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Conservation Officer (CO) Brian Lasanen was on patrol in Houghton County when he observed a vehicle veer off the road and into the grass before continuing back onto the roadway. CO Lasanen was able to get a radar reading of 77 miles per hour (mph) on the vehicle. A traffic stop was made and while talking with the driver CO Lasanen observed signs of intoxication. Standardized field sobriety tests (SFSTs) were conducted, and the subject was arrested for operating while intoxicated (OWI). There were three children in the vehicle with the driver. The subject was lodged in the Houghton County Jail on charges of OWI, child endangerment-OWI, and driving while license suspended.

CO Byron Parks and Corporal Thomas Peterson of the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Law Enforcement Division (LED) Great Lakes Enforcement Unit (GLEU) patrolled Houghton and Ontonagon Counties on Lake Superior. The COs checked a fishing boat, near the mouth of the Ontonagon River, which had 14 fishing lines out. When checked, it was discovered that three of the five subjects had not purchased fishing licenses, making them eight fishing lines over the limit. The COs took enforcement action for fishing without a license and for fishing with more than three lines.

CO Phil Helminen assisted the Iron Mountain Police Department with a suspect who was involved in an assault and had barricaded himself inside of a camper behind a residence. It was initially reported the suspect had assaulted a female and was inside of the camper with a gun. The suspect opened the door and displayed a knife several times and refused to come out. A perimeter was established, and a brief time later the suspect was taken into custody.

CO Alex VanWagner responded, along with Iron County deputies and a Michigan State Police (MSP) trooper, to a report of an accidental gunshot wound at a residence in Iron County. Trauma care was provided on scene and the subject was airlifted out to receive advanced medical care. 


CO Brandon Maki responded, along with Sergeant (Sgt.) Mark Zitnik, to a fire that escaped around the 12 Mile Beach area off H 58 near Grand Marais. It was feared that the fire might begin to travel quickly. Sgt. Zitnik and CO Maki stood by if evacuations of nearby residences/camps needed to occur. Fortunately, the DNR fire crews were able to contain the fire quickly and control it.

CO Steve Butzin was on patrol when he was advised by Delta County Central Dispatch of a paddle boat that was taking on water in Little Bay de Noc. CO Butzin was able to respond to the location of the paddle boat and observed that it had taken on a large amount of water. The individuals operating the paddle boat had drifted over a mile away from where they left due to high winds. CO Butzin was able to bring the two individuals aboard his patrol boat and transport them back to their residence. The Delta County Sheriff’s Department also responded to assist in recovering the paddle boat as it could not be towed and had to be loaded onto another vessel for transport.

COs Steve Butzin and Chris Lynch conducted a hunter safety field day with the assistance of DNR staff Jo Ann Alexander. The successful class resulted in 32 students receiving their hunter safety certificates.

CO Robert Freeborn received a complaint from a swimmer who had found part of a human skull in Indian Lake. Upon investigating, it was determined that it was indeed a human skull and appeared to be very old. The skull was turned over to the MSP where it will be sent to the lab for aging as well as DNA tests. The investigation is still pending.

COs Robert Freeborn and Michael Evink assisted in locating subjects involved in a vehicle pursuit with the MSP. The vehicle’s driver was said to have an open felony and a misdemeanor warrant as well as drugs inside the car. Upon the attempted stop by an MSP trooper, the vehicle fled at a high rate of speed in a rural area of Cooks. The COs arrived within minutes of the vehicle going off-road through wooded trails and corn fields. Later that evening the passenger was located but the driver was unable to be found. The next morning, CO Freeborn was advised by a camp owner in Cooks that his camp was broken into the previous night and that someone had slept there. The suspect left plenty of DNA evidence behind which was collected by the MSP. The wanted driver is the prime suspect in the breaking and entry. The investigation is still pending, and several new charges will be sought on the driver through the MSP.

COs Justin Vinson and Cole VanOosten responded to a complaint of barking dogs at a state forest campground. Upon arrival, it was determined that the owner of the dogs was enroute to pick up the hunting dogs. As the owner arrived, the COs contacted him and determined he had numerous outstanding warrants and did not have a driver’s license or insurance for his truck. The man was arrested and lodged in the Luce County Jail for the warrants and a report was generated requesting charges against the man for operating without a license and without insurance. The dogs remained in the custody of the other campers.

COs Mike Olesen, Cole VanOosten, and Todd Sumbera responded to a call of a missing angler who had failed to return from the previous day of fishing on a remote stream in northern Luce County. The missing man was found safe after a brief search of the area. Other than spending the night in the woods, he was in good health. The COs were assisted by the US Fish and Wildlife Services, MSP, and Luce County Sheriff’s Department.


CO Kyle Cherry responded, along with an MSP trooper, to a report of a three-car traffic crash with injuries in Otsego County. Two of the three involved parties were uninjured and the third was transported by EMS to the hospital with apparent minor injuries.

CO Tom Oberg participated in the 57th Alpenfest Grand Parade in Gaylord. CO Oberg was one of the four law enforcement vehicles in the parade that represent the four law enforcement agencies that serve within Otsego County. The agencies included the Gaylord City Police Department, Otsego County Sheriff’s Department, MSP, and Michigan DNR.

CO Tom Oberg met with the Skegemog Raptor Center to release a bald eagle back into the wild after it went through months of rehabilitation. COs Oberg and Kyle Cherry recovered the eagle back in early April as it was found extremely ill. CO Oberg transported the eagle to the Skegemog Raptor Center in Traverse City, where it has been recovering since its capture. The 22-year-old bald eagle had very toxic levels of lead poisoning but luckily was able to make a full recovery. CO Oberg met with the Skegemog Raptor Center off Old State Road near Turtle Lake Road in Otsego County to release the eagle near the area from which it was recovered. It was a public event and many people attended to watch. 

CO Sidney Collins received a complaint of a suspicious camper that was left in a remote area of Montmorency County. CO Collins located the camper and upon checking the identification numbers, it was determined the camper was stolen out of Mio back in May. CO Collins was able to contact the owners of the camper and have it returned to them. CO Collins continues assisting the Oscoda County Sheriff's Department with the case.

CO Sidney Collins responded to a boating accident in Montmorency County on East Twin Lake. A young boy was swimming around and under a rental pontoon boat when a family member accidentally put the boat in gear. The child was struck by the propeller on several parts of his body. The child was airlifted to Grand Rapids with severe injuries.

COs Sidney Collins and Dan Liestenfeltz responded to a two-vehicle accident in Montmorency County. The COs rendered first aid to the two drivers until EMS arrived. The investigation and interviews revealed that the two drivers had been playing chicken in the roadway striking each other head-on. Both drivers were cited for reckless driving.

COs Paul Fox and Dan Liestenfeltz took part in a large-scale training exercise at the US Oil Facility near Rogers City. The training was to emulate a large oil spill into the waters of Lake Huron. Numerous local, state, and federal agencies were involved with the training. Crews practiced boom deployment and containment exercises. The COs were part of an on-the-water perimeter security.

COs Paul Fox and Dan Liestenfeltz conducted a targeted boating under the influence (BUI) patrol on Grand Lake in Presque Isle County during a busy weekend. The COs were on the lake for approximately 10 minutes before stopping a vessel for improper registration. Upon contact with the vessel operator, CO Liestenfeltz observed signs of intoxication. Further investigation, SFSTs, and a preliminary breath test (PBT) determined the operator was under the influence of alcohol and was nearly twice the legal limit of intoxication. The subject was arrested and lodged for operating a motorized vessel while intoxicated.

CO Dan Liestenfeltz was patrolling through Otsego County when he heard a medical complaint get paged out over the radio. The complaint was that a juvenile female had attempted suicide in the garage and the parents were performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). CO Liestenfeltz responded and took over CPR and monitored the situation until EMS arrived. Every attempt was made to revive the subject. However, she unfortunately passed away. 


CO Patrick McManus assisted National Park Service rangers, the MSP, and Benzie County Sheriff’s Department with a group “saturation patrol” along the Platte River in Benzie County. The annual patrol is designed to not only enforce multiple laws spread among different jurisdictions, but also act as a highly visible deterrent for the thousands of visitors that flock to the river each day. Canoe/kayak without a personal flotation device (PFD), minor in possession of alcohol, operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol, possession of cocaine and multiple motor vehicle moving violations were just a few of the violations that were encountered during the patrol.

CO Josiah Killingbeck responded to an ORV crash on ORV trails in Lake County. No injuries were reported but CO Killingbeck determined that one of the ORVs had been operating on the inside of a blind curve and not on the proper side of the trail which is how a head-on collision occurred. A report is being submitted to the Lake County Prosecutor’s Office for careless ORV operation.

CO Josiah Killingbeck had stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation and while walking back to his patrol vehicle, observed a vehicle coming from the opposite direction towards him that was travelling at a high rate of speed. As the vehicle approached CO Killingbeck’s location, it came across the centerline into the lane that he was in as if in an attempt to strike him. He was able to get out of the vehicle’s path and it missed him by inches. CO Killingbeck called out on the radio regarding the vehicle and cleared the current stop to attempt to catch up to the vehicle. CO Killingbeck observed that the vehicle was travelling at a high rate of speed. He also observed that the vehicle disregarded a stop sign and then pulled into a yard. Contact was made and interviews were conducted. A citation was issued for the violations.

COs Zack Walters, Joshua Reed, and PCO Cheyanna Langworthy, attended hunter’s safety at the Haymarsh Hunt Club in Mecosta County. There were approximately 30 students who attended. CO Walters and PCO Langworthy presented on the importance of hunter’s safety, wildlife conservation, being safe and responsible, as well as common conservation laws.

CO Ben Shively was responding to another complaint in Oceana County when he observed thick black smoke behind a barn. CO Shively advised central dispatch of the smoke and contacted a male subject behind the barn. The subject advised he was attempting to smoke out a woodchuck from a hole. The hole was next to plastic culvert tubes which were stacked in weeds next to a tree where a smoke bomb caught the weeds and then the culverts and tree on fire. CO Shively was able to use his backpack water tank to prevent the fire from spreading to a barn until the Shelby Fire Department arrived on scene and extinguished the blaze.

CO Ben Shively responded with the MSP and Oceana County Sheriff’s Office to an unknown plane crash in Oceana County. The caller reported hearing a loud boom behind his residence in a wooded area and when he went out, observed pieces of a plane in the woods. CO Shively arrived with the MSP and searched for survivors, but it was quickly determined there were none. CO Shively assisted with taping off the crash scene, scene investigation, and identification of the aircraft. Through the course of the investigation, it was determined that two individuals had taken off from the Oceana County airport approximately one and a half miles away and had descended at a steep angle and crashed. The Federal Aviation Administration and National Transportation Safety Board responded to the scene the following morning.

CO Ben Shively heard a medical call dispatched to EMS about a subject staying at a local campground who had cut his leg, was on blood thinners, and they were unable to stop the bleeding. CO Shively was two miles away and responded to the campsite and contacted the subject. A neighboring camper had applied a towel to the wound and was applying direct pressure. CO Shively was able to apply a trauma gauze to the wound to better absorb the blood loss until EMS arrived. The subject was transported to the hospital for treatment.


COs Jeff Goss and Phil Hudson, along with a deputy from the Arenac County Sheriff’s Department, recently teamed up to work the annual Charity Island Fun Run on Saginaw Bay. The law enforcement presence focused on safety and alcohol violation enforcement. As the day progressed, the boats that attended were met with increasingly high wind and waves. Most of the vessels were forced to head back to the mainland early due to the rough waters on the bay. It was reported to be a safe event for all that attended.

COs Tyler Sabuda, Kyle Bader, Phil Hudson, Ben McAteer, Breanna Reed, Charlie Jones, and Sgts. Brian Olsen and Mark Papineau participated in the 2022 Academy of Natural Resources held at the Ralph A. MacMullan Conference Center in Crawford County. The COs instructed a group of educators from around the state on the duties of a conservation officer. By the end of the day, the educators were able to complete two real world law enforcement scenarios where they played the role of a CO.

COs Matthew Zultak and Ben McAteer were conducting a stationary aquatic invasive species (AIS) patrol at South Higgins State Park boat launch. CO Zultak heard a lot of commotion and screaming before looking up just in time to observe a subject jump off a docked vessel. He watched a large pontoon collide and ramp up onto the docked vessel. Contact was made with occupants of both vessels. No injuries were sustained. The operator of the pontoon was cited for failing to stop in a safe distance while threatening life and property. A boating accident report was completed, and both vessels were able to be returned to their owners.


CO Mike Eovaldi was on patrol in Port Sanilac when he was flagged down by a male on the pier. The male stated that his neighbor had jumped in the water and was not able to swim. CO Eovaldi retrieved his issued rescue throw bag and ran out onto the pier where he located the male unconscious and face down in the water. CO Eovaldi removed his duty gear, entered the lake, and towed the unconscious male to shore using techniques learned in water safety training. CO Eovaldi and Port Sanilac Fire/EMS began CPR until he was transported to the hospital. A pulse was regained on scene and during transport, however the male later passed away at the hospital.

While contacting anglers on an inland lake on the Isabella/Clare County line, CO Mike Haas witnessed a watercraft operating across the lake after sunset without navigation lights. The CO was able to contact the boat operator at the launch. Further investigation revealed that the vessel was unregistered, and the operator had an arrest warrant issued. He was advised and released for the warrant and received a citation for the marine violations.

COs Marissa Hassevoort, Michael Lator, and Dan Robinson taught a boater safety course to the cadets attending the Mt. Pleasant youth academy. The students were taught the materials and had the chance to hear about firsthand experiences from the COs teaching the course. Twenty-two students were in attendance and completed the course. On the last day, the students had the opportunity to operate small patrol boats, practice “man overboard” drills, and practice the marine “rules of the road.” CO Jake Daniel and Lieutenant Jeremy Payne assisted on the last day providing boats and experience.

CO Mark Reffitt spoke with an individual who had allegedly been the victim of angler harassment while fishing from a boat on a public lake in Montcalm County. The complainant stated that an individual had told him he was not allowed to fish on the lake as there were already too many anglers on the lake. When the complainant refused to stop fishing near the individual’s private lakeshore, the subject took to a watercraft to create a wake around the victim’s boat, interrupting his fishing activity. CO Reffitt interviewed the subject and informed him of Michigan’s angler harassment laws and advised him that people were allowed to fish in the lake.


CO Joshua Salas was checking fishing licenses at the Austin Lake boat launch when he encountered an individual fishing who provided a false name and date of birth, and then attempted to flee. A short scuffle between the CO and the individual occurred before the subject was able to enter his vehicle and flee the scene. The CO pursued the subject in his patrol truck before losing sight of the individual after the suspect drove through residential yards with his vehicle. The suspect vehicle was located abandoned a short time later by local law enforcement. Through an investigation, CO Salas was able to positively identify the suspect and a report has been submitted to the Kalamazoo County Prosecutor’s Office requesting charges.

CO Sam Schluckbier was able to locate a litter suspect from an investigation he began back in March of 2022. A large pile of household trash, flooring, and construction materials was found in the Allegan State Game Area. After searching through the litter, he was able to locate a potential suspect name. However, the suspect was difficult to track down and multiple attempts were made unsuccessfully. CO Schluckbier eventually located the suspect’s current residence and conducted an interview. The suspect claims he hired someone to dump the trash legally, but he would not provide that individual’s name or phone number. The suspect did admit the items found were previously his and he would accept the consequences. A citation was issued for littering on public property.

CO Sam Schluckbier was on patrol when he passed a motor vehicle heading in the opposite direction. While passing, he observed a small child hanging out the driver’s side window. CO Schluckbier immediately turned around and conducted a traffic stop. While approaching the vehicle, the driver was yelling out the window. She was claiming her one year old son was choking and that is why he was not in his child restraint. The young child appeared happy and healthy while playing in the front seat. CO Schluckbier addressed the safety concerns and educated the mother on proper seat belt placement and installment. Enforcement action was taken for endangering the child while operating a motor vehicle.

CO Cameron Wright was patrolling in St. Joseph County when he pulled into a public boating access site to launch his patrol boat. He noticed a truck parked in a non-designated area that was blocking half of the entrance drive. The driver appeared to be sleeping and was not immediately responsive. CO Wright made contact and learned that the subject had been arrested the night prior for OWI. The subject said that due to his exhaustion from spending the night in jail, he decided to park his vehicle and “take a nap.”  The man then proceeded to back his vehicle out of the way so that he was not blocking the drive. While doing so, the subject ended up crashing into the nearby bushes. CO Wright then began to ask more questions and ultimately located four empty vodka bottles in the vehicle. CO Wright conducted SFSTs on the subject. The subject was later arrested for operating a motor vehicle with an alcohol blood content >.17, which was his second OWI offense in less than 14 hours.

CO Anna Cullen was investigating a squirrel shooting complaint in Muskegon Heights. After contacting the complainant, CO Cullen attempted to contact the suspect, who was a neighbor. The suspect advised he was unaware of the violation, but his neighbors were “out to get him.”  CO Cullen pointed out the multiple dead squirrels in the yard, but the suspect was not sure how they got there. CO Cullen asked for a form of identification from the suspect, who refused at first, but then reluctantly gave CO Cullen his name. Once his identity was confirmed, it was found he had two active warrants out of Muskegon. As a result, CO Cullen lodged the individual in the Muskegon County Jail.


CO Ed Rice was patrolling Hillsdale County when he observed a truck and camper in a ditch near a state game area. CO Rice did not observe anyone in or around the vehicles. CO Rice ran the vehicle’s license plate and determined the vehicle was stolen out of Hillsdale County. The registered owner was notified with the vehicle being towed and turned over to the Hillsdale County Sheriff's Office for further investigation.


CO David Schaumburger observed a vehicle leave the Riverview boat ramp full of weeds on his trailer. The driver of the vehicle did not stop and attempt to remove any weeds from his trailer. A traffic stop was conducted, and the driver was cited for traveling away from the boat ramp with “aquatic hitchhikers.”

CO David Schaumburger stopped an ORV on the roadway in Washtenaw County. The operator was cooperative; however, he had a suspended driver’s license and was operating on a public highway in a county closed to ORV traffic. The driver was cited for operating on the roadway.

CO David Schaumburger made several positive contacts at the Wyandotte boat ramp during his AIS enforcement efforts. All the vessels that were leaving the parking lot had drained their live well, pulled the bilge plugs and removed the weeds from their trailer. CO Schaumburger applauded their efforts.

CO Cody Bourgeois was patrolling the northern part of Oakland County when he observed an ORV rider operating a four-wheeler without a helmet. CO Bourgeois initiated his emergency lights and the operator pulled over. CO Bourgeois also observed that the quad had no ORV licenses. The operator stated he did not know he needed ORV licenses. CO Bourgeois issued the operator a citation for failure to license ORV and gave him a warning for not having a helmet.

COs Joseph Deppen and Brad Silorey were checking anglers at a public launch in Macomb County. One angler was getting his fishing license and started smoking marijuana right in front of the COs. CO Deppen questioned the angler, “So you are really going to smoke marijuana right in front of me?”  The man exhaled into CO Deppen’s face saying, “It’s legal bro!”  The angler was issued a citation for use of marijuana in public.

While patrolling and checking fishing activity in Marysville, CO Sydney Griffor checked a vessel at the Marysville boat launch and spoke with an angler that caught his limit of walleye. CO Griffor asked the angler if she could measure his fish, he stated she could then he began to act nervous. While measuring the walleye, CO Griffor discovered one walleye was undersized, measuring just over 14.5 inches long. CO Griffor seized the illegal walleye and gave the angler a citation for possession of undersized walleye.

CO Bob Watson responded to a complaint of possible permanent camping and drug use on the Port Huron SGA. CO Watson located the suspects who admitted to living within the game area for the past couple of weeks. No drugs were found. CO Watson issued a citation for camping between May 15th to September 20th within the game area.

CO Kris Kiel was checking walleye boats coming off the Black River early in the morning and contacted two anglers with their limit of 12 walleye. While measuring the fish, CO Kiel found two of them to be under the 15-inch minimum. A citation was written for possession of an undersized walleye.

CO Brad Silorey was on ORV patrol in Macomb County when a 911 call was dispatched to state and county regarding a plane crash at the Ray Township Community Airport. CO Silorey was nearby and responded. CO Silorey was the first to respond to the scene and observed a large black plume of smoke coming from the tree line at the end of the runway. CO Silorey rushed to the scene of the crash and found multiple people stumbling out of the woods from the burning plane along with several bystanders assisting. After accounting for all the occupants of the plane, CO Silorey notified dispatch that all three occupants needed medical attention and suffered from severe burns and impact injuries. Fearing that medical personnel would have issues getting to the injured, CO Silorey assisted them into the bed of his truck and transported them to the runway, which was approximately 100 yards across a tilled field. Once at the runway, medical and sheriff deputies arrived shortly after. 

CO Sydney Griffor patrolled a handful of boat launches in St. Clair County on Saturday. She gave out several free drink coupons for McDonald’s to children that were wearing PFDs while on the boat. CO Griffor checked many anglers throughout the day as well. While checking an angler in Clay Township, she observed his fish basket was full of panfish, smallmouth, and pike. The angler had two northern pike that appeared to be much shorter than 24 inches. CO Griffor measured both pike which ended up measuring 18 inches and 21 inches. The angler was advised the pike needed to be at least 24 inches long to keep. CO Griffor gave the angler a 2022 fishing guide and a citation for possession of northern pike less than 24 inches.

CO Nicholas Ingersoll was patrolling Pointe Mouillee State Game Area when he contacted a vehicle in one of the parking lots. CO Ingersoll spoke with the driver who immediately appeared extremely nervous and was shaking while talking with CO Ingersoll. While talking with the individual and his pregnant girlfriend, CO Ingersoll noticed a straw in the driver’s door with a white powdery substance on it. CO Ingersoll asked if he could search the car, and the driver stated “Yes, but do you have to?”  After several minutes of talking with both of them, the pregnant girlfriend finally admitted to having drugs in her purse.  The driver (her boyfriend) quickly advised they were his and it was heroin in her purse. All narcotics were seized and will be tested by the MSP Crime Laboratory. Charges will be sought through the Monroe County Prosecutor’s Office.

While working an evening shift on Belle Isle, CO Jacob Daniel checked an angler with 23 panfish over the limit and a largemouth bass under 14 inches. The angler was issued a citation taking an over limit of panfish and taking a bass under 14 inches.

CO Martin Lawrence along with other COs and multiple agencies all attended the 38th Annual Metro Detroit Youth Day on Belle Isle. There were many children and their parents who attended the event giving them the opportunity to learn and ask questions to each department.

COs Ariel Young and Dan Walzak were patrolling Belle Isle together when they observed a vehicle carelessly operating down Riverbank. A stop of the vehicle was initiated, and it was determined that the owner of the vehicle failed to insure it. The vehicle was towed, and the driver was cited for careless operation.

CO Keven Luther conducted two Belle Isle Park patrols. CO Luther issued four citations over the course of the two days. Two wrong way driver citations and two failures to stop at traffic device citations were issued.

CO David Schaumburger responded to a two-vehicle motor vehicle injury crash on Belle Isle. After providing aid to one of the drivers, a lengthy investigation was conducted because the drivers had conflicting stories of what occurred. One of the drivers said the other vehicle turned left in front of him from the far-right lane, the other vehicle said she turned left from the left lane and the vehicle came out of nowhere and t-boned her. With the help of a Detroit police officer, the CO examined the tire impressions left on the pavement and where the two vehicles came to a stop and concluded that the two vehicles were traveling on Central Avenue, two abreast in the single left lane. The first vehicle turned left from the right side of the left lane, while the other vehicle went straight from the left side of the left lane when the two collided.

CO Dan Walzak contacted a traffic stop on Belle Isle after observing a vehicle weaving in and out of traffic, exceeding the posted speed limit, changing lanes without using a turn signal, and following too close. During the stop, it was found that the vehicle, which was borrowed from a friend, did not have any insurance. The vehicle’s owner was contacted and admitted to not having insurance on the car. The driver was cited for careless driving and the vehicle was towed.

CO Dan Walzak responded to a two-car crash on Belle Isle. Upon arrival, CO Walzak observed that only one vehicle was present. The driver of the lone vehicle told CO Walzak that the other vehicle had left the scene. CO Walzak is working on finding the driver of the second vehicle, who is allegedly from out-of-state. A UD-10 crash report was taken.

During her Belle Isle shift, CO Ariel Young observed a vehicle travelling down the roadway with two young children standing through the sunroof. CO Young initiated a traffic stop where the driver stated that they did not know that seatbelts were required to be worn in the park and was unaware that the children needed to be buckled up. After discussing the numerous safety reasons why, the young children needed to be properly restrained in the motor vehicle, CO Young issued a citation for failing to have the children in the proper safety seats and seatbelts.

At Belle Isle, CO Ariel Young happened upon a vehicle travelling the wrong way down a one way with one of the occupants crawling out a bush nearby. CO Young interviewed the subjects and found that they had travelled down the road so the passenger could use the bathroom, in the bushes. CO Young explained that there were numerous bathrooms at the park and that urinating in public was illegal. CO Young also explained the original reason for the stop was for the wrong direction of travel. After securing the proper information, CO Young found that the car had expired tabs and that the driver was suspended. A citation was issued to the driver.

While working Belle Isle, Sgt. Jason Becker noticed a vehicle parked on the grass between the Iron Belle Trail and the break wall. Sgt. Becker contacted the owner who was fishing along the break wall. The subject stated that he had a hard time walking and decided to drive around the barricades to park closer to the water. Sgt. Becker asked to see the subject’s fishing license, which he stated was left at home. While conversing with the subject, Sgt. Becker observed alcoholic beverages next to his fishing gear. The subject was warned for having alcohol on Belle Isle and not having his fishing license on his person while fishing. The subject was issued a citation for parking in a non-designated area.

COs Joseph Deppen and Mark Reffitt were working on Belle Isle, when a four-wheeler came across the bridge and entered the park. The operator was operating illegally on the roadway, he was not wearing a helmet, and he did not have ORV licenses. A traffic stop was conducted, and the operator claimed he was riding the ORV for three days and he got it from his cousin. A check of the vehicle identification number indicated the ORV was stolen. The suspect was arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle and fingerprinted and lodged. A hearing will be set in the coming months.

CO Sydney Griffor patrolled Belle Isle with CO Michael Lator. During the patrol, CO Griffor issued a citation for disobeying a stop sign and multiple parking tickets to vehicles parked in the bike lane and parked in no parking zones. While on patrol, CO Griffor observed a male fall near the fishing pier. She approached the gentleman to make sure he was alright. He stated his ankle hurt extremely bad and was not able to put any pressure on it. CO Griffor checked his ankle and quickly realized it did not look normal. COs Griffor and Lator rendered first aid to the gentleman by placing a splint and wrap on his ankle until EMS arrived on scene. EMS transported him and advised his ankle was broken or possibly dislocated.

While working on Belle Isle, Sgt Chad Foerster informed the COs on the island that a woman in her 50’s with dementia was missing. Sgt Chad Foerster, COs Gardner, Bob Watson, and Edward Rice searched the island. They were joined in their efforts by an MSP helicopter and K9 units. During the search, the woman was not located on the island. The woman was later located at her home in Warren, after she walked home from Belle Isle.


Corporal (Cpl.) Craig Milkowski doubled up with National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Law Enforcement to patrol Thunder Bay Marine Sanctuary during Alpena’s annual Brown Trout Festival. Multiple sport fishers were checked as well as several shipwreck sites some of which were recently buoyed. Officers contacted six mixed gas divers that had just finished diving and filming the wreck of the Ohio which lies in 300+ feet of water 10 miles north of Presque Isle. This was one of two ships that sunk after a collision in September of 1894. Officers were shown photos and videos of several wrecks that the group have completed over a five-day period. Business cards were exchanged, and very detailed information was obtained from divers regarding the diving community.

Cpl. Troy VanGelderen responded to the White River in Oceana County for a call of a subject that was four hours past due from his kayak trip. Cpl. VanGelderen and a sheriff deputy took kayaks down the river in search of the subject. The subject was eventually found on land along the Muskegon/Oceana County line. He had missed his takeout point.

Cpl. Jon Busken had checked out of service when he received a phone call from the local sheriff’s office. A deputy had conducted a traffic stop during which the operator was found to have a felony warrant for his arrest. The operator was refusing to leave the vehicle. Cpl. Busken checked back in service and arrived on scene. The operator was found to have mental and communication difficulties. His parents arrived on scene and assisted the officers with removing their son from the vehicle.