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4/19/2020 - 5/2/2020


Conservation Officer (CO) Ethen Mapes responded to a domestic situation call in the Village of Ontonagon and assisted with the investigation and arrest.

CO Jenni Hanson received a complaint from Negaunee Regional regarding potentially orphaned bear cubs in Ontonagon County. CO Hanson located the cubs but saw no sign of a sow nearby. After monitoring for a few weeks, it was determined the cubs were indeed orphaned. CO Hanson and DNR Wildlife Biologist Brad Johnson captured the cubs and transported them to a local rehabber. The cubs were very skinny and malnourished.

CO Ethen Mapes received a complaint about a group of people who were trespassing on private property, fishing, and gathering wood to start a fire. The landowner reported that she had asked them to leave her property and the group refused. COs Brian Lasanen and Mapes responded and witnessed the landowner tell the group a second time that they had to leave her property and put the fire out; the group refused again. CO Mapes issued one individual a citation for recreational trespass. CO Mapes had warned this same individual about the same violation on the same piece of property in the past.

CO Ethen Mapes responded to a complaint of trespassers in the Victoria area. Upon contact with the anglers, they stated that they had walked around the private property through the woods to access the river. CO Mapes asked if they could show him the way they came in. After a short walk into the woods, one of the anglers stopped and admitted to CO Mapes that they had gone through the posted private property from their vehicle to the river. CO Mapes issued one of the anglers a citation for recreational trespass.

COs Zach Painter and Ethen Mapes patrolled a remote creek near Ontonagon. When they arrived, they noticed a 4.5-gallon bucket full of smelt sitting on the tailgate of a truck. CO Mapes and Painter could only see two individuals in the creek who they had talked to earlier in the night. When the two were done dipping smelt, they walked back to their truck with another 4.5-gallon bucket of smelt that was nearly full. The two anglers stated that they did not think that the two COs would be back after leaving the creek a few hours earlier. CO Mapes issued one of the anglers a citation for possessing an over-limit of smelt.

CO Shannon Kritz was checking anglers coming into the Cedar River after fishing on Lake Michigan. CO Kritz checked two anglers that had a northern pike in their live well. CO Kritz asked the angler why he kept the pike since the season was not open for another two weeks. The angler explained to CO Kritz that he thought they were fishing in the boundary waters of Wisconsin where the season was open. CO Kritz explained to the angler that they were more than 20 miles north of the boundary line and that they were fishing in Michigan waters. The angler was educated on where the boundary waters end and Michigan waters began. He was cited for possessing a northern pike out of season.

CO Jeffrey Dell responded to a brush fire that had gotten out of control. CO Dell made contact with the landowner who stated he was trying to burn the grass down to clean up the area and prevent ticks. CO Dell informed the subject of the current ban on open burning and issued a warning.

CO Shannon Kritz was patrolling the Menominee River when she contacted three anglers. The anglers were happy to show CO Kritz all the suckers they had been catching along with their fishing licenses. CO Kritz asked how many lines they had out along the shoreline, and they assured her that they only had three lines each. CO Kritz counted the lines and it turned out they had ten lines total. CO Kritz asked where the anglers were from and they told her Illinois. CO Kritz asked the anglers if they knew about the current stay-at-home order in Michigan. The anglers told CO Kritz they thought they were in Wisconsin. CO Kritz cited the angler responsible for the extra line and warned the group about Michigan’s stay-at-home order.

CO John Kamps contacted three individuals fishing on a closed trout stream. The CO asked if they had caught any fish. One individual explained that they have not had any luck. After a fishing license check the CO asked the individuals if they would escort him to their fishing gear further upstream. At the fishing gear the CO found a steelhead hanging in a tree behind the gear. A confession was obtained for catching the fish. CO Kamps seized the fish and a citation was issued for fishing on a closed trout stream.

CO Josh Boudreaux followed up on a complaint about individuals removing a beaver dam on public property without a permit in Marquette County. CO Boudreaux walked through the swamp to find a good vantage point and tucked in the brush approximately 25 yards from the group. For a few hours CO Boudreaux sat in the swamp watching them tear apart the dam and talk about how they were going to “come back and sit in the truck with a silenced .223, a case of beer, and shoot any beaver that tried to plug the holes.”  After the individuals left, CO Boudreaux vacated the area until dark. Shortly after returning and tucking into the brush CO Boudreaux observed the individual pull his truck up to the dam and stop. The driver stuck a gun and flashlight out the driver side window and fired a shot into the pond. As the driver exited the vehicle, CO Boudreaux turned on his flashlight and announced his presence. The subject was caught totally off guard and it took a moment for him to realize the situation he was in. After sorting everything out, the man admitted he knew he made a huge mistake the moment he pulled the trigger. The individual’s firearm was seized, and a citation was issued for possessing/using a loaded firearm from a motor vehicle. Numerous other charges are under review and include shining with weapon in possession, take beaver without license, and take beaver with firearm.


COs Andrea Dani and Mark Zitnik were on foot checking a lamprey weir in Trenary four days before the trout season opener. The COs get many complaints of trespassing and fishing before the season at this location. Once at the weir they noticed three anglers fishing in front of the weir with one of the anglers fighting a fish. After the 20-minute battle with the steelhead, the angler landed the fish and began walking back to their equipment that was stashed in the woods. At that time, the COs announced themselves and escorted the gentlemen to their truck. The COs released the large female steelhead, gave warnings for trespassing, and issued two citations for fishing in a closed stream.

CO Mark Zitnik was about to park his truck by the Rock River when he noticed two anglers fighting a fish in the closed section of the river. The CO approached the angler’s location, watched the subjects land the fish, put it on a stringer, and walk back to their vehicle. While on their way back, the CO contacted the couple and advised they were fishing a closed section of the stream. The CO had the anglers release the female steelhead and issued a citation for fishing in a spawning closure.

CO Mark Zitnik was dispatched to Au Train River to assist a family who attempted to navigate their canoe down the very high, rapidly moving river. The parents and their three young children had tipped their canoes in a deep hole and lost all their belongings, including the key to get into their vehicle. CO Zitnik arrived and had the family sit in his patrol truck to warm up until a towing service arrived to unlock their vehicle. The family was cold and shaken but happy the CO arrived to keep them warm.

CO Chris Lynch was on patrol when he observed an ORV travelling down a public highway and swerving in and out of its lane. CO Lynch activated his emergency lights and siren and the ORV proceeded to accelerate from the CO. The subject ultimately stopped at an intersection and contact with the operator was made. The odor of intoxicants was detected along with several empty beer cans and an open container of beer in the cup holder. The subject failed standard field sobriety tests and blew a .163 blood alcohol content into the preliminary breath test. After running a file check on the subject, it was determined he had a current revoked driving status and two prior operating while intoxicated (OWI) convictions. The subject was placed under arrest for felony OWI, driving while license revoked subsequent offense, transporting open intoxicants, and operating an ORV on a public highway. The subject was lodged in the Delta County Jail.

CO Steve Butzin received a complaint in Garden Township of an individual shooting at cormorants. CO Butzin went to the location the following day and contacted two individuals. The driver was found to be shooting a .22 caliber rifle into Garden Bay at a large flock of cormorants. The individual was shooting between another individual’s house and dock, through a yard. Just around the corner of where the shots were fired were several individuals perch fishing. A report is being submitted to the Delta County Prosecutor’s Office. Charges requested are reckless discharge of a firearm, attempt to take an animal from a motor vehicle, and attempt to take a non-game species. The individual was also in violation of two safety zones.

CO Steve Butzin responded to a reported ORV accident involving a 15 year-old child in Brampton Township. CO Butzin was first on scene and discovered the child laying in the middle of the trail only semi-conscious. CO Butzin rendered basic first aid and directed emergency medical services (EMS) and other responding units to the scene. The child was placed on a backboard and escorted from the scene in the back of CO Butzin’s patrol truck with EMS tending to the child, where they were met by an ambulance at the closest intersection. The ambulance was escorted to an area where a helicopter was waiting to transport to the hospital. The child is expected to recover from his injuries. Later that same day CO Butzin was patrolling that same area and encountered several violations including minors operating without supervision, an individual operating an ORV with a passenger not designed for such use, as well as several ORV permit violations. Five citations were issued.

CO Steve Butzin received a complaint of an individual keeping bass out of season on the Ford River. CO Butzin went to the location and observed the suspect loading his vehicle to leave. When CO Butzin approached and identified himself, the angler grabbed a bucket from the back of his truck and ran towards the river. CO Butzin followed and jumped in the river with the suspect and prevented him from dumping two bass back into the river. A report is being submitted to the Delta County Prosecutor’s Office requesting charges of resisting and obstructing as well as possess smallmouth bass out of season.

CO Steve Butzin was patrolling the Gladstone area when he heard two wildfires break out near his location. CO Butzin went to the location and assisted Escanaba Township Fire Department and DNR fire on scene. Two different individuals were issued citations for burning without a permit, an additional citation was issued for allowing a fire to escape burning several neighbors’ property.


Sgt. William Webster responded to a complaint from Cheboygan, Charlevoix, Emmet (CCE) County Dispatch while in Antrim County about a deer that had been shot in its vitals and died across the road from the complaint’s house. Sgt. Webster arrived on scene and noticed there was no exit wound on the deer but did have any entry wound under the front leg that appeared to be from an arrow. Sgt. Webster was dealing with poor tracking weather due to rain, so he contacted COs Andrea Erratt and Andrea Albert to assist in backtracking the blood trail. After about an hour of backtracking the blood trail, CO Albert located a maple branch that had fallen from a nearby tree and had stuck up with a very sharp point. The sharp point was covered in blood and deer hair and rustled leaves were all over that specific area. It was determined that the deer had run into the branch stabbing itself causing its death.

CO Andrea Erratt received a complaint from of a raccoon stuck on a second story deck of a house near Boyne City in Charlevoix County. CO Erratt called the homeowner, who was a nurse, and she thought the raccoon climbed up onto her deck in the middle of the night because her dog had been barking. She said the deck did not have steps and the raccoon had been up there all day and was unable to get down. CO Erratt borrowed a live trap from a local tow truck driver, patrolled to the nurse’s house and showed her and her son how to set it with peanut butter and marshmallows on the pan. The nurse called CO Erratt back the next day with the great news that the raccoon had been successfully trapped and released into the woods.

CO Andrea Erratt received a complaint from central dispatch about a grass fire near Mancelona. CO Erratt patrolled to the residence where three fire departments fought the one-and-a-half-acre fire as it spread into the woods and onto the neighbor’s property. A man at the house said he had been burning some cardboard boxes in a pit behind the house and he stated he had not checked the burn permit hotline and he did not know about the burn ban. He said he went inside for about a half an hour and came out and saw smoke and the fire burning across his yard. CO Erratt issued him a ticket for failing to prevent the spread of fire and warned him for burning without a permit and leaving the fire unattended.

CO Duane Budreau received a complaint from Emmet County Central Dispatch of a subject burning furniture in his front yard. Upon arriving at the scene, CO Budreau observed a man using a garden hose to extinguish a large pile of household furniture, including two mattresses. CO Budreau explained to the man that not only was it illegal to burn the materials he was burning; it was also illegal to burn without a permit. CO Budreau explained that even with a burning permit, he could only burn natural materials, like brush and leaves. The man was issued a ticket for burning without a permit and given a written warning for the improper disposal of solid waste.

CO Adam LeClerc found a pile of trash illegally dumped on state land. After digging through the trash, CO LeClerc found pieces of mail with a potential suspect’s name on it. After interviewing the potential suspect, it was determined that his teenage son had dumped the trash after his friend said he owned that piece of property. CO LeClerc contacted the 18-year-old and advised him of the situation and the potential for misdemeanor charges. CO LeClerc gave the young man a chance to rectify his mistake and gave him the weekend to completely remove everything he had discarded. CO LeClerc checked the area Monday to find that not only was all the trash the young man had dumped was gone but other areas were cleaned up by the individual as well. Because of the extra effort shown by the individual, no ticket was issued in this case.

COs Tim Rosochacki and Matt Theunick responded to 911 call about an overturned fishing boat on Burt Lake. CO Rosochacki's boat was the only law enforcement boat ready to be launched in the area. Just prior to CO Rosochacki’s arrival, a good Samaritan launched their boat and recovered the cold and wet anglers. The COs launched and located the overturned boat and towed it to shallow water where it could be secured for removal the following day as it was now dark. The anglers were checked and cleared by EMS. Interviews revealed the 16-foot fiberglass bass boat was new to the owner. He was operating with the waves and took a large wave over the stern, filling the back of the boat and causing it to flip. The boat was recovered the following morning. Verbal warnings were given for social distancing as subjects occupying the boat were not of the same household.

CO Kyle Cherry along with Otsego County deputies responded to an incident where a man was reported to be threatening another man with a gun in a dispute over a car. Dispatch further advised that the man was refusing to put down the gun and stated that officers would have to shoot him.  CO Cherry, two deputies, and a Michigan State Police (MSP) trooper arrived and were able to order the suspect away from the scene without incident. The suspect was arrested and transported to Otsego County Jail.

CO Jon Sheppard assisted Alpena City Police and MSP troopers with a domestic assault. CO Sheppard assisted with intercepting a vehicle that left the scene. In addition to the assault, a court protection order was also violated. CO Sheppard cleared the scene and the suspect was arrested and lodged by local units.

CO Dan Liestenfeltz was at his residence when he received a complaint early in morning from Station 20 that an individual had shot a turkey from inside a vehicle just moments before. CO Liestenfeltz was able to obtain a partial license plate and a vehicle description as he was responding to the scene. As CO Liestenfeltz received the plate information, he was passed by a vehicle that matched the suspect’s vehicle description. CO Liestenfeltz initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle. Upon talking with the driver, CO Liestenfeltz was able to obtain a partial confession in which the driver only shot at a turkey but did not hit one. CO Liestenfeltz and the subject went to the scene and discovered a small amount of blood and some feathers. Still the subject stated that he may have hit the turkey, but it must not have died because it hit the ground and ran away. CO Liestenfeltz was unable to observe any blood or feathers in the back of the suspect vehicle. CO Liestenfeltz began tracking the turkey and discovered that it went well away from the initial area he was looking. He then observed drag marks and blood leading back to the roadway. CO Liestenfeltz went straight to the suspect’s home where more questioning began. The suspect eventually confessed to shooting the turkey and bringing it back to his house. He placed the turkey in a plastic bag so there would be no evidence in the vehicle. CO Liestenfeltz had the subject get the turkey which was hidden in an old oven outside the subject’s house and without a kill-tag attached. Evidence was seized and charges are pending with the Montmorency County Prosecutor’s Office.

CO Dan Liestenfeltz was patrolling Albert Township in Montmorency County in the evening when he observed two dirt bikes traveling down the middle of a back road at a high rate of speed. CO Liestenfeltz initiated a traffic stop on the dirt bikes. Upon contact and investigation with the operators, it was determined that they were intoxicated. Both subjects were placed into custody and lodged at the Montmorency County Jail.

CO Sidney Collins assisted deputies in Montmorency County with a welfare check on a local citizen. The citizen did not make their doctor’s appointment the day before and was not answering their phone. The subject was found unconscious but breathing outside their home. While waiting for EMS, the subject came to and stated they had fallen four days ago and laid there waiting to die. The subject’s dog was outside with them and was laying on their feet. With temperatures dropping below freezing most of those four nights, the subject would have died without the warmth of their loyal pet. The subject is recovering well.


CO William Haskin was patrolling in Wexford County when he received a complaint of an individual trespassing and fishing on a closed stream. CO Haskin responded and located the individual and found that the angler was fishing with friends who were further upstream. CO Haskin located those individuals as well. Citations were issued for recreational trespass and fishing a closed stream.

CO Justin Vanderlinde checked an angler on the Platte River who was in possession of six fish. When asked what type of fish they were, the angler replied, “Rainbow trout.”  When asked what size the trout had to be for possession, the angler replied, “10 inches.”  When asked how many trout the angler could have the angler replied, “Five.”  After inspecting the fish, CO Vanderlinde determined that the longest fish was 9 ½ inches long, and the shortest fish was 6 ½ inches. The angler was shocked to learn that on the Platte River the possession limit was one rainbow trout, the size limit was 10 inches long, and the fish that the angler had kept were all coho salmon. Enforcement action was taken.

While patrolling Mason County, CO Kyle Publiski responded to a 911 call, along with Mason County Sheriff’s Department Deputies Sgt. Adam Lamb and Spencer Lindblom. The caller reported a kayaker was struggling in the harbor area where Lake Michigan and Pere Marquette River meet. CO Publiski met the deputies at the Ludington marina where CO Publiski’s patrol boat is docked. The kayaker was out fishing with a trolling motor attached to his kayak and a heavy battery to power the motor. The kayak took on water from being overloaded and eventually sank before he could get to shore. Officers located the victim approximately 150 yards off the break wall near the Loomis Street boat access site. The victim was barely able to keep his head out of the water after being in the frigid water for over ten minutes. CO Publiski maneuvered the patrol vessel, allowing the two sheriff’s deputies to pull the victim from the water through the side dive door of his patrol boat. Suffering from hypothermia, the victim was transported to shore and turned over to EMS.

Checking anglers and boaters on Lake Michigan, CO Kyle Publiski watched a boat trolling for trout and salmon. CO Publiski could see multiple lines coming from the boat and what only appeared to be two subjects on board the boat. As CO Publiski approached the vessel, the subjects began to reel up lines. CO Publiski made it to the vessel and was able to count eight lines still in the water, with only two subjects on board the boat. The subjects were cited for fishing with too many lines.

While on patrol in Lake County on the Friday before the trout season opened, CO Ryan Andrews encountered several individuals who were fishing in a closed section of the Pere Marquette River. In addition to fishing in a closed trout stream, none of the anglers who were fishing had obtained a 2020 fishing license. A check in the DNR retail sales system revealed that one subject had not purchased a fishing license since 2016, even though he admitted to fishing in the years between 2016 and now. Citations were issued for the violations present.

CO Josiah Killingbeck, while on ORV patrol, responded to an ORV crash where a juvenile had lost control and struck a tree. CO Killingbeck was the first on scene and provided first aid to the juvenile who had significant injuries. CO Killingbeck requested a helicopter for the victim and assisted EMS with first aid. The injured party was flown to a down state trauma center.

CO Josiah Killingbeck, on opening day of trout season, located a vehicle hidden in the woods along the Little Manistee River in a restricted area. CO Killingbeck, while walking along the river, spotted the subject trespassing on private property. After watching the subject get in the river, CO Killingbeck made contact and discovered that the subject was in possession of an over-limit of brown trout, of which some were undersize. The subject was also using illegal gear to catch the over-limit. CO Killingbeck educated the subject on fishing regulations and cited the subject for possessing an over-limit of brown trout. Warnings were issued for trespass, illegal gear, and possession of a short brown trout.

CO Brian Brosky was working an ongoing ORV trespass complaint on private property when he noticed a pile of garbage had recently been dumped on the private property. Over twelve bags of garbage were dumped at the site that included drywall, paneling, and carpeting. Two of the bags contained ashes from a fire pit and CO Brosky was able to find a partially burned envelope with a name and address on it. CO Brosky drove to the address, that was five miles away, and he spoke with the female subject who was named on the envelope. The subject told CO Brosky that she had paid a subject five dollars per bag of garbage to clean up her yard and split some wood for her. She described the suspect who dumped the litter and he matched the description given to CO Brosky. The suspect was located and interviewed, and at first, he denied any wrongdoing. When CO Brosky told the suspect the sequence of events that transpired after he left the woman’s home with the garbage, he apologized for lying and confessed to the dumping. CO Brosky later met the subject who offered to pick up the garbage if he was not cited. CO Brosky offered a different solution and told the suspect that if he picked up the garbage, he would receive a littering ticket and he would not be charged with two misdemeanors for unlawful disposal of solid waste and for ORV trespass. The suspect agreed that would be better. He later met CO Brosky with the same truck and re-collected the litter and was issued his citation.

CO Jeff Ginn responded to a reported structure fire. Upon arrival, CO Ginn assisted the landowner with extinguishing a fire involving the exterior of the residence. The exhaust vent from the home’s pellet stove caused a fire outside, which ultimately caught the exterior of the home on fire. The fire was extinguished, and the house was evacuated prior to local firefighters responding.

COs Jeff Ginn and Casey Varriale of Kent County assisted the Newaygo County and the Montcalm County Sheriff’s Departments, MSP, and Grant Police with a vehicle pursuit which led into a foot pursuit. The COs assisted with a perimeter of a large marsh where the suspect was eventually located with the assistance of the Newaygo Sheriff’s K-9 officers.

CO Angela Greenway assisted the MSP on a call where a turkey hunter who was hunting in a state game area heard gun shots close by where he was and thought they were shooting at him. He said he talked to the neighbor that saw two people leaving the game area in a red truck with a black topper and a kayak in the back. The officers were able to track down the vehicle in the area and talk with the subjects. They were mushroom hunting in the area where the guy was turkey hunting. He did not have a vehicle parked close, so the mushroom hunters thought they were the only ones out there. The male subject decided to shoot his .22 pistol at the ground just because he wanted to shoot it. It was determined that there was no intent to harm the hunter. There are no charges being sought.


CO Charlie Jones responded to a grass/hardwoods fire in Rapid City, Clearwater Township of Kalkaska County. CO Jones arrived on scene and observed approximately two acres on fire. CO Jones investigated the scene and determined that the property owner had left a fire unattended. The fire spread causing damage to a few small outbuildings as well as threatening a camper. The property owner was educated on the importance of the burning ban during the Governor’s EO. A citation was issued for failing to prevent the spread of fire.

CO Mike Hearn observed a sport utility vehicle drive over a berm on state land in Grand Traverse County and proceed to do donuts in a muddy area on the other side. When CO Hearn contacted the driver, two passengers were in possession of open intoxicants, and there was a five-year old child in the vehicle. The subsequent investigation found the vehicle was unregistered and did not have insurance. The driver was cited for operating in a closed area, and the vehicle was towed by a local wrecker service due to the insurance violation.

CO Ben McAteer was contacted by Crawford County Central Dispatch requesting assistance with a kayaker and canoeists who had become trapped on the South Branch of the AuSable River. CO McAteer responded, along with members of the Crawford County Sheriff’s Department, Grayling City Police, and South Branch Fire Department. The man in the kayak had flipped in the fast-flowing waters and was able to get out and onto a downed tree in the river. Friends that were in a nearby canoe attempted to get the individual off the log but got pinned against the tree due to the current in the river. CO McAteer borrowed a kayak and used a rescue throw rope to get to the stranded trio. With assistance from the other agencies on scene, CO McAteer was able to safely remove the kayaker and canoeists from the dangerous section of the river.

CO Jesse Grzechowski responded to a complaint of an injured black bear on private property in Alcona County. The bear was located and euthanized as it was determined to only have use of its front legs. CO Grzechowski initiated an investigation along with the assistance of CO Jeff Panich. The COs began a necropsy of the bear to determine the cause of injury. While doing so, a property owner in the area arrived on scene and advised he shot the bear. The COs conducted interviews and determined the landowner shot at two bears with a .22 caliber rifle the night before which had come on the property and into his garage. The injured bear had drug itself approximately 150 yards where it was located by the COs. The landowner had an active turkey feeder on the property as well. The COs searched the property for the second bear but were not able to locate it. The COs finished the necropsy on the bear after clearing the scene and determined it had sustained two bullet injuries from a .22 caliber gun, one penetrating the spinal column causing the paralysis. Charges are being sought through the Alcona County Prosecutor’s Office for taking a bear out of season.

COs James Garrett and Casey Pullum were conducting a group patrol in Oscoda County for ORV speed enforcement using radar. The COs located an individual operating a side-by-side at 51 mph in an area where the speed limit is 20 mph. The subject was stopped and determined to be under the influence of alcohol. The subject was arrested for OWI on an ORV and cited for the speed violation.

CO Ethan Gainforth responded to a forest fire in northern Clare County along with Sgt. Jon Wood and the Clare County Sheriff’s Department. Several homeowners were notified of the danger and some were evacuated. The fire was eventually suppressed without any loss of life or homes. There were several structures with slight damage from the intense heat. The fire origin was traced back to a burn barrel. In total, approximately nine acres of forest burned due to the escaped fire. The ongoing investigation will result in warrants being sought through the Clare County Prosecutor’s Office.

CO Ethan Gainforth was patrolling a complaint area of road hunting activity for turkeys when he encountered a silver Jeep parked along the road. The driver’s door was open. There was also a set of fresh turn-around tire tracks in the road. When CO Gainforth contacted the driver, he was acting extremely nervous. CO Gainforth asked the driver if he was scouting for turkeys and the subject said that he was “out looking around.”  CO Gainforth gained consent to look at the subject’s firearm in the vehicle. CO Gainforth found a 12-gauge pump shotgun loaded with three rounds of number 4 shot, with one in the chamber. CO Gainforth asked the subject why he was driving around with a loaded shotgun and the subject stated that he “screwed up.”  CO Gainforth issued the subject a citation for possessing a loaded/uncased firearm in a motor vehicle.

CO Craig Neal was patrolling Point Lookout in Arenac County for anglers fishing for walleye from the shoreline. CO Neal noticed a boat trolling offshore a short distance away. With the aid of his binoculars, CO Neal noticed there was only one angler in the boat with four lines in the water. After a short time, the angler packed up and started heading for the launch. CO Neal met the angler at the boat launch and asked several questions including how many lines the angler was using to fish. The angler stated, “Three lines.”  CO Neal informed the angler that he had been watching him fish for a while and asked him again how many lines he was fishing with. The angler stated, “Three lines.”  CO Neal corrected the angler and informed him that he was using four lines; three with planer boards and one long-lining out the back of the boat. CO Neal asked the angler if he agreed with that. The angler replied, “I’m not going to disagree.”  CO Neal issued the angler a ticket for fishing with too many lines.


CO Jay Person received a call from Midland County 911 regarding a subject that got his boat stuck on Sanford Lake. CO Person retrieved his patrol boat and proceeded to locate the subject who was an 89-year-old male. The subject had gotten stuck on a sand bar in approximately a foot of water. CO Person was able to get his boat to the subject who was in the water trying to free his boat. After several unsuccessful attempts were made to free the boat, CO Person loaded the subject in the patrol boat and headed to the launch where EMS was standing by. The subject refused EMS and just wanted to go home and take a hot shower. The individual was returned to his home to family members and the boat was eventually removed.

CO Joe Myers was on patrol when he was notified by Midland County Central Dispatch of three subjects lost in the woods. A female subject who was with the group was finally able to make it out of the woods to call 911 after hours of being lost. CO Myers and a Midland County deputy began searching the Au Sable State Forest for two children and one adult male. After hours of searching, the three subjects were located in the middle of a large swamp. The subjects were wet, hypothermic due to the cold spring night temperatures, discolored, and had short, shallow breaths. The subjects were provided first aid care and CO Myers along with the Midland County deputy were able to get the subjects to a trail system where they were transported to awaiting ambulances. The three subjects were treated and transported to a nearby hospital. Later it was discovered that the group was on an ORV ride in the state forest when they travelled in a closed area and became stuck. The group became disorientated and separated. The female subject luckily made it to a road and out of the woods where she was able to contact rescue efforts. The parties were in the woods for 15 hours before being recused.

CO Mike Haas received an ORV complaint in western Montcalm County. The complainant stated that the suspect had been using heavy equipment to clear berms and trails on state forest land in order to maintain an illegal ORV track. CO Haas located the complaint area and it turned out that the forest was part of the Manistee National Forest. While investigating the area, CO Haas located areas where firewood was being illegally cut and removed, piles of dumped refuse, litter, and illegal deer stands. CO Haas also encountered multiple recreational vehicles illegally operating through the closed area and each machine had various other violations including no spark arrestors, no ORV licenses, no working lights, operating with no helmets, and riding double. Numerous citations were issued to each operator and the federal officer that is responsible for working the Manistee National Forest was informed of the problem area.

While patrolling areas of the Langston State Game Area (SGA), CO Mike Haas contacted a subject fishing on a small lake from shore. The angler greeted the CO and said that he hoped the CO was just saying "hello" and not checking for violations. CO Haas asked the angler if there were any violations he should be aware of. The angler admitted that he did not have a fishing license, but explained it was fine because he was only catching a few bluegill and he only fished a few times a year. CO Haas checked the angler's license purchase history and discovered that the man had never purchased a Michigan fishing license. The angler was educated on the fishing license laws and requirements and received a citation to address the violation.

While checking fishing activity in Bay County, COs Mike Haas and Adam Schiller observed a man trespassing on a railroad bridge. The COs contacted the gentleman and discovered that the angler was not only trespassing, but he was also fishing with restricted gear during the walleye spawning closure. The gentleman was escorted back to his vehicle and issued a citation to address the violations. The man stated that he had not received a citation in years; however, he recalled that the last time he was ticketed, it was at the same spot for the same violation.

CO Mike Haas was checking for illegal fishing activity along the closed section of the Kawkawlin River when he observed a gentleman fishing from shore. The angler stated that he was unsure of the river closure rules but assured the CO that he planned to throw back any walleye that he may catch. CO Haas issued a citation for fishing on a closed river during the walleye spawning closure and directed the man to other fishing spots in the area that were currently open.

COs Dan Robinson, Josh Jackson, and Lt. Jeremy Payne responded to a large field fire. Fire officials on-scene were concerned that the fire would spread to adjacent fields and woods and called for officers. The COs arrived and assisted the fire department along with DNR fire officers from Harrison. Luckily, the fire was contained quickly and did not require evacuations of nearby houses. The fire started from a burn barrel that was not properly covered. The individual who had started the burn barrel was given verbal warnings for burning materials in a barrel without a proper screen. He will face monetary responsibility for the extinguishment of the fire.

CO Josh Jackson received a complaint last summer of a homeowner along a trout stream who was harassing anglers as they lawfully fished. CO Jackson went out with an angler during the opening weekend. As they neared the suspect’s residence, the homeowner began telling CO Jackson and the angler that they were trespassing and not allowed to be fishing in front of his house. CO Jackson identified himself as a Conservation Officer with the Michigan DNR. The man was interviewed and stated he is “tired of it.”  He does not agree with the laws regarding fishing/wading in rivers. CO Jackson advised the man that he will be seeking charges for angler harassment.

While on patrol CO Adam Schiller responded to a call of an individual armed with a loaded rifle. The CO arrived on scene where he joined three other police officers from different departments. One of the officers was on the phone with the daughter of the subject, who called 911, and was inside the residence with the subject. The daughter stated that her dad had a loaded rifle and he was seeing a group of men in the backyard that were trying to break into their house. The local officers were out at the residence earlier and searched the area, but no evidence of anyone being present was found. The CO took up a position to secure the scene and take up a vantage point on the residence and subjects within. The officer on the phone with the daughter was able to get her to leave the residence to a safe location. Once the daughter was secure the subject with the rifle appeared in the doorway of the residence. The CO and other officers surrounded the subject and ordered him down to the ground. CO Schiller helped place the subject under arrest. The individual was taken to the local hospital for mental evaluations.

While on patrol CO Adam Schiller noticed individuals walking down a dike system in the Maple River SGA. One of the individuals had an air powered pellet rifle. The CO observed the individuals and witnessed the subject with the pellet rifle shoot at red squirrels. The CO then contacted the individuals and asked to see licenses. The subject was unable to produce a small game license but stated that he had one. After the CO ran the subject through licensing, it was found that the individual did not have a current small game license. The subject was cited for hunting small game with no license.


CO Anna Cullen was patrolling Muskegon County when she observed an ORV crossing a public roadway to get to a gas station. CO Cullen contacted the individual, who was not wearing a helmet or eye protection and explained the violations she observed. The dirt bike did not have the proper licensing. Through further investigation it was found that the operator was on probation for assault and battery convictions. Due to the cooperation of the individual, CO Cullen issued a citation for the licensing violations and gave verbal warnings for the remainder of the violations.

CO Anna Cullen was patrolling northern Muskegon County when she observed an unregistered dirt bike illegally operating on a public highway. CO Cullen turned around her patrol truck and activated her emergency lights and sirens to initiate a traffic stop on the individual. Upon making contact, the operator advised that he was on probation, and did not think he needed to register the bike. CO Cullen explained the violations to the individual and issued a citation for the illegal operation of an unregistered ORV on a public highway. Warnings were issued for the remainder of the licensing violations.

CO Anna Cullen assisted Grand Haven State Park staff and Grand Haven Public Safety in patrolling the state park over the weekend. Upon entering the parking lot of the park, an individual driving a large truck was observed doing a “burn out” near multiple vehicles and pedestrians. Due to their disregard for human safety in a public place, the driver was issued a citation for Reckless Driving.

CO Casey Varriale was on patrol in the Rogue River SGA where he witnessed four minors drinking alcohol at the Clear Lake access site. The four individuals were from different households and were given verbal warnings for the Covid-19 Executive Office (EO) violation regarding social distancing. The minors were told to pour out their remaining alcohol and cited for the minor in possession violations. Their parents were called, and the parents picked the minors up and drove them home.

CO Casey Varriale was on patrol in southern Kent County where he witnessed an individual operating an ORV. The suspect drove through a stop sign without stopping. A traffic stop was conducted. The suspect did not have a driver’s license on his person and not enough seats for the toddlers riding on the ORV with him. The suspect was cited for operating the ORV in a closed county and given verbal warnings for the remaining two violations.

CO Robert Slick was enroute to the radio shop in Rockford when a vehicle passed him at a high rate of speed. CO Slick managed to catch up to the vehicle when they got caught in traffic. CO Slick initiated a traffic stop and informed the driver that he was stopped due to excessive speed. The driver admitted he was going too fast and stated he was going 120 mph when he passed CO Slick. CO Slick returned to his vehicle and ran the individual though LEIN. He returned to have a suspended license. Citations were issued for the violations.

CO Justin Ulberg received information from an informant of a group of individuals who dumped a couch on state land in Ottawa County. CO Ulberg responded to the area and located the described vehicle a short distance away from where the couch was dumped. CO Ulberg spoke with the occupants of the vehicle who claimed they were going to put the couch in a tepee they were planning on building on state land. CO Ulberg pointed out that it did not appear the couch was going anywhere further than in the parking lot where the individuals placed it. A citation was issued for litter and the subject removed the couch from state land.

While patrolling in Kent County, CO Justin Ulberg had a vehicle pass him at a high rate of speed and was swerving in and out of traffic on the expressway. CO Ulberg was able to catch up to the vehicle and used his radar unit to determine the vehicle was travelling at 110 mph. CO Ulberg conducted a traffic stop and the subject was issued a citation for the violation.

CO Jackie Miskovich was patrolling a piece of property for ORV activity when she found an empty car. After looking around the car, CO Miskovich found a container of worms and fishing poles in the back seat. The stream on the property was currently closed for fishing and possessing fishing equipment. CO Miskovich worked her way down the bank and was able to hear the individuals on the stream; once located, contact was made. The two individuals were fishing for trout and had heard this stream was good. CO Miskovich informed them that the stream was currently closed to fishing to which they adamantly stated that it was open. Besides fishing a closed stream, it was found that the individuals did not have current year fishing licenses, and they were also recreationally trespassing with their vehicle. A citation was issued to both individuals.

CO Jackie Miskovich was contacted by CO Jeff Ginn from Newaygo County asking if she could assist Newaygo County deputies with a wildlife case they were on. CO Miskovich patrolled up to the area and found that there had been a turkey and a ruffed grouse shot by two different subjects. Both subjects admitted to shooting the turkey and the grouse. The individual who shot the turkey admitted they did not have a turkey tag, which was verified. When the deputies contacted the three individuals, before CO Miskovich had arrived, two of them had loaded guns, but none were wearing hunter orange, and the individual who shot the grouse tried to throw it into the bushes, to which the Newaygo deputy made them pick it back up. All three individuals stated they were small game hunting. Charges are being sought on all three subjects for an illegal turkey, an illegal grouse, and failing to wear hunter orange while small game hunting.

CO Kyle McQueer was patrolling Barry SGA when he heard multiple gun shots nearby. He patrolled the area of the shots and witnessed an individual quickly jump into the driver’s seat of a vehicle and start to leave. CO McQueer pulled up to the vehicle and contacted the occupants who indicated they were hunting for turkey. Two uncased shotguns were observed in the vehicle and both were loaded in the barrel when checked. A citation was issued for the safety violation of transporting loaded weapons in a vehicle.

CO Carter Woodwyk placed a trail camera on the Allegan SGA property in Allegan County and captured pictures of a subject dumping tires. The CO followed up with the suspect at his residence who admitted to dumping the tires. The suspect believed the other tires were there to be picked up by a garbage service because they were piled up near the road, so he thought a few more would not be a problem. The suspect was asked to clean up the entire parking area and properly dispose of the contents.

CO Carter Woodwyk was patrolling Allegan County for ORV activity when he observed two ORVs operating on the county roadway. The CO stopped the subjects and discovered they had just exited a gated and blocked off trail that ran through the Allegan SGA. The subjects were escorted back to their residence where they were both cited for operating ORVs in a closed area.

While patrolling Kalamazoo County, CO James Nason responded to a 911 call of a dog attacking a child. CO Nason was the first to arrive and he found an older woman holding a small towel on the face of a young boy. The 6-year-old had multiple lacerations to his face and had lost a significant amount of blood from the pit bull attack. CO Nason and other responders took over caring for the child while the grandmother appeared to be in shock. The child’s face was wrapped in bandages and he was transported to the hospital. The community started a “Go Fund Me” page for any care he will be receiving in the future. The initial goal was to raise $2,000, however the page has raised just shy of $40,000 and is still growing. Since the attack, CO Nason visited the victim at his residence to drop off a DNR “get well bag” and saw that he is doing much better.


CO Katie Baker was on patrol when she responded to a call from central dispatch regarding a subject in full arrest. CO Baker arrived on scene and was able to determine the patient was alive but shallowly breathing. Family suspected the patient had accidentally taken an overdose of Oxycodone again. Paramedics arrived immediately behind CO Baker and administered two rounds of Narcan. The patient immediately returned to normal vitals and was turned over to family for care.

CO Todd Thorn was patrolling through the Dansville SGA when he observed a suspicious looking vehicle parked along a two-track which was closed to vehicles. CO Thorn drove down the track and saw numerous beer cans thrown into the woods. The cans looked like they were thrown there recently. CO Thorn continued and found three men with a camp set up and trash thrown throughout the area. The beer cans on the two-track had the same date and stock number as those at the camp site. The individuals were found to be camping illegally, littering, destroying vegetation, using marijuana in a public place, and disobeying the EO. Warnings and a ticket were issued. The campers had to pack up and leave the area and cleaned up their litter.

CO Todd Thorn was dispatched at about 1:30 a.m. to the scene of a hunting incident where some young hunters were pursuing a coyote on railroad property when they accidentally shot a person who was walking the tracks. The victim was rushed to Sparrow Hospital in Lansing with a chest wound. CO Thorn is investigating the incident and will be seeking charges through the Ingham County Prosecutor’s Office.

CO Jeff Goss received a Report All Poaching (RAP) complaint where a leasee was turkey hunting when he watched a hunter on the bordering property shoot a turkey on his leased property. The hunter watched as the suspect got out of his blind and started to retrieve the turkey until he saw the complainant sitting in his blind. The suspect returned to his blind and was waiting for the complainant to leave. After an hour standoff between the two hunters, the complainant called the DNR. He explained the circumstances to CO Goss and explained that he figured the suspect was waiting for him to leave so he could grab the turkey. CO Goss was less than a mile from the complaint when it came in and was able to respond immediately. CO Goss and the complainant devised a plan and CO Goss was able to sneak up behind the complainant’s blind without the suspect seeing him. The complainant got out of the blind and CO Goss got into the blind. The complainant gathered his decoys and left. Within a few minutes the suspect came out of his blind and grabbed the turkey. Upon contacting the suspect, he denied shooting the turkey on the lease property. Blood, feathers and two shotgun wads proved the complainant’s story. The turkey was at least 40 yards onto the complainant’s property when the suspect shot it. The suspect was issued a ticket for recreational trespass.


CO Keven Luther patrolled along the Detroit River to Alter Road fishing pier. Upon exiting the area CO Luther observed a vehicle run a red light. CO Luther conducted a traffic stop and issued the driver a citation on scene.

CO Dave Schaumburger responded to a rollover crash in Monroe County to assist MSP and Monroe County Sheriff’s Department with the driver fleeing from the vehicle. The CO assisted the K-9 unit through a few backyards till the suspect gave up when he heard the dog bark. The suspect was taken into custody and is suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol.

COs Dave Schaumburger and Dan Walzak were on a late-night marine patrol when they came across a boat with two anglers who were drinking alcohol. The anglers were not in possession of fish, but they were in possession of alcohol while being a minor. The anglers were escorted back to their dock where the parents were waiting to pick them up. Based on the COs’ observations, the parents were not very happy with their kids’ decision-making skills that night.

COs Dave Schaumburger and Dan Walzak were on a late-night marine patrol checking walleye anglers when they came across a pair of anglers that said they had a “few” walleyes. The COs conducted a basic marine safety equipment check and when one of the anglers was looking for a fire extinguisher, he opened a compartment that, amongst other equipment and tackle, a walleye was hidden. CO Schaumburger thought that was odd as they had two live wells on the boat and asked for consent to search the boat. The CO asked them again how many walleyes they had, and the angler looked at his counter and stated, “12.”  Consent was given and the CO located 17 walleyes hidden throughout the boat in multiple live wells and compartments. The anglers were given tickets for possessing an over-limit of walleye. One of the anglers was upset that since he lived in Boyne, which was hundreds of miles away from home, that he had to return to go to court. CO Schaumburger stated he should have poached closer to his home and he would not have had that problem.

CO Dave Schaumburger received a complaint of an angler keeping a bass out of season. When the CO arrived, he saw the suspect walking away with a bucket. The CO asked the angler what he had in the bucket and the angler replied, “Green bass, give me a ticket.”  The angler further stated he did not care if he was getting a ticket and that the CO would be able to catch him tomorrow taking more bass. The angler has two prior tickets for over-limit of panfish and taking bass during the closed season. He was given a ticket for possessing bass during the closed season.

COs Ariel Young, Danny Walzak, and Brandon Vacek were contacted to help retrieve the body of a missing child that had been reported missing after he and his father failed to return from a fishing trip nearly a month ago. MSP needed a boat to get to the body and the COs were nearby and assisted in the efforts. Further investigation is being conducted by MSP.

CO Christopher Knights was patrolling south to a complaint on Lapeer Road, Oakland County. As a vehicle passed him in the other lane, CO Knights noticed the vehicle cross the center lane and almost hit the side of his patrol truck. As the vehicle got back into her lane and passed his patrol vehicle, CO Knights noticed the individual holding a cell phone up near her steering wheel. CO Knights conducted a traffic stop and spoke with the woman. CO Knights asked if she was texting and driving, she stated she was not and was using her phone for something else. CO Knights advised her that she almost hit his patrol truck and caused an accident. The woman had no idea that she crossed lanes. CO Knights advised her of the texting while driving laws and issued her a citation.

CO Jacob Griffin was patrolling for ORV activity near Ortonville Recreation Area when he heard MSP dispatch an ORV injury crash. CO Griffin immediately responded toward the given address. While in route it was communicated that emergency responders could not locate the address given. CO Griffin re-routed to come down the given road from a different direction. Within seconds after turning on the given roadway, CO Griffin discovered two dirt bikes and one driver in the roadway. First on scene, CO Griffin traversed about ten yards down an embankment into the woods to discover the other driver with road-rash, a broken femur, and a dislocated shoulder. EMS was immediately given the correct location while CO Griffin stabilized the subject. A short time later, EMS and MSP arrived. CO Griffin assisted EMS with lifting the subject out of the woods while MSP investigated the crash. The subject was transported to a nearby hospital but was suspected to be okay. During the investigation it was discovered that both ORVs were not legally allowed on a public roadway and the injured subject was operating while intoxicated. CO Griffin and an MSP trooper spoke with both subjects involved. Charges were submitted to the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office for review.

COs Justin Muehlhauser and Luke Robare worked the Flint River for the walleye opener. While monitoring activity at the Holloway Dam, the COs noticed two separate individuals who appeared to be keeping undersized walleye. Eventually, contact was made with the anglers and each had an undersized walleye in their possession. The anglers were cited for the violations.

CO Justin Muehlhauser was checking anglers in the early morning hours of the walleye opener. While checking one individual, it was discovered that the angler was in possession of an undersized walleye. The angler was cited for the violation.

CO Ben Lasher checked a little-known spot in Port Huron for fishing activity. CO Lasher found one angler by himself in the wind and rain after dark. As he watched for indications of any fish being caught, the angler left the area in his vehicle – leaving his lines unattended. CO Lasher walked down to the poles and found four poles with lines in the water. Approximately 30 minutes later the angler returned and denied the fourth pole being his – same set up and bait as the other three and when confronted with the facts the angler apologized for lying. One ticket issued for using too many lines and one ticket issued for unattended lines.

CO Ben Lasher had taken an ORV trespass complaint during early spring and checked the property numerous times without any suspects. Driving up to the spot where the machines come out of the property, CO Lasher observed a four-wheeler come out of the trail. The driver did not have a helmet and no visible ORV stickers. One ticket was issued for the ORV trespass and warnings given for the other violations.

CO Bob Watson received a complaint of anglers using more than three lines apiece. CO Watson arrived on scene and contacted two anglers with eight poles in their possession. The anglers stated a friend of theirs had just left moments before to take his son to a restroom. CO Watson waited approximately 30 minutes before the friend returned. CO Watson issued a citation for unattended fishing lines.

CO Breanna Reed was patrolling Marine City checking anglers. CO Reed contacted two anglers who were successful in catching their limit of walleye. Upon counting the walleye, it was determined that the anglers were over their limit. CO Reed asked the anglers why they had more than their allowed amount. The anglers said they were unaware and that they must not have counted correctly. Enforcement action was taken, and a citation was issued for over-limit of walleye.

CO Breanna Reed was working an evening shift checking shore anglers in St. Clair County. CO Reed pulled into a popular park as an angler had been walking up the hill from the river with two walleye. CO Reed asked to see the angler’s license, he was unable to present a current fishing license. A citation was issued for possession of fish without a license.

COs Raymond Gardner and Jaime Salisbury worked on a turkey baiting complaint. CO Salisbury met with the complainant and was shown on a map where the bait was located. CO Salisbury then went to the location and found cracked corn spread around a pop-up blind. The next day CO Salisbury shared this information with CO Gardner so they could both monitor the location. Before the end of his shift, CO Gardner checked on the location and noticed the gate to the property was open. At that time, CO Gardner proceeded to the location given to him by CO Salisbury and found the suspect in the hunting blind. When asked, the suspect stated that the hunting blind and equipment were his, but he did not put the corn out. He also told CO Gardner that he thought there might have been corn on the ground, but he did not know if it was corn for sure. CO Gardner asked the suspect if anyone else hunted the property and he said no. CO Gardner issued him a citation for using bait while hunting turkey.

CO Joseph Deppen conducted surveillance on a local fishing pier for anglers keeping bass during the closed season. After a couple hours of surveillance and no one keeping bass, COs Kris Kiel and Brad Silorey conducted fish checks on the 25 anglers. Three citations for possession of live gobies and two citations for fishing without a license were written.

CO Kris Kiel drove the Pursuit down to Milliken State Park to dock it for the marine season. On his way down, CO Kiel observed a small blue aluminum vessel, possibly trolling with four lines. COs Kiel and Brad Silorey conducted a marine patrol the following day and found the same vessel, trolling a different part of Lake St. Clair. The lone angler was fishing with four lines. A citation was written.

COs Joseph Deppen and Breanna Reed were checking vessels coming into the launch in St. Clair County. CO Deppen was speaking with an angler who was pulling his vessel out of the water. The angler told the COs he got his limit. Upon inspection of his fish, CO Deppen determined that not only did the angler catch his limit of walleye, but the angler was over his daily possession limit. When questioned about catching more than his legal limit, the angler said, “I had trouble counting, but since they are alive, I’ll just throw some back.”  The angler was cited for possessing an over-limit of walleye.

CO Joseph Deppen was conducting surveillance when he noticed a vessel operating close to shore at a high rate of speed. CO Deppen got in position and using a range finder determined the individual was less than 100 feet from shore and traveling at 40 mph. The driver zipped up and down the shoreline before heading toward a fishing pier. The driver drove so close to the pier he cut three fishing lines and two poles went into the water. The anglers onshore were not happy. CO Deppen observed the careless operation for more than thirty minutes. The driver then came closer to shore and into the boat launch. CO Deppen noticed the shore anglers noticing the boat coming into the launch, they started packing up and headed toward the boat launch. CO Deppen drove around and met the boat at the dock just as a group of four anglers was approaching and yelling at the boat driver. CO Deppen separated the parties and issued the operator a citation for operating at speeds greater than reasonable. He was given warnings on slow no wake, no paper registration aboard, and fail to register a vessel within fifteen days of purchase.

COs Brad Silorey and Kris Kiel were on patrol checking walleye anglers returning to shore after fishing the Detroit River. While waiting for multiple anglers to pull their boat off the water, one angler loaded his boat, got into his vehicle, and quickly headed towards the exit without securing his equipment. CO Silorey quickly ran back to his vehicle and was able to stop the angler right before he made it out onto the main road. CO Silorey asked the angler why he was in such a hurry, and why he did not secure his gear. The angler stated that he does not drive far, and he never stows away any of his equipment. CO Silorey conducted a check of the man’s fish and fishing license. The subject was in possession of seven walleye, which is one over his daily possession limit. The subject stated, “Yeah, I guess I got greedy today.”  A citation was issued for the over-limit of walleye.

CO Jaime Salisbury received a complaint of a person walking their dogs in the wildlife refuge. CO Salisbury was close by and responded to the area. When CO Salisbury arrived, he witnessed three people crawling under a gate with a sign on it that read “Wildlife Refuge, do not enter.”  CO Salisbury asked why they were back in the refuge and they said they just wanted to look around. CO Salisbury explained to them that area is closed to everyone and that included them. A citation was issued for entering area while posted against.

CO Jaime Salisbury assisted the Lapeer County Sheriff’s Department in the search for a suspect at large of a home invasion. The individual was located after approximately two hours of searching and lodged on charges of breaking and entering.

CO Brandon Hartleben was working the last day of the inland walleye closure on the Huron River and contacted several groups fishing at North and South Hydro Park after dark. Subjects in each group were found to be in possession of walleye during the closed season. The walleye were seized and/or released back into the river and several citations were issued for taking/possessing walleye during the closed season.

CO Brandon Hartleben was checking kayak anglers returning to the launch at Four Mile Lake in the Chelsea SGA when a subject on an ORV was spotted driving down the road to the launch. CO Hartleben contacted the subject who was pulling a small trailer full of fishing gear behind the ORV. When asked what he was doing with the ORV at the SGA, the subject replied that he was planning on going fishing. The subject did not have on a helmet, the ORV was unregistered, and the subject had traveled down a main county road to get to the SGA from a nearby residence. The subject was issued a citation for the violations and was escorted back to his residence.

CO Nicholas Ingersoll received a complaint that a vehicle was stuck on the beach in Sterling State Park. CO Ingersoll responded to the state park and observed a Ford F150 stuck on a pile of rocks on the beach. CO Ingersoll asked the driver what he was doing out on the beach and he advised CO Ingersoll that he was camping there for the night because he was homeless. CO Ingersoll asked whose vehicle he was driving because it had a US Silica logo on the side and was a company vehicle. The driver stated that a buddy he was fishing with let him borrow it to move some stuff. He stated that he only knew his buddy for half a day, and he was going to return it back to the fishing spot once he was done using it. He stated that he did not know his fishing partner’s last name or have a contact for him. CO Ingersoll contacted the US Silica Mining company and they advised their vehicle was stolen on Monday. CO Ingersoll arrested the driver for possession of a stolen vehicle and the driver was lodged at the Monroe County Jail without incident.

CO Nicholas Ingersoll was checking anglers near the state line, who were fishing in Halfway Creek. CO Ingersoll contacted an angler who was fishing, and he advised he just bought his license the other day and that CO Ingersoll did not need to run him. CO Ingersoll ran a file and license check on the individual and it was determined that he had not bought a 2020 fishing license. It was also determined that the angler had 14 outstanding warrants out of Detroit. The angler was advised and released on his warrants and issued a citation for fishing without a license.

CO Nicholas Ingersoll was checking anglers at the DTE Energy Hot Ponds in the City of Monroe when he contacted an angler who had a bucket full of white bass. CO Ingersoll asked the angler how many fish he had, and the angler stated around ten white bass. CO Ingersoll counted the angler’s white bass and advised him that he had miscounted and had 18 white bass. CO Ingersoll issued the angler a citation for possessing an over-limit of white bass.

CO Nicholas Ingersoll received a complaint of ORVs riding back in the Pointe Aux Peaux SGA. CO Ingersoll responded to the call and located four ORVs leaving the game area at 9:00 p.m. CO Ingersoll contacted all the individuals and asked what they were doing. They stated they were out enjoying the lake and just wanted to go for a ride. CO Ingersoll advised the individuals that the game area is closed to ORV use. They stated they did not know that and have been doing it for years. CO Ingersoll also asked the individuals where their helmets and ORV licenses were. They advised they left them at home, and just were out cruising around enjoying the night. CO Ingersoll issued the riders citations for No ORV License and warned them for the ORV Trespass and operating an ORV without a helmet.

CO Andrew Monnich was talking to several kayakers on the Raisin River in Tecumseh educating them on Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs) when an individual from the group took off on a kayak down the river without a PFD. CO Monnich got into his patrol truck and went down river and waited for the individual who was not happy to see him. Education was given on PFD safety and a citation was issued for failing to have one on the kayak.

CO Eric Smither assisted MSP troopers in the search for an individual who ran from a rollover crash into a nearby woodlot. CO Smither assisted with setting a perimeter and backed the officers up after the suspect was spotted in the field and taken into custody by MSP.

CO Keven Luther patrolled Belle Isle Park. During his assigned patrol, CO Luther issued two citations for entering a non-designated area, the old zoo.

COs Justin Muehlhauser and Ray Gardner received a call about a possible felonious assault on Belle Isle. The COs met with the complainant and confirmed that a felonious assault took place. The COs searched the area where the suspect was last seen but were unable to locate the suspect. Another witness stated that the suspect was picked up on Lakeshore Drive and likely fled the island.

While patrolling Belle Isle, Sgt. Jason Becker noticed that traffic was very congested and moving very slowly around Sunset Point and around on The Strand. Sgt. Becker then observed the cause of the congestion was a vehicle moving slowly with a subject sitting on the roof while the vehicle was in motion. When Sgt. Becker conducted a traffic stop, he noticed that the driver was the person on the roof, and he was the only one in the vehicle. The subject described that he was sitting on the roof and steering with his feet through the sunroof of the vehicle. Sgt. Becker discussed all the possible outcomes of operating in this manner. The driver was issued a citation for careless driving and given a warning for no proof of insurance.

COs Raymond Gardner and Justin Muehlhauser were on patrol on Belle Isle when they noticed a man trying to climb a fence to get out of the zoo. CO Gardner and Muehlhauser entered the zoo to locate and remove the suspect. While searching, they found a woman sitting on the boardwalk. When asked why she was in the zoo, she told the COs that she was having a bad day and needed to get out of the house. While CO Muehlhauser was talking with the woman, CO Gardner found the original suspect they went into the zoo looking for. CO Gardner asked the man why he was in the zoo and the man said he was looking for his friends. While getting ready to exit, CO Gardner noticed another woman come into view, notice COs Gardner and Muehlhauser, then try and sneak back the way she came. CO Gardner told the woman to turn around and come over to him. The woman complied and brought her boyfriend with her. When CO Muehlhauser asked the couple why they were in the zoo, they told him that a lady pointed out a hole in the fence to them and they decided to check the place out. All four suspects were issued tickets for enter, use, occupy when posted against and given warnings for trespassing.

CO Joseph Deppen was on patrol on Belle Isle when a motorcycle passed him on the bridge at 62 mph. The motorcycle was weaving in and out of traffic, so a traffic stop could not safely be conducted. CO Deppen waited for the motorcycle near the zoo and made a traffic stop as the rider was coming around the bend. The operator was cited for speeding 62 mph in a 25 mph.