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5/16/2021 - 5/29/2021


CO Jenni Hanson responded to a medical call in the Ottawa National Forest.  A contractor for a logging company tipped his heavy machinery and was trapped inside the cab of the machine.  CO Hanson, along with Marenisco First Responders and Beacon Ambulance, were able to extricate the victim and carry him approximately ¼ mile through the woods to the ambulance.  He likely suffered a broken hip and was later airlifted to Wausau, Wisconsin for medical treatment.

COs Byron Parks and Brian Lasanen were patrolling Keweenaw County when an in-progress report all poaching (RAP) complaint was called in regarding subjects snagging fish at Otter River Dam in Houghton County.  The COs were about fifty miles from the complaint but decided to make their way towards the Otter River Dam.  About an hour later, the COs arrived at the dam.  They observed two subjects fishing, but neither appeared to match the description of the subjects possibly snagging.  Upon contact with the first subject, CO Parks ran a license check.  CO Lasanen then contacted the second subject, who appeared to be throwing fish back into the water.  Upon contact, CO Lasanen discovered the subject was throwing crappie back into the water.  CO Lasanen checked the bucket of fish he had next to him, which he found thirty-one crappie and a smallmouth bass.  A citation was issued for possessing an over-limit of crappie and taking bass during the closed season.

CO Zach Painter was conducting a stationary off-road vehicle (ORV) patrol at an intersection in Gogebic County.  CO Painter observed a side-by-side ORV coming up to the stop sign at the intersection and the passenger in the ORV was finishing a beer.  Once finished with the beer and without looking, the subject threw the beer can from the ORV and it landed right in front of CO Painter's patrol truck.  CO Painter initiated his emergency lights, and the subject just hung his head.  Violations of littering, no seat belt, and open intoxicants were addressed.

Sgt. Brian Bacon and CO Anna Viau checked a popular shore fishing spot at a dam in Iron County.  Upon approaching the dock, the COs observed a man quickly reel in his line and dump fish out of his bucket into the water.  Upon contacting the man, he admitted to CO Viau that he did not have a fishing license.  CO Viau issued the man a citation for fishing without a license.

COs Jeffrey Dell and Shannon Kritz were investigating the theft of aspen on state land.  The COs were able to develop a suspect vehicle during the investigation.  While on patrol, CO Dell observed the suspect vehicle traveling along a highway.  CO Dell observed the vehicle did not have registration, so he conducted a traffic stop.  The subject informed CO Dell that he was on his way to get chainsaw chains sharpened.  CO Dell was able to get a full confession to cutting live aspen on state land for commercial purposes.  Verbal warnings were given for operating an unregistered vehicle without insurance.  The vehicle was towed and charges for timber theft are being sought through the local prosecutor's office.

COs John Kamps and Josh Boudreaux responded to a complaint of a pickup truck with a moose head in the back while driving through Marquette County.  The COs tracked the subject down after a license plate had been given in the complaint.  The subject admitted to finding a dead bull moose in the Wolf Lake area in northern Marquette County.  COs Kamps and Boudreaux were able to survey the site where the moose had died and attempted to determine the cause of death.  It did not appear the moose had been poached.  The moose head was seized, and the subject was warned for illegally possessing moose parts. 

CO John Kamps received a dumping complaint near Deer Lake in Marquette County.  With the assistance from the complainant, a suspect was developed.  A few days after the contents were dumped, CO Kamps contacted the suspect.  A full confession was obtained for dumping the trash near Deer Lake as the evidence was pointed out to the suspect.  While discussing the litter problem, the CO noticed a spot where some sort of game had just been cleaned.  There was a fillet knife, channel locks, a bloody cutting board, and a trash bag covered in blood.  After a little questioning, the same suspect confessed to taking a snapping turtle out of season.  The CO was able to obtain the shell of the snapping turtle and determined it to be undersized.  Citations were issue for litter and for taking a snapping turtle out of season.  All parts of the turtle were seized.

CO Josh Boudreaux was patrolling Lake Independence when he heard the call come out requesting an AED for an incident in Big Bay.  CO Boudreaux beached his boat and responded to the scene.  CO Boudreaux and a Powell Township emergency medical services (EMS) first responder arrived on scene and began rendering aid to the patient.  The male had reportedly been unresponsive for only minutes prior to their arrival.  CPR was administered for a lengthy time until the patient regained a steady pulse.  Advanced paramedics arrived on scene and transported the patient by ambulance to UP Health Systems Marquette.  CO Boudreaux assisted with the transport as the patient needed continuous care.  Upon arrival at the hospital, the patient had a steady pulse and began breathing on their own.

COs John Kamps and Josh Boudreaux were patrolling the Dead River Basin in Marquette County when they observed a pontoon boat displaying an improper registration.  Upon contacting the vessel, they observed signs that the operator was intoxicated.  Standard field sobriety tests (SFSTs) were performed with multiple indicators of intoxication present.  The driver refused to take a preliminary breath test (PBT) and was subsequently arrested for boating under the influence (BUI).  CO Boudreaux obtained a search warrant for a blood draw and once that was completed at the hospital the subject was lodged in the Marquette County Jail.

COs John Kamps, Josh Boudreaux, and Corporal Brett DeLonge assisted Michigan DNR firefighters with a large wildfire in Marquette County.  The COs directed people away from the area and established a perimeter to keep people away due to the rapidly shifting fire conditions.  Extreme fire conditions had been predicted that day.  Two small airplanes and one helicopter assisted with dropping water on the fire to slow the spread.


No report.


CO Andrea Erratt heard a central dispatch call for a brush fire in Charlevoix County while unloading her patrol truck at the end of the day.  CO Erratt put her uniform back on, patrolled to the complaint and talked to the homeowner as the fire burning in the thick woods next to his house was extinguished by the East Jordan Fire Department.  The man said he set fire to the pile of brush in the woods, and it quickly spread, but he did not have a hose to put it out, so he called 911.  CO Erratt advised the man about safer burning practices and ticketed him for failing to prevent the spread of fire.

CO Andrea Erratt observed a black column of smoke rising behind a house.  CO Erratt stopped and talked to the homeowner who said he was cleaning up after renters had left a mess and his basement had flooded.  The man agreed to show CO Erratt what he was burning behind his house which included a mattress, lawn chair, cushion, and toaster oven.  CO Erratt ticketed the man for burning improper materials and warned him for burning without a permit.

CO Andrea Erratt stopped three side-by-side ORVs operating in the Jordan River Valley that had just driven by three "No ORV" signs.  The lead operator who had light bars with flashing blue, red, and green lights on his ORV said they were driving all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and he did not think the "No ORV" signs applied to them.  CO Erratt explained that Michigan law states an ATV is an ORV and the motor vehicle code prohibits using flashing blue lights.  CO Erratt ticketed the operators for operating ORVs in a posted closed area on state land and warned them for operating on a closed county roadway.

CO Nathan Beelman responded to an unknown injury accident in Charlevoix County and was the second responder on scene.  CO Beelman assisted the Charlevoix County Sheriff's Department with securing the scene and checking for injuries.  One of the drivers was transported to the hospital with minor injuries.

CO Duane Budreau observed a boat that appeared to be beached on a rocky area of shoreline near Petoskey while conducting a marine patrol on Little Traverse Bay.  The vessel was a 21-foot aluminum hull.  There were no occupants on the boat.  CO Budreau obtained the registered owner information and contacted the listed owner of the boat.  The subject told CO Budreau that he had sold the boat two years ago.  CO Budreau contacted local dispatch to have an officer on shore examine the vessel more closely for current owner information.  While on scene with the beached vessel, the Emmet County Marine Deputy was approached by the current owner.  Information was provided that the man decided to take a late-night cruise.  While being unfamiliar with the shoreline and navigating well after dark, the boat operator ran the boat aground at the base of a pier head.  The hull of the boat was damaged below the waterline making recovery very difficult.

CO Tim Rosochacki responded to assist the Cheboygan County Sheriff's Department in trying to locate a subject who reportedly assaulted his wife, causing significant injuries.  The subject had fled into the woods near the residence.   CO Rosochacki arrived on the scene and helped to secure a perimeter.  After several hours of searching the area, the subject was located with a severe self-inflicted laceration to the neck.  CO Rosochacki helped provide first aid until emergency medical services (EMS) quickly arrived on scene and the subject was transported to the hospital.

CO Tim Rosochacki was patrolling Burt Lake in Cheboygan County during the late evening hours when he encountered a boat with a single occupant fishing with six lines.  Upon contact, the subject stated that he was planning on fishing with his son, but the son had gotten sunburned and stayed back at the cabin.  A ticket was issued.

CO Tom Oberg and Sgt. Mark DePew responded to an ORV accident involving injuries.  The COs arrived on scene and provided first aid to a rider who lost control of his ORV and hit a tree.  The subject was complaining of lower back pain and was transported to Otsego Memorial Hospital by EMS for injuries.  The accident remains under investigation.

CO Tom Oberg responded with local fire departments to a debris burning complaint on a day that burning was prohibited due to dry conditions.  CO Oberg arrived on scene and observed the subject burning a large pile of brush.  The subject was issued a ticket for burning on a no burn day.

CO Tom Oberg responded with local fire departments to a burning complaint.  CO Oberg arrived on scene and noticed a subject was burning various household items in a fire pit with prohibited items such as plastic.  CO Oberg issued the subject a ticket for burning solid waste.  After checking the subject's information with Otsego County Central Dispatch, CO Oberg verified he also had a misdemeanor warrant out of Montmorency County.  CO Oberg placed the subject into custody and transported him to the county line to turn him over to a Montmorency County deputy.

CO Sidney Collins received a complaint of roofing nails being spread over a two-track in Montmorency County.  CO Collins had a similar incident last summer with the same roofing nails in the same area.  Someone also cut trees, laying them over the two-tracks.  CO Collins patrolled the area and talked to local residences.  It is believed it is someone in the area that does not like the public access.  The investigation is ongoing.

COs Sidney Collins and Dan Liestenfeltz responded to a wildfire in Montmorency County.  The fire was called in by a neighbor in the area.  The fire officers on scene were able to keep it contained to a small area despite the extremely dry conditions.  It was determined the fire was started inadvertently by ashes being poured out of a fireplace.

COs Sidney Collins and Dan Liestenfeltz were doing a night patrol in Montmorency County when they witnessed a vehicle disregard a stop sign, swerve through an intersection, and hit a dirt side bank.  CO Collins initiated a traffic stop and found two young children in the backseat.  The driver of the vehicle stated they were driving around so their children would fall asleep.  The driver of the vehicle was issued a ticket for disregarding the stop sign.

COs Sidney Collins and Dan Liestenfeltz were doing a night patrol when they witnessed a vehicle with a headlight out in Montmorency County.  The COs followed the vehicle for a short distance where they witnessed several motor vehicle infractions.  CO Collins initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle.  The vehicle continued to drive at slow speeds even after CO Collins had her emergency lights and sirens on.  CO Collins followed the vehicle for a short distance.  The vehicle finally pulled into a driveway, and directly up to the garage.  The subject stated he thought that if he were able to get his vehicle home, the police would not be able to tow it.  The subject was arrested for operating while intoxicated (OWI) and fail to stop.  The driver was lodged at the local sheriff department without incident.

CO Jessica Curtis was patrolling Alpena Township in Alpena County when she received a complaint of a pig running at large on US-23 South after it had fallen out of a trailer.  CO Curtis caught the pig while it was running through the backed-up traffic and avoiding other agencies that were also attempting to catch it.  CO Curtis and an MSP trooper assisted the owner in wrestling the pig back into the trailer and the pig was back on its way to market.

CO Jessica Curtis was patrolling southern Alpena County when a complaint was dispatched of a vehicle hitting a pedestrian.  CO Curtis was first on-scene and rendered first aid until EMS arrived.  MSP took over the investigation, and CO Curtis assisted.

COs Dan Liestenfeltz and Sidney Collins were conducting a late-night ORV patrol in Hillman Township of Montmorency County.  During their patrol, they observed a passenger car drift way off the roadway then back on.  The car then continued to swerve across the center line and fog line repeatedly.  The COs conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and it was determined that the driver of the vehicle did not have a driver's license.  After further investigation, it appeared that the subject was intoxicated.  The COs conducted SFSTs, and it was determined that the operator was intoxicated and driving well beyond the legal limit.  The COs took the subject into custody and he was lodged at the Montmorency County jail with charges for OWI and operating a motor vehicle without a driver's license.

CO Jon Sheppard assisted DNR wildlife biologists with a nuisance bear in Alpena County.  After several weeks attempting to keep the bear away from specific residences and farms, the decision was made to trap and relocate the bear.  CO Sheppard and the biologists were able to catch the bear in a trap and relocate the bear to an area much further away from people's homes.

CO Jon Sheppard witnessed a side-by-side operating on a county road at speeds well above 25 mph.  CO Sheppard initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle.  Upon contacting the driver, CO Sheppard noticed an open can of beer in the cup holder.  CO Sheppard conducted sobriety tests to which the driver passed.  CO Sheppard also had the driver take a preliminary breath test (PBT) and the driver was below the legal limit.  CO Sheppard issued a ticket for possess/transport open intoxicants in an ORV.


COs Troy Ludwig, Patrick McManus, and Amanda McCurdy conducted a marine patrol up the Manistee River in Wexford County.  During the patrol, they observed two individuals on the riverbank who were acting strangely.  The COs checked on the subjects and were told that everything was okay.  While slowly patrolling away, the COs observed one of the subject fall face-forward into the river while attempting to get back into her kayak.  She was clearly intoxicated, so the COs returned to see if the subjects had a wearable PFDs she could use for the remainder of their float.  After evaluating how intoxicated the subject was, the COs offered to transport both people back to their vehicle, quite a distance downriver.  The subjects accepted the offer and were very grateful to avoid any potential risk for drowning, especially since the subject had already overturned the kayak once.

CO Josiah Killingbeck stopped a vehicle for motor vehicle code violations.  As CO Killingbeck contacted the driver, CO Killingbeck noticed the driver was very nervous and trying to hide something in his pocket.  CO Killingbeck determined that the driver was hiding a beer can.  CO Killingbeck started a OWI investigation and determined that the subject was two and a half times the legal limit.  The driver was also suspended and had no insurance on the vehicle.  The subject had two other OWI convictions making this a felony OWI arrest.  The subject was lodged in the Lake County Jail and the vehicle was impounded.

CO Josiah Killingbeck investigated a tip that a vehicle was stuck on a pipeline that is closed to motor vehicle operation.  CO Killingbeck located the vehicle that was buried in mud.  While a tow truck was removing the vehicle, a vehicle coming into the area suddenly turned around upon seeing the vehicle being impounded.  CO Killingbeck attempted to catch up to the vehicle and observed it being operated recklessly.  Several miles later, CO Killingbeck was able to catch up to the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop for motor vehicle code violations.  While speaking with the driver, the driver admitted to leaving the area in a hurry upon seeing the vehicle being impounded.  While speaking to the subject, a Lake County deputy observed a handgun in the door of vehicle.  The subject admitted that he did not have a concealed pistol license (CPL).  The handgun was found to be unregistered and loaded.  The subject was arrested and lodged in the Lake County jail for the violations.

CO Ben Shively responded to a complaint from central dispatch of a 15-year-old non-verbal child with autism who had been missing from his residence for over an hour.  While in route, CO Shively coordinated with the MSP and requested a K-9.  CO Shively was first on scene and, upon arrival, the child was walking out of woods back to his residence.  CO Shively met with family and discussed area and technology options in case the situation happens again.

COs Ben Shively and Micah Hintze assisted the MSP for an intoxicated and suicidal subject who fled on foot out the back of residence with his 5 year old daughter.  The COs assisted with the search and utilized night vision in an attempt to locate the subject and daughter.  With the night vision, they were able to locate the daughter coming out of woods and get her to safety.  The COs then provided perimeter coverage while a K-9 searched for the subject.

CO Ben Shively assisted DNR Fire units on a fire investigation in Muskegon County.  CO Shively met with CO Anna Cullen and Fire Officer Ray Cole and investigated the fire which was ruled to be arson.  There has been a string of set fires in the Muskegon Township and Whitehall area.

CO Jeff Ginn overheard Newaygo Dispatch sending deputies to a suicidal subject.  Prior to their arrival, the subject left his residence with a loaded shotgun.  CO Ginn later observed a vehicle matching the subject's parked along a wood line in a remote county park.  Upon approaching the vehicle, CO Ginn contacted the male subject who was in possession of a loaded shotgun.  CO Ginn was able to separate the subject from his shotgun and speak with him until deputies arrived.


District 5 COs worked the Gambler 500 event that took place along the county line bordering Ogemaw and Roscommon Counties.  There were a number of citations issued for marijuana, alcohol, and careless driving violations.

Sgt. Brian Olsen and CO Charlie Jones assisted District 4 COs with a large wildfire that burned over 400 acres in Wexford County.  The responding COs evacuated a number of residents to make sure no one was injured during the incident.

COs Jeff Goss and Josh Russell were working marine patrol on Lake Lancer in Gladwin County when they observed a large amount of smoke coming from a residential area on the lake.  The COs responded to the area and found the woods burning around nearby houses.  Several neighbors were pitching in with garden hoses and buckets attempting to put out the fire.  Upon investigating the cause of the fire, the COs located an adult couple that admitted to causing the fire.  They told CO Goss that they were lighting the cottonwood cotton on fire.  One was lighting the fire and the other one was spraying it out with a hose in a systematic attempt to keep it under control.  Everything was going well until they lit an area where the cotton was a little thicker and the fire erupted and raced across the woods.  Although the fire surrounded approximately seven houses, no structures were involved.  Luckily, the recent rains greened up the yards enough to keep the fire away from the structures.  A citation was issued for the burning violation.

CO Josh Russell was on patrol in Clare County when an ORV personal injury accident was dispatched over Clare County Central Dispatch.  CO Russell arrived on scene and assisted getting the injured subjects to where EMS could tend to them.  One child had to be air lifted due to the extent of her injuries.  CO Josh Russell, Sgt. Jon Wood, and the Clare County ORV deputy went to the scene of the accident to investigate the cause.  The ORV had too many passengers and had rolled at a corner on the snowmobile trail.  Two other subjects had minor injuries and were checked out by EMS.

CO Josh Russell and Sgt. Jon Wood were working an ORV accident in Clare County when a second ORV personal injury accident came over central dispatch not far from their current location.  CO Russell broke free of the first accident and went to the next accident.  CO Russell located the subject at the trailhead with an arm injury.  The subject had slid off the trail, popped the front tire off the rim, and was thrown forward on her machine.


CO Kyle Bucholtz responded to a house hit by gunfire.  First on scene, CO Bucholtz located the suspect target shooting nearby.  The subject was shooting a rimfire rifle as CO Bucholtz arrived.  When the Huron County Sheriff's Office arrived on scene, it was determined the subject was a felon.  Multiple firearms were seized from the subject.  The Huron County Sheriff's Office is investigating further.  CO Bucholtz assisted on scene by photographing the area and taking measurements. No injuries were reported.

While watching anglers at a popular fishing location, CO Michael Haas observed a group of three individuals packing up their items and making their way to their truck.  It appeared the anglers were successful and were carrying buckets and stringers of fish.  CO Haas contacted the group at their truck as they placed all their fish into a cooler.  CO Haas asked them how many fish the group had and everybody in the group admitted that they did not know and had not kept count.  The fish were counted, and it was discovered that there were 81 panfish, six fish over the 25 fish per person limit.  It was also discovered that two of the anglers failed to purchase their fishing license.  A citation was issued to address the licensing and over-limit violations.

CO Michael Haas and Sgt. Jason Smith were working state land when they heard after- hours shooting coming from a shooting range that has generated several complaints recently.  The area was checked, and subjects were found to be in violation of multiple land use orders such as shooting after hours, using non-paper targets, and littering.  A citation was issued addressing the violations.


CO Travis Dragomer responded to a call in Cass County of a person who shot a young goose on a lake.  Upon arrival at the suspect's residence, CO Dragomer observed a person matching the suspect description walking towards the house with a dead gosling in his hand.  CO Dragomer was able to receive a confession from the suspect who admitted to shooting the bird.  A citation was issued for taking waterfowl out of season and the gosling was seized.

While patrolling for fishing activity, CO Matt Page located a kayaker near a road overpass.  Upon asking the kayaker how his fishing trip was, he stated that he was fishing out his cell phone that he dropped prior to the officer's arrival.  When asked if he had a fishing license, he stated that he did not buy one and was only practicing catch and release.  Additionally, the kayaker was not in possession of a PFD.  The kayaker was given a net and was able to retrieve his cell phone while CO Page issued a citation for no PFD.  The kayaker was thankful for the help despite the citation.

COs Matt Page and Tyler Cole checked two anglers who were bluegill fishing and found that only one angler was licensed.  During the check, the COs asked how many fish the two had caught and they responded, "No idea, not a limit though."  The two were found to be in possession of 62 fish.  Due to only having one license, the anglers were 37 fish over a legal limit.  Three citations were issued: two over-limit tickets as well as a fishing without a license ticket. 

CO Anna Cullen received an in-progress complaint of people trespassing on private property near the Huron Manistee National Forest.  CO Cullen responded to the area and observed a minivan stuck in a sandy area. It was apparent the van had been stuck there for a while.  CO Cullen observed an individual inside the van, attempting to get the van out. CO Cullen contacted the driver and had him exit the vehicle.  Multiple violations were found including driving with a suspended license, operating to cause erosive conditions, damage to vegetation, and allowing a fire to escape.  Due to the circumstances, the vehicle was impounded.  Enforcement action taken.


CO Pete Purdy conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle due to a motor vehicle infraction.  It was discovered the driver had a suspended driver's license and four misdemeanor traffic warrants for her arrest.  The subject advised that her identical twin sister had stolen her identification and that was how the warrants and suspension occurred.  However, she had not taken any steps to report the identification theft.  The agencies holding the warrants were unable to pick up the subject.  The vehicle was turned over to a licensed driver.  CO Purdy issued the subject a citation for no proof of insurance.

CO Ed Rice received information of an unregistered watercraft operating in Hillsdale County.  After locating the vessel, CO Rice continued observing two individuals fishing for several minutes before making contact.  The vessel was displaying a 2007 registration.  CO Rice contacted the operator and asked about the lapse in registration.  The operator stated he had just purchased the vessel from an individual at the lake.  The operator was unable to provide any paperwork verifying the purchase and was missing required safety equipment.  CO Rice contacted dispatch who determined there was no record of the vessel and the operator had an outstanding warrant out of Hillsdale County.  After confirming the warrant, the operator was taken into custody and lodged at the Hillsdale County jail.  Citations were issued for operate unregistered watercraft and fail to provide fire extinguisher.

CO Jason McCullough contacted a group of juveniles who were illegally in possession of a Snapping Turtle.  CO McCullough educated the group about the rules for possessing the turtle and had the turtle released.

Sgt. Rich Nickols was on his way to a hunter safety class when he passed a subject walking down the road that seemed a bit out of place.  After the class, Sgt. Nickols heard radio traffic about several malicious destruction of property (MDOP) incidents in the same area where the subject was seen walking.  Sgt. Nickols went back and looked for the subject and found him still walking a few miles down the road.  Contact was made with the subject who was uncooperative.  Due evidence matching the broadcast complaint, Sgt Nickols turned the man over to Bath Township police.  He was suspected in a home invasion, arson, and several MDOP incidents in Dewitt and Bath Townships.


CO Tom Peterson assisted the MSP with locating a stolen vehicle.  The MSP received information that a stolen Dodge Ram pickup was located at a McDonalds in northern Oakland County.  CO Peterson confirmed the suspect vehicle and with the assistance of the MSP units, CO Danielle Zubek and Sgt. Jason Becker, attempted a stop.  The suspect vehicle backed out of the spot he was parked in and rammed into CO Peterson, and nearly hit an MSP motor unit while fleeing the scene.  CO Peterson pursued after the suspects and was joined by CO Luke Robare.  The two COs pursed the individuals onto a dirt road at which point the suspects intentionally left the roadway and drove into a horse pasture and crashed through a barbed wire fence, almost striking two horses.  The suspects then buried the vehicle in a swamp, rendering it immobile.  The two suspects fled on foot into a wooded area and were quickly apprehended by the COs.  The suspects were identified as a 17-year-old and a 12-year-old.  The 17-year-old was arrested, and the 12-year-old was released to his guardian.  Charges were filled with the Oakland County Prosecutor's Office for multiple crimes.

COs Tom Peterson and Danielle Zubek, patrolling on Memorial Day, encountered an individual operating at greater than slow no wake speed in a slow no wake zone.  The COs conducted a marine stop.  During the stop, it was discovered that the operator was operating a PWC under the influence of alcohol.  Both COs observed slurred speech and the smell of intoxicants.  The individual was escorted to shore and CO Tom Peterson conducted field sobriety tests.  The individual failed all sobriety tests and blew a .179 on the PBT. CO Peterson placed the suspect under arrest for BUI, obtained a blood draw, and the individual was lodged at Oakland County Jail.

CO Joseph Deppen was checking anglers coming into a local launch.  The angler came to the dock and when he saw CO Deppen, he attempted to put his boat into reverse and make some "adjustments to his approach."  CO Deppen grabbed the dock line that was tossed in the water and secured it to the dock.  The line got tight, and the angler was still in reverse.  After realizing he could not go anywhere the angler placed the boat in neutral and CO Deppen pulled it in.  The angler said, "Okay, you got me, we're way over."  A check of the boat showed that each angler was six walleye over their daily limit.  The fish were seized, and the anglers were issued citations for over-limit of walleye.  The confiscated fish were given to four different groups of individuals that could use the fish.

COs Kris Kiel, Brad Silorey, and Joseph Deppen organized a kid's fishing day at Dakota High School in Macomb Township.  More than 50 cognitively impaired students were assisted with fishing at the pond on the school grounds.  Most of the students had never fished or caught a fish in their lives.  Every student caught at least one Largemouth bass, sunfish, or Black crappie.  It was a very successful day and students braved the rainy weather and all had a great time.  Mr. Joseph Andary was the teacher in charge and was impressed with the success of the event, but thought it was just as important that the students had such a positive experience with law enforcement officers.

COs Nicholas Ingersoll and Brandon Vacek conducted an evening patrol on Lake Erie.  While on patrol, the COs checked a popular hangout spot known as the hot ponds.  While leaving the creek, the COs noticed a vessel with an expired registration.  The COs stopped the vessel and contacted the driver.  While talking with the driver of the vessel, the COs could smell the odor of alcohol and marijuana.  The COs asked the driver who had slurred speech and bloodshot eyes if he had anything to drink, and the driver stated he had a couple beers and smoked one joint.  The COs found a safe location on a nearby beach and conducted SFSTs on the driver. It was determined after SFSTs were concluded and a PBT was administered that the driver should not have been driving.  The driver blew .132 and was arrested for operating a vessel under the influence.  The driver's blood was drawn and will be submitted to the MSP laboratory for analysis.  The driver was lodged at the Monroe County jail until he was sober.


CO Nick Wellman conducted a traffic stop during a B2 shift on Belle Isle.  Upon contacting the driver, the passenger was seen stashing items under his seat.  CO Wellman asked him what he was stashing.  When the man moved slightly, CO Wellman saw a handgun under the passenger's left leg.  CO Wellman told the occupants not to move and held them there until backup officers, COs Chris Knights and Justin Muehlhauser, arrived to assist.  Both men were taken out of the vehicle.  At that point, CO Wellman located a second handgun under the driver's right leg.  A search of the vehicle produced an additional magazine for the 9mm handguns, a large amount of cash, marijuana, and other paraphernalia.  Both handguns were loaded.  The COs questioned the men and completed an investigation.  Charges are being sought for the driver for drug charges along with felony firearm charges.  The passenger had a valid CPL but did not have any proof on him, failed to disclose, and was under the influence of marijuana.  Charges for all CPL violations and drug charges will be sought for the passenger.