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8/22/2021 - 9/4/2021


Conservation Officer (CO) Brian Lasanen and Probationary Conservation Officer (PCO) Phil Helminen were working in Houghton County when they observed a vehicle pull into a parking spot near them. As the driver exited her vehicle, the COs observed her to be unsteady on her feet. Contact was made with the driver and two open containers of beer were observed in the center console of the vehicle. When asked about the beer cans in the center console, the driver stated that they were empty. The driver gave consent to search the vehicle, and the COs found one beer to be empty and the second to be half full and cold to the touch. The driver advised she drank one of the beers and was working on the other as she was driving. She also stated that she had taken some Xanax before consuming the beers. After performing poorly on standardized field sobriety tests (SFSTs), the driver was arrested for operating under the influence of drugs. A search warrant was obtained for a blood draw and the subject was lodged in the Houghton County Jail.

COs Ethen Mapes and Byron Parks responded to an ORV accident which occurred on private property. Once on scene, COs Mapes and Parks were led to two individuals lying on the ground in the bottom of a ravine. One subject suffered a broken leg and the other complained of lower back pain. Both subjects had to be carried out of the ravine on backboards and were transported to Aspirus Ontonagon Hospital.

COs Shannon Kritz, Jared Ferguson, and PCO Alex VanWagner attended a hunter safety class at the Normenco Sportsman Club in Spalding, Menominee County. They provided instruction on the law portion of hunter education and answered questions pertaining to the current hunting guide.

CO Shannon Kritz received a complaint from an ORV user who reported that he was using a two-track on state land and encountered sharpened rebar sticking out of the ground. Thankfully, the ORV user was able to see the rebar before he went over it. CO Kritz responded to the area and observed that the state land was posted as private property with a chain across the two-track. ORVs had been going around the chain and that is where four pieces of sharp rebar were sticking out of the ground, with the assumed intention of puncturing the tires of ORVs. CO Kritz developed a suspect by locating a nearby piece of private property. CO Kritz interviewed the landowner who claimed that he thought he was at his property line when he posted the property. The landowner admitted to placing the rebar in the ground because he was frustrated with ORV trespassers going onto his property. CO Kritz informed the landowner that he was approximately 360 feet away from the private property line and discussed how dangerous the consequences of putting the rebar into the ground could have been. A report will be submitted to the prosecutor for the violations.

CO Jared Ferguson and PCO Alex VanWagner attended a trapper's education class at Kingsford Middle School. Trapper ethics and laws pertaining to trapping were discussed with the students.

CO Jeremy Sergey was patrolling Lake Levasseur during the early teal season and goose opener when he checked two individual's waterfowl hunting. CO Sergey noticed they had a box of steel shot along with two other boxes of bird shot. When the individuals unloaded their shotguns, CO Sergey discovered they had lead shot shells loaded in their shotguns. Each subject was issued a citation for waterfowl hunting with toxic shot.


CO Andrea Dani received a call from Alger County Dispatch advising of an incident that the sheriff's department responded to the day prior. She was advised that a caretaker for land enrolled in the Commercial Forest Act (CFA) had kicked two anglers off the property and threatened to slash their tires. The anglers were not trespassing during the incident. CO Dani spoke with all parties involved and gave the property owner and caretaker a warning for improperly removing persons from accessible land registered as CFA lands. The DNR Commercial Forest Management Specialist was advised of the incident as well.

CO Andrea Dani received a complaint from Alger County Dispatch of two anglers on the west branch of the Whitefish River who were being threatened by a nearby property owner. CO Dani responded and contacted the suspect. The property owner stated the anglers were not responsibly fishing the river and was concerned that they were fishing the only deep hole and killing the fish. CO Dani contacted the anglers who advised they had walked downstream to the previously addressed hole and were confronted by the nearby property owner. They stated they never entered his property and stayed in the river throughout their trip. They heard shots just prior to the property owner addressing them, causing them to believe he was trying to scare them away with target practice.    The couple had three brook trout in their possession and stated they just wanted the owner to be aware of the laws. When it was explained to the property owner that the anglers were not violating any laws he cooled off and understood, but still expressed major concerns for the trout population due to low water conditions.

CO Steve Butzin was on patrol north of Rapid River when he observed a vehicle parked off a two-track. After several minutes he was able to locate the driver of the vehicle. This individual was found to be baiting for the upcoming archery deer season. This individual was issued a citation for baiting deer prior to September 15th.

CO Colton Gelinas responded to a motorcycle accident near St. Ignace and assisted fellow law enforcement officers with traffic control.


CO Andrea Albert noticed a truck and camper frequenting one of the DNR Torch Lake boating access sites for several days. After observing what appeared to be subjects camping at the boating access site parking lot, CO Albert contacted them in the late morning, waking them up. The owner of the camper was very argumentative about being able to camp at the access site. He insisted he could camp because it was not clearly posted for no camping.  He also did not have the required recreational passport to use the access site. CO Albert explained that all the access site rules are posted at the boat ramp. Tickets were issued for no recreation passport and for camping at a boating access site.

CO Duane Budreau and PCO Brandon Maki received a complaint from park staff at Petoskey State Park of a camper who had intentionally left without paying. The COs were given a general description of the individual and a license plate to the car being driven. The COs were able to locate the individual after two days of speaking with family, friends, and other law enforcement agencies. When CO Budreau and PCO Maki contacted the suspect, she made several excuses as to why she did not pay for the site.  She first explained that she did not feel she should have to pay since she slept in her own tent. She later stated that she did not have enough money, and then ultimately blamed the state park for not having anyone working the campground office. She was ticketed for not registering and paying for the campsite she occupied.

CO Duane Budreau participated in a virtual interview program with the Petoskey Chamber of Commerce. The interview was recorded for future academic use. It is aimed at helping students from local high schools gain a greater understanding of the career of a Michigan Conservation Officer. CO Budreau described what a typical workday looks like for a conservation officer as well as discussing the skill sets necessary to possess to be successful. CO Budreau also provided some advice to students interested in pursuing the career of a Michigan conservation officer and directed anyone interested to visit the DNR website for further information.

CO Tim Rosochacki received a complaint of a boating incident on Mullet Lake. A subject was moving around on a pontoon boat that was underway when he lost his balance and fell over the boat's bow, causing the boat to travel over the top of him. The subject was quickly retrieved back aboard the boat but had been struck by the boat's propeller causing serious injury. The quick actions of those on board saved the man's life as they rushed to get him to shore and to a waiting ambulance. The subject is expected to make a full recovery.

CO Tim Rosochacki responded to an ORV crash in Cheboygan County. A subject was operating an ORV without working brakes when he crested a hill and realized the trail suddenly ended. In attempting to make an evasive maneuver, the subject fell off the ORV and injured himself. CO Rosochacki helped to get first responders back to the scene. The driver was warned for operating at a greater than reasonable speed and advised to get his brakes fixed.

CO Tim Rosochacki was contacted by central dispatch well after dark regarding a boat on Burt Lake which was lost and trying to get back to Burt Lake State Park. The subjects were inexperienced boaters, did not have a working chart plotter, and their cellular carrier did not have service. Using global positioning system (GPS) location provided by the 911 call, CO Rosochacki was able to locate the boaters on the opposite side of the lake, approximately eight miles from their destination. CO Rosochacki escorted the boaters back to the boat launch and helped them to get the boat back on their trailer.

CO Sidney Collins received a complaint from state park rangers of a site at a rustic campground that has been left vacant for several days with their personal belongings left out in the elements. COs Collins and Dan Liestenfeltz responded to the site to investigate the situation. The COs did a welfare check at the site's home of record. The family was fine, they just had to work more that week than originally intended so they did not stay at the site.

CO Sidney Collins was working an elk shift when a complaint of a capsized boat on Crooked Lake came out. The boat was occupied by a man who was clinging to the flipped over boat to stay afloat. The Montmorency County Sheriff's Department and local fire officers responded to the scene as well. CO Collins, deputies, and fire officers were able to locate the capsized boat and pull the man onto their boat to safety. The officers then towed the capsized boat to shore.

COs Jon Sklba and Paul Fox were conducting an evening patrol on Grand Lake in Presque Isle County when they observed a vessel coming toward them. The CO's patrol vessel had the right of way while the other vessel was required to give way. The approaching vessel failed to yield, resulting in the COs having to stop their course of travel. The COs stopped the vessel and contacted the operator. In addition to the moving violation, the operator failed to register his watercraft, was fishing without a license, and was in possession of an undersized walleye. Tickets and warnings were both issued for the violations.

CO Paul Fox was on patrol in Presque Isle County when he observed a large plume of black smoke in the distance. CO Fox followed the smoke to a residence that was demolishing old outbuildings. A small building had been pushed over and lit on fire. Amongst the various debris was shingles and tar paper. CO Fox issued the responsible subject a ticket for unlawful disposal of solid waste.

CO Dan Liestenfeltz was patrolling central Montmorency County when he responded to an ORV accident with injuries just south of Atlanta. Upon arrival, it was determined that a juvenile had lost control of their dirt bike causing him to crash. The juvenile suffered a compound fracture to his leg. The subject was transported to Gaylord Otsego Memorial Hospital.


COs Patrick McManus, Amanda Weaver, Will Kinney, and Bill Haskin assisted at the annual hunter safety training sponsored by the Cedar Rod and Gun Club in Leelanau County. All four COs had several duties during the two-day event, including providing multiple legal presentations, assisting with different firearm stations, and presenting certificates and awards to the participants.

COs Patrick McManus and Troy Ludwig were on patrol in Grand Traverse County, specifically on East Bay, in response to multiple complaints of anglers fishing with too many lines over the last several weeks. After only a short amount of time on the Bay, the COs noticed a vessel with only one angler and five lines out and another vessel with eight lines out and only one angler. Both vessels were stopped and both anglers received citations for fishing with more than three lines. Upon finishing up their day, CO McManus was contacted by area charter captains thanking him for the work that morning as they had observed the COs issuing tickets to the problem vessels.

COs Micah Hintze, Ben Shively, and Sgt. Mike Bomay were on marine patrol in Lake Michigan, near Silver Lake Sand Dunes. Sgt. Bomay observed an orange planer board floating nearby and CO Hintze positioned the patrol vessel to recover it. The board had 100 plus yards of tangle lead core, a spin doctor, and a meat rig attached. The board had the owner's telephone number on it, so Sgt. Bomay contacted the angler to advise him of the find. The angler had lost that tackle over two weeks ago north of Ludington.  CO Hintze met with the happy angler after the marine patrol to return his lost tackle.

CO Tim Barboza was on patrol and responded to a medical call for a male with a laceration to the leg that wouldn't stop bleeding. He arrived on scene and was taken to the backyard where the injured subject was. The subject had his leg elevated on a chair, a makeshift tourniquet around his calf, and a large bundle of blood-soaked rags over the laceration. As the wound was continuing to bleed, CO Barboza placed a tourniquet on the man's leg and rechecked the wound to ensure the bleeding was controlled. Emergency medical services (EMS) arrived on scene and transported the individual to the hospital in Muskegon for further care.

CO Angela Greenway was assigned to work Silver Lake Sand Dunes and assisted the Parks and Recreation Division (PRD) rangers with a personal injury accident involving a 15-year-old operating an ORV with no adult supervision that collided into a side-by-side.  The juvenile operator was transported by Aero Med to Grand Rapids for treatment of serious injuries.

CO Angela Greenway assisted PRD Rangers with a search for a missing nine-year-old who wandered off near Silver Lake in the Silver Lake Sand Dunes. The juvenile was located a short time later along the beach area and returned to his parents.

CO Troy Mueller contacted an elderly man in his 70s who was attempting to locate his lost SUV. He related that he had been riding in his SUV on state land a day earlier when he drove down a very steep hill and had gotten stuck when the road dead-ended at a 10' high fence. With no cell phone signal, the man walked four miles out of the state land and had his wife pick him up. The next day, the man and several people looked for his vehicle and could not find it. He then contacted RAP about the lost vehicle. CO Mueller talked to the man and was able to quickly locate the vehicle and led the tow company to the vehicle's location. The tow company had to get their special tracked vehicle to tow the SUV up the hill. The operator was very thankful of CO Mueller's knowledge of the area.


CO John Huspen and PCO Jack Gorno were dispatched to an ORV accident in Crawford County. The COs assisted on scene and helped direct the ambulance to the site of the accident. After clearing the scene, they were dispatched to another ORV accident in Kalkaska County. They assisted at that location by directing the ambulance to the scene.

Sgt. Brian Olsen stopped a side-by-side ORV in Roscommon County after it left the trail and entered the roadway in front of him without stopping. Several beer cans were noticed at the feet of the occupants. The driver admitted to not being under control of the machine as she entered the roadway. SFSTs and a PBT were administered to the young driver. All occupants received an open intoxicant in a motor vehicle citation and the driver received a careless operation of an ORV citation. The driver's father and grandfather were notified to pick up the machine.

CO Kyle Bader and PCO Zack Walters checked on two ORV riders at a trail/road intersection in Ogemaw County. A tow strap was connecting the two machines. The COs asked if everything was OK, and the male rider said they were about to be in trouble. He said the fuel gauge in his machine was in the red and his wife's machine had stopped running. CO Bader asked where they needed to go, and the woman showed CO Bader where their cabin was located on a map, it was 12 miles away from their current location. There was no chance of them making it to their cabin or the nearest town with the amount of fuel left in the man's ORV. The riders didn't know anyone in the area to call for help. The female rider was transported to her cabin so she could come back with the truck and pick up the machines.

CO Kyle Bader and PCO Zack Walters were patrolling Ogemaw County when they observed a man riding a dirt bike down the road without a helmet while holding onto an infant girl. The infant was not wearing a helmet either. There was no ORV license on the machine. A citation was issued for one of the safety violations and verbal warnings issued for the other violations.

CO Tyler Sabuda responded to a complaint of jet skis operating carelessly along the shore of Lake Huron. CO Sabuda observed one of the riders operating greater than slow no wake too close to shore with swimmers in the water. A citation was issued for the violation.


CO Dan Robinson received a complaint regarding a large, litter pile on state lands. The caller told CO Robinson that they had taken photos of a pile of cement forms and posted it on a Facebook page to find the possible suspects. The caller received several messages about where the forms came from, and CO Robinson was able to track down the possible suspects at their residence. After a lengthy interview, the suspects admitted to taking the materials to the state land and dumping them in several trips. A civil infraction was issued, and the individuals agreed to pick up the material and take it to a landfill.


While patrolling Van Buren County, CO Matt Page observed three ORVs following him on the roadway. The drivers were not wearing any helmets and after letting them pass, it was found that they were not registered. A traffic stop was conducted, and several warnings were given to the individuals. One citation was written to the owner and only local operator for the registration issue. The individuals were educated on the ORV laws and released from the scene.

While travelling through Van Buren County, CO Matt Page overheard a call on county dispatch of a pursuit which eventually led to a crash and a foot pursuit through the woods. CO Page was able to assist local officers in setting up a perimeter while K-9 units attempted a track. Ultimately the individual was not found, however, officers were able to identify him for further charges to the long list of warrants already out for the subject.

While leaving a state park patrol, CO Matt Page heard a call of a medical in the area.  As the call progressed, information was obtained that it was in fact an attempted suicide and upon arrival, medic units were being assaulted by the individual. CO Page responded to the area as quickly as possible and assisted medic units and officers on scene by controlling the individual so the medics could check him out and transport him to the hospital for treatment.

While patrolling Big Fish Lake in Cass County, CO Tyler Cole checked a subject fishing from a pontoon boat. During the check, the angler stated that it was strange how many small bass he was catching. CO Cole asked the subject if he had measured the bass to which the subject stated no, but that the CO could look at them since they were in his live well. CO Cole checked five Largemouth bass in the live well, four of which measured less than 10 inches. The subject stated that he had no intention of keeping the bass but wanted to take them back to near his dock and release them. The bass were released back into the lake where they were caught, and the subject was issued a citation for possession of Largemouth bass under 14 inches.


CO Chris Reynolds, while heading to Belle Isle, was passed by a vehicle traveling well over the speed limit up to 102 mph. CO Reynolds finally caught up with the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop. The driver stated he was in a hurry to get back to the campground where he was staying. A citation was issued for excessive speed.

CO Nick Wellman assisted the MSP with an ongoing issue in southern Branch County of several people trespassing on farm property looking for methamphetamine that was dumped there during a pursuit from several weeks ago. Several people were trespassing, and a truck was towed from the scene.

During a marine patrol, CO Nick Wellman came across two unregistered vessels. One boat had two men while the other boat had two adults and two children. One child was five years of age, and the other was under two years. Neither of the children had PFDs.  The operator of that boat was cited for not having PFDs for the children. The other boat's occupants were cited for an unregistered vessel and no PFDs.


CO Chris Knights worked Stonegarden, overtime. During his patrol of Monroe County, he checked some anglers on the River Raisin. One subject didn't have a fishing license and after running him through LEIN, it came back that he had four warrants out for his arrest. After checking with multiple departments regarding the warrants, they all stated to advise and release. CO Knights issued him a citation for fishing without a license.

While patrolling Mott Lake for fishing activity, PCO Martin Lawrence and CO Justin Muehlhauser encountered an angler fishing at Bluebell Beach. The angler stated that he had a couple fish in is basket. The COs checked the fish and found an undersized bass.  The bass measured 10 inches. The angler was cited for the violation.

COs Dave Schaumburger, Joseph Deppen, and Kris Kiel worked an afternoon marine patrol on Belleville Lake. Eleven citations were written for marine violations including:  slow no wake, navigation light, and speed violations.

On the goose and teal opener, CO Kris Kiel received a text from a waterfowl hunter asking if he was around St. John's Marsh. COs Kris Kiel and Brad Silorey were already on foot in the area and responded to the hunter's allegations of another hunter who had shot at a mallard. The hunter knew that it was a mallard because it had flown past him and then another hunter shot at it, but he could not see if the mallard fell or not. The COs launched a patrol boat and checked the suspect waterfowl hunter. CO Kiel questioned the hunter about shooting at a mallard and he stated that it was an accidental kill. CO Kiel asked where the duck was, and the hunter responded that he had tossed it in the weeds. CO Kiel told the hunter to get it, which he did. While checking the licenses of the hunter, it was found that the subject also failed to purchase a federal waterfowl stamp. The mallard and the two teal the hunter had taken were seized. A citation was written for take/possess a mallard during the closed season and a warning was given for hunt/take waterfowl without a federal waterfowl stamp. When the COs returned to issue the subject his citation, he asked what he should have done when he shot the mallard by accident. CO Kiel told him that he should have called and self-reported. The subject then stated that when it first happened, he called a friend to ask what he should do. The friend told him that it was up to him, but he should call and report it, or throw it in the weeds. The subject admitted that he had made the wrong decision.

COs Kris Kiel and Joseph Deppen responded by patrol boat to an island in Lake St. Clair where a waterfowl hunter had found where a subject had cut down a huge willow tree and dumped it across the channel on state owned lands. The COs contacted the suspect and asked why he had cut up the tree and dumped it. He stated that a storm had knocked half of the tree down and he wanted it all off his property. CO Kiel asked if he owned the property that he dumped the tree on and he said, no and that no one owned it. CO Kiel then asked if he had permission from "no one" to dump it there.  The subject chuckled and said no. The subject was written a citation for littering more than three cubic yards and due to the massive amount of debris, he was given a week to clean it up and dispose of it properly.

CO Joseph Deppen responded to Wetzel Recreation Area in Macomb County. There was a complaint of multiple shots being fired and one of the bullets struck the caller's house. CO Deppen responded to the scene to find a lone hunter in the wooded area carrying a firearm. The hunter was not wearing hunter's orange. CO Deppen spoke with the hunter about his direction of fire and the hunter insisted he fired safely and never toward any houses. CO Deppen issued the hunter a citation for hunting afield without wearing hunter orange and seized the firearm. CO Deppen found a bullet in the side of the complainant's house that was consistent with the caliber of firearm the hunter was using. The firearm and recovered bullet were sent to the MSP crime lab for comparison.  If the bullet matches the firearm of the hunter, additional charges will be sought for reckless discharge of a firearm.

CO Joseph Deppen was checking hunters for early teal and goose season. While checking one hunter, CO Deppen noticed he was carrying a Wood duck. When questioned, the hunter said that he shot a Blue winged teal. CO Deppen showed the duck hunter the difference between the two. A citation was issued for taking a Wood duck during the closed season.

CO Brandon Hartleben was on marine patrol on Whitmore Lake when he conducted a stop on a vessel displaying an expired registration. After following up with Station 20, the operator revealed that not only did the vessel have an expired registration, but that the current owner had failed to transfer the title after purchasing the vessel over two years ago. A citation was issued for operating a watercraft with expired registration and the operator received a warning for failing to transfer the title.

CO Brandon Hartleben was patrolling Portage Lake when he observed a jet ski operating with an expired registration. CO Hartleben conducted a stop on the vessel and checked the vessel registration with Station 20. The jet ski did in fact have an expired registration and the operator was issued a citation for operating an unregistered watercraft.

CO Brandon Hartleben patrolled the Portage Lake Chain during an extremely busy Labor Day Weekend. Numerous vessels were contacted over multiple days. Warnings were given for child under six not wearing a PFD, displaying expired registration, exceeding slow no wake in a posted area, and no Type IV PFD. Several citations were also issued for vessels with expired registrations.

CO Brandon Hartleben responded to the Silver Lake Day Use Area beach at Pinckney State Recreation Area for a reported drowning. CO Hartleben arrived on scene to find that the subject had been recovered by a Good Samaritan and had received cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) at the beach. Pinckney Recreation Area Ranger Zack Dunn had conducted CPR until the subject had resumed breathing. Initial reports were that the subject did not have a pulse at the time he was removed from the water.  After labored breathing, the subject regained consciousness and began talking. Dexter Area Fire and Huron Valley Ambulance arrived on scene to continue medical treatment and evaluation of the subject. The subject was alert and conscious at the time he was taken onto the ambulance for transport to the University of Michigan Medical Center for further medical treatment.

CO Brandon Hartleben was working marine patrol on the Halfmoon Chain of Lakes over the busy holiday weekend when he observed a vessel operating on Halfmoon Lake with an expired registration. A stop was conducted on the vessel and a marine safety check was conducted. A check was run through Station 20, which revealed that the registration was in fact expired. In addition to the expired registration, there were no PFDs onboard the vessel for either of the adult occupants, nor was there a Type IV PFD onboard. A citation was issued for operating an unregistered watercraft and a warning was given for failing to provide PFDs. Additionally, instructions were given to return the vessel immediately to their residence/dock and secure the appropriate number and type of PFDs before returning to the water.

COs Eric Smither and Andrew Monnich responded to a trespassing complaint in southern Lenawee County. The COs contacted the suspects who stated they had permission and were just mushroom hunting. The COs contacted the caller/landowner who stated that they had told the subjects before they were not allowed on the property.  Citations were issued for recreational trespass.

CO Nicholas Ingersoll was checking waterfowl hunters at Pointe Mouillee State Game Area (SGA) when he observed a group of three young hunters walk out of the marsh holding a large puddle duck. CO Ingersoll contacted the hunters and asked what they had shot, and happily stated that they shot a Green winged teal. The hunter stated it was his first time ever duck hunting and his first bird he had ever shot. CO Ingersoll informed the young hunter that he had not shot a Green winged teal and he had shot a wigeon. The hunter was extremely apologetic and advised CO Ingersoll he probably should stick to deer hunting. After checking the hunter's firearms, it was also determined that the hunter had an unplugged shotgun. The hunter stated he did not know it had to be plugged he knew he only could put three shells in the firearm though and that is what he was doing. After a long talk with the hunters, CO Ingersoll provided them with some education and spoke with them for a while about rules and regulations and lifted their spirits a little. The hunter was issued a citation for taking game during closed season and warned for the unplugged shotgun. The hunters understood and advised they would become a little more educated before coming back out.

CO Nicholas Ingersoll was patrolling Erie SGA when he located two vehicles back in the game area. CO Ingersoll contacted the five anglers who were trespassing on Consumers Property. The anglers advised they thought they could drive back there because the gate was knocked down. The two individuals who drove back there were issued citations. One angler was from Texas and did not have a fishing license and was cited for fishing without a license and warned for trespassing. The other angler was issued a citation for entering when posted against.

CO Brandon Vacek contacted numerous teal and goose hunters at Pointe Mouillee SGA. Teal and goose harvest were low the first several days. A verbal warning was issued for not carrying a Type IV PFD onboard a vessel and a citation was issued for possession of lead shot.


While patrolling Belle Isle, CO Pete Purdy conducted a traffic stop for a vehicle not displaying a license plate. The driver provided a traffic citation issued by the Detroit Police Department for no vehicle plate and insurance. CO Purdy also brought to the driver's attention that the vehicle's exhaust was defective. In addition, LEIN revealed the driver had two misdemeanor warrants for larceny and aggravated assault. The warrant holding agency was unable to pick up the driver. CO Purdy warned the driver for the three traffic violations.

While patrolling Belle Isle, CO Pete Purdy conducted a traffic stop for a vehicle displaying a 2020 vehicle registration sticker. A check through law enforcement information network (LEIN) revealed the driver had a misdemeanor traffic warrant for his arrest. The holding agency requested the subject be advised and released on his warrant. The driver was given warnings for not displaying current vehicle registration and no proof of insurance.

CO Chris Reynolds, while working a Belle Isle 2nd shift, was running radar and observed a vehicle traveling 11 mph over the posted speed limit. As the vehicle approached CO Reynolds location, they disregarded a stop sign. CO Reynolds conducted a traffic stop and the driver had multiple warrants for her arrest. The agency stated they would like to meet to pick the individual up on the warrants. CO Reynolds arrested the individual and turned her over to a deputy from the agency with the warrants.

CO Chris Reynolds, while working a Belle Isle 2nd shift, was running radar and observed a vehicle traveling 10 mph over the posted speed limit. CO Reynolds conducted a traffic stop and the driver, as well as the passenger, had multiple warrants for their arrest. The individuals were advised and released on the warrants as the holding agencies would not pickup. CO Reynolds noticed the passenger hiding an open container of alcohol and a citation was issued for open intoxicants in a motor vehicle.

CO David Schaumburger made a traffic stop on a motorcycle that he saw doing a wheelie down central avenue on Belle Isle. The operator stated, "My glove got stuck and it made me do a wheelie". The operator also did not have a driver's license on him, did not have a motorcycle endorsement, did not have any registration plates on the cycle, and failed to disclose his concealed pistol. The motorcycle was impounded, and the operator was given a citation for careless driving, no registration plates, and no motorcycle endorsement.

CO David Schaumburger stopped a dirt bike on Belle Isle who stated that he was driving with his friends who had mopeds because they were going to go to the "rope swing" on Belle Isle. The driver stated that he knew he should not be driving the dirt bike because it was not street legal and said that he "messed up". The operator was compliant, had no warrants, and had a clean driving record so he was issued a citation for an unregistered ORV.

While working Belle Isle, Sgt. Jason Becker received a complaint from park staff that a subject was parked illegally and refused to move. Sgt. Becker responded to the area and contacted the driver of the vehicle. He stated that he parked there to load his belongings and told the park staff that he was not going to move or park in a legal space and walk to pick up his things. The subject was issued a citation for parking in a non-designated area.

CO Joseph Deppen was observing an angler on Belle Isle. The angler was catching fish on a consistent basis. After a few hours the angler was headed back to the vehicle. CO Deppen stopped them and asked for their fishing license and to look at their haul. The angler had a bucket filled with way more than 25 bluegill. A final count showed the angler was 50 bluegill over-limit. When questioned, the angler said, "I forgot to look at the guide this year." CO Deppen issued a citation for over-limit of bluegill and a verbal warning for no fishing license in possession.

COs Dave Schaumburger and Kris Kiel worked a busy weekend B2 shift on Belle Isle together and 27 e-citations were issued during the shift.


Cpl. Brett DeLonge conducted a marine patrol during the South Shore Fishing Association's Fall Classic Tournament. Cpl. DeLonge checked several sport anglers and state trap nets between Marquette and Big Bay.

Cpl. Brett DeLonge conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle pulling a large camper that failed to stop at an intersection. After making contact and having a discussion with the driver Cpl. DeLonge issued a verbal warning.

Cpl. Mike Hammill was checking sport anglers in Little Bay when he came across an elderly gentleman with 3 just undersized walleyes. Cpl. Hammill issued a VW for the undersized fish.

Conservation Officer Jeffrey Dell attended a trapping workshop put on by the UP Trappers Association. The event targeted youth trapping recruitment.

Conservation Officer Justin Vanderlinde investigated a complaint from a landowner who had found a dead bear on his property. After investigating the complaint, it was determined that the bear was hit by a vehicle and died from the incident.

Conservation Officer Justin Vanderlinde conducted an ORV patrol locating several strike baits that were located on state land. CO Vanderlinde encountered the bear hunter while he was running his baits, no violations were observed.

Cpl. Kevin Postma attended a District Court hearing involving a domestic assault that occurred at Tahquamenon Falls State Park. The individual accepted a plea deal to Domestic Assault 3rd offense with 6 months incarceration.

Cpls. Nick Atkin, Craig Milkowski, Kevin Postma, and Nick Torsky, along with field officers from Districts 2 and 3, took part in a multi-agency security detail for the annual Mackinac Bridge Walk. Assets provided security around the bridge, closing the area to recreational traffic and screening and escorting commercial traffic through the zone.