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5/30/2021 - 6/12/2021


Conservation Officer (CO) Ethen Mapes responded to an off-road vehicle (ORV) accident in Carp Lake Township after a rider left the trail and struck a tree on private property.  The operator was not wearing a helmet and was taken to Ontonagon Aspirus Hospital with multiple lacerations to his head and a broken nose.

COs Jeffrey Dell and Shannon Kritz were investigating the theft of aspen on state land in Menominee County. The COs were able to develop a suspect vehicle during the investigation. While on patrol, CO Dell observed the suspect vehicle traveling along a highway. CO Dell observed the vehicle did not have registration and a traffic stop was initiated to address the violation. The subject informed the CO that he was on his way to get chainsaw chains sharpened. CO Dell was able to get a full confession to cutting live aspen on state land for commercial purposes. Verbal warnings were given for operating an unregistered vehicle without insurance and the vehicle was towed from the scene. A follow-up investigation revealed a second subject assisted with the illegal timber cutting and another confession was obtained with both subjects admitting to cutting thousands of live aspen trees from state land and selling them to local mills.  Charges are being sought through the local prosecutor's office.

CO Jeffrey Dell responded to a burning complaint in Menominee Township.  A Department of Natural Resources (DNR) fire spotter plane had spotted a large brush pile on fire during a period when burning was not permitted. Further investigation revealed that the landowner had burned large amounts of brush weeks prior, and the fire had reignited after being buried.  DNR fire was able to put the fire out and the landowner will be charged for suppression costs.

CO Josh Boudreaux was working one of the marinas in Marquette County on Lake Superior when he struck up a conversation with an angler on shore about recent fishing activity.  The man stated he talked to a charter boat captain who stated he was guiding a crew that morning and had many trips planned with them.  CO Boudreaux was familiar with the charter company and believed they had not completed the application for the charter boat inspection and license.  After making a couple phone calls CO Boudreaux confirmed that the inspection had not been conducted despite numerous reminders months before the deadline.  COs Boudreaux, John Kamps and Sergeant (Sgt.) Mark Leadman waited in the parking lot until the boat arrived and interviewed the anglers and charter captains separately.  One angler admitted to fishing without a license, one angler admitted to catching more than his daily limit of Lake trout, and all admitted to paying a substantial amount of money for the trip.  A Lake trout was seized, and a citation was issued to one angler for possessing a Lake trout without a license.  An inspection was performed on the charter boat and it was found to be lacking required safety equipment.  The captain, who admitted to knowing the charter license was currently expired was issued a citation for operating an unlicensed/expired charter boat.  CO Boudreaux conducted extensive follow-up and worked with the charter company to get the proper paperwork filled out and then conducted the inspection a short while later.

CO Cody Smith was patrolling through Humboldt when he observed a dust cloud on the south shoulder of US 41.  Emerging from the dust was an individual on a Yamaha Banshee riding against the flow of traffic with no helmet or ORV decal.  The individual cut across the highway in front of a passenger vehicle and CO Smith.  When CO Smith activated his emergency lights the rider looked back multiple times and sped up.  The ORV turned onto a snowmobile trail continued to flee.  Given the extreme dust and setting sun CO Smith followed from a distance and lost sight of the ORV.  CO Smith returned to a residence he observed the rider leave and was able to obtain the operator's identity from those present.  Shortly after CO Smith left the residence the rider called dispatch to turn himself in.  CO Smith met with the rider and enforcement action was taken for flee elude on ORV, careless operation, operate on a US highway, operate with no helmet, or eye protection, and no ORV decal.

CO Dave Miller worked a fishing tournament over the weekend which included 106 boats.  During his patrol on Lake Superior, he noticed a truck operating in the water at the mouth of the Huron River.  CO Miller got as close as he could with his patrol boat and took a video of the vehicle operating through the river and along the beach for approximately a quarter of a mile driving past numerous individuals who were walking on the beach.  CO Miller recognized the truck.  When he was done with marine patrol for the day, he located the individual and issued a civil infraction ticket for operating in a closed area.

CO John Kamps was notified about an ORV travelling south, down the center of the state highway M 35 in Little Lake, by a passing motorist.  CO Kamps caught up to the ORV seven miles later and while conducting the stop on that ORV, he was approached by another ORV traveling north on M 35.  The CO signaled for the northbound ORV to stop as well.  During the stop of both ORVs, CO Kamps determined both operators to be operating their ORV on suspended drivers' licenses.  The operators were each issued a citation for their violations, with the ORVs being turned over to legal drivers to remove from the scene. 


CO Andrea Dani received a complaint of a subject burning old building materials on a day no burn permits were issued.  CO Dani responded to the scene and found the materials burning unattended upon her arrival.  The fire was put out by the Munising Township Fire Department.  CO Dani observed couch remnants in the ash.  Contact was made with the property owner, who admitted to the allowing of burning on the property.  Another individual was contacted for being the one who added illegal materials to the fire pit.  A report is being submitted to the Alger County Prosecutor's Office.

COs Robert Freeborn and Mike Evink were checking salmon boats when they saw a group of boats in the distance.  As they approached the first one, it became obvious that the boat was fishing with too many lines.  Once the COs pulled alongside the boat, it was determined that the two anglers had 10 lines out and were four over the legal amount.  A citation was issued for fishing with the extra lines.  As the COs left that contact, they proceeded to the next boat which also appeared to have too many lines out.  As the COs approached the boat, it confirmed their suspicions.  The three anglers on the boat had 10 lines out and were one over the legal amount.  As the COs were issuing a citation, the captain of the boat grabbed his marine radio to warn the other boats they were on the water.  The COs advised the captain that they also have a marine radio and heard everything he just said.  The captain became agitated and eventually apologized.  As the COs left, they observed another boat that appeared to have too many lines.  As the COs approached, their suspicions were confirmed.  The boat had seven lines out with two anglers and had an expired registration even after being warned on the marine radio minutes ago that the DNR was on the water.  A citation was issued for the extra line and a warning for the expired registration.

CO Steve Butzin was doing follow up from this past deer season when he encountered an individual who had taken a 6-point buck during the firearm deer season without having a valid deer license.  A report has been submitted to the Delta County Prosecutor's Office requesting charges.

COs Steve Butzin and Jason McCullough, who works in Calhoun County, were doing follow up from this past deer season when the COs discovered that an individual had taken an over-limit of bucks during the firearm deer season.  Toward the beginning of rifle season, one individual was found to have taken an 8-point buck under his license, then borrowed the license of another to shoot and tag an additional 7-point buck.  A report has been submitted with the Delta County Prosecutor's Office requesting charges.

CO Steve Butzin was on patrol in Fairbank Township when he saw a large plume of black smoke.  CO Butzin followed the smoke to a residence in Fairport where he discovered one individual to be burning hazardous materials.  Among these materials were several mattresses, a large plastic water tank, metal, carpet, and other various building materials.  The fire was able to be extinguished by the homeowner.  A report has been submitted to the Delta County Prosecutor's Officer requesting charges of burning without a permit, failing to attend a fire, and unlawful disposal of solid waste.

CO Steve Butzin received a complaint of a juvenile eagle that appeared to be injured.  The eagle was in the northern portion of the Hiawatha National Forest on an island of a remote lake.  CO Butzin met the caller at the lake and the two of them motored out to check on the eagle.  It was obvious that it was in rough shape.  It appeared that it had fallen out of a nest and had been on the ground for several days.  The eagle was covered in bugs and appeared to be severely dehydrated due to the recent warm temperatures over the weekend.  CO Butzin was able to help stabilize the eagle providing it with a cooler environment and food.  The following day the eagle was transported to a rehabilitation facility in Marquette.

CO Todd Sumbera conducted a stop on a vessel with an expired registration on Memorial Day.  The operator stated that the boat was his mother's and stays at their cabin on the lake.  The individual also stated that he had used it over the weekend for fishing.  After running law enforcement information network (LEIN), the boat came back registered to the operator.  A citation was issued for operate unregistered watercraft.

CO Justin Vinson was patrolling northern Luce County when central dispatch requested assistance with a personnel injury car accident east of the Lower Tahquamenon Falls.  CO Vinson responded, assisting Whitefish emergency medical services (EMS) and the Michigan State Police (MSP) at the scene.

CO Cole VanOosten was on patrol when a call for assistance was received.  Being nearby,  CO VanOosten responded to assist members of the Luce County Sheriff's Department who were attempting to bring an individual into protective custody.  The subject has an altered mental status and has made several statements over the last month about taking his life as well as the life of police officers.   As CO VanOosten arrived on scene to assist the other officers, the subject became irritated and began fleeing on foot towards a nearby residence where several onlookers were standing.  CO VanOosten was able to chase the subject down and apprehend him.  The suspect was transported to the hospital to receive the proper mental evaluation and treatment.

CO Cole VanOosten received a complaint from members of Muskellunge State Park who stated that a truck was stuck on the sand dunes of Lake Superior.  CO VanOosten was able to respond and found a truck buried to the axle on the dune.  A lot of erosion was created because of the driver's actions and a large amount of dune grass had been disturbed.  The driver was still sitting in the vehicle as it idled when CO VanOosten arrived and stated he was exploring during his time in the Upper Peninsula.  CO VanOosten advised the driver that he can explore all he wants but must keep his truck on the road and certainly cannot ruin the beach by driving on it.  A citation was issued for creating erosive conditions and warnings were issued for operating in a closed area, operating on state land, and driving without a valid driver's license.

CO Cole VanOosten was on patrol when a call came from central dispatch of an attempted suicide nearby.  CO VanOosten was first on scene and determined that the individual had taken several prescription medications and a large number of methamphetamines.  CO VanOosten provided medical attention until EMS personal arrived.


CO Erratt received a call from an Antrim County Deputy who had picked up an injured eagle while on Wilson Lake for a marine patrol.  CO Erratt picked up the eagle and delivered it to a raptor wildlife rehabilitator who was releasing a rehabilitated owl at the time in Charlevoix County.

CO Chad Baldwin received a complaint from an eyewitness who stated that an individual was observed intentionally running over a family of geese on a downtown street.  The witnesses stated the suspect accelerated when seeing the geese and hit five of them.  CO Baldwin picked up one adult and one gosling that were still alive and transported them to a licensed rehabilitator.  Three geese did not survive but were collected as evidence.  The case is ongoing as interviews and witness accounts are still being gathered.

CO Nathan Beelman was traveling on M-66 when he was passed by another subject in a no-passing zone.  The vehicle was paced at 69 miles per hour (mph) in a 55 mph zone.  A traffic stop was initiated, and the subject stopped abruptly and began yelling from his vehicle.  Contact was made with the driver who was irate that he was being pulled over and did not believe that CO Beelman had the authority to do so.  The driver initially refused to provide any identification or paperwork and only wanted to argue the legality of the traffic stop.  The subject eventually provided his identification and was assured by other law enforcement now on scene that COs were licensed police officers.  The subject was ticketed for speeding and told CO Beelman that he would be fighting the ticket, as he still believed COs were not allowed to stop vehicles.

CO Nathan Beelman assisted the Charlevoix County Sheriff's Department at a vehicle accident scene.  One driver reported that he lost control causing him to enter the opposite lane of travel and sideswipe the other vehicle.  The other driver was transported to the hospital due to injuries from the crash.  CO Beelman assisted with gathering driver's information and traffic control.

CO Adam LeClerc assisted a broken-down vehicle hauling a fifth-wheel trailer.  With temperatures into the 90's and little cell service in the area, the driver's vehicle overheated, and he could not call for assistance.  CO LeClerc called central dispatch for a tow company to assist the motorist.  They were able to get the vehicle off the roadway and to a mechanic.

CO Tom Oberg assisted an Otsego County Sheriff's deputy at a local state forest campground in Otsego County.  A couple of the campers in the area were fishing by the lake when a crossbow bolt almost hit them.  CO Oberg arrived at the campground shortly after the deputy and contacted the suspects who were also camping at the campground.  CO Oberg interviewed two intoxicated subjects who both admitted to shooting at a target with their crossbow and accidentally missed a shot, almost striking a bystander.  A report is being compiled and submitted to the prosecutor's office by the Otsego County Sheriff's Department for reckless discharge of a crossbow along with other charges.

CO Tom Oberg was on patrol when an Otsego County Sheriff's deputy responded to a domestic in progress call.  CO Oberg, being the only other available unit in the county, responded to back the deputy.  Once on scene, CO Oberg interviewed the male half of the party while the deputy interviewed the other half of the party as well as nearby witnesses.  The male subject was placed into custody and transported to the Otsego County jail for domestic assault.

CO Jessie Curtis received a complaint of a wildfire in southern Alpena County.  CO Curtis issued a ticket for failing to prevent fire from escaping and issued a warning for burning without a permit.

COs Dan Liestenfeltz, Sidney Collins, and Tyler Sabuda were conducting follow up in Iosco County on an ongoing state park theft investigation.  The COs contacted a subject at his vehicle and attempted to serve search warrants on the subject for his cell phone and contents of the vehicle.  At the same time, a separate subject was also being interviewed inside a building.  When the COs presented the subject with the search warrants, he took off running with the car keys in his hand towards the federal building the other subject was in.  He was acting very belligerent and screaming for the other subject to not say anything and to keep their mouth shut.  A federal forest service detective also on scene, told the subject to not go into the building or he would be interfering with a federal investigation.  The subject entered the building and officers had to use minor force to arrest the subject.  He was lodged at the Iosco County Jail with charges of resisting and obstructing.  The theft investigation is ongoing pending additional interviews.

CO Paul Fox put on an outdoor wilderness first aid training for a local Girl Scout troop in Rogers City.  The troop learned how to treat basic injuries, bites, and rashes that could be sustaining while outdoors.

CO Paul Fox received several orphaned fawn complaints during the spring fawning season.  CO Fox advised to leave them, as the mother is nearby and only tending the fawns a couple times per day.  In all cases, the fawns were not abandoned and eventually left with the mother doe.

CO Sidney Collins reports the conclusion of an investigation from last fall of a double elk kill case in Presque Isle County.  The suspect accepted a plea deal with the court.  The suspect was ordered to pay $5,960.00 in restitution and court fines, received a 5-year license revocation and must serve 10 days in jail.

COs Sidney Collins and Dan Liestenfeltz were first on scene to a wildfire in rural Montmorency County.  The fire appeared to have started from a campfire left unattended.  The cabin owners had left and went to Mackinaw for the day.  A neighboring cabin owner noticed the flames.  COs Collins and Liestenfeltz evacuated the cabins and saved two dogs.  One structure was lost.  The cabin owner was issued a ticket for leaving the fire unattended.

CO Sidney Collins assisted DNR wildland firefighters with a fire just into Presque Isle County.  The fire was in a clearcutting and close to Jack pine trees.  DNR wildland firefighters and surrounding departments were able to stop the fire from spreading to the dry Jack pine trees.  The cause is still under investigation.


COs Patrick McManus and Amanda McCurdy were conducting charter boat inspections in Elmwood Marina when they observed a fishing charter filleting fish at the cleaning station.  They contacted the group and conducted a fishing license check.  One of the anglers, who had already admitted to catching two lake trout, stated that he had not purchased a 2021 fishing license.  Furthermore, the group was in possession of an over-limit of trout.  Citations were issued for the violations and the captain was educated about his responsibilities as the captain of a fishing vessel.

CO Josiah Killingbeck, while watching activity on a rural lake in Lake County, observed an ORV operating on US Forest Service (USFS) roads that are closed to ORV traffic.  CO Killingbeck contacted the driver, who said he had no idea on the rules where he could and could not ride.  CO Killingbeck also observed that the subject did not have an ORV license for his ORV.  The subject said that he had forgotten to purchase stickers this year and did not expect to see an officer in the rural area.  A citation was issued for not having an ORV license.  Two weeks later, CO Killingbeck was in the same general area when he encountered the same subject riding on the USFS roads that are closed to ORV traffic, and carrying a passenger on his ORV, which is only designed for one person.  Contact was made and the subject said that he still had not educated himself on where he could and could not ride.  CO Killingbeck answered the subject's questions pertaining to where it was legal to ride, and a citation was issued for operating an ORV In a closed area.

COs Josiah Killingbeck and Kyle Publiski were sitting in a rural area on federal land when a large group of ORVs were observed to be operating where it is illegal to operate.  The COs contacted the group of ORV operators.  CO Killingbeck observed the lead ORV attempting to stuff something under his seat.  CO Killingbeck looked inside the side-by-side and observed alcohol spilling onto the floors from a beer can that the passenger had tried to hide.  CO Killingbeck also observed a hidden beer can by the driver's leg.  The subjects admitted to drinking and driving.  Citations were issued for the open intoxicants.

CO Josiah Killingbeck was travelling through some curves on a paved road when suddenly a motorcycle was observed coming into CO Killingbeck's lane.  CO Killingbeck braked hard and pulled off the roadway to avoid a collision.  CO Killingbeck was able to get the motorcycle stopped.  CO Killingbeck asked the subject why he was driving in the wrong lane and the driver said that normally there is not much traffic, and he was "straightening out the curve."  CO Killingbeck issued a citation for the violation.

While on patrol in Lake County, CO Ryan Andrews contacted a group of campers with ORVs at a small lake in the wilderness.  The area they were in is closed to ORVs.  CO Andrews educated them on the rules for the area they were in.  As CO Andrews was preparing to leave, he noticed a canoe on the far side of the lake.  One of the campers informed the CO that the boaters were part of her camp and she stated that she was sure they had PFDs with them.  As CO Andrews continued through the camping area talking with other campers, he noticed the same camper from the first camp remove several PFDs from her truck and then go through the woods along the lake shore.  CO Andrews then observed the canoe paddle across the lake to a spot where they thought they could not be seen.  CO Andrews could still see the canoe, its two occupants and the camper, as she tossed the PFDs to the canoers.  Later, once contact was made, it was found that the canoers had been operating all over the lake for a long period of time without any PFDs on board.  While investigating the situation, the camper that had tossed the PFDs to the canoers, pretended she did not know anything about how they got the PFDs.  Citations were issued to the canoers, and warnings for the ORVs and unregistered motor vehicles were given.

COs Josiah Killingbeck and Ryan Andrews responded to a report of a brush fire in rural Lake County.  CO Killingbeck and a Lake County deputy were first on scene.  CO Killingbeck observed approximately five acres on fire.  CO Killingbeck began investigating the cause of the fire and the investigation was eventually turned over to the US Forest Service officer.  The blaze was believed to be intentionally set and the investigation is ongoing.

CO Josiah Killingbeck responded to an ORV crash where two side-by-sides met head on in a curve of the ORV trail system.  CO Killingbeck determined one driver had a knee injury.  CO Killingbeck provided first aid until EMS arrived.  CO Killingbeck observed that one side-by-side was street legal with a plate but did not have correct Department of Transportation equipment.  The driver admitted to taking off street legal tires and putting his off-road tires on.  Several other violations were addressed, and a citation was issued for the violations.

CO Josh Reed was conducting mobile patrol around the Rustford kayak landing.  CO Reed observed a quad traveling on the roadway heading in his direction.  CO Reed noticed that the operator was not wearing a helmet and the quad had no working rear taillight.  A glass jar with a red liquid was also observed bungee strapped to the front utility platform of the quad.  A traffic stop was conducted, and the operator admitted to drinking prior to driving and admitting the red liquid was vodka and red pop.  Field sobrieties were conducted, and the operator failed the tests.  A preliminary breath test (PBT) was administered which resulted in a .173 bac.  The operator was arrested for operating while intoxicated (OWI), ORV and open intoxicants.

CO Tim Barboza assisted the MSP and the sheriff's office with a suicidal subject who was transported to the emergency room (ER) and was very combative.  The officers assisted the ER staff in securing the patient at the hospital so he could begin receiving care.

CO Tim Barboza participated in kids day in the City of Newaygo where all the local agencies and fire departments set up and the kids could come ask questions and check out their vehicles and equipment.

CO Ben Shively was conducting a stationary speed enforcement patrol on the entrance ramp into the Silver Lake State Park ORV Area, which is posted no less than 10 times as 15 mph.  CO Shively observed a four-wheeler weaving thru traffic at a higher rate of speed than the other vehicles and obtained a speed reading of 34 mph.  A traffic stop was conducted on the subject who was cited for disobey posted signage for speed and given a warning for failure to carry operator's license on person.

CO Ben Shively responded to a wildfire in an orchard that was quickly spreading with the high winds in Oceana County.  CO Shively directed fire units into the scene on a two-track and investigated the origin of the fire.  CO Shively found that an agricultural burn was done on the property three weeks prior, and the pile had been covered with dirt after the fire was out.  The fire continued to smolder in the ashes, and with the strong winds, ignited the grass in the orchard causing it to quickly spread.


CO Charlie Jones was on patrol in Kalkaska County when he received a complaint of a subject using heavy equipment and making an ORV trail through state land in Rapid River Township.  Upon investigation, a large path was located that was created with a skid steer.  The suspect, who resides in lower Michigan was contacted on the issue.  A report will be submitted to the Kalkaska County Prosecutor's Office for possible charges.

CO Charlie Jones and Deputy Nate Devenau were conducting a follow up interview for an abandoned campsite in Rapid River Township, Kalkaska County.  As CO Jones exited his patrol truck to walk up to a residence, a vehicle came slide-drifting around the corner.  CO Jones stopped the vehicle to question the driver.  While talking with the driver, CO Jones observed a needle in a cup holder in the vehicle.  Upon further investigation, the driver was found to be in possession of methamphetamine.  The driver was taken into custody by the Kalkaska County Sheriff's Department.

CO Jeff Panich worked an evening patrol on Hubbard Lake in Alcona County utilizing a small patrol boat after working the lake earlier in the day on a larger vessel.  The different boat was not familiar to local anglers and they were shocked to see a CO patrolling the lake after they had observed law enforcement earlier.  As CO Panich slowly pulled into a group of anglers, numerous violations were identified and addressed.  Two boats were fishing with more than three lines per person, one boat had no PFDs on board, and two other boats had expired registrations.  Citations were issued for the violations.

CO Tyler Sabuda was responding to a shining complaint in Iosco County when he observed a vehicle driving erratically, swerving in and out of the lane and almost hitting a guard rail.  CO Sabuda conducted a traffic stop and administered sobrieties on the driver.  The driver was taken into custody and lodged at the Iosco County jail for OWI with a blood alcohol level of higher than .17 percent.

COs Kyle Bader, Casey Pullum, and Brad Bellville gave water safety presentations to employees on different shifts at Cooper Standard in Oscoda County.  There were approximately 120 people in attendance at the different presentations.  Multiple marine law questions were answered, and many safe boating practices explained.

CO Kyle Bader attended and spoke at the Skidway Lake Optimist Club kids fishing derby in Ogemaw County.  Approximately 35 young anglers participated and were happy to have the CO bait hooks, remove fish, and help untangle lines.

CO Jeff Goss received a call from Chief Davis of the Beaverton Police Department.  Chief Davis advised that a couple of deer had been dumped within a local gravel pit.  The heavily decomposed deer were gutted and the backstraps were cut out.  There was also evidence that the deer had been hung for a long period of time (December to June) and had been recently dumped.  Chief Davis believed that the deer had been dumped by someone from one of the houses backing up to the gravel pit.  CO Goss and Chief Davis interviewed a man at one of the nearby houses as the property backed up to the gravel pit.  While CO Goss was talking to the man, Chief Davis located some possible deer hair in the yard leading up to the garage.  Originally the man denied having dumped the deer but then later admitted that a buddy of his gave him the deer and they were stinky when he got them.  He never got around to cutting them up, so he just decided to get rid of them a day prior to them being found in the gravel pit.  The man said he got both deer during the late doe season from a friend and that neither deer were tagged when he brought them over.  It was later discovered that the man that delivered the deer picked them up from another buddy's house that had three untagged antlerless deer in his barn when the delivery driver showed up.  The man that shot the three untagged deer only had one antlerless deer tag and it was for a different deer management unit than where the deer were shot.  Further investigation revealed that the original suspect was in possession of a 3-point buck that he shot last fall and never tagged.  Charges are being sought through the Gladwin County Prosecutor's Office.


CO Adam Beuthin was on ORV patrol in Midland County in an area closed to ORV activity when he observed a couple operating an ORV.  He stopped the driver and asked why he was in the closed area.  The individual explained he had heard from friends that there were great riding trails in the area, and he wanted to try them out.  CO Beuthin explained that the orange gate was not originally there and had been installed because of people driving ORVs in the restricted area.  The ORV operator was issued a citation for operating an ORV in a prohibited area.

CO Ethan Gainforth was checking shore anglers in Huron County when he encountered two subjects standing next to their vehicles.  CO Gainforth asked them if they had caught any fish, and both indicated they caught fish which were on a stringer tied to the bank.  The one angler hesitantly pulled the stringer, and a 12-inch Largemouth bass was on the stringer.  The legal-size limit for bass is 14 inches.  A citation was issued for keeping a short bass.


While on marine patrol, CO Sam Schluckbier observed a PWC being operated near docks and an occupied swim area.  The operator drove the PWC directly toward the swim area and intentionally "sprayed" the children swimming within the marked buoys.  CO Schluckbier ordered the operator to shore.  The PWC operator thought his actions were fine since his young son asked him to spray him.  CO Schluckbier explained the dangers related to his actions and cited him for the violation.

CO Kyle McQueer was patrolling Gun Lake when he observed two individuals fishing from a boat with an expired registration.  After contacting the anglers, it was determined the owner of the boat had not made any attempt to transfer the registration from the previous owner after the purchase.  One of the anglers asked CO McQueer what the size limit was for Largemouth and Smallmouth bass.  After CO McQueer answered their question, the angler stated that they were going to have to throw a couple of them back.  A quick measurement revealed the angler was correct.  A citation for the registration violation and verbal warnings were given for possessing an undersized bass.

CO Casey Varriale was on patrol in the Rogue River State Game Area (SGA) in Kent County when he witnessed two women laying in the middle of the road.  CO Varriale stopped and asked the women what they were doing in the road, and they stated they were waiting for their friends.  CO Varriale advised the two women that waiting in the road was not the safest place to wait for their friends and pointed them in the direction of a safer location to wait.

CO Anna Cullen was patrolling a known target shooting location in Muskegon County when she observed vehicles driving to a closed area.  The occupants then removed multiple firearms from the trunk of the vehicles and began target shooting in the area that was posted closed.  CO Cullen, along with the Muskegon County Sheriff's Department, contacted the shooters.  It was determined that one of the shooters was not able to possess firearms due to a condition of his bond.  As a result, CO Cullen lodged the shooter in the Muskegon County jail and issued a citation for target shooting in a closed area.

CO Justin Ulberg received a complaint that a subject had trapped a skunk in a live trap and left the skunk in the trap for over a 24-hour period.  CO Ulberg responded to the subject's residence and located a tarp in the back yard that appeared to be covering the trap.  Contact was made with the subject who advised that he was trying to catch squirrels and did not know what to do when he caught the skunk.  The skunk had been left in the trap for approximately 28 hours.  The subject received a citation for failing to immediately release/dispatch a trapped animal per state law.


CO Pete Purdy assisted the Livingston County Sheriff's Department with a 9-1-1 call to check the welfare of a person who had not been heard from in several days.  The caller advised the individual had several medical issues and was an alcoholic.  The subject came to the door highly intoxicated.  EMS stayed with her until a family member arrived on scene.

CO Nick Wellman was sent a complaint from the Branch County Sheriff's Department of a possible personal injury boat accident that occurred on Marble Lake late at night.  The accident was never reported but from anonymous complainants, it was said that a large group of people were on a speed boat and had been in an accident with injuries.  CO Wellman spent the entire day conducting interviews and was able to identify all 10 occupants of the vessel.  The vessel was operated by a man who had been drinking all day.  The operator went full throttle through a channel and into an island on the other side.  Two females were ejected and at least one was apparently run over.  CO Wellman was able to receive written statements from most people that were on the vessel.  The investigation is still active.  Several charges for the operator will be requested though the Branch County Prosecutor's Office.


During a marine patrol in Oakland County, CO Jacob Griffin was in the process of launching his PWC when he heard the boater across the dock yell in a startled manner.  As CO Griffin asked the boater if he was okay, an unknown woman stood up within the boat, was pushed by the boater, and dove into the water.  As the female subject swam into congested boat traffic, CO Griffin quickly launched his PWC to help the woman out of the water.  As CO Griffin approached the female subject, she dove under the water surface towards a neighboring marina.  CO Griffin tied off to the marina docks and searched for the subject under the docks.  The female subject surfaced between two boats and was frantically trying to swim away, but eventually turned around and came back. CO Griffin pulled the female subject from the water to make sure she was okay and find out what was wrong.  The subject was dirty, had torn clothes, and minor abrasions.  She stated multiple times she was not going back to the ward, and "they" are trying to send her back.  While trying to calm the woman down, the subject screamed "I'm not going back!" and fled on foot.  CO Griffin was able to catch up to the subject and calm her down.  CO Griffin requested EMS to check her out and was able to talk with her.  After confirming the subject's identity and that she had a warrant for her arrest, the female subject eventually admitted to CO Griffin she was a relapsing heroin addict but blamed it on "the other side" who has not been friendly.  The subject was advised of her warrant and released to EMS for transport to the hospital.

CO Jaime Salisbury was patrolling to his residence at the end of his workday when he noticed a vehicle drive past without a license plate.  CO Salisbury caught up to the vehicle and made a traffic stop.  During the stop CO Salisbury discovered that the driver was a convicted felon and was in possession of a firearm.  CO Salisbury arrested the individual for being a felon in possession of a firearm, driving while license suspended, operating without insurance, altering/removing identifying marks on a firearm, and transporting an uncased firearm in a motor vehicle.  The passenger was also arrested for having an outstanding child support warrant in Lapeer County.

CO Andrew Monnich assisted Lenawee County deputies in a domestic assault, where a man struck his pregnant girlfriend.  CO Monnich was just a mile away when the call came on the radio.  CO Monnich arrived on scene, made sure the scene was secure and made sure the victim was ok.  The suspect had fled the scene before CO Monnich arrived.  Once the deputies were on scene CO Monnich went to look for the suspect.  With the help of an off-duty officer, they were able to locate the individual at an ice cream shop a few miles away.  CO Monnich was able to take the individual in to custody without incident and get him to the deputies who were handling the case.


CO Nick Wellman worked an afternoon shift on Belle Isle for the Grand Prix.  Shortly after the beginning of his shift, CO Wellman was dropping off COs Ed Rice and Adam Schiller at their patrol vehicles when a call came in for a suicidal female on the MacArthur Bridge who was threatening to jump.  CO Wellman responded with COs Rice and Schiller.  CO Wellman was able to jump the set of railings and contact the woman.  CO Wellman maintained conversation with her and was able to get her away from the edge of the railing while COs Rice and Schiller assisted by blocking her path back to the river side and providing her with water to calm her down.  Several other COs and MSP troopers blocked traffic on the bridge while COs Wellman, Rice, and Schiller maintained dialogue with the woman.  The woman was turned over to the Detroit Police Department and EMS for treatment.

CO Brad Silorey worked a B2 Shift on Belle Isle on the weekend.  The State Park was extremely busy, and traffic was shut down to the island three times.  CO Silorey and Sgt. Shane Webster contacted an individual who was illegally operating a minibike.  The subject was advised that it was unlawful to operate before the subject had made it onto the island.  The subject was very confrontational but eventually left the area.  Later in the evening, CO Silorey spotted the subject riding around on the island.  A stop was made, and the subject was cited for operating an unlicensed ORV and driving an ORV while suspended.  The subject's minibike was also impounded.


Cpl. Brett DeLonge took a second net entanglement complaint in two weeks from Keweenaw Fishing Charters Co. on Keweenaw Bay. The complaint information was documented and forwarded to GLIFWC Officers for the net recovery. No lost gear or vessel damage was reported in the complaint.

Cpl. Brett DeLonge was informed by GLIFWC Officers that they were able to retrieve about 150ft of the net that was reported in an entanglement complaint received a few weeks ago in Keweenaw Bay.

Cpl. Brett DeLonge assisted D-1 officers with security around the Goose Lake fire in Marquette County.

Cpl. Brett DeLonge and Sgt. Mark Leadman conducted a marine patrol with the Smith from Marquette to Autrain Island near Munising. Several sport anglers were checked, and multiple state commercial trap net inspections were conducted near Marquette.

Cpl. Mike Hammill and CO Rob Freeborn worked a marine patrol together in the Big Bay de Noc/ Garden area.  Many contacts were made, and several citations issued for failure to provide a PFD and Fish no license.  Most of the anglers were targeting smallmouth bass and doing very well.

Cpl. Craig Milkowski and Cpl. Nick Torsky conducted two patrols in the Hammond Bay area in response to possible net entanglements. No nets were found, but new information on a possible location has been received. The investigation continues.

Cpl. Craig Milkowski and Cpl. Nick Torsky conducted a marine patrol from Mackinaw City to the Beaver Island chain.  Several nets were inspected, and information was received about a possible abandoned net location in Lake Huron east of Cheboygan.

Cpl. Nick Torsky attended the spring meeting of the Northern Great Lakes Fur Harvesters, answering questions and providing a current update on LED. This organization has been supportive of LED efforts, including partially funding officer attendance at the Fur Takers of America Trapper's College.

Cpl. Nick Torsky received the electronic return of a search warrant served to eBay related to a live marbled crayfish case. After sifting through the copious amount of data provided, the identity of a purchaser of live crayfish in Michigan could not be identified.

Cpl. Craig Milkowski and Cpl. Nick Atkin followed up on a net complaint at the Pine River. During the investigation Cpl. Milkowski could not locate any nets in the reported area.

Cpl. Kevin Postma assisted D2 officers with a search for a lost fisherman in western Luce County.  Cpl. Postma was contacted by Chippewa Central Dispatch at 9:30 pm.  Cpl. Postma then contacted Luce CO Cole VanOsten and informed him of the situation.  CO VanOsten and CO Colton Gelinas immediately responded to the scene.  Several hours of searching for the fisherman came up empty and the search was suspended until the next day.  Cpl. Postma, CO VanOosten, CO Gelinas and CO Mark Zitnick restarted the search the following morning utilizing canoes and kayaks.  COs navigated the Tahquamenon River for several hours with nil results awaiting an MSP helicopter.  Once the MSP helicopter arrived it was able to locate the missing fisherman about ¾ of a mile south of the Tahquamenon River sitting around a fire.  COs then moved into the location of the fisherman.  The fisherman was found in good condition but extremely tired and dehydrated.  COs then escorted the fisherman to the awaiting chopper which landed in a clearing about 300 yards away.  COs also extinguished a campfire set by the lost fisherman that had started to burn away from the campfire. 

Cpl. Craig Milkowski and Cpl. Nick Torsky responded to a net complaint in Lake Huron. It was reported that the boat lost some fishing gear in an apparent net entanglement with no coordinates provided.  Officers checked area and could not locate any nets. A few days later, a second complaint came directly to Cpl. Milkowski with proper coordinates and officers will attempt to locate the net in question.

Cpl. Sean Kehoe and Lt. Michael Feagan conducted a Memorial Day marine patrol.  Officers worked Lake Michigan, patrolling North and South Fox Islands and the Beaver Island Archipelago.  Several contacts were made.

Lt. Feagan and Cpl. Troy VanGelderen participated in the International Boating and Water Safety Summit Conference, sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security, USCG, and the National Safe Boating Council.

Lt. Feagan attended a Zoom Conference on Biological Threat Surveillance Tools put on by the North American Invasive Species Management Association.

Several members of GLEU are working towards their USCG Master License with on-line training modules followed with a one-week in-person instruction session.