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6/14/2020 - 6/27/2020


Conservation Officer (CO) Jenni Hanson was contacted by an Ontonagon County resident regarding a nuisance bear that had ripped the screen and entered her screened porch. CO Hanson set a bear trap and within 24 hours caught the problem bear. Before releasing to the wild, the bear was evaluated by a Department of Natural (DNR) Wildlife biologist.

CO Jenni Hanson assisted the Gogebic County deputies on a call regarding a suicidal male subject with a knife. When the officers arrived, the subject was very compliant and surrendered the knife. The subject was transported by officers to Aspirus Grandview Hospital for evaluation.

CO Doug Hermanson stopped an off-road vehicle (ORV) for operating along the state highway in Keweenaw County. The operator claimed to be low on fuel and nervous about running out of gas in the area due to bears. CO Hermanson educated the subject on ORV regulations and directed him back to the trail system.

CO Zach Painter was on patrol and observed a subject fishing from a pier on Lake Gogebic. The angler admitted to not having a fishing license. CO Painter issued the angler a citation for fishing without a license.

COs Zach Painter and Ethen Mapes were patrolling Lake Gogebic and checked a boat with several anglers. One subject could not provide a fishing license but swore that he had purchased one. A check with DNR Station 20 revealed that the subject had never purchased a Michigan license in his life. After talking with the angler further, it was determined that he had not actually purchased a license. A citation was issued.

CO Jenni Hanson was the closest unit to respond to a residence where a three-year old child went missing. After a brief search of the area, the child was located under the couch cushions where he hid to avoid nap time.

CO Anna Viau contacted two men fishing from a boat on the Menominee River in Dickinson County. Upon approaching their boat, she noticed the boat had a 2019 registration sticker. The boat operator admitted he did not have any personal floatation devices (PFDs) onboard and that his fire extinguisher was empty, but he thought he had renewed the boat registration in 2019. After confirming through the radio that he did renew his boat registration last year, CO Viau issued the man a citation for failing to provide PFDs and gave him verbal warnings for the other violations.

CO Viau assisted the Iron County Sheriff’s Office with the search for a missing man in Caspian. The elderly individual had become confused and wandered away from home. Deputies were able to locate the man quickly in a forested ravine. Thankfully, he only had minor injuries. CO Viau assisted the other officers and Iron County Search and Rescue with getting the man safely out of the ravine and into the ambulance.

While storing the patrol boat after a long day of marine patrol, CO Viau heard radio traffic of a motorcycle versus car crash on a busy highway close to the Norway DNR office. CO Viau arrived on scene to find the motorcycle operator doing well, with only minor injuries and he had been wearing a helmet. The occupants of the car were uninjured. CO Viau assisted Norway Police Department with processing of the scene.

CO Jeffrey Dell conducted multiple dedicated ORV patrols in complaint areas. Two citations were issued for careless operation and operating an ORV without a helmet.

CO Jeffrey Dell partnered with a member of the Wild Rivers Invasive Species Coalition at the Cedar River Harbor. Boats from as far away as Kansas were inspected for aquatic invasive species and cleaned at the harbor.

Sergeant (Sgt.) Brian Bacon, Corporals (Cpls.) Mike Hammill and Marvin Gerlach, and COs Jeremy Sergey, Jared Ferguson, Rob Freeborn, Cody Smith, and Anna Viau assisted with the Presidential security detail for President Donald Trump’s visit to Marinette Marine in Marinette, Wisconsin. Utilizing three patrol vessels, the officers patrolled the Menominee River between Marinette and Menominee, helping to secure the perimeter of the presidential security zone, along with many other local, state, and federal agencies. The officers did not encounter any issues during the President’s visit.

On the way back to Iron County after the presidential security detail, CO Anna Viau observed an ORV operating on the side of a federal highway in Menominee County. Upon stopping the ORV, CO Viau advised the operator and passenger of the potential consequences of their decision, gave them a verbal warning for the violation, and ensured they chose a safer route for the short distance they had to go to their destination.

While patrolling a series of small lakes in Dickinson County, CO Anna Viau contacted several boaters. Several verbal warnings were issued, including for no fishing license in possession, no PFD on kayak, and no fire extinguisher on a boat. CO Viau contacted one family fishing in a canoe. The young boy in the canoe was wearing a PFD; however, there were no PFDs for the two adults. CO Viau issued a citation to one of the adults for failure to provide a PFD.

While patrolling a small lake in Dickinson County, CO Anna Viau contacted a family that was just pulling their boat up to shore. After ensuring the boat had the proper marine equipment for the three passengers that had been on board, CO Viau checked the two Smallmouth bass one of the anglers had in the live well. Both fish were shorter than the minimum size requirement of 14 inches. CO Viau issued the man a citation for the violation and released the fish back into the lake.

While at a boat launch in southern Iron County, CO Anna Viau observed a man drive past the boat wash provided and begin to prepare to launch his boat. CO Viau contacted the man and advised him of the regulations regarding Aquatic Invasive Species and the potential consequences of not washing his boat in between different bodies of water. CO Viau gave the man a verbal warning for not washing his boat.

CO Anna Viau received a complaint early one morning about a large pile of trash that was burning on commercial forest property near a small lake in southwestern Iron County. Shortly before arriving on scene, CO Viau detected a pungent odor of burning garbage. After contacting the complainant, CO Viau investigated a large garbage pile composed of construction/demolition debris, household garbage, an old camper trailer, and medical waste. The pile was smoldering in a couple locations after burning through the night. Due the nature of the property owner’s vocation, it was easy to identify to whom it belonged. CO Viau interviewed the owner of the property and obtained a confession to the accumulation of garbage at that location. Charges are pending with the Iron County prosecutor. CO Viau also gave the man a verbal warning for placing a sign on the gate prohibiting access to the commercial forest property.

COs John Kamps and Josh Boudreaux pulled up alongside an ORV that was illegally operating on Highway M-95 in Marquette County. The moment the operator and passenger realized who was in the vehicle next to them, they immediately attempted to hide their alcoholic beverages. A stop was made on the ORV and a citation was issued for operating an ORV on a state highway along with a warning for transporting open intoxicants.

CO Josh Boudreaux responded to a report of beer cans, PFDs, and other assorted debris floating down the Escanaba River in Marquette County. The caller, concerned that someone may have overturned and been swept away due to the high water, prompted her to call. CO Boudreaux floated a six-mile stretch of the river from the Gwinn area down to the complainant’s residence without locating any additional debris or indications of distressed paddlers.

CO Josh Boudreaux was patrolling the Dead River Basin in Marquette County when he observed two personal watercrafts (PWCs) operating without any registration or MC numbers displayed. CO Boudreaux contacted the pair and discovered both operators to be juveniles without boater’s safety certificates and having adult supervision. CO Boudreaux escorted the two back to their camp and explained the regulations and additional hazards associated with operating a PWC. CO Boudreaux showed the juveniles where to find the boater’s safety course and advised they complete it as an alternative to enforcement action.

CO Cody Smith was patrolling Keweenaw Bay when he recognized a vessel trolling for fish. CO Smith observed the vessel for a while before checking it knowing the owner generally does well and often fishes by themselves. Upon observing the vessel, CO Smith noticed an occupant reeling in a line. CO Smith quickly closed distance on the vessel as they completed reeling in that line and started to reel in another line. CO Smith conducted a routine fishing and marine inspection and checked their fish. CO Smith asked how many lines were in the water before he approached. The angler stated, “I have three in now” as they looked to the remaining lines. CO Smith asked about the two he observed reeled in as he approached the vessel. The angler admitted they were in the water and claimed to be changing lines out. CO Smith explained the law to the angler again. A citation was issued to the angler for running more than three lines.

CO Cody Smith was at his house when a local resident knocked on his door at approximately 8 p.m. Friday, June 19, informing him of a doe in distress on Spruce Street in L’Anse. CO Smith responded to the area to find the doe had passed away. CO Smith noticed that the doe was lactating meaning there were possible fawns nearby. Upon looking closer there was a suspected gunshot wound from a small caliber rifle near the breast of the deer. While talking to residents in the area, it was found that shots were heard in a wooded section earlier that evening behind the L’Anse Highschool baseball fields. CO Smith, with the help of residents, also located two fawns in the area that were suspected to be from the doe. Both fawns were observed, and after no return of a doe to their location, they were caught and transferred to a wildlife rehabilitator. The fawns are suspected to be about two weeks old based off observation from residents watching one birthed in their yard. CO Smith performed a necropsy on the doe and confirmed internal damage consistent with that of a small caliber rifle. If any information is known on who shot this doe in the village of L’Anse, please contact the Report All Poaching (RAP) hotline at 800-292-7800.

CO John Kamps contacted two individuals fishing on a boat. When the CO asked for their fishing license, both individuals stated that their fishing license was back at camp. The CO did a fishing license check and determined both individuals had failed to buy a fishing license for several years. An inspection of the boat determined it to be unregistered and did not have a fire extinguisher onboard. A citation was issued for the marine violations and they were offered the chance to purchase their fishing licenses instead of additional tickets.

CO John Kamps received a complaint from central dispatch that a group of individuals were driving their PWC recklessly at the Greenwood Reservoir. CO Kamps and a Michigan State Police (MSP) trooper responded to the scene to find an individual operating a PWC without a PFD. A citation was issued. The CO later contacted the complainant fishing on the reservoir who was very thankful for the quick response.

CO John Kamps stopped an ORV for riding double as it was pulling into a gas station. Upon the stop it was determined that the operator was driving on a suspended driver’s license and had multiple warrants out for his arrest including one for aggravated assault. The female riding on the back of the ORV was pregnant. The ORV was parked at the gas station and the operator was cited for the safety violation. The operator was also released on bond for the warrants and given a court date. A ride was arranged to safely get the operator and his pregnant girlfriend back to their residence.

CO John Kamps was on marine patrol when he started to approach an individual trolling. As CO Kamps was approaching the boat, he could clearly see two undersize pike dragging in a fish basket next to the boat. During the check the CO mentioned that it looked like the pike in the basket were undersize. The individual fishing stated, “I guarantee they are undersize” and explained that he just wanted to catch a few of the pike out of the lake because he thought there were too many. The individual received a citation for possessing undersize pike.

CO Josh Boudreaux was patrolling Big Bay Harbor in Marquette County when he noticed a fishing pole lying on the sidewalk near the water. Upon closer inspection CO Boudreaux found that someone had wound the fishing line around the mooring cleat and dropped a hook with a crawler into the water. Nearby was another fishing pole, a grill, and some assorted camping gear but nobody nearby to be found. CO Boudreaux hunkered down in the woods and watched the pole, waiting for someone to return. Over an hour later a sailboat pulled up and moored near where the fishing pole was located. The boat operator began fiddling around with the camping gear nearby and repeatedly looked over at the pole. The subject cracked open a beer and fell asleep in his lawn chair with his feet kicked up. CO Boudreaux walked over to the man’s location and tapped him on the foot. As the man awoke, CO Boudreaux stated, “You’ve got a fish on!”  The man jumped up and ran over to the pole that had been unattended and began reeling it in. Suddenly the man realized the situation he was in and admitted to leaving the pole unattended but said he thought it was legal and he has been doing it his whole life. CO Boudreaux explained that if it were legal, everyone who lived near a body of water would have their fishing lines out at all times and the fishery would not stand a chance. The man was issued a citation for an unattended line.

CO Josh Boudreaux followed up on a complaint of after-hours boating on Little Shag Lake in Gwinn. CO Boudreaux contacted both complainants and suspects and the individuals in violation were given a warning for violating the local watercraft control and advised that enforcement action would be taken should there be any further issues.


CO Mike Evink assisted MSP with their search for an individual who was wanted in connection with an attempted homicide.

CO Mike Evink assisted commercial fish officers in attempting to locate an unmarked net in Lake Michigan.

CO Robert Freeborn was getting ready to launch his boat when he overheard an MSP trooper ask for assistance with a domestic situation where the suspect took off on foot. CO Freeborn was close to the area and was on scene within minutes. CO Freeborn assisted MSP for a perimeter around the area and attempted to locate the suspect. After several hours of looking, the suspect went back to the residence where the incident took place. The suspect was arrested for domestic violence and lodged by MSP.

CO Robert Freeborn received a call from Station 20 early in the morning regarding a possible arson and that local dispatch was looking for a conservation officer. CO Freeborn contacted local dispatch who advised a possible arson and no MSP currently on. CO Freeborn advised he would check it out and let them know the extent. Upon arrival, CO Freeborn was directed to a pile of debris smoldering. After further investigation it was determined that a second party had lit the pile of debris and was part of an active investigation by the local city police. Information was turned over.

CO Mark Zitnik responded to a complaint in Trenary where a family had taken four baby racoons into their home to raise. The CO arrived and informed the family they were not allowed to keep raccoons. The father was given a verbal warning for keeping the animals captive and turned them over to CO Zitnik who returned them to the wild.

COs Colton Gelinas and Mark Zitnik were on ORV patrol near Grand Marais when they were dispatched to a two-vehicle accident just outside of town with one driver with very slow breathing trapped in his vehicle. The COs were the first officers on scene and assisted the fire department and emergency medical services (EMS) with extracting the driver from the crushed vehicle. The COs conducted traffic control until MSP troopers arrived.

COs Steve Butzin and Mark Zitnik were on marine patrol checking anglers from Munising to Grand Marais. When they reached the Grand Marais pier, they noticed a woman in the 50-degree water holding her large dog at the bottom of the pier. The COs asked if they were all right and needed help. The woman replied her dog fell off the pier and was unable to scale the ten-foot walls and she is unable to get him up the ladder. CO Zitnik got into his swimming gear and swam to the woman and carried the dog up the ladder. Once on top of the pier, the woman was happy that her hypothermic dog was all right and was thankful the COs had arrived at the right time.

COs Steve Butzin and Mark Zitnik were patrolling in Munising Bay when they observed three young kayakers without PFDs. The young group was educated on the importance of PFDs and given a verbal warning. The kayakers went back to their hotel to get their PFDs.

COs Steve Butzin and Andrea Dani were requested by the MSP in a man hunt for a subject wanted for attempted murder in Schoolcraft County. COs assisted using their patrol trucks to get to abandoned locations where the subject was thought to be hiding. While searching, MSP received a tip that the suspect was at a residence in a rural portion of the county. COs responded to the location where it was determined the suspect was in fact hiding out. COs assisted MSP in surrounding the residence to prevent the suspect from escaping. After a short while, the suspect was able to be ordered out of the residence and was taken into custody by the MSP without incident.

As CO Steve Butzin and Andrea Dani were clearing the scene from assisting the MSP, they observed a vehicle pull out in front of them and immediately begin swerving on and off the gravel shoulder of the roadway. A traffic stop was conducted on the vehicle. The driver admitted to drinking stating, “I’ve had way too much to be driving.”  The subject failed all standardized field sobriety tests. The subject was given a preliminary breath test (PBT) which held a .270%, over three times the legal limit. The subject was arrested and lodged at the Schoolcraft County Jail for operating a motor vehicle with a high blood alcohol content.

CO Steve Butzin was patrolling Masonville Township when he contacted several ORVs. The operators of the ORVs were found to be riding on a state highway, without helmets and without ORV permits. A citation was issued for operating an ORV without a helmet.

CO Steve Butzin was patrolling Garden Township serving an arrest warrant to an individual for reckless discharge of a firearm and attempting to take a protected species. While in the Garden area CO Butzin observed a vehicle pull out of a residence and immediately begin driving left of center making abrupt jerks. A traffic stop was conducted on the vehicle. The driver was found to be operating on a suspended driver’s license and had four outstanding felony warrants. A search of the vehicle led to a baggy containing a white crystal substance. A field test of the substance was conducted which tested positive for methamphetamine. The driver was arrested and lodged at the Delta County Jail for driving on a suspended license, his outstanding warrants, and for possession of methamphetamine. A total of approximately 3.0 grams of methamphetamine were seized. The subject currently sits in the jail on almost a $200,000 bond.

CO Chris Lynch was on patrol when he observed a pickup truck operating on an ORV route prohibited to motor vehicles exceeding 65 inches wide. A traffic stop was conducted and contact with the operator was made. The operator stated he knew he was not supposed to be on the trail with his truck, but he was just looking to take a shortcut. Upon running a file check on the vehicle and the driver, it was determined the license plate was registered to a different vehicle. It was further determined the pickup truck was unregistered and the driver did not have insurance on the vehicle. It was determined the driver received citations in the past for driving without insurance. The driver received a citation for driving a motor vehicle exceeding 65 inches wide on the trail.

COs Chris Lynch and Steve Butzin were on marine safety patrol when they checked an angler in a kayak. The COs asked for a fishing license and the suspect was unable to produce one. A check on the subject’s license purchase history determined he did not have one. The subject received a citation for fishing without a license.

CO Chris Lynch received a complaint of a goose that was wounded on the lakeshore. CO Lynch located the wounded goose and the goose had to be put down. A second goose was located that was already deceased. After CO Lynch gathered evidence and conducted numerous interviews, CO Lynch suspected the geese were poached. A necropsy was conducted on the geese and a .22-inch diameter bullet hole was located. CO Lynch developed a suspect and subsequently COs Steve Butzin and Lynch interviewed the suspect. The suspect confessed to shooting at a flock of geese on the shoreline in his backyard a total of five times in the past month. He stated he used a .22 long rifle and shot a full ten round magazine at them, each time shooting towards the lake. A total of 48 empty .22 casings were recovered. While the COs were on scene, two kayakers and three boats were directly behind where the suspect was previously shooting. The suspect was shooting within the safety zone of multiple residences which he did not have permission to do. The rifle and empty casings were seized, and a report is being submitted to the Delta County Prosecutor’s Office for illegally taking geese and discharging a firearm in the safety zone of multiple houses.

COs Andrea Dani and Mark Zitnik were on patrol when they were dispatched to a tree fallen on a power line that caused a spreading fire near AuTrain Trail and M-28. COs responded to the area, but the fire was out upon arrival.

CO Cole VanOosten was on marine patrol of South Manistique Lake when he observed two individuals fishing in kayaks. The wind was picking up and white cap waves were starting to be present. CO VanOosten contacted the individuals and determined that they were both young kids with the oldest being 12 years old. When asked if they had any PFDs, they stated that they did not. CO VanOosten accompanied the young kayakers to the cabin where they were staying and educated them and their parents on the importance of having a PFD while kayaking.

COs Cole VanOosten and Colton Gelinas were on patrol of South Manistique Lake when they observed a couple fishing. Upon contact one of the individuals stated that she was a member of Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians and did not have her inland harvest license on her person. A subsequent call to the Sault Tribe law enforcement office determined that she did not have a valid fishing license for 2020. A citation was issued to the woman for fishing without an inland harvest card.

COs Colton Gelinas and Justin Vinson were on patrol in northern Luce County when they observed two anglers at a local river. The COs approached the two anglers and it was determined that they had in possession 31 Brook trout between the two of them; the state limit is five Brook trout per person. Citations were issued to both anglers for possessing an over-limit of Brook trout and possessing a short trout.

COs Colton Gelinas and Mark Zitnik were first on scene to a two-car personal injury accident in Alger County. The COs assisted local fire and EMS with traffic control and scene security. The COs took pictures and statements, then proceeded to turn the investigation over to local MSP troopers.

CO Colton Gelinas assisted DNR Wildlife Division with the collaring and release of a wolf in Mackinac County.

While conducting a marine patrol on the St. Mary’s River, CO Todd Sumbera contacted a boat with three individuals who were all fishing. When CO Sumbera asked to see fishing licenses, the individual at the back of the boat displayed his and the others remained still. CO Sumbera asked the other two individuals to see their fishing licenses, and the individual in the back of the boat stated that they were both 16 years old. CO Sumbera then asked for identification from the two individuals that failed to display a fishing license, both turned out to be 18 years old. A citation was issued for fishing without a license.

CO Todd Sumbera was patrolling a bay on the St. Mary’s River when he noticed a boat with what appeared to be too many fishing lines in the water. CO Sumbera glassed the boat, counting four lines in the water with one person on board. CO Sumbera watched the individual as he also looked back at him with binoculars; once realizing who it was, the individual immediately began reeling a line in. CO Sumbera contacted the individual who stated that he had just put the fourth line down and was getting ready to reel in another line. A citation was issued for fishing with more than three lines.

CO Todd Sumbera contacted two individuals fishing with a wire mesh basket hanging over the side of their boat. CO Sumbera asked to see what was in the basket; the individual in the back of the boat pulled up a small Northern pike. CO Sumbera measured the fish, which was 17 inches in length, well short of the required 24 inches. The individuals stated that they were going to throw the fish back if they caught a bigger fish or if it was the only fish that they caught for the day. A citation was issued for possessing an undersized Northern pike.

COs Justin Vinson and Todd Sumbera were patrolling the St. Mary’s River near Drummond Island when the COs spotted a large pontoon with several occupants. The COs observed the boat for several minutes, witnessing four adults fishing. When the COs pulled up to check licenses, all the adults handed the fishing poles to their children and claimed not to be fishing. It was concluded that three of the four adults fishing did not have a fishing license. Citations were issued for fishing without a license.


COs Andrea Albert and Andrea Erratt responded to a car versus bear accident on M-88 south of Bellaire. CO Albert took down the info to complete a UD-10 report and both COs checked the area where the driver said the bear limped up a hill, but the COs could not find the injured bear. A week later, CO Erratt received a RAP complaint from a man who had found a dead bear by a pond. CO Erratt checked the bear and it was less than two miles away from where it had been hit by the car. The complainant was glad it had not been poached.

CO Andrea Erratt received a complaint from a beekeeper in Charlevoix County about a nuisance bear going through his electric fence and destroying his beehives. CO Erratt set a bear trap and showed the beekeeper how to reset it, which he did several times after trapping numerous raccoons. Approximately two weeks after setting the bear trap, the beekeeper reported to CO Erratt that a bear was in the trap. After consulting with Wildlife Biologist Jennifer Kleitch about appropriate bear release sites, CO Erratt released the bear on state land more than 50 miles from the beehives.

While on an evening marine patrol on Torch Lake, CO Andrea Erratt checked a man fishing from a paddleboat. The man stated he had not purchased a fishing license even after the woman who rented them a cabin told them to buy licenses if they were going fishing. The angler said he was from the down state Detroit area and he did not expect to see the police. CO Erratt ticketed the man for fishing without a license.

CO Andrea Erratt was patrolling in the Jordan River Valley when she observed a car with no bumper and no license plate being operated on Jordan River Road. CO Erratt activated the emergency lights and then siren on her patrol truck and the driver did not pull over immediately. The driver finally drove into the Jordan River Fish Hatchery and stopped. The driver stated he was just trying to get off the road because every other time he was stopped by the police, they want him to get off the road. The driver said he did not have a driver’s license because his license was denied and revoked. The driver stated he was driving the car home for his friend who had just purchased the vehicle and she was following in a truck. CO Erratt ticketed the driver for driving while his license was suspended/denied or revoked second or subsequent offense. CO Erratt asked the new car owner if she could get someone else to drive the car to her home. When she brought the friend back, CO Erratt ran his license and his driver’s license was also suspended. They finally went to a friend’s house nearby, borrowed a car hauler, and loaded the newly purchased car to get it home.

CO Andrea Erratt received a complaint about ORVs being operated opposing the flow of traffic at high rates of speed going to and from a gas station. On Saturday, while in route to another ORV complaint in Lakes of the North, CO Erratt stopped two ORV operators in the area of the complaint. CO Erratt warned one ORV operator for operating his ORV opposing the flow of traffic and ticketed another operator for driving an unlicensed ORV.

CO Andrea Erratt received a complaint from a couple that live in Lakes of the North explaining that kids were tearing up the dirt roads while driving on quads and gave her directions to their house. CO Erratt patrolled to the area and observed ORV tracks fishtailing through the roadway. CO Erratt then stopped two 11-year old boys driving down the middle of the road. CO Erratt followed the boys to where their dads were building a new house and burning building materials and trees in a large bonfire. CO Erratt issued tickets to the dads for failing to license the quads and warned them for allowing their 11-year old sons to operate ORVs unsupervised with no ORV safety certificates. Fire danger was high that day, so CO Erratt also warned them for burning without a permit and illegal disposal of solid waste.

While on marine patrol on Ellsworth Lake, CO Andrea Erratt checked a family fishing on a dock who had a small Smallmouth bass in a bucket. The father said the bass was 11 inches long and they kept it because it swallowed the hook and he thought bass had to be 12 inches long. CO Erratt removed the hook and released the bass in the lake. CO Erratt ticketed the angler for possessing a Smallmouth bass less than the size limit of 14 inches.

After a marine patrol on Sunday, CO Andrea Erratt was parked on the side of a road to call a complainant when a side-by-side with a 2019 ORV license on the back drove by her. CO Erratt followed the operator into a field, and he said he had not gotten around to buying his ORV license yet. CO Erratt ticketed the man for operating an unlicensed ORV.

CO Erratt stopped a quad ORV as it came out of the driveway to the Chestonia access site on the Jordan River which is also a snowmobile trail posted closed to ORVs. The operator asked CO Erratt if she remembered him because she had written him a ticket before on the same trail. CO Erratt ticketed the man for operating an unlicensed ORV and warned him for operating an ORV in a posted closed area which is what she ticketed him for two years ago in the same location.

While on patrol on Torch Lake, CO Andrea Albert contacted a father and son fishing. Further investigation found their motorboat had never been registered and both were fishing without licenses. Both subjects were out-of-state residents. The father stated he has bought fishing licenses in the past but did not this year as they were only in town for a few days. The father asked if he could have a break with a warning. CO Albert advised he was getting a break for only receiving a ticket for fishing without a license. A warning was given to his teenage son for fishing without a license and for having an unregistered boat.

While on patrol in the Jordan River Valley, CO Andrea Albert stopped three side-by-side ORVs operating illegally in the area. The riders claimed they did not see any signs stating they could not be in the valley. After finding out which direction they came in, CO Albert advised them that they drove by three separate signs prohibiting ORV use. The riders were ticketed for operating in a closed area and warned that a second offense of operating in the Jordan River Valley will result in another ticket and the ORVs would be towed.

CO Adam LeClerc was on ORV patrol over the weekend when he encountered a group riding on a county road. The three riders were stopped because no one was wearing helmets on their ORVs. Additionally, the ORVs did not have current registrations. The three riders were ticketed for operating an ORV on public roads without a helmet. CO Leclerc gave issued warning for failing to register their ORVs.

CO Adam LeClerc was watching an area closed to ORV activity when 12 to 15 side-by-side ORVs entered the area. The leader of the group stopped and convened with the other drivers. Then each ORV turned around to try and get out of the closed area. CO LeClerc in his marked patrol vehicle, drove around to where the ORVs came from. The final two drivers met CO LeClerc at the bottom of the hill and tried to flee from the CO, who had his emergency lights and siren activated on the patrol truck. After a short pursuit and realizing they could not evade the CO, the ORVs came to a stop. A total of seven ORVs stopped on the trail. Tickets were issued to the drivers for failure to stop for a CO and operating an ORV in closed area.

CO Adam LeClerc was walking a section of state land west of Alanson in Emmet County. While walking old logging trails, CO LeClerc found a mineral block and a large amount of shelled corn on the ground. It was located at the end of a shooting lane which led back to a garage that butted up to the state land. CO LeClerc contacted the owner and the owner admitted to the bait. A ticket was issued for feeding of deer in a closed area.

CO Nathan Beelman was on ORV patrol when he contacted a family on a trail ride. Multiple riders in the group were not wearing helmets and two members of the family were riding double on an ORV not designed for two riders. The group stated that they had just stopped at the pond nearby and had forgotten to put their helmets back on when they started riding again. After talking with the family, it was found that one of the juvenile operators had not taken an ORV safety class yet. The father was ticketed for not wearing a helmet and the group was educated on ORV regulations and provided with resources to take an ORV safety class.

COs Matt Theunick and Tim Rosochacki patrolled Bois Blanc Island. While checking the fishing docks on Thompson Lake, the COs found two unattended fishing poles with lines in the water. After observing the lines for almost two hours, the subjects returned and admitted to fishing and not having fishing licenses. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Matt Theunick and Cpl. Brad Dohm worked the Black River near Myers Creek in the slow no wake portion of the river. Several complaints had been received in this area about boaters violating the slow no wake violations. Three vessels were issued tickets for wake violations along with several warnings given for other violations.

CO Tim Rosochacki responded to a personal injury ORV accident on private property. The subject was moving old lumber and had it resting across the handlebars of the ORV and as he turned, a nail or piece of wood caught the throttle and caused the ORV to rapidly accelerate into a parked riding lawnmower. The subject was ejected from the ORV and broke both his arms. He was transported to the hospital by EMS.

CO Tim Rosochacki was nearby an EMS call where a passerby had found a male subject unconscious and breathing in the roadway. A firefighter arrived on scene and was able to arouse the subject. EMS arrived on scene and the subject refused EMS. After observing numerous signs of intoxication and determining the subject was a hazard to himself and to the public, CO Rosochacki placed the subject under arrest for disorderly conduct. Upon placing handcuffs on the subject, he immediately stated that he could not breathe and requested for EMS to return. The subject was transported by EMS to the hospital where he was cleared and discharged. CO Rosochacki transported and lodged the subject at the Cheboygan County Jail.

CO Kyle Cherry responded along with an MSP trooper to a call of an intoxicated, suicidal woman who had cut her wrists. The CO and trooper responded to the residence and located the woman who decided to voluntarily commit herself for an evaluation and treatment. The woman was transported to the hospital by Otsego County EMS.

CO Kyle Cherry responded to assist City of Gaylord Police and Otsego County Sheriff’s deputies to a semi-truck on fire in downtown Gaylord. Law enforcement units secured the scene and were able to negotiate busy traffic around the crash scene until the semi-truck was removed. No injuries were reported.

CO Tom Oberg was on patrol when he received a complaint that had just occurred not far from his location. The complainant advised they saw an individual dump the waste from their camper trailer onto state land. CO Oberg responded to the location. CO Oberg came to an intersection when he noticed the suspect vehicle pass right in front of him. The vehicle pulled into a driveway and CO Oberg pulled in behind it. CO Oberg approached the driver and questioned him about the dumping of waste. The driver stated he was the one that did it and knew he had made a mistake. A report was compiled and submitted to the Otsego County Prosecutor’s Office requesting charges.

Sgt. Mark DePew was patrolling in Otsego County when he observed a vehicle that had been involved in numerous poaching incidents in Otsego County of large Whitetail deer in the fall of 2019. A traffic stop was made on the vehicle, and the subject was determined to be heavily intoxicated. During the field sobriety evaluations, the sergeant asked the operator how many deer he had shot this spring. To Sgt. DePew’s amazement, the subject stated he had one hanging at his house. After making the operating while intoxicated arrest, a consent to search the subject’s residence was given to the sergeant who then contacted CO Tom Oberg who promptly went to the home finding and seizing the deer. The case is currently with the Otsego County Prosecutor’s Office pending authorization of arrested charges.

Sgt. Mark DePew was observing anglers fishing near a dam in Cheboygan County when one of the subjects jumped a high fence after passing several no trespassing signs gaining access to a restricted area of the dam and began fishing. A short time later, the subject began yelling that he had hooked a sturgeon. After fighting the fish for several minutes, the line broke and the subject jumped back over the fence and was immediately contacted by the sergeant. In addition to trespassing, the subject was in possession of a short pike. The case is currently with the Cheboygan County Prosecutor’s Office pending charges.

COs from Districts 3 and 5, along with the MSP, Montmorency County Sheriff’s and Alpena County Sheriff’s deputies, and Alpena County Search and Rescue responded to a missing 15-year old Down Syndrome child. The boy went missing on his bicycle the night before. His bike, shoes, and glasses were found in a field behind his residence. Unfortunately, the boy was later found deceased in a nearby pond.

COs Sidney Collins, Dan Liestenfeltz, and Matt Theunick responded to a missing three-year old autistic child. The three-year old and her family were camping at Foch Lake in Montmorency County. The child was missing when the family woke up. Thankfully, the child was located nearby the campsite in some weeds. Other than some bug bites, the child was healthy.

CO Sidney Collins assisted the Montmorency County Sheriff’s deputies with an arrest warrant. The subject had a domestic assault warrant and a felony warrant for knocking the phone out of a family member’s hand when they were calling 911 for help. The subject was transported to the Montmorency County Jail without incident.

CO Sidney Collins was headed home from her shift when she noticed a couple vehicles pulled off to the side of the road. CO Collins stopped to see if the citizens needed help. One driver just hit a deer and the airbags had deployed. CO Collins tended to the driver who explained she was having chest pains. Though she denied wanting any medical help, CO Collins asked for EMS to clear her due to her holding her chest. EMS responded and transported her to the hospital due to an electrocardiogram report being abnormal.

CO Sidney Collins responded to a sick elk complaint. CO Collins received a complaint of a sick elk in a citizen’s field. CO Collins arrived and put the bull elk down due to the circumstances. The elk’s head was taken and will be sent to the wildlife lab for testing.

COs Sidney Collins and Dan Liestenfeltz assisted a couple and their dog stuck on a single-track with their side-by-side. The couple were covered in mud and stuck for about three hours without water on a hot day. The COs were able to get the couple’s side-by-side unstuck and out of the woods.

CO Dan Liestenfeltz was patrolling Montmorency County when he was passed by a vehicle at a high rate of speed. CO Liestenfeltz then observed the subject tailgating multiple vehicles before passing them. CO Liestenfeltz caught up to the subject and paced the vehicle at 95 miles per hour (mph) for approximately five miles. CO Liestenfeltz initiated a traffic stop and issued the driver a ticket for violation of the basic speed law.

CO Dan Liestenfeltz was patrolling Avery Township in Montmorency County when he observed two quads operating on the roadway at a high rate of speed. The two operators were not wearing helmets. CO Liestenfeltz stopped the ORVs and issued the operators tickets for operating without a helmet.

COs Dan Liestenfeltz and Jessie Curtis were patrolling Briley Township in Montmorency County when they observed a motorcycle pass them with three individuals on it. The COs initiated a stop on the motorcycle and issued the operator a ticket for operating a motorcycle with too many passengers.

CO Dan Liestenfeltz was patrolling Albert Township in Montmorency County when he observed a suspicious vehicle. A license plate check determined that the registered owner had a felony warrant for his arrest. CO Liestenfeltz waited for the vehicle to leave the scene and observed a traffic violation, so a traffic stop was initiated. Upon contacting the driver, it was determined that he was the nephew of the registered owner. The operator of the vehicle was driving on a suspended license. CO Liestenfeltz issued the subject an appearance ticket for the offense.

CO Dan Liestenfeltz was patrolling Hillman Township in Montmorency County when he observed a side-by-side traveling down a side road at a high rate of speed. CO Liestenfeltz attempted to catch up to the vehicle for approximately six miles. CO Liestenfeltz eventually stopped the ORV and issued the operator a ticket for operating at a greater than reasonable speed.

CO Jon Sklba was patrolling a closed snowmobile trail near Ocqueoc. The trail is gated shut, as a section runs through low lying wetlands that have been degraded by illegal ORV operation. Shortly after arriving at the closed area, CO Sklba encountered two ORV operators that drove around the gates. Tickets were issued for operating in a closed area.

CO Jon Sklba was patrolling around Grand Lake when he observed an ORV operating on a county road without a valid ORV license. A traffic stop was made, and CO Sklba contacted the operator. The subject had been warned in the past by the CO about expired ORV licenses. A ticket was issued for expired ORV registration.

CO Jon Sheppard was checking local fishing access sites when he observed one individual fishing. Upon initial contact, the subject denied fishing. Further investigation revealed that the subject was in fact fishing and failed to purchase a fishing license. A ticket was issued for fishing without a license.

COs Jon Sheppard and Jessie Curtis were on marine patrol on Long Lake. Several boats and anglers were contacted. One vessel did not have sufficient number PFDs on board and did not have a throwable PFD. In addition, one kayaker did not have a PFD on board. Tickets were issued for the PFD violations.

CO Jon Sheppard was dispatched to a single vehicle accident in Alpena County. CO Sheppard assisted MSP troopers with investigating the scene and traffic control.

CO Jon Sheppard assisted an Alpena County Sheriff’s deputy with a combative subject refusing medical treatment by EMS personnel. The subject had a seizure and struck his head very hard when falling to the ground. The subject was combative when he came out of the seizure and resisted EMS treatment. The subject fled from EMS personnel but was recovered by the deputy and CO Sheppard. The subject was calmed down by the CO and deputy and agreed to go with EMS to the hospital for treatment. CO Sheppard followed the ambulance and deputy to the hospital and was turned over to hospital staff.

CO Jon Sheppard was on patrol when he encountered an ORV operating on a county road with an invalid ORV license. A traffic stop was made, and it was confirmed that the subject did not register the ORV. A ticket was issued for unregistered ORV.

CO Jessie Curtis, along with multiple District 5 COs, conducted a joint patrol along the Au Sable River and around Mio. Several tickets were issued for no PFDs in kayaks and minors in possession of alcohol. Additionally, CO Curtis was patrolling her way near Mio when she observed a vehicle pass several cars in a row and nearly cause an accident with oncoming traffic. A traffic stop was made, and the driver was ticketed for failing to yield to oncoming traffic.

Cpl. Brad Dohm received a call from the Little Traverse Township Supervisor that there was a three-year old girl missing from a trailer park located approximately three-fourths of a mile from Cpl. Dohm’s residence. Cpl. Dohm checked in with local dispatch and gave a precise location of where he would start his search. Cpl. Dohm’s tracking skills and knowledge were tested as he traversed an area that a group of firefighters had contained. The girl had been missing approximately an hour and 35 minutes. Cpl. Dohm located the three-year old girl within 39 minutes of checking in with dispatch. The girl had traversed approximately a quarter of a mile in a thickly wooded area, a small creek, a barbed wire, an electric fence, and a grass pasture. Cpl. Dohm identified the girl, advised central dispatch the girl was located, and carried the young girl back to her waiting mother. The girl was in good spirits and appeared to be in good health except for the mosquito bites on her legs.


CO Amanda McCurdy responded with a Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park ranger to the Empire Bluffs Trail after receiving a call of an individual who was experiencing a medical emergency on the dunes. By the time CO McCurdy hiked to the end of the trail, the National Park ranger was attempting to walk the patient out to where an ambulance was staged. The patient became so incoherent, he was no longer able to walk, so the officers carried him the remainder of the way. The patient was then transported to the nearest hospital and treated for his illness.

CO Troy Ludwig received a complaint of individuals living on state land near the Long Lake State Forest Campground. When the CO arrived at the camp, there was a large amount of litter, a lawnmower, and a broken-down vehicle at the location. The CO was eventually able to track down the suspect who admitted that he had been at the location since the snow had begun melting, which is well past the 15-day limit. The CO advised the suspect he needed to clean the site up and he would be back to check on it. When the CO went back to check the camp, he observed the suspect operating a motor vehicle even though he had a suspended license. The suspect’s girlfriend was also found to have a felony warrant for controlled substance. Enforcement action was taken regarding the suspended license, littering, and camping in the same location for more than 15 days.

COs Bill Haskin and Troy Ludwig were patrolling the Pine River when they observed a group of anglers fishing from a rowboat. The COs observed a beer can fall over the side of the boat and the anglers failed to pick it up. The COs moved downstream of the boat and contacted them when they came around a bend. During the course of their conversation regarding the beer can, it was discovered the anglers did not have any PFDs on board. Enforcement action was taken for littering and no PFDs.

CO Troy Ludwig received a complaint of two anglers bow fishing on the Manistee River which is a designated trout stream. The complainant advised that they had overheard the anglers talking at the boat launch that they did not know how many fish they could keep and if they were able to bow fish the river. The CO observed one of the anglers bow fishing when he arrived at the river. Contact was made and the anglers advised they did not know where they could and could not fish and had not bothered to learn the regulations. Enforcement action was taken for using a bow and arrow on a designated trout stream.

CO Troy Ludwig received sentencing details for a hunter who had taken a deer at night from a motor vehicle with a rifle and taken two other deer using his mother’s license. The suspect was required to pay restitution for the deer and his hunting privileges were revoked until 2025.

CO Richard Stowe and Sgt. Dan Bigger encountered a subject during an ORV group patrol who was dumping yard waste onto Consumers Power Company property. A citation was issued for litter and the COs had the subject pick up the yard waste.

Over the past two weeks, CO Justin Vanderlinde assisted Wildlife Division in responding to several nuisance bear complaints, setting bear traps, and relocating one sow bear that has been destroying several chicken coops this spring.

CO Josiah Killingbeck responded with deputies from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office to a subject reporting that he had been shot at. CO Killingbeck arrived at the location where the complainant was meeting law enforcement officers and shortly afterwards, the complainant advised that a truck which was driving by was the suspect’s vehicle. CO Killingbeck and a Lake County deputy stopped the vehicle and it was determined that the vehicle’s driver was a witness to the incident. CO Killingbeck assisted with the investigation which lead to the suspect’s residence. It was learned that an ex-boyfriend was attempting to speak with his ex-girlfriend, when the woman’s new boyfriend had become angry and fired a shot towards the ex-boyfriend; he was arrested and lodged in the Lake County Jail.

CO Kyle Publiski assisted the Mason County Sheriff’s Office with an ORV accident. CO Publiski helped locate the subject that had crashed his dirt bike into a tree on an ORV trail in the south part of Mason County. After over an hour of looking for the subject, he was located by CO Publiski and the Mason County deputies. It was determined the crash victim had a broken femur. CO Publiski assisted with splinting the broken leg and carrying the subject out of the woods.

While on marine patrol, CO Steven Converse observed a PWC being operated by a subject not wearing a PFD. As CO Converse was trying to catch up to the subject, he observed the subject operate at full speed toward the shoreline where there was a group of young children swimming and playing in the water. The subject turned at the last second within five feet of the kids and sprayed them with water. CO Converse conducted a stop on the subject and found the subject was not wearing the lanyard and had not taken the required boater safety course. CO Converse educated the subject about the safety issues and issued him a ticket for not wearing a PFD on the PWC and for careless operation.

CO Josiah Killingbeck heard dispatch call out a complaint of a truck which struck a tree and the driver was injured. The accident was a couple miles away from CO Killingbeck’s location. CO Killingbeck responded and was first on scene. The driver was pinned inside his vehicle with significant injuries. CO Killingbeck requested a helicopter for the subject but, because of bad weather, the helicopter was not able to fly. The subject was extricated from his vehicle and transported to a trauma center. CO Killingbeck assisted the Lake County Sheriff’s Office with the scene investigation.

CO Kyle Publiski was on marine patrol in Mason County when he noticed a boat drive at a high rate of speed past a township park swim area and swim raft. Before CO Publiski unloaded his patrol boat, the boat did the same thing three more times, the last two times within 30 feet of the swim area and raft. CO Publiski stopped the subject who now had his boat drifting into the swim area with children swimming around. CO Publiski explained the 100-foot rule and addressed the expired registration from three years prior. The subject explained he was having trouble getting his boat to idle down, that is why he was motoring so fast pass the swim area. CO Publiski explained to the subject that maybe it was safer to put his boat on the trailer if it was not operating properly. The subject was cited for violation operating faster than slow no wake within 100 foot of a swim area.

CO Josh Reed was responding to a RAP complaint near the Muskegon River when he observed an ORV heading in his direction on the roadway. The operator and young child were not wearing helmets. A stop was made on the ORV and it was discovered that the ORV was also unlicensed. The operator’s driver’s license was suspended and expired. The operator was issued a citation for no helmet and unlicensed ORV. The operator was given a warning for driving while his license was suspended.

COs Ben Shively and Jeff Ginn were patrolling the Muskegon River when they encountered two male subjects kayaking. Upon asking the men to display a PFD, the men stated they had capsized and members from their group had picked up their PFDs. The COs asked the men to go secure their PFD and keep it on board their kayak. The men hesitated and confessed to not having a PFD on board. One subject was found to have several outstanding warrants for his arrest and was taken into custody. The subject was transported to the nearest boating access site and turned over to an MSP trooper for transport to the Newaygo County Jail.

CO Shively was patrolling Silver Lake Sand Dunes and responded to a personal injury accident where a side-by-side traversed over a hill at a high rate of speed and nose-dived causing the vehicle to roll over four times. CO Shively provided first aid to the driver, who received deep lacerations to his head.

CO Ben Shively assisted the Oceana and Newaygo County Sheriff’s deputies with a training exercise. CO Shively operated his Great Lakes patrol vessel which was used for dive training on shipwrecks in Lake Michigan between Pentwater and Silver Lake State Park.

COs Ben Shively and Jeff Ginn were patrolling the Muskegon River when they encountered two subjects who had capsized their kayaks. The kayak had become lodged under a submerged tree in the very swift current. The subjects were standing next to a bridge support and had no way of escaping the location nor did anyone from their group have any way of rescuing them. The COs were able to navigate their patrol boat up to the subjects and assist them. Once the subjects were in the boat and secure, the COs worked on removing the kayak. The COs were able to remove the kayak and take the subjects down river to a safe location.

COs Ben Shively and Jeff Ginn were patrolling the Muskegon River when they were contacted by a man who stated he could not locate his juvenile son and his friend. CO Shively took down their description and had Newaygo Central Dispatch broadcast the information. The COs were able to navigate their patrol boat down river nearly five miles before locating the boys safely floating on their inner tubes. CO Shively contacted the complainant by telephone to report their findings. The boys were advised to wait on shore until his parent and guardians floated down to them.

CO Angela Greenway overheard a Be on the Lookout (BOL) broadcasted over the MECEOLA Central Dispatch for a missing person out of Ottawa County. The missing person was believed to be camping in the Big Rapids area and was being reported missing by a family member. CO Greenway conducted a retail sales check and confirmed the subject had purchased his fishing license from a local bait store and began searching area campgrounds. The missing person was also described as having a kayak in his possession prior to going missing. CO Greenway patrolled likely locations that a kayak would be utilized and, after several campground patrols, was able to locate a vehicle matching the description of the missing person. CO Greenway contacted the campers at the site and was able to confirm the location of the missing person. CO Greenway contacted MECEOLA Dispatch and the family member to advise the missing person was located safe and sound. CO Greenway advised the missing person to contact his family that reported him missing.

CO Tim Barboza overheard a fire tone over the radio that was less than a mile away from his location and could see the smoke on the roadway ahead. A hay wagon had caught on fire while being pulled down the road by a truck. CO Barboza responded as there was not much information from dispatch as to the extent of the fire and if the truck pulling the wagon was on fire as well. Upon arriving on scene, CO Barboza could see the hay wagon was fully engulfed in flames and the truck’s taillights had melted. CO Barboza was able to confirm that all occupants had safely exited the vehicle. CO Barboza blocked off the road, made sure the driver of the truck was okay, and updated dispatch. CO Barboza utilized his fire extinguisher and began putting out several grass fires that were spreading into the woods. CO Barboza then used a shovel and scooped the burning hay back onto the roadway and out of the grass. CO Barboza was advised by a bystander that the truck had driven for about a mile while the hay was on fire and had dropped piles of burning hay along the roadway. CO Barboza returned to his patrol truck and followed the path of flames along the roadway ensuring all the fires were out along the road. CO Barboza then returned to the hay wagon and continued to extinguish any grass fires that started and moving the burning hay to an area where it would just burn out. Once the fire department arrived, CO Barboza continued to assist the fire department in spreading out the hay for them to extinguish.


COs Casey Pullum, Jessica Curtis, Brad Bellville, Kyle Bader, Jeff Panich, Sgt. Bobbi Lively, and United States Forest Service (USFS) Officer Mike Phillips conducted a group patrol on the Au Sable River in Oscoda County. The patrol targeted criminal behavior such as disorderly conduct as well as enforcement of the marine safety laws with river users. The officers contacted hundreds of users, gave numerous warnings, and issued 22 citations during the patrol. In addition, COs conducted a water rescue of an overturned canoe in a log jam. COs successfully rescued the four occupants of the canoe.

CO Brad Bellville received a RAP complaint regarding three individuals that had been fishing a small lake in Ogemaw County for over eight hours keeping almost everything they caught. When the CO arrived at the launch, he snuck down to the water’s edge using the mosquito-infested vegetation as cover and nestled in for what would be an almost two-hour wait. The CO used his binoculars to watch the three subjects catch and keep several panfish placing them all in a metal wire fish basket. When the boat finally made its way back to the launch, the CO contacted the unexpecting anglers. After checking for valid fishing licenses and giving several warnings for marine violations, the CO counted the subjects’ fish with an end total of 88 panfish. The three men were over their possession limit of 25 fish each. CO Bellville issued a citation and seized the over-limit of panfish.

CO Jon Warner responded to a drowning on the Au Sable River at the railroad trestle in Oscoda in Iosco County. The male trespassed onto the railroad tracks and jumped from the trestle into the river. According to witnesses, he surfaced once before submerging, but was not seen again. He was recovered by divers from the Oscoda Fire Department approximately one hour, fifteen minutes after the initial 911 call. Upon recovery he was loaded into CO Warner’s boat where lifesaving efforts began, then transferred to a waiting ambulance. Unfortunately, all lifesaving efforts were unsuccessful. Trespassing and alcohol were a factor in the fatality.

CO Brad Bellville was on his way home near the completion of his workday when he observed a four-wheeler traveling in his direction on the paved portion of a county road in Ogemaw County. The CO watched as the four-wheeler drifted from the pavement, to the gravel, to the grass, and to the ditch where it eventually hit the edge of a six-foot culvert launching the machine and rider into the air. CO Bellville turned his patrol truck around to check on the accident. It was not long after the CO contacted the rider that he noticed several signs of intoxication from the driver. EMS was called to the scene to clear the ORV rider of injuries before CO Bellville began his investigations for operating under the influence (OUI). The individual was found to be OUI, was placed under arrest, and lodged in the county jail.

CO Josh Russell was sitting in the area of an illegal hill climb in Gladwin County when he observed a side-by-side go up and down the hill climb twice. CO Russell contacted the subjects and addressed the fact the hill climb was not a trail or a forest road. As CO Russell was addressing the ORV operation issues, he noticed two open alcohol containers hidden behind the passenger’s legs. CO Russell checked the operator for prior violations and discovered he had two prior convictions for operating an ORV in prohibited areas. Citations for having open intoxicants in an ORV and operating an ORV in a prohibited area were issued.

COs Josh Russell and Mike Hass were patrolling for ORV activity on state land when they observed a dirt bike and quad operating off the designated trail. The ORVs proceeded to go down a closed state land two-track. The COs contacted the ORVs as the quad was “marking the ground” so they knew where they had been before. The COs asked the operators why they were driving off the trail, and one of the operators replied that they were trying to “rejuvenate an old trail.”  The operators were shown a map of open trails and advised they cannot “rejuvenate” closed trails. Citations for operating in a prohibited area were issued.

CO Matt Zultak swore to four felony warrants for malicious destruction of property on a complaint he handled earlier this year in Roscommon County. Full-size vehicles hooked their trucks to barricades that were set up to prevent ORVs over 50 inches from crossing a dam. The vehicles ripped the barricades out of the ground and proceeded over the dam.


COs Chad Foerster and Jill Miller responded to a 911 call in reference to a female with a possible heart attack on the State Park Beach. Upon arrival, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) was already in progress from responding medical units. Due to the location of the victim, it was difficult to get to her. The COs were able to devise a plan to get the paramedics and the gurney to the victim by utilizing the bed of the patrol truck for transport. After paramedics got the victim stabilized for transport, she was loaded into the bed of the patrol truck along with the paramedics and transported out to the awaiting ambulance.

COs Joe Myers and Adam Beuthin were on marine patrol checking vessels coming in from fishing off Lake Huron in Bay County after dark. The COs observed a vessel operating toward them very close to shore at a high rate of speed while operating in a back and forth manner. While entering the marina exceeding the slow no wake speed, the motor abruptly turned off. CO Beuthin observed the vessel turn the motor back on and continue toward the dock without navigation lights. CO Beuthin met the operator and two passengers on the dock. Immediately upon talking with the operator, CO Beuthin detected the odor of intoxicants coming from the operator’s breath. The CO asked if he had alcoholic beverages that evening, and the operator responded that he had. CO Myers checked the vessel for the appropriate safety equipment with the passengers while CO Beuthin began preforming field sobriety tests on the operator of the vessel. The operator was placed under arrest for boating under the influence (BUI) and was lodged in the Bay County Jail.

COs Matt Neterer and Kyle Bucholtz patrolled the Saginaw Bay by boat. While checking anglers, the COs came across a boat in the middle of the bay. The COs contacted the anglers on the vessel and CO Neterer noted one of the occupants appeared nervous. When asked how many fish they had, the nervous occupant gave multiple answers. The COs checked the anglers’ catch and discovered that both anglers were in possession of too many walleye. Multiple walleye were seized and the two suspects were both written citations.

CO Mike Haas and Sgt. Jason Smith were patrolling in Isabella County when they received a burning complaint. A complainant had called the RAP line to report that someone in their neighborhood was burning something that was creating large amounts of foul-smelling smoke. The COs located the source of the smoke and contacted a subject near a fire. The subject stated he had been attempting to clean up his property by burning large piles of trash. There were multiple large piles of burning debris in the yard that contained shingles, tires, garbage, and building materials. The subject was instructed to extinguish the fires, informed of legal ways to get rid of the debris, and issued a citation to address the improper disposal and open burning violations.

CO Dan Robinson was called to a lake in Isabella County where the caller stated that someone had dumped fish parts in the water. The caller sent coordinates to the location and assisted CO Robinson in finding the fish parts and pieces. The parts had been in the water for some time and identifying the type and length of the fish was difficult. Some of the fish were believed to be walleye. CO Robinson contacted nearby residents and found a woman who admitted to putting the fish in the water to feed the turtles. She was reminded that fish parts cannot be dumped in the water for disposal, and to make sure that she is carefully measuring the fish she keeps.

CO Dan Robinson and other area COs received several complaints about an illegal campsite and the litter that was left behind in Montcalm County. COs Adam Schiller and Robinson checked one of the locations and found that the group had left the area but had also left a wide variety of trash behind. The following week another complaint was received that a group was camping and using an ORV in a closed area. CO Robinson called the original caller back from the week prior who described the camp in detail. COs Josh Jackson and Robinson worked the area and eventually caught up to a large campsite that matched the description from the week before. The illegal campers had several tents, vehicles, and a goat at their campsite. The group admitted to staying in two other spots, all of which the COs received complaints of cans, trash, glass bottles, containers, and human waste being left behind. Several citations were issued related to the camping, and an agreement was made on getting the other sites cleaned up prior to them leaving the area. The COs checked the areas as a follow-up, and they had been cleaned up by the group.

CO Josh Jackson woke early one Sunday morning to launch his patrol boat on the water before the anglers. CO Jackson parked his patrol truck and trailer in a secluded location and ventured the waters before other boats launched. CO Jackson waited in a quiet cove and observed boats entering a “no-wake” lake. CO Jackson stopped one vessel with two anglers and advised them they were going far too fast along the water. The driver admitted he was going a little too fast and the passenger stated he almost warned the driver for the wake violation. The driver was issued a citation.


CO Kyle McQueer was patrolling Fort Custer Recreation Area and observed a passenger of a vehicle throw a water bottle out of the passenger side window. When CO McQueer stopped the vehicle, the passenger stated that it was a dumb idea to do that and that they were just going to fish the pier for free fishing weekend. A Law Enforcement Information Network inquiry indicated that the litterer had four outstanding warrants out of Calhoun County. The individual was lodged on his four warrants and issued a citation for littering.

COs Richard Cardenas and Kyle McQueer were participating in a group patrol of Gull Lake during the annual Pirate Festival. During the group patrol CO Cardenas was waved down by a complainant. The complainant informed COs Cardenas and McQueer that two male subjects had a physical altercation and one of the subjects kicked the other in the head. The other COs were informed of the incident and the subject who assaulted the other was located. The subject was brought aboard one of the patrol vessels to get his side of the story. The male subject attempted to flee from COs by jumping off the boat and swimming away. The subject was located again and brought back onto the patrol boat. It was found that subject was under the influence of alcohol and was under the age of 21. A citation was issued for the Minor in Possession. The second subject refused to pursue any further enforcement action.

CO Carter Woodwyk was patrolling Eagle Lake in Allegan County when he observed a boat pull away from a group rafted together in a popular party location. CO Woodwyk watched the operator of the vessel open a can of beer and continue driving around the lake. A stop was conducted on the vessel for improper display of registration decals. During the contact, CO Woodwyk noted multiple indicators of intoxication. After running the operator through field sobriety tests, the operator was determined to be under the influence of alcohol and was lodged at the Allegan County Jail for BUI. After leaving the jail, CO Woodwyk pulled into the Lake Allegan boating access site and observed an ORV being operated illegally. After stopping the ORV, he discovered two open beer cans sitting under the handlebars. The operator stated one of the open intoxicants belonged to a subject that was out test running a PWC. CO Woodwyk waited for the second subject to return to shore and noted multiple indicators of possible intoxication. After running the PWC operator through field sobriety tests, it was confirmed that the subject was intoxicated. The PWC operator was arrested and lodged at the Allegan County Jail for BUI.

COs Travis Dragomer and Zach Bauer assisted the Berrien County Marine Division with search efforts of a person who was last seen going underwater on the St. Joseph River. The COs assisted in the search for two days and were unable to locate the missing person. The body of the victim was found the following day by an angler downstream of the last seen location.

While patrolling the Paw area, CO Tyler Cole stopped at a local gas station to fuel up his patrol truck. While pulling in, CO Cole noticed a commotion at one of the gas pumps and upon contact, it was found that a subject had been pumping gas and accidentally sprayed gasoline into her eyes/nose/mouth. CO Cole requested EMS and provided first aid until EMS arrived.

CO Casey Varriale was on patrol in Grand Haven State Park in Ottawa County when an individual was seeking medical attention after injuring his leg while jumping off the pier. During the transport of the victim, CO Varriale noticed three vehicles parked in the route for emergency vehicles. CO Varriale waited for the operators to return to their vehicles and cited them for the violation.

CO Anna Cullen was patrolling the White Lake Channel when she observed a group of people fishing off the pier. After some brief surveillance, all individuals were observed fishing. Once contact was made, it was determined none of the anglers had a valid a fishing license. A citation was issued for the violation.

CO Anna Cullen was patrolling a gas pipeline along the Huron Manistee National Forest. The location is known for attracting frequent ORV use and illegal dumping of household waste. CO Cullen observed a lifted truck drive off a national forest road, and onto the pipelines, driving erratically. CO Cullen stopped the vehicle and informed him of the violations. Through further investigation, it was found that the vehicle did not have ORV stickers and the driver had an expired driver’s license. A citation was issued for operating on a utility right-of-way, while warnings were issued for the rest of the violations.

CO Robert Slick was on marine patrol with COs Anna Cullen and Jackie Miskovich when he noticed a jet ski pulling two individuals on a tube without a spotter. COs Cullen and Miskovich dropped CO Slick on the south pier at Grand Haven. He waited for the jet ski to return to the pier and made contact. CO Slick informed him that he needed to have a spotter when pulling anyone on a tube or skis. He stated that he did not know he needed one. A citation was issued for the violation.

CO Jackie Miskovich had just finished a marine patrol when she was patrolling back to drop off her boat when she noticed some dust along a Consumers Energy powerline. She then patrolled around the area and was able to catch one of the two subjects and the subject was not wearing a helmet. A citation was written for operating an ORV without a helmet and a warning was given for recreational trespass.

CO Jackie Miskovich was transporting an injured red-tailed hawk to a rehabilitator when a vehicle sped past her. After pacing the vehicle, it was found to be traveling between 95 and 100 mph. A traffic stop was initiated, and the individual admitted that they had a lead foot. A citation was issued for traveling above the maximum posted speed limit.

While patrolling the Rogue River SGA, CO Jackie Miskovich came upon three individuals that were target shooting in a closed area. Their targets were approximately 10 feet away from the sign and they thought that just meant they could not shoot beyond the sign. Citations were issued for target shooting in a closed area.

CO Jackie Miskovich was dispatched to a call referencing a person harassing a raccoon. Contact was made with the complainant and they stated that they had witnessed the person climbing a tree and handling the raccoon. Contact was made with the individual and the juvenile raccoon was clinging to the subject as he pushed some children on swings. When asked why they had the raccoon they said that they saved it after finding it in Grand Haven and have been raising it for the last two weeks. The subject did not have a permit to possess the raccoon. A citation was issued to the individual and the raccoon was transported to a local rehabilitator.


CO Todd Thorn was driving through the Dansville SGA when he observed a man standing in the roadway speaking with someone inside a sport utility vehicle (SUV). CO Thorn drove closer and noticed another SUV in a swampy part of the woods just off the dirt road. CO Thorn contacted the man and immediately observed signs of intoxication. There was another male still inside the SUV in the swamp and both stated that they were not injured. The man inside the SUV in the swamp would not come out, saying something about Black Lives Matter. CO Thorn was finally able to talk that person out of the vehicle and found that he was also intoxicated and could barely walk. CO Thorn investigated further and ended up arresting the driver for driving while intoxicated. The case is ongoing, awaiting blood draw results.

CO Todd Thorn was contacted early Saturday morning by DNR Dispatch who had been informed that a vehicle with two occupants, one being partially paralyzed from an unrelated matter, was stuck at a boat launch in Jackson County after a tree had been struck by lightning and fallen across the road. CO Thorn contacted the individuals by phone and learned that they had been stuck there for about seven hours. CO Thorn also learned that the couple had been in contact with various fire departments who would not respond because it was not their jurisdiction. CO Thorn decided to take his chainsaw and was able to cut a hole in the tree to get the vehicle out of the boat launch area.

CO Nick Wellman was patrolling in northern Branch County when a vehicle with broken headlights drove by him at a high rate of speed, not realizing that CO Wellman was an officer. CO Wellman conducted a stop on the vehicle and contacted the driver who was operating on a restricted license. CO Wellman was given consent to search the vehicle and located several glass methamphetamine pipes in the center console that had product in them. CO Wellman also located open intoxicants under the driver’s seat. Charges will be filed through the Branch County Prosecutor’s Office pending laboratory results on the product in the glass pipes.

CO Nick Wellman was responding to a complaint and noticed two men cleaning fish on a picnic table. CO Wellman stopped and asked how they did and where they caught the fish. The men stated they had caught the fish out of Coldwater Lake earlier that morning. CO Wellman asked if they had just caught bluegill, to which one man replied that there was a bass in the bucket as well. CO Wellman found the bass and it appeared to be short, so he asked the men what it measured. The one man replied, “14 ¼ inches!”  CO Wellman asked to see what they had measured the fish with. The man brought over a measuring board and upon laying the bass on the board, it measured just under 13 inches. The man then told CO Wellman that he had been using a mark on his net that he thought was 14. CO Wellman measured a second bass that was in the bucket and it measured right at 14 inches. A citation was issued to the man for possessing an undersized bass. The man called Station 20 the next day and asked to speak to CO Wellman. Upon CO Wellman returning the call, the man stated that he looked it up on the internet and that fish shrink after they are dead and that must be what happened.

CO Ed Rice responded to a complaint about freshwater mussels scattered throughout the front yard of a residence in Hillsdale County. CO Rice arrived at the residence and located an abundance of freshwater mussels. CO Rice observed a sledgehammer and a white bucket with several broken shells in and around it. More shells were located that had not yet been smashed open. After photographing the area, CO Rice contacted the suspect who admitted to taking the mussels from a nearby dam over a week ago. The man stated he did the same thing as a child and was bored, so decided to check it out. The man stated there were so many mussels near the dam that he could not stop taking them. The man stated he had no agenda as to the purpose of taking and smashing the mussels. CO Rice explained the importance of freshwater mussels as a resource to Michigan. The suspect had no fishing license purchase history and did not possess a department issued permit to possess freshwater mussels. The man was issued a citation for possession of aquatic species without a license and possess freshwater mussels without a permit.

CO Jeff Goss was sitting at a local business working on paperwork when he heard multiple gunshots coming from a gravel pit nearby. CO Goss grabbed his binoculars and watched as a subject was shooting at what appeared to be a large bird. The subject subsequently jumped into a truck without putting the firearm in a case and was leaving the area. CO Goss contacted the subject as he was leaving the gravel pit. The subject admitted to shooting a turkey vulture and other random birds. The dead vulture was located, and charges will be sought through the local prosecutor’s office.

Sgt. Rich Nickols had just started his shift when he heard a BOL for a stolen vehicle wanted in connection to an attempted homicide in Wexford County. Clinton County Sheriff’s deputies spotted the vehicle and attempted to stop it, but the driver did not stop. Sgt. Nickols was ahead of the pursuit and continued after the suspect vehicle after Clinton County terminated. The pursuit went through three counties and covered about 45 miles. The driver was stopped by Livingston County Sheriff’s deputies using a Pursuit Intervention Technique maneuver. Unfortunately, the driver committed suicide shortly after being stopped.


COs Keven Luther and Danielle Zubek began a kayak patrol of the Huron River near Hulls Launch. Shortly after beginning their patrol, the COs started hearing screaming coming from downriver. Upon arrival, the COs noticed three individuals hanging on to a tree in the current and the rest of their party on flotation innertubes close by downriver. The individuals trapped on the tree hit an obstacle in the water and lost their innertubes to the current. CO Zubek approached the group downriver to see if everyone was okay and secure on shore, while CO Luther approached the stranded individuals holding onto the tree. COs Luther and Zubek provided the two youngest individuals with PFDs while holding onto the tree. CO Luther remained on his kayak at the tree, keeping everyone calm and collected. CO Zubek was able to secure her kayak on shore and swim toward CO Luther. The COs determined that the safest way to get the stranded persons to shore would be the use of the throw-bag rope onboard the kayaks. CO Luther attached one end of the rope to the tree while CO Zubek swam the other end of the rope to secure it on shore. One at a time, each person was able to hold onto the rope and swim with CO Zubek to shore. Several good Samaritans stopped to assist and help the stranded individuals up the steep bank to the Flat Rock Police and Fire Department. Each person made it safely without injury to shore.

CO Keven Luther conducted two Detroit River patrols. The first was with COs Danny Walzak and Ariel Young focusing on the Gibraltar Canals and Livingston Channel. A few PFD warnings were issued to kayakers within the canals. The second marine patrol was an evening patrol with CO Dave Schaumburger. The two COs patrolled the Detroit River into the early morning hours. A few vessels were contacted, and one navigation light citation was issued by CO Luther.

COs David Schaumburger and Ariel Young conducted a late-night marine patrol and came across a vessel operating without proper navigation lights, without a fire extinguisher, and none of their safety equipment was readily accessible. The operator was educated on the proper way to stow safety equipment and was issued a ticket for improper navigation lights.

COs Ariel Young and Dave Schaumburger were on a late-night patrol of the Detroit River when they observed a boat with navigational lights not on. The COs stopped the boat and informed the driver of the lights not working. After completing the rest of the safety check, the COs issued a citation for non-functioning navigational lights. The COs continued their patrol and found a sailboat anchored in the river without an anchor light. The COs approached the boat and woke the occupant up and informed him that he needed an anchor light so no one would hit him. The individual was cited for failure to have an anchor light.

COs Ariel Young, Keven Luther, and Danny Walzak were getting ready to go on a marine patrol of the Detroit River near Lake Erie. CO Young made conversation with an angler who was just getting off the water and telling CO Young about his boat’s success on the water. CO Young asked if everyone had fishing licenses and the captain said “Yes, everyone except the 18-year-old who doesn’t need one.”  CO Young then explained to the captain that he did in fact need to have one the day he turned 17. CO Young counted the fish on the boat and with only two legal anglers on board, found that they were over their limit of white bass. CO Young talked with the anglers and it was decided that the teenager would get a warning and instructed to purchase a fishing license, and the captain would be cited for having the over-limit of white bass. CO Young seized the fish that were over the limit.

While patrolling near Belleville Lake, CO Ariel Young checked on the boat launch to see how people were enjoying the lake. CO Young observed a jet ski rider coming into the launch who was not wearing a PFD. CO Young made contact at the dock and found that the individual had one with him but chose not to wear it. CO Young educated the individual who had no clue that jet skis had rules that were different from boats. The individual tried to explain to CO Young that he was working on his tan. CO Young issued a citation for failure to wear a PFD on a jet ski.

While patrolling back to Wayne County, CO Ariel Young observed a dirt bike and rider who was not wearing a helmet cross the street right in front of her. CO Young caught up to the dirt bike and contacted the rider. The rider stated that his dad even warned him not to ride the bike without his helmet because he would get in trouble. CO Young followed behind the rider on his way back to his parent’s house. Along the way, CO Young picked up a second helmetless rider from the same household just pulling out of the driveway. CO Breanna Reed was nearby and came to assist. CO Young issued a citation to the first rider for failing to wear a helmet and gave a warning for failure to have the ORV registered.

COs Justin Muehlhauser and Chris Knights responded to a call for a water rescue on Lake Fenton. When the COs arrived, deputies and EMS were working to revive the victim. The COs assisted the GCSO in securing the victim’s vessel. Unfortunately, the efforts to resuscitate the victim were unsuccessful.

CO Brad Silorey was on patrol checking a popular shore fishing spot in southern Macomb County along Lake St. Clair. CO Silorey pulled to the end of the parking lot where a boardwalk begins and observed multiple anglers fishing. Before getting out of his patrol truck, CO Silorey overheard one angler making small talk with another. After several minutes of talking, one angler asked the other if he had caught anything that day. The other angler stated, “Yes,” and pointed to a stinger in the water tied to a railing. The other angler looked over and stated, “Perch and bass, very nice!” with bass season still closed on Lake St. Clair. CO Silorey got out of patrol truck and walked over to the angler. After checking the angler’s license, CO Silorey asked if he had caught anything. The angler once again said yes and pointed to the stringer with the bass and perch on it. CO Silorey pulled up the stringer with two smallmouth bass, one which was under-sized at 13 inches. The man quickly changed his story and stated that another angler gave him the bass and left. CO Silorey told the angler that it is illegal to possess bass out of season and issued the angler a citation for possession of bass out of season, and a warning for possession of an undersized bass. The suspect had multiple warrants out of the 36th District court of Detroit. The suspect was advised and released on the warrants.

COs Brad Silorey and Breanna Reed conducted a late-night patrol on Lake St. Clair and the St. Clair river this week. While on patrol, COs Silorey and Reed observed a large group of boats fishing near the head of Dickinson Island in the St. Clair River. After checking several boats that were anchored whip fishing for walleye, COs Silorey and Reed heard a man yell, “Is that the police!?”  After looking over in the angler’s direction, he began yelling for help and stated that his friend was down on the floor of his vessel and going unresponsive. CO Silorey and Reed had to navigate the maze of anchor lines and fishing lines to get to the man. CO Silorey told the vessel operator to pull his anchor so that they could drift with him and more safely transfer the unresponsive man to their patrol vessel as there is an extremely swift current in that location. After getting a PFD on the subject, COs Silorey and Reed were able to pull the man over onto their vessel. While transferring the man, COs Silorey and Reed asked several nearby anglers to call 911 and advise them of what boat access they would be arriving at. COs Silorey and Reed then immediately advised dispatch and were inn route to the nearest boat ramp in Algonac. After docking the vessel, COs Silorey and Reed kept talking to the man who was regaining his consciousness. When EMS arrived, the subject was taken via ambulance to the nearest hospital for evaluation.

COs Joseph Deppen and Brad Silorey were on marine patrol on Lake St. Clair. The COs noticed a vessel operating without Michigan registration. The vessel owner proclaimed he was documented and did not need registration. The COs explained the laws governing vessels that operate in state waters. Further checks revealed the owner was registering his boat up until 2014, but then he forgot. The operator was cited for operating an unregistered vessel.

CO Ben Lasher received some information from CO Bob Watson about possible explosive targets being used in the Port Huron Game Area. CO Lasher responded to the area of Hewitt’s Pit and while contacting different shooting groups, someone shot an explosive target nearby. Soon after the explosion, CO Lasher contacted two suspects looking over to the area where the boom and larger cloud of smoke had come from and they admitted to using Tannerite. One ticket was issued for using explosive targets, anything other than paper or clay, in the game area.

CO Ben Lasher was patrolling the Port Huron Game Area when a subject on a three-wheeler came up behind him on a trail behind a locked gate, the subject turned the machine around and left the scene before CO Lasher could get turned around. Knowing the only other way into this piece of land was up the road, CO Lasher drove to that gate and waited. A few minutes later the same three-wheeler and a dirt bike came out to the road. CO Lasher was on foot and attempted to stop the dirt bike and yelled “stop” but the driver went around him and out to the road. CO Lasher ran back to the road and found another truck had parked next to his truck and the three-wheeler was stopped between the two trucks. While CO Lasher was ordering that suspect off the machine, the driver of the dirt bike came back to the truck and stopped. The driver of the dirt bike became uncooperative and was taken into custody for failing to stop for an officer and operating in a closed area. Both drivers were issued tickets for operating in a closed area and one for failing to stop and one for no helmet. The dirt bike driver was taken to the St Clair County jail for processing and released.

CO Bob Watson was on ORV patrol in a problem area and had just arrived when a dirt bike emerged from the woods. CO Watson contacted the young rider who claimed he was not aware the property was off limits, even though he had to ride through a ditch and weave through trees to avoid a fence and large cement barricades. CO Watson issued the rider a civil infraction for improper placement of his ORV registration and issued a warning for the misdemeanor charge of ORV trespass.

CO Jaime Salisbury was patrolling around Lapeer SGA when he noticed a van driving around with a license plate that had a fake/forged registration sticker. CO Salisbury attempted to perform a traffic stop and the driver sped off. CO Salisbury pursued the subject for about 23 miles before the van got stuck in the woods after driving though a bean field. After the van got stuck the driver exited the vehicle and started to run on foot. CO Salisbury was able to catch up to the subject and get him to the ground. After a brief struggle on the ground CO Salisbury placed the driver in handcuffs. Charges are being sought for felony flee and elude, resisting and obstructing, forged license plate, unauthorized driving away of an automobile, possession of a controlled substance, reckless driving, and malicious destruction of property (crops).

CO Joseph Deppen received a complaint of a dead racoon in a live trap on the roof of an apartment complex. CO Deppen made the scene and found out the name of the company who was trapping. CO Deppen contacted the pest control company and had their employee come out and remove the trap from the roof. The pest control company was cited for untagged traps and were given warnings on failure to check their traps every 24 hours and animal cruelty.

CO Brandon Hartleben responded to the Halfmoon Lake launch to assist Washtenaw County Sheriff’s deputies with a possible drowning victim that was being transported to the launch by boat. CO Hartleben arrived on scene shortly after the first units from the Dexter Fire Department arrived and contacted the vessel and incapacitated subject at the launch dock. CO Hartleben helped lift the subject from the vessel onto the launch dock and immediately began CPR while Dexter Fire attached an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED). After initial analysis of the subject, the AED indicated that a “shock” was required, the area was cleared, and a shock was administered by the AED. CO Hartleben continued CPR on the subject and the AED indicated that no additional shocks were required. Huron Valley Ambulance arrived on scene a short while later and the subject was secured, moved to a stretcher, and transported to the University of Michigan Hospital. Interviews with family and occupants of the vessel indicated that this was a cardiac event following water skiing and was not a drowning. (Status of the subject suffering from the cardiac event is unknown at this time – Did have a carotid pulse and labored breathing at time of transport to U of M.)

CO Nicholas Ingersoll checked anglers near Sterling State Park boat launch. While conducting his checks CO Ingersoll observed a trash basket with holes in it submerged in the canal. CO Ingersoll asked a nearby angler if these were his fish, which he advised they were. CO Ingersoll removed the basket from the water and observed several panfish, a perch, and a largemouth bass. CO Ingersoll counted the panfish and there were 53 total panfish in his bin. That was not the only violation CO Ingersoll observed in the basket. The largemouth bass the angler had caught was nowhere near the legal-size limit of 14 inches. CO Ingersoll measured the largemouth bass and it was 6.5 inches long. CO Ingersoll advised the angler that the limit for panfish was 25 and he was 28 over his limit. CO Ingersoll also advised him the largemouth bass he caught was undersized and the legal-size limit for largemouth bass was 14 inches. The angler was cited for possessing an over-limit of panfish and possessing an undersized largemouth bass.

COs Andrew Monnich and Mike Drexler conducted marine patrol in a couple of areas in Lenawee County that have had issues with vessels coming within 100 feet of docks and people not having PFDs. Many marine contacts were made during the weekend patrols, and many violations for PFDs and traveling 100 feet from docks at greater than no wake speed were observed and enforced.

COs Eric Smither and Andrew Monnich had received multiple calls of an individual shooting animals from the cab of their pickup. The COs checked the area and located two unlabeled traps. A few days later the COs used their ORVs and parked behind a group of trees down the road. After waiting approximately three hours the COs observed a pickup coming down the road at a slow rate of speed. Upon further observation the COs noticed the driver was carrying a firearm in their lap. The individual got out of their truck and checked the traps and then got back in. The COs stopped the pickup and located a loaded .223 rifle on the individual’s lap and found that the traps were set on den openings on property the individual did not have permission to be on. Citations were issued for Loaded/Uncased Firearm in a motor vehicle and Unlabeled Traps.

COs Mike Drexler and Brandon Hartleben worked a busy marine patrol on the Portage Lake Chain over the weekend. The COs observed a PWC towing two people on tubes without a spotter. The operator received a citation for tow-no observer. Shortly after that contact, they contacted a subject fishing from an innertube who stated he did not know he needed a license to fish. A computer check revealed the subject purchased a fishing license in 2014. A citation was issued for fishing without a license.

COs Nicholas Ingersoll and Brandon Vacek conducted a marine patrol on Lake Erie and the connecting waterways. The COs issued several warnings for multiple marine violations including violation of slow no wake, improper display of MC numbers, and not having throwables on board the vessel when applicable. The COs issued one citation to a vessel operator that was operating at greater than a slow no wake speed in the Huron River.

While patrolling northern Lenawee County for marine activity, COs Eric Smither and Andrew Monnich observed two kayaks coming towards them. Upon further observation they observed that neither individual had PFDs on the kayaks. The COs contacted the individuals and citations were issued for No PFD on Kayak.

While patrolling Devils Lake and Round Lake, COs Eric Smither and Andrew Monnich observed an ORV driving down the road in front of them. The COs contacted the operator and found that they were not wearing a safety belt and had a juvenile not buckled as well. Enforcement action was taken, and a citation was issued for no safety equipment on ORV.

CO Adam Schiller while on a shift on Belle Isle responded to a call of an attempted suicide. The subject had taken prescription pills and alcohol. The CO was on a traffic stop when he was notified of the call. The stop was terminated, and the CO was returning to the truck when a silver SUV showed up on scene of the traffic stop. A subject jumped out of the driver’s seat and was yelling for help about the person in the backseat, who was the subject who attempted suicide. CO Schiller immediately got to the backseat of the vehicle to try and calm the suicidal subject down while radioing in for an ambulance. The subject was experiencing high energy and thrashing around in the backseat of the vehicle because of the prescription pills that were consumed. The subject was calmed down by the CO as well as help from the subject’s brother who was also in the backseat of the vehicle. Once the ambulance was on scene, the CO assisted in getting the subject on the gurney and secured the subject. The individual was transported to a nearby hospital for evaluation and treatment.

CO Ariel Young was patrolling the Riverwalk on Belle Isle near the yacht club and observed an angler and made her way to him. CO Young asked how the fishing was and found that the fishing was not good that afternoon. Upon further inspection, CO Young observed that the angler was in possession of gobies and was fishing with them. CO Young talked with the individual and he stated that a woman had told him he can use dead gobies for bait. CO Young informed the angler that his gobies were indeed very much alive. CO Young issued a citation for possession of live gobies and a verbal warning for having alcohol at the state park.

COs Ariel Young and Jaime Salisbury were patrolling Belle Isle near closing time and were dispatched to a brush fire near the beach. The COs arrived and found that the brush fire in question was a pile of hot coals someone had been grilling with and dumped in the grass. The fire department, who arrived at the scene shortly after the COs, was able to safely extinguish the fire.


Cpl. Mike Hammill responded to a net entanglement complaint and attempted to grapple for the net with CO Mike Evink for several hours. The officers hooked into “something” multiple times but when they put it on the lifter it came unhooked. Cpl. Hammill plans to go back later and attempt to find the net in question.

Cpl. Nick Torsky partnered with volunteers from the Paradise Lake Association in Emmet County for the Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) landing blitz. Several boaters and anglers were contacted regarding AIS regulations, with most being aware of the regulations. Paradise Lake also has an on-site boat wash that was purchased with Great Lakes Restoration Initiative funds that was utilized during the blitz.

Cpl. Mike Hammill and Cpl. Marvin Gerlach, along with D-1 officer Cody Smith worked a security detail for President Trump’s visit to Marinette Marine which is located near the Michigan/Wisconsin state line on the Menominee River. The officers, along with officers from the Wisconsin DNR, Menominee County Sheriff’s Department, US Coast Guard and agents from the Secret Service, utilized patrol vessels to close a portion of the Menominee River in front of Marinette Marine during the President’s visit. There were many civilian vessels out trying to get a glimpse of the President; there were no issues with unruly or illegal behavior. Lt. Terry Short worked with D-1 Sgt. Brian Bacon to assist with coordinating the on-the-water security and response ops plan.

Cpl. Kevin Postma and Cpl. Craig Milkowski assisted the MSP Dive Team and Straits State Harbor with setting buoys at the entrance to the Harbor.

Cpl. Troy VanGelderen participated in training scenarios with the Mason/Oceana County Water Safety Coalition. Scenarios included injured kayakers on Lake Michigan near the Ludington State Park, a missing swimmer in Lake Michigan near Ludington, and a lost hiker off a steep bluff leading down to Lake Michigan near the Consumer’s Energy Projects.

Cpl. Troy VanGelderen assisted the Oceana County and Newaygo County Dive Teams with a training dive in Lake Michigan south of Pentwater. The dive was at the SS Anna Minch which is a shipwreck that went down in 1940.
Cpl. Brett DeLonge conducted a commercial fish patrol from Marquette to Munising and inspected over 12 state commercial trap nets and contacted two commercial fishing vessels on the water. One state commercial trap net had a marking violation (missing a staff) and the fisherman was given a verbal warning and directed to fix the violation.

Cpl. Brett DeLonge was conducting a marine patrol around Marquette and conducted several checks on recreational boaters and sport anglers. During the patrol, Cpl. DeLonge observed two PWC’s being operated without life jackets being worn and both watercrafts were expired in 2019. Both operators were issued citations for not wearing PFD’s and were issued verbal warnings for their expired registrations.

Cpl. Brett DeLonge observed two kayakers near the Black Rocks area trying to navigate their way to White Rocks (approximately a mile or two from shore) in choppy waves with several vessels operating in the area. Cpl. DeLonge contacted the kayakers who did not have PFDs and were given verbal warnings and escorted back to shore.

Cpl. Brett DeLonge checked boat access sites throughout Marquette County and made several marine, fish, and AIS contacts during the patrol.

Lt. Feagan, along with Cpl. Jon Busken and Cpl. Kevin Postma, conducted a marine patrol from St. Ignace to the Les Cheneaux Islands. Multiple contacts were made during the patrol. After approaching one vessel, the officers noted that only one occupant reported fishing while four lines were in the water. When questioned about it, the angler stated that he knew he had too many lines in and had thought that the officer’s vessel was a fishing charter when he first saw it, or he would have reeled in the extra line. Enforcement action was taken.

While returning home from his fourth of July marine patrol, Cpl. Busken observed two dirt bikes being operated on the side of a county road in Mackinac County. One of the operators was wearing a helmet while the other was not. The operators were pulled over and contact with made. The operator without a helmet stated he had been riding for 10+ years but did not know you needed a helmet to operate an ORV in Michigan. When asked why he thought his friend was wearing a helmet, the operator just shrugged. Enforcement action was taken.
Cpl. Marvin Gerlach conducted a patrol of various boating access sites in Menominee County enforcing/educating the public on regulations that seek to limit the spread of AIS. Numerous subjects were contacted, and the effort was well received by the public.

Cpl. Marvin Gerlach conducted a commercial fishing/sport fishing patrol along the shore of Lake Superior from Marquette to Copper Harbor. During the patrol, a family that was vacationing from out of state was contacted. The parents stated they had spent a lot of time prior to their vacation teaching their children about Michigan and the Great Lakes. During the conversation, the father kept talking about how cold Lake Michigan was, how far the Keweenaw Peninsula extended into Lake Michigan, and that Lake Michigan was the largest and most northern of the Great Lakes. When his children tried to correct him by saying that it was actually Lake Superior he was talking about, he insisted that he was correct, and they were looking at Lake Michigan. He asked Cpl. Gerlach to tell his kids that he was right, and they were wrong. Cpl. Gerlach took the father aside and explained to him that he was actually the one who was incorrect and that his children had obviously done a good job learning about Michigan. The more than slightly embarrassed father thanked Cpl. Gerlach and used the opportunity to explain to his children that even parents can make mistakes.

Cpl. Marvin Gerlach conducted an online search for the sale of various prohibited AIS.

Cpl. Pat Hartsig assisted Cpl. Craig Milkowski and Cpl. Nick Atkin in disassembling a trap net that had washed ashore and become stuck in the sand on a beach along Saginaw Bay. The net was dug out the week prior and since the officers were unable to determine ownership, the officers cut it into manageable sizes and hauled it away in their patrol trucks.

Cpl. Pat Hartsig worked some AIS boating initiative at popular access sites along the St. Clair River and Lake St. Clair. Two warnings were given to individuals who did not empty their live wells before attempting to leave the launch area. The groups were educated on why it is important to prevent the spread of AIS.

Cpl. Pat Hartsig checked some bait dealers and pet shops who sell fish to look for Marbled Crayfish. None were found and the owners knew of the recent law that prohibited them from possessing them.

Cpl. Troy VanGelderen trained with Ludington Police Department, the Mason County Sheriff Department, and the Oceana County Sheriff Department concerning working with side scan sonar. During the training session, a boat was located submerged in Pentwater Lake. The Oceana County Dive Team is set to dive and investigate the boat.

Cpl. Troy VanGelderen received a complaint of a bait shop in Comstock Park that had been catching minnows out of a river and then selling them. Cpl. VanGelderen visited the shop and discovered that they had a catcher’s license and that where they were catching the minnows was legal. A bait retailer inspection was conducted with information being entered into the new Survey123 application.

Cpl. Troy VanGelderen and Sgt Michael Bomay were patrolling Lake Michigan on Independence Day when they heard a call of some children that had gotten carbon monoxide poisoning while down in the cabin of a fishing boat off from the Consumer’s Plant in Mason County. Cpl. VanGelderen and Sgt Bomay responded to the boat as the USCG was taking the children to the Ludington Harbor. They checked the status of the remaining occupants, made sure the cabin was aired out, and then the boat was escorted to Ludington by the Mason County Sheriff Department.

Cpl. Troy VanGelderen attended three different Landing Blitz locations near Pentwater to speak to boaters and the volunteers about how to prevent the spread of AIS.

Cpl. Sean Kehoe pulled into the drive through at a local fast food restaurant where he was confronted by a subject in a minivan holding a small baby bird in his hand. The subject indicated he found it in Pellston and has been driving around with it and feeding it worms for two days wondering what to do with it. Cpl. Kehoe took the baby nuthatch from the subject and delivered it to a local wildlife rehabilitator for proper care.

Cpl. Kevin Postma recovered two dogs running loose in a remote area. After about an hour of searching, Cpl. Postma was able to return to the dogs to their owner.