were trespassing. A citation was issued.

While on a patrol on township property, which is closed to unauthorized vehicles, CO Jackie Miskovich came upon a subject riding an ORV around on the property as their friends watched. After observing the individual for a while, contact was made. The individual did not have a current ORV license, trail permit, and was trespassing. A citation was issued, and warnings were given for everyone who had driven their vehicle on the property.

While on patrol in Muskegon County, CO Jackie Miskovich observed an ORV traveling down the shoulder of a major roadway and the subject was not wearing a helmet. A stop was made, and it was found that the individual did not have a current ORV license or trail permit, was traveling on a closed portion of Muskegon County, was not wearing a helmet, and was driving the ORV while their license was suspended. A citation was issued, and the individual was told they would have to transport the ORV via trailer to get it back to their house.


While on patrol, CO Todd Thorn spotted a vehicle on a dirt road turn around when he approached the CO. Following the vehicle CO Thorn observed the man pull over after his muffler began dragging on the ground. CO Thorn stopped behind the vehicle and the man began to speak with him. CO Thorn learned that the man was a suspended driver and had a dead Canada goose in his trunk. CO Thorn attained the goose by consent and was told that the goose was almost dead on the side of the road, so the driver hit it in the head with a stick to put it out of its misery. Upon further investigation, CO Thorn found a small caliber bullet hole entry and exit wound in the goose’s head. Tickets were issued and the goose was seized.

CO Nick Wellman was on patrol when he heard two distinct .22 caliber rifle rounds about half a mile east of his location. Right after the shots went off, CO Wellman heard a single Canada goose fly away. Knowing that most geese are paired up this time of year, CO Wellman went to the residence where the shots came from and investigated. After speaking to the woman at home and her husband, it was found that the wife had shot at the geese and killed one. The husband stated, “We all shoot at the geese at this house.”  CO Wellman collected evidence and charges are pending review with the Branch County Prosecutor’s Office.

CO Nick Wellman responded to a complaint of some anglers trying to kill a goose on its nest. CO Wellman arrived and what started as a simple wildlife call turned into much more when it was found that, during an altercation between the anglers over the goose issue, one angler pulled a knife on another man. After a lengthy investigation and speaking to everyone involved, it appeared both parties were at fault to a certain extent; however, both parties wanted to press charges, so evidence was seized, and charges are pending with the Branch County Prosecutor’s Office for felonious assault and simple assault.

CO Nick Wellman was just clearing a felonious assault complaint when he was dispatched to assist MSP with another felonious assault where a man had threatened to kill an individual and then fired his Glock handgun into the air seven times. The suspect had left the residence and was heading toward CO Wellman’s location. CO Wellman and a deputy with the Branch County Sheriff’s Office located and stopped the suspect and located a handgun in the vehicle. The man was lodged by MSP on felonious assault charges.

COs Chris Reynolds and Ed Rice assisted the MSP and Hillsdale County Sheriff’s Department on an incident where an individual pulled a firearm on some family members who were on his property. After confronting the family members, the individual went back into his home and would not let anyone in. The officers helped set up a perimeter around the individual’s home in case he fled from his home. Ultimately, the individual came out without incident.

CO Ed Rice received a complaint about an individual suspected of poisoning a fox. CO Rice contacted the complainant while in route to the location of the suspected poisoning, who shared further information surrounding the incident. Upon arrival, CO Rice located a silver pie tin with a blue liquid substance in it. Approximately 10 yards from the tin there was a dead raccoon. Further searching led to a red fox approximately 20 yards away. Evidence was collected at the scene. Further action will be taken pending laboratory results.

CO Larn R. Strawn received a complaint of a person trespassing and breaking into forest fire trucks at the DNR Rose Lake warehouse facilities. CO Strawn patrolled to the warehouse and assisted MSP troopers who had responded to the complaint as well. CO Strawn conducted witness interviews, reviewed surveillance, and assisted with scene security at the warehouse. CO Strawn also assisted MSP troopers with scene security at a suspect residence nearby.

CO Jeff Goss has been working a dumping complaint for several months with five dump sites in a two-mile area. CO Goss suspected it was the same person due to the similar items found at all the sites; however, the suspect would never discard anything with personal information. On Saturday CO Goss got a break when he was digging through a bunch of burned trash at one of the sites. When CO Goss broke apart a large clump of burned debris, he was pleased to find some envelopes containing names and an address. CO Goss contacted the suspect who is in now in the process of cleaning up the sites. Charges will be sought through the Calhoun County Prosecutor’s Office. In addition to unlawful disposal of solid waste, the suspect may be facing environmental charges as well.


CO Keven Luther patrolled along the Detroit River looking for walleye fishing activity. CO Luther contacted several anglers at various boat launches and shore fishing locations along the Detroit River. While conducting a marine vessel check, CO Luther could hear ORV activity along a nearby railroad. CO Luther patrolled the area and observed one youth male operating an ORV without a helmet while ORV trespassing. The young man was contacted and citated for ORV trespass. A warning was also issued for operating without a helmet.

CO Ariel Young was patrolling for ORVs in the south end of Wayne County when she had two ORVs come down the road not wearing helmets. CO Young had them pull over and was attempting to contact dispatch when two more ORVs came down the road, one of which the rider was also not wearing a helmet. CO Young contacted all four riders and issued citations to the three who were not wearing helmets. CO Young warned the other rider who technically was not operating since he was being towed home that he could not operate on the roadways in Wayne County.

COs Ariel Young, Brandon Vacek, and Dave Schaumburger patrolled the Huron River by boat to help the MSP Dive Team in their search for a father and son who had gone fishing the previous day and had not returned. The waters were very high, and the current was moving swiftly making river travel difficult. The COs were not able to locate either of the individuals and the search continues for the individuals and their boat.

CO Ariel Young was patrolling through Taylor on her way back to her residence when she observed the vehicle in front of her almost collide with several cars on the roadway and then drive up the curb into the median. CO Young conducted a traffic stop and determined that the driver was driving while intoxicated. The driver admitted to drinking several drinks throughout the day and his blood alcohol content was determined to be a .24. CO Young lodged the individual in Taylor and has submitted a report to the prosecutor, charges pending prosecutorial review.

CO Christopher Knights was patrolling the Holly State Recreation Area when a hunter walked across the road CO Knights was traveling. CO Knights noticed the hunter in the distance, and he had two firearms with him and was not wearing hunter orange. CO Knights approached and the hunter walked back to his truck. CO Knights asked the hunter if he had any hunter orange garments, and the individual started to pat down his coat and rummage through his gear. After frantically searching, the subject pulled out the orange from his backpack. CO Knights advised the hunter he always needs to be wearing it while in the field. The hunter admitted he was in the wrong. CO Knights issued the hunter a citation for failing to wear hunter orange.

CO Chris Knights was conducting a marine patrol in Oakland County when he received a complaint of someone taking over-limit of pan fish on Silver Lake. CO Knights first went to Hawthorne Park in Pontiac and located a vehicle that might belong to the angler. After a while, CO Knights decided to check on other lakes connecting to Upper Silver for the individual. CO Knights reached out to the complainant and got an exact location. CO Knights went to the area and observed the angler for a while. He was using three fishing poles at once and was having good luck. The angler moved his boat to an area close to shore. CO Knights requested the angler come to shore. The angler did not immediately respond to CO Knights and was making awkward movement with a bag on the side of the boat. CO Knights ordered the angler to stop dumping fish into the water. The angler complied and eventually got to shore. CO Knights noticed fish on the boat floor as well as a full five-gallon bucket. CO Knights removed the bucket and checked his fishing license. After dumping the bucket, CO Knights counted seven over the limit of crappie. The angler stated he knew the limit already but wasn’t keeping track. CO Knights checked with dispatch and they found a previous ticket issued for the same violation. CO Knights issued the angler a citation for over-limit of pan fish.

CO Danielle Zubek was on ORV patrol in Oakland County patrolling in an area with frequent ORV use and that has trouble with trespassing. While on the property, a side-by-side arrived. CO Zubek conducted a stop on the vehicle, explained the multiple violations, and issued a citation. Several other contacts were made on the same property. Multiple warnings were issued.

While on ORV group patrol in Oakland County, CO Danielle Zubek checked a private lot known for ORV trespass. Four side-by-side machines were witnessed riding and causing damage to the land. CO Zubek conducted a stop on the ORVs. All drivers were issued a citation for ORV trespass and issued warnings for operating on a roadway. One of the ORVs was also warned for failing to comply with the Governor’s Executive Orders.

COs Danielle Zubek and Christopher Knights were able to stop a dirt bike trespassing on private property. The individual was issued a citation and given several warnings.

CO Luke Robare was patrolling the Flint River during the walleye closure and received a complaint of some anglers fishing for walleye. CO Robare investigated the complaint and came across two individuals using artificial bait during the spawning closure for walleye. CO Robare contacted the pair of anglers and found that neither of them had fishing licenses. Citations were issued.

CO Luke Robare was patrolling the Flint River near the Holloway Dam and came across an angler fishing from a kayak. The angler was using a jig with a twister tail. CO Robare informed the angler that the river was closed to artificial bait during the walleye spawning closure. The angler did not have a valid fishing license and did not have a PFD in his kayak. CO Robare issued the man a citation for using artificial bait and not having a PFD.

CO Luke Robare was patrolling the Flint River near Flushing and checked a man fishing under a bridge. CO Robare observed the man using a stick bait and when he approached the man, he could see that there was a walleye in the angler’s bucket. CO Robare asked the man if he knew when walleye season was, and the man stated that he thought it was open until the end of the month. CO Robare informed the man that walleye season was closed and that there were currently bait restrictions on the Flint River. CO Robare issued the man a citation for taking walleye out of season.

COs Luke Robare and Thomas Peterson were patrolling the Flint River in kayaks looking for anglers walleye fishing from private property. CO Robare came across two individuals, a father and daughter, fishing from shore and both were using artificial baits. When CO Robare and Peterson got out of their kayaks and onto shore, the father had cut his line. CO Robare walked back to where the man was fishing and recovered the cut-off line and jig. CO Robare issued the father a citation for using artificial bait during the walleye spawning closure.

CO Luke Robare was patrolling the Flint River near Montrose and contacted three individuals, all who were using artificial baits. CO Robare issued citations to all three for using artificial baits.

CO Luke Robare was patrolling the Flint River at the Holloway Dam and contacted an individual who was fishing. CO Robare asked the man if he had any fish; the man stated that he had a walleye and a catfish on his stringer. CO Robare started to inspect the stringer of fish and the man started to act nervous. The man asked CO Robare what the size limit was for walleye. The man stated that he thought the size limit was 14 inches and he said that the walleye he caught was 14.25 inches. CO Robare informed the man that he should not be concerned about the size limit right now because the walleye season was closed on the Flint River. CO Robare issued a citation and educated the angler on the rules and regulations but encouraged him to study them on his own.

CO Justin Muehlhauser was monitoring activity at Atwood Stadium along the Flint River. At one point, the CO observed an angler standing at his open trunk. The angler went to the riverbank and started fishing with a white swim bait and jig head. The CO made his way down to the parking area as the angler was getting ready to leave. The CO made a stop on the vehicle. The CO asked the angler which pole he was using. He immediately reached and grabbed the white jig head and tried to remove it from the rod. The CO ordered the suspect out of the vehicle. Upon questioning the suspect, it was determined that there was a walleye in the trunk of the vehicle. The suspect retrieved the fish and turned it over to the CO. The suspect was cited for possessing walleye during the closed season and use of artificial bait during the closed season.

CO Jaime Salisbury was first on scene to a suicidal woman walking around with several guns. Upon CO Salisbury’s arrival the women no longer had the guns but was still very upset about her living arrangements and the way things were going. CO Salisbury secured the firearms in his patrol truck and waited with the woman for sheriff’s deputies and EMS to arrive. Once the deputies arrived, CO Salisbury turned over the firearms to the deputies and helped the troubled woman into the back of the ambulance so she could be transported to the hospital for further psychological evaluation.

COs Kris Kiel, Joseph Deppen, Ray Gardner, and Sgt. Chris Maher worked a group patrol targeting illegal ORV activity in a well-known Macomb County gravel pit. A group of seven adult and juvenile operators were stopped on four wheelers and golf carts with big mud tires. Citations were written for unlicensed ORVs to adult operators. Warnings were given for ORV trespass and open intoxicants.

CO Brad Silorey was on patrol when he observed an angler pulling his boat onto a trailer and beginning to leave. CO Silorey pulled up to the angler and asked him if he had any success. The angler stated the he had “got a limit.”  CO Silorey got out of his patrol truck and asked the angler to see what he had caught and for his fishing license. The angler opened the live well on the boat, and CO Silorey counted the perch inside. The subject was in possession of 32 yellow perch. The angler stated to CO Silorey, even before he was done counting, “well looks like I’m over.”  A citation was issued for possession of an over-limit of yellow perch.

CO Bobby Watson was patrolling a local hot spot for ORV trespass and encountered two young riders. One of the riders lacked the proper ORV registration sticker and protective eyewear. A civil infraction was issued for lack of protective eyewear and a warning was given for the ORV trespass and registration violation.

CO Breanna Reed and Sgt. Chris Maher were checking Hewitt Pit for target shooting activity. Two shooters walked to the parking lot with no shell casings or targets. CO Reed asked the shooters what they did with their garbage, the shooters stated that they had left it at the range. The COs walked them back to the area and noted that they had left all their spent shell casings and used targets behind. A citation was issued for litter in the Port Huron SGA.

COs Breanna Reed and Joe Deppen were checking anglers at a popular boat launch when they witnessed a boat coming into the launch with no MC decals or registration sticker. When contacting the individual, he stated that he forgot to put them on and that they were at his house. CO Reed asked the boater how long he has owned the boat, and he stated for three years but had his decals on prior to this season. A citation was issued for fail to display number/decals. Multiple warnings were given at the launch for expired registrations.

COs Breanna Reed and Sgt. Chris Maher were on patrol when they noticed multiple ORVs in one area. Several violations were present, such as unlicensed ORVs, no seatbelt, and no helmet. The COs addressed the violations and citations were issued for unlicensed ORVs.

While on ORV patrol, COs Jaime Salisbury and Raymond Gardner responded to a call of a missing two-year-old. The child had been missing for about an hour. Upon arrival the COs assisted Lapeer County deputies and MSP troopers searching the property and surrounding area. After about 15 minutes, CO Salisbury was flagged down by the mother of the missing child and informed that the child had been found by her sister across the road. CO Salisbury let the officers on scene know about the child being found. The child was healthy but very scared from being alone for so long outside. The COs then assisted Lapeer County deputies with gathering statements from a neighbor who was concerned about the child’s wellbeing.

CO Joseph Deppen was checking a vessel coming back into a launch in Monroe County. CO Deppen noticed one angler jumping off the boat and getting the vehicle. CO Deppen approached the second angler on the vessel and asked what he had caught. The angler replied, “Three walleyes.”  CO Deppen asked the angler to open his live well to check the fish and noticed there were only two walleye and what appeared to be a smallmouth bass. The angler shut the live well quickly and started pulling out safety equipment. CO Deppen stopped the angler and had him step to the stern of the vessel. CO Deppen opened the live well and pulled out a very large smallmouth bass. The angler admitted to reeling the smallmouth bass because his friend said it was legal to keep. CO Deppen spoke to both anglers about seasons for smallmouth bass and the law regarding social distancing. The anglers were given a verbal warning about social distancing. One angler admitted responsibility and was cited for possession of smallmouth bass during the closed season.

CO Joseph Deppen was patrolling for fishing activity in Macomb County when he was traveling on I-94. CO Deppen was passed by two vehicles weaving in and out of traffic. CO Deppen initiated a traffic stop and the lead vehicle was pulled over. CO Deppen questioned the driver about his outrageous driving and speed and the driver went on to explain he thought he was being followed and he was attempting to get away. CO Deppen advised the man to call the police if he believes he is in danger or someone was following him. The driver was cited for speeding 112 mph in a 70-mph zone. The driver was given a warning about weaving in and out of traffic, no turn signals, and no registration in his vehicle.

CO Joseph Deppen was working late one evening and asked some persons to leave the state park public access per the Executive Order as they were loitering and not recreating. Two vehicles started doing donuts in the public access parking lot near anglers and driving at high rates of speed. CO Deppen conducted a traffic stop. Both drivers were issued citations for careless driving.

CO Joseph Deppen was patrolling another state access site in Macomb County and started checking two anglers who were fishing in front of their vehicles. Neither angler had a fishing license. The anglers argued that they did not have time to stop by a store to purchase a license. CO Deppen pointed out their bag of bait and bucket of minnows from a local bait shop. The anglers then changed their story that they did not know the licenses expired in April. CO Deppen advised the anglers their licenses expired on March 31st and they had ample time to purchase one at the store or on their phones. The anglers were cited for fishing without a license.

CO Nicholas Ingersoll received a complaint regarding two dead eagles located in Monroe County. The complainant also advised that a third eagle was injured and unable to move. CO Ingersoll and CO Brandon Vacek along with a raptor rehabilitator from Monroe County were able to locate all three eagles. The eagle that was injured will attempt to be rehabbed by the rehabilitator. The two deceased eagles will be sent to the lab for further testing to find a cause of death.

CO Nicholas Ingersoll was checking anglers at Hellenburg Park in the city of Monroe when he contacted several anglers enjoying the nice weather. While CO Ingersoll was checking for fishing licenses, he contacted an angler who had not purchased his 2020 fishing license yet this year. CO Ingersoll ran the individual in the licensing system and noticed the angler had not bought a fishing license since 2018. CO Ingersoll issued the angler a citation for fishing without a license.

CO Nicholas Ingersoll assisted the MSP Dive Team with searching for a father and son who had went missing in the Huron River. MSP Dive Team and CO Ingersoll were able to locate the missing vessel but exhausted all efforts and were unable to locate the missing father and son. The search is still ongoing by a non-profit dive team, but the search was called off by MSP Dive team. *Water conditions are less than ideal, high water due to spring flooding, heavier currents, and near zero visibility for divers.

CO Eric Smither was patrolling in southern Lenawee County when he observed an ORV operating down the road with three people on it. CO Smither contacted the ORV and realized two of the individuals were juveniles and the other was the father. None of the occupants had safety helmets on. Enforcement action was taken, and a citation was issued for operate ORV with no helmet.