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7/26/2020 - 8/8/2020


Conservation Officer (CO) Doug Hermanson conducted a marine patrol in Keweenaw County to check boaters on Lake Superior. While checking Eagle Harbor, CO Hermanson observed a small boat that appeared to be over-loaded. CO Hermanson also observed several youths riding on the bow of the vessel. A check of the boat found ten occupants and the boat was only rated for seven occupants. A check for personal floatation devices (PFDs) found the operator could only provide five PFDs for the occupants. A citation was issued for failing to provide a PFD for each of the occupants of the vessel.

CO Ethen Mapes responded to an off-road vehicle (ORV) accident that originated as a domestic violence situation in White Pine. The operator of the ORV involved in the accident was reported as suicidal and had fled the scene in his side-by-side after the assault occurred. The suspect crashed his side-by-side and was able to upright it to return home when CO Mapes and a US Forest Service (USFS) officer located the man along the ORV trail. CO Mapes detained the subject who was ultimately arrested by the Michigan State Police (MSP) for a domestic assault.

CO Ethen Mapes assisted in arresting a subject who was released from jail and violated his bond conditions from a domestic assault that had occurred the night prior. The suspect was taken into custody without incident by the MSP.

COs Brian Lasanen and Zach Painter worked a marine patrol on the Portage Waterway in Houghton County. The COs contacted a boat with four anglers and conducted a license check of the anglers. All produced a valid fishing license, but the boat operator could not produce any PFDs for the occupants. The operator was cited for failing to provide PFDs.

COs Brian Lasanen and Zach Painter worked a marine patrol on the Portage Waterway in Houghton County. The COs observed a boat that appeared to be over-loaded and had one of the passengers hanging off the back of the boat. The COs stopped the boat and contacted the driver of the boat. A count of occupants on the boat found 14 people on board. The COs asked the owner of the boat to produce enough PFDs for everyone on board, which he was unable to do. The subject was cited for allowing a person to occupy a portion of a vessel not designed for seating while underway.

COs Brian Lasanen and Zach Painter were working a marine patrol on the Portage Waterway when they observed a single white light coming toward them. As the light approached, the COs were able to determine it to be a subject on a personal watercraft (PWC) after hours using his phone for a light. The driver of the PWC was stopped and cited for operating after the legal hour for PWCs.

COs Brian Lasanen and Zach Painter were working a marine patrol on the Portage Waterway in Houghton County when they observed a boat being operated without a white light after dark. The COs stopped the boat and contacted the operator. The operator stated his son was trying to get the white light into the post power hole, but it appeared he was too intoxicated to do so. CO Lasanen observed the odor of intoxicants on the operator’s person and investigated. After performing seated battery standardized field sobriety tests (SFST) and a preliminary breath test (PBT), the operator was arrested for boating under the influence (BUI) with a PBT reading of .11%. The boat operator was lodged at the Houghton County Jail.

CO Jenni Hanson was about to check out of service when she heard radio traffic regarding a lost hiker in the Porcupine Mountains State Park. CO Hanson, along with USFS Law Enforcement Officer Josh Lopac assisted the Porcupine Mountains Park rangers hike approximately 1.5 miles to locate the lost subject and return him to his vehicle.

CO Anna Viau received a complaint of several domestic ducks hanging out by a boat launch at an Iron County lake. Upon arrival, CO Viau observed six ducks, with two of them exhibiting obvious leg injuries. Using some edible incentives, CO Viau was able to convince the ducks to get into two large kennels. With the help of a local lake resident, CO Viau was able to locate the owner of the ducks, who was out of town, and get them safely back to their home.

CO Anna Viau received a call of a deer fawn that had jumped into an open basement foundation and was unable to get out. The complainant guessed the fawn had been in there without its mom for at least a couple days. Upon arrival to the scene, CO Viau and the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Wildlife Technician Ryan McGillviray observed the fawn in the basement looking healthy but could tell from the amount of foot tracks that it had been wandering around for a while trying to find a way out. McGillviray and CO Viau were able to capture the fawn without incident and release it in a nearby wooded area.

On a rural lake in Iron County, CO Anna Viau observed two kayakers fishing across the lake. Upon contacting the individuals, they both admitted they did not have fishing licenses. CO Viau issued both subjects citations for fishing without a license. Shortly after, while checking another boat, CO Viau observed one of the kayakers flip over and struggle to get back in her kayak due to the windy conditions on the lake. CO Viau ensured the kayaker and her companion were safe before continuing with other marine checks on the lake.

While on marine patrol, CO Anna Viau checked a family from Wisconsin who were fishing. None of the four individuals had their Michigan fishing license in their possession and only one was able to provide the identification with which he purchased his fishing license. The boat owner also did not have a paper copy of the boat’s registration on board. CO Viau gave the vessel owner a citation for failure to provide paper registration and issued verbal warnings to each individual for not having their fishing license or identification with them while they were fishing.

CO Jeffrey Dell worked an ORV complaint area in which he has received numerous complaints of two ORV riders operating carelessly and trespassing. After multiple patrols in the area, CO Dell was able to observe the two riding carelessly without helmets on a county road. One rider was also operating without a valid ORV decal. The pair was issued citations for operating ORVs without approved crash helmets and given verbal warnings against trespass and careless operations.

CO John Kamps responded to the scene of an angry suicidal individual who cut himself on a piece of glass. When CO Kamps arrived on scene, the individual stepped out of the house covered in blood and was attempting to stop the bleeding with a handful of paper towels. The CO was able to calm the individual down and provide first aid to stop the bleeding. Medical personnel arrived on scene and the individual was transported to the hospital for his injuries.

COs Josh Boudreaux and John Kamps were on marine patrol when they checked two individuals fishing for walleye. After a brief conversation, one of the individuals confessed that there were two short walleye in the boat. A safety check of the boat also determined it did not have an adequate number of PFDs or a fire extinguisher. The individual was cited for possessing short walleye and given a warning for the marine safety violations.

CO John Kamps checked two individuals fishing a lake from the shoreline. When the CO asked to see their fishing licenses, one of the individuals stated that they did not have their fishing license with them. When the CO asked for the subject’s name, a false name was given with a birth date over 20 years older than the suspects actual age. After a brief period, the subject produced their correct identification and it was determined that they were fishing without a license. That subject was then found to have multiple felony and misdemeanor warrants out for their arrest. They were taken into custody and lodged in the Marquette County jail. The second individual fishing had a misdemeanor warrant out for his arrest. He was advised of the warrants and released on a Public Recognizance bond.

COs Cody Smith and Josh Boudreaux received a complaint of an individual shooting a pair of Canada geese. Upon following up with the complaint, the COs were able to track down a suspect obtaining a full confession and were led to the dump site of the two geese. When asked why the individual had shot them, the individual exclaimed that they were tired of picking up goose poop and had just had enough. The individual stated that they just wanted to kill one to get a point across to the remaining geese so that they did not come back. When the suspect asked what the potential charges were CO Smith explained  the list of violations as take two geese out of season, failure to have a state waterfowl license, failure to have a federal duck stamp, take waterfowl with an unplugged gun, take waterfowl with lead shot, no harvest information program survey, and tagging violations. The list of violations was turned over in a report to the prosecutor’s office and awaiting review.


CO Mark Zitnik observed a father and son fishing on the backside of McKeever Lake late one evening. The CO waited for the anglers to arrive at the boat launch before checking them. Once at the launch CO Zitnik asked to see the father’s fishing license. The father went into the boat to grab his wallet assuring he had purchased one. A moment later he informed the CO that his mother had brought him to the store, and he forgot his wallet, so he did not buy a fishing license. The man was issued a citation for fishing without a license.

COs Andrea Dani and Mark Zitnik worked a group ORV patrol on Lake Superior from their patrol boat, focusing on illegal use of ORVs along the beach. The COs were working in conjunction with COs Cole VanOosten and Justin Vinson who were on their ORVs and responding to any ORV issues that were observed from the lake. In total for the patrol seven citations were issued. Six of which were from a group of 12 side-by-sides that COs observed from their vessel, operating on the Lake Superior shoreline.

COs Steve Butzin and Chris Lynch were patrolling the Marquette and Delta County line. COs encountered several anglers, when one of the anglers saw the COs, he dropped his fishing pole and began to look the other direction. Further investigation found that the angler did not have a valid fishing license and had an outstanding warrant for contempt of court on a domestic violence charge in Marquette County. The angler was issued a citation for fishing without a license and arrested on his outstanding warrant.

COs Steve Butzin and Chris Lynch were on patrol in the Brampton area when CO Butzin heard several ORVs coming from behind them. CO Butzin stepped out of his patrol vehicle and observed two dirt bikes without ORV permits frantically trying to turn around in the trail. CO Butzin waved his hands and told them to stop. The individuals continued to drive away. The COs followed the two briefly with lights and sirens activated before one stopped at a residence up the road, the other operator continued. Further investigation found that the individual who stopped, had stopped at the other operator’s residence. The two operators were juveniles. A guardian was contacted at the residence and was instructed to go find his child that continued to drive away. Several minutes later the guardian returned with the operator. The operator who continued despite being signaled by the COs’ emergency lights and sirens thought it was funny and laughed about the situation. He was issued two citations into probate court for operating an ORV without a permit and careless operation of a motor vehicle, which carries three points on a driver’s license, which the operator will soon have. The other operator was given several warnings.

COs Andrea Dani and Mark Zitnik were on patrol in Wetmore when they observed a side-by-side traveling eastbound on M-28. The ORV crossed through the intersection of M-28 and H-13, notably one of the busiest intersections in the county, and continued eastbound. The COs conducted a traffic stop, and a citation was issued for operating an ORV on a highway.

COs Andrea Dani and Michael Evink responded to a call regarding a fox stranded on a sandy spot on the east side of Grand Island. It appears the fox had fallen off the rock cliff above and landed on the sandy portion below. The rock face was too high and steep for the fox to go back up and too far from a lower elevation shoreline for the fox to swim to.  The COs were able to catch the young fox with a catch pole and kept him secured for transportation. The fox did not appear to be injured and was released back on to Grand Island in a more easily accessible location.

CO Michael Evink conducted a marine patrol of Lake Michigan. The first salmon boat CO Evink encountered was using too many lines. CO Evink issued a ticket for fishing with too many lines.

CO Todd Sumbera was conducting a marine patrol when he observed an individual fishing with five lines in the water. CO Sumbera contacted the individual and informed him that the legal number of allowed lines is three. The angler stated that he usually runs four lines when he fishes. A citation was issued for fishing with more than three lines.

CO Todd Sumbera was patrolling the north side of Drummond Island just west of Harbor Island when he spotted an overturned PWC with two individuals hanging onto the side. CO Sumbera arrived on scene stating that he is here to help; the 64-year-old individual stated that his friend does not know how to swim. CO Sumbera noticed that the younger individual was panicking and very exhausted, stating, “Thank God” when the CO arrived. CO Sumbera was able to help turn the PWC right side up; it was full of water and unable to be operated. CO Sumbera used the swim ladder on his patrol boat to help the individuals aboard. When on board the younger man dropped to the floor in the front of the boat stating he has no energy left. He also stated that he had drank “gallons of water and felt like he was going to puke.”  The gentlemen stated that due to the high winds and rough water, when they put the PWC in reverse it swamped them extremely fast. The operator stated that he had never operated a PWC. Battling the wind and waves, CO Sumbera got the men safely aboard and secured the PWC to his patrol vessel with a rear tow line. CO Sumbera asked the men how long they had been overturned, they stated at least ten minutes. CO Sumbera safely returned the men and PWC to Yacht Haven on Drummond Island. Both men were wearing torn and improperly fitting PFDs. CO Sumbera notified them to get some well maintained and proper fitting PFDs before their next venture. When departing the men thanked CO Sumbera for rescuing them from the water.

COs Mike Olesen and Todd Sumbera patrolled the Saint Mary’s River from Sault Saint Marie. During the patrol, an individual was spotted attempting to snag salmon. Contact was made with the individual and it was determined that he was a tribal member snagging without proper licensing. The individual was cited into Tribal Court and the snagging equipment was turned over to Tribal Law Enforcement.
CO Mike Olesen performed an ORV patrol of western Chippewa County. During the patrol, many ORV riders were contacted. One operator was given a verbal warning for improper display of ORV licenses.

COs Justin Vinson, Cole VanOosten, Andrea Dani, and Mark Zitnik, along with Luce County Sheriff and Alger County Sheriff Departments deputies, conducted a joint patrol along the Lake Superior shoreline focusing on coastal zone management and illegal ORV activity. The patrol resulted in several contacts being made, along with several citations being issued for violations such as open intoxicants in an ORV, driving without a seat belt, creating erosive conditions, operating an ORV in a closed area, and operating an ORV when license revoked.

COs Justin Vinson and Cole VanOosten responded to several camping related complaints in southwest Mackinac County. The two COs discovered several groups dispersed camping without camping permits and staying longer than 15 days. Citations were issued for camping without posting a camp card.

COs Justin Vinson and Cole VanOosten responded to a conflict at The Mouth of The Two Hearted campground in Northern Luce County. After interviewing both parties staking claim to a campsite, it was determined both parties committed violations in attempts to obtain the campsite. Both parties received warnings and advised that if campground rules could not be followed, they would be removed from the campground.

COs Justin Vinson and Cole VanOosten were on ORV patrol when they observed two side-by-sides exit off M-28 and proceed to drag race down a county dirt road. The two machines took up the whole road and one of the operators was operating against the flow of traffic for over a mile. A traffic stop was initiated, and a citation was issued for careless operation and warnings were issued for operating on a state highway.

COs Todd Sumbera and Cole VanOosten were on ORV patrol when they observed a side-by-side operate in a careless manner and no one on board was wearing seatbelts. A traffic stop was initiated, and it was found that both occupants had open containers of alcohol on board. SFSTs were administered to ensure the operator was fit to drive and citations were issued for open intoxicants and warnings were given for not wearing seatbelts.

CO Cole VanOosten swore to and served two felony warrants and one misdemeanor warrant for three suspects involved in the illegal cutting and sale of timber off state land. The total estimated value of the theft totaled over $2,800 with a total restitution sought totaling approximately $10,500.


CO Chad Baldwin received a complaint about an ORV operator stealing snowmobile trail signs off state land. The complainant was able to locate the residence believed to be owned by the ORV operator. CO Baldwin interviewed the suspect, who turned out to be a minor, in the presence of his parents. The operator had previously admitted to his parents what he had done knowing that “the police” were probably going to show up at his house. The ORV operator had taken a snowmobile trail stop sign and post out of the ground because his cousin stated she wanted one. Then the sign and post fell out of the side-by-side on the way back to their residence and they decided not to go back and pick it up. CO Baldwin made arrangements with the parents to have their son head back out to the trail with the required equipment to pick up the sign and adequately reinstall it at the intersection it was taken from. A warning was issued to the operator and father of the operator for removing signs on state land.

COs Chad Baldwin and Nathan Beelman were conducting a late-night patrol on Lake Charlevoix when CO Baldwin received a phone call from a park ranger at Fisherman’s Island State Park. The park ranger and her colleagues had spotted a group of boats anchored offshore and having a fire on what is known as the actual “Fisherman’s Island.”  The rangers had no way to address the violations on the island and were requesting assistance from COs Baldwin and Beelman. CO Baldwin suggested picking up two of the rangers in the Pine River Channel just inside Lake Michigan where the COs could escort and accompany the rangers onto the island for enforcement action. COs Baldwin and Beelman safely navigated to the island and beached their patrol boat on the island. Together the COs and the park rangers contacted five individuals who were consuming alcohol and having a fire on the island. A ticket was issued for having an uncontained fire in a state park and warnings were issued for camping in a state park in an area not designated as camp site. The five individuals were instructed to extinguish the fire, clean up all trash and debris they brought with them, and sleep on their boats as they had too much alcohol to legally operate their vessels.

CO Nathan Beelman was on marine patrol on Lake Charlevoix when three boats passed at a high rate of speed and continued toward the slow/no wake area near Ironton. One of the boats cut into a side bay and then rapidly cut back in front of the two other boats to enter the slow/no wake area. The boat continued up on plane for a few hundred yards into the marked slow/no wake area. The operator was contacted and stated that he did not initially realize he had entered the slow/no wake area. The operator was ticketed for violating the slow/no wake area.

CO Nathan Beelman received a complaint of an oil spill in the Boyne City Marina. CO Beelman responded to the area and found four slips at the marina filled with an oily substance. With the assistance of the marina and the local fire department, absorbent pads were used to soak up some of the oil and the source of the oil was found. One of the boats in the marina initially denied knowing the source of the oil, but it was later found that the operator had refilled the oil reservoir and had forgotten to replace the cap. The oil reservoir then overflowed into the bilge tank. The bilge then ran the following morning and dumped oil into the marina. A company was later contacted to properly dispose of the oil-soaked rags and clean up the inside of the boat prior to it departing the marina.

CO Adam LeClerc was starting his shift when he was called to assist with an armed suspect in a local motel. The MSP was on scene and had established contact with the individual. With the proximity of the hotel to US-31, the decision was made to shut down the highway until the standoff was over. CO LeClerc provided cover for the officers while they talked the individual out of the room. After a short conversation, the suspect was placed in handcuffs and transported to the local hospital for evaluation.

CO Adam LeClerc assisted the MSP with a search of a suspect who crashed his vehicle and fled into the woods. CO LeClerc setup a perimeter so the MSP K-9 unit could track the individual. After a two-hour search, the suspect was arrested for possible operating under the influence of liquor among other charges.

CO Adam LeClerc was on marine patrol in Crooked Lake when he observed a PWC towing two tubers without a spotter. Upon contact, the operator said he knew he needed a spotter while towing individuals. CO LeClerc issued a ticket for towing persons without a spotter.

CO Duane Budreau responded to a complaint of subjects shooting geese on a golf course in northern Emmet County. The complaint was anonymous, but information provided was that some of the maintenance personnel on the golf course had shot about a dozen geese for defecating on the grounds. COs Budreau and Adam LeClerc went to the course and interviewed several employees until finding someone that was an eyewitness to the incident. The witness stated that he was not only concerned about the illegal killing of the birds, but he was also concerned for his own safety as well as the other employees. When the shooting started, he and the other employees took cover behind a pile of lumber. The shooter was using a .22 caliber rifle and shooting in all directions. COs Budreau and LeClerc interviewed the shooter, an elderly gentleman suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. The man denied all allegations to start with; however, after persistent questioning, his story changed to him admitting to shooting some warning shots to scare the birds. He said that he did not think a .22 would even kill a goose. After further questioning, the man admitted to killing two geese. COs Budreau and LeClerc searched the wooded area where the witnesses reported the geese to be dumped. Several piles of feathers were located indicating multiple birds had been dumped in the area; however, predators had hauled off the carcasses. A report and warrant request were submitted to the prosecutor for taking waterfowl out of season.

Sergeant (Sgt.) Bill Webster was patrolling Pickerel Lake when he checked two anglers that had been having a good day of fishing. As Sgt. Webster spoke to the anglers, he asked how many fish they had caught. One of the anglers said, “Good,” as he started reaching in a five-gallon bucket to show off the fish. One fish that the angler grabbed from the bucket was a short Largemouth bass, so Sgt. Webster had the angler hand him the fish and asked him about size limits. The angler wasn’t sure he said, but he thought it was 14 inches. Sgt. Webster measured the fish and it was only 12 inches. The angler admitted he did not measure it and understood that he would be receiving a ticket for the violation.
Sgt. Bill Webster was travelling on M-32 in Alpena County when he noticed a vehicle behind him weaving in and out of traffic passing everyone and then passed him. Sgt. Webster followed the vehicle for about one mile and initiated a traffic stop because the vehicle was going 82 miles per hour (mph) in a 65-mph zone. Sgt. Webster contacted the driver and issued a ticket for speeding and gave verbal warnings for passing on the right and failing to signal.

CO Jon Sklba was on patrol in Presque Isle County when he was passed by a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed. CO Sklba utilized the patrol truck’s radar to get the vehicle’s speed. The vehicle was traveling 98 mph in a 65 mph zone. The out of state residents claimed the discrepancy was due to the driver usually driving a truck. A ticket was issued.

CO Jon Sklba received a complaint in Presque Isle County of a vehicle that appeared to intentionally run over a Blue Heron. As the complainant stopped to check the status of the bird, the suspect drove away. The investigation continues.

CO Jon Sklba received a complaint in Presque Isle County of vehicles driving on a restricted traffic snowmobile trail. Upon investigation, it was discovered the vehicle belonged to a subject hired to do trail maintenance on the snowmobile trail and was on the trail clearing debris after strong winds.

CO Sheppard was patrolling Lake Winyah in Alpena County. While on the lake, CO Sheppard contacted four young kayakers. Two kayakers did not have PFDs on their vessels. CO Sheppard warned them and educated them on the law. CO Sheppard assisted them in returning to shore to get PFDs.

CO Sheppard received a complaint from DNR Parks and Recreation Division (PRD) while patrolling Alpena County of an incident at the Ossineke State Forest Campground from the prior night. CO Sheppard was advised that there were two or three adults at the campsite fighting and threatening each other after midnight. One of the subjects was allegedly threatening to get his gun. Neighboring campsites tried to step in and were met with several expletives. 911 was called, but by the time the MSP and sheriff’s deputies arrived the suspects had left the scene. CO Sheppard responded to the scene later in the day and contacted the campers at the site. After brief questioning, CO Sheppard advised them that incidents like that will not be tolerated. CO Sheppard gave them until the end of the day to leave the campground.

CO Sheppard received a complaint in Alpena County of ORVs riding on a beach in front of a residence in Ossineke. CO Sheppard responded and followed the ORV tracks back to a nearby residence. CO Sheppard educated those responsible that the beach is not for ORVs and warned them for trespassing and creating erosive conditions.

CO Dan Liestenfeltz assisted the Montmorency County Sheriff’s Department with two domestic altercations. All the responsible parties at both scenes were separated and reports were submitted to the prosecutor for both.

CO Dan Liestenfeltz was patrolling Albert Township in Montmorency County when he observed two dirt bikes riding down the middle of the roadway on the wrong side of the road. CO Liestenfeltz stopped the dirt bikes and determined that they also did not have valid ORV licenses. After talking with both subjects about how dangerous their decisions were, tickets were issued to both subjects for failing to display a permit on the ORV.

CO Paul Fox was patrolling Tomahawk Flooding in Montmorency County for marine and fishing activity. CO Fox pulled up to a vessel and immediately noticed a juvenile raccoon running about the deck of the vessel. CO Fox inquired as to why the occupants had a raccoon on board their boat. They advised they rescued it as a baby and were raising it themselves. Upon further questioning, it was determined that they did not have a permit to possess the animal, failed to turn it over to a licensed rehabilitator, and transported the animal across several county lines. The animal was seized. The subjects were educated on the laws pertaining to possessing captive wildlife.

CO Sidney Collins was patrolling Montmorency County when she noticed some trash left out on state land at a spot that is regularly used by locals. There was a mattress, pillow, bottles, cardboard, bags, and many other items. CO Collins put on gloves and searched through the trash to try to identify a subject. CO Collins was able to find their camp card they tore down, ripped up and crumbled into pieces. CO Collins was able to put it together to make out a name. CO Collins went to the residence and spoke with the subject who admitted they left trash out there, but thought his friends picked it up before they left. CO Collins issued a ticket for littering and made the subjects clean up their trash.

CO Sidney Collins was patrolling Montmorency County when she saw a license plate not affixed to a vehicle and instead was placed in the rear window. CO Collins checked the plate through the Law Enforcement Information Network, and it came back without insurance. CO Collins made a traffic stop on the vehicle. The driver admitted to CO Collins he did not have insurance and was waiting for a paycheck on Thursday to pay for it. CO Collins issued a ticket for not producing a copy of insurance and made the driver of the vehicle find a ride. CO Collins followed up a few days later and determined the operator did buy their insurance.

CO Sidney Collins was working in Alpena County when she received a complaint of a pontoon in a ditch near a state launch. CO Collins ran the motor vehicle code (MC) numbers on the boat and found it to be registered to a downstate man. CO Collins was able to contact the owner of the boat who had some vehicle issues and needed to leave it there at the time. Since the boat was not a road hazard, CO Collins agreed to let the man have a few days to figure out a way to retrieve the boat.

CO Sidney Collins recently solved a larceny case in Montmorency County. Several subjects had been stealing trailer hitches from local campgrounds. After an investigation and interviews, several subjects have been charged with the thefts and the hitches have all been recovered. CO Collins was able to return the hitches to the owners who were very appreciative to have them back.

CO Sidney Collins was patrolling Montmorency County when she and CO Dan Liestenfeltz both responded to a domestic assault. The COs and a Montmorency County Sheriff’s deputy were able to separate the boyfriend and girlfriend. The woman’s son called 911 when her boyfriend pushed her up against the wall and was throwing her around. CO Collins reminded the boy he did a good job to call the police when his mom needed help. Charges are being sought by the prosecutor.

CO Sidney Collins was patrolling Montmorency County when she noticed three ORVs riding in the road instead of on the shoulder of the road. CO Collins initiated a traffic stop. The leader of the group was very upset with CO Collins for stopping him and asking, “stupid questions.”  CO Collins explained to the subject that it was for safety purposes and is the law. CO Collins found several other violations including placing ORV decals in the wrong spot on all three ORVs, allowing a minor to ride an ORV, allowing two minors to operate ORVs without ORV safety certificates, and an unfastened helmet. The operator was ticketed for numerous violations.

Sgt. Michael Mshar was patrolling a remote area of Montmorency County when he heard bear dogs that sounded like they had an animal treed. After a long hike through the swamp, Sgt. Mshar came upon a treed bear with no less than 17 dogs surrounding the tree and ten subjects. A discussion ensued about the number of dogs allowed, being eight, to run in a pack. The dog handlers all stated that they did not know they were on the same bear. Sgt. Mshar warned all the subjects on the law and had them remove the animals from the area.


CO William Haskin was patrolling Wexford County and received a complaint of a swan that appeared to be injured or tangled in something. CO Haskin located the swan and responded by boat on the backwaters of Hodenpyl Dam. CO Haskin cut the swan loose from a bunch of fishing line and released it.

COs William Kinney and William Haskin assisted Wexford County Sheriff’s Department and the MSP in the search for three 16-year-old males who went missing on the Pine River between Wexford and Manistee Counties. The three boys did not stop at the designated location because they were rafting ahead of their parents. The concerned parents contacted 911 due to their unfamiliarity with the river and it was getting late in the evening. The COs were able to locate the raft pulled up on a piece of private property along the river, halfway to the next takeout. Footprints were located heading north from the private property on a USFS  road. The three boys were located a short time later, after they walked to a residence and called their parents.

CO Amanda McCurdy spent a day working marine patrol aboard a United States Coast Guard (USCG) vessel out of Frankfort. This inter-agency patrol primarily targeted boaters violating the slow/no wake law in effect on Betsie Lake. However, several hours were also spent on patrol in Lake Michigan where dozens of contacts were made checking for fishing licenses and safety equipment. This joint effort helped to ensure the safety and security of boaters on Lake Michigan and one citation was issued to an angler for fishing without a license.

COs Troy Ludwig and Amanda McCurdy conducted a marine patrol on a jet boat on the Platte River. This location is a popular tourist destination and thousands of people float the river in kayaks, canoes, and rafts daily. The Platte River is not frequently accessed by boat, and COs Ludwig and McCurdy were able to make hundreds of contacts to check for PFDs and fishing licenses. Numerous citations were issued for failing to provide PFDs, which is a requirement on kayaks and canoes on any public waterway in the state of Michigan.

COs Justin Vanderlinde and William Kinney completed an investigation resulting in a full confession from an individual who was trapping without a trapping license. A report is being sent to the prosecutor’s office for review.

CO Justin Vanderlinde completed an illegal burning complaint. The suspect admitted to burning a large pile of building materials. The suspect was cited for the violation.

While on a marine patrol in Lake County, CO Ryan Andrews contacted a group of anglers fishing from kayaks on a busy lake. During the contact, CO Andrews learned that all three individuals did not have any PFDs nor did any of them have a fishing license with them. The group pointed to a cottage just up the shoreline and said their wallets and licenses were up there. CO Andrews accompanied the group to shore to make sure they made it safely. CO Andrews had the anglers retrieve their licenses. A short time later, one of the men returned and told CO Andrews, “Sir, I’ll be honest with you, I don’t have a license. I just went to see if my brother had one so I could use his.”  The angler was educated that he cannot use someone else’s fishing license. Citations were issued for the violations, including all three for not having a PFD on board their kayaks.

COs Kyle Publiski and Brian Brosky assisted the Mason County Sheriff’s Office with the recovery of a victim who apparently drowned in the Pere Marquette River near Walhalla. The victim had been missing for approximately two days when someone located his kayak on the river with no one near it. After a search of that stretch of the river where the kayak was found, Mason County divers were able to locate the victim’s body.

CO Josiah Killingbeck and Sgt. Grant Emery assisted with two bear hunting clinics put on at the Carl T. Johnson Hunt and Fish Center in Cadillac. The COs assisted with the instruction for the law portion of the class as well as techniques on how to become successful bear hunter. Every student that attended was successful in drawing a bear tag for the 2020 season.

CO Ben Shively responded with DNR Fire Officer Cole and the Shelby Fire Department with structure fire in secluded area along Lake Michigan. CO Shively assisted in putting out grass fires on the dunes downwind from a structure fire and monitoring residences downwind for spot fires and roof fires.

CO Ben Shively attended a joint training with Oceana, Mason, Newaygo, and Lake Counties dive teams on shipwrecks in Lake Michigan, out of Pentwater.


COs John Huspen and Sgt. Brian Olsen observed several people bow fishing at midnight on the Muskegon River at Reedsburg Dam State Forest Campground. While checking the area for any possible illegally taken fish, Sgt. Olsen noticed an uncased 30-30 in the back seat of one of the vehicles. As the anglers left the campground, the COs followed the vehicle. The vehicle was not displaying a registration plate, so a traffic stop was initiated. The driver of the vehicle was driving while license suspended, had no proof of insurance, there was a valid warrant for his arrest, and he had an uncased 30-30 in the back of the vehicle. The local jail was contacted but due to COVID-19 would not lodge the subject. The driver, who was cooperative, contacted a friend to come and get him and his passenger. He was issued a citation for no proof of insurance and a warning was given for the uncased firearm. He was advised of his warrant and released.

CO John Huspen assisted Crawford County Sheriff deputies and MSP troopers on a domestic violence call. Upon arrival, the parties were separated and taken by the deputies to get medical treatment. The state police contacted a third subject at the scene and determined he had a warrant out of Wisconsin. The warrant was confirmed and authorities in Wisconsin were planning to pick up the subject. The trooper attempted to arrest the subject who fled on foot. CO Huspen lead a tracking team consisting of a state trooper and Roscommon County deputies until the State Police K-9 arrived on scene. The search for the man was cancelled due to other emergency calls before the suspect could be located.

COs Jeremy Cantrell, Charlie Jones, Matt Zultak, Ben McAteer, Kyle Bader, Josh Russell, Sgt. Brian Olsen, and Lieutenant (Lt.) Brandon Kieft participated in Bud Bash 2020 on Houghton Lake. The COs assisted the Roscommon County Sheriff’s Office, the MSP, and the Denton Township Police Department with the event. Due to COVID-19, the event was substantially smaller than in past years. Some citations were issued for minor violations such as PFDs, but most activity on the lake appeared calm and safe.

CO Mike Hearn received a tip of a property owner running dogs off a bear bait on their property in Missaukee County. CO Hearn dropped off CO Jeremy Cantrell to attempt to locate the bait on the property. CO Cantrell was able to locate the bait on the back of the suspect’s property. While the COs conducted further investigation on scene, the property owner arrived at the location. The COs interviewed the suspect and were able to gain a confession. A citation was issued for the early bear bait.

COs Jeff Panich and Jesse Grzechowski patrolled Lake Huron out of Alcona County checking multiple vessels and anglers. One of the vessels the COs contacted had two anglers with more than six lines out. When CO Grzechowski asked the anglers how many lines they had out, they replied, “Too many!”  The COs determined they had a total of ten lines. Both anglers received a citation for fishing with too many lines.

CO Josh Wright was patrolling Clare County when he came across a vehicular accident at a dangerous intersection that had just occurred. CO Wright administered a SAM splint to immobilize the ankle of one of the vehicle drivers as it was believed to be broken. He also applied a pressure dressing and gauze to a leg of the elderly driver who was operating the other vehicle involved in the accident. After the scene was secured, CO Wright turned the investigation over to the sheriff’s department and those involved in the accident sought further medical treatment at the hospital.

COs Josh Russell, Kyle Bader, and Lt. Brandon Kieft were on marine patrol on Houghton Lake when they observed a couple fishing from a nearby pontoon. The COs contacted the subjects and asked how the fishing was going. The couple stated the fishing was slow and there weren’t any fish in the lake. The COs asked to see their fishing licenses and the male stated his was back at the cabin. When the female was asked, she stated she did not have one. Then the male subject admitted to not having one either. A check through the licensing system verified they did not have licenses. In fact, they did not have any history of ever buying a license. When the subjects were asked about that, they stated they had never been checked before and were taking their chances. A citation was issued for fishing without a license.

COs Josh Wright and Ethan Gainforth recently patrolled Lake Lancer in Gladwin County for violations of the local watercraft controls. High-speed boating is prohibited from the hours of 7:30 p.m. to 11:00 a.m. The COs had received numerous complaints of careless operation and violations of the watercraft control ordinance over the past several weeks. Citations were issued to several subjects for operating their vessels contrary to the high-speed boating ordinance.


CO Jay Person stopped two PWCs on the Saginaw River for violating the slow/no wake zone. CO Person checked all the required marine equipment and decided to warn the two young men. As they started to leave, one of the PWCs would not start. The subjects advised they had just gotten them both out of the shop. After repeated attempts, the machine still would not start. CO Person assisted them to the nearest launch where they tied up the broken machine and continued to Saginaw to retrieve a vehicle to come back and pick it up.

CO Joe Myers was patrolling the Au Sable State Forest when he heard what he believed was an ORV. CO Myers peeked his head out of his patrol truck window, the ORV then began to drive very quickly down the road, driving right past the CO. As the ORV drove past the CO, he noticed a rifle behind the head rest of the driver. CO Myers was able to get behind the ORV and stop it without incident. The driver was found to have a loaded and uncased rifle, open container of alcohol, and failed to register his ORV. A citation was issued for the uncased/loaded firearm and written warnings were given for the open container of alcohol and unregistered ORV.

In early June, CO Joe Myers was contacted by a local Midland County resident with whom he has had positive contact with multiple times in the field. CO Myers is familiar with the man and his children. The man advised that his son was diagnosed with terminal Becker Muscular Dystrophy and was a participant of the “Make-A-Wish Foundation” and asked to see if CO Myers could be there for his son during this time. The foundation was granting the boy’s wish by giving him a fishing boat. CO Myers was asked to ride with the boy and provide him with assistance in marine safety and procedures. Unfortunately, in July the boy was involved in an ORV accident that left him with life threatening injuries. The boy was air lifted to the University of Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbor for a series of surgeries that saved his life. In addition to his terminal diagnosis, he is now fighting an uphill battle with more surgeries, paralysis, and other permanent conditions. Finding out about this tragic accident, CO Myers gathered some DNR related items and headed to the Bay City State Park where the boy and his family were camping for the weekend where he visited with the boy and his family. CO Myers will still be part of the “Make-A-Wish” event in the future. Event details will be determined due to COVID-19 restrictions and the developing medical issues due to the recent accident.

While on marine patrol on the Saginaw River, COs Jill Miller and Jason King stopped a vessel for bow riding. Upon further investigation, they were short a throwable PFD and did not have the proper PFD for a child that was under six years old. CO Miller issued a citation for the PFD violation.

CO Quincy Gowenlock was heading to the Au Sable State Forest for ORV patrol when he passed two women walking along US-10 dragging kayaks. CO Gowenlock turned around to conduct a welfare check. Upon contacting the women, the CO was informed that the kayaks had blown off their vehicle’s roof rack system. Due to the hazardous conditions alongside the freeway, CO Gowenlock loaded the kayaks into the back of his truck and escorted the ladies off the highway to a safe location. Once off the highway, CO Gowenlock assisted the ladies with properly securing the kayaks.

While on ORV patrol, COs Joe Myers and Quincy Gowenlock were staged at a well-known illegal ORV trail in the Au Sable State Forest. A short while later, the COs could hear an ORV coming down the illegal trail. As the suspect rounded the corner, he was completely surprised to see the COs parked there and abruptly turned his UTV and started making a new trail all while dumping out an open can of beer. The suspect was stopped and when questioned, he admitted to driving this trail for 20 years. CO Gowenlock informed the suspect that he had been violating the law for 20 years and proceeded to issue him a citation for his violations.

CO Adam Beuthin was on patrol when he observed two individuals fishing on the Tittabawassee River. As the CO watched them for a while, he noticed that there were seven lines out between the two of them. When the CO approached the angler, he asked why the one individual had four lines in front of him. The man told the CO he did not think he would be checked and took a risk in fishing with an extra fishing pole. Enforcement action was taken, and the individual was issued a citation for fishing with an extra line.

During a marine patrol in Gratiot County, COs Mike Haas and Adam Schiller encountered a gentleman fishing from a motorized boat that lacked MC numbers and registration. The COs contacted the angler and noted that the man did not have any PFDs on his vessel and had an active felony warrant for his arrest. The man and his boat were brought to shore where he was cited for his boating violations and arrested for his warrant. A Gratiot County deputy arrived on scene and assisted in transporting the man to jail while the COs searched and impounded the man’s truck and boat. A search of the man and his vehicle produced methamphetamine, a loaded handgun, and multiple knives. Possible charges concerning the drugs and weapons are pending with the Gratiot County Prosecutor’s Office.

After an evening rainfall, CO Mike Haas noticed signs of fresh off-roading activity in a parcel of state land in eastern Isabella County. During a patrol of the area, CO Haas encountered a large unregistered truck driving in a closed area, unsupervised juveniles on four-wheelers operating through a wetland, and a group of ORVs being operated carelessly with open alcohol intoxicants and without proper safety equipment. Multiple citations were issued.

CO Mike Haas was parked at a boat launch in Montcalm County catching up on paperwork when a four-wheeler pulled into the parking lot. Upon seeing the CO, the operator of the ORV attempted to turn around before CO Haas activated his emergency lights causing the man to stop. The machine was designed to carry only one operator, but the man had fashioned a homemade seat on the back where a passenger was sitting and neither person had on a required helmet. The man had also designed and attached a drink holder near the handlebars that held a cold, half-full beer. The gentleman was educated on the various ORV safety rules he was violating and received a citation to address the violations.

While on patrol in Bay County, COs Adam Schiller and Mike Haas observed two individuals fishing on the Saginaw River from shore. The COs approached the individuals for a routine fishing license check. When the individuals finally saw the COs approaching them, they quickly packed up their gear and started walking to the end of the fishing pier. The COs made contact and asked to see their fishing licenses. The individuals stated their licenses were in their vehicle. Once at the vehicle, neither could produce a fishing license. The COs ran the individuals to check them for current fishing licenses. One individual had a valid fishing license while the other had not bought a fishing license since 2017. A citation was issued for fishing without a license.

While on patrol CO Adam Schiller was checking anglers on the Maple River. The CO contacted two anglers on the banks of the river. One individual was able to produce a license while the other stated their license was in their vehicle. The CO walked with the subject to their vehicle where the individual could not produce a fishing license. The individual claimed to have a license and handed the CO his driver’s license to check for a current fishing license. The CO ran the individual who came back showing that he had not bought a fishing license since 2016. The individual was issued a citation for fishing without a license.

CO Adam Schiller contacted multiple off-road vehicles while on patrol. Citations were issued for no helmet and no eye protection. Other issues the CO stopped off-road vehicles for were transporting individual where prohibited, operate in right-of-way, operate over 25 miles per hour, and no ORV license.


CO Carter Woodwyk was patrolling Lake Allegan in Allegan County when he observed a boat towing a subject on a paddle board at high speed and with no apparent observer. Upon stopping the vessel, it was also determined that the operator was not boater safety certified. A citation was issued for the safety violation.

COs Carter Woodwyk and Sam Schluckbier have been conducting late night patrols of Saugatuck Dunes State Park to curb after-hours occupancy and related violations. The park is day use only but has become a popular spot for overnight camping and parties during the state shutdown period. Numerous citations and warnings have been issued for the various violations and a decrease in the unlawful activity has been noticed.

CO Sam Schluckbier observed a pontoon boat with five subjects on board and two adults actively fishing. A child was sitting next to her youth fishing pole but had not cast it into the water. While approaching the boat, the father of the child dropped his fishing pole and grabbed the child’s pole. When CO Sam Schluckbier requested to see his fishing license, the father claimed he was only helping his daughter fish and was not fishing himself. After revealing what was observed through binoculars, the father admitted to fishing and lying about it, but did not agree that getting a citation was the appropriate resolution. The owner of the vessel was cited as well for failing to provide any PFDs on board while carrying four adults and one child.

CO Kyle McQueer responded to an initial report of a female who fell out of a moving vehicle and was badly injured. Upon arrival, CO McQueer provided first aid to the subject for several cuts, road rash, and missing teeth. Further investigation revealed that, due to an on-going fight with her boyfriend, the female had purposefully locked herself in the trunk of the vehicle and then jumped out while it was travelling down the roadway.

CO Zach Bauer was on kayak patrol checking anglers. CO Bauer contacted two anglers fishing from a boat. Further investigation revealed one of the anglers did not have a valid fishing license and there were no PFDs on board the vessel. A citation was issued for the PFDs.

CO Matt Page received a complaint of a captive fawn in a dog kennel at a private residence. Upon contacting one of the residents, it was found that the fawn was in the kennel for about a week and that the family wanted to keep the deer as a pet. The fawn was extremely malnourished and seized from the location. The fawn was turned over to a rehabilitator and a citation was issued for possessing a fawn in captivity.

CO Matt Page and Sgt. Steve Mooney were patrolling Lake Michigan when they observed what appeared to be two individuals fishing with too many lines. While approaching the vessel, the anglers were waving their hands and yelling at the approaching COs that they were too close. The anglers soon realized who was approaching and their demeanor changed as they were in fact fishing with too many lines. A citation was issued for the violation to the boat owner and a warning was given to the passenger.

While patrolling the Kal-Haven Trail State Park, CO Tyler Cole came across an individual camping where not permitted. The subject stated that he had only been there for one night; however, it appeared the subject had been camping in the area for quite some time. The subject was advised to clean and vacate the area and was issued a citation for camping where posted against.

CO Anna Cullen was patrolling near the Muskegon State Game Area when she observed a vehicle located at a dead end. There were two individuals shooting at some downed trees in the woods. CO Cullen contacted the two individuals, verified their weapons were unloaded, and asked for identification. One of the two individuals had an active warrant with Muskegon County. CO Anna Cullen transported and lodged the individual in the Muskegon County Jail.

CO Anna Cullen was patrolling the Muskegon State Game Area (SGA) and observed a vehicle driving near a known shooting area with a satellite hanging out of the window of the back seat. Knowing this was going to be used for target practice, CO Cullen contacted the individuals exiting the vehicle. The driver admitted they were planning on shooting at the satellite and leaving it in the game area since it was “scrap.”  The driver was found to have a suspended license and was cited for the violation. All occupants of the vehicle were educated on proper target shooting protocol and littering on state land.

CO Anna Cullen was off duty when she observed an active corn feeder and mineral block in plain view on private property. Pointing directly at the feeder was a game camera and a tree stand. CO Cullen recorded the sighting and returned to the property owner’s residence a couple days later. The property owner admitted to putting the feeder and mineral block on their property even though they were aware of the current ban. Charges are being sought with the Muskegon County prosecutor.

CO Anna Cullen was patrolling Muskegon County when she observed an individual fishing. CO Cullen parked her patrol truck and continued to check multiple other anglers in the area. Remembering the person’s description, CO Cullen asked her for a fishing license. An individual who said he was her boyfriend advised CO Cullen that both of their licenses were in his car. He continued to explain that she was not even fishing and was simply passing through the area. CO Cullen made him aware of her observations before contacting them. Knowing this, they admitted to fishing and advised she did not have a license. She was cited for the violation.

CO Casey Varriale was on patrol in the Rogue River SGA in Kent County when he witnessed an individual driving carelessly on the dirt roads. CO Varriale conducted a traffic stop. During this traffic stop, CO Varriale witnessed two more separate vehicles operating carelessly. CO Varriale was able to stop one of the vehicles. The operators claimed they did not know each other and were not racing on the dirt roads. In addition, one of the operators was operating the vehicle on a suspended license. A citation was issued for careless operation of a motor vehicle.

CO Casey Varriale was on patrol in the Rogue River SGA in Kent County when he heard gun shots being fired at approximately 8:00 p.m. CO Varriale responded to the gun range in the game area and saw a truck sitting in the closed portion of the gun range. The truck sped away, and CO Varriale drove after it to conduct a traffic stop. During the traffic stop, the operator admitted to shooting his gun after hours in the closed area. Also, an investigation revealed the operator of the vehicle was shooting his gun from the truck. The suspect was issued a citation.

While travelling on US-131 in Kent County, CO Justin Ulberg observed a vehicle in his mirror approaching him at a high rate of speed. Once the vehicle passed, CO Ulberg was able to utilize his radar unit and discovered the vehicle was travelling at 120 mph. CO Ulberg observed the vehicle exit the highway and was able to conduct a traffic stop. The driver was issued a citation for the violation.


COs Daniel Prince, Nick Wellman, Ed Rice, Richard Cardenas, Jeremy Beavers, and Sgt. Troy Bahlau attended the law enforcement vehicle tribute which lined the funeral processional route for MSP Trooper Caleb Starr who was killed in the line of duty. The funeral service was held in Mason, Michigan, and hundreds of law enforcement officers from across Michigan attended.

CO Daniel Prince assisted Howell City Police Department and Howell Area Fire Department at the Lake View Cemetery in Howell. Two citizens visiting the cemetery noticed a red-tailed hawk stuck between three small tree trunks of a cedar tree. The hawk became wedged while chasing a squirrel which was also still in the tree. The hawk was safely removed from the tree and released unharmed.

While on a nighttime marine patrol, CO Ed Rice observed a vessel in distress. CO Rice contacted the occupants of the vessel who were stuck in heavy vegetation and having mechanical trouble. CO Rice transported two adults and two toddlers to shore. Contact was made with a tow company to tow the vessel to a mooring site.

Sgt. Rich Nickols was called at home by Station 20 to assist with stranded boaters on Lake Ovid at Sleepy Hollow State Park. Sgt Nickols retrieved his patrol boat and responded to the lake where he located three subjects in a disabled boat that had been blown across the lake to the opposite side from the boat launch. Sgt. Nickols was able to safely tow the vessel and its occupants back to the boat launch.


CO Keven Luther was checking a local lake in Wayne County for marine activity when he observed several shore anglers. CO Luther contacted the individuals and conducted licensing checks. While speaking with the anglers, CO Luther observed a male trespassing near the Belleville Dam fence. CO Luther issued a verbal warning for the trespass and, while making the contact, determined the male subject had a warrant. While confirming the warrant, CO Luther contacted another angler. The second angler had several local warrants and was detained on scene. The first subject was regretfully advised of his warrants and released. The second subject was transported and released to a Livonia Police officer in Canton.

CO David Schaumburger was patrolling a local ORV pit that is popular for trespassers when he heard a few ORVs coming into the area. The CO viewed three ORVs, two parents and four young children, and initiated a stop. One of the ORVs had four riders, none of which were wearing helmets and they were riding quadruple on a machine designed for one rider. All the ORVs were also lacking ORV registration. The parents agreed that it was unsafe to be riding like they were. It was explained to them that although there were not any no trespassing signs, it is not open to the public. The operator of the ORV with four riders was given a citation for operating without a helmet.

CO David Schaumburger encountered a PWC at the Belleville East boat ramp that was displaying a 2018 registration. The operator was lacking his paper registration, did not have a boater safety certificate, and failed to transfer the title from last year. The operator stated that he did not make any attempts to transfer the title or update the registration and “Didn’t care.”  The operator was given a citation for operating an expired vessel.

COs Ariel Young and Keven Luther were on marine patrol at Belleville Lake as there have been numerous complaints about the jet ski operators on the lake. The COs were patrolling near the west boat launch when they observed two jet ski riders who failed to put on a PFD. The COs were able to stop them and make contact and they stated that they had left them in the truck and had forgotten all about them. The COs issued a citation to each rider for failure to wear a PFD.

COs Breanna Reed and Ariel Young briefly patrolled Lake St. Clair, the St. Clair River, and the St. Clair flats. The fishing that day had been slow, and most anglers had been spending a lot of time on the water with little success. The COs then decided to change tactics and began an ORV patrol via a side-by-side in an area with a moderate amount of ORV activity. COs Reed and Young met up with fellow COs Joe Deppen and Brad Silorey and patrolled the area. The COs contacted one rider who was riding his ORV with no helmet and was issued a citation for failing to wear one. A second rider, who was carelessly riding his dirt bike through an intersection was stopped and the COs observed that the rider also failed to display an ORV registration on the ORV. The COs issued a citation for failing to display an ORV registration and gave a written warning for careless operation. Nearing the end of their patrol, the COs were just about to turn toward their vehicles when they observed a side-by-side with two occupants, both of whom were not wearing the required seatbelts. Upon passing the COs, it was observed that the driver was also holding a beer in their lap. Once stopped, the COs interviewed the subjects who initially stated the driver did not have the beer and it was the passenger. Further questioning gained a confession that the driver was indeed riding around with the open container in his hand. A citation was issued for open intoxicants on an ORV and two written warnings were issued for no seatbelts.

Sgt. Jason Becker responded to a Report All Poaching (RAP) complaint in the Holly Recreation Area for target shooting. Sgt. Becker checked the area and located two subjects actively shooting. Sgt. Becker got the subjects to stop shooting and asked what they were shooting at. The subjects stated they were small game hunting and then shooting at a tree. Sgt. Becker pointed out that small game season is closed, and that target shooting is prohibited in the Holly Recreation Area. Upon further investigation, Sgt. Becker realized that neither subject has completed hunter’s safety. The subjects were educated on the safety issues related to hunting out of season, target shooting, and how to complete hunter’s safety. A citation was issued for target shooting in a closed area on state land.

CO Tom Peterson conducted a marine patrol on Cass Lake in Oakland County with CO Justin Muehlhauser. The COs addressed multiple violations regarding slow/no wake and PFD violations which were resolved with education. The COs conducted a stop on a PWC that violated slow/no wake within 100 feet from anchored vessels, slow/no wake within 100 feet from shore, and with improperly fastened PFD while operating against the flow of boat traffic. The operator was cited for slow/no wake violations and educated about the other violations.

CO Christopher Knights checked Maceday Lake and noticed a lot of activity. CO Knights checked multiple anglers and boaters on the water. During one of the checks, CO Knights approached a boat and noticed a stringer of fish off the bow. CO Knights asked for licenses. While they grabbed them CO Knights noticed a smallmouth bass on the stringer that looked small. CO Knights had the angler grab the stringer and give it to him. After getting the fish on board, it turned out he had three undersized bass, none over the size of ten inches. CO Knights advised the angler of the rules and regulations and issued the individual a citation for the undersized bass.

COs Ben Lasher and Bob Watson worked on the Safe Boat during a group patrol for the Raft Off 2020 event in southern St. Clair County. Thousands of boats were on scene for the event and numerous contacts were made for various marine violations. Three slow/no wake violations were written to boat operators, two for vessels 26 feet and over and one for 26 and under. While driving back to Port Huron from the event, a major engine issue occurred and it took an extra two hours to get the boat back to the slip running on one motor, against the current.

CO Justin Muehlhauser responded to a complaint regarding a nuisance animal control company that set a trap to remove a woodchuck from a caller’s property. The trap caught a raccoon and when the customer tried to contact the company, there was no answer and no return call. The raccoon was trapped for two days with no contact from the company before the customer was advised to contact the RAP line. The CO checked the invoice from the company which provided the date and time the trap was placed. The CO determined that the nuisance animal control set the trap and has a history of not checking traps and not returning calls. The CO was able to get in contact with the company and the owner claimed that the customer never called him. When asked why he had not checked the traps in two days, he stated that he got sick and thought he had COVID-19. He did not want to spread the virus. The CO pointed out that if he thought he had COVID-19, he should be in quarantine for 14 days. The owner stated that he felt much better now. The CO did not buy the story and cited the man for failing to check traps within 24 hours and using untagged traps. The CO informed the owner that anymore complaints of unchecked traps would result in his permit being administratively revoked.

COs Kris Kiel and Joseph Deppen checked anglers on a Lake St. Clair fishing pier. CO Kiel contacted an angler who showed him his fish basket containing a bluegill and an obvious short pike. When the CO asked the angler if he knew what the minimum length of pike was, the angler spread his two index fingers out about 16 inches and asked, “This big?”  The pike was measured at 20 inches, seized, and a citation was written for possession of an undersized northern pike.

CO Joseph Deppen was on ORV patrol on back roads between St. Clair and Macomb County. CO Deppen stopped two ORVs that had no visible ORV stickers. The riders said they only ride a few times a year and they are unaware they needed ORV stickers. CO Deppen issued a verbal warning for operating ORVs without helmets and issued a citation for no ORV stickers.

CO Joseph Deppen responded with Macomb County Sheriff’s Department to a call for trespassing anglers at a local business. CO Deppen made the location with the sheriff’s department and determined the subjects were not trespassing and they had permission to be on the property. During a check of fishing licenses, CO Deppen discovered no one in the group had fishing licenses. CO Deppen issued one citation for fishing without a license.

CO Joseph Deppen was heading home from ORV patrol on I-94 when he was passed by a white minivan at over 100 mph. CO Deppen conducted a traffic stop and issued the driver a citation for careless driving.

CO Bob Watson was on marine overtime patrol and focused on slow/no wake violations in the Harsens Island Area. CO Watson issued four citations for slow/no wake violations throughout the Harsens Island area, and one citation for operating with a passenger riding on the bow. Multiple warnings were given.

CO Breanna Reed was checking boat launches in St. Clair County when she contacted three anglers who stated that they “had a successful day.”  CO Reed asked the anglers how many fish they had caught. At this time, the anglers looked at each other and were unable to give a clear answer. CO Reed determined who had which cooler and began counting the fish. The CO found that each angler was over their legal possession limit. Citations were issued for possessing an over-limit of pan fish.

CO Jaime Salisbury responded to the scene of an accident. When he arrived, the driver was no longer there but he was able to locate the vehicle driving down the road. Upon further investigation it was found that the driver was intoxicated. The driver was taken to the Lapeer County Jail and lodged on operating while intoxicated charges and leaving the scene of an accident.

CO Jaime Salisbury and Sgt. Christopher Maher were on marine patrol during the Raft Off 2020 event on Lake St. Clair when they observed a speed boat operating recklessly down a narrow canal weaving through other boats. The COs stopped the boat and contacted the driver. The COs immediately noticed that the driver seemed to be impaired. CO Salisbury administered SFSTs and determined that the man was operating under the influence of alcohol. A PBT revealed the man had a blood alcohol content of .148 which is more than 1.5 times the legal limit. CO Salisbury arrested and lodged the driver in the St. Clair County Jail. Charges will be sought for operating a motorboat while under the influence of alcohol and reckless operation.

CO Jaime Salisbury assisted CO Ariel Young with a BUI late in the evening after the Raft Off 2020 event on Lake St. Clair. The operator also had an active warrant out of Wayne County. The operator was lodged in Macomb County on charges of operating a motorboat while under the influence of alcohol.

COs Brad Silorey, Breanna Reed, Ariel Young, Jaime Salisbury, Nick Ingersoll, Chris Knights, Ben Lasher, Bob Watson, and Sgt. Christopher Maher worked a group marine enforcement patrol for the annual Lake St. Clair Raft Off 2020 Event. The event draws thousands of boaters and is considered the country’s largest unsanctioned boating event. Each year boaters attempt to break the record for largest “raft off” of boats connected in a line. The COs patrolled the event with multiple patrol boats and PWCs. Hundreds of contacts were made by the COs involved, and citations were issued for numerous wake violations, bow riding, littering, and Minor in Possession (MIP) of alcohol. Three BUI arrests were made by COs Reed, Salisbury, and Young and were assisted by Sgt. Maher, and COs Silorey, and Ingersoll.

CO Mike Drexler was on marine patrol on Portage Lake when he observed a PWC towing two young tubers without a spotter. A vessel stop was conducted, and the operator was unaware he was required to have a spotter. CO Drexler explained several laws to the operator and issued a citation for towing persons without an observer.

COs Mike Drexler and Brandon Hartleben were on marine patrol of the Portage Lake Chain. While CO Hartleben was conducting a stop for an expired registration, CO Drexler observed a PWC with a Michigan registration decal and Ohio registration numbers. A stop was conducted, and the COs learned the operators were both 15 years old and neither had taken boater’s safety. Contact was made at the residence with responsible adults and warnings were issued for boater’s safety and supervision violations. A citation was issued for improperly displaying registration numbers.

CO Brandon Hartleben was on marine patrol on Whitmore Lake when he observed a vessel towing several tubers without an observer. CO Hartleben contacted the vessel to address the violation. Upon contacting the vessel, the operator acknowledged that she knew she needed to have an observer. The operator was also unable to produce a boater’s safety certificate during the check. A citation was issued for towing without an observer and the operator was warned about not having a boater’s safety certificate.

CO Nicholas Ingersoll was patrolling for ORV activity in Summerfield Township when he observed a side-by-side drive past where he was sitting. Monroe County is closed to ORV use on a public roadway and the occupant was also not wearing his seatbelt. CO Ingersoll conducted a traffic stop and advised the driver the reason for the stop. While talking with the individual, CO Ingersoll observed some sort of liquid dripping from a compartment within the side-by-side. CO Ingersoll asked what was in the compartment, and the angler advised it was nothing. CO Ingersoll asked the individual if it was one of the Coors Light cans from the case he had in the back. The individual stated it was and he had just opened it and was scared about getting caught with it. CO Ingersoll dumped the Coors Light out and issued the driver a warning for open intoxicants, ORV on the roadway, and no seatbelt. CO Ingersoll issued a citation for no ORV license.

CO Andrew Monnich was working a complaint on Devils Lake when he noticed a jet ski pulling a pair of tubers without a spotter in a reckless manner. CO Monnich stood on the dock and was able to flag the driver down who said he was shocked to see the CO on the lake mid-week. Enforcement action was taken for no observer.

CO Brandon Vacek received a call from Monroe County Dispatch to assist a kayaker that had become stranded after sunset on the beach off the wildlife refuge near Sterling State Park in Monroe County. The kayaker had ventured out earlier in the day. Due to adverse conditions on Lake Erie, the kayaker was unable to return to the boat launch. CO Vacek launched his patrol vessel and was assisted by Park Ranger Chad Cook in safely returning the subject back to his vehicle. The subject was very thankful for the efforts of CO Vacek and Ranger Cook after a very rough ride back to shore.

CO Brandon Vacek was patrolling Sterling State Park in Monroe County during a busy afternoon near the boat launch and observed two PWCs operating above a slow/no wake speed in a no wake zone. CO Vacek contacted the two subjects at the dock and observed more registration violations on the PWCs. When asked for their boater’s safety certificate, both drivers were unable to produce them and explained they were unaware they were required to operate PWCs. CO Vacek educated the drivers about the boater education requirements and the no wake zone. Both drivers were issued citations, one for operating an unregistered watercraft and the other for failure to display proper registration.

CO Katie Baker was patrolling toward Belle Isle when she came across a multiple car property damage accident on southbound I-75 near the I-94 exit ramp. Two vehicles had hit flood waters underneath the viaduct causing them to hydroplane and collide. One of the vehicles involved had stalled out in the middle of the water, trapping the driver inside. CO Baker waded through knee deep water where she was able to break a window and assist the driver out of the vehicle to dry ground. After ensuring no medical attention was needed to those involved, CO Baker conducted traffic control until additional units arrived for assistance.

CO John Byars responded to a complaint of a man exposing himself at the beach on Belle Isle in Detroit. CO Byars contacted the complainant and then the suspect. The suspect was intoxicated and gave false information to CO Byars. The suspect later admitted to the exposure. CO Byars observed open intoxicants in the chair and in his cooler. The complainant did not want to seek charges. A citation was issued for disorderly conduct and for alcohol in a state park.

While patrolling Belle Isle Park, COs Larn R. Strawn and Nick Wellman received a complaint of a person passed out behind the steering wheel of a vehicle in a parking area. COs Strawn and Wellman responded and discovered a man passed out behind the steering wheel of a vehicle. The vehicle was still running and was parked in a traffic lane. The COs noticed open containers of alcohol in the cup holders of the vehicle. CO Wellman contacted the sleeping driver and investigated for operating the motor vehicle while intoxicated. CO Wellman arrested the intoxicated driver while CO Strawn assisted and provided scene security, custody operations, and transported the intoxicated driver to the jail.

CO Jeff Goss worked Belle Isle for two days over the weekend with COs Todd Thorn and Katie Baker. The COs responded to a suicidal subject on the MacArthur Bridge, a burned-out abandoned car in a traffic lane, and two medical response calls. COs Goss and Baker also assisted the Detroit Fire and Harbor Master on a call of a man in the Detroit River trying to save his dog. The man was picked up by a fishing boat and returned to the shore safely.

CO Bob Watson had a Belle Isle shift at the beginning of the week. Thirty minutes into the shift COs Watson, Dan Walzak, and Dave Schaumburger were dispatched to a vehicle that had driven off the island and into the Detroit River. CO Watson arrived on scene first and began trying to remove the man from the vehicle as it floated in the river. A Detroit emergency medical technician joined CO Watson in the water and the two were able to remove the man from the vehicle. COs Schaumburger and Walzak assisted by fastening the floating car to CO Watson’s patrol truck with a tow strap. Without the two fastening the vehicle to CO Watson’s patrol truck, the car very likely would have floated down the Detroit River, making the rescue much more difficult and dangerous. The driver was brought to shore and taken to the Detroit Hospital for care.

COs Brandon Vacek and Adam Beuthin worked a shift on Belle Isle. MSP 20 dispatched the COs to a dog bite complaint near the yacht club. The victim was attacked by two dogs that were not in immediate control by their owner. The victim suffered several lacerations to his forearm and was bandaged up by the COs before being driven to a local urgent care by his significant other for further treatment. The victim’s dog also suffered a minor laceration during the incident. The owner of the vicious dogs fled the scene in a vehicle prior to the COs arrival. Witnesses were unable to provide a license plate number for the suspect’s vehicle.


Cpl. Mike Hammill helped the Sheriff dept one evening with a 10-10 warrant pickup absconder.  An MSP K9 was trailing the suspect so Cpl. Hammill positioned himself at the Escanaba River mouth in an attempt to intercept.  The suspect evaded everyone that night but several days later, Cpl. Hammill was again in the area when the suspect vehicle was located.  Knowing the individual’s tendency to flee and being second on scene, Cpl. Hammill went to the rear entrance of the establishment; the individual was taken into custody without incident.  A search of the vehicle and a vehicle accompanying the suspect vehicle turned up Meth and other evidence.

Cpl. Jon Busken compiled and sent out wholesale delinquency notices for the month of June. Delinquency rates remain high due to the disruptions to food chain supplies that are occurring due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cpl. Busken participated in a virtual meeting with CO Schaumburger and the Department’s Resource Assessment Section. This meeting was to review the development of a Survey 123 application to be used by field staff to collect data from processor inspections.

Cpl. Nick Torsky participated in Teams meetings with the inter-divisional AIS Core Team and the DNR AIS team. Topics discussed were mostly updating divisions/departments on field work and COVID-19 and budgetary impacts to the AIS programs.

Cpl. Nick Torsky assisted District 3 officers in policing the Top O’ Michigan hydroplane races on the Inland Waterway. Officers cleared the portion of the waterway closed to recreational boating prior to and during the race and provided security and rescue operations during the race.