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Green Initiatives

Water conservation

In an effort to reduce consumption and manage waste, the we use various water-saving technologies, including low-flow water fixtures. This reduction also saves on utility costs.

Clean Marina Program

All staffed, state-operated marinas protect and safeguard Michigan's waterways through marina and boating best practices, such as fuel spill prevention, proper boat sewage disposal and other protection efforts.

Green cleaning

We use green cleaners at many locations, reducing unnecessary chemical exposure for the public and staff, as well as minimizing the impact on the environment. In addition, product metering devices help regulate the amount of cleaners used helping to reduce costs.

Grow, not mow

"Grow, Not Mow" management practices help to reduce the carbon footprint, stabilizes natural habitats and reduces costs for the park.

Alternative fuels and lubricants

Bio products are used in a variety of vehicles, lawnmowers and equipment, reducing reducing fossil fuel dependency and supporting economic growth in Michigan.

Green construction

As infrastructure is replaced and renovated, we're utilizing sustainable design features, such as natural ventilation, daylighting and the use of recyclable and natural materials.

Beach plastic cleanup program

As part of pilot program at Ludington State Park and other parks, rigid plastic will be collected by volunteers and recycled through the TerraCycle® program.