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7/25/2021 - 8/7/2021


Conservation Officer (CO) Anna Viau was heading to a southern Iron County Lake for marine patrol when she came across a sport utility vehicle (SUV) on the side of the road with its flashers on. Upon checking the vehicle, she discovered all the front airbags had gone off, but the vehicle was empty. After advising dispatch of the situation, the dispatcher shortly told CO Viau that the occupants had just called. They had walked down the road to get service to call. Thankfully, the two occupants of the vehicle had not been injured after hitting a large deer at highway speed. CO Viau assisted the occupants with getting a tow and a ride back to their cottage on a nearby lake.

CO Shannon Kritz attended the Bobbi McGuire Memorial kids fishing derby in Menominee County. CO Kritz covered fishing rules and regulations with the children at the beginning of the event. Many children were successful catching pike, perch, and bass out of the Menominee River.


CO Andrea Dani checked on a vehicle stopped on the side of the road. CO Dani contacted the operator and immediately observed glossy eyes and the strong odor of intoxicants from the driver's breath. The driver stated he had had two drinks that day before he left his house and asked CO Dani to follow him back to his residence, in the opposite direction he was travelling. CO Dani asked where the driver was originally going. He stated he was on his way to get into a fight with his brother-in-law. The driver did not have his driver's license with him. The driver failed standardized field sobriety tests (SFSTs), blew a .104% blood alcohol content (BAC) on the preliminary breath test (PBT), and was subsequently arrested for operating while intoxicated (OWI) and lodged at the Alger County Jail.

COs Andrea Dani and Steve Butzin attended a presentation for members of the Delta Force Leadership Program at the DNR Pocket Park. CO Butzin made a PowerPoint, and the COs described the steps required to become a conservation officer, the ever-changing responsibilities of conservation officers, as well as some of their most memorable cases.

CO Robert Freeborn responded to a two-vehicle car accident where a vehicle failed to yield to oncoming traffic as it crossed US 2. One of the vehicles caught fire due to the impact. Luckily all occupants were able to escape from the burning vehicle. CO Freeborn assisted with traffic control as the Michigan State Police (MSP) investigated the scene.

COs Robert Freeborn and Mike Evink assisted the MSP with a vehicle accident that was a result of a high-speed chase with another department who was in pursuit of a homicide suspect a few minutes prior. The COs arrived on scene and helped with traffic and securing the scene until additional MSP units and the crime lab arrived on scene.

COs Robert Freeborn and Michael Evink, along with several local police departments, participated in an escort into Manistique for a motorcycle group that pays tribute to fallen US military service members. The bikers were led through town to the courthouse where a ceremony took place honoring the fallen service members and highlighted local men and woman who served.

COs Michael Olesen, Robert Freeborn, and Michael Evink conducted a night patrol during the Mackinac Island yacht races. The COs patrolled the state harbor and the downtown area of Mackinac Island. The COs dealt with one individual who was unwanted on a boat where he didn't belong. The individual was escorted off state property. The COs also were first on scene for a bicycle accident downtown on the island and assisted with the accident.

COs Colton Gelinas, Todd Sumbera, Cole VanOosten, Justin Vinson, and Sgt. Calvin Smith patrolled the Straits area during the Port Huron to Mackinac Island Yacht Race. Several violations were observed, and citations issued for failing to register a vessel. During the evening patrols, COs Michael Olesen, Robert Freeborn, and Michael Evink assisted the Mackinac Island State Harbor with extra patrols due to the influx of vessels/crews in the harbor. No major incidents occurred.

While on patrol in western Mackinac County, CO Colton Gelinas observed a group of bicyclists stopped on a remote road approximately three miles from a rustic campground. One of the group members had a flat tire after riding 40 miles that day. CO Gelinas offered to give a ride to some group members the rest of the way to the campground, several members quickly took him up on his offer. The highway US 2 corridor is popular for through country bicyclists.

CO Cole VanOosten and Sgt. Calvin Smith gave a presentation to approximately 20 children at a local church. Topics included water safety as well as preparedness and safety when exploring in the woods.

COs Todd Sumbera, Cole VanOosten, Justin Vinson, Mike Evink, and Sgt. Calvin Smith conducted an ORV patrol on Drummond Island. Numerous contacts were made with most people complying. Seven citations were issued, four of which were open intoxicants in an ORV and three citations were issued for operating an ORV in a closed area.

CO Mike Olesen and Sgt. Calvin Smith patrolled the St. Mary's River from Neebish Island up to Sault Ste. Marie. During the patrol, many contacts were made with individuals fishing different areas of the river with high compliance in both fishing and marine regulations. When traveling near Sault Ste. Marie, the COs observed a personal watercraft (PWC) being operated within 200 feet of the shoreline. Contact was made with the operator who was determined to be ten years old. The COs followed the underage operator back to his dock where contact was made with the father. CO Olesen explained the laws pertaining to PWC operation and a citation was issued to the father for owner/guardian allowing underage operation of PWC.

On Sunday, August 1st, at approximately 6:40 pm, CO Cole VanOosten was notified from Luce County Central Dispatch of an overdue 19-year-old male from Homestead Florida and a 20-year-old female from Chicago Illinois. The couple had rented a canoe from Tahquamenon Falls State Park, canoed down river, and had failed to return. CO VanOosten arrived, and it became readily apparent that the missing couple was ill-prepared for the trip and were unfamiliar with the area as well as operating a canoe. The missing couple was able to make a short phone call to their friends and let them know that they had capsized the canoe and had made it to shore; the missing couple's friends notified them to stay put and that help was on the way. The missing couple's cell phone battery expired a short time later, losing contact. CO VanOosten and Ranger Smaltz located the canoe pulled up on a remote campsite approximately five and a half miles downstream from the lower falls at 8:45 pm. The campsite was like the one that the missing party had described. They canvased a seven-mile radius of the last known location with no signs of the missing party. Additionally, Tahquamenon Park Ranger Eric Johnson hiked into several remote cabins in the area and was unable to locate any signs of the lost individuals. At approximately 2:00 am, a United States Coast Guard helicopter arrived on scene to assist in the search. The helicopter cleared the river to ensure no members were still in the water as well as canvased the area where the individuals cell phones last pinged. COs Justin Vinson and Mike Olesen used a patrol boat to start searching the river upstream from the Tahquamenon River mouth. At approximately 10:15 am Monday morning, COs Olesen and Vinson located the missing couple who were being brought downstream in a boat by a Good Samaritan. The couple told the COs that they had capsized the canoe several times before finally making it to the remote campsite where they abandoned the canoe. They ignored their friend's advice and decided to keep going. They located a small boat nearby and used it to navigate further away downstream where they came across a cabin which they broke into and spent the night in before being helped by a neighbor who brought them downstream where they met the COs who were searching for them. Many resources and man hours were put into the search which could have ended quickly had the subjects not panicked and stayed put as their friends had advised on the brief phone call.


CO Nathan Beelman and his wife were traveling home from vacation on a day off when they witnessed an accident along M 35 between Escanaba and Gladstone. The accident resulted in one subject being trapped in a vehicle and stuck in a ditch with air bags deployed. CO Beelman and his wife rendered first aid at the scene while they waited for first responders and helped direct first responders to the scene.

CO Kyle Cherry responded to two separate ORV crashes on a busy Saturday in Otsego County. Coincidentally, both crashes involved operators who had rolled their ORV's downhill after hitting a tree root. Both operators were transported to local hospital for treatment.

COs Jon Sklba, Dan Liestenfeltz, Sidney Collins, Jessica Curtis, Kyle Cherry, Matt Theunick, Eric Bottorff, Jon Sheppard, and Sgt. Michael Mshar assisted the Alpena Combat Readiness Center and the United States military with an exercise involving the landing of four A-10 Warthogs and two C-146's on state highway M 32. The COs provided security for the landing zone. This was the first time in history that this type of training was conducted on a roadway using fighter aircraft in the country.

CO Paul Fox was on patrol near Onaway when a domestic violence call came out near his location. CO Fox responded to the scene and assisted local deputies secure the scene and suspect who was arrested for domestic assault.

CO Jon Sheppard received a complaint from RAP dispatchers regarding a bobcat that was harvested and registered in the 2019 license year. The hunter who took the bobcat had not obtained a bobcat kill tag. CO Sheppard interviewed the suspect at his house. The suspect showed CO Sheppard the mount of the bobcat hanging on his wall as well as pictures of the bobcat the day he harvested it. After the interview, CO Sheppard was unable to find any evidence that a bobcat kill-tag was purchased or placed on the bobcat. CO Sheppard seized the bobcat mount for evidence and a report is being submitted to the Alpena County Prosecutor's Office for harvesting a bobcat without a valid kill-tag.

CO Jon Sklba contacted a subject operating an ORV down a state highway in Presque Isle. During the contact, the subject admitted to being stopped for the same violation in the past. The subject also admitted that during his previous encounter with the CO he was advised he needed an ORV permit, which he was still without. A ticket was issued for the violations.

CO Jon Sklba located an illegal bear bait in Presque Isle County. The bait had been established well before the legal bear baiting season and had utilized illegal debris at the bait site. Eventually, CO Sklba was able to contact a local bear guide as he was actively resetting the bait. A ticket was issued for the violation.


CO Josiah Killingbeck, while on patrol, heard Lake County Dispatch advise that a 911 call had been received but then dropped due to lack of phone service. The subject said that he had fallen and broken his back. Lake County Dispatch was unable to get a computer connection with the call, which would have given a location of origin. The Lake County Sheriff's Office began tracking back the number, and after speaking with family members, it was determined that the person was probably in the woods in Mason County. CO Killingbeck went to a remote area and began driving two tracks. CO Killingbeck was able to locate the vehicle and eventually was able to track the injured person, now located at the base of the tree. The male subject had fallen approximately 30 feet out of the tree as he attempted to move his tree stand. CO Killingbeck provided first aid until emergency medical services (EMS) arrived. CO Killingbeck assisted with extrication of the subject from the area. The subject was transported by helicopter to a down state trauma center for his injuries.

CO Josiah Killingbeck was on patrol when he heard Lake County Dispatch advise that an unwanted person at a residence had turned hostile and there was a gun involved. CO Killingbeck responded to the scene as he was only a couple miles away. Upon his arrival, CO Killingbeck took cover and began calling people to come towards his location so he could get a visual on the suspects. One subject would not listen to CO Killingbeck's orders. After a Lake County deputy arrived, CO Killingbeck and the deputy advanced and observed a subject lying face down and another subject standing nearby. CO Killingbeck asked the subject where the gun was. The subject who was standing told CO Killingbeck it was laying in the grass and that he'd just shot the other subject. CO Killingbeck detained the subject who was standing, and first aid was administered to the subject who had been shot. CO Killingbeck turned the scene over to the Lake County Sheriff's Department and assisted with the investigation.

COs Josiah Killingbeck, Kyle Publiski, and Sgt. Grant Emery assisted in the annual bear hunting clinics held at the DNR's Carl T. Johnson Hunting and Fishing Center in Cadillac. Nearly 75 participants attended the two classes. Positive feedback was received from the students on the information and knowledge that had been shared during the classes.

CO Josh Reed responded to a "be on the lookout" call that was broadcast through MECEOLA dispatch about a vehicle all over the roadway. As CO Reed responded, it was reported that the operator of the vehicle had gone into the ditch and disabled the vehicle. CO Reed arrived at the scene and noticed the driver was very unsteady on his feet and was slurring his words as he spoke. Consent was given by the driver to search his vehicle and two unlabeled pill bottles were located on the driver's side of the vehicle, along with a vape pen that the driver admitted to containing THC. A glass smoking pipe was also located on the driver's side which contained an unknown residue. The driver was given SFSTs, which he was unable to finish. The driver was arrested for operating under the influence of drugs. The prescription medications, vape pen, and pipe were confiscated for lab testing and further charges.

CO Josh Reed was conducting ORV patrol in the Diamond Lake area of the Martiny State Game Area (SGA). CO Reed had made one loop through the game area and headed south on a county season road. CO Reed stopped on top of a hill and observed a red quad head north in his direction on the seasonal road. CO Reed observed the operator not wearing a helmet and holding a can of something in one hand and driving the quad with the other. A stop was conducted on the quad, the can in the operator's hand was a Bud Light. The operator was also found to be revoked from prior OWI. The operator was ultimately cited for driving while license suspended ORV and possessing open intoxicant on an ORV.

CO Ben Shively was responding to a complaint in northern Oceana County and was travelling on the expressway when he observed a SUV approaching from behind him at a high rate of speed in heavy traffic. CO Shively was able to activate his radar and obtain a speed measurement reading of 102 miles per hour (mph) in the posted 75 mph hour zone after the SUV passed him. CO Shively conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and the driver stated he was just listening to music and was unaware of his speed. The driver was cited for his excessive speed.

COs Ben Shively and Micah Hintze responded to a Report All Poaching complaint from a subject who went to his leased hunting property in Oceana County and found one of his tower blinds to be damaged, his cell trail cameras had been removed, and no trespassing signs torn down. The COs met with the complainant and investigated the scene. The cell cameras were located at the back of the property, along with the removed no trespassing signs, next to another tower blind. The COs reviewed the trail camera photos from the SD cards and located a unique Polaris utility terrain vehicle (UTV) that was photographed on the property. CO Shively was able to reach out to contacts and was able to develop a suspect within an hour. CO Shively contacted the suspect who he has had prior contact with and was able to obtain a full confession to attempting to tip over the tower blind and destroying the staircase up to the blind with his UTV, removal of the trail cameras, tearing down the no trespassing signs, and ORV trespass. Warrants will be sought for malicious destruction of property, ORV trespass, and removal of no trespassing signs.

CO Angela Greenway was stopped at a red light in Mecosta County when a vehicle arrived behind her patrol truck. Instead of stopping, it pulled over into the lane of opposing traffic and pulled up next to her driver's side door. It did a rolling stop, and then proceeded to turn left on the red light. CO Greenway activated her emergency lights and made sure the intersection was clear and then proceeded to affect a traffic stop on the vehicle. After a thorough investigation, the driver was arrested for OWI.

COs Josh Reed and Angela Greenway participated in the 17th Annual National Night Out in Big Rapids. The COs had their 18-foot Wellcraft on display, along with their patrol vehicles and a quad to showcase just a few tools used by COs in their daily job duties. They contacted over 200 kids and adults. Other agencies that were also there included: the MSP, Mecosta County Dive Team, the K9 unit, Big Rapids City Police Department, Ferris Police Department, EMS, Dispatch, and Big Rapids Fire Department, along with other community agencies. This is a great opportunity for the community to come out and meet the men and women who serve and protect them every day.


COs Charlie Jones and Jeff Goss were patrolling Houghton Lake in Roscommon County for the annual Bud Bash event. The COs observed a pontoon boat leave the event area operating at a speed greater than slow no wake less than 100 feet from anchored watercrafts and swimmers. COs Jones and Goss conducted a stop on the boat. Further investigation showed the operator of the pontoon was intoxicated with a BAC of .218. The operator was taken into custody and lodged in the Roscommon County Jail.

COs John Huspen, Breanna Reed, Josh Wright, Casey Pullum, Charlie Jones, Jeff Goss, and Sgt. Brian Olsen assisted the Roscommon County Sheriff's Office, the MSP, and Denton Township Police Department with patrolling the 2021 Bud Bash event on Houghton Lake in Roscommon County. The event participation was down in size from previous years. Several marine citations were issued by the COs while patrolling the water. One medical assist was also handled where a participant began having a seizure.


CO Adam Beuthin was on patrol in Saginaw County when he observed two individuals with fishing poles and buckets walking up to a parked vehicle. One of the individuals had several fish in the bucket he was carrying. Upon inspection, the CO noticed one of the two bass was visibly shorter than the other. It was measured to be approximately nine inches in length, five inches less than the legal 14-inch possession limit. The individual was issued a citation for possessing a bass less than the legal possession limit.


CO Travis Dragomer and Sgt. Steve Mooney observed a boat pulling a raft with three individuals on it. None of the passengers being towed had PFDs on and a child on board, less than six years old, was not wearing a PFD. One citation was issued to the operator for towing people who failed to have PFDs on and one warning was given.

COs Travis Dragomer and Zach Bauer conducted a marine patrol upon the Galien River in New Buffalo. The COs observed two anglers fishing from kayaks. After contacting the anglers, it was determined neither individual possessed valid fishing licenses and one of the kayakers did not have a PFD onboard. Two citations were issued for fishing without licenses and one warning was given.

Sgt. Steve Mooney worked with CO Travis Dragomer in Berrien County on Saturday. While on patrol, the COs responded to a shooting incident at a local liquor store in Benton Harbor. One subject was fatally wounded, and another had minor wounds. The suspects fled the area after the shooting.

CO Richard Cardenas responded to an in-progress breaking and entering complaint. Barry County Sheriff's deputies pursued two suspects and one was caught by the sheriff department's K9 unit. The second evaded the track. CO Cardenas was patrolling the area looking for the second suspect when a citizen called 911 and advised a subject matching the description of the suspect came out of the woods and was attempting to get into a home that was for sale. When the suspect was confronted by citizens, he stole a bicycle and fled down the road. CO Cardenas responded to the area and located the suspect who refused to comply with his orders, abandoned the bike, and fled on foot. CO Cardenas pursued the suspect on foot and ultimately was able to take the suspect into custody and turn him over to the Barry County Sheriff's Department to be lodged on charges related to their investigation and Resist and Obstruct charges for his actions during the arrest.

CO Kyle McQueer was dispatched to a car versus tree injury accident in Barry County. Upon CO McQueer's arrival, the driver was transported to the hospital for his injuries. A law enforcement information network (LEIN) inquiry indicated that the driver has a revoked license and is on probation. CO McQueer contacted the individual's probation officer who stated the individual was on "swift and severe" probation which means they have stricter restrictions and the next violation they encounter; they will go to prison. Charges are being sought for driving on a revoked license through the Barry County Prosecutor's Office.

CO Sam Schluckbier patrolled the Kalamazoo River during the Venetian Festival held in Saugatuck. While watching boaters operate in a slow no wake zone, CO Schluckbier observed one vessel violating the ordinance. A stop was made on the vessel, which was occupied by four individuals. The driver admitted to drinking five beers prior to the stop. Seated SFST's were conducted at a nearby dock. It was determined the driver of the boat was intoxicated and he was arrested for boating under the influence. The boat was transported back safely to the boat access site. The driver was lodged in the Allegan County Jail with a BAC of 0.14.

CO Carter Woodwyk was patrolling Allegan County when he observed two ORVs operating on the public roadway without helmets. The CO initiated his emergency lights to conduct a stop and witnessed the lead ORV operator quickly pour out a can of beer and place the can back inside the freshly opened 12 pack sitting on his lap. A citation was issued, and they were escorted to private property where they could get back to their residence.

CO Carter Woodwyk was patrolling Baseline Lake in Allegan County when he observed a vessel towing a skier without an observer. The CO began operating in the direction of the vessel to conduct a stop. When the skier noticed the CO as a law enforcement officer, she immediately let go of the tow rope and dropped into the water. The CO contacted the operator and skier, and both indicated they knew they were required to have an observer onboard the vessel. A citation was issued for the safety violation.

CO Carter Woodwyk was conducting a dedicated patrol at Holland State Park. The park has seen an increase in reckless driving complaints over the summer. CO Woodwyk was patrolling the parking area when he heard and observed a black Ford Mustang coming in his direction at a high rate of speed through a pedestrian-filled day-use parking lot. When the operator observed the CO's patrol truck, he immediately slowed down. A stop was conducted, and the operator admitted to "getting on it" but also stated he was only going 10 miles per hour. A citation was issued for careless operation due to the packed parking lot and heavy volume of pedestrians in the area.

COs from Districts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, Commercial Fish section, and Park rangers conducted patrols on and around Grand Haven State Park during the weeklong USCG celebration in Grand Haven. Fifty citations were issued related to alcohol violations, minors in possession of alcohol and marijuana, marine safety violations, general motor vehicle traffic violations, and fishing without a license.


CO John Byars participated in the First Responders Food Drive for the Hungry. He passed out fliers to customers at a Kroger location in Lansing and was successful in getting enough donated non-perishable items to fill a large watermelon bin and three shopping carts.

CO Jason McCullough conducted a hunter safety class in an Amish community in southeastern Calhoun County. A total of 17 students attended.


COs Dan Walzak and Dave Schaumburger checked a vessel with a lone angler who stated that he had his limit of walleye in the boat. The angler was pulling in lines and putting things away in his boat. Conducting a check, CO Schaumburger asked the angler to bring the fish into view by placing them in his landing net. As the subject was bringing the fish out of the live well, both officers noticed that there were seven fish, one fish over the legal limit. After the subject was issued a citation for possessing an over-limit of fish, CO Schaumburger asked him why he had the over-limit, the subject responded, "I was culling".

CO Justin Muehlhauser investigated an ongoing complaint about slow no wake violations on a slow no wake lake. A persistent caller reports that one particular neighbor is continuously violating the slow no wake local watercraft control. The caller has provided video of the suspect's vessel motoring around the lake at slightly greater than slow no wake. CO Muehlhauser monitored the location and located the vessel operating at slightly greater than slow no wake, however, the operation was nothing that would be considered egregious. At one point in the video, children are observed jumping from the vessel while it is underway. Although there is nothing specific in the law regarding jumping from moving vessel, these actions can be considered reckless. CO Muehlhauser is attempting to contact the subjects to discuss the unsafe activity and the slow no wake violations.

COs Justin Muehlhauser and Luke Robare responded to a snagging complaint in progress at the Holloway Dam. A caller provided descriptions of two individuals who were actively snagging and keeping walleye. The COs arrived at the location and set up on the anglers. Both COs observed obvious snagging motions from both parties. Eventually the COs checked the anglers and inspected their catch. There were noticeable snag marks on three of the five fish in their possession. One of the anglers admitted to keeping a foul hooked fish. The other angler was fishing without a license. Both anglers were cited for their respective violations.

Sgt. Jason Becker worked the Kroger First Responder Food Drive at the Milford location. Kroger customers filled a melon bin full of food donations and the store accepted hundreds of dollars in monetary donations. People were excited to see a Conservation Officer and there were many people commenting on how sharp the patrol truck looks.

CO Bob Watson had a bench trial for a hunter harassment case which took place in December 2020. The suspect was found guilty. His hunting privileges were revoked, and he was sentenced to fines and community service.

CO Bob Watson responded to a complaint of trespass. CO Watson contacted a young man fishing who acknowledged to walking past "No Trespassing" signs to access the property. The young man received a citation for fishing without a license and a warning for trespassing.

CO Jaime Salisbury was putting his patrol boat back on the trailer when a call came out for a heroin overdose in progress. CO Salisbury was only a mile away from the park where it was happening. When CO Salisbury arrived at the park along with a Lapeer County Sheriff's Deputy, he was able to quickly locate the subject on the water's edge with Marine Deputy Curt June who was first on scene but did not have an automated external defibrillator (AED) or NARCAN. When CO Salisbury and Deputy Durant approached the victim, she was not breathing and had no pulse. CO Salisbury gave the woman a dose of NARCAN nasal spray and then hooked Deputy Durant's AED to the victim's chest. The AED was unable to detect a pulse and advised to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPR. Deputy Durant performed CPR while CO Salisbury kept the scene secure from onlookers quickly approaching. After completing a cycle of CPR, a pulse was detected but the victim was still not breathing. CO Salisbury administered a second dose of NARCAN nasal spray and shortly after, CO Salisbury performed a sternum rub and the female took a deep breath and sat up. The female was turned over to EMS and brought to McLaren Regional Hospital Lapeer for further treatment.

CO Jaime Salisbury was on marine patrol when he witnessed a female sitting on the front of a boat with her legs dangling towards the water while doing approximately 35 mph. CO Salisbury stopped the vessel and informed the bow riding woman and the male driver that it was illegal to sit on the front of the boat while going faster than no wake speed. CO Salisbury asked the woman for her state issued identification and she said she didn't have it with her. CO Salisbury asked for her name and date of birth, and she gave him the requested information. After running the name through Station 20 and receiving a "no record" return, CO Salisbury confronted the woman about the name she gave him. When CO Salisbury asked for her real name, she miraculously was able to produce the identification CO Salisbury had initially asked for. CO Salisbury asked why she lied about her name, and she replied, "I didn't feel like giving it to you." The woman was run through LEIN by her real name and there were no wants or warrants. Two misdemeanor citations were issued to the woman for bow riding and providing a false name to a police officer.

COs Joseph Deppen, Dave Schaumburger, and Kris Kiel were on marine patrol on Belleville Lake when they noticed a Sea-Doo boat traveling close to patron's docks at greater than slow no wake. CO Deppen used a rangefinder, and the operator was 11 feet away from the docks while throwing up a serious wake. A stop was conducted. The operator was cited for operating at greater than slow no wake speed within 100 feet on a dock.

COs Joseph Deppen, Dave Schaumburger, and Kris Kiel were on marine patrol on Belleville Lake when they noticed two shore anglers. CO Deppen made contact and noticed a white bucket in front of one of the anglers. When looking in the bucket CO Deppen noticed two things. One, that there were three bass in the bucket and second, that all three bass were short. Before CO Deppen even asked the angler about the fish, the angler said, "I know one might be short, but they all swallowed the hook and that's why I kept them." CO Deppen only found hook markings on the lips and no damages or hooks were seen in the throat of any of the bass. The bass were measured and all three were less than 14 inches. The angler was cited for possession of bass less than 14 inches. The second angler was given a warning for fishing without a license.

CO Joseph Deppen was on ORV patrol in Macomb County when he was contacted by a landowner about possible trespassing. CO Deppen made the location and found a single dirt bike being ridden by two individuals without helmets. The suspects were questioned about permission and said they heard it was a nice place to ride. The suspects were issued citations for operating an unlicensed ORV and verbal warnings about helmets and ORV trespass. As CO Deppen was issuing their citations, another rider came into the area and was stopped next to CO Deppen's patrol vehicle. He was also issued a citation for operating an unlicensed ORV and verbal warning on ORV trespassing.

CO Nicholas Ingersoll was on his way to his residence after working a Belle Isle shift when he was advised by Monroe County Central Dispatch at midnight of a vessel that had crashed into two docks and two individuals were in the water. CO Ingersoll was able to respond and use his patrol boat to search Laplaisance Creek for the missing occupants. Upon arrival to the scene, one individual was retrieved from the water, and he was transported to the hospital where he is expected to make a full recovery. The other individual was still missing, and CO Ingersoll searched around the accident scene in the water for the missing occupant. After search efforts were exhausted, the Monroe County Dive Team responded to the scene and searched throughout the night into the morning hours when the victim was eventually recovered. The Monroe County Sheriff's Department is investigating the incident.

CO Nicholas Ingersoll was working a Stonegarden grant when he conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle that was missing a headlight and did not have working taillights. CO Ingersoll stopped the vehicle and recognized the driver as a subject with outstanding warrants. CO Ingersoll advised the driver to step out of the vehicle. She refused and stated she was going to smoke her cigarette. After several attempts of asking the driver to step out and advising her she was under arrest, the CO removed the individual from the vehicle. She was placed under arrest for her outstanding warrants and charged for resisting and obstructing an officer. Charges are being sought through the Monroe County Prosecutor's Office and she was lodged at the Monroe County Jail.

CO Nicholas Ingersoll was checking anglers at Luna Pier when he observed an individual fishing from the parking lot. While walking down the pier CO Ingersoll noticed the subject had set his pole down. Upon speaking with the subject, he advised CO Ingersoll he was just out enjoying the night and not fishing. CO Ingersoll advised the angler he watched him fish from the parking lot and his worm was still wet from the water. The angler continued to deny that he was fishing, until CO Ingersoll issued him his citation. Once CO Ingersoll issued him his citation for fishing without a license, the angler advised he was fishing and just didn't have the money to pay the citation.

CO Brandon Hartleben arrived on scene with Detroit Fire to a two-vehicle rollover crash along Westbound I 96 while travelling home from a B1 Shift. CO Hartleben checked for injuries and conducted initial interviews on scene with the occupants of the vehicle that rolled over. CO Hartleben also conducted witness interviews with bystanders that had stopped to check on the occupants. All five occupants of the vehicle that were struck from behind and rolled over were transported to the hospital for further evaluation by Detroit EMS. CO Hartleben turned over the accident to MSP units that arrived on scene.

CO Andrew Monnich was checking marine activity on Round Lake when he observed a boat pulling a skier with no observer. As the boat came back, CO Monnich was able to flag the boat down. Upon contact, it was discovered that the boater had been cited multiple times over the last few years for the same exact issues. A citation was issued again for towing without an observer.

CO Eric Smither was patrolling near Devils Lake when he observed a vehicle pull out of a mobile home park and accelerate at a high rate of speed. CO Smither followed the vehicle and paced them at 56 mph in a 35-mph zone. CO Smither conducted a traffic stop, and a citation was issued for Violation of Basic Speed Law.

CO Eric Smither was contacting anglers at Lake Hudson boat launch when he observed a boat travelling at a high rate of speed on plane across the lake. Lake Hudson is a No Wake Lake and CO Smither contacted the boat operator near shore on the opposite side of the lake. The operator stated he did not know it was a No Wake Lake until his wife informed him once he slowed down. Enforcement action was taken, and a citation was issued for Exceed Slow No Wake.


CO Joshua Wright and Sgt. Damon Owens responded to a person on Belle Isle who was on the phone with a crisis center and contemplating about committing suicide by jumping off a bridge. They located the person just before they made it to the bridge and after about a half hour of talking to the person, they agreed to go to the VA voluntarily for help.

While working Belle Isle, COs Ed Rice and Tom Peterson responded to a call of an injured biker. Upon arrival, the COs found the man conscious and breathing with several lacerations to the head, arms, and legs. The COs rendered medical aid and stabilized the man's neck while waiting for medical personnel. Detroit EMS arrived and transported the man to a nearby hospital for further evaluation.

Working Belle Isle, CO Dan Walzak was flagged down by security after the 10:00 closure time of the park and was told that a vehicle failed to stop. CO Walzak was able to catch up to the vehicle and bring it to a stop before it entered the park. Through contact with the vehicle, it was revealed that the passenger of the vehicle had a plastic tumbler with an alcoholic beverage inside of it. The operator stated that he did not drink, and the tumbler belonged to his wife. When asked why he did not stop for the security guard and drove all the way across the bridge, the operator stated that he was looking for a place to turn around. The operator received a citation for transporting open intoxicants and the passenger received one for possession of open intoxicants.


CO Jeff Dell and Cpl. Mike Hammill contacted multiple commercial fishermen during dockside inspections. Most fishermen were not having much success.

CO Jeff Dell and Cpl. Mike Hammill contacted two recreational vessels, giving back-to-back verbal warnings for failing to disclose a CPL and failing to provide a PFD.

COs Jeff Dell and Jeremy Sergey, Cpl. Mike Hammill, and Lt. Terry Short attempted to lift an abandoned gillnet in Marquette. The officers looked for over an hour, however, they were unable to locate the net.

CO Jeff Dell and Cpl. Mike Hammill responded to a net complaint. The officers found the net in question but due to the weight of the net, the officers will have to wait until the Pacific is available to utilize the net lifter.

Cpl. Jon Busken was contacted by a shrimp boat operator from Mississippi who is planning to sell his catch in Michigan. The shrimper was curious as to whether he would be required to obtain a wholesale fish dealer's license in Michigan. Cpl. Busken advised him that the wholesale fish dealer's license is only required for freshwater species. Cpl. Busken guided him to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development's website to obtain more information on food sales in Michigan.

Conservation Officer Justin Vanderlinde and Cpl. Troy VanGelderen worked the Grand Haven Parade of Ships and patrolled Lake Michigan after the event checking anglers and boaters. Compliance was very good.

Cpl. Troy VanGelderen taught a boater's safety class at the Pentwater Yacht Club with Marine Deputy Tim Simon from the Oceana County Sheriff Department, where they certified several youths.

Cpl. Troy VanGelderen patrolled the lakeshore of Oceana and Muskegon Counties, where several salmon fishermen were contacted, and some tickets issued for fishing with too many lines.

Cpl. Troy VanGelderen and Cpl. Brett DeLonge assisted at the US Coast Guard Festival, where a historic number of vessels participated. Many marine contacts were made, a few verbal warnings given, and only one ticket for lack of PFDs. The ticket numbers by COs on land and on the beach were also lower than expected. No major problems occurred at the festival. Cpl. VanGelderen and Cpl. DeLonge also provided security for the fireworks display, along with the USCG, Ottawa County Sheriff Department, and a District 7 vessel.

Several members of GLEU participated in a Teams meeting in preparation for the upcoming Tuskegee P-39 Cobra recovery detail in Lake Huron. Logistics for the detail were discussed.

CO Ethan Gainforth, Cpl. Pat Hartsig and Cpl. Nick Atkin conducted a net patrol, during which multiple nets with the leads removed were checked. The commercial fisherman in the area is preparing to remove the nets. During this patrol, the Neal was moved from Bay City to AuGres in preparation for the upcoming Tuskegee P-39 Cobra recovery detail near Port Huron.

Cpl. Brett DeLonge responded to a PI accident while traveling south on I-75 near Indian River. Cpl. DeLonge assisted MSP and local Fire personnel with rerouting traffic off I-75 to avoid the accident scene.

While traveling north on I-75 in Otsego County, Cpl. Brett DeLonge observed a vehicle fire on the south bound side of the highway. Cpl. DeLonge was able to cut across the median and make it to the scene. Cpl. DeLonge blocked the southbound traffic and ensured the occupants were safely away from the vehicle as it became fully engulfed in flames. Local fire personnel and Otsego County deputies were contacted and arrived to take care of the vehicle and occupants. While at the scene, Cpl. DeLonge was made aware of a motorist pulling a large horse trailer with a flat tire, who was having a difficult time trying to change the tire with the large traffic backup caused by the burning vehicle. Cpl. DeLonge was able to make his way to the motorist and slowly escort the vehicle and trailer to the next exit. At the safe location, Cpl. DeLonge changed the trailer tire for the motorist and provided the motorist with a re-route southbound to avoid the traffic back-up and vehicle fire.