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8/9/2020 - 8/22/2020


Conservation Officer (CO) Zach Painter was on patrol in Gogebic County and responded to report of a tree that had fallen across US 2 during a strong storm. The tree was across one entire lane causing a traffic hazard. CO Painter was able to remove the tree from the roadway without incident.

CO Brian Lasanen coordinated a marine patrol targeting intoxicated boating on the Portage Waterway in Houghton County. Multiple District 1 COs participated in the weekend patrol. While on the patrol, COs were diverted to assist with a vessel in distress on Lake Superior after dark. The COs, along with a Houghton County marine deputy, were able to locate the vessel in shallow water near the reported location. It was determined the vessel had run out of gas and the operator had drained the battery trying to start the motor. After getting fuel into the boat and borrowing a battery from a good Samaritan, the boat started. A check of the boat found no navigation lights or working compass or GPS. The officers safely escorted the vessel back to its mooring location ten miles from the distress call.

CO Byron Parks was working a marine patrol on Lake Gogebic. After a few hours on the lake and checking multiple boats and kayakers, CO Parks made his way to the northeast part of Lake Gogebic where he observed a boat that appeared to have people paddling with oars. CO Parks made his way over to the boat and asked if they needed any help. One subject said the engine would not start and that they were staying at the Gogebic Lodge approximately ten miles away. CO Parks towed their boat to the nearest launch in Bergland, where they had a friend waiting for them.

Sgt. Brian Bacon and CO Anna Viau assisted with the Iron County Hunter Education Field Day at Camp Gibbs. The COs spoke to approximately 50 students about hunting laws and ethics and the role of COs. The field day was conducted safely with consideration for proper COVID-19 precautions.

Sgt. Brian Bacon and CO Jeffrey Dell checked anglers on several inland lakes. One angler was found to be fishing with 17 bluegills in his possession without a valid license. The fish were seized and a citation for fishing without a license was issued.

CO Jeffrey Dell checked several anglers in a boat on an inland lake. When asked to show their fishing licenses, one angler showed CO Dell an expired Michigan fishing license. CO Dell asked if he had a 2020 license. The angler pointed to a 2020 Wisconsin fishing license in the same case. CO Dell informed him that since he was several miles inside the Michigan border, only a 2020 Michigan fishing license would suffice. A citation for fishing without a license was issued.

CO Jared Ferguson was working a high traffic area for ORV use when a call came in regarding a person trapped under a side-by-side in northern Dickinson County. Local dispatch was unable to get an exact location of the accident, but CO Ferguson was able to direct responding departments to the area due to his knowledge of that part of the county. The operator was transported to the local hospital with injuries.

CO Jeremy Sergey, along with the Humboldt Township Fire Department, Marquette County Rescue 131, Marquette County Sheriff’s Department, UPHS-EMS-Ishpeming, and Ely Township first responders, responded to a two-vehicle accident involving a moose on M-95 in Republic. The first vehicle struck the moose causing it to be thrown into the opposite lane. Another vehicle traveled directly over the moose causing them to lose control and roll their vehicle over. The driver of that vehicle had to be extricated by the fire department.

COs Cody Smith and Dave Miller were on patrol when there was a report of an empty kayak at the head of Keweenaw Bay. The two COs grabbed a patrol vessel and launched at the Baraga Marina. Once the COs reached the kayak, it was apparent that no one had been in the kayak as it contained a stored away paddle and a dry towel in the seat. The COs were able to locate and return the kayak to its owner at the Ojibwa Campground in Baraga.

COs Cody Smith and Dave Miller were on Keweenaw Bay when a call of a motorcycle accident was aired on the radio half a mile from their location. The COs got to the dock as quickly as they could. CO Smith left the vessel and rushed to the scene in his patrol truck. Upon arrival to the scene, CO Smith assisted, along with the Michigan State Police (MSP), Baraga Police Department, Keweenaw Bay Indian Community Tribal Police, local fire departments, and Bay Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in treating and loading the two patients. Neither of the riders were wearing helmets and suffered severe head injuries.


CO Robert Freeborn was on marine patrol when he checked a boat fishing for perch. As CO Freeborn was asking the two anglers for their licenses, the angler in the front of the boat stated he left his wallet back at shore and that his license was in there. CO Freeborn asked the angler if he had purchased a license this year. The angler stated that he thought so. After a quick check, it was determined the angler did not purchase a license this year. A citation was issued for fishing without a license.

CO Steve Butzin was patrolling the Garden area when he observed an ORV operating on a highway without a helmet. Before CO Butzin could turn his patrol truck around the operator drove into a field and kept looking over his shoulder. CO Butzin was very familiar with the area and knew that the operator had basically cornered himself. After a brief wait, CO Butzin began to track the ORV on foot through several fields and wood lots. Eventually the ORV was located but the operator was nowhere to be found. A K-9 unit with the MSP agreed to come help in the search. While waiting for the arrival of the K-9, CO Butzin was able to determine the name of the suspect and he was found to have an outstanding child support warrant. When the K-9 unit arrived on scene, the dog immediately picked up the suspect’s scent. After approximately a half mile track, the suspect was located and detained without incident. The operator was able to post the $500 bond for his child support warrant and was issued citations for operating an ORV without a permit, operating an ORV without a helmet, careless operation of an ORV, operate an ORV on a highway, operate an ORV without brakes, and ORV trespass. The subject’s citation fines in addition to the bond for his warrant will total almost $850. The operator stated he knew he was in the wrong and that is why he attempted to elude the CO.

CO Steve Butzin was on patrol in the Garden Peninsula when he conducted a traffic stop on a pickup. When CO Butzin approached the vehicle, he observed that there were two uncased firearms in the vehicle. One firearm was a 12-gage shotgun which the barrel was pointed at the driver’s head. The other firearm was a 410 shotgun in the hands of a ten-year-old boy who was the driver’s son. The driver was issued a citation for possession of a loaded and uncased firearm in a motor vehicle.

COs Andrea Dani and Mark Zitnik coordinated a response with the MSP regarding a call that a woman had been held against her will at a camp nearby for nearly a week. The allegations included being unable to leave, held at gun point with an empty gun of which the possessor pulled the trigger three times, and Criminal Sexual Conduct. The suspect then dropped the victim off at Munising Memorial Hospital, and told her that if she told the police, he would kill her. COs responded to the described area to gain further information for an MSP search warrant as well as to attempt to locate the suspect’s vehicle. Shortly thereafter they observed the suspect vehicle approaching them. A stop was made, and the subject arrested without incident.

While patrolling AuTrain Lake, CO Andrea Dani observed two anglers fishing from a kayak. Upon checking the anglers, the adult was found to not have a fishing license or a personal floatation device (PFD). The angler was issued a citation for fishing without a license and a warning for failure to provide a PFD.

CO Mark Zitnik responded to a complaint of a bear in a tree above an individual’s residence. Upon arrival, CO Zitnik observed a yearling bear located approximately 25 feet up in a tree out in the homeowners’ goat pen. The CO informed the homeowner that once dark, the bear should come down. The next morning the homeowner reported he had gone outside and could see that the bear did climb down during the night.

CO Mark Zitnik was patrolling in Alger County when a call came out reporting that an 11-year-old boy had been digging a hole into the sand bank of the shore of a Lake Superior beach when the overhanging bank collapsed onto the boy. Sgt. Jerry Fitzgibbon was the first on scene and assisted a bystander that was digging the boy out. Sgt. Fitzgibbon began cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) once the boy was uncovered as he was unresponsive. CO Zitnik was second on scene and assisted the sergeant with CPR. The Alger County Sheriff’s Department, Alger County EMS, and MSP arrived shortly after and continued CPR. Eventually the boy was transported to Munising Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead, despite continued efforts to revive him. This was a very tragic day for Alger County.

COs Justin Vinson and Todd Sumbera patrolled the Lake Superior shoreline in response to several camping and ORV related complaints. Several ORV and camping related contacts were made. Violations cited included camping without a permit, camping within one mile of a state forest campground, and operating an ORV without proper equipment. One individual was lodged in the Luce County Jail on an outstanding child support warrant out of Otsego County.

CO Todd Sumbera conducted a marine patrol in the Les Cheneaux Islands area contacting multiple individuals fishing without licenses; they stated that they did not realize a fishing license was required if they were not keeping fish. The laws were explained, and a citation was issued for fishing without a license.

COs Cole VanOosten and Justin Vinson were finishing up their shift when a call for assistance came out from Tahquamenon Falls State Park staff. A group of ORVs had entered the park and refused to leave when told by park officers. The COs responded to the scene but by the time they arrived, the ORVs had left the park. The COs searched the area for the vehicles and CO Vinson located the operators a short distance away driving down highway M-123. A traffic stop was initiated, and all three drivers were issued citations for operating on a state highway.

CO Cole VanOosten was on marine patrol on South Manistique Lake when he observed a pair of anglers fishing near shore off a pontoon. Upon contact CO VanOosten asked to see fishing licenses; the pair stated that they did not have any fishing licenses because they only fish one day a year. CO VanOosten performed a license check on the pair and determined that neither of the anglers had purchased a license since 2012. CO VanOosten informed the individuals that they need a fishing license even if just fishing for a day and that a daily fishing license is only $10 and that the revenue from fishing licenses goes back into resources they were utilizing. A citation was issued for fishing without a license.

CO Cole VanOosten was on patrol of the Lake Superior shoreline when he observed an individual who was sluicing for gold on a remote beach in Luce County. The individual was from out of state and was unsure of the laws governing prospecting for gold in Michigan. The CO was able to provide him with the rules and regulations governing gold prospecting on the Great Lakes shoreline.

CO Mike Olesen was patrolling the Tahquamenon River when a call came out from central dispatch that there was an individual that was threatening suicide by cop.

CO Mike Olesen, while on ORV patrol in Chippewa County received a call from central dispatch of a 62-year-old woman who had just gotten into an ORV accident close to his location. CO Olesen responded to the scene and provided first aid until EMS arrived on scene. It was determined that the four-wheeler had overturned, and she had fallen off the vehicle resulting in back pain. EMS arrived and she was transported to a local hospital for evaluation.


CO Andrea Erratt received a call on her day off about a truck parked in the Jordan River Valley with ORV ramps leaned on the tailgate. The complainant said it was the same black truck that had unloaded a dirt bike and driven it all around the Jordan Valley earlier in the summer. CO Erratt drove home, put on her uniform, and patrolled to Pinney Bridge Road where she found the truck with ORV ramps. CO Erratt waited and stopped the dirt biker as he was driving back to his truck on Pinney Bridge Road with no helmet. The dirt bike operator said he saw the Jordan Valley rules and regulations sign that said, “No ORV Use,” but he thought that only applied to the hiking trail. CO Erratt asked him if he knew that he was supposed to be wearing a helmet and he replied that he could ride his Harley without a helmet. CO Erratt explained that ORV laws require operators to wear helmets and eye protection. CO Erratt ticketed the dirt bike operator for not wearing a helmet and operating an ORV in a posted closed area on state land. CO Erratt warned him for attaching his ORV licenses to the front of his dirt bike and explained they go on the back fender like a license plate.

Sgt. Bill Webster and CO Andrea Erratt, while on marine patrol on Elk Lake, observed several people fishing from a pontoon boat. A couple from Illinois said they did not have Michigan fishing licenses. CO Erratt issued a fishing without a license ticket to the husband and warned the wife for the same violation.

CO Nathan Beelman assisted the Charlevoix County Sheriff’s Department with establishing a perimeter to search for a suspect. The suspect had run from a domestic violence incident and ran into a nearby swamp. An MSP K-9 was called and eventually found the subject hiding in the swamp.

CO Tim Rosochacki was called to the Cheboygan State Park after park staff had given a group of campsites several warnings for being too loud. Upon the arrival of CO Rosochacki, nine of the 11 campsite occupants were determined to be intoxicated and under the age of 21. Tickets were issued for Minor in Possession of alcohol to the nine subjects. CO Rosochacki was assisted by deputies from the Cheboygan County Sheriff’s Department.

CO Tim Rosochacki responded to back up a Cheboygan County deputy on a suspicious situation. Upon their arrival, a male subject was in the middle of a dirt county road. The male subject was nude, and the officers were informed by a neighbor that he had taken mushrooms along with several other drugs and believed he was dying. The subject was handcuffed until EMS could arrive on the scene. After being loaded into the ambulance, the subject became combative and had to be further restrained to the gurney. Because of the subject's aggressive nature, the deputy had to ride in the ambulance. CO Rosochacki followed for additional police presence.

CO Tim Rosochacki responded to assist in locating an individual with severe post-traumatic stress disorder who had been drinking and was suicidal. CO Rosochacki discovered the individual at a local township park. The individual was initially aggressive, refusing to get out of his vehicle. CO Rosochacki and a deputy were able to detain the subject and hold him until township officers arrived and took custody of the individual.

COs Tim Rosochacki and Matt Theunick were patrolling Burt Lake on a busy weekend and contacted numerous anglers and recreational boaters. One boat was contacted with three anglers on board finding one angler who did not have a fishing license. In addition, the boat was purchased last summer, and the registration had not been transferred. The subject was ticketed for fishing without a license and advised to transfer the registration.

CO Kyle Cherry was first on the scene of a reported man assaulting Walmart employees in Otsego County. The man was reported to have hit and pinned a Walmart employee against a wall after being angry over bottle return policies. CO Cherry arrived at the scene seconds after it was dispatched and found the suspect who had calmed down after assistance from other Walmart employees. The Gaylord Police Department, along with CO Cherry investigated the complaint. The suspect was ultimately arrested for assault.

CO Kyle Cherry was on his way to launch his patrol boat when he received a request from MSP troopers asking for assistance locating a missing person in Otsego County. The missing subject was a 78-year-old man with dementia who was last seen a day prior driving around roads near his house on an ORV. An extensive search was conducted over the next days by troopers and 11 COs on ORVs. The man was ultimately located by a civilian, deceased on a trail in Montmorency County, over 40 miles from the original search location.

CO Kyle Cherry and Sgt. Mark DePew were dispatched to a report of a boat that was partially submerged in Otsego Lake in Otsego County. The COs responded to the area and located the boat approximately 60 yards offshore. Interviews were conducted of the surrounding residents and it was learned that late the previous night a male and female were seen swimming to shore and saying something about how the plug came out of the boat. Having eliminated the immediate concern of a possible drowning, the COs began obtaining information from the boat to track down the owners. The COs went to three different residences until they eventually found the owner. After the owner was interviewed, it was discovered that he had a misdemeanor warrant for his arrest. The subject was placed in custody and lodged at the Otsego County Jail. The boat was removed from the lake.

CO Jessie Curtis was patrolling northern Montmorency County at approximately 2 a.m. when she observed a vehicle fail to dim their headlights. Upon conducting a traffic stop, CO Curtis observed open intoxicants in the vehicle and the driver appeared intoxicated. CO Curtis administered field sobriety tests. The driver was arrested for operating while intoxicated (OWI).

COs Jon Sheppard, Dan Liestenfeltz, Jessie Curtis, Paul Fox, and Sgt. Michael Mshar assisted the Montmorency County Sheriff’s Department in the search for an armed suicidal subject. While checking some remote areas of state land, CO Curtis located the subject deceased.

CO Dan Liestenfeltz was patrolling in Montmorency County when he observed a vehicle come around a curve with most of the vehicle in the oncoming lane of travel. CO Liestenfeltz initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle and it was determined that all three individuals inside had suspended driver’s licenses and each had multiple warrants. All the subjects were advised on their warrants and the driver of the vehicle was issued an appearance ticket for driving while license suspended. The vehicle was turned over to a licensed driver who arrived on scene.


CO William Kinney received a complaint of a large volume of trash dumped on state land in Grand Traverse County. CO Kinney located the large pile of household trash dumped in the woods at the end of a forest road. CO Kinney located graduation cards, kitchen appliances, and various other items belonging to a female who lived in proximity. After multiple interviews, CO Kinney was able to obtain a confession from the female’s father for the illegal dumping. The family was in the process of moving and the suspect told CO Kinney he was not able to take everything to the dump. The individual was issued a citation for littering.

CO Amanda McCurdy was on patrol at the Homestead Dam when a complaint came in through Benzie County Central Dispatch of a person screaming for help along the Betsie River near the Vacation Trailer Park. CO McCurdy responded to the area and met with a group of campers who reported the incident. CO McCurdy could hear someone calling for help but was unable to contact the individual and the statements were incoherent. Unsure of the situation, CO McCurdy borrowed a kayak from a nearby camp and launched down the Betsie River. Downstream, CO McCurdy located two individuals whose canoe had overturned in a log jam. One subject made it to shore, but the second individual was caught between the log jam and the sunken canoe and in a frantic state of mind. CO McCurdy freed the canoe and ensured the individual was able to swim to shore utilizing two PFDs. Once safely on shore, CO McCurdy took turns transporting the victims across the river in her kayak where she turned them over to a Benzie County Sheriff’s deputy for evaluation. CO McCurdy then retrieved the canoe from a second log jam and returned the equipment to Vacation Trailer Park.

COs Will Kinney and Troy Ludwig were patrolling Long Lake when they observed a group of anglers fishing from a boat. When one of the anglers observed the COs, he quickly reeled in his line and set his fishing rod on the floor of the boat. When the COs contacted the anglers, they advised it had been a hard day of fishing and had not caught any fish yet. When asked for their fishing licenses, two of the anglers produced valid fishing licenses, while the angler who had set his rod down advised he had not been fishing. The COs advised him they had observed him fishing. The angler advised that he was not really fishing much and had not purchased a fishing license because he was from out of state and would not be here for long. Enforcement action was taken for fishing without a license.

CO Josiah Killingbeck responded to a report of a vehicle rolled over. CO Killingbeck was first on scene and contacted a subject that admitted to driving the vehicle. A rifle was also discovered in the vehicle. The subject refused EMS and CO Killingbeck ran sobriety evaluations on the driver who failed all of them. The subject told CO Killingbeck that he was too drunk to complete the field sobriety evaluations. The subject submitted to a preliminary breath test (PBT) and a result of .21 was obtained. The subject was arrested and lodged in the Lake County Jail for OWI and possession of a firearm while intoxicated.

CO Josiah Killingbeck and Sgt. Bob Meyers were conducting a joint marine patrol and were on a lake in the Baldwin area of Lake County. The COs observed a kayak with a person who was riding very low in the water. CO Killingbeck did not observe any sort of PFD and contact was made. As CO Killingbeck called out to the subject, he learned that there was no PFD on board the kayak. The subject suddenly shifted in the kayak and the kayak flipped over with the subject in it. The subject came back up and seemed panicked. CO Killingbeck and Sgt. Meyers were able to get their boat alongside the capsized kayak. CO Killingbeck was able to grab the subject’s hand but determined that the subject was too large for CO Killingbeck to be able to get into the boat. CO Killingbeck was able to get the subject to the back of the sheriff’s department boat which had a swim platform and the officers were able to get the subject on board. The officers discovered that the subject had not put a plug in his kayak and had been taking on water which is why the kayak was riding so low in the water. The subject was educated on the importance of a PFD and a citation was issued for no PFD.

CO Steven Converse was on patrol in Manistee County when he observed several sets of vehicle tracks turning off the dirt road and onto a blocked trail on Manistee National Forest land. CO Converse followed the trail up to the posts and discovered that one of the posts had fresh sand around it and there were vehicle tracks beyond the posts. CO Converse back tracked to the gate on the trail road and then drove the trail road to the end near the Manistee River. CO Converse located four vehicles and five subjects. The subjects had a camp set up and were planning to stay there for the weekend. The subjects admitted to pulling out the post and then replacing it after driving through and even packing the dirt back around the post to make it look like nothing had changed. All four vehicle owners were issued tickets for operating in a closed area and information was passed on to the US Forest Service for follow up.

CO Brian Brosky was working an evening marine patrol with Mason County Sheriff’s deputies on Pere Marquette Lake following up on complaints dealing with watercraft operation and persons keeping snagged fish. The very first person observed landing a fish kept a 22-pound salmon that was snagged in the back. Upon contacting the subject who kept the fish, he told the officers that he thought it was ok to keep the fish. The subject was cited for the violation and the officers resumed patrol. Several dozen more vessels were contacted, most all of whom stated that very few fish were ever foul hooked and snagged at the location, but the officer’s observations did not correspond. Of all the fish the officers saw caught, approximately half the fish were foul hooked. Several individuals had to be contacted and advised of appropriate laws and that foul hooked fish needed to go directly back into the water.

CO Josiah Killingbeck and Sgt. Bob Meyers of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office attended an ORV benefit ride for a subject who had crashed his dirt bike and was severely injured. CO Killingbeck had been the first person to reach the injured subject. It had taken a significant amount of time to get the patient out of the woods and the outcome had not looked good for the rider. The rider and his family were very thankful for CO Killingbeck and Sgt. Meyers’ help and were taken aback by the support of the ORV community who were making donations to help with medical expenses. CO Killingbeck estimated several hundred ORVs participated in the ride.

CO Josiah Killingbeck and Sgt. Bob Meyers of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office were on patrol when they observed an ORV operator pass them who was on the wrong side of the roadway. The ORV was stopped, and the officers asked the subject if he was familiar with ORV regulations. The subject said that he was not. While speaking with the driver, the officers noticed an odor of intoxicants was coming from the subject. The driver admitted to drinking and sobrieties were performed. The subject failed sobrieties and a PBT result of .10 was obtained. The subject was arrested and lodged in the Lake County Jail.

CO Josiah Killingbeck, while on patrol, observed a vehicle with a plate that came back to a different vehicle. CO Killingbeck attempted to catch up to the vehicle which drove into a gas station. CO Killingbeck waited down the road and the subject drove by CO Killingbeck again. As CO Killingbeck turned around, the subject tried to duck into a campground and hide his vehicle behind a camper. CO Killingbeck stopped the vehicle and discovered that the driver had a suspended license and no insurance on the vehicle. The subject admitted to CO Killingbeck that he had taken a plate off another vehicle and placed it on this vehicle to make it seem legal at first glance. CO Killingbeck discovered an open bottle of vodka hidden in the vehicle. The subject admitted to drinking and driving. CO Killingbeck ran the subject through sobrieties to which he failed. A PBT reading of 0.10 was obtained. The subject was lodged in the Lake County Jail.

COs Jeff Ginn and Ben Shively were patrolling the Silver Lake Sand Dunes and responded to two separate motorcycle personal injury accidents in the same location in a short period of time. It was determined a large log was just below the surface of the sand and was causing motorcycles to flip end-over-end. Once the COs discovered the issue, they were unable to remove the large log from beneath the sand. They stacked additional logs and stumps on top of the hidden object so riders would see and avoid the hazard.

CO Josh Reed heard a local dispatch for a single boat accident on the Muskegon River. The callers on scene advised that a drag racing boat had lost control on the river southwest of the 1-31 access site and the operator had been thrown from the vessel and had not resurfaced. CO Reed responded to the docked patrol boat at River Ridge Resort and responded to the scene. CO Reed began securing the scene with a Mecosta County marine patrol boat. CO Reed then began conducting sonar sweeps and began marking targets for the dive teams. The Newaygo County Dive Team and marine patrol members arrived on scene, along with the Mecosta County Dive Team members and several fire departments. Marks from the sonar were dove on with no luck in locating the victim that night due to low visibility. At first light the next day, CO Reed and Sgt. Mike Mohr of the Mecosta County Sheriff’s Department began sonar sweeps in calm conditions with no other boats around. A mark was checked from the night prior and showed a very distinct image. The Newaygo County Dive Team had arrived on scene and divers were put on the image. The victim was recovered from the location and transported back to the 131 access for EMS. CO Reed and Sgt. Michael Bomay stayed on scene and assisted the county dive team with recovery of the boat from the river.

CO Ben Shively was patrolling Golden Township in Oceana County when he observed a golf cart operating on a public roadway. CO Shively conducted a traffic stop on the golf cart which had five passengers. Upon pulling behind the golf cart, CO Shively observed one of the rear passengers attempt to hide an open beer. CO Shively found that three of the five subjects had open containers of alcohol in the golf cart. Upon checking the driver of the golf cart, he was found to be operating an ORV with a suspended license and had four outstanding warrants with two of them being Department of Natural Resources warrants. The driver was placed under arrest on his warrants and issued citations for operating an ORV while license suspended and operating an ORV on a public roadway. The three subjects with the open intoxicants were cited for ORV open intoxicants and one of the subjects was advised and released on a warrant for OWI as they were outside of pickup range.

CO Ben Shively was conducting an evening marine patrol on Silver Lake in Oceana County when he had a jet ski pass next to him within 10 feet causing the spray of the jet ski to land inside the patrol boat. The subjects on the jet ski were stopped and the operator was cited for careless operation and educated on safe operational distance from vessels.


CO Casey Pullum arrested a male subject for OWI on an ORV in Oscoda County. The subject was 6-foot 3-inches tall, weighed over 300 pounds, and was only wearing his underwear. CO Pullum determined him to be intoxicated through his observations and standard field sobriety test. The subject was extremely combative and when taken to jail, refused the breathalyzer. The subject had to be restrained by multiple officers to execute the search warrant for blood authorized by the magistrate. The subject was lodged at the Oscoda County Jail for OWI on an ORV.

CO Craig Neal was recently patrolling Saginaw Bay checking perch and walleye anglers. CO Neal pulled up next to a pontoon with three anglers on it to check them for proper safety equipment and fishing licenses. Two anglers presented their fishing licenses while the third held up his driver’s license. CO Neal reiterated that he needed to see his fishing license. The angler replied, “No, you will need this license to write me a ticket for not having my fishing license.”  CO Neal issued the angler a citation for fishing without a license.

COs Ethan Gainforth and Joshua Russell conducted a marine patrol on Lake Lancer in Gladwin County. The COs had received numerous complaints of violations of the local watercraft controls on that lake. As soon as they launched their patrol boat, they witnessed a white and blue speed boat well after 7:30 pm traveling across the lake at high-speed. The local watercraft control states there is no high-speed boating between the hours of 7:30 p.m. and 11:00 a.m. The COs contacted the vessel’s operator at the Butman Township boat launch. During contact with the operator of the vessel, the COs could smell the odor of intoxicants on his breath. The operator also had bloodshot, watery eyes. Initially, he did not want to cooperate with completing sobriety tests and did not want to submit to a PBT. The operator thought he had outsmarted the COs by denying the tests and PBT. The operator stated, “I know how this works.”  CO Gainforth politely explained to the operator that it is his right to refuse the sobriety tests and the PBT, but that he could still be lodged on a boating under the influence (BUI) based on his operation and his signs of impairment. The operator reconsidered and decided to cooperate and complete the tests and PBT. CO Russell performed sobriety tests on the operator and administered the PBT. After failing both, the operator was arrested and transported to the Gladwin County Jail. He was eventually lodged for BUI of alcohol.


COs Jill Miller, Mike Haas, and Jason King were on ORV patrol in Isabella County when they spotted a suspect on a four-wheeler operator operating without a helmet. A stop was made on the ORV, and a citation was given for no helmet.

CO Quincy Gowenlock received a call from the local area biologist asking for assistance in locating an injured Bald Eagle. The CO responded to the Shiawassee River State Game area (SGA) and began searching the area. A short while later the eagle was located and, after a little chase, it was captured. CO Gowenlock transported the juvenile eagle to the local raptor rehabilitator.

COs Jason King and Adam Beuthin conducted a marine patrol on the Saginaw River. The COs witnessed a vessel riding above wake in a slow/no wake zone. CO King issued a citation for above slow/no wake.

CO Jason King conducted a marine patrol in Huron County with COs Matt Neterer and Kyle Bucholtz. The COs witnessed a jet ski pulling tubers with no observer. CO King issued a citation for tow with no observers.

CO Adam Beuthin was on patrol going to meet with COs Quincy Gowenlock and Joe Myers who were already on a patrol vessel when he heard over the radio from Saginaw Central Dispatch of a foot pursuit only a block away from his location in the city of Saginaw. The CO saw an MSP unit with its lights on and no troopers or subjects around the vehicle. When the CO got closer, several individuals were pointing behind him where he observed a subject running and an MSP trooper following on foot. The CO turned around in his patrol truck and was able to catch up to the individual on foot where he and the trooper got the individual into custody without incident. The subject that was taken into custody was the passenger of a vehicle involved in a wreck fleeing from the trooper. The last known direction of the driver who fled on foot went toward the Saginaw River. COs Gowenlock and Myers, who were in a patrol vessel, started patrolling the shore of the river looking for the fleeing suspect. A Saginaw City K-9 team was able to track the driver of the vehicle right to the water’s edge where he was hiding underneath overgrowth in the water. The suspect was taken into custody without incident and an ongoing investigation by MSP is being conducted on the potential involvement of the two suspects in a recent shooting in the city of Saginaw.

COs Joe Myers and Adam Beuthin, along with Sgt. Robert Hobkirk, were patrolling the Au Sable State Forest in Midland County for illegal ORV activity when they contacted three side-by-side ORVs operating in a closed area on an illegal trail. When the first side-by-side observed the COs, he tried to turn around and leave the area, but he was blocked in by the other two ORVs. All three operators were issued citations for the illegal operation on state land.

While addressing a camping complaint in the Flat River SGA in southern Montcalm County, COs Mike Haas and Dan Robinson heard Montcalm Central Dispatch call out an incident over the radio. A woman had been involved in a head-on collision and the other vehicle involved was currently ramming her car in an attempt to get past her. The COs realized they were close by and quickly responded to the scene. They arrived on scene just as a local deputy pulled up to the woman to ensure she was alright; the COs continued and tracked the suspect vehicle. The suspect vehicle was located not far away, abandoned in the middle of the road and the COs saw a gentleman running away farther down the road. The man was captured and detained by the COs and aid was rendered to the various cuts and scrapes he had sustained during his crash. The man was turned over to other responding agencies and it was determined that he was under the influence of some type of drug, was driving without a license, and was on probation for numerous other criminal matters.

CO Dan Robinson received a complaint of an injured eagle that was captured by a passerby on a county road. The individual stated that the bird had been hit by a car and had a badly damaged wing. CO Robinson arrived and saw that the bird was not an eagle but a Red-tailed hawk. The bird was still injured severely. CO Robinson contacted CO Jill Miller who helped him get the bird to a raptor rehabilitation facility in Bay City.

CO Dan Robinson was working in northern Isabella County when a Be on the Lookout (BOL) was issued for a car full of individuals who were possibly using drugs in a public parking lot. CO Robinson arrived and located the vehicle leaving the parking lot. A stop was made and several of the occupants admitted to smoking marijuana while they waited for another person in a store. The vehicle was not registered, nor did it have insurance, the driver did not have an operator’s license, and one of the occupants had a valid warrant. A citation was issued to the driver, the vehicle was impounded, and the female occupant was advised of her warrant and released.

CO Dan Robinson was working state lands in Isabella County and had just cleared talking to a group camping. CO Robinson was working from his assigned dirt bike and witnessed a truck driving recklessly and doing “donuts” in a grassy area of the state land off the main roadway. The driver exited the area at a high rate of speed toward CO Robinson who activated his emergency lights and indicated the driver to stop. The driver was ultimately issued a citation for disorderly conduct in the state land and issued several warnings related to his actions.

COs Dan Robinson and Mike Haas were working Montcalm County when they witnessed an ORV traveling at a high rate of speed on the county road with an individual in the cargo box. The COs conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle, which was registered as a motor vehicle. The various safety issues were addressed, and the driver was issued a citation for failing to provide proof of insurance. He was also given warnings for his speed and for allowing the individual to ride in a cargo area of the vehicle.

COs Dan Robinson and Mike Haas were working Isabella County when they responded to a domestic disturbance involving firearms where one of the subjects shot several rounds into the air. The COs arrived with the MSP units and assisted in the investigation. The COs were also able to find the ejected shotgun shells in the tall grass so they could be collected for evidence.

CO Josh Jackson was checking lakes in Montcalm County when he spotted a man on the front of a pontoon with a fishing pole in hand. Because the fishing activity had been slow lately, CO Jackson decided to launch his patrol vessel and see if the man was having any luck. As CO Jackson was launching his boat, the man put the fishing pole aside and began driving around the lake. CO Jackson made contact and asked the angler if he was having any luck. The man stated he was not using the fishing pole and was waiting for some friends to join him on the lake. CO Jackson explained that he had watched the man fish as he was passing by the lake and as he was entering the boat launch. The man admitted he never bought a license and received a citation.

While on ORV patrol in Montcalm County, CO Adam Schiller stopped multiple ORVs for safety violations. Citations were issued for no helmet and no eye protection while operating an ORV.


COs Richard Cardenas and Kyle McQueer assisted the Hastings Police Department with patrolling the Thornapple River. The Hastings Police Department has received an increase in activity of citizens floating the river with tubes, kayaks, and canoes. With the increased activity, the city had also received an increase in complaints of disorderly conduct, assaults, trespassing, indecent exposure, and littering. During the patrol, the COs observed numerous kayaks and canoes with no PFDs on board. Additionally, CO Cardenas observed a subject throw a glass bottle into the river breaking it on a log. Citations were issued for the safety violations and littering.

CO Carter Woodwyk was patrolling Allegan County when a call for an unknown crash came out approximately one mile from his location. The CO arrived on the scene to find the driver and sole occupant of the vehicle uninjured after nearly going head on with an electrical pole and then proceeding to jump a set of railroad tracks, only to stop just shy of entering a horse pasture. The driver was extremely intoxicated. The scene was turned over to the Allegan County Sheriff’s Department for processing.

CO Carter Woodwyk was patrolling Miner Lake in Allegan County when he observed a vessel and subjects wake boarding and two stand-up personal watercrafts (PWCs) jumping the wake of the vessel. The CO watched the PWCs jump the wake at a safe distance multiple times before one of the operator’s decided to jump the first wake off the vessel directly behind the wake surfer. This operator then proceeded to attempt to wake surf directly behind the vessel on his PWC with the other subject wake surfing on a board. A stop was conducted and the operator of the PWC admitted fully that he knew what he did was unsafe and against the law coming within 150 feet of the backside of the vessel. A citation was issued for the safety violation.

CO Carter Woodwyk was patrolling Green Lake in Allegan County when he observed a vessel towing two young subjects on inner tubes without an observer on board. The CO conducted a stop and the operator attempted to claim his dog on board as his observer. After observing multiple clues of possible intoxication, the CO ran the operator through field sobriety tests. The operator was determined to be intoxicated. The operator was arrested and lodged at the Allegan County Jail for operating a boat while intoxicated and child endangerment.

While on patrol COs Travis Dragomer and Zach Bauer located an angler fishing the St. Joseph River in Niles, Berrien County. COs Dragomer and Bauer conducted a fish check on the individual and it was determined that the angler did not have a valid fishing license. The individual also had four outstanding warrants. One citation was issued for fishing without a license and the individual was lodged at the Berrien County Jail on warrants.

CO Matt Page received information from CO Jeff Robinette of a group illegally camping in the Three Rivers SGA. CO Robinette had warned the individuals for illegally camping in the state game area two days prior and had received information that they were still there. CO Robinette was unable to respond to the area and CO Page contacted the same group from earlier that week. The group initially stated that they were not warned and that they did not know it was illegal to camp in a game area. CO Page was able to verify with CO Robinette that it was the same group that was warned earlier in the week. Several violations were observed including litter, illegally camping on state land, and motor vehicle violations. Five citations were issued for illegally camping in a state game area when prohibited. Additionally, one of the members had an outstanding warrant for fraud. CO Page arrested the individual on his warrant, and he was lodged in the St. Joseph County Jail.

While patrolling the Paw Paw area, a Van Buren County Sheriff’s deputy had a vehicle flee from him during a traffic stop. The deputy announced over the radio that the vehicle was headed into the area that CO Tyler Cole was patrolling. CO Cole spotted the vehicle and pursued. The vehicle continued for half a mile and pulled over. CO Cole and deputies detained the subjects in the vehicle for investigation. Investigation revealed that the passenger of the vehicle was wanted for a flee and elude from a different county earlier that same morning. Two of the three occupants had active warrants and the vehicle was reported as stolen.

CO Casey Varriale was on patrol in the Cannonsburg SGA in Kent County when he witnessed a truck pulled off to the shoulder of the road. CO Varriale noticed a man in the bed of the pickup truck acting suspiciously. CO Varriale contacted the individual and noticed he was covered in concrete dust. Behind the truck was a large pile of crushed concrete and there were several more bags in the truck. After a short interview, the suspect admitted to dumping the concrete on the state land. CO Varriale cited the suspect for littering and observed him clean up the concrete he had dumped on the state land.

CO Jackie Miskovich was patrolling Muskegon County when a car pulled in front of her. As CO Miskovich followed the car, the car began to cross the white fog line quite frequently. The car would also be all over the lane of travel as well as tailgating the car in front of it. A stop was made on the car and the subject admitted that he had been texting and driving. CO Miskovich had also witnessed him turning around and trying to grab at something in his back seat. A citation was issued to the individual.

CO Robert Slick patrolled through Bass River Recreation Area when he came across two anglers getting back to shore and loading their boat. CO Slick asked if they had any luck fishing. The two anglers stated that they had been catching bluegills all morning but did not know how many they had. CO Slick counted the catch and found the anglers to be 34 fish over their limit. A citation was issued for the violation.


CO Nick Wellman was called in the middle of the night by Branch County Dispatch about an extremely intoxicated man that had stolen a rowboat with a bad leak and no PFDs. The man took the boat downstream on the St. Joseph River. CO Wellman checked into service, loaded his kayak, and responded. CO Wellman contacted family who stated that they feared the man was in danger and would most certainly fight CO Wellman when found on the river. CO Wellman launched his kayak and used his night vision to navigate the river and ultimately located the man who had no interest in fighting but was very tired trying to get back home. CO Wellman got him back to his residence and turned the issue over to the MSP who took the original call.

CO Nick Wellman was on patrol when Union City Police Department called out a fully involved structure fire and the officer stated that he was going to try to get into the house to look for trapped victims. CO Wellman was around the corner and responded to assist the officer. CO Wellman arrived and helped the fire department get water lines hooked up and a hydrant dressed while firefighters conducted an initial search for victims. Unfortunately, the homeowner was found inside the home deceased.

CO Nick Wellman was at home off duty when he was called at approximately 3 a.m. by Branch County Dispatch for a capsized boat on Morrison Lake with people in the water. CO Wellman hooked up his patrol boat and responded. As CO Wellman arrived, responding MSP troopers were able to get a neighbor’s pontoon boat and assist in removing the occupants of the boat from the water. CO Wellman met with them and investigated what happened. The sunken boat was located along with a half-gallon of Captain Morgan Rum and a bag of marijuana. CO Wellman, the MSP, and the Branch County Marine Patrol determined the operator of the vessel and CO Wellman completed an OWI investigation on the man. The man failed the tests, and a field PBT test yielded a 0.145 result. The man was lodged in Branch County Jail for BUI and was briefly held by Department of Corrections for his felony parole violation.

CO Larn R. Strawn received a Report All Poaching complaint of a corn feeder full of corn as well as mineral salts spread out in front of a hunting blind and trail camera. The bait and blind were in a densely wooded lot on private property in an area closed to the baiting and feeding of deer. CO Strawn responded to the area and located the illegal bait and hunting blind. In addition to the bait, CO Strawn located six untagged and illegal traps on the property. CO Strawn located the suspects ingress and egress into the property and tracked ORV tracks and a trail to a nearby residence. Once at the residence, CO Strawn discovered empty corn bags from a local mill in a milk crate bungee strapped to an ORV. CO Strawn contacted the ORV owner who ultimately admitted to dumping the corn and setting the traps. CO Strawn is reporting the incident to the Eaton County prosecutor for charges.

While patrolling Clinton County, CO Larn R. Strawn was contacted by Clinton County Central Dispatch and asked to assist sheriff’s deputies with a reported domestic violence incident in progress. CO Strawn was the first unit to arrive on scene. CO Strawn quickly identified the victim and was able to get them to safety as well as several witnesses. CO Strawn then covered and secured the entrance to a residence where the suspect had fled. Once the backup units arrived on scene, the officers discovered the suspect was wanted on active felony warrants in a nearby jurisdiction. CO Strawn and the deputies assisted by K-9 Officer Smokey, a German shepherd, entered the residence. They quickly located the subject who was hiding beneath a mattress in a small attic room. CO Strawn apprehended and handcuffed the fugitive. The man was lodged at the Clinton County Jail for the warrants and the crimes of domestic violence and resist and obstructing officers.


While travelling on southbound I-275, CO Dan Walzak was passed by a vehicle with a bicycle in a rack on the back. After passing CO Walzak, the vehicle passed another vehicle and it appeared that the bicycle was not securely mounted. Thinking that the bicycle may fall off onto the roadway, CO Walzak attempted to catch up to the vehicle, but the driver sped up, reaching the speed of 116 mph. CO Walzak was able to bring the vehicle to a stop. When CO Walzak asked the driver if he know how fast he was driving, the driver responded, “I have no idea.”  When CO Walzak advised him of his speed, the driver acted as if it was no big deal. CO Walzak then asked him why he was driving so fast and the driver responded that he was just trying to get to his girlfriend’s house. CO Walzak advised him about the loosely mounted bicycle and issued the driver the speeding ticket.

CO Danny Walzak assisted the Wayne County Sheriff’s Marine Division secure their dive team perimeter allowing them to search for two missing persons on the Detroit River.

CO David Schaumburger attended a court hearing for an angler that was in possession of 38 walleye, 32 over the limit. The judge ordered the angler to pay $1,040 in reimbursement to the State of Michigan and the defendant was prohibited from fishing for one year.

CO David Schaumburger was on ORV patrol when he witnessed an ORV riding down the road without a helmet. The CO caught up with him as he turned into a backyard at a residence and contacted him. The operator stated he just moved to the area and did not know the rules about driving on the roadway but admitted he knew he needed a helmet. The operator was given a citation for operating an ORV without a helmet.

COs Keven Luther, David Schaumburger, and Danny Walzak patrolled Belleville Lake during the busy weekend and issued numerous citations to boaters. Among the citations were exceeding the 40 mph speed limit, creating a wake under the Belleville and Denton Road bridges, creating a wake within 100 foot of docks, improper navigation lights, children under six years not wearing PFDs, no boater’s safety certificates while operating PWCs, improper registration lettering, failing to provide PFDs, and operating a vessel clockwise instead of counterclockwise on the lake. A total of 42 citations were issued, along with many warnings during patrol on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

While patrolling Wayne County, CO Ariel Young decided to drop by a local neighborhood where she had previously observed illegal ORV activity. CO Young was not in the area more than a couple of minutes when she observed an ORV designed for one rider with an adult and small child crossing the road without helmets on. CO Young stopped the ORV and it was also determined that the ORV was not registered. CO Young provided some education about all the violations happening and issued a citation for not wearing a helmet.

COs Ariel Young, Danny Walzak, and Brandon Vacek were contacted to help the county sheriff department with the body recovery of two individuals who were still missing after a boating accident the night before. The COs helped to hold the perimeter for the dive team so they could safely dive without fear of being hit by other vessels. The investigation is ongoing.

COs Ariel Young, Keven Luther, Danny Walzak, Danielle Zubek, Jake Griffin, Ray Gardner, Ben Lasher, Kris Kiel, Brad Silorey, Joe Deppen, Sgt. Damon Owens, and Sgt. Kip Maher attended the annual float down in the St. Clair River. The COs were part of a multi-agency work force whose primary focus was to keep the participants of the float down safe and headed in the right direction without floating to other counties. The COs assisted the other agencies on multiple occasions when float goers needed help getting back to shore and prevented several boats from coming down the closed off river. Due to a heavy storm this year, the participation was significantly lower than in years past. There was no need for enforcement action to be taken.

CO Christopher Knights was leaving Orchard Lake and noticed police lights ahead. CO Knights pulled next to an SUV and the occupant was not inside the vehicle. After looking ahead, CO Knights noticed the guard rail broken in multiple places. CO Knights pulled in front of the SUV and saw a car that had crashed through the guard rail and went into Pine Lake. CO Knights immediately ran to the water with the Orchard Lake officer. The officer was able to open the door and all the airbags had deployed. The woman was conscious but had no idea what was going on. After a couple minutes, officers determined that she was diabetic and was having an episode. EMS arrived and brought down a chair to lift her out of the water and back up the hill to the ambulance. She was given a tablet by EMS staff that brought her out of her episode and allowed her to answer questions. The individual was fine with no injuries and happy we were there in time to help. She was taken to the hospital for follow up.

CO Tom Peterson was working a marine patrol with Sgt. Jason Becker and observed an individual operating above slow/no wake in a slow/no wake zone on a PWC. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the individual had never attended a boater’s safety course and was under the legal age to operate a PWC without one. The individual was cited for his slow/no wake violation and warned on operating a PWC without a boater’s safety certificate.

CO Tom Peterson was on marine patrol in Oakland County. During the course of the patrol, he addressed multiple violations including no PFD while being towed, slow/no wake, operating against flow of traffic, and crossing within 150 feet behind another vessel. Multiple citations and warnings were issued throughout the patrol.

CO Ben Lasher responded to a complaint of late target shooting in the Port Huron SGA. CO Lasher found four shooters shooting over an hour past target shooting hours in the game area. Tickets were issued for the Land Use Order violations.

COs Breanna Reed, Kris Kiel, Joe Deppen, and Brad Silorey conducted a marine patrol on Lake St. Clair and St. Clair Flats. The COs contacted many anglers and recreational boat users. COs Reed and Kiel contacted two anglers; upon contact the male subject on board stated, “She’s not actually fishing,” as the female subject on board was holding a fishing pole in her hands reeling it up. The COs found many other marine violations, citations were written for fish no license and no throwable on board. Continuing the shift, the COs issued citations for slow/no wake violations.

CO Breanna Reed was patrolling St. Clair County when she witnessed two ORVs operating without 2020 ORV stickers. CO Reed conducted a stop; during the stop it was determined that the rider of the three-wheeler was ten years old. CO Reed informed the parent that she could not be operating the three–wheeler under the age of 16 and that she could not be operating off private property. A citation was issued for unlicensed ORV and warnings were given for operating at speeds greater than 25 mph, allowing individual under 16 to operate three-wheeler, fail to transfer title within 15 days of purchase, and allowing minor to operate off private property.

COs Kris Kiel, Brad Silorey, and Joseph Deppen worked an evening marine patrol on Lake St. Clair and the St. Clair flats. Three very large vessels throwing huge wakes were stopped and written citations for violating the 600-foot slow/no wake rule.

COs Brad Silorey Joe Deppen, and Kris Kiel were on marine patrol in the St. Clair Flats when they observed a 45-foot yacht travelling at a high rate of speed in the North Channel. After checking the distance of the vessel from shore with a laser range finder, the captain was found that he was less than half the distance that he is required to be to make wake. COs Silorey, Deppen, and Kiel attempted to pull the vessel over, but the rough water and high boat traffic made it difficult. Additionally, the vessel was travelling at about 50 knots. Once stopped, the captain was cited for the wake violation.

CO Brad Silorey worked on typing and submitting a warrant request for charging a Macomb County livery owner with operating a pontoon livery without having vessels inspected. The owner of the livery was given a warning not to operate until inspections were completed, but he failed to comply. Charges are being sought through Macomb County Prosecutor’s Office.

CO Joseph Deppen was on marine patrol in the evening on Lake St. Clair. CO Deppen noticed two jet skis operating well after sunset. CO Deppen conducted a stop and told them they cannot operate after sunset. CO Deppen escorted the group of jet skiers all the way back to their launch. The group was given warnings for boater’s safety and other violations. The riders were cited for slow/no wake violations and operating a jet ski after sunset.

CO Joseph Deppen was headed home from marine patrol and was passed by a large Dodge Ram. CO Deppen made a traffic stop and issued the driver a citation for 99 mph in a 70-mph zone.

COs Joseph Deppen, Ben Lasher, and Ray Gardner conducted a group marine patrol on Lake St. Clair and St. Clair Rivers. Multiple contacts were made throughout the day. Citations were issued for slow/no wake, violations of 100-foot rule, and towing someone without an observer. Warnings were given for no Type IV PFD aboard.

CO Joseph Deppen was traveling on I-94 when a motorcycle with no plate and truck passed him at a high rate of speed weaving in and out of traffic. The vehicles were traveling at over 100 mph causing other vehicles to swerve to get out of the way. CO Deppen conducted a traffic stop on the truck and the motorcycle failed to stop. CO Deppen asked the driver why he was driving so fast and running other vehicles off the road. The driver replied, “I was just following that guy on the motorcycle and I really wasn’t paying attention.”  CO Deppen told the driver not paying attention while driving is a huge problem. The driver was cited for careless driving.

CO Brandon Hartleben was working marine patrol on Ford Lake when he observed a vessel with two subjects fishing that did not have a visible validation decal on the starboard side. CO Hartleben contacted the subjects to check fish and follow up on the registration discrepancy. Upon contacting the subjects, CO Hartleben discovered that there were no fish on board, no current registration for the vessel or title/bill of sale, an inoperable fire extinguisher, and no fishing licenses. Further checks on the subjects revealed previous fishing license purchases and a misdemeanor warrant for one of the subjects. Both subjects were issued citations for fishing without a license, the subject with the warrant was advised and released, and warnings were given for the marine violations.

CO Nicholas Ingersoll was patrolling for ORV activity when he observed a vehicle pull out in front of him with no license plate and the driver was not wearing his seatbelt. CO Ingersoll initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle and advised the driver why he was stopped. CO Ingersoll noticed a smell of intoxicants emanating from the vehicle and asked the driver if he had been drinking. Initially the driver stated that he had not, but after being advised that his eyes were blood shot and glossy and that the CO could smell alcohol, the driver admitted to drinking. CO Ingersoll asked the driver how much he had to drink, and the driver stated he had only had two Budweisers. A standard field sobriety test was performed on the driver to determine if he was intoxicated. After the series of tests were run, the driver was placed under arrest for Operating a Motor Vehicle while intoxicated. CO Ingersoll will be seeking charges for Operating a Motor Vehicle while intoxicated and Driving while License suspended. CO Ingersoll issued warnings for the other violations.

CO Nicholas Ingersoll was checking individuals coming in from a beautiful Sunday of boating when he observed two jet skiers coming in after sunset. CO Ingersoll contacted both occupants and advised them sunset was at 8:31 p.m. and it was now 9:00 p.m. The operators advised they thought they had to be off the water at 10:00 p.m. because that is when the state park closed. CO Ingersoll advised them jet skis had to be off the water at sunset. Both occupants were issued citations for operating PWCs after sunset and one operator was also issued a warning for not having his boater’s safety.

CO Nicholas Ingersoll was checking anglers at Sterling State Park when he contacted an individual fishing for panfish at the launch. CO Ingersoll contacted the angler who advised he had a fantastic day fishing and was just finishing up. CO Ingersoll asked the angler how many fish he had caught, and the angler advised that he was around 25. CO Ingersoll and the angler counted the fish, and it was determined that the angler had caught 37 panfish and was over his legal limit by 12. Reimbursement is being sought for the over-limit of fish and a citation was issued for possessing an over limit.

CO Nicholas Ingersoll was checking individuals on Swan Creek when he observed two individuals riding jet skis at greater than slow/no wake. CO Ingersoll met the individuals at the launch and asked if they knew that Swan Creek was slow/no wake. The father advised that he did, and he lives on the creek. He advised CO Ingersoll that he has called and complained before about vessels traveling past his residence and damaging his property. CO Ingersoll advised him then he knew the importance of following the regulations for the other individuals that live along the creek and the father stated that he did. After speaking with the father, it was determined that his daughter was also riding behind him and following his direction on the creek. CO Ingersoll issued the father a citation for operating his vessel at greater than slow/no wake and issued a warning to the daughter for the same violation. The father advised he made a mistake and understood why he was being cited.

CO Nicholas Ingersoll was checking individuals on Swan Creek when he observed two individuals in kayaks start paddling back to the launch once they noticed CO Ingersoll watching them. CO Ingersoll contacted both individuals back at the launch and asked both individuals where their PFDs were located. Both individuals quickly admitted to leaving them at home and that they knew they were not supposed to be out without them. They said that they did not think they would get checked or caught so they took the chance. CO Ingersoll explained the importance of wearing a PFD in the creek and issued citations for PFD on a kayak.

COs Andrew Monnich and Nick Ingersoll were patrolling Devils Lake when they observed a boat heading toward the access site with people riding in the bow. As the COs started toward the boat to address the bow riding, the driver switched seats with a passenger as they noticed the COs. After stopping the vessel, the COs noted the individual who was originally driving the boat was noticeably intoxicated. When asked why they had switched seats, the intoxicated boat owner stated that his friend is better at docking the boat. The driver was taken to shore where sobrieties were conducted and a PBT was issued where it was found that the driver was twice the legal limit. He was placed under arrest and lodged in the Lenawee County Jail for operating under the influence (OUI).

CO Andrew Monnich worked the Raisin River in Tecumseh on a busy Saturday. Many contacts were made during the patrol and a few citations were issued for failing to provide PFDs on kayaks and fishing without licenses.

COs Andrew Monnich and Nick Ingersoll were working an area with frequent ORV activity around midnight when they noticed two headlights heading toward them. The COs waited and let the two individuals pass them on mopeds carrying a 30 pack of beer. The COs also noticed no registrations on either of the mopeds. A traffic stop was conducted where it was discovered that both individuals had suspended licenses due to previous incidents of OUI. Both subjects were issued citations for having their machines unregistered.

COs Andrew Monnich and Eric Smither assisted the Cambridge Township Police Department on a warrant check at a local hotel next to the lake they were checking for marine activity. Once at the hotel they assisted an officer in locating an individual who had warrants out of Jackson County. During that contact, a second individual came into the room. CO Monnich asked to see his identification, a quick record check through central dispatch showed the man to have a felony warrant out of the MSP Monroe Post. CO Smither placed the man under arrest, and he was lodged in the Lenawee County Jail for his warrant.

CO Andrew Monnich was in route to Belle Isle when he was first on scene of a serious car accident on I-94 and Telegraph Road where a car traveling eastbound went across the median and struck a box truck in the westbound lane ejecting the driver. CO Monnich assisted with first aid until EMS arrived on scene.

CO Andrew Monnich was just finishing up patrol and heading home when a BOL came out over the radio for a possible drunk driver on the same roadway CO Monnich was on. A short while later CO Monnich passed the oncoming suspected vehicle and noticed the vehicle was halfway off the road. CO Monnich was able to turn on the vehicle and conduct a traffic stop where the driver was found to be severely intoxicated after failing all sobrieties. The driver was lodged in the Lenawee County Jail for OWI.

COs Chad Foerster and Nicholas Ingersoll responded to a possible missing child complaint with MSP troopers near the beach area on Belle Isle. Further investigation revealed the actual missing person was the child caller’s father and that he had not been seen for approximately 30 minutes prior to the emergency call. Search and rescue efforts began immediately by contacting Detroit Fire Department, USCG, and Detroit Police Department Harbor Master. The area was searched extensively into the midnight hours by all emergency personnel on scene. Unfortunately, the missing victim was not located until the following afternoon when the Detroit Police Department Dive Team members pulled him from the water. The victim was a 26-year veteran of the Detroit Fire Department. He gave his life while off-duty attempting to rescue three young swimmers who were in distress approximately 75 yards offshore. All three young swimmers were brought to shore safely by other rescuers.

While working a Belle Isle shift, Sgt. Troy Bahlau assisted the MSP and COs with a felonious assault report on the beach where a subject threatened a father and his two little boys that he was going to get his gun and come back and “Shoot them up.”  Officers secured the area and interviewed several witnesses who all gave different descriptions of the suspect. The father and his two little boys were safely escorted back to their vehicle and off the island. A search for the suspect was unsuccessful.

CO Matt Neterer was first on scene to a two-car personal injury crash in Detroit after working a Belle Isle shift. CO Jaime Salisbury and Sgt. Jason Becker responded to assist. One subject was taken to the hospital by EMS. The COs turned the scene over to the MSP and assisted in gathering information and clearing the crashed vehicles.

While on Belle Isle, CO Joseph Deppen encountered two motorcycles operating at 61 mph in a 25-mph zone. CO Deppen was unable to catch up to the motorcycles to make a stop. CO Deppen contacted CO Ben Lasher to attempt a traffic stop near a one-way pinch point around the zoo. A successful traffic stop was conducted and both motorcycles were pulled over. Both riders told the COs they had perfect driving records and no tickets, and they deserve a warning because they stopped instead of running. One rider was wanted for a speeding ticket out of Ohio, the other rider has had several speeding tickets. The riders were cited for speeding 61 mph in a 25 mph and given warnings on a cycle endorsement.

While on Belle Isle, COs Ben Lasher and Joseph Deppen were contacted regarding a lost child. The COs began gathering information from the youngster when, after about ten minutes, the child’s mother showed up and they were reunited.

CO Mike Drexler worked a very busy Belle Isle shift. A few verbal warnings were given for minor infractions and after advising over the public address two times that parking citations would be issued for violations at the beach, two citations were issued for parking in the bicycle lane which was posing a safety hazard.

Sgt. Shane Webster and CO Andrew Monnich were foot patrolling the Belle Isle beach when they observed a jet ski operator come up to the edge of the swim area at a high rate of speed. A second jet skier followed and recklessly used his machine to spray water at the occupants in the swim area. The COs were able to get the attention of the operators and order them into shore. Tickets were issued for the negligent behavior and warnings were given for a lack of marine safety certificates.