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"Mullett Lake South" property

The DNR is in the process of developing a general management plan for the "Mullett Lake South" property. A general management plan is used to define ;long-range planning and management strategies that protect the resources of the property, while addressing recreation and education needs and opportunities. The final plan will help set the course for future management planning, protect natural and cultural resources within the property, and address recreation and education needs and opportunities.

Stakeholder and public input is a critical component of the planning process. The DNR held a stakeholder input meeting regarding the proposed "Mullett Lake South" property on February 2, 2022, with the goal of gathering valuable insights from organizations and key stakeholders on a new general management plan for the property. The presentation and a summary of the meeting can be reviewed below. Additional public input meetings will be announced.

About the property

The "Mullett Lake South" property is located on the southwest shores of Mullett Lake and includes 1,500 linear feet of water frontage. The 147-acre property, purchased in 2013, is currently undeveloped with the exception of the North Central State Trail which runs parallel to the lakeshore. View aerial property map.



For more information, contact Debbie Jensen, park management plan administrator for the DNR Parks and Recreation Division, at