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Fort Custer State Recreation Area (Phase 2)

The DNR is in the process of developing a new phase 2 general management plan for Fort Custer State Recreation Area. The 3,033-acre recreation area is located between Battle Creek and Kalamazoo. The park features three lakes, the Kalamazoo River, a swimming beach, modern and equestrian campground, rustic cabins, more than 40 miles of hiking, biking and equestrian trails, and hunting and fishing opportunities. Historically, the land that is now the Fort Custer Recreation Area supported a complex of tall grass prairie, oak barrens (prairie with 1 to 10 trees per acre) and open oak-hickory woodland. Ongoing ecological restoration including prairie planting, invasive plant control and prescribed fire is occurring throughout the recreation area.

Management planning

General management plans are used to define a long-range planning and management strategy that protects a state park's resources while addressing recreation and education needs and opportunities. Public and stakeholder input is a critical component of the planning process. The updated phase 2 general management plan will replace the existing phase 2 plan by re-establishing long-range action goals for the park and each of the management zones defined in the phase 1 plan.



For more information, contact Debbie Jensen, park management plan administrator for the DNR Parks and Recreation Division, at