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7/11/2021 - 7/24/2021


Conservation Officers (COs) Ethen Mapes and Byron Parks worked an illegal off-road vehicle (ORV) river crossing near Paulding. There are two signs on each side of the river where operators must leave the designated trail and drive around in order to cross. After a short wait, a side-by-side driven by a father and his teenage kids pulled up to the sign. The operator read the sign, looked around and continued through the river instead of the appropriate bridge crossing. COs Mapes and Parks caught up to the side-by-side only a few hundred yards down the trail after he had crossed. The operator knew exactly what he was being stopped for and immediately gave his kids a verbal lesson on why it is important to obey all signs along the trail. CO Mapes issued the operator a citation for operating an ORV through a stream.

COs Ethen Mapes and Zachary Painter were working a late-night patrol in Ontonagon County. A traffic stop was made, and the resulting investigation found the driver to be operating while intoxicated (OWI). CO Mapes placed the operator under arrest for OWI and lodged him at the Ontonagon County Jail.

CO Ethen Mapes assisted the Porcupine Mountains State Park in releasing a large black bear that had been trapped after pestering two different campgrounds for over a week. This 300-plus pound bear had proved that he was not afraid of humans and had even worked his way into a vehicle at one point. The bear was relocated to a desolate location.

CO Byron Parks just began his shift when a call came over dispatch regarding a subject having a possible heart attack or stroke. CO Parks was the closest law enforcement officer to the complaint, so he was first on scene just a few minutes from his residence. CO Parks contacted a subject laying down in his garage. The subject was still conscious and was able to talk but was not able to move the left side of his body. CO Parks rendered aid until emergency medical services (EMS) arrived on scene.

CO Josh Boudreaux and Corporal (Cpl.) Brett DeLonge assisted the Marquette City Police Department with a search for a missing kayaker in Lake Superior. After three days of searching the rocky shoreline north of Marquette and the adjacent islands, officers were unsuccessful in locating the individual. Search efforts will continue.

CO Josh Boudreaux conducted a presentation at the Northern Michigan University Regional Law Enforcement Academy on the roles and responsibilities of a conservation officer in the law enforcement community. The students were very receptive to the presentation and asked many good questions about the role and resources available.

COs John Kamps, Cody Smith, and Josh Boudreaux assisted with a hunter education class at the Negaunee Rod and Gun Club. The COs ran the shotgun range and worked with class participants on the fundamentals of safe shotgun handling and shooting clay pigeons. All participants were very engaged and asked great questions throughout the evening while most were very excited to bust a few clay pigeons in the process.

COs John Kamps and Josh Boudreaux were patrolling Marquette County when they heard radio traffic regarding some lost hikers north of Marquette near Sugarloaf Mountain, a popular hiking destination. The COs responded and assisted local law enforcement with searching the area. The individuals were eventually located in good health and given rides back to their vehicles by Michigan State Police (MSP) troopers.


CO Steve Butzin was doing follow up from this past deer season that resulted in the discovery of several violations. These violations included borrowing the license of another as well as taking deer without a license. During this investigation, CO Butzin was assisted by Illinois conservation police as one suspect resided out of state. A 7-point buck was seized during the investigation. A report has been submitted to the Delta County Prosecutor's Office requesting charges on these violations.

The Delta County Prosecutor's Office authorized charges on an investigation in Bay de Noc Township reference the lending/borrowing of a deer license from last deer season. COs Andrea Dani and Steve Butzin served complaint warrants on the involved subjects.

CO Michael Evink was first on scene for a pole barn fully engulfed in flames. Once fire personnel were on scene, CO Evink assisted the all-volunteer fire department in pulling hoses and setting up water tanks. The barn appeared to be a total loss.

COs Cole VanOosten and Colton Gelinas conducted interviews with two suspects in the larceny of trail cameras from earlier this spring. Confessions were obtained during the interviews and a report is being submitted to the Mackinac County Prosecutor's Office.

CO Cole VanOosten was on a late-night patrol of Big Manistique Lake when he spotted a vessel a short distance away operating without navigation lights nearly an hour and a half after sunset. A stop was conducted, and CO VanOosten informed the driver of the boat that he had almost caused a collision because he had failed to display navigation lights. The operator stated, "Well, I could see you." CO VanOosten informed the operator of the extreme hazard of operating after dark without proper navigation lights. It was determined that the operator and two passengers did not have any personal floatation devices (PFDs) aboard the vessel and did not have a fire extinguisher or paper registration. The driver of the boat stated that he saw CO VanOosten's patrol truck in the parking lot but was hoping that they could get out on the lake without being detected. It was determined that the operator also had two misdemeanor warrants for conservation violations committed earlier in the year. CO VanOosten issued the individual citations for operating without navigation lights and failure to provide PFDs. Warnings were issued for the remaining violations and CO VanOosten was able to collect bond for the pending warrants on the driver.

Sgt. Calvin Smith and COs Colton Gelinas, Mark Zitnik, Cole VanOosten were able to assist in salvaging a roadkill moose in Chippewa County, donating it to local families. In total, the COs were able to donate nearly 200 pounds of moose meat to families in need.


CO Nathan Beelman and Sgt. Bill Webster were on ORV patrol checking campsites near Standard Lake. CO Beelman and Sgt. Webster contacted a group of campers who were highly intoxicated from the previous night. The group did not have a camping permit and had trash and litter all around the campsite. After checking the campers' health, the campers were told to pick up the garbage and sober up before leaving the campsite. CO Beelman and Sgt. Webster contacted another group of campers who also had multiple issues. While talking with the group, the previous campers drove by, about 15 minutes after the first contact was completed, in the vehicle that was parked at the campsite. The campers were still highly intoxicated, and the driver refused field sobriety tests and a portable breath test (PBT). The driver admitted to being highly intoxicated. The subject was placed under arrest and transported to Charlevoix for a blood draw and then lodged at the Charlevoix County Jail for OWI.

CO Chad Baldwin observed a charter boat, whose certificate of inspection had expired taking clients out fishing on Lake Michigan multiple times throughout the summer. CO Baldwin tracked down and contacted the charter boat to interview both the captain and the clients. CO Baldwin found the charter boat to be in violation and taking passengers out fishing without having the required and current certificate of inspection. The charter captain was ticketed for the violation and prohibited from conducting any charters until both inspections have been completed.

CO Tim Rosochacki was completing a marine enforcement patrol in the Mackinac Straits area when a bomb threat was called in on the Mackinac Bridge. CO Rosochacki arrived quickly on scene to help shut down traffic entering the bridge. Once the bridge was closed, CO Rosochacki checked numerous areas near the bridge for the reported suspect. Numerous other law enforcement agencies arrived on scene and after several hours the area was deemed safe, the call was false. The Mackinaw City Police are still investigating.

CO Paul Fox assisted Presque Isle County Sheriff's deputies with a subject suffering from mental health disorders. The subject fled an adult foster care facility and became combative with the staff. Additionally, the subject damaged nearby vehicles. CO Fox assisted in locating and securing the subject who was taken to the hospital for evaluation.

CO Paul Fox assisted Presque Isle County Sheriff's deputies with a medical distress call. CO Fox and a responding deputy responded to a home where an elderly woman fell and broke her ankle. The officers assisted EMS with securing and removing the woman from the home.

COs Dan Liestenfeltz and Jessie Curtis were patrolling Montmorency County when they responded to an ORV injury accident on private property. Upon arrival, it was determined that the juvenile rider had attempted to jump a dirt bike on a small hill and lost control when landing. The subject's helmet was ripped off when they hit the ground causing slight burns and scrapes on their face. The subject also appeared to have a broken arm. They were transported to Otsego Memorial Hospital.


COs Patrick McManus and Amanda Weaver conducted a joint patrol in Benzie County to address violations on the Platte River and OWI on the surrounding roadways. The patrol consisted of conservation officers, National Park Rangers, Benzie County Sheriff's Office, and the MSP. Enforcement efforts resulted in several arrests for a variety of state and federal regulations including OWI, other traffic offenses, and fail to provide PFDs on the river system. The goal was to enhance safety for recreators who come from all over the country to enjoy Benzie County's natural resources.

CO Troy Ludwig received a call from the Wexford Central Dispatch that a large group of tubers who had become stranded on the Manistee River near Highway 131. CO Ludwig met with a Wexford County sheriff's deputy at the roadside park on US 131 and launched the division issued jet patrol boat. The deputy was able to remain in contact with the group via cell phone and learned that they had sent three adults and three small children down the river in a boat to their campsite, along with a mother and her two children on a tube. The CO and deputy were notified by the group that the boat had begun to sink and that the boat would need immediate help. The CO and deputy passed by the group of tubers and continued to the sinking boat which was approximately two miles downstream. Upon making contact, the occupants of the boat were loaded into the patrol boat and the sinking boat was put in tow. A mother and her two children were also picked up on the way back upstream to the large group of tubers. All tubers were rescued from the river and no injuries were reported, other than a twisted ankle. In total 22 individuals were transported off the river and returned to the launch.

CO Josiah Killingbeck took a complaint of an injured eagle in someone's yard in northern Lake County. CO Killingbeck responded to the location and found the injured eagle inside a fenced in area. The eagle appeared to be injured and was unable to fly. CO Killingbeck was able to catch the eagle and arranged for a downstate rehabilitator to care for the eagle. CO Killingbeck met with a rehabber who took over care of the immature Bald eagle.

COs Ben Shively and Micah Hintze responded to a domestic violence call with the MSP at residence in Oceana County. The COs assisted the MSP by separating the parties and interviewing subjects involved. One subject was arrested for domestic violence.

COs Ben Shively and Micah Hintze assisted the Oceana Sheriff deputies with securing the perimeter of the Chevrolet dealership after a subject was observed on the security cameras removing catalytic converters from vehicles at the detail shop.

COs Ben Shively and Micah Hintze assisted the Pentwater Lake Association members at the aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) stations located around Pentwater Lake educating users on importance of cleaning their boats, draining all water from vessels, and AIS in the lake.

COs Jeff Ginn and Josh Reed were on marine patrol on Hardy Pond in Newaygo and Mecosta Counties. The COs provided verbal warnings for marine related violations and aided on a medical emergency where a female subject was found unconscious below the deck of a cabin cruiser. The victim was transported to a nearby boat launch for EMS evaluation.

CO Jeff Ginn has been working with the Newaygo County Emergency Manager adding additional mile marker signs along the Muskegon River. CO Ginn and Emergency Manager Watkins developed a mile marker signage plan several years ago to assist in locating emergency situations along the Muskegon River. They will be adding half mile markers and replacing stolen or damaged signs in the upcoming weeks. The sign program has proven instrumental in providing those recreating along the river to assist in determining their location for emergency responders.

CO Jeff Ginn responded to a complaint of a fawn trapped in a fence. Upon arrival, CO Ginn located the fawn hanging by its rear leg. The fence was twisted around the foot of the fawn. CO Ginn was able to remove the fawn from the fence. Once the fawn was free, it ran away. When CO Ginn watched the fawn run away, the mother came out of a nearby thicket only thirty yards away and followed the fawn into the wood line.

COs Josh Reed and Angela Greenway participated at the Mecosta County Youth Academy, put on by the Sheriff's Office. The COs did a fun fur identification game utilizing the District's fur kit, showed the Shields of Gold recruitment video, and additional videos of the training academy. The COs then took the group outside and displayed their patrol vessel and ORV. The group was educated on the various outdoor activities COs patrol to keep everyone safe. The children then had an opportunity to throw issued marine rescue throw bags.

CO Angela Greenway was off duty and pulling out of her driveway, when she observed a car with its hazard flashers activated with several people standing in the roadway. The vehicle was disabled in a bad location in the roadway, with a hill just to the south of their location. CO Greenway inquired if they needed assistance and discovered that while trying to get a flat tire changed, the jack got stuck up in the rusted frame of the car. CO Greenway returned to her residence, retrieved her patrol vehicle, activated the emergency lights, put on her traffic orange vest, and provided her jack to assist the stranded motorist. The road became extremely busy with traffic as the emergency lights slowed traffic but also caused congestion. CO Greenway continued to conduct traffic control while the operator of the vehicle was able to change the tire.

COs Micah Hintze and Kyle Publiski arrived first on scene to a boater in distress call. A Jon boat was observed unoccupied and under power spinning in circles along the lake shoreline. The COs spoke with multiple witnesses, who observed the boat's location, and two witnesses who stated they observed a person in the water attempting to reach shore who went under and never surfaced. A search area was marked with buoys and multiple agencies responded to assist with recovery efforts. Inclement weather made the search efforts difficult, and after two days, the victim was recovered, providing closure for the family.

CO Tim Barboza overheard a pursuit called out from the Newaygo County undersheriff on the radio. The suspect rammed multiple vehicles before crashing into the woods and fleeing on foot. CO Barboza arrived on scene and assisted with setting up a perimeter. The MSP K-9 and Newaygo Sheriff K-9 units arrived on scene and began a track. After a couple hours of searching CO Barboza heard a few sticks break in the woods and turned and saw the suspect walking about 50 yards away. When CO Barboza gave verbal commands to stop, the subject took off running again. CO Barboza followed for a short distance but lost sight of him in the thick undergrowth. CO Barboza called for a K-9 to put on the last seen location, and they began to track the suspect again. The suspect swam across the creek, ran into one of the Newaygo County K-9 officers and the sheriff, and was taken into custody. The suspect was wanted in multiple counties and had run from the MSP and Grand Rapids Police Department in the past.

CO Tim Barboza heard an active domestic called out where the female suspect was ramming the vehicle of the male in Croton near a fishing platform. CO Barboza was nearby and responded to the area. CO Barboza located the female standing on a nearby bridge over the Muskegon River, took her into custody, transported her back to the scene, and turned her over to the originating agency.

CO Tim Barboza heard a call at a grocery store in Fremont of a male in the store who was yelling. Moments later, dispatch advised he had lit himself on fire in the store. CO Barboza was nearby and responded to the scene with the Fremont Police Department and the Freemont Fire Department. The male was near the pharmacy and had been running around and jumped through the pharmacy window, while on fire, and was sprayed with a fire extinguisher by the pharmacy staff. The suspect had 2nd degree burns on most of his torso and hands. The suspect had brought a bottle filled with gasoline into the store and stated he wasn't suicidal. It was just the only way to get people to listen. The suspect has a history of mental illness. The suspect was airlifted to the hospital.


COs Charlie Jones and Breanna Reed assisted a MSP trooper with a male subject who was possibly barricaded in his bedroom with a firearm in Kalkaska County. Dispatch reported the wife was scared for her life. Upon arrival and further investigation, the wife had a mental health diagnosis as well as dementia.

COs Chuck McPherson, John Huspen, Charlie Jones, Breanna Reed, and Sgt. Brian Olsen assisted the Crawford County Sheriff's Office, the Grayling Department of Public Safety, and MSP with the 2021 AuSable River Canoe Marathon in Grayling. The COs assisted with security for the racers along with making sure the event was a safe atmosphere for all families and attendees.

Sgt. Brian Olsen followed up with a cedar theft complaint in Roscommon County. Sgt. Olsen, with the assistance of CO Chuck McPherson, was able to track the suspect back to his residence after noticing fresh tractor tracks in the area. The COs interviewed the suspect and obtained a confession. A citation was issued for the unlawful removal of forest products. The suspect was also educated on the fuel wood permit rules and regulations.

CO Kyle Bader stopped at the Hardwood Lake Public Access Site in Ogemaw County and observed a man riding on a PWC without a PFD. There was a PWC trailer not attached to a vehicle and left near the top of the boat ramp. The rider drove near the dock like he was coming in to shore, but when he saw the patrol truck, he turned and went back into the lake. Without a patrol boat available, or any nearby COs to assist, CO Bader had no choice but to wait the rider out. CO Bader checked a nearby lake and came back to see if the rider had come back to shore. While talking to an angler on shore, the man rode within hearing distance, so CO Bader asked the rider to come in. He threw up his arms and sped away. CO Bader left and checked some potential addresses associated with the PWC. When the CO returned to the launch, the rider and his wife were hooking the PWC trailer to a pickup. The man was issued citations for riding a PWC without a PFD and parking in a no parking zone. He was arrested and lodged in the Ogemaw County Jail on three outstanding warrants.

While preparing for patrol, CO Kyle Bader heard Ogemaw County Central Dispatch send a West Branch police officer to a complaint of a large snake in someone's yard. A herpetologist at heart, CO Bader told the city officer to advise if he needed help. A short time later, the city officer was calling for CO Bader on the radio. CO Bader responded and located a large Eastern hognose snake holding his ground on a sunny patch in the landscape near the caller's house. After commending the homeowner for calling for help instead of just destroying the snake, CO Bader removed and relocated the large snake to suitable habitat.


CO Adam Schiller responded to a complaint of subjects trespassing on private property while fishing and having a fire. The CO responded to the area and heard voices coming from a woodlot next to the Pine River. While on foot, CO Schiller located two individuals fishing on private property from the bank of the river. When asked if they had permission to be on the property, the subjects admitted that they did not and immediately stated they didn't possess valid Michigan fishing licenses. The CO escorted the two subjects off the property and back to the roadway. Citations were issued for recreational trespassing and fishing without a license.

While patrolling areas of the Stanton State Game Area (SGA), COs Mike Haas and Adam Schiller heard a complaint from Montcalm Central Dispatch of an unsafe driver traveling on a public roadway who was swerving and running other vehicles off the road. The COs were the closest law enforcement officers to the complaint and located the suspect vehicle. The vehicle was speeding, traveling in the incorrect lane, driving off the road, and swerving erratically. A traffic stop was initiated, and the COs noted that the driver appeared to be intoxicated with multiple cold, open beers in his car. While speaking with the COs, CO Haas pointed out to the driver that he was not making any sense with his statements and the driver told CO Haas, "Sorry, I'm drunk." CO Schiller conducted sobriety tests and the man was arrested for his third alcohol violation. An alcohol test at the jail confirmed that the man was three times over the legal limit.

CO Jay Person responded to a 9-1-1 complaint of a dune buggy that was stuck on state land right on the border of private land. Upon arrival, CO Person found a passenger car stuck in the sand with all the doors open and the hood up. As CO Person was taking pictures of the scene the owner of the car returned. The driver had driven around a gate and into a closed area and then proceeded to get the car buried in the sand. The owner of the vehicle claimed that his passengers claimed he could drive around the gate, but they were nowhere to be found to help get the car unstuck. A citation was issued for operating a wheeled vehicle in a closed area.


CO Zach Bauer was on patrol when he witnessed a vehicle passing many other vehicles in a no passing zone. CO Bauer conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and issued a citation for the violation.

CO Zach Bauer was assigned to Warren Dunes State Park when he was notified of a multi-vehicle accident at the entrance to the state park. CO Bauer responded and assisted EMS, Bridgman City, and Baroda Lake Police Departments with the accident.

COs Travis Dragomer and Jeff Robinette conducted a marine patrol upon the St. Joseph River in Berrien County. The COs issued two citations to individuals for fishing without a license.

CO Sam Schluckbier was patrolling Lake Michigan on a busy Saturday out of the Holland port. A vessel operating at high speed was observed with a young child sitting on the bow with their feet hanging underneath the hull. CO Schluckbier stopped the vessel and found the driver to be the grandparent of three adolescent children on board. He explained the serious safety concern with riding in that manner. The driver and owner of the vessel was cited for allowing his grandson to bow ride.

CO Anna Cullen was patrolling the Muskegon SGA when she observed two quads operating in a closed area. CO Cullen contacted the riders who were not wearing helmets and determined they had no ORV registration stickers. CO Cullen issued a single citation for failing to wear a helmet. Warnings were issued for operating an ORV on state land and for failing to obtain registration decals. CO Cullen followed both back to their residence to ensure they arrived safely.

CO Anna Cullen was patrolling northern Muskegon County when she observed an individual fishing in a creek that intersected the roadway. CO Cullen observed the fisherman with a line in the water and pulled over to see how their fishing was going. During the contact, it was determined the individual did not have a fishing license. The fisherman advised that he knew better and figured he would try to fish since he had a free couple of hours. A citation was issued for fishing without a license.

CO Anna Cullen observed a dirt bike that was operating on the shoulder of the roadway in northern Muskegon County. The rider was also not wearing a helmet. CO Cullen contacted the rider and determined they did not have any ORV stickers either. CO Cullen issued a citation for the registration decals and issued warnings for the remaining violations. CO Cullen verified the rider returned to their residence safely following their contact.

COs Justin Ulberg and Casey Varriale patrolled Lake Michigan in Ottawa County checking on the salmon fishing activity. The COs encountered four different vessels fishing with more than the three lines allowed per angler. One vessel, having only one angler, had a total of 10 lines out. Citations were issued for the violations.

While patrolling the Rogue River SGA in Kent County, CO Justin Ulberg observed a vehicle pulled way back into the woods off the main trail. As CO Ulberg approached the vehicle, he noted that it was running and noticed the passengers in the back seat frantically trying to put their clothes back on. Upon contact, CO Ulberg realized it was the same two people that he had warned approximately one week earlier about engaging in lewd behavior on state land. CO Ulberg issued a citation for the violation.

While patrolling the Grand River in Kent County, COs BJ Goulette and Justin Ulberg encountered a subject fishing in a vessel with an expired registration. Upon contacting the angler, it was discovered that he also did not have a current fishing license. The subject was issued a citation for the violation.

COs Casey Varriale and Justin Ulberg conducted a Hunter's Safety Class at Rockford Conservation Club in Rockford. Approximately 50 people were in attendance.

COs Casey Varriale and Jeff Ginn were on patrol on the Muskegon River in Newaygo County where they encountered several kayakers without PFDs on board. The individuals thought they did not need PFDs on kayaks because they weren't needed on tubes. The kayakers were educated on the PFD laws and the COs lent them PFDs so they could continue their kayak trips safely.


COs Nick Wellman and Chris Reynolds worked security for the first, in person, Natural Resources Commission meeting of the year.

CO Nick Wellman is working with Union City Fire Department to help with planning emergency support for a large kayak event in August. CO Wellman is currently working with landowners along the river to place signs for reference as well as access for possible rescues during the event.

Sgt. Rich Nickols received a Report all Poaching complaint of raccoons in captivity in Shiawassee County. Sgt. Nickols went to the residence and found it to be vacant and located a large dog cage on the front porch with three raccoons in it. After speaking with some neighbors, the landowner's name and place of employment was obtained and contact was made by telephone. The subject readily admitted to catching the raccoons and raising them for the last two weeks. The animals were able to be released and charges are pending.

CO John Byars received a RAP compliant about a person shooting a Mute swan. CO Byars went to the location and recovered a dead swan in the water. CO Byars contacted the suspect who admitted to accidentally shooting the swan while trying to scare it away. The suspect stated the swan had attacked his daughter and his dog. The investigation is still pending.

CO Jason McCullough was on marine patrol with a Calhoun County Sheriff's deputy on the Kalamazoo River. The officers stopped to check a couple kayakers and were in the process of issuing a citation for no PFD when the group spotted a body stuck in some fallen trees on the river. The next several hours were spent assisting with the removal of the deceased.

CO Nick Wellman along with Sgt. Rich Nickols and COs Ed Rice and Chris Reynolds conducted a marine patrol at a festival in Branch County. CO Reynolds and Rice stopped a vessel for a marine violation and noted the operator was under the influence of alcohol. The man was lodged in the Branch County Jail with a blood alcohol content (BAC) nearly three times the legal limit.


CO Keven Luther conducted a joint marine patrol with the Flat Rock Police Department. The collaboration was to educate and enforce PFD and recreational trespassing issues along the Huron River. The Flat Rock officer and CO Luther contacted approximately 50 individuals recreating along the river. CO Luther and the Flat Rock officer issued one PFD civil infraction citation each.

CO Dan Walzak observed a subject operating an ORV on a roadway, not wearing a helmet, and carrying a passenger. The operator pulled the ORV into a driveway and CO Walzak followed him in to make contact. As CO Walzak was walking up to the machine, the operator stated, "I know - I'm not supposed to be doing this." CO Walzak asked the operator what he was referring to and he responded, "Riding on the road." When CO Walzak asked about a helmet the operator said, "I know, I need that, too." On the issue about the passenger the operator said, "Yep, not supposed to, I know." The operator then stated that he lived a short distance down the road, and he thought it would be ok. CO Walzak issued a citation for operating on a roadway and gave warnings for the other two violations.

CO Danielle Zubek conducted a joint enforcement patrol with a Keego Harbor Marine officer. The officers patrolled Cass Lake for marine violations. Several stops were made for violations. A citation was given for operating above slow no wake within 100 feet from an anchored vessel.

While on patrol of Cass Lake, CO Danielle Zubek and the Keego Harbor Marine officer were dispatched to a medical emergency at Skipper Bud's Marina. Upon arrival, CO Zubek conducted medical attention to the subject. The subject jumped off the vessel and struck his head on the vessel causing a large gash on his head. Pressure was applied from the subject's friends on the vessel prior to CO Zubek' s arrival and bleeding was stopped. The subject was turned over to Waterford EMS for evaluation.

CO Justin Muehlhauser investigated a complaint about captive raccoons in the city of Flint. A caller reported that a home had been vacated weeks earlier and the tenant left behind their pet raccoons. Neighbors had been caring for the habituated animals and notified the RAP line when they realized the animals had been abandoned. With help from CO Danielle Zubek, CO Muehlhauser was able to remove the animals. Investigations revealed inhumane living conditions. The COs noted that the raccoons had been living in their own excrement for months if not years. The COs were able to track down the responsible parties. Charges are being pursued for animal cruelty and captive wildlife through the Genesee County Prosecutor's Office.

CO Joseph Deppen was traveling home from marine patrol when he was passed by a vehicle in the middle lane. The vehicle was clocked at 115 mph by radar and a traffic stop was conducted. The driver was issued a citation for driving 115 mph in a 70-mph zone.

CO Jaime Salisbury was on his way to field a complaint regarding a suspicious dead deer on their property when he noticed a driver ahead of him driving carelessly and failing to allow another driver to pass him by speeding up and not letting the passing vehicle back into the lane of travel. CO Salisbury conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle. When CO Salisbury approached the driver's window, he immediately smelled the strong odor of intoxicants coming from the vehicle. CO Salisbury asked if the driver had been drinking and he stated that he had been and probably shouldn't be driving. CO Salisbury performed field sobriety tests and the driver failed all the tests administered. Upon completing a preliminary breath test a BAC of .195 was recorded. The driver was placed under arrest for OWI, and a voluntary blood draw was performed for further analysis. Charges are being sought through the Lapeer County Prosecutor's Office.

COs Kris Kiel and Brad Silorey were on marine patrol when they stopped a vessel to check fishing licenses and required marine safety equipment. When asked for PFDs, the vessel owner could only produce two inflatables that both had bad CO2 cartridges. There were no other wearable PFDs on board and no Type IV throwable device.  The vessel's fire extinguisher had also been discharged. The vessel owner received a citation for failing to provide PFDs and a warning was given for no working fire extinguisher.

CO Kris Kiel worked a late-night sturgeon patrol on the North Channel. CO Kiel checked two anglers at 3:00 am, fishing for sturgeon on Lega's Pier. One angler had driven over two hours to fish at that location, but said he forgot to purchase a fishing license. The angler was written a citation for fishing without a license.

CO Nicholas Ingersoll attempted to stop an ORV operating illegally on a public roadway. The operator failed to immediately stop, and a short pursuit was initiated, resolving itself in the operator's driveway. The subject surrendered immediately and advised he had panicked which is why he attempted to run. The subject was lodged in the Monroe County Jail and charges are pending through the prosecutor's office.

CO Nicholas Ingersoll was checking anglers at DTE Hot Ponds fishing piers. CO Ingersoll watched the angler's fish for several minutes before making contact and observed them catch an undersized channel catfish that they put in their cooler. After contacting the anglers, it was determined they did not have fishing licenses, possessed an over-limit of channel catfish, and possessed nine undersized channel catfish. After counting the channel catfish, it was determined they had a total of 73 channel catfish. All four anglers were cited for the violations.

CO Nicholas Ingersoll responded to a personal injury accident involving a minibike in Ida Township. Upon arrival it was determined that the individual was refusing medical attention. While speaking with the driver and asking if he had been drinking, the driver advised CO Ingersoll that he had a couple beers too many to be driving. CO Ingersoll asked the driver how he had crashed, and he stated, "I am not going to lie to you, I was trying to do a wheelie." A file check was run on the driver, and it was determined that the driver had not taken care of a ticket CO Ingersoll issued him in July of 2020 and had a warrant for his arrest. After standard field sobriety tests, a PBT was administered which resulted in .343% BAC. The driver was arrested for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated and for his outstanding warrant. The driver was lodged pending charges for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated and for his warrant.

While working Belle Isle Park, dispatch advised COs Ed Rice, Mark Siemen, Justin Muehlhauser, and Danielle Zubek of a stranded motorist on the Lodge Freeway who attempted to drive through a flooded area. The COs loaded a vessel and met the MSP. The man was able to exit his vehicle and wait on top of his vehicle for responding units. The officers were able to get the man to safety.

On Sunday July 25th CO Keven Luther conducted a busy Belle Isle patrol. CO Luther contacted several park visitors and issued verbal warnings for a variety of minor violations. CO Luther issued three citations for prohibited parking and responded to a rollover accident before assisting the Parks and Recreation Division in closing the park due to capacity.

CO David Schaumburger observed an ORV operating at a very high speed, approximately 60 mph, on Belle Isle weaving in and out of traffic. The CO conducted a traffic stop on the ORV and the operator stated that he did not know he could not drive the machine on Belle Isle. CO Schaumburger advised he could not be on any roadway. CO Schaumburger issued a citation for operating an ORV on the roadway and impounded the ORV.

COs David Schaumburger and Brandon Vacek responded to an individual making cryptic threats to her husband via telephone indicating, but not saying she was going to kill herself on Belle Isle. The husband called the police and told them she was on Belle Isle near the water along with a description of her vehicle. CO Vacek located the vehicle and the lady just as she was exiting the Detroit River, soaked from head to toe. The lady was very upset, and the COs calmed her down and called her sister on the phone while they waited for the husband to arrive at the location. The lady did not make any suicidal comments while the COs were in contact with her, however, the husband took her to the hospital for a mental health evaluation where it was later learned she was admitted to the hospital.

During a very busy Belle Isle shift, CO Dan Walzak heard the engine of a vehicle revving very loudly and heard the screeching of tires. Looking in the direction of the noise, CO Walzak observed a vehicle doing very tight power turns in a small parking area and creating a lot of smoke from the spinning tires on the concrete. CO Walzak watched the vehicle park, drove over to the vehicle's location, and contacted the operator. CO Walzak advised the operator of what he observed and asked the reason for his actions. The operator responded that he was out for a family picnic, and he was just having a little fun. The operator also stated that there was no danger, and he wasn't hurting anyone. CO Walzak advised him that his actions were very dangerous considering that many of his family members were standing around watching him and a small miscalculation could have resulted in something very tragic. The operator was issued a citation for careless driving.

Working on Belle Isle, CO Dan Walzak observed a vehicle travelling very fast down a long, straight stretch of road. CO Walzak was able to catch up to the vehicle, activate his emergency lights, and bring it to a stop. Contacting the driver of the vehicle, CO Walzak advised him that he was being stopped for his speed and asked if he knew how fast he was driving. The driver stated that he wasn't really paying attention, so he did not know. CO Walzak advised the driver that he was driving at over 50 miles per hour in a 25 mile per hour zone. The driver tried to explain by saying that he had just come from a wedding at the yacht club and was heading to the reception. CO Walzak issued a citation for violation of basic speed.

CO Joseph Deppen worked a Belle Isle shift. Multiple verbal warnings were given for traffic issues. Three citations were issued for speeding. All three citations were issued to separate drivers for driving 64 mph in a 25 mph. The drivers were not pleased with being ticketed.

While on Belle Isle, CO Jaime Salisbury took a citizen complaint for a car driving back by Hipster Beach. When he arrived in the area, he located tire tracks in the mud and set out on foot. The CO located the vehicle and occupant holding what appeared to be a rifle. CO Salisbury ordered the man to drop the gun and he complied and set it on the ground. While speaking with the man about what he was doing and why he drove back in the closed area, CO Salisbury noticed a strange looking cut on the man's forehead. CO Salisbury asked if the wound was from the pellet gun that man was holding when he walked up. The man replied "Yes, I tried to kill myself with the pellet gun yesterday and it didn't work so I came out here today to try again, but then you guys showed up and stopped me." The man said that he needed help and wanted to be brought to the hospital for a mental evaluation. With the assistance of CO Brandon Hartleben, CO Salisbury brought the man back out to the main road where EMS was waiting.  The man was brought to Detroit Receiving Hospital and is receiving the care he needs.

CO Jaime Salisbury was on his way home from a Belle Isle shift when he noticed the vehicle he was following was driving very erratically and bouncing between the fog line and center line of the road. The truck also failed to use his turn signal when making a lane change and turning onto another road. CO Salisbury performed a traffic stop for failing to use the turn signal. When CO Salisbury met the driver, he could smell intoxicants coming from the vehicle and asked the driver if he had been drinking. The driver hung his head and admitted to the CO that he had been at a memorial for a family member that had passed away and stated that he "Had a few beers but should be fine to be driving." CO Salisbury asked the man to step out of the truck and asked him to take field sobriety tests. The driver performed very poorly on all sobriety tests and had a hard time standing in one place or walking without stumbling around. A preliminary breath test resulted in a BAC of .14. The man was placed under arrest for driving while intoxicated and brought to the Lapeer County Jail where a voluntary blood draw was taken for further analysis. The vehicle was turned over to a sober family member. Charges are being sought through the Lapeer County Prosecutor's Office.


Cpl. Brett DeLonge assisted with the search for a suicidal individual that took a kayak on Lake Superior near Presque Isle. The individual posed a safety threat to law enforcement. Cpl. DeLonge first conducted an initial search of the area with the "Smith" then utilized the District 1 Safe-boat "Opolka," dropping two canine units, MSP Emergency Response Team, and Marquette City Police Department Detectives off on Partridge Island for a ground search. The search was unsuccessful, and the kayak was located submerged approximately ½ mile offshore from Partridge Island. The search is ongoing for the individual.

Cpl. Brett DeLonge and Cpl. Mike Hammill, along with CO Mark Zitnik, followed up on a net complaint in Lake Superior. The officers were able to grapple an abandoned gillnet that had been left for several years. The net had a good amount of fishing gear in it along with some rotten fish. This is the general area that Cpls. DeLonge and Hammill will be looking for another chunk of gillnet in the upcoming weeks.

Cpl. Mike Hammill was on patrol to the Cedar River Marina when a vehicle flew up behind him on M35 and tailgated until they passed and nearly caused an accident. Cpl. Hammill stopped the vehicle and issued a citation for careless driving.

Cpl. Pat Hartsig, Cpl. Brett DeLonge, and Cpl. Nick Torsky instructed at the RS10 academy at the RAM center in Roscommon. The topics were Fish ID and Enforcement. The class was instructed on numerous ways to properly and consistently identify game and non-game fish that will be encountered in the field. Additionally, topics such as patrol tactics, boat handling, snagging enforcement, AIS, and antiquities were covered.

Cpl. Pat Hartsig instructed the RS10 recruits at the RAM center for their Trauma and First aid course. Topics included tourniquet application, combat gauze, CPR and other important medical devices and techniques that are frequently used by Conservation Officers in the field.

Cpl. Troy VanGelderen and C.O. Justin Vanderlinde patrolled out of Leland around the Manitou and Fox Islands checking state commercial nets. No violations were found.

Cpl. Troy VanGelderen worked at three different Landing Blitz locations in Pentwater, including the portable boat wash station. Several contacts were made, and AIS compliance was discussed.

Cpl. Kevin Postma partnered with officers from District 2 to assist with yacht race patrols. While on Mackinaw Island officers were dispatched to a report of a floating unicorn raft under the Mackinac Bridge. The complainant advised they thought they saw someone on the raft and then lost sight of them. Numerous agencies responded including the USCG air support. After roughly 2 hours of searching, it was determined it was likely unoccupied to begin with.

Cpl. Kevin Postma, Cpl. Craig Milkowski and Cpl. Nick Atkin partnered up for a patrol out of Mackinaw City. Cpl.'s patrolled around Bois Blanc Island contacting two different groups of commercial fishermen. Both fishermen reported very low numbers of whitefish but seemed satisfied enough with their catch of Menominee.

Cpl. Nick Torsky attended a meeting of the AIS Core Team's Organisms-In-Trade (OIT) subcommittee. Items discussed included coordination and documentation of contact with OIT retailers for both education and enforcement.

Cpl. Nick Atkin has been prepping the Neal for the Tuskegee P-39 Aircraft recovery detail coming up in August.

Cpl. Nick Atkin was requested to compile and submit net coordinates for Fisheries Division to prepare tracks for the annual Saginaw Bay survey coming up later this year.